judahitewarrior7I have Ubuntu 12.10 and I have problems switching to different Hebrew fonts in LibreOffice Writer. It will not switch from the default Hebrew font Lohit Hindi. Can anyone please help?00:00
demonio1thanks PatrickDickey ubottu i'll see they now :)00:00
sybaritenPatrickDickey: when using lubuntu, will i be using the same repositories as someone using ubuntu? (mind you, i'm no wizard of package management)00:01
dr_willissybariten:  yes00:01
sybaritenPatrickDickey: in other words: will i have the same big choice of software, or will there be restrictions00:01
dr_willisits just a differnt desktop on top of the core of the os00:01
PatrickDickeysybariten: yes, and in fact, you can install ubuntu-desktop afterwards.00:01
sybaritenaha ok00:02
PatrickDickeyjudahitewarrior7: You might find more help in #libreoffice or #ubuntu-il00:02
demonio1PatrickDickey ubottu just a faster question the filesystem /usr/bin is different that /etc?00:03
PatrickDickeydemonio1: You'll probably want to Google Linux Filesystem for more information.00:03
dr_willisdemonio1:  you partion a hard drive. then put a filesystem on the partion.  /usr and /etc are directories00:03
dr_willisdemonio1:  the wikipedia may be handy to read up on also00:03
dr_willispartion a hd -> format the partions to be whatever filesystem you need them to be.00:04
jazzkutyaubottu's entry for !filesystem is pretty much misleading here00:04
* PatrickDickey is off to work now. :S00:04
buntuBensybariten, I just downloaded 12.04 64-bit today from ubuntu.com, it comes out at 728MB00:04
dr_willisIts discussing the layout of the linux filesystem.00:04
dr_willisfilesystem is  fairly broad term :) depending on how its used00:05
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dr_willisdemonio1:  no need to msg me./  i tend to ignore most messages00:07
dr_willisdemonio1:  and linux supports dozens of filesystem types.00:07
BillyZane|2hey dr_willis :)00:08
demonio1ok dr_willis but can u do an example of filesystem?00:08
BillyZane|2demonio1: hi00:09
demonio1hi BillyZane|2 :)00:09
BillyZane|2demonio1:  i might be wrong on this, but ext3 and ext4 are the main partitions you want to install ubuntu on. regarding what file systems are supported for mounting purposes, i can verify that NTFS is supportorted, and probably Fat3200:09
BillyZane|2you can't view ext3 and ext4 on windows, but you can view NTFS on linux00:10
k1l!ot | solarcloud_3scrn00:12
ubottusolarcloud_3scrn: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!00:12
Alien__I have a question.. Is it possible for me to run ubuntu in read-only mode?00:12
anoosHI is there a method by which a regular user can see how long his own user account has existed on a system?00:12
Alien__like run my HDD normally unless I want to start doing risky activities like going on a public network I can set it to read-only..00:13
Nimrod2012How the hell do I disable secure boot?00:13
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ikoniaNimrod2012: it's a bios feature00:13
Nimrod2012It doesn't seem like it can be changed in my bios00:14
sylphieanoos \ yes. in a console terminal type "cd ~" and "ls -l ,,/yourusername"00:14
anoosoh duh00:15
Nimrod2012So is it possible to get ubuntu to boot on this?00:15
sylphieanoos \ yes. in a console terminal type "cd ~" and "ls -l ../yourusername" (two dots, not commas, sorry)00:15
Nimrod2012I already removed windows 8 :/00:15
anoossylphie: thanks i feel dumb now00:15
ikoniaNimrod2012: yes, thre are various solutions to secure boot and linux in general, with various pros/cons00:15
JonEdneySo apparently (without noticing), I set the "System Reserved" portion of the Windows partition as boot.  I've never seen what is normaly set as bootable, is it the / partition?00:15
ikoniaJonEdney: it really shouldn't matter00:16
JonEdneyAlright, we'll let's give 'er a whirl!00:16
sylphieAlien__ \ that wouldn't work too well. the os is always writing log files etc etc00:17
Alien__I mean have my files run in RAM00:17
Alien__I was thinking of setting a livecd or something to do this on00:17
dr_willisAlien__:  may be safer to just run your browser in some sort of vm/sandbox.. but i belive you are getting into Tinfoil Hat Paranoia level security here00:17
dr_willisa Live cd is Read only anyway :) so no need for it to be in ram..00:18
Theodorewhen does ubuntu os for androids become released for download/install?00:18
dr_willisTheodore:  we have no idea.00:18
Theodoreok thank you dr_willis00:18
BillyZane|2omg, i just moved a file on linux using commands00:19
BillyZane|2i shouldn't chit chat in here00:20
daftykinsno, you'll get attacked00:20
dr_willisBillyZane|2:   Bash Basics 101. :)00:20
meebey_vith: :-D00:20
sylphieyou've joined the underground00:20
BillyZane|2i feel so l33t00:20
Alien__Actually... I need tinfoil hat security00:21
Nimrod2012I'm trying to reinstall ubuntu00:21
Alien__cant explain why >:D00:21
Alien__evil computer guy00:21
sylphieAlien__ \ either you write what's in memory back to disk, and take all the same risk, or you lose everything you've done when you shut down00:22
dr_willisevil computer guy using freenodes web irc chat.... ;)00:22
sylphieAlien__ \ if you want really paranoid secure, you could try openbsd00:23
BillyZane|2i think he left...00:23
sylphiewhy do people keep doing that in mid conversation?00:24
daftykinssylphie: you must have that effect00:26
swarmnot that this is relative to ubuntu but can people hop on my vent server? I need to test it. port 3785 no pass00:26
sylphiewhat is a vent server?00:26
swarmvoice client server00:27
BillyZane|2ohhh, ventrilo is old school00:27
TheRoothttp://pastebin.com/vHkssVAJ   Official HRB War Report 13-13-13 2:45pm PST (-8GMT)00:28
BillyZane|2what is the name of the linux font?00:29
sylphiewhich one?00:30
k1lBillyZane|2: "the linux font"? ubuntu go an own font called ubuntu00:30
BillyZane|2the terminal font00:30
BillyZane|2the one you would see on a BSD00:30
sylphieiso859, I think00:30
k1lBillyZane|2: that is a ubuntu support, not a bsd support00:31
BillyZane|2yeah, i was just wanting to change the font on KViRC00:31
k1lBillyZane|2: for chitty chat we have #ubuntu-offtopic00:31
sylphieI think Alien__ might have had the right intentions, a concole window just opened on my screen, excuted a command, and close the window before I had a chance to stop it00:34
sylphiedanger Will Robinson00:35
kslaterhaha! I'm back. Full Frankenstein this time as my son calls my head scar00:37
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daftykinskslater: what happened?00:38
daftykinsno wait, the walls have ears - you can't tell me here D:00:38
kslaterdaftykins: I had a 2nd craineotomoty00:38
daftykinskslater: for what reason?00:39
kslaterhopefully near the end of this battle with brain cancer.00:39
Mensch-MaschineHi there.00:41
daftykinskslater: damn, gl with that sir00:41
JonEdneyWell, I have a GRUB issue I still can't identify.  Took a look at some documentation, even changed the boot flag to different partitions.00:41
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kslaterdaftykins: don't cry for me. God will keep me here as long as He pleases. When he's ready to pull the plug, I have to be ready too.00:41
febulHey everyone. I have Ubuntu + Windows 7 installed and am using GRUB2 to boot into each. When I try to boot into Windows 7, I get "Disk read error..." all of a sudden. How can I fix it?00:41
JonEdneyI still can only boot to 12.10 after installing it next to Windows 7.  Selecting Windows, just refreshes the GRUB screen.00:42
Mensch-Maschine10.04.4, no X. My caps lock led doesn’t lit up, does any of you know where/how I should configure this?00:42
islanhey, is anybody familiar with installing drivers for laptop wireless?00:44
daftykinsjust ask your question islan00:45
islanwell I'm trying to get a driver installed for BCM 43142 wireless network adapter, but it seems the only working solution is an amd64 deb package00:45
islanthere's an i386 variant, but it gives an error, directory does not exist00:46
dr_willisand the exact error is?00:46
islanhere, let me see if I can run it again00:46
islanthe package is wireless-bcm43142-dkms-
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islannow running dpkg -i..00:48
islanokay, on THIS package I got an "Error! Bad return status for module build on kernel: 3.5.0-21-generic (i686)00:48
islannow opening the make.log00:49
islanhere is the error:00:49
islan/var/lib/dkms/wireless-bcm43142-oneiric-dkms/ fatal error: asm/system.h: No such file or directory00:49
islancompilation terminated.00:49
dr_willisislan:  you need the various kernel headers and stuff installed i imagine00:50
TradeFortressok, my ubuntu server seems like it has being compromised00:51
islanwell I have the kernel-headers installed, unless there are more I need00:51
TradeFortressI looked in access logs and error logs00:51
TradeFortressBut it was missing a whole day.00:51
islanthe instructions I found said to do: sudo apt-get install linux-headers$(uname -r | grep -Po "\-[a-z].*")00:52
islanbut when I do that, it returns "linux-headers-generic is already the newest version"00:52
TradeFortressis there any other log files that could give me more info?00:52
BillyZane|2how do I get my sound card drivers? I have a creative sound blaster Z, it's really new. the creaitve website doesn't even have linux drivers for it00:53
islanDell can't even seem to give me a .INF driver to try ndiswrapper00:53
TradeFortressOk *no* logs show Jan 12th00:54
TradeFortressauth.log, access.log, error.log all start at Jan 13th.00:54
daftykinsislan: drivers are always available on the Dell site. maybe you're not extracting it right?00:54
islandafty, they have .exe00:54
islancan extract .inf from that?00:54
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daftykinsislan: yep00:54
daftykinsislan: you'd have to run it ideally though ;)00:55
islandafty, how so?  I tried Archive Manager00:55
daftykinsTradeFortress: if nobody logged in on the 12th, auth.log would have nothing?00:55
daftykinsislan: on Windows i mean :> link me and i'll try and help00:55
TradeFortressdaftykins: but I logged in on the 12th..00:55
islanohh, I have to do it on Windows?00:55
daftykinsislan: easiest way imo00:55
TradeFortressand the server was hacked on the 12th given mysql timestamps00:55
daftykinsTradeFortress: that's what i was asking. sounds like someone edited your logs then perhaps00:56
islandaftykins, this should be the driver: http://www.dell.com/support/drivers/us/en/19/GetDriver/InitiateSingleFileDownload?fileId=3080878754&driverId=F9WG9&isInstallAvailable=False&isKCSArticleTobeShown=False&categoryId=CM&returnUrl=%2Fsupport%2Fdrivers%2Fus%2Fen%2F19%2FProduct%2Finspiron-15-3520%3FretrieveState%3DTrue&isUSDownload=true00:56
islanbut it looks really big to be a driver00:57
daftykinslong link is looooooong00:57
iLogicalWhen I click on Account Settings on empathy to add an account it shows this window in the middle, how can I add an account? I even registered on ubuntu one, but I don't see where to do it there http://i.imgur.com/0q1vC.png00:57
daftykins308MB OMFG.00:57
TradeFortressdaftykins: OK, I see Jan 12th actually but I have "Received disconnect from" an IP address in China00:57
iLogicalI am using qantal00:57
TradeFortressdoes that mean they got in the server? or failed to connect?00:57
daftykinsTradeFortress: well they'd have had to have had root access to edit the logs00:57
daftykinsislan: this file is 308MB and is going at 55KB/sec ;/00:58
islandafty, yeah, I think it's a full driver-handling application for Dell drivers or something00:58
IdleOneiLogical: #ubuntuone might be more helpful with this00:58
daftykinsislan: speeding up, 15m ETA00:58
TradeFortressI wanted to know if "Received disconnect from 11 : bye Bye [preauth" means that they got in00:58
TradeFortressOr not.00:58
JonEdneyTradeFortress, what log file is that from?  That's a pretty generic entry.00:58
daftykinsTradeFortress: it means whoever was connected, disconnected... be it a connection attempt fraudulently or successfully. the message is pretty obvious00:59
TradeFortressJonEdney: it is from auth.log00:59
JonEdneyTradeFortress, it's a general disconnected entry as daftykins mentioned.01:00
JonEdneyWhat kind of precautions are you using on your server to swirve hack attempts?01:00
TradeFortressAlright. Is it possible for me to find if they successfully connected or not?01:00
JonEdney<-- works for a web hosting company, looks at this stuff all day01:00
iLogicalIdleOne, I mean to add a facebook account01:01
iLogicalI don't even know if it has anything to do with ubuntu one?01:01
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JonEdneyTradeFortress, you may want to check out #ubuntu-server for more server-direct support.  They may help lead you in the right direction.01:02
harriswhen i double click a .docx file how do i make it open in my ms office 2007 word running in wine01:02
TradeFortressalright, thanks JonEdney01:02
BONG_IThow can i update my ubuntu01:02
JonEdneySure thing, good luck.01:03
islanBONG_IT,  sudo apt-get update01:03
harrisBONG_IT,  open terminal01:03
Guest88142I have 8gig of ram do I really need 8gig of swap?01:03
harrisBONG_IT,  sudo apt-get update01:03
usr13BONG_IT: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade01:03
islanGuest88142, that seems like awful lotta swap to me01:03
harriswhen i double click a .docx file how do i make it open in my ms office 2007 word running in wine01:04
islanGuest88142,  I've only seen it recommended 64MB to 128MB01:04
usr13harris: Why not use libreoffice?01:04
harrisi need ms office01:04
harrisi have my reasens01:04
IdleOneiLogical: no, won't have anything to do with UbuntuOne. I believe you need to allow the app in facebook first though. I'm not entirely sure how this is done.01:05
JonEdneyharris, you should be able to select Wine as a default application?01:05
Guest88142yeah but my default install took 8 gig could I reduce it to maybe 4 or 2 gig I only surf internet e-mail play some light games and tinker with inkscape and lmms01:05
BONG_ITtheres ab error01:05
usr13harris: Since MS Office is not a native application, I think you'll just have to start MS Office first and then open the file.01:05
JonEdneyGuest88142, swap is for when your PC/laptop hibernates, so it can save your current used RAM.01:05
Guest88142I don't do either01:06
JonEdneyI've heard that if you should match it if you have under 8 GBs.01:06
usr13Guest88142: How large is your HD?01:06
JonEdneyI don't hibernate, I have 8 GB RAM, I do not use swap space.01:06
harrisi right clicked properites and open with a wine application when i double click nothing happens01:06
Guest88142my hd is 32gig01:06
JonEdneyharris, because MS Office is working through Wine, you may not be able to link it as a default program.01:06
usr13JonEdney: There is not a good reason not to.01:07
harrisi could in 9.0401:07
Guest88142if thats how its gotta be thats ok I was just wondering01:07
JonEdneyI've never ran into an issue with no swap space *shrugs01:08
usr13Guest88142: That's a pretty small HD01:08
Guest88142well I know there has to be some01:08
julian-delphikiwell, you don't really *need* swap, its just very useful if you have a small amount of ram01:08
islandaftykins, so do you think that Dell driver might be a dead-end yet?01:08
usr13Guest88142: As JonEdney points out,  you can do without it, but it's not the recommended method.01:09
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JonEdneyI just live life on the edge.01:09
daftykinsislan: it keeps speeding up and slowing down :( i have half of it so far01:09
daftykinsislan: if you can wait i'm happy to.01:09
usr13JonEdney: It's a computer, not life  ;)01:09
JonEdneyI work infront of it for 10 hours a day, I know no difference :)01:10
wesam_Hey. So I came here yesterday and someone told me to get CR OS. How should I burn this to a DVD?01:10
Guest88142na I'll leave at 8gig thanks guys goodday to ya01:10
buntuBengrub question: why after removing a failed hard drive in which the OS does not reside do I come to a grub rescue prompt? I just booted with a live cd and reinstalled grub, but am just curious why grub requires an unused drive to be present.01:11
TradeFortressok, could anyone just tell me how I can find out if someone logged in successfully to my server or not.01:11
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ikoniabuntuBen: depends where you grub files are stored01:11
ikoniabuntuBen: and also if removing the hard disk changes the device order/names/references01:12
buntuBenikonia: grub files are stored on /dev/sde2; I removed /dev/sdf01:12
islanif I switch from 32-bit to 64-bit Ubuntu and I only have 4 GB RAM, I'll probably take a performance hit right?01:12
JonEdneyTradeFortress, there would be a log entry with an IP that indicated connected, just as the one that said disconnected.01:12
ikoniabuntuBen: so it's more likley to be a change in reference in the device names01:12
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ikoniaislan: doubtful01:12
TradeFortressJonEdney: I don't see anything from that IP that says connected01:12
ikoniaislan: certainly nothing to the nakes eye01:12
BillyZane|2hi. I have a creative sound blaster Z, are there linux drivers available for this card?01:12
TradeFortressDoes that mean they haven't successfully connected?01:12
=== JoseAntonioR is now known as JoseeAntonioR
buntuBenikonia: as in sata order on the mb?01:12
ikoniaTradeFortress: do you have any concerns that you have been compromised01:13
ikoniabuntuBen: mb ?01:13
islanikonia, it seems like a fix to my problem might work if I switch to 64-bit, which would be nice01:13
buntuBenikonia: motherboard01:13
dagazhi.. I guess Xchat put me into the wrong place.....is this also support for puppy precise?01:13
wesam_How do I burn an OS to a DVD so it's bootable?01:13
ikoniabuntuBen: as in the OS reference/identifier on the hard disk01:13
ikoniadagaz: no, it's not01:13
buntuBenwesam_: are you using ubuntu?01:14
julian-delphiki!derivatives | dagaz01:14
ubottudagaz: There are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux)01:14
buntuBenikonia: thanks, just scared me at first after booting and seeing grub rescue>01:14
wesam_I'm using Jolicloud, stupidly. Which is made from Ubuntu.01:14
ikoniaand also not supported here01:14
dagazk . thanks01:14
julian-delphikiTradeFortress: likely in /var/log/auth.log01:15
ikoniabuntuBen: I wouldn't be massivly concerned, more so as you appear to have fixed it01:15
wesam_buntuBen: I'm using Jolicloud, stupidly. Which is made from Ubuntu.01:15
buntuBenwesam_: right-click on iso file, if it still uses that from ubuntu, and "write to disc..."01:15
TradeFortressikonia: yes, I run a wallet for a digital currency called bitcoins01:15
wesam_buntuBen: Will try, thanks.01:15
TradeFortresssome attacker took $2.5 worth but still compromised it.01:15
ikoniaTradeFortress: then re-install your OS with new passwords01:15
ikoniaTradeFortress: make sure you don't put back any of the files from the old server01:16
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bunjeeK3b help?01:16
wesam_buntuBen: It's awn, but I tried this before and when booting, it just froze at "Booting from onboard CD: _"01:17
bunjeecan I convert TG file to ISO?01:17
ikoniathat's not a question01:17
julian-delphikibunjee... TG = tuxguitar, right?01:17
bunjeesorry......RAR archive01:18
buntuBenwesame_: try burning at slowest write speed possible, and use burnproof.01:18
winterpkgood morning01:18
julian-delphikibunjee, extract the rar, make new archive, burn to disk?01:18
bunjeeyes....no clue how to01:18
wesam_buntuBen: I already started it.. But it seems stuck at finalizing like it did before. Should it be going this slow?01:19
wesam_It says 100% done, finalizing.01:19
wesam_The loading bar is the bouncing thing.01:19
winterpkThis isn't exactly Ubuntu related but I'm having trouble with a serverbuild in which I'm planning on installing ubuntu on.  My problem is that the hard drives are not showing up in the bios. I've zero'd and formatted them.  Does anyone know what I might be missing?01:19
ikoniawinterpk: try ##hardware01:19
daftykinswinterpk: in BIOS? PATA/SATA?01:20
ikoniawinterpk: we only deal with ubuntu issues here01:20
winterpkSATA in bios01:20
wesam_winterpk: Check your BIOS up and down. But yeah, ##hardware is where you should go.01:20
winterpksorry ikonia01:20
buntuBenwesame_: does it sound like your cd is still spinning, or did it spin down?01:20
daftykinswinterpk: so i take it by extension, the OSs you boot never see them?01:20
winterpkI've checked everywhere, just not showing up.  I'll head to HW channel.  Thanks for pointing me in the rigth direction guys!01:20
wesam_buntuBen: It's wesam_. And Yeah, its spinning, so I guess it's still going.01:20
=== zz_uni4dfx is now known as uni4dfx
winterpkdaft: I have no OS yet, and bios doesn't see them at all01:21
buntuBenwesam_:my mistake, and yes, I would let it continue. If you told it to verify after burning that might take a while too01:21
daftykinswinterpk: i'd ignore that and see what liveCDs see01:22
julian-delphikidaftykins... there is no way the OS will see them if bios does not01:23
daftykinsjulian-delphiki: not often true in rare circumstances.01:23
SaschaPok... amarok does not even start01:23
islandaftykins, so do you think I should just install 64-bit Ubuntu and try this other work-around?01:24
julian-delphikiSaschaP: it sounds like you have issues with your install, maybe01:24
daftykinsislan: i'm seconds away now.01:24
harriswhat are the menues in the top left corner called01:25
ikoniaislan: I suggest resolving your hardware issues before looking at software01:25
ikoniaislan: sorry, wrong guy01:25
islandaftykins, I'm worried with what you'll find with that file size01:25
SaschaPjulian-delphiki; yes, my phonon makes problems (system: ubuntu 12.04, upgraded to this version on friday, xfce-desktop)01:25
julian-delphikiSaschaP: you could reinstall xubuntu?01:25
daftykinsislan: most of the time it has every version under teh sun, then you can chop out the Windows driver easy. do you happen to know which Windows versions driver works best with ndiswrapper though? newer?01:25
islandafty, I guess, some have reported it not working, others have reported it working01:26
SaschaPjulian-delphiki: it's ubuntu with xfce and reinstall? i only upgraded from 11.10 to 12.04 on friday01:26
daftykinsislan: Dell 1704?01:26
julian-delphikiSaschaP: considering 12.10 is current... it's worth a shot01:27
julian-delphikior even upgrading to 12.1001:27
islandafty, yep, that's the Dell name anyway01:27
islandaftykins, it's really a Broadcom BCM 4314201:27
daftykinsislan: sure, just extracting now01:27
islanthanks a bunch!01:27
SaschaPjulian-delphiki: why should i overinstall a lts with a testing version?01:27
daftykinsislan: hrmm other decision, is 32 or 64-bit01:28
islandafty, I'm running 32-bit ubuntu01:29
daftykinsislan: yeah, i'll guess with 32 then :S01:29
julian-delphikiSaschaP: 12.10 is not testing...01:29
daftykinsislan: you don't know any free file hosting sites do you? :D01:29
islandaftykins, um, dropbox?01:30
getschomp545i switched to VT, and its asking me for a login…used the login which i use to login to ubuntu, but keep receiving "login incorrect"01:30
wesam_Okay, working. buntuBen: It's still going on, man.01:30
SaschaPi have a philosophy: never use the last so called "stable" version of a system... it everytime worked with windows :P ... and the problem seems to be something in the glib or qt-area01:31
daftykinsislan: PM'd you a link01:31
SaschaPand this problem makes me really began to relove windows XP...01:31
SaschaPor my 11.1001:31
julian-delphikiSaschaP: and you're sure you're up to date on updates?01:31
SaschaPyes, julian01:31
wesam_SachaP: sudo apt-get upgrade usually fixes all your problems.01:32
wesam_and then a nice apt-get upgrade.01:32
julian-delphikiSaschaP: could try reinstalling the packages.01:32
XorifelseCan anyone here help resolve my issue with grub/burg? It does not seem to load the interface, just the o.s. selection screen01:33
SaschaPjulian, if i try to purge phonon or gstreamer, the apt-get asks me to delete half of my system... including things like libreoffice01:33
julian-delphikiSaschaP: don't purge then? apt-get install --reinstall phonon gstreamer01:33
Xorifelseapt-get purge "package"01:34
julian-delphikiXorifelse: no.01:34
julian-delphikiXorifelse: what is burg?01:34
XorifelseThat is an grub boot loader01:34
julian-delphikiah ok01:34
IdleOneXorifelse: try #grub or #burg01:34
XorifelseIĺl try that, thanks01:35
julian-delphikiI don't believe burg is standard in ubuntu, but i guess ic ould be wrong01:35
IdleOnejulian-delphiki: you aren't01:35
XorifelseIt is not standard01:35
XorifelseBut thanks, iĺl try it in #grub01:36
SaschaPi already tried to reinstall phonon, but it didn't make anything01:36
SaschaPand sorry, but "apt-get -install --reinstall gstreamer" would only bring out the error, that there is no "gstreamer" package01:37
julian-delphikinot -install, just install, and sorry.01:38
julian-delphiki!find gstreamer01:38
ubottuFound: bluez-gstreamer, gir1.2-gstreamer-0.10, gstreamer-tools, gstreamer0.10-doc, gstreamer0.10-gconf, gstreamer0.10-gnonlin, gstreamer0.10-gnonlin-dbg, gstreamer0.10-gnonlin-doc, gstreamer0.10-nice, gstreamer0.10-plugins-good (and 107 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=gstreamer&searchon=names&suite=quantal&section=all01:38
SaschaPyeah, but "gstreamer" is not found ;)01:38
SaschaPand reinstalling everything would be quite crazy, especially that it make a mistake ( gstreamer0.10-fluendo-plugins-mp3-partner : Kollidiert mit: gstreamer0.10-fluendo-mp301:39
moesUsing startup disk creator in Ubuntu-12.04.1 on a 16 gb flash drive...fat 32 will only allow 4.3 gb persistence file....How can I increas to 8 gb??01:40
=== will is now known as Guest57018
wesamGuys, I'm pissed.01:45
=== wesam is now known as Guest16777
Guest16777The DVD gets 100% burned, ejects, and says everything is okay. But when I boot the DVD, it does nothing. It just sits at the "booting from CD" screen.01:46
daftykinsGuest16777: nice.01:46
=== Guest16777 is now known as wesam098
daftykinsoh pissed that way01:46
wesam098Haha yeah. That way.01:47
wesam098I have no idea what to do I alreadu used three DVDs.01:47
wesam098I'm trying to make a CR OS DVD.01:47
harrisow can i open microsoft word 2007 as my default program in linux01:48
julian-delphikiharris... you can't without a lot of trickery01:48
wesam098You can't use Word in Linux.01:48
harrisusing play on linux01:48
daftykinswesam098: your downloaded image could be busted. you tried md5'ing it?01:49
wesam098daftykins: Whatting it?01:49
somsip!md5 | wesam09801:50
ubottuwesam098: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows01:50
daftykinssomsip: ty sir01:50
wesam098somsip: Wait what is this.01:50
wesam098ubottu: I'm using a CR OS Iso. Not trying to install Ubuntu. I'm asking here because I'm using Ubuntu right now.01:51
ubottuwesam098: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)01:51
julian-delphikiwesam098, it's a way of verifying file integrity.01:51
wesam098julian-delphiki: How?01:51
julian-delphikijesus, wesam098, did you read the link?01:52
wesam098julian-delphiki: What do you think I am, some kind of animal? Of course not.01:52
julian-delphikiwesam098, where did you download cros from01:53
wesam098julian-delphiki: The official website.01:53
=== myusuf3_ is now known as myusuf3
wesam098Okay, what does this output mean?01:54
cubi have a q01:55
=== Guest11747 is now known as tornado
cubif i install 12.04... and i dont like it, can i revert back to 10.04?01:55
daftykinscub: via upgrade? no01:56
cubi just want to keep my current theme01:56
=== tornado is now known as LiteBeer
cubi dont like all that fancy stuff with the unity desktop01:56
cubright now i have it setup looking like old windows 95 or kde back in the day ...lol01:57
wesam098julian-delphiki: md5sum: Cr_OS_Linux.i686-2.4.1290.iso: no properly formatted MD5 checksum lines found01:57
k1l_!notunity | cub01:59
ubottucub: Ubuntu 11.10 and higher use GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic01:59
julian-delphikiwesam098, you want to md5sum the iso01:59
cubwhat do you mean by "investigate gnome tweak tool"?02:00
bfrican anyone walk me through a fileshare set up02:00
cubwhere would i find this? in applications or?02:00
julian-delphikiwesam098 and compare against the md502:00
julian-delphikiwesam098 http://images.4channel.org/f/src/katawa_crash_beta_8-36.swf02:00
julian-delphikiwesam098: oops wrong text02:00
julian-delphikiwesam098: 39251925cfee3843924b1585024afc7602:00
k1l_cub: its for gnome-shell02:00
bfriI want to turn up encryption02:00
cubone more question02:01
cubdo i really need to upgrade to 12.04?02:01
julian-delphikibfri: what do you mean02:01
skp1cub: yes or you will die02:01
cublol come on02:01
cublet's be real02:02
k1l_cub: gnome2 is gone. so you have to find a new way. you can choose the gnome2 lookalike gnome-classic, whihc is a cut-off version. or you try xfce or lxde or other desktops02:02
alcaprawn;) update02:02
k1l_cub: support ends for the desktop version end of april. so we recommend it02:02
cubokay thank you k1l_02:02
cubso i'm guessing updates will also end then/02:03
k1l_yep. that is the point. only the server packages get stll updates after april02:03
alcaprawnwhat window manager do you guys use gnome?02:03
cubwell i got 3 months to decide..02:04
cubidk if this pc will be able to support the new gnome... it's old02:04
k1l_after 12.04 there is no difference betweeen server and desktop anymore. so that gets 5 years support for both02:04
alcaprawnwhat you running cub?02:04
k1l_cub: see xfce or lxde02:04
cubi'm running this off of an old HP Compaq, 15gb harddrive and like idk 1 gb of ram02:05
wesam098<julian-delphiki> They're both the same.02:05
k1l_cub: than you should look out for those i mentioned02:06
daftykinscub: stay where you are02:06
wesam098julian-delphiki: Also, they're no such file or directory for /dev/cdrom apparently.02:06
k1l_daftykins: that is no option in a EOL end of april02:07
daftykinsk1l_: sure, depends if the user cares or not though02:07
k1l_daftykins: well, that is the users decision but not the ubuntu recommended way. and while we are here we recommend that way :)02:08
daftykinsk1l_: roger that, enjoy thy rather tall horse02:08
k1l_daftykins: m(02:08
daftykinsi meant that at your smugness, carry on02:09
julian-delphikiwesam098: ok, then your file is fine02:09
k1l_if you come and support alle the users who get in trouble because you told them so, im fine with that. but i dont think that is gonna happen. so i would like to stick to the common way in this channel02:09
PbwizkidHello all!02:11
daftykinsk1l_: you're taking this way too seriously.02:11
alcaprawnwho's using conky then?02:11
plaguedoctorHello, I have an hdmi cable hooked up to the TV, but there is no audio, how to get the audio working for the TV?02:11
daftykinsplaguedoctor: you need to change the device that sound is being output over02:12
plaguedoctordaftykins, How do I do that?02:12
=== PermissionDenied is now known as Tux
daftykinswhich ubuntu are you on?02:13
plaguedoctordaftykins, I used alsamixer and Mixer, no dice02:13
compileHello all.02:13
compileI'm trying to install 12.10 using wubi02:13
daftykinsplaguedoctor: hrmm. try searching for 'sound' with the dash02:13
sybariteni just set up a new ubuntu computer, a laptop. I already have some laptops in the LAN, and i have a server too, with ssh(d)02:13
compileand from what i see its been on "Copying installation logs..." for about 5 mins now.02:13
plaguedoctordaftykins, What do you mean?02:13
compiledoes this process take a while?02:13
sybariteni can always connect to that server, but now when doing "ssh" from the new ubuntu laptop, i get "name or service not known"02:14
daftykinsplaguedoctor: nm, click on the sound icon top right, then settings02:14
sybaritenI can ping that machine though, with the same IP... any ideas?02:15
plaguedoctordaftykins, I already did that02:15
daftykinsplaguedoctor: and you set output to the HDMI device?02:15
plaguedoctordaftykins, Yes02:15
sybaritenuh , what i meant with "i can always..." was "normally i have no problems whatsoever to connect to that machine, from my other laptops"02:15
munderwo-workHi All. I've got a bare server running ubuntu 12.04, and on startup its got a load of close 8. Using htop it shows high cpu load from kernel threads? Does anybody have some tips to workout what is happening?02:15
munderwo-workITs a 4 Core server02:16
Kraln-munderwo-work: that sounds suspiciously like a storage issue, like rebuilding raid or something02:16
julian-delphikimunderwo-work: i dont doubt that it has a high load after booting, it should recover quickly.02:16
daftykinsplaguedoctor: and every single related device is definitely unmuted in the mixer? be it called iec... or 5.1 or etc?02:16
plaguedoctordaftykins, Yes02:16
munderwo-workKraln: oohhh I hadnt thought of that. It does have a RAID array in it. Good tip02:16
daftykinsplaguedoctor: ok i give up02:16
plaguedoctorAnyone here know how to enable audio via HDMI cable?02:17
plaguedoctorfor ubuntu 12.1002:17
wesam098julian-delphiki: Then whata do..02:18
julian-delphikiwesam098: i have no idea.02:19
wesam098julian-delphiki: Well. Do you know why my mouse keeps disconnecting randomly when I use Ubuntu, then? Maybe I can just keep jolicloud.02:20
munderwo-workKraln: any idea how to get the status of a dell raid controller on linux?02:20
julian-delphikiwesam098: i have no deai02:20
SolarisBoyKraln-: look into OMSA02:20
wesam098Actually, joli hasthis html5 back, which makes up the whole OS. It only stops when that's open.02:21
SolarisBoybetter known as Open Manage02:21
wesam098Oh, alright.02:21
Kraln-munderwo-work: depends on which management thingy you have02:21
SolarisBoygrr munderwo-work that is - look into OMSA open manage system administrator - they do pretty well on querying modern dell raid controllers and other environment status02:21
plaguedoctorHAs anyone got audio to work under HDMI cable attached to a TV for ubuntu 12.1002:21
SolarisBoyOMSA for dell controllers generally02:22
munderwo-workSolarisBoy: cheers! i'll have a look at that02:22
sybaritenOK hmmm so i can connect to another, external SSH server02:22
sybaritenbut not my own, inside my LAN02:22
sybaritencould there be anything with my server running a too old ubuintu version, that my newly instgalled laptop won't like?02:22
SolarisBoymunderwo-work: sure02:23
sybaritenHm... there wasnt02:23
julian-delphikisybariten: unlikely.02:23
julian-delphikido an ssh -vvvvv when you're connecting02:24
* sybariten doesnt know how to define ports in ssh calls.... well, now he does02:24
|Anthony|Flash is constantly crashing. What can we do about this, considering that adobe has dropped linux support?02:24
tion_how do i change res in ubuntu only vga is available02:24
michel_OMG, This still exists !02:24
sybaritenjulian-delphiki: i was a lamer and didnt call ssh correctly....02:24
tion_how do i change res in ubuntu only vga is available the monitor is capable of xvga02:25
tion_how do i change res in ubuntu only vga is available the monitor is capable of xvga+02:25
|Anthony|what is the state of adobe flash replacements?02:25
usr13tion_: xramdr02:25
BillyZane|2hi SolarisBoy02:26
tion_i need to kill im?02:26
SolarisBoyhey BillyZane|202:26
BillyZane|2SolarisBoy: , i got a problem... my sound doesn't work. I tried searching apt-cache , i tried the ubuntu repository, i tried creative's website, i tried google02:27
tion_should i install nvidia proper?02:27
BillyZane|2i have a soundblaster Z02:27
BillyZane|2it's the newest soundblaster card02:27
SolarisBoyhmm i have a soundblaster it works fine no special drivers it's a usb 5.1 channel card02:27
BillyZane|2i tried searching sound, blaster, creative.02:27
BillyZane|2do you use a generic driver for it?02:27
SolarisBoyare you sure you have it selected in the audio settings relevant to you? - yes i use generic drivers02:28
bfrijulian-delphiki im trying to share folders with windows 7 but it is less than intuitive and non of the resources ive come across point me in the right direction02:28
BillyZane|2my audio settings detect a "HDA Creative"02:28
sybaritensooo.....whats everyones opinion on how the ubuntu desktop looks these days? I'm confused, myself02:28
|Anthony|?? gnash02:28
BillyZane|2my mute is not on, it was working fine in windows02:28
julian-delphikibfri, I can't help with that, sorry.02:28
BillyZane|2i tried the "sound test", nothing. i tried youtube, no sound.02:29
sybaritenAnd another thing, shouldnt i get any sort of desktop icon after having installed chromium-browser and emacs via apt-get?02:29
bfrijulian-delphiki do you know how to edit smb.conf02:29
bfrior turn of password protection on shared folders?02:29
BillyZane|2SolarisBoy: creative's website do not list linux drivers for this card, a sound blaster Z02:29
tion_i cant even click the buttons cmon!02:29
tion_how do i change res in ubuntu only vga is available the monitor is capable of xvga+02:30
usr13tion_: Did you try xrandr ?02:30
julian-delphikibfri: i already said that I can't help with that02:30
tion_its doesent work02:30
bfrijulian-delphiki ok thank02:30
tion_i need to edit the config file like since the ever02:30
tion_i need to edit the config file like since  ever02:31
bfrineed help changing shared folder options to not require a password on the network02:31
tion_xrandr is to stupid to detect02:31
bfrialso smb.conf cannot be edited02:31
julian-delphikisure it can02:31
julian-delphikisudo gedit /etc/smb.conf02:31
Ben64tion_: what video card02:31
bfriit turns up blank02:32
julian-delphikithen it doesn't exist.02:32
bfribut it does02:32
tion_should get nvida proper or its worst?02:32
bfriif i open it from the terminal its blank02:32
bfribut if i open it from the gui its there but cant be edited02:32
|Anthony|what is the recommended way to deal with flash and firefox?02:32
julian-delphikithen you're opening it wrong02:32
tion_173 nvida recomended02:32
bfrii'm rooted and typing sudo ect/samba/smb.conf02:33
bfriand a blank page opens02:33
tion_but i tryed in the last upgrade and it dint worked out the proper screen res02:33
julian-delphikibfri: is that really the command you're entering02:33
julian-delphikiwell, considering you're not even invoking a browser, it's not02:33
julian-delphikian editor02:33
bfrifrom my terminal sudo gedit /ect/samba/smb.conf02:33
tion_im guess im using the open driver02:33
julian-delphikinot ect02:33
|Anthony|bfri, it's /etc02:33
ubottuXRandR 1.2 is the new method of running dual screens in !X.  Information/HowTo here: http://wiki.debian.org/XStrikeForce/HowToRandR1202:34
bfrianthony thanks02:34
tion_xrandr xrandr: Failed to get size of gamma for output default Screen 0: minimum 320 x 240, current 640 x 480, maximum 640 x 480 default connected 640x480+0+0 0mm x 0mm    640x480        50.0*     320x240        51.002:34
tion_is xrand stupid or waht?02:35
tion_at les could we have svga? PLS02:35
julian-delphikition_: it is likely you're using the wrong display driver.02:36
julian-delphikition_: i said, you're likely using the wrong display driver.02:38
bigbadbenI have a hard drive I just took apart and I am trying to write data to it so I can see what it looks like when I write to it. It is connected via usb device is there anyway I can tell the usb drive to write data to it02:38
tion_no the driver is the right one02:38
julian-delphikibigbadben you could use DD02:39
bigbadbenwhats that02:39
Pbwizkidcan you not mount it and just drag and drop files to it02:39
tion_i need a driver for the screen?02:39
bigbadbenI can not mount it. I can not see it02:39
julian-delphikibigbadben: it doesn't show up at all on your system?02:39
Ben64tion_: what video card02:39
tion_why xrandr is such a piece of crap?02:39
julian-delphikiit's probably broken then02:39
=== squid is now known as Guest4529
julian-delphikition_: what video card02:40
tion_this isnt about the crad its about the screen02:40
julian-delphikition_: they're related.02:40
Ben64they're literally connected02:40
=== Guest4529 is now known as squid12
tion_any card can do more that vga02:40
|Anthony|i use dual monitors and do NOT touch randr02:40
tion_are we in the 80s?02:41
bigbadben"JMicron Technology Corp. / JMicron USA Technology Corp. JM20337 Hi-Speed USB to SATA & PATA Combo Bridge " this shows up when I lsusb so It is connected02:41
julian-delphikition_: jesus christ, tell us what card.02:41
Ben64go away if you aren't going to cooperate02:41
tion_nvidia driver 173 recomended02:41
julian-delphikiand you installed the nvidia driver?02:41
|Anthony|is this a troll02:41
tion_not yet02:41
julian-delphikiwell then install it02:41
tion_im using the opendriver02:41
Ben64tion_: well, which card do you have02:41
Ben64thats a brand02:42
Ben64which card do you have02:42
squid12Does anybody here knows how to choose or prefer a different drivers in Ubuntu?02:42
Ben64squid12: you can blacklist certain drivers02:43
tion_i dont know what brand it is might be an asus02:43
Priest_PioHello :)02:43
julian-delphikition_: we need a model02:43
squid12Hi Ben64....any specific places? like etc... proc?02:43
julian-delphikisquid12 /etc/modprobe.d/02:44
TheLordOfTimetion_, can you pastebin the output of lspci?02:44
Ben64squid12: /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist02:44
tion_the card works fine with 1600x120002:44
Tecanin nemo my scripts arnt working02:44
squid12Thanks Ben64...I will check it out02:44
Ben64squid12: might be blacklist.conf in there02:44
tion_one would think xrandr guys would at least support the most used res like vga avga xvga etc etc02:45
squid12Ben64...yup...I see it. I will now take a look at the man pages02:45
squid12Ben64....Thank you02:45
Ben64tion_: you aren't listening, its not about xrandr or the screen or anything02:45
Ben64tion_: what does this say - "lspci | grep -i vga"02:45
alcaprawnBen64: whats he having problems with i cba to scroll up ^.^02:45
tion_with out ""?02:45
julian-delphikition_: you're really close to people being done helping you.02:45
Ben64tion_: yes02:46
TheLordOfTimetion_, yes, without the quotes02:46
tion_ NVIDIA Corporation NV34 [GeForce FX 5200] (rev a1)02:46
Ben64alcaprawn: resolution stuck at 640x48002:46
munderwo-workSolarisBoy: SO I have a PERC H310 Raid array. and i've installed OMSA tools but it doesnt seem to be able to connect.02:46
Priest_PioI make one clean install using ubuntu 12.10 but after the instalation when the pc start the grub apear in black and don`t show nathing to i acn chose what opearting system i want to use it. Note: I allready make the updates and install nvidia. ANy ideia how to resolve this?02:47
julian-delphikition_: a little googling tells me that the nvidia driver is what you want02:47
tion_is it fixed?02:47
SolarisBoymunderwo-work: make sure your controller firmware is up to date and that all the daemons are loaded up properly02:47
munderwo-workthe OMSA Daemons?02:47
SolarisBoymunderwo-work: naturally take your time there and follow the docs and backup steps - controller incidents can be pretty nasty02:47
tion_julian-delphiki: i did that in other distro before upgarding and it didnt wotked02:47
munderwo-workLuckily this isnt in production yet...02:48
|Anthony|adobe flash player is constantly crashing. what is the recommended alternative?02:48
tion_ive upgraded all the way from intrepid02:48
Ben64tion_: do this - "sudo apt-get install nvidia-current"02:48
SolarisBoymunderwo-work: yes there are a few and a couple of drivers that get loaded in the process - there should be a wrapper script in the install directory called services.sh that you can use to start/start/status them all02:48
tion_just toke about 24h02:48
moesUsing startup disk creator in Ubuntu-12.04.1 on a 16 gb flash drive...fat 32 will only allow 4.3 gb persistence file....How can I increase to 8 gb??02:49
tion_ive instaled them on 9.10 and it didnt worked out the screen res02:49
WXZis there anyway to setup ubuntu so that I can switch workspaces independently (monitor 1 = workspace 1, monitor 2 = workspace 2)?02:49
munderwo-workSolarisBoy: I did an apt-get install, so i'll have a hunt around for the services.sh file02:49
Ben64moes: you can't with fat3202:49
Priest_Piomoes try ntfs maby it works02:49
SolarisBoymunderwo-work: i guess you could updatedb and locate services.sh then02:49
SolarisBoyif apt-get installs it02:49
tion_i think its even harder to setup the res after install the nvidia blob02:50
munderwo-workSolarisBoy: yeah, found it. starting it now02:50
Ben64tion_: nope02:50
SolarisBoymunderwo-work: as stated make sure your controller versions are up to date OMSA doesn't like that if it's not02:50
julian-delphikition_: you can't compare 9.10 to 12.x02:50
tion_how do you know you are using 64B distro02:50
SolarisBoyalong with starting the daemons02:51
Priest_PioAnyone having the same problem here? the grub apears the blank screen and don`t lets chose the operating system?02:51
Ben64tion_: uname -m02:51
bigbadbenI know it see's the drive I just want to write to it, if I know its bus and device number is there a command to write to it?02:51
julian-delphikition_: then you are on 32 bit02:52
Ben64then you're running 32 bit OS02:52
julian-delphikibigbadben: does it show up in dmesg02:52
Ben64bigbadben: it needs to show up as /dev/sd_ to be able to write02:52
tion_this is a computer from 15 years ago02:52
subcool_k- someone tell me why my drive would be owned by root?02:52
julian-delphikition_: then there is no way that 64 bit will work, likely02:52
subcool_i have entire hard drive that i store my movies on- that is for some reason. owned by root02:52
WXZis there anyway to setup ubuntu so that I can switch workspaces independently (monitor 1 = workspace 1, monitor 2 = workspace 2)?02:52
julian-delphikisubcool_: because devices are owned by root, by default.02:52
tion_isnt that news02:53
bigbadbenIt does show up in dmesg02:53
kcoffmanHi, I was wondering if I could get some help with my Compaq Presario V6000 running 12.04 LTS02:53
Ben64bigbadben: pastebin it?02:53
usr13subcool_: Is this a special storage drive?02:53
tion_Ubuntu Description:Ubuntu 12.04.1 LTS Release:12.04 Codename:precise02:54
usr13subcool_: You should be able to just change the ownership with sudo.02:54
jakepianohi i have ubuntu installed. i want to dual boot ubuntu and windows 8. is there an easy way to do that?02:54
tion_what do i do after i install the nvidia blob?02:54
BlackDalekis there any simple way to remove customized colour themes from unity? My wife's PC was using Ubuntu 11.04 with customized colour gnome theme and when she upgraded to 12.04, it took the custom colour setting with it and now all the top menus are unreadable (black on black) and icon text is all black on black... how do we remove custom colours in unity and get the default colour theme back?02:54
bigbadbenits the jmicron usb to atabridge02:55
usr13subcool_: But how did you do this?  What did you do?   How did you copy the files to it?02:55
tion_cant anyone help?02:55
subcool_julian-delphiki, usr13 - um it is a harddrive set to initiate during boot- but i have never run into this issue. chown 777 right?02:55
subcool_thats my point- i have never had an issue until today02:56
daftykinsbigbadben: "sudo fdisk -l" does it show up?02:56
psychopathicBlackDalek: Just erase the config files in the home directory.02:56
usr13subcool_: Well, no.  You'd want to change ownership.  Right?02:56
munderwo-workSolarisBoy: Ok, so had a look at the storage stuff and physical and virtual disks are all a-ok.. So I still have a whole bunch of kernel threads consuming a LOT of lod02:56
tion_i bet TF2 can setup better res that xrandr02:56
julian-delphikibigbadben: looks like its sde?02:56
usr13sburjan`: What is the mount point?02:57
BlackDalekpsychopathic... I don't know where to find them... :( any clues?02:57
subcool_usr13, yeah02:57
Ben64tion_: after you get the nvidia driver, reboot02:57
usr13subcool_: What is the mount point?02:57
munderwo-workKraln-: WEll looks like my raid arrays check out.02:57
julian-delphikibigbadben, if it is infact /dev/sde you could "dd if=/dev/random of=/dev/sde"02:57
tion_its not gona work!02:57
subcool_usr13, i dont remember.. :/02:57
julian-delphikition_: you're not very willing to try things02:57
bigbadbenI have another external hardrive hooked up02:57
usr13subcool_: YOu don't know the mount point?  How do you know it's owned by root?02:58
tion_well at least it leted me use extended destop res02:58
TheLordOfTimetion_, if you're not willing to try things that we're suggesting, which would likely help fix your issue, nobody'll want to help you02:58
subcool_i pulled up a few files and look at their properties02:58
julian-delphikibigbadben: hmm, may want to unplug everything except this one drive02:58
julian-delphikito be sure.02:58
usr13subcool_: What is the user name that you use on this PC?02:58
tion_i cant click the box on the nvidia drivers install screen02:58
psychopathicBlackDalek: The config files are listed with a .* in front of them with "ls -a" or show hidden files in nautilus.02:58
bigbadbenyeah Ill try it on my laptob maybe02:58
tion_its below the visible screen02:58
julian-delphikibigbadben: laptop*02:59
tion_this monitor dont know what a EIDI is!02:59
usr13subcool_: ls -l /where-ever/it/is  |pastebinit02:59
Ben64tion_: what install screen? you should have done it through apt-get03:00
kcoffmanI have a problem with the sound and volume control on my laptop. If the sound is below about 80% it's silent, when it's at 100% it's super loud and there is a very small window for a happy medium03:00
tion_sudo apt-get install nvidia-current what driver is it going to fetch?03:01
usr13subcool_: sudo chown subcool /where-ever/it/is03:01
BlackDalekpsychopathic we guessed it would be one of the hidden files, but which? None of them in the home directory are screaming out "I have theme customizations in here"... :(03:01
julian-delphikition_: whatever the current nvidia driver is...03:01
tion_i cant use the latest03:02
tion_wtf i need 17303:02
julian-delphikition_: i think people here about ready to be done helping you.03:02
usr13subcool_: But make sure you do it to the correct directory.03:02
tion_you dont help you just telling me to push buttons03:03
subcool_usr13, http://paste.ubuntu.com/1529806/03:03
tion_i just know its not gona work03:03
julian-delphikition_: well, we're trying to help, and you're being very argumenative to people who are trying to help03:03
tion_and probablly x wont starrt03:03
tion_i tryed it before03:03
Ben64tion_: then go away03:03
usr13subcool_: What comand gave you that output,  http://paste.ubuntu.com/1529806/ ?03:04
Priest_PioI think they have come from horse to dunk whith new gnome03:04
subcool_ls -l /media/StorageX2/ |pastebinit03:04
jakepianohi i have ubuntu installed. i want to dual boot ubuntu and windows 8. is there an easy way to do that?03:04
subcool_   ls -l /media |pastebinit03:04
Ben64jakepiano: probably have to install windows first03:05
tion_xrandr   Screen 0: minimum 320 x 200, current 1400 x 1050, maximum 2048 x 115203:05
artful_djakepiano: http://www.linuxbsdos.com/2012/11/05/dual-boot-windows-8-and-ubuntu-12-10-on-uefi-hardware/03:05
tion_i should do something like this03:05
jakepianothe partitions i have aren't allowing me to do it. and i'm not sure how to partition everything correctly03:05
artful_dlinuxbsdos is always a good way to go for tuts03:05
vulnHello there. So I did something and now the cursor is huge. How can I fix that? :$03:06
Ben64tion_: stop with randr, its not your problem03:06
bigbadbenThat did not work I wonder why03:06
Ben64tion_: if you won't listen, leave03:06
tion_this is from the official documentation03:06
usr13sburjan`: chown -R subcool_ /media/StorageX2/MoviesX2/03:06
julian-delphikition_: that is debian, not ubuntu03:06
tion_so why is it on this channel bot ?»!03:07
usr13subcool_  What filesystem is it?03:07
ubottuXRandR 1.2 is the new method of running dual screens in !X.  Information/HowTo here: http://wiki.debian.org/XStrikeForce/HowToRandR1203:07
usr13subcool_: sudo fdisk -l |pastebinit03:07
julian-delphikition_: okay, but still, just install the nvidia-current driver03:07
the_hydrahi all03:07
Ben64tion_: this is the last time i'm going to tell you. xrandr is not the issue, you need the driver03:07
subcool_usr13, http://paste.ubuntu.com/1529816/03:07
the_hydrahow to make sure my  touchpad does indeed support Unity mouse gestures?03:08
jakepianoI need help installing windows 8 then. how do i do that with the partitions i have03:08
the_hydramy laptop was a product circa early 200803:08
vulnHow can I change my cursor size in Ubuntu 12.04?03:09
the_hydraXorg log says "double triple", which according to debian wiki, confirms that my touchpad recognize up to 3 fingers press03:09
usr13subcool_: So which is it?   /dev/sde ?03:09
daggsam I high?03:09
=== root_ is now known as dagaz
subcool_usr13, uh- idk...03:10
usr13subcool_: sde3 and sde4 ?03:10
daggsnever mind03:10
subcool_usr13, i have to ls it to figure that out.03:10
subcool_i setup a few partition to mount on boot03:10
subcool_thats the only reason i can think that it is root03:10
usr13subcool_: mount |pastebinit03:10
tion_nvidia-current_295.40-0ubuntu1.1_i386.deb this is the wrong driveer03:10
tion_damn jokers03:11
jakepianoartful_d i get an error every time i try to install the windows version that i have. i believe its something to do with the partitions and i dont know how to fix that. would you know?03:11
usr13sburjan`: Never mind.  The command I gave you: (chown -R subcool_ /media/StorageX2/MoviesX2/) will have no effect.  sde2 is HPFS/NTFS/exFAT03:13
usr13subcool_: Never mind.  The command I gave you: (chown -R subcool_ /media/StorageX2/MoviesX2/) will have no effect.  sde2 is HPFS/NTFS/exFAT03:13
WXZis there anyway to setup ubuntu so that I can switch workspaces independently (monitor 1 = workspace 1, monitor 2 = workspace 2)?03:13
artful_djakepiano: what's the model?03:14
tion_im going to reboot in the xterm thanks alot!03:14
subcool_usr13, interseting03:14
jakepianolenovo g48003:14
the_hydraany help, people?03:14
usr13subcool_: Ownership is not the same.  You should still be able to access the files though.  Right?03:14
subcool_usr13, yeah i can read them03:15
subcool_ive always had write permission. this is weird.03:15
subcool_thats my movie directory.03:15
usr13subcool_: Is it auto mounting them in that way?03:15
subcool_it automounts... i know that03:16
usr13subcool_: I don't know either.03:16
the_hydrahow to make sure my  touchpad does indeed support Unity mouse gestures?03:16
the_hydramy laptop was a product circa early 200803:16
the_hydraXorg log says "double triple", which according to debian wiki, confirms that my touchpad recognize up to 3 fingers press03:16
usr13subcool_: df |pastebinit03:16
artful_djakepiano: sorry, came in late on this, but what's the current partitioning scheme?03:16
the_hydraso far, none of the Unity gestures mentioned in the ubuntu wiki works03:16
subcool_http://paste.ubuntu.com/1529845/ usr1303:17
jakepianoartful_d no probs.  its just one partition 500 gb with ubuntu on it. i'm not sure how to change or check any of this. i have the gparted partition editor03:17
usr13subcool_: It's full03:17
artful_dJakepiano: so, just ubuntu on a 500gb ext4, right?03:18
subcool_usr13, i know- im trying to delete things03:18
subcool_usr13, that when i found out its root03:18
usr13subcool_: Use sudo03:19
subcool_yeah.... but i still need to be able to write to it.03:19
jakepianouhm i think. heres a link to what it looks like. http://imgur.com/OdJ9E03:19
the_hydrasubcool, is it possible that it is mounted as "read only"?03:20
the_hydrasubcool, try to check mount command output03:20
the_hydrasubcool, if you see "ro", then it's read only03:20
subcool_the_hydra, uh- ... lol... got me..03:20
the_hydrasubcool, pardon?03:20
usr13the_hydra: It's mounted rw  see: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1529825/03:21
the_hydrausr13, alright :)03:21
usr13the_hydra: It's 19% full  see: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1529845/03:21
Ben64subcool_: what groups do you belong to? (type "groups" in terminal)03:22
usr13the_hydra: But it's also exFAT filesystem.  See:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/1529816/03:22
subcool_Ben64, idk03:22
subcool_my head hurts03:22
subcool_i need a drink03:22
usr13the_hydra: *91%03:22
the_hydrausr13, hm, exFAT......03:23
Ben64its ntfs03:23
the_hydrausr13, not sure how much exFAT/NTFS reserve, but AFAIK it should be around 5%, same like ext2/3/403:23
usr13Ben64: the_hydra It says:  HPFS/NTFS/exFAT03:23
artful_djakepiano: cool, so you need to shrink sda1 by... whatever you want Win8 to be... 100GB or whatever03:24
corvaxiaI have a hopefully stupid question. I have .cbr on my linux desktop that I would like to share with my android tablet directly and skip using dropbox. What is the best option available?03:24
the_hydrausr13, or maybe, just maybe, it already drains its inodes numbers03:24
jakepianook and then what? i'm afraid i'll get the same error from trying to install win8. do i have to change it to primary or something?03:25
artful_djakepiano: obviously, you've got this going on another PC so just say what's going on and we can walk you through it.03:25
usr13subcool_: At any rate, you should be able to delete some files.  Just do ls ls -ltrS    <will list by file sizes, largest last> and pick a particularly big one and delete it.03:25
subcool_usr13, i know what i wanna delete - thats no problem03:25
subcool_but, i also want to put file IN there..03:26
subcool_i really dont get why it is mounted as root03:26
usr13subcool_: ls -ltrS /media/StorageX2/MoviesX2/03:26
Ben64subcool_: give list of groups03:26
tion_wow it worked :P03:26
Ben64i told you how in the same line i asked for it03:26
Ben64subcool_: what groups do you belong to? (type "groups" in terminal)03:26
subcool_subcool adm cdrom sudo dip plugdev lpadmin sambashare03:26
usr13subcool_: ls -ltrS /media/StorageX2/MoviesX2/ |pastebinit03:27
jakepianoi've got to go but i'll be back in a half hour or so. can i get your email to let you know when i'm back?03:27
Ben64well then i don't know. we have the same groups, same mount options, but i can copy things to my ntfs drive03:27
artful_djakepiano: on your current configuration, sda1 and sda2 are primary. You get 4. So Win 8 needs03:27
kcoffmanCan someone help me with a 12.04 sound issue03:27
WXZis there anyway to setup ubuntu so that I can switch workspaces independently (monitor 1 = workspace 1, monitor 2 = workspace 2)?03:27
subcool_usr13, http://paste.ubuntu.com/1529866/03:27
tion_glxgears  Xlib:  extension "GLX" missing on display ":0". Error: couldn't get an RGB, Double-buffered visual03:28
artful_dwoops, 2 partitions. 1 for recovery, the rest for win8 full, both ntfs03:28
subcool_its cool- ill deal with it later.. thanks..03:28
usr13subcool_: Not much help.  Those are all directory names.03:28
tion_im using novou?03:29
kcoffmansomeone?? anyone???03:29
tion_now i can have all the windows on screen03:29
tion_at least that worked ok03:29
subcool_ill be back later.. thanks.. - i was just trying to figure out wtf, but appearently its worse than i thought..03:29
subcool_thanks a lot- .. later..03:30
the_hydraso guys, any help for me? :)03:30
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest21135
usr13subcool_: Ok.  Sorry we weren't much help.03:30
usr13the_hydra: What is your problem?03:31
subcool_you were a ton of help03:31
the_hydraunity gestures03:31
subcool_thank you..03:31
tion_hey why doesent glxgears work?03:31
the_hydrausr13, it doesn't work at all03:31
tion_nvidia control doesent work03:31
usr13the_hydra: Oh, I don't know about unity gestures.  Sorry.  (I use xfce)03:32
the_hydrausr13, ok...btw, do you ever use touchegg?03:32
usr13the_hydra: No, sorry, don't know about touchegg either.03:33
the_hydrausr13, ok np03:34
tion_should i install the recomended driver now? that is 173.?03:34
the_hydrabasically my problem is, how to find out if my touchpad does indeed support multitouch03:34
usr13the_hydra: I'm seeing:  http://askubuntu.com/questions/tagged/touchegg  (for first time.../)03:34
tion_hello someone was helping me?03:34
Guest21135my computer freezes with an ubuntu 12.04 usb pen drive inserted. it cant even enter bios. what s wrong?03:35
NukienCan anyone point me in the right direction for building an install udeb/something that can query the user for information, much as the tasksel one does during regular install? I need to have user select from a bunch of choices (radiobutton) plus enter a couple of text fields. Want to do that as early as possible after ISO boot, that then feeds preseeded install.03:35
tion_00:1e.0 PCI bridge: NVIDIA Corporation nForce2 AGP (rev c1) 02:00.0 VGA compatible controller: NVIDIA Corporation NV34 [GeForce FX 5200] (rev a1)03:36
the_hydraGuest21135, if the usb pendrive is not inserted i.e booting from hard disk, everything goes fine?03:37
tion_should i downgrade nvidea driver to the recomended one?03:37
brian_petersenI have a dual boot with windows 8. How do I set the default Grub selection for windows? I don't want to edit the menu file as that would be overwritten everytime I do update-grub. Any ideas?03:37
Guest21135the_hydra , yes03:38
tion_i dont seem to have 3d acceleration03:38
scarrswell I got mpd, mpc, gmpc and ampache working. would anybody like to know how I did it?03:38
altinis there a good linux app for designing graphs ?03:38
the_hydraGuest21135, i think it's more like hardware problem, either your usb port or the usb pendrive itself03:38
the_hydrabrian_petersen, IIRC it03:38
the_hydrabrian_petersen, it's in /etc/sysconfig/grub IIRC03:39
the_hydraalta, like Visio?03:39
=== dt3k is now known as sect0r
brian_petersenthe_hydra, I don't have a sysconfig dir03:39
the_hydrabrian_petersen, sorry /etc/default/grub03:40
brian_petersenthe_hydra, ah, thanks!03:41
the_hydraaltin, like Visio?03:41
the_hydrabrian_petersen, you welcome03:41
Guest21135the_hydra , i also believe it s a motherboard issue although im almost sure that making some modification in ubuntu install the computer could not freeze and let me use a boot loader03:42
altinthe_hydra: is that in ubuntu repo ?03:42
the_hydraaltin, maybe you can try Pencil or Dia03:43
tion_how do i know what nvidia driver im using?03:43
=== geudrik|AFK is now known as geudrik
Guest21135the_hydra , i dont know anything about boot loader syslinux etc03:43
the_hydraGuest21135, when exactly it got freeze? right after RAM counts?03:43
kcoffmanI am having a problem with my sound levels. If it's below about 80% (on the slider bar) it's totally silent, when it's at 100% it's super loud.03:44
Guest21135the_hydra , it freezes after checking hd s cdrom03:44
altinthe_hydra: kk will take a look at them :)03:45
the_hydraGuest21135, totally trivial idea, can you switch that into usb legacy mode03:45
Guest21135the_hydra , i ve tryed that with no success03:46
the_hydrakcoffman, have you check with alsamixer command?03:46
sqldadI can't find libdvdcss2 -- am I missing something in my sources.list?03:46
kcoffmanI have no idea what I am doing. :/03:46
sqldadnm, found the answer03:46
the_hydrakcoffman, open terminal and type "alsamixer"03:47
kcoffmanokay. now what03:47
the_hydrakcoffman, my guess, either Master or PCM level is too high03:47
the_hydrakcoffman, see those bars?03:47
kcoffmanMaster and PCM are both at 100 from what I can tell03:48
the_hydrakcoffman, then lower them, imho the ideal level are both around 70%03:48
kcoffmanyes, I see them03:48
the_hydrakcoffman, but feel free to experiment03:48
kcoffmanthe_hydra how do I lower them?03:48
the_hydrakcoffman, use down arrow to lower, up arrow to raise03:49
=== geudrik is now known as geudrik|AFK
the_hydrakcoffman, use left or right arrow to choose which one you wanna modify03:49
kcoffmanthe_hydra, do you want me to lower PCM and Master to ~7003:49
the_hydrawhen you are done, just press Escape, sometimes you need to press it twice03:49
NukienCan anyone point me in the right direction for building an install udeb/something that can query the user for information, much as the tasksel one does during regular install? I need to have user select from a bunch of choices (radiobutton) plus enter a couple of text fields. Want to do that as early as possible after ISO boot, that then feeds preseeded install.03:50
the_hydrakcoffman, yes, but try to experiment while i.e playing a song so you got ideal volume level for your own03:50
Priest_PioI have one problem about the grub don`t show and get one grub blank screen in ubuntu 12.10. So after i edit "/etc/default/grub" and remove the "#" from GRUB_GFXMODE=640x480 it looks it start to work fine03:50
julian-delphikiNukien: i can't say i've ever had debian-installer ask questions.03:51
tion_i instaled nvidia current drivers but im missing 3d accelaration03:52
tion_can someone help?03:52
julian-delphikition_: that card is probably too old for 3d03:52
dchernivNukien, !dialog03:52
tion_it worked fine in intrepid03:52
NukienMaybe I'm not being clear: Boot the install ISO, and it starts asking questions - hostname, main username/password, the tasksel section where you choose what type of system it is.03:52
tion_glxgears 60 fps03:53
tion_now glxgears dont work03:53
tion_do not work03:53
julian-delphikidoes not03:53
dchernivNukien, http://linux.die.net/man/1/dialog03:54
magn3tsWhy is there not an OpenJDK 7u11 update yet?03:54
kcoffmanthe_hyrda, it didn't work, I took a screen shot so you can understand what I'm saying03:54
Nukienhah - just figured that. thought it was a bot query03:54
tion_can i try installing the 173. nvidia driver?03:55
the_hydrakcoffman, still too loud?03:55
tion_or is going back to poor resolution?03:55
the_hydrakcoffman, sorry, can't browse pic right now, i am reserving bandwith to download ISO03:55
julian-delphikition_ I'm unsure.03:56
kcoffmanthe_hydra no, it's super quiet now at 100%03:56
the_hydrakcoffman, what????? weird03:56
tion_i need to install steam03:56
dchernivtion_, glxgears will vsync so the fps wont be higher than your vfreq in this case 60hz03:56
NukienIs dialog workable from a preseed environment right after ISO boot? For example in the d-i preseed/early_command string ?03:57
kcoffmanthe_hydra I took a screen shot to show you the terminal and the volume level on my computer so maybe you'd understand it better... i have no idea03:57
=== notapuff is now known as puffin
julian-delphikiNukien, I have a feeling that it will not be03:57
julian-delphikibut i could be wrong03:57
the_hydrakcoffman, hm okay, let me see03:57
tion_how can i remove openoffice?03:57
tion_apt-get remove openoffice* ?03:58
julian-delphikition_: remove it in the package manager03:58
tion_but all at once03:58
dchernivNukien, what you're doing is non-standard so you're kind of on your own. I dont see why it wouldnt as long as there's a hook in the installer process to stick a script in03:58
NukienI'm poking around at the syslinux cmenu setup as well, to use checkboxes before the kernel is even booted. That looks workable, but no nice background image like vesamenu.c32 can do.03:58
tion_not 1 app at a time03:58
julian-delphikition_: then your solution will likely work03:58
NukienThe d-i preseed/early_command string is exactly that, but I haven't found if there's any facility for communicating with the user during install03:59
kcoffmanthe_hydra hang on, I stopped the upload once I saw what you said about reserving bandwith03:59
NukienLooking to be able to provide information that regular preseeding can't handle, to build a completely hands-off install.03:59
=== mafia_ is now known as Guest46286
Guest46286unable to logged in as a root user..su: Authentication failure..04:00
the_hydraGuest43354, use sudo04:01
Guest46286using sudo display its uses04:02
the_hydraGuest43354, sudo <your command"04:02
the_hydraGuest43354, ubuntu is designed so users don't need to login as root04:03
tion_is there an irc plugging for rithmbox?04:03
Guest46286its working,,but 2 days earlier i am able 2 use04:03
Guest46286su then passwd04:03
julian-delphikition_: that would be specific of the client you're using04:03
julian-delphikiGuest46286: sudo su -04:04
julian-delphikiwill make you root04:04
magn3tsWhy is there not an OpenJDK 7u11 update yet?04:04
kcoffmanthe_hydra I can't get a snapshot with the volume bar showing04:04
julian-delphikimagn3ts: you can install the update from oracle04:04
dchernivGuest46286, sudo su - is not recommended use sudo -i04:04
julian-delphikidcherniv, why is sudo su - not correct?04:04
the_hydrajulian-delphiki, Guest43354 : or sudo -s04:04
julian-delphikisudo su - works just as well as sudo -i04:05
dchernivjulian-delphiki, beats me, ubuntu guide says sudo su is a no no04:05
the_hydrakcoffman, hmmmm04:05
magn3tsjulian-delphiki: that's the sun, er, oracle jdk.04:05
julian-delphikiTo start a root shell (i.e. a command window where you can run Root commands), starting Root's environment and login scripts, use:04:05
julian-delphikisudo -i     (similar to sudo su - , gives you roots environment configuration)04:05
magn3tsjulian-delphiki: (also, the PPA with the oracle jdk installer isn't updated either, oops)04:05
magn3tsI did see that Oracle did a linux targz release though.04:06
julian-delphikimagn3ts: ppa's are maintained by the community04:06
julian-delphikidcherniv, all it says is that its similar to sudo -s04:06
kcoffmanbut when I mess with the PCM and master volumes they change my bar but it's like if you bar represents 100% of sound from 0(being silent) to 100(being loudest) at 80% is when you can hear sound, if it's anything less than 80%, it's totally silent from 79% to 0%; at 100% it's really like 120% and I am afraid it will blow my speakers. They worked fine until 12.0404:07
julian-delphikiand that it doesn't get root's path... which I don't think is correct04:07
the_hydrakcoffman, hm, it's beyond my knowledge, but I can only suggest to play with the bar..... maybe you need both pcm and master level at 80%04:08
the_hydrakcoffman, or maybe 90%04:08
tion_soft center crashed04:09
kcoffmanthe_hyrda okay, I still have a few problems. 1 being Tor and 2 being the volume control above my keyboard04:09
jakepianoartful_n are you here still?04:09
jakepianoartful_d are you here?04:10
kcoffmanthe_hyrda do you have a "desktop" viewing software enabled? I can try to show you that way?04:10
julian-delphikijakepiano, there is no name like that04:10
tion_how do i change icons order on the lunch bar?04:10
magn3tsI recommend tails instead of trying to run Tor securely yourself. Unless you *really* know what you're doing.04:11
linuxrandom question, anyone in here tried JessBuntu ?04:11
tion_how do i change icons order on the lunch bar?04:11
julian-delphikilinux: this is ubuntu support04:11
tion_i want work areas 1st04:11
magn3tslinux: that is hideous looking, and no.04:12
magn3tsIt looks like a custom icon theme + awn theme... not sure why everyone rolls a distro for a custom theme04:12
kcoffmanmagn3ts have no idea what I am doing04:12
tion_should i run nvidia xconfig as root?04:13
magn3tskcoffman: I recommend tails then. It's an ISO you can burn and boot or run less securely in a VM. It has good defaults, etc, to keep from leaking your identity, which often happens when people run  Tor under Ubuntu without taking all the precautions.04:13
jakepianoyeah i was talking to him earlier.04:13
magn3tstion_: it will error and fail if you don't wanyway.04:13
jakepianocould someone help me with partitions for installing win8? i have ubuntu currently04:13
munderwo-workHi all. Any idea why my server would be having a load average of 7-8 on a 4 core machine when nothing is running. It looks like Kernel threads according to htop. Is there anyway of finding out which processes are contributing to load average?04:14
tion_nvidia current instaled the worng driver04:14
ai23khi all, I have an ubuntu installation ubuntu 10.10(which we have planned to upgrade to latest one soon) but I am facing a problem to install packages as repos are no more working how can i install packages to my machine now04:14
kcoffmanmagn3ts can I run it from a USB drive?04:14
magn3tstion_: can you elaborate?04:14
tion_how do i setup xvga+ res?04:14
julian-delphikiai23k: what error are you getting04:14
magn3tskcoffman: sure, you can dd the iso to a jump drive and boot from that. I doubt it has an EFI partition on it, so be wary of that if you have a late 2012/2013 new computer.04:14
Guest46286where does system file reside in lubuntu(/etc,/home,/var etc.)04:14
magn3tstion_: Why do you think nvidia-current installed the wrong driver?04:15
julian-delphikiGuest46286: "system file" ?04:15
tion_some one told me to do it because i had vga res and now in 1024x04:15
ai23kFailed to fetch http://us-east-1.ec2.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/u/update-inetd/update-inetd_4.36ubuntu0.1_all.deb  403  Forbidden04:15
julian-delphikiai23k, you're using a mirror that doesn't work, probably.04:15
ai23kjulian-delphiki: are there any working repos for 10.1004:15
tion_because on the additional driver applet recomends 173.04:16
magn3tsai23k: did you manually set that mirror? You'll probably need to change it and remove the us-east-1... prefix.04:16
Guest46286file like,bin,boot,dev,lib,root,proc etc..04:16
WXZis there anyway to setup ubuntu so that I can switch workspaces independently (monitor 1 = workspace 1, monitor 2 = workspace 2)?04:16
julian-delphikiai23k: read the 2nd post? http://cloud.ubuntu.com/tag/ec2/04:17
ai23kmagn3ts: actually I am using an amazon instance they have setup their own mirrors to save their bandwidth04:17
jakepianocould someone help me with partitions for installing win8? i have ubuntu currently04:17
ai23kbut if there is anyone working definately i will use that04:17
magn3tsai23k: then it's an issue with amazon, they seem to have misconfigured something... probably because 10.10 is really old.04:17
ChaosadndAnyone good at apache2 that could help me out for a few minutes?04:17
magn3tsIs this an ancient VM or what?04:17
magn3tsDo they still support 10.10?04:17
julian-delphikimagn3ts: no its just on Ec204:17
julian-delphikimagn3ts: there are lots of people on 10.04 still04:18
julian-delphikiserver LTS04:18
magn3tsRight, I'm just trying to figure out if he has a new image of 10.10 and amazon is provisioning new instances with bad mirrors... or if this is an instance that has managed to live this long and references servers they deprecated.04:18
magn3tsEither way, it's an issue with Amazon for pointing apt at a broken mirror or breaking their mirror later. You can remove the prefix and use the ubuntu archives if you want to fix it in the iterim.04:19
tion_magn3ts: how do i setup arbitrary res? like 1152 x 86404:19
magn3tstion_: If you have a GTX card, and X is using the nvidia driver, I would use nvidia-settings. (this is what I use on my desktop)04:20
tion_im using the max avaiable that is 1024 x76804:20
anunnakiso any old timers in here?04:20
tion_i have fx520004:21
julian-delphikianunakki: what do you mean?04:21
anunnakithere was this dude from africa that had his own networkig business.. hung out in here forgot his name04:21
stuck109my computers usb ports aren't working, think I need to reinstall drivers? How can I do this?04:22
anunnakii think south africa...  weird first name .. said tons of pot grew around his house.. anyone know him? lol04:22
magn3tstion_: 173.1436 *is* the recommended driver.04:23
magn3tsAre you SURE X is currently using it?04:23
WXZis there anyway to setup ubuntu so that I can switch workspaces independently (monitor 1 = workspace 1, monitor 2 = workspace 2)?04:23
tion_x is using 2xx driver04:24
tion_but ont04:24
magn3tsWXZ: doubtful, the "workspace" is really both displays together, there isn't really a way to address them as "the left side of W1" and "the right side of W1"04:24
tion_i instaled nvidia driver before but got stuck with very low res options04:24
jakepianocould someone help me with partitions for installing win8? i have ubuntu currently04:24
magn3tstion_: I can't tell what you mean. It *is* or *isn't* ?04:25
WXZmagn3ts: I wasn't really looking for a left and right side, I want the full workspace on one monitor, and another full workspace on the other04:25
magn3tsYou have three options: VESA, Nvidia, or Nouveau.04:25
WXZmagn3ts: sort of like in awesome, but awesome has a huge learning curve04:25
tion_jokey crashed04:25
magn3tsWXZ: well same difference, that would be the "model" needed to do the sort of workspace-monitor-independent thing you want, but no, that's not how it works in gnome/kde/xfce that I'm familiar with.04:26
magn3tsI need to learn awesome :/04:26
magn3tsalthough I'm really happy with my setup now...04:27
=== dankest is now known as dankest|away
ai23kunfortunately the official repos for ubuntu 10.10 are no more working as well . . . I got the same problem04:27
WXZmagn3ts: I have a zaphod mode setup, the only thing I need is to be able to move windows to either monitor04:27
tion_magn3ts: how do i know what is it im using?04:27
jakepianocould someone help me with partitions for installing win8? i have ubuntu currently04:29
_helios_jakepiano, win8 is the worste OS made, crashes constantly04:30
matrixfoxid10t errors04:30
jakepianoyup but i need it for school. i want to dual boot ubuntu and win8 but i have to install win8 first before i do. so help please someone?04:31
_helios_Why would you need win8 for school im just curious04:31
matrixfoxjakepiano: Sounds like you have the right idea. What do you need help wtih?04:31
clone1018How can I change my open file limits on ubuntu 12.10?04:31
jakepianoi need to partition my drive in a way that windows likes. i know it needs to be primary and to be a large partition. i'm not sure if it needs to be ntfs. if so how do i do all of that?04:32
jakepianomartixfox i need to partition my drive in a way that windows likes. i know it needs to be primary and to be a large partition. i'm not sure if it needs to be ntfs. if so how do i do all of that?04:32
matrixfoxjakepiano: Just install Windows 8, then restart and isntall Ubuntu.04:33
RedeeemedI am downloading the windows installer04:33
matrixfoxUbuntu has a built in function that will install it side-by-side with Windows.04:33
RedeeemedWindows is a monsteriousity04:33
_helios_jakepiano, Windows 8 is going to fight with you unless you make it the primary OS.04:33
Redeeemedanything is better than it I am sure04:33
jakepianoi tried installing it already and it didn't work. it told me it wasn't partitioned correctly.04:33
Redeeemedand my friends sware by ubuntu04:33
munderwo-workOK, so the Very high cpu load was caused by the acpi_pad kernel module. Is there any danger in turning this off04:34
_helios_Redeeemed, you should do a full install or a dual boot, the windows installer wont give you the real experience of ubuntu it will be allot slower than a full install.04:34
matrixfoxjakepiano: Did you try setup your own Linux partitions?04:34
RedeeemedI am doing dual boot04:35
RedeeemedI gave it 100GB04:35
_helios_But if you do it with the Windows Installer it won't be the real deal.04:35
RedeeemedI don't have any discs to burn at the moment04:35
jakepianoi'm not sure. i dont know how to do much of this. i'll show you what i have right now. http://imgur.com/OdJ9E04:35
_helios_Can you boot from USB?04:35
RedeeemedI dont have any media of any kind at the moment04:36
Redeeemedotherwise believe me I will04:36
RedeeemedI will not hold windows performance issues against ubuntu04:36
RedeeemedI just want to see if the interface agrees with me04:36
Redeeemedif it does04:36
_helios_Redeeemed, well as soon as you can you want to switch to a full install.04:36
Redeeemedthen I will get a DVD and oa  a real install04:36
ai23kmagn3ts: I think ubuntu has discontinued support for 10.10 that is the problem04:38
matrixfoxjakepiano: Looks like a mess. Should install Windows first, before Ubuntu...04:38
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clone1018Why wont ubuntu change the open file limit?04:39
vrtigo_indxhey all, I'm having some issues with wifi on 12.04, anyone happen to know of a fix?04:39
RedeeemedI have heard Linux doesn't get viruses as much as Windows is that true?04:39
unreal82Rose garden or ardour?04:39
unreal82Redeeeded: yes04:41
matrixfoxRedeeemed: Lie04:41
ChaozHenchmanyeah, one because more people use windows and two you can't access the root directory in linux04:41
_helios_Redeeemed, you can still get a virus if you trust some script kiddie who makes a script that gives him remote access to your computer and he talks you into running his script as root04:42
matrixfoxor install weird software you don't fully trust, or land on sites with exploits04:43
_helios_Redeeemed, but the chances of a regular virus like you get just surfing the web in windows is highly unlikely.04:43
jakepianomatrixfox yeah thats what i'm trying to do. how does the hard drive need to be partitioned for windows to be installed? once i get into windows i can get it all worked out. i just need windows first04:43
matrixfoxjakepiano: You should move the boot off of the main drive btw~04:43
_helios_jakepiano, usualy windows has a 250mb SYSTEM partition then it has the C partition.04:44
jakepianomatrix fox _helios_  how do i do that?04:44
matrixfoxjakepiano: Windows 8 uses two partitons. Boot and a main Local Disk04:45
_helios_jakepiano, I couldn't explain it step by step but I'm sure you could use the application gparted to help you out.04:45
vhadilhelp, how to fix this, icon suck http://postimage.org/image/l4g0a8fp7/04:45
=== dankest|away is now known as dankest
jakepianoyeah i have gparted and matrixfox i know that. how do i partition it correctly so?04:45
_helios_jakepiano, the problem is windows doesn't give you the option of where to install it.04:46
_helios_jakepiano, windows wants your whole system it doesn't like sharing04:46
matrixfoxjakepiano: I would make the boot partion 350MB's, and the Local Disk the rest of the hard drive.04:46
jakepianook how do i do that?04:46
agentI'm having a problem with my wireless. I've found lots of suggestions on the forum but, none are working. I didn't have the problem until I upgraded to 12.04.04:47
matrixfoxjakepiano: Both NTFS, bah04:47
_helios_jakepiano, why don't you just keep the full install of ubuntu and run windows as a virtual box?04:47
agentThere are lots of suggestions about dual boot as windows but, I'm not using windows.04:49
jakepianoooh thats a good idea  _helios_ . what would be the advantage/disadvantage of having it swapped? i was going to do ubuntu as a virtual box04:49
agentwireless is on in bios but I can't get it to turn on in ubuntu04:49
matrixfoxjakepiano: Running VM's have a lot of down sides04:50
agentso I was wondering where to access ubuntu related questions04:50
jakepianolike what?04:50
unreal82matrixfox: agreed.04:50
_helios_well windows 8 constantly crashes my gf has it on her laptop and she can't stand it so I'm prob going to have to change her to windows 7 because she don't understand ubuntu.04:50
matrixfoxjakepiano: Well for one, networking...04:50
thec4kelike i hope you dont enjoy 3d games04:50
_helios_jakepiano, I would run Ubuntu as the main and Windows 8 as the virtual box.04:51
agentbest. As she might not be able to find info on ubuntu in the ubuntu sections, only windows04:51
jakepianowell i'm a college student. i dont need a whole lot of networking stuff games, etc. i just need it for word processing and such04:51
thec4kethen ubuntu is fine04:51
_helios_jakepiano, ubuntu has tons of word processing and its free.04:51
thec4keyou shouldnt even need windows as a vm04:51
=== Logan_ is now known as k
malkaunshow do u get global menu to work for apps over remote X?04:51
jakepianowell either way i'd like windows around for some things as i'm learning ubuntu. how do i do a virtural box?04:52
_helios_jakepiano, and you can save your files in .docx format for the windows teachers,  I'm going to college to and I told them I don't do the Windows thing so I send my assignments as a .pdf or .docx becaues LIbreOffice can create microsoft .docx formatted files.04:52
agentNow, if your sister were to eliminate windows and only had ubuntu on her machine... if she had a problem with wireless connecting, where should she look?04:52
jakepianook great i'll use that! either way how do i go about getting win8 on a virtual box?04:53
matrixfoxagent: Wicd?04:53
agenthow about asking in a windows 8 chat?04:53
d3remarkhello i can't seem to connect to my wireless... i did 'lspci | grep -i netw' and i can see that my wireless card is infact detected04:53
agentis there one here on freenode I can use for Ubuntu questions?04:53
_helios_jakepiano, I'm not sure what the best VM client is these days but they all should work,  If you google it you're sure to find tons of info.04:54
d3remarki did a 12.04 netboot install and installed the MATE desktop on my own04:54
agentsame d3remark04:54
d3remarkbut i don't see any network connect options04:54
d3remarkagent: was your wireless card detected?04:54
agentsame, they are greying out04:55
agentits set to "wireless disabled by hardware switch" but, it isnt04:55
d3remarkagent: how did you resolve it?04:56
agentI havent. I'm using wire04:56
d3remarkalso do you know how to disable ubuntu from booting into network mode?04:56
d3remarkxD ok04:56
d3remarkwe fix this together then... tonight!04:56
agentId love it if anyone could help04:56
the_hydraanyone can help with unity gesture here?04:57
=== ericab is now known as ericab_away
d3remarkagent: i think we just have to enable the wireless card manually... when i do sudo lshw -C Network, it showd me card but it says disabled... what about you?04:58
krzubuntu doesn't star04:58
krzi am taken to the terminal window. the last thing i changed was the experimental settings in the compiz editor04:59
krzanyone know how to undo this?04:59
the_hydrad3remark, agent i think "rfkill" command can help to enable your wireless05:00
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Error404NotFoundI am trying to install ubuntu on alienware m17xr3 and the screen goes black, as in display off mode, once ubuntu boots from live usb. I have tried unetbootin as well as dd, same issue.05:00
=== derek is now known as Guest70558
dfgasi tried to install a package through apt-get and it failed, how do i fix apt-get now, i just want to uninstall it05:01
Error404NotFounddfgas: failed at what step? pastebin the output of that apt-get command.05:03
agent@the_hyda, rfkill didn't help much05:04
Error404NotFounddfgas: usually you can use apt-get install -f to reinstall a package failed due to broken dependencies. You can always apt-get remove a package if you don't need it05:04
jaker44444i come in peace05:04
jaker44444anyone in here ?05:05
FeedhurleyHello, does someone know how Ubuntu phone is going to support Android apps, and Linux programs?05:05
jaker44444andriod is linux?05:05
jaker44444ubuntu is linux ?05:05
Error404NotFoundFeedhurley: it might but not out of box. I think we would still have a different store for ubuntu phone apps as apk is android package archives. though thats just zip.05:06
jaker44444is there any utility that will delete files inside a folder every half an hour?05:07
jaker44444something with GUI05:07
_helios_dfgas, you can also try sudo apt-get update --fix -missing05:08
FeedhurleyError404NotFound So by default it is android apps you run? and by some configuration you are going to be able to run Linux programs? (like gparted etc)05:09
Error404NotFoundFeedhurley: haven't tried it yet, haven't got a uphone yet05:10
dfgasError404NotFound, i was trying to install oracle sun java install the installer but the installer fails to download what it needs and now errors out all the time05:10
dfgasoracle / sun must have moved files it says05:10
FeedhurleyError404NotFound okey, just tought if you have heard any rumors about how they are going to handle applications :) Thanks anyway05:11
gimmicklessJust curious: has anyone ever had trouble with their laptop keyboard stuck in a constant downscroll?05:11
gimmicklessDoes anyone know of applications that can track to see which buttons are firing?05:11
rumpelgimmickless, xev05:12
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oospillhi .. trying to install ubuntu 10.04.4 along side windows xp installed on NTFS partition.  I used ntfsresize to shrink the ntfs file system to half size, then used fdisk to delete all 4 primary partitions and then created a ntfs part and a linux part .. when I reboot the live CD, fdisk shows the new fstable I made, but clicking up on 'places' shows my original full size ntfs drive/part --05:18
oospillI did all this cause gparted would change the size of the ntfs partition .. any idease?  much thanks05:18
gimmicklessrumpel, problem solved. Turns out my wireless mouse receiver was wonky. After a replug, all was well. Thanks for the tip, though!05:18
malkaunshow do u get global menu to work for apps over remote X?05:19
_helios_oospill, I have a link to a youtube video that I used to do a dual boot you want it?05:19
oospillwell the thing is ..05:19
oospillgparted didn't want to resize the ntfs partition so I could add a linux partition05:20
_helios_oospill, check this video out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3HANcetKsqc05:20
oospilldo I need to be messing with the mbr?05:20
oospillI'm out of practice05:20
_helios_oospill, follow that video and you won't have any problems.05:20
oospillI'd prefer an html walkthough .. I don't have ubuntu installed yet .. no flash/youtube05:21
_helios_oospill, but you have windows installed right?05:21
oospillalright ..05:24
oospilllesse here05:24
WXZis there anyway to setup ubuntu so that I can switch workspaces independently (monitor 1 = workspace 1, monitor 2 = workspace 2)?05:25
oospillfdisk shows sda1p1 and sda1p2 .. I want to have sda1 and sda2, right?05:25
oospillthat's the problem05:26
oospillneed extended partition05:27
kcoffmanHow do I burn an ISO to a jump drive (tails)05:30
jhansonxi_WXZ: You can sort-of do that if you configure X.org for non-Xinerama or "Zaphod" mode where each monitor has it's own X session.  But you can't drag a window from one to the other.  Many desktop environments don't support it correctly either.  Xfce is the best with Ubuntu 12.04.05:30
WXZjhansonxi_: I have zaphod mode right now, but I really need to move windows across, it doesn't have to be a drag thing, I can do it in commandline, but windows have to move.05:31
jhansonxi_WXZ: With this mode you configure the desktop on each monitor independently with their own menus, panels, and workspaces.05:32
crazycory22and i lost my mouse...05:34
jhansonxi_WXZ:  It's not possible to drag a window from one desktop to the other with Zaphod mode.  They are independent.  Some desktop environments can drag text between apps on each, and some file managers may be able to support drag-n-drop of files, but nothing else.05:34
guest-uyBAGkhey guys05:36
sankeyfor those of you who run gnome 3.6 in ubuntu 12.10,05:37
sankeyare the window drag animations in the overview supposed to look like this?05:37
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=== jhansonxi_ is now known as jhansonxi
guest-uyBAGki have a mobo with a graphics card and a pci-e slot, which also has a graphics card. for a long time i used the pci-e video card but one day ubuntu went to standby and when it woke up the video never came back. i had to switch to the mobos video card05:38
guest-uyBAGkis there any way i can query what the OS sees in the pci-e slot?05:39
daftykinsguest-uyBAGk: open a terminal and type lspci05:39
guest-uyBAGki want to see if at least the slot is functional05:39
WXZjhansonxi: there's got to be a work around, there's no way someone hasn't worked this out05:40
guest-uyBAGkdaftykins, what should i look for there?05:40
daftykinsguest-uyBAGk: your PCI-E graphics card05:40
jhansonxiWXZ: Google found this: http://ask.slashdot.org/story/10/01/28/206240/2-displays-and-2-workspaces-with-linux-and-x05:42
tionhow do i change the resolution to something sane?05:43
unreal82tion: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution05:44
tionim using nvidia driver05:45
daftykinstion: run nvidia-settings05:46
tioncant even click on the applly buttons05:46
tionthey are out of the screen05:46
jhansonxiWXZ: Another possibility: http://askubuntu.com/questions/21711/multiple-monitors-multiple-workspaces05:46
WXZjhansonxi: I'll read up on those if it doesn't lead to the same answers05:47
tion640x480 pixels (217x163 millimeters) FFS05:48
Omen_20Web apps do work in 12.10 correct? I keep trying to make a web app shortcut from Chrome and the launcher doesn't even work. That at least used to.05:48
jhansonxiWXZ: I suspect you will need to use normal Xinerama mode with a window manager that supports separate workspaces (virtual desktops) on each.05:49
daftykinstion: does the nvidia-settings prog show it's got your hardware right?05:50
jhansonxition: Click on the window then Alt-Spacebar to access the window controls, then "M" for move, then use the mouse or cursor keys to move the window.05:50
lotuspsychjehi all05:50
lotuspsychjeim looking for a mass link grabber for ubuntu (grab mass url links on a page)05:51
tionRunning synchronized to the vertical refresh.  The framerate should be05:52
tionapproximately the same as the monitor refresh rate.05:52
tion1209 frames in 5.0 seconds = 241.799 FPS05:52
tionXIO:  fatal IO error 22 (Invalid argument) on X server ":0"05:52
FloodBot1tion: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.05:52
tion      after 39 requests (39 known processed) with 0 events rema05:52
jaker44444i need help05:52
daftykins!ask | jaker4444405:52
ubottujaker44444: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience05:52
tionwhat now?05:53
jaker44444i have a folder that files it self with useless files05:54
lotuspsychje!paste tion05:54
jaker44444i want to delete the files inside that folder every half an hour05:54
daftykinsjaker44444: write it on ONE LINE FFS05:54
usr13jaker44444: What folder?05:54
lotuspsychje!paste | tion05:55
ubottution: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.05:55
daftykinstion: tried moving the window up with alt+drag?05:55
usr13jaker44444: (Does it have a name?)05:55
tionwhat now?05:55
daftykinsto hit the apply.05:55
jaker44444usr let's say similar to tmp05:55
jaker44444temp files05:55
jaker44444but it's for a windows program running insdie wine05:55
usr13jaker44444: Ok, well, you can use a cron job for it.05:55
lotuspsychje!info urlgrabber05:56
jaker44444it fills the wine folder with trash05:56
ubottuPackage urlgrabber does not exist in quantal05:56
tionit say configuration dfisabled05:56
jaker44444not ment for wine05:56
usr13jaker44444: Who owns the files?05:56
jaker44444me..i'm te only user on ubuntu05:56
jhansonxilotuspsychje: wget http://ubuntu.com --output-document=- | sed -n 's/\(.*\)\(http:[^[:space:]]\+\)\([[:space:]]*.*\)/\2/p'05:56
jaker44444i want an automated actions every half an hour05:56
jaker44444for at least 2 to 3 folders05:57
Ben64jaker44444: what program is causing it05:57
usr13jaker44444: Crontab job:  30 * * * * rm /tmp/somedir/*05:57
jaker44444Ben64 let's say a windows program with log file that keep filling temp foler inside wine05:57
jhansonxilotuspsychje: man wget, man sed, man 7 regex (and I apologize in advance for the technical hell this leads to)05:57
tioni need to edit the file05:57
lotuspsychjejhansonxi: i was more looking to copy multiple urls on a webpage05:58
vhadilhow to fix http://postimage.org/image/i7j224ydh/05:58
vhadilicon suck05:58
usr13jaker44444: If it's just user  crontab -e   If it needs to be root,  sudo crontab -e05:58
tioncan anyone help?05:58
Ben64tion: what are you trying to do now05:59
jaker44444user how about a GUI program ?05:59
tionedit xorg.conf05:59
jhansonxilotuspsychje: You can redirect the sed output to a file.  Most X terminals support copy and paste.05:59
Ben64tion: you shouldn't need xorg.conf05:59
tionBUT I DO05:59
usr13jaker44444: How about a GUI program?05:59
Ben64tion: pastebin your xorg.conf then05:59
jaker44444yes i want something easy06:00
jaker44444i choose a folder and i tell it when to delete06:00
Ben64jaker44444: crontab is easy06:00
jaker44444ok i will check it out06:00
usr13jaker44444: can you show us the files?   ls -l /tmp/somedir |pastebinit  #And send resulting URL06:01
tionits not on etc/06:01
tionwere is it?06:01
usr13jaker44444: (We might be able to give more specific advise, make it easier for you.)06:01
tionwere is it Ben64 ?06:02
jaker44444user13 how about windows/temp ? is that enough ?06:02
usr13tion: He's in cyberspace?06:02
jaker44444in wine06:02
=== dniMretsaM is now known as dniMretsaM_away
usr13jaker44444: Show us.06:03
tionstupid nvidia06:03
Ben64tion: /etc/X11/xorg.conf06:03
usr13jaker44444: ls -s windows/temp |pastebinit06:03
lotuspsychjejhansonxi:tnx mate but i found an easy firefox addon to do it, tnx anyway mate06:03
usr13jaker44444: ls -l windows/temp |pastebinit06:03
usr13jaker44444:   *-s was typo06:03
usr13jaker44444: If it's just happening in userspace,  use  crontab -e06:04
usr13jaker44444: If you can show us the exact path to the files, we can give you the exact command for the cron job.06:06
Ben64!pastebin | tion06:06
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usr13tion: So he can see it.06:07
tioni pasted on pm06:07
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akismy system's notebook was just updated wint new version of chromium (23.0.1271.97). i am trying to update my system's netbook to the same version but the update manager doesn't find any update. Both systems are running xubutu 12.04 under the same initial clean installation. any advise plz?06:07
daftykinsakis: be patient young grasshopper06:08
tionnothing to see there06:08
usr13akis: Can you re-phrase  your question?06:09
Ben64tion: you should delete that file06:09
tionwhy? its just going to make it again06:09
tionits not going to solve anything06:09
Ben64haven't needed xorg.conf since like 9.xx06:10
tioni need add my res06:10
Ben64not to there06:10
tionits the monitor because this monitor dont have IEDI06:10
Ben64what monitor06:11
akisusr13: although my notebook's system was updated with new version of chromium, my netbook's system doesn't find any update to install. Both systems are running xubutu 12.04 under the same initial clean installation. why?06:11
usr13tion: pastebinit /etc/X11/xorg.conf    #And send resulting URL06:11
tionthe screen im looking at06:11
Ben64dude. give a model06:11
tion17 inch06:11
Ben64of course its the one you're looking at, don't be cheeky06:11
Ben64!attitude | tion06:12
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tionmodel unkonwn06:12
jhansonxiakis: One may have outdated package lists or it may be using a different repository mirror that doesn't have the latest package yet.06:12
xsumi5Anyone know of any odd issues plugging in headphones with a mic / vol controls on it?06:13
usr13akis: So you have two devices?  Exactly what are they?  What hardware?06:13
tionmust be this one06:13
tiongood luck06:13
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akisjhansonxi: i understand what you said but on both i installed the same day the same software.06:14
tionBen64, ???06:14
tionhow do i make xorg obey ?!06:15
unreal82anyone know how to create an iso file from a cd?06:15
tioni need at least 1024x06:15
akisusr13: notebook=hp 1,5 ghz celeron with 1,5 gb ram. netbook=lenovo cpu intel atom with 1gb ram. both are running the same package of 12.0406:15
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jhansonxiakis: Are both systems the same architecture?  32-bit/64-bit?  Netbooks are often 32-bit.06:15
jaker44444usr13 it says no crontab06:15
magn3ts_I'd rather poke my eyes out than use a 1600x1200 display over VGA06:16
jaker44444i don't have it on my ubuntu. what can i do?06:16
usr13akis: pastebinit /etc/apt/sources.list06:16
tionhow can i fix this?!06:16
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usr13jaker44444: What says no crontab?06:16
akisboth are 32bit and usually every update comes the same time on both systems06:16
dr_willisunreal82:  you an dd the /dev/whatever device to a image if you wanted06:16
magn3ts_tion, you'll have to get a manual for the monitor and set a modeset line yourself probably.06:16
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dr_willisunreal82:  that may not work with some copy protected disks06:17
jaker44444no crontab for root - using an empty one  Select an editor.  To change later, run 'select-editor'.   1. /bin/ed   2. /bin/nano        <---- easiest   3. /usr/bin/vim.tiny06:17
usr13jaker44444:  crontab -e06:17
magn3ts_again, depends on hte Xorg conf, several people have asked you to help us help you.06:17
tionhow do i set a modeset line?06:17
usr13jaker44444: Oh, well take your pick.  nano?06:17
magn3ts_usr13 gave you instructions above to start helping.06:17
jhansonxiakis:  Open a terminal window and try on the affected system: sudo apt-get update06:17
magn3ts_tion, usr13 asked you to do this, it will help us: #  pastebinit /etc/X11/xorg.conf06:17
tionthis monitor can handle any rest up to 1600x120006:17
tioni already did06:18
magn3ts_tion, and I assume you've rebooted so that you're sure the nvidia driver is currently active?06:18
tiondidnt you read the xorg.conf on paste bin?06:19
magn3ts_tion, that doesn't mean it's in use.06:19
jhansonxition: Try a modeline calculator like: http://arachnoid.com/modelines/index.html06:19
magn3ts_tion, make cfg change -> reboot -> cfg is active. I don't know if you've done the second and third part.06:19
tion1209 frames in 5.0 seconds = 241.799 FPS06:19
akisjhansonxi: it worked. new ver of chromium is ready to be downloaded. thanks a lot. solved!06:19
guest____is there06:20
usr13tion: nvidia-settings06:20
magn3ts_!ask | guest____06:20
jaker44444so user13 i add this inside the GNU nano ?  30 * * * * rm /wine/windows/tmp   ???06:20
tionglxgears is working06:20
ubottuguest____: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience06:20
guest____any online who have knowledge of citadel06:20
tionits open06:20
tionconfiguration disabled06:20
magn3ts_tion, what do you mean "configuration disabled"?06:20
magn3ts_did it give you an error message/window?06:21
jhansonxiakis: The affected system simply had an outdated version of the package lists from the repository.  Normally the update applet will updated them periodically but it may have had trouble accessing the mirror when it tried.06:21
Ben64jaker44444: thats probably not the right directory06:21
tionon the tab that one should use to pick the resolution06:21
tionconfiguration disabled06:21
akisjhansonxi: is it fixed now after apt-get install command?06:21
Ben64tion: post a screenshot06:21
magn3ts_that's all it says?06:21
jaker44444Ben64 it says "  GNU nano 2.2.6                            File: /tmp/crontab.RoS753/crontab    "06:22
tionyou dont belive me?06:22
unreal82dr_willis: I used cat /dev/whatever > /whateverdirectory/ I'm trying to save my windows xp disk. It was scratched a bit.06:22
magn3ts_tion, we just don't know what you mean06:22
jaker44444so to delete the files i add this ? 30 * * * * rm /wine/windows/tmp06:22
jaker44444every 30 min06:22
Ben64jaker44444: i mean the /wine/windows/tmp06:22
tionon the layout config page06:22
Ben64jaker44444: thats probably not the right directory06:22
magn3ts_tion, do you have two monitors? It can't have the display as "disabled" if you're currently looking at it...06:22
jhansonxiakis: The "apt-get update" just tells it to fetch a new set of lists from all repositories.  All the package management tools (Synaptic, Aptitude, Ubuntu Software Center) use the same system.06:23
tion1 monitor06:23
Ben64tion: stop arguing and post a screenshot, don't know why you have to argue every single thing, not a very efficient way to get help06:23
androidhi, all06:23
akisok, once again thank you for the advises.06:23
tioni dont know how to past thaT?06:23
ubottuScreenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://imagebin.org/?page=add and post a link to it.06:24
dr_willisunreal82:  i think cat should work.  id mention dd_rescue - but i dont thin it works with  Optical drives06:24
androidhow do i change my nickname06:24
usr13tion: In the settings manager you should find Display  and you can change screen size resolution there.06:24
jaker44444Ben64  30 * * * * rm /home/myusername/.wine/drive_c/windows/temp06:24
jaker44444now that's right ?06:24
android"/nick" dose not work06:24
magn3ts_tion, please run: lshw -c video | pastebinit06:24
tioni dont want you to see mu user naem06:24
Ben64jaker44444: most likely06:24
jaker44444i don't want it to remove the folder but the files inside the folder06:25
jaker44444so tell me what to do06:25
usr13jaker44444:  30 * * * * rm /wine/windows/tmp/*06:25
Ben64jaker44444: actually, then do /home/myusername/.wine/drive_c/windows/temp/*06:25
dr_willistion:  change your PS1 prompt :) then it wont show the users name06:25
Sailandroid: /nick command is fine make sure the name you selected was not already taken06:25
jaker44444ok thanks06:25
Ben64jaker44444: just make sure that directory exists first06:25
magn3ts_dr_willis, lol, not what he needs right now :P06:25
magn3ts_tion, please run that last command, it does not output your username (or at least didn't for me)06:25
jaker44444thanks to both of you for the help.. do i need to type anything after i save and exit ?06:25
dr_willisHes actually Bill Gates!06:25
usr13jaker44444: Or, if you need to remove the actual directory:  30 * * * * rm -rf /wine/windows/tmp   (But I doubt that is what you want.)06:25
magn3ts_jaker44444, what's piling up in there if you don't mind my asking06:26
tiondisplay model -> crt0 bla bla06:26
magn3ts_tion, send me the link, please.06:26
FeedhurleyI have never used any server before. And are now going in thoughts of putting up a FTP server. Do you recommend me to use software like filezilla or do you think i should do it by a virtual machine using a server OS ?06:26
usr13jaker44444: Yea, you need to use the full path to it.06:26
tionconfiguration -> disabled06:26
jhansonxition: I don't have an Nvidia system in front of me but I suspect it's disabled because it doesn't have root access.  The ATI utility has a separate "administrator" entry in the menus for making system-wide changes.  Is there a separate Nvidia entry in the menus that prompts for the root/sudo password?06:26
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Ben64jhansonxi: don't need root for nvidia-settings06:26
jaker44444magn3ts that's a temporarliy folder for windows.. so just some trash files06:27
jaker44444not needed06:27
jaker44444logs and temp cached files06:27
magn3tsjaker44444, oh, I thought there was something happening that you needed to clear it that often o_006:27
jaker44444in windows 90% of the time they stay there till you delete them06:27
unreal82dr_willis, it seems to be working, I'm virtualizing it right now. :06:27
tionno im running it as root06:27
magn3tstion, I'm not going to help you until you send me that link so I can confirm things.06:27
usr13jaker44444: You need to use the correct full path.  But if it is in the home dir, you can use  wine/windows/tmp     But is it  .wine?06:27
Ben64tion: don't run it as root :|06:27
jaker44444yes .wine06:28
jaker44444so is there a short cut to it ?06:28
dr_willisYou could link Wine to .wine  ;) if you needed to access your .wine directory a lot06:28
magn3tsFor crontab you'll need to use the full path /home/jaker44444/.wine/drive_c/windows/tmp probably...06:28
usr13jaker44444: short cut?   Just give the correct path.06:28
jaker44444mag3nts hahah.. ok06:28
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tionif i click it there something saying separated screen requires restart06:29
jaker44444shortcut like in windows. i'm not an expert in linux06:29
hychI unzip a package-XY in download and want to install it! so I typed yum install XYZ but I get an error message:No package XYZ available . any help?06:29
tionwere its saying disabled06:29
jaker44444anyway.. thanks all for the help06:30
dr_willisjaker44444:  linux file sustems support a thing called a 'link' which makes one thing appear in a differnt location.06:30
magn3tstion, please run: lshw -c video | pastebinit   # and send me the link.06:30
Ben64tion: you should really delete xorg.conf and reboot06:30
usr13jaker44444: ls will tell you (the correct path).  ls /home/jaker44444/.wine/drive_c/windows/tmp   (Use the tab key somewhere along the way....)06:30
dr_willisjaker44444:  soft links (ln -s) and hard links (just ln)06:30
tioni dont have pastbini instaLE06:30
magn3ts`sudo apt-get install pastebinit`06:30
usr13tion: you mean pastebinit ?06:30
jhansonxition: This may help if the problem is that the monitor is not properly detected: http://askubuntu.com/questions/218871/xorg-does-not-see-my-monitor-edid06:31
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jhansonxition: Another one: http://analogbit.com/fix_nvidia_edid06:32
usr13tion: xrandr | pastebinit   #And send us resulting URL06:33
oospillI'm on a live 10.04 cd trying to dual install along side win xp (which is on ntfs) .. the ntfs partition is damaged.06:33
magn3tsjhansonxi, too true, nvidia's prop driver barfs on these cheap Korean panels even though Nouvareu picks up on it just fine even with bad EDID output.06:33
dr_willisoospill:  the installer tools wont be able to resize a damaged ntfs partion06:34
oospillI used ntfsresize to change the primary partition, and then used fdisk to create another primary .. linux of course06:34
magn3tsjhansonxi, I have to manually modeset with `nvidia` :0 I think tion has a simpler problem though.06:34
dr_willisoospill:  so areyou  sure it succeded? or did you force it some how?06:34
oospillI did -f to force06:34
dr_willisresizeing a damaged ntfs- is not a good idea.. ;)06:34
oospillno other choice06:35
oospillwhen I print the partition list in fdisk it shows the new partition table just fine ..06:35
dr_williscould have  repired the ntfs...06:35
oospilldid chkdsk /f /r twice06:35
magn3tsheh that doesn't mean much.06:35
dr_willisOh well. Hope you got backups just in case of data loss on the ntfs.06:35
oospillgot backups06:35
magn3tsI can make my partition table says LOTS of things ;)06:35
oospilljust want to leave the old windows insatll that's all06:35
oospillcool ... soooo...06:36
rhizmoehi all. is there a way to disable the requirement that symlinks to directories need two tab hits to complete out to the slash?06:36
oospillgot the new partition table .. but on my live cd, going up to places, shows the original sized hard disk.06:36
oospill(80 GB)06:36
tionwhat now?06:36
oospillwhat now me too06:36
dr_willisoospill:  hav you rebooted since youve resized?06:37
usr13rhizmoe: Can you re-phrase your question?06:37
Ben64tion: delete xorg.conf, reboot, start up nvidia-settings and set the resolution06:37
dr_willisYou may want to run gparted and let it see and perhaps fix any errors it finds06:37
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magn3tsBen64, if his monitor really isn't putting out EDID info, I fully would expect the nvidia driver to bork on it.06:37
oospillgparted doesn't want to do anything to the ntfs fs06:37
tionits not going to work i need a custume IEDI file like on the web page thats for sure06:38
oospillthe fs has a exclamation point next to it06:38
dr_willisIf you have a backup of the ntfs.. id just delete it and restore it from backups.. but a ! may mean its mounted/in use..06:38
dr_willischeck the mount command output - be sure its not mounted06:38
magn3tstion, unfortunately, to do that, you either need to fire up nouvareu and get it's settings to write a modeline or EDI file or you're going to need the manual or just take a shot with an EDID calculator06:38
oospillchecking ...06:38
tionthis used to be so eazy once upon a time when you could just edit xorg.conf06:39
Ben64magn3ts: well the current xorg.conf isn't doing anything06:39
oospillnot mounted. ! for damaged06:39
magn3tsBen64, true, true, plus he needs to "reset" since it sounds like nvidia-settings is messed up too06:39
Ben64oospill: right click and go to information to find out why06:39
Ben64magn3ts: i'm thinking the conf might be affecting it06:40
tionthis monitor can take any standart res / freq06:40
rhizmoeusr13: if ./partial is a symlink to a directory, part<tab> expands to `partial` and a second tab extends to `partial/`06:40
tioni have it 75 hdtz06:40
rhizmoei know that the / means that if i rm -rf it that it will take out the target, but...hmm.06:41
jhansonxition: I'm out of ideas (other than you need get a new PC with PCI-E instead of old AGP)06:41
oospillthis disk has bad sector .. etc .. checkdsk /f /r, then resize with --bad-sectors option of ntfsresize06:41
FeedhurleyI have never used any server before. And are now going in thoughts of putting up a FTP server. Do you recommend me to use software like filezilla or do you think i should do it by a virtual machine using a server OS ?06:41
oospillthat's what it says06:41
guest____is there anyone who have worked with citadel :)06:41
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the_dark_knightHi, I know I should ask this in #mysql. But can't connect to #mysql. Has anybody resolved this error before- "ERROR 1205 (HY000): Lock wait timeout exceeded; try restarting transaction" I get this while updating a column of a table using its primary key. Please help me.06:41
magn3tsguest____, no, sorry. You should just ask your question though.06:41
dr_willisFeedhurley:  ftp is old and considered a security risk. better to learn to use ssh and sftp06:42
tionwhy did they have to make xrandr and break xorg.conf?06:42
magn3tsthe_dark_knight, the first sentence was the best one, especially if it's happening whenever you're executing your update.06:42
guest____friends i want to upload a sieve script on my citadel server06:42
jhansonxition: You can still edit the file manually.  Just: sudo gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf (but make a backup first!)06:42
magn3tsxrandr broke xorg.conf?06:42
Feedhurleydr_willis i guess its much more complicated aswell?06:42
dr_willisFeedhurley:  install the ssh server package.. and start sshing in....06:42
usr13rhizmoe: So what you want to do is ____________________?06:42
tionthey broke it i used to edit that long ago06:43
dr_willisFeedhurley:  given the total disasters ive seen happen with ftp.. id say not really. :)06:43
tionin debian06:43
guest____magn3ts, as i know managesieve is there to upload06:43
magn3tstion, I'm willing to bet money that when you did this in the past you weren't using the `nvidia` driver...06:43
tionyes i was06:43
tionand playing urt and quake306:43
guest____magn3ts . but i didnt get the way to do that06:43
tionand et06:43
magn3tstion, then they either broke their driver, you can use xrandr or you can still set the res manually in xorg.06:43
tionand everything worked06:43
magn3tstion, Ben's right, delete your xorg.conf and start over.06:44
oospillntfsresize shows 'current volume' at 39G and current device size 80G .. that's what I told it to do!! however gparted shows the disk as 80G!!! fdisk shows 37 and 4006:44
oospillntfs sux06:44
Feedhurleydr_willis hmm okey, ill take a look at that. My goal at the moment is not a perfect server, more of learning and then go on get it better and more secure. By the way does ssh let you stream content from your server?06:44
magn3tstion, this is like helping my parents do Quicken. They spend 4 hours on it, I go in and reset it and do it from scratch in 10 minutes. sometimes it's time to just go back to a clean slate.06:44
magn3tsguest____, managesieve? That's dovecot for managing sieve scripts for mail related stuff, as far as I know.06:44
dr_willisFeedhurley:  stream is a rather broad term. :) a UPNP server can stream video...   samba has 'shares'    you can  mount a remote ssh location to a local directory via sshfs and play stuff.06:45
Ben64its not like his xorg.conf is full of stuff, its super generic and unnecessary06:45
oospillnobody loves me anymore06:45
tioni did apt-get install nvidia-current06:45
guest____magn3ts , u r right06:45
tionand had 1024.84006:45
tionbut no glx06:46
HoytHi, Is maverick (10.10) out of support?06:46
Ben64Hoyt: yep06:46
ubottuUbuntu 10.10 (Maverick Meerkat) was the thirteenth release of Ubuntu. !End-Of-Life on April 10th, 2012, see http://ubottu.com/y/maverick for details.06:46
tionis this stupid or what?06:46
magn3tsoospill, according to the warnings gparted usually spits out, sometimes you need a restart for the kernel to see new partition sizes06:46
Feedhurleydr_willis is samba a type of server or just a extension software?06:46
guest____magn3ts as it is also included in the citadel http://www.citadel.org/doku.php/documentation:appproto:manage_sieve06:46
dr_willis!samba | Feedhurley06:46
magn3tsbut that sounds strange. I avoid resizing and using ntfs for a reason :)06:46
ubottuFeedhurley: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.06:46
Ben64tion: so what did you do after that06:46
jhansonxition: Create a new default xorg.conf with: http://community.linuxmint.com/tutorial/view/22506:46
magn3tsguest____, yeah, but what's your question about it ?06:46
dr_willisFeedhurley:  its what does 'windows network type shares'06:46
tioni installed the recomended driver 17306:47
oospillmagn3ts: I've rebooted.06:47
tionand back to this stupid res06:47
Ben64tion: then delete xorg.conf, reboot, start up nvidia-settings and set the resolution06:47
guest____magn3ts , i want to upload a sieve script manually from GUI06:47
guest____of citadel06:47
magn3tstion, well, do step 1, 2, and 3, but for step 4 of jhansonxi's link, don't use sudo.06:47
Ben64don't need xorg.conf for 12.0406:48
magn3tsguest___, yeah, mate you'll probably want to see if citadel has an IRC room or something, best I can do is guess random things like: try to find a mail client that support managesieve and upload with that?06:48
oospillthe short story is I'm living at a sober living house and want to install ubuntu off this 10.04.4 live disc I have, and keep winxp incase everyone hates it.  not my puter.06:48
magn3tsBen64, it's still necessary to get X to use the `nvidia` driver isn't it?06:48
oospillI can get another blank disc tomorrow ..06:48
Ben64magn3ts: nope06:48
Feedhurleydr_willis okey :) thank you for the help!06:48
oospillmaybe try some other live discs .. repair the ntfs??06:48
magn3tsBen64, oh right, mine is because of my EDID issues, never mind, my mistake.06:49
Ben64oospill: you need to repair ntfs from windows06:49
dr_willisoospill:  you can do a install to a usb flash drive if  you needed to.06:49
oospillI don't have a thumb drive.06:49
oospillplus this is a circa '00 dell06:49
oospilldimension 4100 golly gee06:50
dr_willisits also possible the HD is failing oospill06:50
oospillI'm very certain!!06:50
jhansonxijillking: If you have a question then just ask it06:51
oospillalright... let's try a different tack06:51
oospillif I can get some blank disks.  is there a way I can backup the current winxp with linux?06:51
rhizmoeusr13: part<tab> -> `partial/` for symlinks that point to directories06:52
tioni rm xorg.conf06:52
magn3tsthe one you just got done resizing? hah06:52
oospillI can put it back.06:52
tionA tentar modos para CRTC 40406:52
tionCRTC 404: a tentar o modo 640x480@50Hz com a saída a 1024x768@0Hz (passagem 0)06:52
tionCRTC 404: a tentar o modo 320x240@51Hz com a saída a 1024x768@0Hz (passagem 0)06:52
tionCRTC 404: a tentar o modo 640x480@50Hz com a saída a 1024x768@0Hz (passagem 1)06:52
tionCRTC 404: a tentar o modo 320x240@51Hz com a saída a 1024x768@0Hz (passagem 1)06:52
FloodBot1tion: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.06:52
oospilldon't it several times and booted into windows.06:52
oospillI've done it several times and booted into windows06:52
oospillit's taunting me.06:53
tionnow the windows look difrent06:53
oospillnow you're taunting me.06:53
tionlooks crappy06:53
tionstill the same thing on nvidia x server setings06:54
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tionshould i select separate x screen requires restart option?06:56
oospillso I get some black discs.  what live distros should I get?  something with disk utilities06:56
jhansonxioospill: Might be better off replacing the drive first if it has bad sectors.  Also, what video card is the 4100 using?  Why 10.04 and not 12.04 (Precise Pangolin)?06:56
jhansonxioospill: Parted Magic is a good utility LiveCD.06:57
Ben64tion: sure06:57
dr_willisoospill: theres dozens of handy rescue live cds and partioning live cds out there.06:57
dr_willis'system rescue cd' and 'gparted live cd' and  similer ones06:57
oospillthis 4100 is over ten years old.  64 megs of the 512 ram. I had good luck with 10.04 on a similar machine. next? jk06:58
oospillnot my puter.  not with my money06:58
oospillmy mom's got a similar dell and I put 10.04 on it and it runs real nice.06:58
oospillthe gui in 12 takes up too much resources06:59
oospill12.04 that is06:59
Ben64you can change that06:59
Ben6410.04 is only supported for a couple more months06:59
tionim doing 173-updates06:59
tionwill it help?06:59
dr_willis12.10 lubuntu - is very nice06:59
oospillreally?  what does the L stand for?06:59
jhansonxioospill: Normally I use Xfce on something that old.  It uses less memory and still has a good number of features.07:00
oospillhmm. maybe I'll try it.07:01
tioncan i upgrade to ubuntu-studio from this ?07:01
tionmount the iso and do the upgrade?07:02
jhansonxioospill: Xubuntu or Linux Mint Xfce edition.  You could add Xfce (xubuntu-desktop package) to Ubuntu but you'll end up with a whole bunchy of programs with redundant purposes.07:02
tionubuntu-studio uses Xface07:02
saviohi all07:03
oospillwelp.  I think I'm gonna buy some cd-r's try out a couple rescue distros.07:04
oospillmaybe get a can of air.07:04
oospillI bet this puter has years of cat inside of it.07:04
oospilland poo07:04
oospillanyways .. as always, thanks for the help .. yall have a good night07:06
jhansonxibye all.  02:00 here and I need some sleep.07:06
tionRTC 404: a tentar o modo 640x480@50Hz com a saída a 1024x768@0Hz (passagem 0)07:08
tionCRTC 404: a tentar o modo 320x240@51Hz com a saída a 1024x768@0Hz (passagem 0)07:08
tionCRTC 404: a tentar o modo 640x480@50Hz com a saída a 1024x768@0Hz (passagem 1)07:08
tionCRTC 404: a tentar o modo 320x240@51Hz com a saída a 1024x768@0Hz (passagem 1)07:08
FloodBot1tion: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.07:08
oospillhow come fdisk shows my two partitions that I made with fdisk, and parted shows only one giant ntfs partition? .. I hit 'w' in fdisk to write.  ??07:08
tionUnable to load X Server Display Configuration page:07:09
tionThe NVIDIA X driver on pinguz-desktop:0.0 is not new07:09
tionenough to support the nvidia-settings Display Configuration page.07:09
oospillmaybe my fdisk is retarded.  some of that poo on the disc.07:09
tionubuntu ruined it07:10
Ben64tion: pretty sure that was you07:10
tionit worked in debian07:11
Ben64then go back to debian07:11
thec4kesearch for a newer nvidia driver?07:11
thec4kei'd just uninstall the one from the repos and use the latest binary installed07:12
Ben64thec4ke: thats a bad idea07:12
thec4kewhys that07:12
tionim going to have to install the current driver that will fail and revert to unity2d07:12
thec4keits working fine here07:12
Ben64you don't have a fx520007:12
Ben64also, installing from the site isn't supported here07:12
=== azend is now known as DontGotNoProxy
thec4kehe needs the legacy drivers07:13
Ben64tion: or you could have done what i said like 20 times07:13
thec4kei know debian has them in their repos, cant remember if nvidia has them07:13
tioni need is a file to setup EIDI for the monitor07:13
Ben64tion: no you need to stop messing around07:13
tioni used to edit the xorg.cong file and everything was good afterwards07:14
Ben64then go ahead and do that, i'm done with you07:15
tionwhy do they come up with this automated crap with out fallback modes07:15
tionwhy 640x420 only?07:16
Ben64because you can't listen07:16
tionthey are afraid to break a vga crt monitor07:17
tionlike anyone have them?07:17
biopytehi, since there is a new version of oracle java (7.11), when will there probably be the update of the installer for ubuntu (oracle-java7-installer)? is it a matter of hours or rather of days?07:18
tionmaybe randr and nvidia devs should read that page07:19
mladouxhttp://www.webupd8.org/2012/09/install-oracle-java-8-in-ubuntu-via-ppa.html @tion you can get java 8 if you really want it.07:20
mladouxsorry, wrong person tion07:20
rigosometimes if i turn on the htpc the wlan card is not recognised. as the tvcard either. why is that? (it happens randomly and a reboot helps.)07:20
mladouxmeant that for biopyte07:20
biopytemladoux, ok, thx07:20
mladouxbiopyte, you're welcome07:21
mladouxtion - what's wrong?07:21
rigo...and it always worked just fine under w707:21
tionyou know07:21
mladouxI know a lot of things.07:21
tionmladoux, you know whats wrong07:22
Ben64tion: don't post that kind of stuff here, this channel is for support only07:22
mladouxnot really, I've not been paying attention.07:22
biopytemladoux, however, i'm looking for 7.11 and not 807:22
mladouxbiopyte, one second please07:22
=== atrius_away is now known as atrius
mladouxyeah, the version of 7 in that repository is still 7.10, they usually update quite rapidly though, so I'd give it a couple days07:24
alimjmladoux: biopyte: I still recommend disabling Java in your Browser (by default). Keep it in "Click to activate" mode. I am not sure if 7.11 for Ubuntu is released.07:24
=== alejandro is now known as Guest12439
savioJust don't use java for some time07:25
alimjmaldoux: biopyte: It is just few hours since the release of 7.1107:25
mladouxalimj thanks, I'm not worried about it. I don't really use java.07:25
muhfiasbincan I install Ubuntu for ARM in an Android Smartphone like Motorola Defy+?07:25
saviois 7.11 fix zero-day07:25
alimjsavio: YES. VERY DANGEROUS BUG07:26
mladouxbiopyte, they'll probably update it soon, especially if there are security concerns07:26
bazhang!arm | muhfiasbin07:26
ubottumuhfiasbin: ARM is a specific (RISC) processor architecture used in a variety of applications such as handhelds and networkdevices. For more information see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM . For ARM specific support, stop by the #ubuntu-arm channel.07:26
biopytealimj, mladoux,  synaptic sources tells me  "disabled on upgrade to precise http://www.webupd8.org/2012/09/install-oracle-java-8-in-ubuntu-via-ppa.html"07:26
biopyteso i guess, i have to do the manual install anyway07:27
bazhangmuhfiasbin, #ubuntu-arm07:27
mladouxbiopyte if you wait a few hours, it should be there, I wouldn't worry too much just yet.07:27
muhfiasbinthanks :)07:27
vrtigo_indxanyone know how to resolve wifi issues on 12.04?07:27
alimjIn FireFox: go to about:config07:27
mladouxdepends, what's your wifi card?07:27
biopytemladoux, by the way, the latest version, also for linux is here ....  http://www.java.com/en/download/linux_manual.jsp?locale=en07:28
alimjsearch for plugins.click_to_play07:28
alimjand set it to true07:28
biopytemladoux, alimj ok, thx07:28
mladouxwhich model vrtigo_indx?07:28
saviovrtigo_indx, explain your issue07:28
vrtigo_indxso, sometimes wifi will connect with no issues, other times, it connects then dies, and other times it won't connect at all07:28
vrtigo_indxsuper unreliable right now07:28
mladouxyeah, which model of card?07:29
mladouxnot just the brand mind you07:29
vrtigo_indxsorry i'm new to linux07:29
mladouxdo a lspci and a lsusb it should show on one of those.07:29
biopytemladoux, i'm not worrying, but for a reason i dont understand, my java 7.10 is not working anymore since this morning. and i depend on it to do my work.07:29
biopytebiopyte, just to illustrate the situation07:29
saviovrtigo_indx, use pspci command and paste the output in pastebin07:30
biopyteso, i will do the manual install ... which shouldnt be a problem07:30
mladouxbiopyte, sorry, I don't know enough about java to fix that.07:30
bazhangsavio, its lspci07:30
vrtigo_indxNetwork controller: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTL8192E/RTL8192SE Wireless LAN Controller (rev 01)07:30
=== azend is now known as NotAnIdiot
mladouxbazhang, sometimes it's lsusb, it really depends on how it's hooked up in his machine.07:30
saviobazhang, sorry typo mistake07:31
bazhangmladoux, its never pspci07:31
mladouxah, vrtigo_indx that's what I wanted. Give me a moment.07:31
=== NotAnIdiot is now known as azend
vrtigo_indxthanks so much07:31
mladouxdid i say pspci? typo, lol07:31
bazhangno savio did mladoux07:31
krzdamn. i played around with compiz settings. how do i reset the freaking thing? ubuntu doesn't boot properly sometimes07:32
vrtigo_indxI've tried doing some googlefu to find something.. but everything on the forums seems to have zero effect07:32
mladouxvrtigo_indx, do the following commands modinfo r8192e_pci | grep 819207:33
mladouxand modinfo r8192se_pci | grep 819207:33
mladouxtell me if you get results for both07:33
mladouxvrtigo_indx, no worries, we'll solve this.07:34
bazhangFile rtl8192 found in linux-backports-modules-cw-3.6-3.5.0-18-generic, linux-backports-modules-cw-3.6-3.5.0-19-generic, linux-backports-modules-cw-3.6-3.5.0-21-generic, linux-firmware, linux-headers-3.5.0-17, linux-headers-3.5.0-17-generic, vrtigo_indx07:35
bazhangvrtigo_indx, try the backports modules07:36
mladouxbazhang thanks for the input. I'm also checking for a possible conflict07:36
mladouxapparently there are two drivers for this card, and they don't play nice07:37
vrtigo_indxthat's what I figured.07:37
mladouxvrtigo_indx, did you do the modinfo commands?07:37
vrtigo_indxI'd previously tried using ubuntu in the past, and it gave me too many headaches, but I figured that was due to the dual boot maybe..07:37
vrtigo_indxERROR: modinfo: could not find module r8192se_pci07:37
vrtigo_indxthat was the second07:37
mladouxthat's actually good07:37
mladouxdid the first tell you anything?07:37
vrtigo_indxfilename:       /lib/modules/3.2.0-35-generic/kernel/drivers/staging/rtl8192e/r8192e_pci.ko07:38
vrtigo_indxalias:          pci:v000010ECd00008192sv*sd*bc*sc*i*07:38
vrtigo_indxand first07:38
mladouxgood, you don't have a conflict07:38
mladouxyou might want to try switching drivers though.07:38
mladouxone moment.07:38
mladouxsudo echo "blacklist r8192e_pci" >> /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf07:38
mladouxone sec07:39
mladouxI'm checking the package name for the other one07:39
vrtigo_indxgot permission denied on that07:39
mladouxdid you remember the sudo?07:39
mladouxif that didn't work, do sudo su -07:39
vrtigo_indxyeah, it didn't ask for my password..07:39
mladouxecho "blacklist r8192e_pci" >> /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf07:39
mladouxin one moment, I'll be done checking the package you want07:40
vrtigo_indxstill giving me permission denied07:40
Flannelmladoux, vrtigo_indx: `echo "blacklist r8192e_pci" | sudo tee -a /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf`07:40
saviovrtigo_indx, use sudo -i enter your password07:41
mladouxI'm not finding the package for the other driver07:41
mladouxlemme try something07:41
vrtigo_indxFlannel, that worked07:41
Kartagiswhy does clicking OK on Typing Break Reminder open my dropbox public folder?07:44
Kartagisany ideas?07:44
holmenHi is anyone here good ad OpenVPN tunneling with 2 NIC's?07:44
dr_willisBe better if it sent you to your Farmville game. ;)07:44
biopytemladoux, alimj  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=12453858#post12453858  ... just in case you're interested07:45
rigoi only have to build ssh proxy tunnel not a vpn..07:45
mladouxtry modprobe r8192se_pci07:46
mladoux@ vrtigo_indx07:46
mladouxyou'll need to sudo for it if you're not already root07:46
mladouxit might just be there already07:46
holmenrigo: ok. I'm struggeling with a OpenVPN tunnel. I have set it as "local <NIC #2 ip>" but it still tunnels the NIC #1 ip-07:46
mladouxmeanwhile, I'll continue searching07:47
vrtigo_indxFATAL: Module r8192se_pci not found.07:47
mladouxI was being hopeful07:47
rigois it maybe a port forwarding or routing issue?07:47
vrtigo_indxIt is very weird. The wifi worked fine on Windows, must be a driver issue.07:48
holmenport forwarding is set in the router on NIC #1 and the routing is set to the NIC #2 correctly07:48
mladoux<bazhang> File rtl8192 found in linux-backports-modules-cw-3.6-3.5.0-18-generic, linux-backports-modules-cw-3.6-3.5.0-19-generic, linux-backports-modules-cw-3.6-3.5.0-21-generic, linux-firmware, linux-headers-3.5.0-17, linux-headers-3.5.0-17-generic, vrtigo_indx07:48
rigovrtigo_indx: i think i have the same prob. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=12454306#post1245430607:49
mladouxtry installing those packages.07:49
rigoholmen: than i dont have any futurer suggestion :(07:49
mladouxyou'll probably have to reboot.07:49
mladouxjust so you know.07:49
holmenrigo: ok, thanks anyway, i'll try here later on :)07:49
bazhangmladoux, just the backports modules should do it07:50
mladouxthanks bazhang07:50
vrtigo_indxcouldn't find packages..07:50
rigovrtigo_indx: your wlan card is not always detected too?07:51
vrtigo_indxE: Unable to locate package linux-backports-modules-cw-3.6-3.5.0-18-generic07:51
vrtigo_indxE: Couldn't find any package by regex 'linux-backports-modules-cw-3.6-3.5.0-18-generic'07:51
mladouxhis card is detected, but it keeps dropping, we're trying for an alt driver.07:51
rigostrange. mine is not listed in dmesg nor in lspci nor in ifconfig -a07:52
mladouxvrtigo_indx, try "sudo apt-get install linux-backports-modules-cw-`uname -r`07:53
mladouxminus that first double quote.07:53
biopyteto all the guys out there having oracle java problems on firefox, check this ... https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/blocked/p18407:54
WeThePeopleis there a list of past commands i can look at? instead of looking back on the terminal07:54
vrtigo_indxUnable to locate package linux-backports-modules-cw07:54
vrtigo_indxwould I need a specific repository for that?07:55
mladouxdid you remember the backticks?07:55
mladouxsudo apt-get install linux-backports-modules-cw-`uname -r`07:55
dr_willisWeThePeople:  the .history file07:55
mladouxlike so07:55
vrtigo_indxyeah, that's what I used07:55
vrtigo_indx>>$ sudo apt-get install linux-backports-modules-cw- `uname -r`07:55
mladouxbecause `uname-r` should print something like 3.5.0-21-generic07:56
mladouxno space07:56
mladouxthe space messes it up07:56
vrtigo_indxthat didn't work either..07:56
mladouxah, okay07:56
vrtigo_indxthe first time it noted the packages07:56
vrtigo_indxbut couldn't find them07:56
vrtigo_indxthis time it didn't do anything07:56
mladouxeesh, what version of ubuntu are you running again?07:56
vrtigo_indxfresh install this afternoon07:57
amageehey, i'm trying to set up dual monitors using the open source ati drivers and xrandr, but when i run `xrandr -q` i don't get two outputs, instead i get this http://dpaste.com/876314/ .. currently the two monitors are both working but are clones07:57
mladouxI'm thinking07:58
bazhangvrtigo_indx, do you have the backports repo enabled?07:58
vrtigo_indxI'm not too sure...07:58
vrtigo_indxhow could I check?07:58
bazhangvrtigo_indx, once it's enabled (check in software sources <system settings> or synaptic) the be sure to update sources07:59
mladoux32 bit or 64-bit08:00
mladouxvrtigo_indx, it's in your /etc/apt/sources.list08:01
ubottuIf new updated Ubuntu packages are built for an application, then they may go into Ubuntu Backports. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBackports - See also !packaging08:01
vrtigo_indxwhat is the repo for backports?08:01
vrtigo_indxI only have Canonical, google, and dropbox08:02
dagerikcan anyone with Ubuntu 12.04.1 LTS give me output of md5sum $(which ls) ?08:03
mladouxdeb http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ precise-backports main restricted universe multiverse08:03
mladouxthat's the repo08:03
vrtigo_indxand I can enter that in the APT line to add source?08:04
mladouxdon't forget to apt-get update after08:06
=== ryanclancy000 is now known as Guest18179
vrtigo_indxupdated, but still getting the same cannot find package warning..08:07
vrtigo_indxthis is so weird08:07
ForgeAuscan ipad run unbuntu in a virtual machine or something?08:08
cfhowlettForgeAus, never been done.08:08
mladouxvrtigo_indx, I'm not sure what the issue is.08:08
amageealso the "displays" applet thingy only finds one monitor, doesn't do anything when i say "detect displays"08:08
BullSharki smoked some ubuntu. i was feeling so good.08:08
cfhowlettForgeAus, if you need a pad, why not the nexus 7/android08:08
ForgeAuscfhowlett, sad,08:08
ForgeAusI got an ipad already, was just wondering what I can do with it that its not supposed to be able to :)08:08
vrtigo_indxyeah me neither08:08
vrtigo_indxthanks so much for you help08:09
vrtigo_indxI'll have to get at it again tomorrow08:09
cfhowlettForgeAus, fwiw: a team is working on full ubuntu install on the nexus 708:09
BullSharkForgeAus -> iAssMacker, version 13.04 on my ubuntu device08:09
ForgeAusyeah well android is quasi-linux based already, so its like running linux on linux08:09
mladouxI'm sorry I couldn't be of more assistance.08:09
mladouxgood luck08:09
vrtigo_indxyou were a lot of help! thanks!08:10
ForgeAususes a different thing than glibc or whatever though, some bionic or something instead, if I remembered what I was chatting to some people about08:10
=== Administrator is now known as Guest31106
BONG_ITi have a problem mounting files08:12
BullSharkForgeAus -> i stuck my ass into the tower, burned on heat sync, installed ubuntu 12.04 to my asshole and was told it's Long Term Support to 201708:13
krzthis channel is full of issues08:13
BONG_ITheres my error http://paste.ubuntu.com/1530300/08:13
krzosx really did kill linux08:13
BullSharkkrz -> you are using an unsported version of Ubuntu08:13
bazhangBullShark, lose the language and stay on topic08:13
ubottukrz: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!08:14
jayantand how do you think osx killed linux?08:14
ForgeAusI thought osx was supposed to be a unix not a linux08:14
krzBullShark: no, ubuntu is still a pain to use08:14
krzjayant: because osx fuckin works08:14
bazhangkrz, actual support issue? or just complaints08:14
ubottuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.08:14
krzwhoops disregard my frenh08:15
bazhangkrz, this is Not the rants channel.08:15
BullSharkGTFO unsported version youbuntooo08:15
krzbazhang: where is the rants channel?08:15
bazhangkrz, there is none.08:16
rigowhat could i do with my not always detected pci cards?08:16
jayantcurious about the Ubuntu Phone OS... when will it be up for commercial use?08:16
sushubincome back to the problem solving08:16
ubottujayant: Ubuntu for phone has been announced, see http://www.ubuntu.com/devices/phone to find out more and to sign up for progress updates. Discussion is in #ubuntu-phone08:16
bazhangjayant, #ubuntu-phone may help08:16
evilthoughtI have 2 TB USB drive formated as EXT4. It's connected the router directly (RT-N56U). What do I need do do so that anyone (windows, iphone, tablets) can create and  delete files? Write now I get permission denied08:17
jayantthank you!08:17
bazhangrigo, in 13.04?08:17
krzgood read for the curious: http://www.wired.com/wiredenterprise/2012/08/osx-killed-linux/08:18
thec4kefunny they never asked me08:18
thec4kecause im the type that would buy a macbook to install linux over it08:19
IdleOnekrz: This channel is for ubuntu support, not general Ubuntu/Linux discussion. you might want to try #ubuntu-offtopic08:19
evilthoughtI have 2 TB USB drive formated as EXT4. It's connected to the router directly (RT-N56U). What do I need do do so that anyone (windows, iphone, tablets) can create and  delete files? I am having permission issues ... should I format it as EXT2?08:20
krzIdleOne: its all complaints in there :-P08:20
krzam not surprised08:20
IdleOneevilthought: NTFS would be supported by those other OSes08:21
IdleOneevilthought: Windows Can't write to etx408:21
rigono no. 12.1008:22
evilthoughtI was having issue with NTFS with this router (corrupted lpost files every few months). RT-N56u is after all linux based08:22
rigohere is a small desc: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=12454306#post1245430608:22
icerootevilthought: and how is it related to ubuntu?08:24
rigothe wlan card  was just fine under w708:24
evilthoughtThe question is how do I set the permission so that everyone on the network can delete files? Right now I can only read files via the network08:24
alimjevilthought: I would recommend to try DD-WRT channels08:24
cfhowlettevilthought, or maybe in #ubuntu-server??08:24
thec4keare you using samba?08:24
alimjevilthought: DD-WR guys are much better with routers08:25
evilthoughtIt'e EXT4 permission question -- nothing to do with  DD-WRT08:25
IdleOneevilthought: The issue is not linux, the issue is windows not being able to write to ext4 (deleting a file is writing to disk)08:25
=== anderson is now known as Guest21601
cfhowlettevilthought, or you might make that particular partition windows friendly, i.e. NTFS ...08:25
evilthoughtIdleOne, that's not the issue .. the windows doen't read the files directly. The drive is connected to the router08:26
alimjevilthought: Most ASUS modems work differently with attached USB HDDs. Some routers support FTP uploads only08:26
evilthoughtThat's not the issuie .. I can play the video from Windows machine just fine08:26
IdleOneplaying a video is reading, which windows can do from ext408:26
icerootevilthought: and how is it related to ubuntu? this is the ubuntu support channel and not the windows/router/ntfs channel08:26
IdleOnealso what iceroot is saying, it isn't an Ubuntu issue08:27
=== dziegler_off is now known as dziegler
evilthoughtI can play video files, read pdf every thing works just fine. But I can delete a fgile .. it's ext4 permission issue08:27
alimjevilthought: Playing video could also be throught DLNA08:27
alimjevilthought: Did you try to upload files to it throught FTP?08:27
evilthoughtIt's EXT4 ownership isue08:28
thec4keevilthought: how are you connecting to the router from your pc, windows network?08:28
IdleOneevilthought: NO the issue is you not understanding, Windows CAN NOT write to ext4, when you delete a file you are writing to disk.08:28
evilthoughtYes, Windows network .. even Android phone can connect to the drive via the router and play videos or read files just fine08:28
icerootevilthought: windows is not seeing ext4, windows is seeing samba(cifs) or ntfs so its not a ext4 issue08:29
alimjEvilthought: If you think it is permission issue, connect it to a Linux Desktop and do a "chmod a+w" on the drive08:29
icerootevilthought: and its offtopic as i said two times already08:29
evilthoughtI know that ..08:29
thec4keevilthought: are you connecting anonymously or do you have username/password setup on the router?08:29
=== Guest21601 is now known as nDer
alimjIceroot: I agree with You 8-)08:30
evilthoughtDidn't I already say that NTFS was not working properly with the router? It's linux based router .. NTFS was slow and files were being corrupted08:30
IdleOneok, enough. This is off topic and not an Ubuntu issue. Please take it elsewhere08:31
icerootevilthought: then you are connecting as a guest and not as the owner of a file08:31
icerootevilthought: guests/others/world does not have write permission by default08:31
icerootevilthought: and its offtopic!!!08:31
thec4keI'll try to point you in the right direction:  this has nothing to do with ntfs, it's an issue with samba if your router is running linux08:31
alimjevilthought: ASUS modems have some AiDisk. However, it is offtopic as icreroot said earlier08:31
evilthought"guests/others/world does not have write permission by default" .. exactly .. bow we are on topic. How do I change permission (from Ubuntu) so that guests can the ownsership08:32
thec4kebasically you have to map the anonymous login to an account on the router and give that account write permission to things08:32
evilthoughtI cn connect the drive to Ubuntu VM and change permissions so that guests have full access to the folders .. but the question is how?08:33
evilthoughtlet me paste the screen shot from ubuntu VM08:33
apm1why can't i have 2 x sessions on 2 diff. ttys ?08:34
icerootevilthought: dont change the permission (to 777) use user-mapping on samba08:34
alimjapm1: You can08:34
icerootapm1: why not?08:34
apm1well i just had a fatal xserver error here08:34
thec4keapm1: did you try starting on a different display08:35
thec4kevirtual display*08:35
thec4kei think you can do "DISPLAY=:1 startx" or something  similar08:35
apm1a tried on a diff tty by switching with alt+ctrl+f108:35
thec4kethat wont work08:35
thec4keDISPLAY needs to be set to something08:36
thec4ke:0 is the first display08:36
thec4keyou get others as you increase the number08:36
thec4keset that environment variable then try startx08:36
apm1thec4ke, thanks , that worked :)08:36
evilthoughtHere is the screen shot of the drive http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8465/8380037514_f297ef7884_b.jpg08:36
thec4kenp :)08:36
evilthoughtI have Others set as to "create and delete files" but it still doesn't work08:37
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=== croppa_ is now known as croppa
miroesqI want to install snmp and snmpd, but they are not stand alone. Which package can I install that would have those two components.08:38
hilariousi'm trying to modify what internet host is seen by other machines i connect to from my machine08:40
hilariousright now it is showing a mail server address08:40
hilariousanyone know whether i can change the default host that my ip resolves to without breaking my email ?08:40
thec4kehilarious: is this over the internet or on a lan?08:41
hilariousrackspace cloud08:41
hilariousi'm not really running a mail server but i have one address being forwarded through it08:42
hilariousand several domains pointing to it08:42
hilariousit's over the internet like for example, if i connect to www.displaymyhostname.com08:42
hilariousit displays my mail server name08:42
hilariousi would assume then it also shows up in server connection logs etc08:43
hilariouswhen i connect to other sites08:43
thec4keso you want sites on the internet to see your hostname?08:44
hilariousno i don't want them to really08:45
hilariousi realize they can look it up but if my hostname is going to resolve and show up in server logs08:45
hilariousi want to specify another one08:45
thec4kethats a dns issue08:45
hilariousbut i don't want to break my email08:45
thec4kewhoever has the public dns server controls your hostname online08:46
thec4kewhich is probably your isp08:46
thec4keif its you you need to set up your dns records08:46
hilariousyou mean it has nothing to do with /etc/postfix/main.cf or other local file configurations on my machine ?08:46
=== krzkrzkrz is now known as krz
thec4keyour actual hostname has nothing to do with mail server configuration08:47
=== ryanclancy000 is now known as Guest51552
thec4keunless your talking about something the mail servers log08:47
thec4kein which case idk08:47
hilariousthat's fine but what does it have to do with08:47
hilariouslike i said i have several domains pointing to the machine but it seems the default one the IP resolves to is mail.whatever.com08:48
hilariousand i don't want that domain to be the default at all, let alone the mail server subdomain for it08:48
thec4kebut you want certain machines to see mail.whatever.com?08:49
thec4ke but not the internet?08:49
holmenSo i'm trying this again. Anyone online that is good with tunneling specific NIC through OpenVPN (i am not the host admin). I've got two separate NIC's with two diffrerent external IP's. I have setup a tunnel with "local <NIC #2 ext ip>" but i still tunnels the NIC #1.08:49
Thoranyone know where I can get help with fish? (the shell)08:49
hilariousohir, i see that it is in my reverse DNS settings08:50
hilariousthecake - not really i mean i want mail to that domain to come to the machine08:50
hilariousi don't want machines to look at my IP and automatically resolve it to my mail server domain over any of my other domains08:51
hilariousbut that is what it seems to do08:51
hilariousbut i see that it's because i have reverse DNS set to that host08:51
thec4kek so you wanted your ip to resolve to something other than mail.whatever.com08:53
thec4kethen yea you solved your problem!08:53
thec4keand im no longer confused08:53
AnnihilatorHey guys. I use MessageBox(NULL, "Title", "Text", NULL); in windows. What is alternative for Ubuntu system ?08:53
Annihilatori'm new to Linux coding.08:54
ThorAnnihilator: it depends a lot on what language you are coding in, and what gui framework you are using, best is to find the channel for the framework you are using and ask there08:55
thec4keAnnihilator: are you wanting to write programs for gnome/unity?08:56
pensivekite_join #truecript08:56
rigohere are the 2 dmesg-s first boot at 07:16 2nd at 09:38 first boot wlan0 not present, 2nd works fine.08:56
AnnihilatorHmmm... I use SDL with OpenGL.08:56
ThorAnnihilator: create your own message box in SDL/OpenGL, or use eg. glib08:57
AnnihilatorSo there is no asy alterbnative like including <windows.h> and just calling messagebox08:58
ThorAnnihilator: I don't know, it highly depends on the gui framework you use, eg. with kwin it's not too far from that simple.08:58
godcan someone please help me?08:59
dr_willisState the problem08:59
Rubyhello I need some help08:59
RubyI dont have a problem but I need to know how to do something08:59
Rubyboot ubuntu into readonly08:59
godi am a newbie on ubuntu and am having trouble getting the sound to sync up with the video08:59
RubyI have a system already set up09:00
RubyI dont want to set up a new one unless it is a mirrored readonly one09:00
Rubyjust want to modify grub or something09:00
dr_willisRuby:  you mount specific partions/filesystems as read only. ive never seen a 'reboot into read only' mode09:00
Rubyhow do I do that?09:01
dr_willisYou can have most of / as read only except for a few system directories09:01
dr_willisits not a trivial thing.09:01
godi watch television online but i cannot get the sound to sync to the video09:01
RubyI am a lil bit new09:01
evilthoughtI solved my problem!09:01
dr_willisRuby:  why do you need to do this?09:01
ubottugod: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/09:01
Rubywhy does that matter?09:02
thec4kebecause mounting everything readonly will probably break some things09:02
dr_willisRuby:  because tehre may be better ways to do whatever it is you are trying to acomplish09:02
dr_willisYou CAN have most of the system read only. but not all of it.09:02
Rubymaking so I dont write any data to my HDD09:02
Rubylike malware09:02
evilthoughtI had to use "# chmod -R 777 /media/AiDisk_a1: inside router console09:02
thec4ketheres basically no malware for linux09:03
icerootevilthought: 777 is always bad09:03
thec4keunless you do something very wrong09:03
dr_willisRuby:  if your user does somthing to install malware - then it will only affect teh users home dir/files09:03
icerootevilthought: and still!! offtopic09:03
Rubywell its not a topic that I like talking about09:03
godcan someone please help me?09:03
evilthoughtobviously there was solution09:03
Rubymostly log files09:03
icerootevilthought: make something insecure is never a solution09:03
Rubymetadata gets stroed in places when I dont want it to09:04
=== trekkit is now known as egarals
dr_willisRuby:  search for guides on having a read only system i guess. theres no trivial check ox  option to do it as far as i know.09:04
RubyI want to do it temporarily to a partition I already have ;)09:04
thec4kethe easy was is add the ro option to /etc/fstab09:04
RubyI have done googling09:04
evilthoughtthere is no OS on this drive. It's a USB drive with mostly video files connected to the router. There is no need for security here09:04
Rubyok ill google that09:04
thec4kebut i guarantee that will break something09:04
dr_willisRuby:  you can use the ro option.. but you may make a unuseable system09:04
RubyI can reboot into non-ro and it will function properly?09:05
hilariousanyone know if i can tile my windows in ubuntu ?09:05
hilariousor at least terminal windows ?09:05
thec4keyoull need a recovery console09:05
thec4keto edit fstab09:05
godwhat is a good way to sync sound and video?09:05
RubyI can go into that easily with grub09:05
thec4keat minimum you need /var and /home to be writable just to use the system09:06
cfhowlettgod, NONE of your videos are sound/video sync'd?09:06
Rubythat might be a issue seeing as /var/log and /home/name/.bash_history09:07
godyoutube is fine but vlc is acting crazy09:07
dr_willisRuby:  and more then just those i imagine09:07
cfhowlettgod, easiest way ... try a different player.09:07
hilariouswhat is my window manager if i use gnome classic ?09:07
godwhich one do you recomend?09:08
hilariousby default ?09:08
RubyI am making a distro currently for personal use and I dont want to get all my files that are not supposed to be there on the system and such..09:08
cfhowlettgod movie player works well for me ...09:08
Rubywell maybe I could make it so it writes everything into ram09:08
Rubyboots the HDD like its a livecd09:08
Rubynothing changable09:08
godwell, sometimes the site i stream off of only lets me use certain ones09:08
cfhowlettgod, pretty sure you'll find movie player works with most providers ...09:09
godi will try it.09:09
cfhowlettgod, but if not, rather than stream the video, download and save it to play offline09:09
cfhowlettgod, no worries.  have fun, be safe.09:09
godi would download, but i have little to no space on this computer09:09
cfhowlettgod, understood.09:10
evilthoughtthis solved the problem http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8195/8379017919_93b86f77c0_b.jpg09:10
godi stream usually vlc works well and sometime putlocker does, but both have been crazy09:10
Rubyill try -ro..09:11
godi was trying to stream from cbs.com earlier and it was nuts too09:11
cfhowlettgod, vlc is fickle that way ...09:11
godhow can stream but pick a player that works?09:12
cfhowlettgod, yep.09:12
godis there a way to do that?09:13
cfhowlettgod, I think you'd need to start the player then navigate to the stream ...09:13
godi have no idea how to do that09:14
cfhowlettgod also see the xine player09:14
godi will check zine out09:14
cfhowlettgod,  right09:14
cfhowlettgod, xine definitely has streaming capability.  check the support site for details on set up.09:15
=== EFEFEFEF is now known as Reda
goddo you have any recommendations for sites that stream television?09:15
cfhowlettgod, Vodo has TONS of free stuff.  and better; you can torrent it!09:16
=== pensivekite_ is now known as Bored_Wisdom
cfhowletthkn1, greetings09:16
godi will look into it09:16
godthanks a bunch!09:16
cfhowlettgod, also see mininova09:16
hkn1Is it possible to install a .dmg file on Ubuntu ????09:16
=== Bored_Wisdom is now known as pensivekite_
=== erry_ is now known as rry
=== rry is now known as erry
dr_willishkn1:  you normally cant run mac/os-x binaries on linux09:18
dr_willisa .dmg is a OS-X disk image last i looked. ( i coul dbe wrong)09:19
hkn1yes thats right so it's not possible ? :(09:19
dr_willisive not seen a OS-X equilivent to wine on linux. ;)09:20
dr_willisUnless you could do OS-X in  vbox or somting09:20
hkn1Hmm, i saw something about a dmg2img thing didnt understand it XD09:21
dr_willisthat would just convert it to a standard ISO type image..09:21
dr_willisthats NOT running anything09:21
thec4keis the .img an actual program or just files09:21
hkn1it's a .dmg file from Apple Devolpment.09:21
hkn1a program09:22
dr_willisI recall OS-X likieng to distribute programs in sort of a 'packaged archive' you sort of run. :)09:22
dr_willis like double clicking the .dmg would run the app in the package. sort of a neat trick09:22
thec4keyea you can probably extract it but i doubt you would be able to run whats inside09:22
hkn1Hmm ok09:23
hkn1And have another problem, i can't download Wine. Tried almost anything on google but didnt work at all09:24
cfhowletthkn1, now THAT makes no sense.  sudo apt-get install wine09:24
untakenI use xmonad via .xsession. I have just done a fresh install on Ubtuntu, but xinerama doesn't look like its enabled in gdm, or when I login to xmonad. It works in unity though. Any ideas?09:24
hkn1when i do that i get error09:24
thec4kesudo apt-get update?09:25
cfhowletthkn1, the error is? ...09:25
rigoi'm back :)09:25
hkn1cfhowlet i'll give it in a minute done sudo apt-get install wine again. To see my error09:25
rigothe wlan card is not always recognised at the boot. here are 2 dmesg-s one after another http://paste.ubuntu.com/153035109:26
rigofirst boot at 07:16 second at 09:3609:26
Error404NotFoundI am trying to install 12.10 on alienware m17xr3 but it hangs during boot from install usb. I have tried setting noquiet nomodeset nosplash on start but all in vain. The last line i see is "Stopping save kernel messages"09:26
cfhowlettError404NotFound, i trust you verified integrity, i.e. md5sum?09:27
rigofirst boot: no wlan0; second: works like charm.09:27
rabbit_hi i have a problem with my ubuntu 120409:28
rabbit_i can't see programs in the dash home09:28
cfhowlettrabbit_, details ...09:28
rabbit_under standerd user09:28
ubottuprih: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».09:29
Error404NotFoundcfhowlett: yup, indeed i did.09:29
cfhowlettError404NotFound, I've seen this before.   I suggest you try a different USB stick.  they DO malfunction ...09:29
rohitkavI wanted to install haskell with snap framework09:30
rohitkavcould anyone guide me plz09:30
rohitkavsince when I tried with my another laptop I couldn't install cabal09:30
hkn1Lol sudo apt-get install wine does something what it didnt done it before... Never took so long :o09:30
rohitkavgot some issue09:30
Error404NotFoundcfhowlett: and say if i don't have a spare usb then :'(09:30
* cfhowlett eyes well up with tears for Error404NotFound, 09:31
Error404NotFoundcfhowlett: hmm, may be i will use this machine as PXE boot...09:31
rigoany idea?09:31
cfhowlettError404NotFound, that's the easiest fix for this I know.  Please ask in this channel.  Maybe someone else has a solution ...09:31
cfhowlettError404NotFound, I've never used PXE but ...09:32
subdesignguys planning to buy a notebook Core i3, Intel HD 4000, is it smooth for Ubuntu?09:33
rabbit_anyone can help me ?09:34
untakenDoes anyone have an idea? how I can get xinerama working on other window managers other than unity?09:34
cfhowlettsubdesign, graphics card?09:34
rabbit_at least how can i turn unity off09:34
ubotturabbit_,: Ubuntu 11.10 and higher use GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic09:34
subdesigncfhowlett, Intel HD 4000 integrated09:34
cfhowlettsubdesign, I'd guess yet, but HEY!  make a USB, go to the computer store, distract the sales staff and reboot into your model machine!09:35
hkn1Lol, wine installed ! :/09:36
cfhowletthkn1, and that's how it's done ...09:37
hkn1Lol i tried it 10 times09:37
Name141what's LVM and how do I know if i want it?09:37
subdesigncfhowlett, it'll be an online order.. but thanks :)09:37
rabbit_i want to be able to see the programs in unity dashhome09:37
cfhowlettsubdesign, alright then.  Best of luck09:37
dv-untaken: what's the problem?09:38
untakendv-: I use xmonad via .xsession. I have just done a fresh install on Ubtuntu, but xinerama doesn't look like its enabled in gdm, or when I login to xmonad. It works in unity though. Any ideas?09:38
vltHello. I use Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. After the last Thunderbird update my home dir exploded. ~/.thunderbird has grown to about 10 GB while the maildir size on the server is only 2 GB. Any idea how to fix this?09:39
dv-untaken: how are you checking if it's enabled?09:40
untakendv- I am not, but when I logout of unity, gdm is on both monitors. When xinerama is enabled, I have one for the login and one blank with the backdrop only.09:41
ActionParsnipuntaken: have you troed a different session? like xfce?09:41
untakendv-: as its not enabled at the gdm point, when I login to xmonad, I also notice that firefox for instance is on both windows09:42
dv-untaken: the displays are cloned? or the window is maximized over both screens?09:42
untakenI don't have xfce installed, but its definitely a xinerama issue, as gdm should be showing it correctly09:42
untakendv-: they are cloned yes09:42
Sri19how do i install multiple versions on firefox on ubuntu? any ppas / repos to use?09:43
ActionParsnip!ppa | Sri1909:43
ubottuSri19: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge09:43
dv-untaken: well you can fix that by calling xrandr after xmonad, but i'm not sure where you'd put it to change the gdm login09:43
=== DaZ is now known as podwodna_cywiliz
ActionParsnipSri19: great ppa search there, duckduckgo also has the !ppa bang :)09:43
=== podwodna_cywiliz is now known as DaZ
untakendv-: ok, I'll setup a xrandr line in .xsession or something... shame I can't get this to work then way I intended, but hey, if its an option, its an option09:45
dv-untaken: it does seem odd that logging out of unity would affect gdm like that09:46
hkn1cfhowlett thanks it works now haha :P09:46
untakenit does...Do you know if the displays section in the cp writes to a file or something? I noticed there is no longer a xorg.conf file09:47
Marscrhola alguien me puede ayudar?09:48
icerootSri19: you need ppas where the package is not called firefox but firefox18 and so on, because you can only install one package with the same name09:49
icerootSri19: also you should only use the stable version09:49
dv-untaken: i believe xorg.conf is basically no longer necessary because everything is autodetected. you can still write one though. running X -configure as root should give you a basic xorg.conf09:50
Sri19ice799, i know.. its for testing an app ... is there any such ppa with multiple versions?09:50
Gematransgenderhello everyone09:51
untakendv-: I'll boot into single mode and do that then09:51
untakendv- thanks09:51
jzmer__is i just installed a .ttc font and fontconfig automatically select the medium family instead of the regular family of the font to be default, what should i do to make the regular style default instead of medium?09:52
dolfhey everyone. I want to change the password for another user using the gui (not the commandline since the passwd command causes ecryptfs password to get out of sync)09:55
dolfbut how can i do this in unity/ubuntu09:56
hkn1Is there something like ClearType for Ubuntu XD ?09:56
dr_willisX font rendering has hinting and other smoothing features.09:56
Marscrhola alguien me puede ayudar con ubuntu 12.10?09:56
dr_willisor at least they can. ;)09:57
dolfif I go to "users and groups" I see all users (and I am an admin) but nothing happens when I click the "change" button for the users' password09:57
holmenSo i'm trying this again. Anyone online that is good with tunneling specific NIC through OpenVPN (i am not the host admin). I've got two separate NIC's with two diffrerent external IP's. I have setup a tunnel with "local <NIC #2 ext ip>" but i still tunnels the NIC #1.09:57
billfeldSri19: I think you can use mozillateam ppa: ppa:mozillateam/firefox-stable and then install something like firefox-3.6 firefox-3.0 etc., but not 100% sure. Test it...09:57
Error404NotFoundTried same usb with gparted and that boots fine. On the other hand xubuntu, ubuntu, lubuntu and linuxmint all get stuck on "Stopping save kernel messages" on bootup during install.09:57
miroesqIs snmp it's own package or is it part of a package?09:59
=== muellisoft is now known as Muelli
hkn1Is there something like ClearType for Ubuntu XD ?10:10
subdesignrecommended app to burn mac .dmg image?10:16
RussellAlanWhat is the easiest way to apply a kernel patch?10:23
ActionParsnip!patch | RussellAlan10:24
ubottuRussellAlan: Patches are files describing the changes in code to achieve some results.  There are a number of ways these can be produced, but https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/HowToFix and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/PatchSystems may provide some useful guidelines.10:24
ActionParsniphkn1: what is clear type?10:24
billfeldSmooth render fonts...10:24
ActionParsniphkn1: you can change the font hinting in ubuntu tweak10:25
ActionParsnipbillfeld: thanks10:25
arabihello .. i need to monitor my internet usage on monthly basis on  ubuntu 12.10 .... can you sugggest any apps??10:26
ikoniaarabi: are you on a local network or just the internet10:28
arabiin internet10:29
ikoniaarabi: a very simple way is to do "ifconfig" on your interface and just look at the data transfer10:29
ikoniathere are more advanced applications obviously, but that's a simple check10:30
arabiI am using a limited plan.. so i want to determine the usage for long time.. say one month10:30
ikoniamy method will work10:30
arabibut it is insufficient ikonia10:31
ikoniain what way ?10:31
amageehey, i had the proprietary ati drivers installed and i just installed them and now x won't load, is there some magic way to reinstall the open source ati drivers via the command line?  ubuntu 12.0410:31
arabihow can I determine how much data I used in this month?10:32
ikoniaarabi: by reading the numbers from the command I just told you10:32
arabibut once the connection is reset ... everything gone right?10:32
arabiwhen I connect again it starts from zero , i think10:33
ikoniaarabi: it will depend on when the counters are reset,10:33
ikoniaarabi: you'll need a more advanced monitoring app if you want to monitor it beyond counter resets10:33
ogistI have a bit of a problem.10:33
arabican you suggest any apps ikonia10:34
rudivsmy locale doesn't seem to be taking effect. It's set to en_ZA.UTF-8, but measurements are in inches (should be metric) and currency is $ (should be R). Output of locale at http://paste.ubuntu.com/1530516/. Any ideas how to fix it?10:37
amageealso, my / partition is mounted as read-only, how do i remount it as read+write?10:38
hkn1Thanks for the ubuntu tweak advise didnt know of that10:40
mvt007geeki want to install internet download manager with wine.10:40
mvt007geekcan someone tell me why it gave me this: wine: could not load L"C:\\windows\\system32\\IDM.exe": Module not found10:40
cfhowlettmvt007geek, would it not be easier to just add the plugin to firefox?10:41
mvt007geeki use chrome10:41
ogistI have a game called quake 2 on my linux system. This game has a Players folder with several different models/skins that other people have online and if two people have the same model/skin, then they can see it. Well, I have been running into an issue of case sensitivity where one person will have Skin1/Skin1 set on their client and on mine, it will be Skin1/skin1 and the fact that my s is lower case makes their skin/model invisible to me10:43
=== Kitar|st_ is now known as Kitar|st
arabihow to list network interfaces on ubuntu10:45
hkn1What Torrent applicatie is allowed on Ubuntu, couldnt get uTorrent.10:46
DJoneshkn1: Transmission is installed by default10:46
cfhowletthkn1, bittorrent10:46
MonkeyDusthkn1  deluge is nice, too10:47
=== ryanclancy000 is now known as Guest38515
hkn1I'll try all 3 thanks XD Is there a shortcut to go on Desktop ? First time use Ubuntu :$.10:48
billfeldker: thanks10:49
MonkeyDusthkn1  ctrl-super-d10:49
hkn1Great ! Thanks MonkeyDust XD10:49
amageewhere is the best place to ask about the open source ati drivers?10:51
cfhowlettamagee, #ati ##ati10:52
mesqukaany program that runs right is obsolete10:52
computerwhats a good cd/dvd copier?10:55
JohnFlux_Hey all10:55
cfhowlettJohnFlux_, greetings10:56
JohnFlux_is it possible to install a local .deb file, while getting dependencies remotely?10:56
JohnFlux_so like use apt-get to install a .deb file10:56
cfhowlettcomputer, brasero10:56
MonkeyDustJohnFlux_  it's dpkg -i blah.deb    not sure about remote dependencies, tho10:57
yeatsJohnFlux_: no, but dpkg will let you know what's missing10:58
hkn1MonkeyDust, do you need first to go to the path to install the .deb ?10:58
JohnFlux_sometimes it seems possible to do:  dpkg -i file.deb ; apt-get install -f10:58
JohnFlux_but i'm not sure when that works exactly10:59
MonkeyDusthkn1  if it's local, then yes10:59
meetCan I have a pure gnome3 experience in ubuntu?11:00
hkn1Aah ok , than i'll open it with Software Centrum easier XD11:00
ubottumeet,: Ubuntu 11.10 and higher use GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic11:00
meetcfhowlett: but is it complete as in fedora or other gnome 3 based distros?11:04
cfhowlettmeet, doubtful but see this ... http://www.filiwiese.com/installing-gnome-on-ubuntu-12-04-precise-pangolin/11:05
cfhowlettAndChat|296121, greetings11:08
=== TomyLaptop is now known as TomyLobo
AndChat|296121So ive seen ubuntu on phone11:11
ubottuAndChat|296121,: Ubuntu for phone has been announced, see http://www.ubuntu.com/devices/phone to find out more and to sign up for progress updates. Discussion is in #ubuntu-phone11:11
AndChat|296121Looks beauty11:11
ActionParsnipPrecise Ubuntu already uses Gnome....11:11
dr_willisI will belive in the ubuntu phone. when i can actually get one. ;)11:11
AndChat|296121K thnx11:11
ActionParsnipAndChat|296121: I love andchat :)11:12
=== Fly is now known as Guest37781
dr_willisI  use andchat.. :) untilli can find somthing better.. its still crash prone for me11:12
AndChat|296121Installed now on my phone11:12
chrisrSo on my new i5 laptop with 4gm ram the dock/dashboard/whatever takes about 4 seconds to full appear.  What the hell is wrong with ubuntu?11:14
dr_willisMy whole system boots to the desktop in about 20 sec perhaps less...11:16
ActionParsnipchrisr: what is the output of:  cat /etc/issue11:16
hugosthlmI want to install mod-php in ubuntu 12.10 but get the message I have to uninstall apache ?!11:17
chrisrActionParsnip: Ubuntu 12.04.1 LTS11:17
chrisrit loads up quick now that it's been used once11:17
=== revol is now known as Guest8807
meetcan i install jdk on ubuntu? i did not find a .deb file on their website11:20
lhavelundmeet: There's packages in the repository.11:21
meetlhavelund: so the installation is fairly simple? i hope.11:21
lhavelundmeet: should be, yes.11:21
Diegosnathi guys11:21
cfhowlettDiegosnat, greetings11:21
DiegosnatI am wondering if somebody could suggest me a way to monitor the internet usage of some clients??11:21
meetlhavelund: thanks11:21
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MonkeyDustDiegosnat  ubuntu server?11:22
f2hey folks11:22
DiegosnatMonkeyDust, yes but I want to monitor11:22
meetcfhowlett: btw does that gnome installed on ubuntu show those nice chat notifications?11:23
f2got ubuntu server installed, having not too sure how to go about getting it on the internet11:23
Diegosnatthe computers and users in the networks11:23
Diegosnatmy network11:23
MonkeyDustDiegosnat  they have their own channel, #ubuntu-server11:23
miguitasDiegosnat: chack zentyal11:23
miguitascheck zentyal11:23
cfhowlettmeet, gwibber is the notification app IIRC.  You should be able to add and configure it.11:23
f2anybody fancy helping me out? im trying to get ubuntu server onto a windows domain11:23
DiegosnatMonkeyDust, miguitas  thank you11:23
MonkeyDustf2  you too: #ubuntu-server11:24
=== babilen_ is now known as babilen
f2ah cool, thanks monkeydust11:24
f2never knew there was a server room11:24
ActionParsnipmeet: will do if you configue the client to (and it is able)11:24
meetActionParsnip: actually in empathy i got them by default. so will installing empathy in gnome shell?11:25
ActionParsnipmeet: sure, libnotify will stil be used11:26
meetActionParsnip: thanks :)11:26
rileypcould someone help me with libredraw I have made a drawing bigger than a4 and I cant seem to make the page size bigger11:27
f2monkey dust, not much happening on ubuntu-server11:27
f2can i ask a few q's here?11:27
rileypI dont mind if it prints multiple pages of course11:27
ActionParsnipf2: ask away, you already asked one :)11:27
f2haha :)11:28
f2ok, take 211:28
f2new to ubuntu server, On a windows domain, got a dhcp address, but im not getting out on the internet. can anybody help me with that?11:28
f2when running "sudo apt=get install mysql-server-core-5.5, i get unable to locate package11:28
MrPopWhat's the name of that application that installs proprietary drivers for you?11:29
rileypedit etc/resolve and add nameserver (ip address of router)11:29
f2so im guessing im not allowed out/on the domain11:29
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rileypf2 thats the answer11:29
mvt007geekhi people11:30
f2ripley: im used to a windows enviroment, but would love to get a ubuntu server up and running11:30
rileypf2 after you edit /etc/resolve  reboot11:30
f2so i was hoping to use my admin details to join the domain11:30
=== TheRainbowDawn is now known as Braeburn
ActionParsnipf2: did you run:  sudo apt-get update     first?11:30
rileypor edit default route in network manager to ip address of your router11:31
cfhowlettf2, no shortage of tutorials for that and probably more detailed info than you'll get in channel.11:31
f2nope, i will run that now and let you know11:31
ActionParsniprileyp: resolv.conf is generated, so rebooting will undo the change11:31
rileyplol ok my bad11:31
=== MrPop is now known as MrPopinjay
ActionParsniprileyp: also, you don't need to reboot to apply the DNS change, its conulted each time :)11:31
f2just trying now, thanks for the suggestions guys11:31
=== Braeburn is now known as TheRainbowDawn
rileypActionParsnip: can you help me with my libredraw issue11:32
rileypor advise where i might get some help11:32
ActionParsniprileyp: state your issue, the channel will respond if it can11:32
f2@ actionparsnip : i got a few downlaods, then got a bunch of failed downloads (403 failed forefront)11:32
hugosthlmSolved. Synaptic has more intelligent messages.11:32
cfhowlettrileyp, ask.libreoffice.org11:33
f2close, but no cigar (or something like that)11:33
ActionParsnipf2: are you using a proxy?11:33
Diegosnatguys im wondering how to solve this: authenticator ntlm_sasl_server: cannot find authenticator driver "cyrus_sasl"11:33
f2hmm, yes we are :/ sorry i should of said11:33
ActionParsnipf2: then you need to define the proxy in /etc/apt/apt.conf11:34
f2ok i will do that now, thanks alot action :) im saving these comands to notepad as i type lol11:34
mvt007geeki installed internet download manager with wine.but when i wanted to enable  advanced browser integration gave me error.what should i do?11:36
rileypwith libredraw I have made a drawing bigger than a4 and I cant seem to make the page size bigger I dont mind if it prints multiple pages of course any tips on how to increase the page size?11:36
f2is this the correct format11:37
f2Acquire::http::Proxy "http://bob:123bob@bobproxy:8070";11:37
rileypcfhowlett:  thnaks will do11:37
cfhowlettrileyp, good luck11:37
ActionParsnipf2: try it :)11:39
f2i cant save :/11:39
f2sorry for being such an idiot here11:39
rileypcfhowlett:  thats not a irc channel?11:41
cfhowlettrileyp, sorry, which one?11:41
f2aha, esc > wq11:41
rileypcfhowlett: rileyp, ask.libreoffice.org11:42
cfhowlettrileyp, not irc, that's  a url ... firefox!11:42
rileypyeah I know but was kinda hoping for a usber fast answer11:42
rileypthanks anyway I may have to there11:43
rileypgo *11:43
f2@ actionparsnip: needs a username + password (403 proxy authentication requried)...i will try that now11:43
f2getting there :)11:43
Diegosnatguys im wondering how to solve this: authenticator ntlm_sasl_server: cannot find authenticator driver "cyrus_sasl"11:43
BillyZane|2it's me again11:46
BillyZane|2i got a question.... I tried to update my video card drivers on gnome (GTX 660) and it was a huge failure, i had to remove them11:46
f2still not geting out correctly ActionParsnip :(11:46
f2is it because i having joined the domain?11:47
D_Russim looking for a way to access and download files (large or small) on my home computer from any computer connected to the internet. Anyone know of an easy way to accomplish this for an ubuntu newbie?11:47
BillyZane|2right now i'm on kubuntu and i opened up "additional drivers" utility. it found 3 different types of nvidia drivers for me to install. Now my fear is that if i try installing them, it will cause a system instability like last time. should this happen, how would i remove these drivers using  terminal?11:47
f2407 proxy authentication required. (Forefront TMG requires authorization to fulfill the request)11:48
ActionParsnipDiegosnat: have you looked in exim4.conf ?11:48
f2would I edit the apt.conf file for a static ip? my spare ip should bypass the proxy all together11:48
ActionParsnipDiegosnat: ntlm_sasl_server is defined there11:49
ActionParsnipDiegosnat: is it correct?11:49
BillyZane|2if i could only get my drivers to work, i wouldn't need to go back to windows!!! this is so painful. new hardware and no support11:50
Ch1LL3r i know that feel bro =/11:50
DiegosnatActionParsnip, it is11:50
ActionParsnipBillyZane|2: what hardware?11:50
DiegosnatI need to use that11:50
ActionParsnipDiegosnat: is there an exim channel?11:50
Diegosnatbut it seems not to find the library11:50
BillyZane|2MSI Geforce GTX 66011:50
BillyZane|2and creative sound blaster Z11:51
Ch1LL3ri own a lenovo ideapad and dont get 2 of my 3 usb connections to work lol11:51
DiegosnatActionParsnip, what's that?11:51
ActionParsnipBillyZane|2: tried the xorg update PPA?11:51
ActionParsnipDiegosnat: /j #exim11:51
BillyZane|2ActionParsnip: : i have not, what is that?11:51
DiegosnatActionParsnip, =D11:51
ActionParsnipBillyZane|2: creative soundcards arent worth the headache11:52
BillyZane|2ActionParsnip:  i could return it, it's within the return period, but i would like to get it to work11:52
BillyZane|2on a matter of principal11:52
=== bikes_ is now known as nicebikes
ActionParsnipBillyZane|2: what is the output of:  cat /etc/issue11:53
BillyZane|2i'm 4 days old to linux11:53
ActionParsnipBillyZane|2: does the motherboard have onboard sound?11:53
BillyZane|2my motherboard does, but i'm an audiophile11:54
ActionParsnipBillyZane|2: press CTRL+ALT+T  and run the command, what is output?11:54
apm1i just installed openbox11:54
BillyZane|2one second..11:54
ActionParsnipBillyZane|2: then did you disable the onboard sound card?11:54
apm1and saw the unity panel act weird11:54
apm1my suspision that openbox won't work wit compiz11:54
apm1is true then11:54
ActionParsnipBillyZane|2: creative stuff is only middle of the road you know, its not that spectacular. Most onboard stuff does what creative stuff does11:54
DarsVaedaanyone know a good tool to replace multiple lines in multiple files11:54
D_Russim looking for a way to access and download files (large or small) on my home computer from any computer connected to the internet. Anyone know of an easy way to accomplish this for an ubuntu newbie?11:55
ActionParsnipapm1: compiz and openbox are both window managers. You can run one or the other11:55
BillyZane|2i typed in "cat /etc/issue" and i got Ubuntu 12.10 \n \l11:55
WXZI just created a partition on a new disk, it's mounted, but I can't read/write to it11:55
apm1ActionParsnip, i purged openbox then11:55
apm1ActionParsnip, will things be as before? , they should be11:55
BillyZane|2ActionParsnip: : is there a generic driver out there?11:56
BillyZane|2ActionParsnip: : oh, the on board sound is disabled11:56
ActionParsnipBillyZane|2: if you enable the proposed repo, you can install the 310 driver11:56
ActionParsnipapm1: you can tell the OS to use compiz as you want11:57
=== diego_ is now known as Diegthito
apm1ActionParsnip, i don't get it11:57
ActionParsnipBillyZane|2: if you remove nvidia-current and install nvidia-graphics-drivers-experimental-310    then it may help11:57
ActionParsnipapm1: when you log in to the Gnome session, you will use compiz as expected11:58
apm1ActionParsnip, ok and ?11:58
WXZI just created a partition on a new disk, it's mounted, but I can't read/write to it, what do?11:58
BillyZane|2ActionParsnip: Nvidia current causes my computer to straight up CRASH11:58
BillyZane|2ActionParsnip: well.. not crash, but the GUI crashes11:58
ActionParsnipBillyZane|2: have you tried generating an xorg.conf file?11:58
BillyZane|2i have not, and i can try, however, i wanted to figure out a way to remove it if it fails like nvidia-current did11:59
BillyZane|2the way i removed nvidia current was..... sudo apt-get remove nvidia-current11:59
BillyZane|2can i use a similar command to install and remove the xorg drivers?11:59
ActionParsnipBillyZane|2: sudo nvidia-xconfig     reboot to test11:59
apm1i am not sure what is happening here12:00
BillyZane|2what does sudo nvidia-xconfig do?12:01
ActionParsnipBillyZane|2: generates an xorg.conf12:01
BillyZane|2that must be done before i start?12:01
ActionParsnipBillyZane|2: run the command and reboot12:01
BillyZane|2is it something that xorg drivers require before installing12:01
ActionParsnipBillyZane|2: it can be needed if your monitor isn't reporting EDID.12:02
BillyZane|2umm one sec..12:02
ActionParsnipBillyZane|2: cheap monitors usually need this :)12:02
BillyZane|2not sure if that's what mine is12:02
SmokeyDhey everyone. I can't choose between multiple resolutions in the display resolotion screen on ubuntu for my laptop with integrated intel graphics12:04
SmokeyDit only shows the optimal resolution, but I want to lower it in order to mirror with a beamer12:04
ActionParsnipSmokeyD: what make and model laptop?>12:04
SmokeyDsony vaio vpcz112:04
ActionParsnipSmokeyD: do you only get 800x600 res?12:04
ActionParsnipSmokeyD: what is the output of:  cat /etc/issue12:05
SmokeyDActionParsnip: no, only the proper resolution of 1600x90012:05
D_Russim looking for a way to access and download files (large or small) on my home computer from any computer connected to the internet. Anyone know of an easy way to accomplish this for an ubuntu newbie?12:05
SmokeyDI want to lower it12:05
ActionParsnipD_Russ: install openssh-server   and you will get an SFTP server. You can access this securely over the web if you port forward TCP/22 in your router to the IP of the server12:06
ActionParsnipSmokeyD: what is the output of:  cat /etc/issue12:06
SmokeyDActionParsnip: I am using precise pangolin with gnome desktop12:06
BillyZane|2ActionParsnip: one sec, i'm writting down the commands12:06
D_Russactionparsnip: how do i find out the ip of my server?12:07
ActionParsnipD_Russ: run:  ip addre12:07
ActionParsnipD_Russ: run:  ip addr12:07
D_Russokay thanks12:08
ActionParsnipD_Russ: you'll authenticate as the user on the system. you can even connect from Windows using Filezilla etc12:08
D_Russactionparsnip: was kind of hoping for some sort of wed app like owncloud or something similar.12:09
ActionParsnipD_Russ: you can see your WAN IP with:  http://ipchicken.com12:09
ActionParsnipD_Russ: not sure there, an sftp server is super quick and easy, and secure12:10
rileypD Russ install deluge and its web client on ubuntu machine then any pc in house can add torrents to it once you add teh bit torrent add on to your browser and put in your ubuntu machines details12:10
ActionParsnipSmokeyD: sure its an intel GPU?12:10
ActionParsniprileyp: transmission (default in ubuntu) also has web UI12:11
ActionParsnipSmokeyD: if you run:  lspci | grep -i vga    what is output?12:11
rileypah ok .... I like deluge.... well its what I use never even tried transmission.12:12
D_RussGreat thanks for the help actionparsnip and rileyp12:12
ActionParsniprileyp: its default, worth advising that, saves removing and adding apps :)12:12
rileypI use mythbunu so its not in there for me12:13
ActionParsniprileyp: there are android apps to connectto deluge/transmission too (like torrentfu) :)12:13
rileypYep t I thought there would be I just haven't lurked there yet...  I dont download much seeingI have  6 TB of recorded tv to watch when I get time...12:14
rileypI ll instal torrentfu on my android :D thanks12:15
Thoranyone know where I can get help with fish? (the shell)12:15
D_Russive used torrentfu12:15
D_Russit works good12:15
BillyZane|2how do you stop something in terminal?12:16
rileypctrl C12:16
BillyZane|2ohh. i thought it was X12:16
BillyZane|2omg, my internet is so bad right now12:16
amanjosan2008how to install loopback adapter with proper privileges12:16
BillyZane|2i can't even download drivers12:16
abhijitesthi. how can I download the source code of the package using command line?12:17
icerootabhijitest: apt-get source packagename12:17
abhijitestThanks iceroot12:17
BillyZane|2ActionParsnip:  i'm in Kubuntu at the moment, do i still need to use the sudo nvidia-xconfig command to run the 310 experimental drivers?12:17
ActionParsnipBillyZane|2: may help, try without, then with12:17
BillyZane|2ActionParsnip: im trying to install the 310 drivers but it's not doing anything12:17
BillyZane|2ok, it says the installation failed12:18
ActionParsnipBillyZane|2: can you pastebin the output of the command please12:19
guest____hi friends12:20
cfhowlettguest____, greetings12:20
FreeaqingmeHi. I'm trying to run php5 with one parameter using "#!/usr/bin/env php5 -q" (quotes mine) as shebang, I'm getting an error though: "/usr/bin/env: php5 -q: No such file or directory". Without parameter all goes well. How could I fix that?12:20
guest____anyone can help me in enable the service of managesieve on citadel12:20
guest____cflowlett , can u help me12:20
amanjosan2008how to install loopback adapter with proper privileges??? any help or link12:21
BillyZane|2i'm using kubuntu atm. it looks quite nice. i can't even tell the drivers arn't installed. but they are not, and i don't think i can get my video card to accelerate my GUI without them12:21
JuJuBeeI have a lab of 25 computers.  What is the best way to get Ubuntu installed on each with identical configs (all same computers)?12:22
rileyp BillyZane|2 http://www.dedoimedo.com/computers/ubuntu-quetzal-nvidia.html12:23
BillyZane|2nileyp, i will give that a read :)12:24
Ben64JuJuBee: set up on one then clone to the others12:24
HyperbyteJuJuBee, LTSP.12:24
ActionParsnipBillyZane|2: try:  sudo apt-get install nvidia-graphics-drivers-experimental-31012:24
HyperbyteJuJuBee, check http://www.ltsp.org/12:24
BillyZane|2ActionParsnip: : ok, i'll give that a try12:25
HyperbyteJuJuBee, you can deploy fat client images over the network quite easily with even a very low powered server.  Means only one installation to set up/maintain, and 25 or more clients that benefit from it.12:26
JuJuBeeHyperbyte: nice.  Looks great.  I have a Core2 Duo 2.2G with 8G RAM on my server and new computers i5 3.26G with 8G RAM clients.  Seems like they should be reversed :D12:29
BillyZane|2ActionParsnip:  the link rileyp gave was great12:29
BillyZane|2ActionParsnip:  evidently the regular install causes major problems, which is what i was experiencing12:30
BillyZane|2only problem is, my internet is so whack right now, i don't think i could even attempt this12:30
HyperbyteJuJuBee, well, there's ltsp-pnp, which has identical image/software for thin and fat clients.  Meaning, let's say you get a computer which is totally underpowered, you can let it be a thin client and use the server's hardware to run the software.   From a user experience it won't make a single difference.  I could explain more in #ltsp if you like.12:31
PatrickDickeyHyperbyte: Isn't that one of the concepts behind Edubuntu? In other words, that's something they offer12:32
HyperbytePatrickDickey, actually, Edubuntu installs/configures LTSP by default during setup.  LTSP is included in all Ubuntu variants.12:32
PatrickDickeyHyperbyte, that's what I thought. I know Edubuntu actually uses it as a feature though (I've never really heard of it in the other variants--only Edubuntu).12:33
HyperbyteWell, Edubuntu was created around LTSP. :)  It includes other educational software as well.  LTSP is used in lots of schools around the world.12:34
JuJuBeeHyperbyte: I will join #ltsp if you don't mind12:34
HyperbyteJuJuBee, it's a public channel.  Sure.12:34
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noiroIs there a standalone X11 forwarding program I can use with Putty for Windows?12:38
noiroBen64: but don't you have to install it?12:39
noiroThen it is not standalone. :P12:39
noiroI need to just run it off a flashdrive.12:39
Ben64you keep using that word, i don't think it means what you think it means12:39
noiroI could have sworn it means its dependency files cna be stored in a file and you can run it from them. :P12:40
Ben64the word you're looking for is "portable"12:41
noiroGah, fine. But does one exist?12:41
Ben64i haven't read any of that12:42
BillyZane|2i followed the instructions on this page12:43
BillyZane|2i wasn't able to complete them12:43
FloodBot1BillyZane|2: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.12:43
noiroAhh ok, thanks. Taking notes with nano, and pulling files is a pain.12:44
BillyZane|2the second last step, it said file not found. so i did the last step anyway. at that point it restarted and went in to some weird mode where it just did nothing, so i reset the computer. now my desktop looks really crappy, the screen resolution is awful12:44
Ben64BillyZane|2:  modprobe nvidia_current ?12:45
BillyZane|2that's the one i tried12:46
Ben64ok... pastebin "lsmod"12:46
BillyZane|2and i did this on kubunutu12:46
BillyZane|2what's lsmod12:46
BillyZane|2shoudl i type that in terminal?12:46
BillyZane|2one sec12:47
Ben64what video card btw12:47
BillyZane|2GTRX 66012:47
FloodBot1BillyZane|2: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.12:48
Ben64well theres your problem, no nvidia driver loaded12:48
BillyZane|2it could not find nvidia_current12:48
BillyZane|2what should i do?12:48
Ben64pastebin "dpkg -l | grep -i nvidia"12:48
BillyZane|2oh, using the | grep nvidia command, i got nothing12:49
Ben64i haven't been following your stuff tonight, so not sure what you've done or not12:49
Ben64its all one command12:49
Ben64dpkg -l | grep -i nvidia12:49
BillyZane|2one sec12:50
Ben64BillyZane|2: does the file "/etc/X11/xorg.conf" exist?12:51
BillyZane|2i can do a file search12:51
hamnamnomi am on 12.04 and my php is "PHP 5.3.10" i need my php to be php 5.4 what is the best way to update my php on this box?12:52
BillyZane|2well, evidently i don't know how to do a file search12:52
hamnamnomi use php with apache12:52
hamnamnomand cli12:53
Ben64BillyZane|2: from the command line you can just do "ls /etc/X11/xorg.conf"12:53
BillyZane|2file does not exist12:53
Ben64BillyZane|2: what happens if you do "modprobe nvidia"12:53
Ben64err... sudo modprobe nvidia12:54
BillyZane|2file not found12:54
hamnamnomanyone? updating from php 5.3 to 5.4 on 12.04?12:54
BillyZane|2same result12:54
ActionParsnipBillyZane|2: I suggest you run:  sudo dpkg -P nvidia-experimental-31012:54
ActionParsnip!ppa | hamnamnom12:54
ubottuhamnamnom: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge12:54
Ben64BillyZane|2: weird... you have it installed but its not installed12:54
Ben64ActionParsnip: -P?12:55
hamnamnomActionParsnip: thanks, will try now12:55
ActionParsnipBen64: purge, there are residual configs for the package12:55
Ben64i'd recommend purging all the nvidia packages, and starting over, but using 310 since its better12:56
ActionParsnipBen64: hence the 'rc' for the package in the pastebin12:56
BillyZane|2i feel like i messed up12:56
BillyZane|2i'll try that then12:56
BillyZane|2how do i purge?12:56
BillyZane|2after purging i should try the command action gave me12:56
Ben64his purges the 31012:56
BillyZane|2i'll do that now12:57
Ben64are you going to be running steam games and other cool 3d stuff?12:57
BillyZane|2the purge is processing12:57
Ben64wait a sec, you're on a laptop?12:58
BillyZane|2i'm on a desktop12:58
BillyZane|2i'm using kubuntu atm though12:58
Ben64pastebin "lspci | grep -i vga"12:58
Ben64looks kinda like you might have two video cards12:58
ActionParsnipBillyZane|2: if you run:  sudo lshw -C display    is there an intel GPU too?12:59
BillyZane|2http://pastebin.com/GVKVqPDN01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: NVIDIA Corporation Device 11c0 (rev a1)12:59
BillyZane|2ignore the pastebin12:59
BillyZane|2it starts at 01:0012:59
Ben64just that one line?12:59
Ben64cause from your lsmod pastebin, it looks like you have an intel card too13:00
BillyZane|2oh yeah, i have on board video13:00
BillyZane|2it's enabled atm13:00
BillyZane|2i think that might cause some issues13:00
BillyZane|2problem is, i use my onboard and my discrete in windows, a la MVP13:01
BillyZane|2i don't mind disabling my onboard video, i think i might have to13:01
Ben64yeah might work better13:01
BillyZane|2should i do that now?13:01
BillyZane|2before i restart, is there any commands i should use to clean up the mess i made?13:02
BillyZane|2or was the dpkg -P command sufficient13:02
=== Ajira is now known as Ajira86
Ben64i'm just wondering where your nvidia driver is13:02
BillyZane|2worse case scenario, i reinstall linux. but i'd like to avoid that13:03
Ben64BillyZane|2: could you paste  "ls /lib/modules/`uname -r`/updates/dkms"13:03
Ben64oh no, its not reinstall bad13:03
BillyZane|2ls: cannot access /lib/modules/uname -r/updates/dkms: No such file or directory13:04
BillyZane|2i type this in...13:04
Ben64you have to keep the things around uname -r13:04
BillyZane|2riz@NightViper:~$ ls /lib/modules/'uname -r'/updates/dkms13:04
Ben64not single quotes, its the backtick13:05
Ben64tilde without the shift13:05
uragano2Hello, i am using ubuntu 12.04.1 often via ssh. Few days ago i noticed that on logon it doesn't show anymore last login details. Searching i discover the command "last", but it says that there is no log file.13:05
Ben64left of the 1 key :)13:05
BillyZane|2oh, i should inform you, everything i did, i did from this guide... http://www.dedoimedo.com/computers/ubuntu-quetzal-nvidia.html13:05
BillyZane|2however, i did not use the backtick while doing it13:06
BillyZane|2i used single quote13:06
BillyZane|2ls: cannot access /lib/modules/3.5.0-21-generic/updates/dkms: No such file or directory13:06
BillyZane|2perhaps that is because i removed it?13:07
Ben64you still have nvidia-current on there13:07
AminosAmigosTrying to mirror a website for Offline browsing Using the command13:07
AminosAmigoswget -mk http://www.website.com/subdirneeded/13:07
AminosAmigosForgot --no-aprent param (paused the execution) ended up with a lot of files=> is there a way to perform the convert operation on them without downloading everything again ?13:07
FloodBot1AminosAmigos: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.13:07
uragano2...so i created it and after this it worked fine, but after the reboot the file has been deleted....i don'tunderstand because, do u have an explanation?? Thanks13:07
Ben64BillyZane|2: how about before you restart, try  sudo apt-get install build-essential linux-source linux-headers linux-headers-`uname -r`13:07
dufauragano2: have you checked if the log files exist13:08
AminosAmigosI have all needed files they are just not linked to each other13:08
BillyZane|2it asks me to explicitly select one to install13:08
uragano2dufa: i checked if file /var/log/wtmp exists, but it doesn't13:09
Ben64which one?13:09
BillyZane|2it says 'linux-headers' has no installation candidate13:09
dufauragano2: right, I believe /var/log/wtmp is only logged if it exists13:10
uragano2dufa: and apache log file is deleted everytimes after reboot too. I created wtmp before to reboot13:11
Ben64BillyZane|2: ok, need to "sudo apt-get install linux-headers-generic"13:11
BillyZane|2by the way, than you for the help :)13:12
BillyZane|2err.. thank13:12
dufauragano2: are you having porblems with other log files as well?13:12
Ben64but i need to go to sleep in like 5 mins13:12
BillyZane|2ok, it's done13:13
uragano2dufa: i suspected a rootkit, but chkrootkit and rkhunter don't see anything of strange13:13
hamnamnomActionParsnip: after adding ppa url i need to: "sudo apt-get update" and then:  "sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" ? i use this ppa "sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ondrej/php5"13:13
ActionParsniphamnamnom: sounds good13:14
PapaSierra_hi, i'm new to ubuntu so i don't fully understand how ppa's work. i need to install a recent version of npm. i believe the ubuntu 12.04 version is too old. so i was pointed in the direction of this: https://launchpad.net/~chris-lea/+archive/node.js/ but i'm not sure how to use it13:14
BillyZane|2Ben64: what should i do now?13:14
BlackPanxhttp://picpaste.com/pics/Screenshot_at_2013-01-14_14_11_58-lwAMZBVV.1358169156.png can someone look into this... i have 3ware controller for raid, and port 1 last time failed and when i dismounted it, it automatically picked it back and started rebuilding raid, but set port 0 to unknown state... anyone has idea what to do ? i have taken backup of stuff in case something happens... anyone had this problem so far ?13:14
Ben64BillyZane|2: ok, then i'd purge all the nvidia packages and then "sudo apt-get install nvidia-common nvidia-experimental-310 nvidia-experimental-310-dev nvidia-settings-experimental-310"13:15
uragano2dufa: but i don'e understand why i lost my log files everytimes :(13:15
PapaSierra_following my original post above, this is an example of how i'm using Chef to add the dotdeb ppa: http://www.hastebin.com/raw/vecayudima13:15
BillyZane|2how do i purge the nvidia packages?13:15
dufauragano2: so, have you tried creating apache log and wtmp log files, and when you reboot they're gone?13:15
ActionParsnipBillyZane|2: try:  sudo apt-get --reinstall install dkms13:16
BillyZane|2is it dpkg -P nvidia-experimental-13:16
BillyZane|2is it dpkg -P nvidia-experimental-31013:16
Ben64BillyZane|2: yeah, dpkg -P <package name>,13:16
Ben64without that last comma13:16
Ben64ActionParsnip: what does that do13:16
BillyZane|2it says that nvidia-experimental-310 was not installed13:16
BillyZane|2ActionParsnip: ok13:17
uragano2dufa: yes13:17
BillyZane|2ActionParsnip: done13:17
ActionParsnipBillyZane|2: did the nvidia driver get built?13:18
BillyZane|2i have no idea13:18
dufauragano2: strange13:18
BillyZane|2ActionParsnip: how would i know?13:18
ActionParsnipBillyZane|2: read the screen]13:19
andygraybeali'm wondering is the openjdk vulnerable like oracle java?  or has that been patched a long time ago?13:19
BillyZane|2i don't think it did13:19
BillyZane|2how about this...13:19
BillyZane|2i disable my on board display13:19
hypopedataBy mistake I backed up to /media/$MYUSERNAME and filled up my main linux partition. Then I deleted the folder (using sudo), or so I thought. When I at some later point rebooted I got the warning "The system is running in low-graphics mode" (though the warning message is displayed in the normal resolution and colours). I press ok and get to choose between some options like "run in low graphics mode for just one session" but the comp13:19
BillyZane|2it is currently on...13:19
Ben64BillyZane|2: what happens now if you do "modprobe nvidia"13:19
tor_I have downloaded .run file from Nvidia. Anyone knows how i install it??13:19
Ben64tor_: you should install nvidia from apt-get, not from nvidia's site13:20
BillyZane|2FATAL: Error inserting nvidia_current (/lib/modules/3.5.0-21-generic/updates/dkms/nvidia_current.ko): Operation not permitted13:20
Ben64cool, it built the driver13:20
hypopedataWhen I boot ubuntu in recovery mode, the computer always freezes when trying to mounting the partitions in read-write mode, but I can still mount them manually without any problems. Can someone help me?13:20
BillyZane|2shoudl i disable my on board drivers when i restart?13:20
BillyZane|2errr.. on board video13:21
Ben64i think it'll work with it enabled now13:21
Ben64yeah and you should have 3d graphics13:21
BillyZane|2now if i only know what i just did13:21
mint_maybe even 4d13:21
BillyZane|2can i be explain this when i get back? brb13:21
BillyZane|2for my knowledge13:22
BillyZane|2and so i know how to do this in the future13:22
BluesKajHiyas all13:23
orbital_foxdoes anyone use ubuntu one music store to download AAC files? how do you change the settings to that when they are available?13:23
=== mint_ is now known as _DADDY9
=== _DADDY9 is now known as _DADDY
dufauragano2: so, what is the machine used for, is it a web server?13:24
ActionParsnipIf you are worried about the java exploits, there is a PPA for Oracle Java 8r11 on webupd813:24
BillyZane|2i'm back, and i think this is a good sign, but the monitor's center of position is way off to the right13:24
crazydipNewest skype is not showing the "answer call" popup when someone calls in gnome-shell. I cannot answer or hangup. How do I fix this?13:25
BillyZane|2and the screen resolution is really small, but i think that's because it's activating the video card or something13:25
BillyZane|2i think all i gotta do is adjust the screen position and the resolution13:25
Ben64BillyZane|2: you should be able to use nvidia-settings for that13:26
_DADDYcan i get ubuntu w/out unity i want gnome back13:27
uragano2dufa: it's used to test web application, not for public sites, but the server is public and detectable by a scan. Running servers are: apache2, tomcat, mysql, svn, samba and transmission13:27
ubottuUbuntu 11.10 and higher use GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic13:27
ni291187this is billyzane, I did something really stupid13:27
vithi'm looking for a way to have a ramfs device that's backed by a persistent store. i have an idea about modifying an init script to load/save when the related service starts and stops, and using a cronjob to periodically back it up, but i'd rather not reinvent the wheel if i don't have to. is there any preexisting solution that would do that?13:28
ni291187o,g I did something stupid13:28
crazydipSkype "answer call" popup does not show up when using multimonitor. How can I fix this?13:28
=== Rajesh is now known as Guest99274
_DADDYhows gnome 3 these days?13:28
ni291187I went in t display settings and I tried to reset the video resolution, it was set at 1024x768, and I switched it to disable, the monitor turned off13:28
ikonia_DADDY: what do you mean "how is it".....13:29
ikoniani291187: just ask a question13:29
ikoniani291187: saying "help" is just a waste of time13:29
ni291187I did I did I'm so screwed13:29
ni291187this is billyzane13:29
_DADDYi aint never have used it before, heard its alot like unity13:29
ikonia_DADDY: unity is just a shell that sits on top of gnome - so in essence it's the same desktop with a different shell interface13:30
Zapp83uragano2:  do you use logrotate? may have a look in /etc/logrotate.conf if you had problems with other logs aswell.13:30
dufauragano2: could it have been compromised? this if uotside of my expertise, but you could check for backdoors with netstat -ln13:30
hypopedataHow can I get into graphical mode from the recovery mode command line?13:30
dufauragano2: if the machine is listening to any ports it shoulnt13:30
ikoniahypopedata: you'd have to start X - but you can just boot into graphical recovery mode, which is easier13:31
abdulhello, has any body upgraded from 12.04 to 12.1013:31
ikoniaabdul: many people13:31
=== abdul is now known as Guest40984
Guest40984if yes, did it work13:31
ni291187ok I got back by restarting13:31
_DADDYya i meant gnome3shell, as in should i fallback to 213:31
ikoniaGuest40984: most people report a positive option13:31
cfhowlettabdul several million I would imagine ...13:31
ikonia_DADDY: sorry what ? fall back to 2 ?13:31
uragano2Zapp83: i never user logrotate, but conf file exists13:32
hypopedataikonia: It would be, but I have to mount my partitions manually and I do not know how to get back to the main menu from there.13:32
ikonia_DADDY: gnome 2 is dead - it's not an option going forward.13:32
mansoor-sHello friends13:32
_DADDYfallback mode --->213:32
cfhowlettmansoor-s, greetings13:32
ikonia_DADDY: no - it's not 213:32
Guest99274_DADDY try xfce13:32
Ben64if you have 12.04 it'll work until 2017 :D13:32
niklasfihi, I don't have any hardware output devices in pavucontrol, tough in /proc/assound/cards three cards show up.13:32
Guest40984ok then I will try and upgrade now then13:32
=== diegotoral_ is now known as diegotoral
ikoniahypopedata: just reboot and select the graphical recovery option13:32
_DADDYi try cinnamon and its poopy13:32
MonkeyDust_DADDY  cinnamon is a mint thingy13:33
ikoniahe's using mint13:33
hypopedataikonia: But then ubuntu freezes when mounting my partitions :(13:33
_DADDYmint is poopy13:33
ikoniaon a livecd now13:33
ikonia_DADDY: do you need something from this channel ?13:33
ubottuLinux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org13:33
mansoor-sI have a windows laptop and Ubuntu desktop where I do all of my work. But I also want to go to coffee shop :). So, is there a way to "mount" a directory over ssh. Fromwhich I can edit files and it can automatically sync them. and then over ssh console i can compile and run13:33
ikoniahypopedata: not if you boot into safe graphics13:33
ikonia_DADDY: ok, what's the question13:33
ikonia(or issue)13:33
cfhowlett_DADDY, for mint support ask in the mint channel.13:33
mansoor-si'm basically looking for an application tht syncs directory over SSh cross platform13:33
ikoniacfhowlett: he's not asked for mint support13:34
_DADDYi dont want mint help13:34
ikoniamansoor-s: rsync ?13:34
niklasfimansoor-s: are you looking for sshfs?13:34
Guest99274mansoor, try scp13:34
cfhowlett_DADDY, misunderstood then.  sorry.  please continue13:34
mansoor-sikonia, niklasfi it should have a client that runs on windows13:34
hypopedataikonia: Yes. It tells me it will mount the partitions and then, doing that, freezes-13:34
mansoor-si might jsut use dropbox13:34
mansoor-smaybe i'm over thinking this13:34
ikoniamansoor-s: there is an rsync client for windows13:34
Guest99274ya dropbox is good13:35
Guest99274and it uses ssh13:35
niklasfimansoor-s: if you are looking for something similar, look at owncloud13:35
mansoor-si will13:35
mansoor-sthanks all13:35
rethushow can i reconfigure the graphic-card?13:35
mansoor-srethus, is it an nvidia?13:35
Guest99274But many corporate firewalls block ssh :)13:35
rethusi have copy an image from vbox, but now i have other hardware ... so i need to detect graphic-card and install it13:35
rethusintel HD250013:36
BillyZane|2Ben64:  hi13:36
mansoor-sGuest99274, one of the tiny perks of being a freelancer :D13:36
ikoniarethus: xorg is dynamic and should auto detect/configure it13:36
niklasfiGuest99274: you can always use port 80 or something similar though13:36
ikoniarethus: unless you have an xorg.conf overriding it/forcing settings13:36
rethusi try dpkg-reconfivure xserver-x11, but nothein happend13:36
rethusi have problem, that system freeze periodicaly13:36
ikoniarethus: please read what I said13:37
=== schmidtm_ is now known as schmidtm
rethuswhat u mean with override it? only delete and restart xserver?13:37
_DADDYjust asking about different option besides unity, everytime i try to get a gnome shell going, unity bugs it, do i have to completely remove unity first?13:38
ikoniarethus: if you have an xorg.conf with options in, it will override the auto detection13:38
ikoniarethus: if you have no xorg.conf it will autodetect and configure your card13:38
rethusk. thanks13:38
ikonia_DADDY: keeping them seperate is a recommended approach in my view13:38
BillyZane|2i am stuck at 1024x76813:38
hypopedataikonia: Is it possible to return to the recovery mode menu from the root shell?13:38
BillyZane|2should i create a xorg.conf file?13:38
ikoniahypopedata: no13:38
crazydip_DADDY: no you don't... i have both and shell is working ok13:38
_DADDYjust ok?13:39
ikoniaBillyZane|2: what video card do you have......13:39
BillyZane|2GTX 66013:39
Guest99274_DADDY : people are generally using gnome2_fallback or either migrating to xfce, unity is really buggy and I too faced the same difficulties13:39
BillyZane|2i've been trying to get the drivers to work13:39
ikoniaBillyZane|2: then there should already be an xorg.conf forcing it to load the nvidia module13:39
ikoniaGuest99274: please don't make things up13:39
crazydip_DADDY: what? ok means its working like it should13:39
BillyZane|2i don't think i have that ikonia13:39
ikoniaGuest99274: "people" are not migrating to xfce13:39
ikoniaBillyZane|2: then there is your problem13:39
BillyZane|2ok i'll make one13:40
hypopedataikonia: Is it then possible to change which commands are executed when booting in recovery mode?13:40
ikoniaBillyZane|2: do you have the nvidia drivers installed13:40
ikoniahypopedata: no13:40
BillyZane|2ikonia, i'm new to this but i don't know. it's possible13:40
BillyZane|2how do i check?13:40
hypopedataikonia: Only bad news :(13:40
ikoniaBillyZane|2: did you install them ?13:40
BillyZane|2i was installing/uninstalling rebooting removing, adding. i'm lost13:40
BillyZane|2i had 2 ppl help me simultaneously, i just did what they told me to do13:41
ikoniaGuest99274: please stop that13:41
crazydip_DADDY: just read this: http://www.webupd8.org/2012/10/how-to-get-complete-gnome-3-desktop-in.html13:41
ikoniaBillyZane|2: ok, so I suggest installing them13:41
ikonia!nvidia | BillyZane|213:41
ubottuBillyZane|2: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto13:41
_DADDYho great gtx660 isnt working for linux? i just ordered one13:41
ikonia_DADDY: it works fine13:41
_DADDYthanks crazy13:41
BillyZane|2ikonia, ok13:41
Ben64BillyZane|2: does nvidia-settings not work?13:41
mvt007geekwhat gunzip -c do?13:41
Ben64mvt007geek: man gunzip13:42
AminosAmigosTrying to mirror a website for Offline browsing Using the command13:42
AminosAmigoswget -mk http://www.website.com/subdirneeded/13:42
AminosAmigosForgot --no-aprent param (paused the execution) ended up with a lot of files including the ones i need they are just not linked to each other they still send me to the original website => is there a way to perform the convert operation on them without downloading everything again ?13:42
ikoniaBen64: not if he's not installed the nvidia package13:42
FloodBot1AminosAmigos: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.13:42
BillyZane|2ikonia, i did not have an xconfig file, i just created one, shall i reboot?13:42
Ben64ikonia: it is installed13:42
ikoniaBillyZane|2: no13:42
ikoniaBillyZane|2: you should not - you've just done the opposite of what I told you13:42
BillyZane|2hi ben113:42
ikoniaBen64: he doesn't believe it is, so over to you13:42
Ben64i really really need to go to bed though13:42
uragano2dufa: i don't see nothing strange...13:42
BillyZane|2ben64: i understand, you should sleep then. i guess it will work itself out some time13:43
BillyZane|2i should sleep too13:43
Ben64i have work in 7hrs13:43
BillyZane|2no problem ben, i appreciate your help13:43
Ben64maybe disabling the intel would help, nvidia-settings can change resolution and stuff13:43
BillyZane|2good point, i'll try that13:43
Ben64but the driver is definitely installed at this point13:43
BillyZane|2how can i check it?13:44
BillyZane|2like, to see if it's there13:44
Ben64the driver?13:44
BillyZane|2then i'll reboot13:44
BillyZane|2and you sleep13:44
FloodBot1BillyZane|2: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.13:44
Ben64lsmod | grep -i nvidia13:44
mozzyCiao tutti13:44
Ben64mozzy: stop chowing :|13:44
BillyZane|2it's there13:44
dufauragano2: I don't think i am able to help, sorry13:44
BillyZane|2ok, restarting13:44
_DADDYreally makes be mad the trend of makeing desktops ui crappy like they were ment to be a touch screen or something13:45
ubottumozzy: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».13:45
bazhangmozzy, stop that13:45
bazhang!ot | _DADDY13:45
ubottu_DADDY: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!13:45
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ubottumozzy: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».13:46
ni291187this is billy Zane.......13:46
hypopedataWhen booting, i get the error "The system is running in low-graphics mode". How do I switch to a command line before commencing?13:46
ni291187BEN, where are you13:46
ubottuhypopedata,: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter13:47
Ben64ni291187: what happened now?13:47
usr13_DADDY: If you don't like the Desktop Environment you are using, try another.13:47
cfhowlettWarkAngel, greetings13:47
WarkAngelSomeone can help me with kerberos on ubuntu ?13:47
WarkAngelMp me if possible13:48
crazydip!ask | WarkAngel13:48
ubottuWarkAngel: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience13:48
bazhangWarkAngel, ask here, not via PM13:48
usr13hypopedata: http://askubuntu.com/questions/141606/how-to-fix-the-system-is-running-in-low-graphics-mode-error13:49
cocomohi, when ever i click on flash play in epiphany-browser i get loads of these errors and browsers hangs http://pastie.org/568287513:49
hypopedataubottu: I do not think this is the problem. The colours and the resolution of the grub menu and this warning box are correct. I need to get into command line because the computer freezes when I click OK.13:49
cocomoplz tell me if theres any remedy for my problem13:49
mrecis there any way to enable doubletapping with ubuntu 12.10?13:49
Zapp83uragano2:  did you have problems with other logs aswell? in that case which!13:49
mrecmouse + ubuntu = totally messed up after every update13:50
hypopedatausr13: Thanks, but Ctr Alt F1 does not work.13:50
ioria cocomo: 12.04 ?13:50
WarkAngelwhen i install with (sudo apt-get install krb5-kdc krb5-admin-server) it ask me to specify a principal or an username : What should i input there ?13:50
ActionParsnipcocomo: is it ok in another broiwser?13:50
cocomoActionParsnip: yes13:50
cocomoActionParsnip: i can right click in opera chrome midori13:50
cocomobut in epiphany browser hangs13:51
WarkAngelIt's write Default kerberos realm .13:51
ioria cocomo: epi uses gtk313:51
BillyZane|2ActionParsnip: hi! it's working! the xconfig file was the problem apparently. i did the command you told me to use and it worked13:51
BillyZane|2thank you very much13:51
uragano2Zapp83: other logs as what? i have just checked /var/log/auth.log and it has been deleted after restart too13:52
ioria cocomo: maybe nspluginwrapper13:52
ActionParsnipBillyZane|2: so you need an xorg.conf file?13:52
cocomoioria: i am using libgtk313:53
cocomoioria: what should i do with nspluginwrapper to avoid browser freezing?13:54
hypopedatausr 13: ctrl alt F2 :)13:54
mvt007geekhi hi hi13:55
=== Sil4nc4_ is now known as Sil4nc4
cfhowlettmvt007geek, greetings13:55
ioria cocomo: i'm on lubuntu 12.04 and all browsers work with flash with the exception of epi... i used nspluginwrapper and i solved...13:55
ioria cocomo: but if you are on gnome with gtk3 i don't know13:55
mvt007geeki want to install ubuntu in a sdcard .i just have the unzip ubuntu.so i want to change this command:     sh -c 'zcat ./ubuntu-12.04-preinstalled-server-armhf+omap4.img.gz | dd bs=4M of=/dev/sdc13:56
mvt007geekhow to do that?13:56
ubottumozzy: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».13:56
thoonaimy nginx cant assign ip though port is free, php_fcgi is running and adress is up13:56
BillyZane|2ActionParsnip: umm.. i don't know13:56
BillyZane|2ActionParsnip: well, i needed one, when i type sudo nvidia-xconfig , it created the file. by doing so, i was able to restore the screen resolution. and since the nvidia drivers are installed, i guess i'm good13:57
cocomoioria: i am on unity am not on gnome shell13:57
BillyZane|2ActionParsnip: however, do i need now to customize this xconfig file?13:57
mvt007geeki want to install ubuntu in a sdcard .i just have the unzip ubuntu.so i want to change this command:     sh -c 'zcat ./ubuntu-12.04-preinstalled-server-armhf+omap4.img.gz | dd bs=4M of=/dev/sdc13:58
KNUBBIGHey, I got a problem with AJAX and don't know where to go. Anybody got a suggestion for me? Thanks13:58
cocomoif you see this paste http://pastie.org/5682875 you can see my epiphany IS using nspluginwrapper ioria13:58
bazhang!alis | KNUBBIG13:58
ubottuKNUBBIG: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*13:58
usr13cocomo: Does firefox work ok?13:59
ActionParsnipBillyZane|2: is the display as you desire?13:59
KNUBBIGbazhang: cool didn't know that (obv), thanks a lot13:59
cocomousr13: yes it does13:59
BillyZane|2ActionParsnip: i can't complain, the resolution seems great. the only thing is, i haven't tested out any games so i can't tell if i'm using the full power of the display14:00
BillyZane|2ActionParsnip: next step is getting my sound card to work :D , but i'll leave that for another day14:00
ioria cocomo: type nspluginwrapper14:01
uragano2Zapp83: i'll save configuration files and i'll try to do a new installation...thanks for your help anyway!14:01
ActionParsnipBillyZane|2: install a 3d game like super tux kart and run it :14:01
uragano2dufa: i'll save configuration files and i'll try to do a new installation...thanks for your help anyway!14:02
Zapp83uragano2:  give me a sec14:02
uragano2Zapp83: ok14:02
dufauragano2: good luck!14:02
Zapp83uragano2:  What version of ubuntu are you using and when did this problem first present itself14:02
BillyZane|2ActionParsnip:  ok i'm installing14:03
thoonaimy nginx cant assign ip though port is free, php_fcgi is running and adress is up14:03
uragano2Zapp83: i am using Ubuntu 12.04.1 LTS (GNU/Linux 3.2.0-1412-omap4 armv7l)14:03
mansoor-sdropbox is down every single time i try to use it14:03
BillyZane|2it's late, man i need to sleep14:04
BillyZane|2i can't sleep at night, i sleep at 10pm and wake up 2 am14:04
BillyZane|2gotta sleep14:04
Zapp83uragano2:  OK, have a look at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/rsyslog/+bug/940030 might be relevant! :)14:04
ubottuUbuntu bug 940030 in rsyslog (Ubuntu) "rsyslog stops working after logrotate until restarted" [Undecided,Confirmed]14:05
uragano2Zapp83: and i dunno when i had the problem first time,i noticed it fews days ago14:05
=== chiluk_away is now known as chiluk
mansoor-sWould anyone trust ubuntu one with sensitive business documents and IP?14:06
=== jordan_ is now known as Pbwizkid
usr13mansoor-s: I trust my thumb drive.14:07
llutzmansoor-s: i'd trust none of those cloud-services14:07
mansoor-shmm i might have to invest in a thumd drive14:07
Zapp83ubottu: Nicely said. :)14:07
ubottuZapp83: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)14:07
mansoor-sbut they can be stolen/lost so easily14:07
llutzmansoor-s: encryption is the keyword14:08
mansoor-sllutz, what tool do you use for encryption?14:08
rajeshp1lutz, well said, encrypt your documents and use cloud.14:08
llutzmansoor-s: gpg14:08
mansoor-si need something that works crossplatform14:09
Zapp83mansoor-s: 7zip is great for backups to off-site compress and encrypt. :)14:09
llutzmansoor-s: gpg14:09
usr13mansoor-s: thumbdrives14:09
BillyZane|2ActionParsnip: it's pretty fun (superkarttux) however, it just crashed. it was taking 3 percent of my CPU14:09
uragano2Zapp83: in my case auth.log, kern.log and syslog are created but them start from the last restart and there is any old log as syslog.1 in /var/log. wtmp is not created14:10
BillyZane|2k, sleep time, good night14:11
thoonaimy nginx cant assign ip though port is free, php_fcgi is running and adress is up14:11
llutzthoonai: error is?14:12
DanicI think I used to open the dashboard with the left windows key. It doesn't work anymore. Now I am not sure if it's broken, or my brain is broken (or both).14:12
=== Billfelder is now known as Bobfeld
=== shantorn- is now known as shantorn
usr13thoonai: /join #nginx14:14
MastaaKHello everyone, it's me again... I will make a LTSP server as soon as I can and I would know if it's possible to make a link with samba and ltsp14:14
MastaaKI mean when a user log on an ltsp client his documents will be the one on the samba server, even the desktop if it's possible14:15
MastaaKI would be glade if someone know or just paste a link!14:15
hypopedataI need to type a password in a NetworkManager configuration file. like "password=whatever". The problem is, my password contains an "=", thus "password=passw=ord" or whatever. Must I put something before the second "="?14:15
hypopedata...like a "\" in LaTeX14:16
usr13hypopedata: NetworkManager should compensate for it.  But, I just use passwords with regular characters14:17
thoonaiusr13: #nginx is dead14:17
Zapp83uragano2:  ok, i'm out of ideas then i think! Other then dirty dirty workarounds.14:18
hypopedatausr13: It seems not to.14:18
usr13hypopedata: Did you try quotes?14:19
xsumi5Anyone available for an odd issue14:20
Slingxsumi5: dont ask to ask, ask14:20
xsumi5Trying to be polite14:21
uragano2Zapp83: thanks anyway for your help! i'll make a last attempt on #ubuntu-arm :)14:21
xsumi5I noticed with Ubuntu 12.10 64bit that when I plug my earphones in the jack it appears that gnome has issues14:21
Zapp83uragano2: good luck. really interesting problem you have there. :)14:22
xsumi5My earphones have a mic and vol control like those shipped with an iPhone14:22
usr13hypopedata: LIke I said, I'm pretty sure network-manager compensates for special characters.14:22
xsumi5When I plug in standard headphones with no mic or vol controls it works fine14:22
usr13hypopedata: Are you sure you are typing the passphrase correctly.14:22
xsumi5The if I reboot, plug in standard earphones (no mic, controls) remove them, then plug in the earphones with the mic and vol ctrls it works fine.14:24
hypopedatausr13: Yes, the problem may lie elsewhere.14:25
Zapp83xsumi5: Does the volyme control and mic work then also?14:26
nogui4meHey! How can I boot to console in 12.04 or disable lightdm? I have broken xorg.conf, they disable my keyboard and mice. I try recovery mode but have same problem.14:26
dawkirstWhat is the de facto way for serving SSH in Ubuntu?14:26
hypopedatausr13: I am following the instructions at http://www.ubuntugeek.com/ubuntu-tiphow-to-connectdisconnect-vpn-from-the-command-line.html, but the fix is not working.14:26
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest92920
xsumi5I didn't really try it the vol / mic controls I was really just trying to use the earphones14:26
=== Guest92920 is now known as skan
boulderdaveI need a MultipleChoiceField that can accept any value... problem is thedjango field requires you specify the list choices in the form class... whats the best way to go about this?14:27
eagernewbieI am confused by this command for burning an .iso file to a USB drive via terminal... The dd command? I guess I am supposed to fill in the name of the .iso file in the command "dd if=/path/to/file.iso of=/dev/sdb", but I don't know what else I should be filling or what.14:27
Picidawkirst: Install the openssh-server package14:27
usr13hypopedata: YOu are correct in figuring that the problem may be elsewhere, but you can look at the file that holds the passphrase in /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/your-essid-here14:27
xsumi5I just noticed earphones equipped with the mic and vol controls seem to cause the issue.  I tried a pair from an iPhone, and from a Samsung.14:27
eagernewbieI know nothing about command line. :/14:27
xsumi5It in generally repeatable.14:28
usr13hypopedata: Oh, I'm just now realizing that you are working on a vpn connection.14:29
usr13hypopedata: But it's pretty much the same14:29
modifierhow to join .001 files in ubuntu ??...i have hjsplit but its not running and i found article stating cat can be used to join such files ?14:30
xsumi5Thanks anyway guys, I'll try back later.14:30
Zapp83xsumi5: Ok. My guess, and it is only a guess. Is that when you plug in the headset. it tries to guess what type of device it is. And the jack on your computer is not made for a headset from a phone!14:30
jribmodifier: just use cat14:30
usr13hypopedata: And the files are also in the same place14:30
xsumi5Zapp83: I'll agree it's trying to guess the device, but it's a normal pair of earphones.14:31
modifierjrib: cat something.filename.extension.xxx.00* > same.filename.same-extension.xxx ??14:31
xsumi5I may just give in a get a new pair of earbuds14:31
hypopedatausr13: The password is correct, because it is not a problem logging on in graphics mode. -- In the tutorial, it says "password-flags=1", here the line is "Xauth password-flags=1". Under [vpn-secrets], I have tried to add password=abc, Xauth password=abc, xauth-password=abc, but nothing changes.14:31
jribmodifier: sure.  as long as  your glob expands to what you want and in the right order14:31
hypopedatausr13: Yes, the files in the identical place.14:31
=== albert is now known as Guest7248
xsumi5Thanks everyone14:31
modifierjrib: ok...but why hjsplit is not running on my system ?14:31
dawkirstPici, thanks.14:32
jribmodifier: I don't know.  How did you install it?14:32
thoonaihey what does console-kit-daemon is14:32
modifierjrib: i downloadded it from site hjsplit.org no need to install....just unpack and change file to executable and run from file manager or terminal14:33
modifierbut anyways its not running..14:33
modifierjrib: ^^^14:33
hje841how do I upgrade to g++ 4.7 ?14:33
hypopedatausr13: I figure the problem must be in this configuration file since I get the error message immediately, and if the program were trying to connect it would take some time as it does in graphics mode.14:33
jribmodifier: so what happens when you try to run it...?14:33
jribmodifier: lxsplit is in the repositories too14:34
jrib!info lxsplit | modifier14:34
ubottumodifier: lxsplit (source: lxsplit): This program is a simple tool for splitting and joining files. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.2.4-0ubuntu1 (quantal), package size 9 kB, installed size 72 kB14:34
cfhowletthje841, it's not in repos, so you'll need to download a .deb or compile14:34
modifiernothing happens....when clicking it in file manager then nothing hapens and when giving command in terminal, command completes and no output14:34
hje841cfhowlett, thanks14:35
hje841how do I do that from cli?14:35
cfhowletthje841, have fun, be safe.14:35
modifierjrib: i tried installing lxsplit also...but mine is x64 architecture and version available is x8614:35
jribmodifier: how did you try installing lxsplit?14:35
usr13hypopedata: What does the error message say?14:36
hypopedataConnection activation failed: no valid VPN secrets.14:36
hypopedatausr13: "Connection activation failed: no valid VPN secrets."14:36
modifieri downloaded it from site and then sudo dpkg -E -G -i --force-all lxsplit.deb14:36
jribmodifier: no, just use apt.  It's in the repositories.  « sudo apt-get install lxsplit »14:37
modifierx64 repo ?14:37
modifierjrib: ^14:37
jribmodifier: yes14:37
circleI have 2GB ram, Ubuntu install, but only 240mb free.14:37
circleI want to run a VM and need to give it about 384mb, how do I free up ram?14:38
iceroot!repo | modifier14:38
ubottumodifier: The packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories and http://www.ubuntu.com/project/about-ubuntu/components - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories14:38
circleabout 770mb is cached ram14:38
circleI've closed required programs14:38
icerootcircle: http://www.linuxatemyram.com/14:38
modifierjrib: if cat does that job good then do i really need other apps like hjsplit or lxsplit ? and still why hjsplit is not running ?14:38
cfhowlettcircle, on unity?14:38
usr13hypopedata: "no valid VPN secrets" seems to indicate authentication problem14:38
icerootcircle: you have more then 240mb free14:38
circleiceroot: cheers, makes friend14:39
v0lksmananyone have any luck with Brother MFC devices in 12.10?14:39
circleiceroot: makes sense*14:39
iceroot!anyone | v0lksman14:39
ubottuv0lksman: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.14:39
jribmodifier: if cat does the job and all you want to do is the job, then you don't need anything else.  Pastebin your command and full output when you try to run hjsplit for starters14:39
=== andy_ is now known as Guest45915
modifierjrib: ok14:39
usr13v0lksman: Identify your printer14:40
v0lksmanusr13: mfc9970cdw14:40
v0lksmanI've downloaded the lpr and cups drivers from brother.  manually created a directory in /var/spool and installed with no errors.  printer preferences can find the printer on the network but when printing a test page nothing prints14:41
usr13firefox localhost:63114:41
v0lksmanprint queue clears as though it did print14:41
v0lksmanusr13: printer appears under "14:41
v0lksmanall jobs show as completed14:42
=== slank_away is now known as slank
hypopedatausr13: I would not wind typing the password manually, but man nmcli does not offer any help.14:42
hypopedatausr13: *mind14:42
=== Guest7248 is now known as Phryq
usr13v0lksman: Are you 64bit?14:44
v0lksmanusr13: yes14:44
usr13v0lksman: http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-1765280.html14:45
usr13v0lksman: I don't know if it's relevant but...14:45
v0lksmanusr13: it's something to try... :)14:45
usr13v0lksman: May 2011, pretty old... but.14:46
rigo_hi my pci wlan card is not recognised after cold start. only after a ctrl+alt+del reboot.14:46
v0lksmanI never even thought about 32 bit libs but it is still a 32 bit package so this may work14:46
usr13hypopedata: http://linux.die.net/man/1/nmcli14:47
modifierjrib: http://pastebin.com/KFgdE4jD14:49
ActionParsniprigo_: does the driver get loaded?14:50
ActionParsniprigo_: as in, the first boot?14:50
jribmodifier: it's really not a good idea to run something with sudo just because it didn't work without it; especially when you're not sure what it is doing14:50
rigo_i cant see anything in the dmesg. u can check it here are the 2 dmesg-s one after another:14:50
modifierjrib: yea...but i was just making it work around....rest i'll keep that in mind for future14:51
ActionParsniprigo_: when you get the wifi running, run:  sudo lshw -C network14:51
ActionParsniprigo_: look at the driver bit, if you cold boot the OS, unload the module then reload it, is it ok?14:51
dayi installed the nvidia graphics driver but now i only see my secondary monitor without toolbars (just the desktop extension) how do i fix that?14:51
jribmodifier: did it come with documentation?14:52
niklasfihi, I don't have any hardware output devices in pavucontrol, tough in /proc/assound/cards three cards show up. Any Ideas?#14:52
ActionParsnipday: what is the output of: cat /etc/issue    and which nvidia GPU?14:52
circleIn a virtual box, does it automatically format the space as ext4 (I chose the environment to be an Arch Linux one)? Or do I have to do it myself? I assume the former14:52
modifierjrib: yes 1 test file...download it...just few kbs hjsplit.org14:52
hypopedatausr13: No luck, thanks anyway!14:53
ActionParsnipcircle: you assign a disk file, this is used by the virtual system, it is all managed for you14:53
circleActionParsnip: ok cool, thanks14:53
circleI assumed so14:53
rigo_lshw -C network gives: PCI (sysfs)14:53
dayActionParsnip: nvidia gpu is a gtx660 it works totally fine it just doest like the dvi output. will check the /etc/issue once im home. but i doubt that there are any issues14:54
ActionParsniprigo_: give it time14:54
ActionParsnipday: it doesn't show issues, it shows other things14:54
ActionParsniprigo_: your PCI bus is slow14:54
xrlgfhi, do someone know why rsync is using root to write files, instead of the ssh username on ubuntu server ?14:55
rigo_can i speed it up?14:55
jribmodifier: output of "file hjsplit"?14:55
_joeyTwo questions: 1) how do I stop the system changing resolv.conf contents after each restart . 2) I want to install linux on a system with ms windows but the installer on a flash stick14:55
ActionParsniprigo_: no, its universal14:55
circleActionParsnip: I'm installing arch and it tells me it's the wrong filesystem type. are you sure I'm not supposed to format it as ext4?14:55
modifierjrib: http://pastebin.com/KSGK7piw - hjsplit documentation - small text file nothing else14:55
dayActionParsnip: alright i give it a shot.14:55
modifierjrib: output ? hjsplit is not running at all....its not opening nothing happening or showing14:56
rigo_what can i do than? other than reloading the module with rc.local after startup14:56
jribmodifier: run the command "file hjsplit"14:56
modifierjrib: ubuntu@ubuntu:~/Desktop$ file hjsplit  hjsplit: ELF 32-bit LSB executable, Intel 80386, version 1 (GNU/Linux), statically linked, stripped14:57
jribmodifier: maybe you need 32-bit libraries.  You can install the ia32-libs package if you want to try14:58
BluesKajcircle, I suggest you ask in #archlinux14:58
modifierarchitecture problem ? jrib14:58
ActionParsnipcircle: then i'd ask in #arch14:58
BluesKajaltho it does use ext414:59
BluesKajran arch for awhile , nothing special , just a chore to install via the cli , but the reward isn't worth all the work IMO15:00
rigo_no idea? i'll give another pci slot a try.15:00
wasutton3does anyone know if one might be able to download the ubuntu phone os?15:01
modifierjrib: but its not showing anything with ./hjsplit as written in documentation but showing with "file hjsplit" and whats does "file xxx" mean ?15:01
jribmodifier: "file xxx" just gives information about xxx15:01
ActionParsniprigo_: the pci slot is moot, ALL slots are scanned using the command15:01
rigo_i c15:02
modifierso should i proceed with ia32-libs ?15:02
modifierjrib: ^^15:02
jribmodifier: if you want to try, sure.15:02
ActionParsniprigo_: where do you get 'no idea' from... you clearly haven't tried what I said.15:02
ActionParsniprigo_: why do you need to pastebin the output?15:02
modifiercat is copy utility or joiner ?15:02
ActionParsnipmodifier: it can be both15:02
rigo_cause u asked for the lshw  -C network15:03
modifierif copy then can be used as backup utility also like rsync ?15:03
usr13_joey: If your nick is set to DHCP, it will grab the IP info from the DHCP server of your router and re-write the resolv.conf file.  One thing you might do is change the router configs so that it gives out the nameserver IP you want to use.15:04
ActionParsniprigo_: no, I said to run the command, cold boot the OS and unload then reload the driver. I never said to give the output15:04
modifierand can it copy to disks ? cd dvd etc ?15:04
NET||abuseslightly off topic, anyone know a good model of 32" monitor for mounting on the wall to show our stats all day, CI build outputs, site traffic etc.. Something with really good power usage.15:04
ActionParsniprigo_: scroll up. Try reading whjat I write, rather than what you think I write15:04
MonkeyDustmodifier  i use rsync -a to backup to an external disk15:04
ActionParsnipmodifier: you'll use dd for that15:04
GoldenAppleHello. When I try to watch a video on the Internet (Youtube, etc) I get a black screen where the video should appear. How I can fix it?15:04
usr13_joey: Or, if you're using network-manager, try changing the connection information there.15:05
MonkeyDustGoldenApple  in firefox?15:05
ActionParsnipGoldenApple: what is the output of:  lsb_release -a; uname -a dpkg -l | egrep 'flash|gnash|swf|spark'15:05
MonkeyDustGoldenApple  right click on the video, it's an accelleration issue15:05
ActionParsnipGoldenApple: what is the output of:  lsb_release -a; uname -a; dpkg -l | egrep 'flash|gnash|swf|spark'15:05
usr13_joey: If you are using static IP, you could just uninstall network-manager and use the config files15:05
ActionParsnipGoldenApple: missed a semicolon :)15:05
usr13_joey: You need to re-phrase question number 215:07
_joeyusr13: i use static ip15:09
ephemeralHow come when I setup a script on startup for xrandr to set the resolution and then feh to set the desktop wallpaper, it never sets the wallpaper and I have to set it manually?15:09
MonkeyDust_joey  insert the usb key, reboot from usb, follow instructions to install ubuntu on its own partition(s)15:10
GoldenAppleThis is the correct output. http://pastebin.com/tn2MLSVz15:10
usr13_joey: Then set your NIC to static IP15:10
_joeyusr13: 2) I am install linux on a HDD that already has another OS installed. I will allocated a partition. After installation Linux on the HDD, I want to install bootloader on a USB sticks rather than the HDD that hosts Linux15:10
_joeyit is set to static IP15:10
_joeybut the system changes resolv.conf contents after each reboot15:11
usr13_joey: Not sure why that would happen, but I suppose you could uninstall network-manager.15:12
MonkeyDust_joey  restart the network after you modified resolv.conf15:12
_joeywhat does network-manager do?15:12
histo_joey: connects you to a network15:12
_joeyusr13: it's a known problem on Ubuntu i.e. updating reslov.conf that is manually updated15:12
histo_joey: or more accurately manages your network connection15:12
histo_joey: it's not a problem that's what it does15:13
_joeyit does shit15:13
usr13_joey: Uninstall network-manager and edit /etc/network/interfaces and /etc/resolv.conf15:13
_joeynobody wants15:13
histo!language | _joey15:13
ubottu_joey: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.15:13
usr13_joey: or uninstall wicd if your using that one.15:14
histo_joey: you don't need to use network-manager as usr13 stated. Or you can edit your connection in network-manager and specify whatever you want for DNS15:14
histousr13: I don't believe wicd will overwrie the resolve conf15:14
BluesKajjoey open /etc/resolvconf/resolv.conf.d/head and add your nameservers there because it writes to /etc/resolv.cong ..you can safely ignore the warning and of course as usr13 advises , remove network manager15:15
_joeyusr13: what is the name of the service that run network-manager?15:15
usr13_joey: Just uninstall it.15:15
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distrozione_Ciao a tutti, scusato ho un problema con l'hd esterno, in pratica stavo per creare un disco di avvio utilizzando la iso che si trovava sull'hd e una pendrive dove creare il boot... il problema è che si è disconnesso per sbaglio l'hd e ora mi da errore di input/output e non mi fa accedere... montandolo su altri computer lo vedo senza la solita etichetta (si chiama my passport) e vedo 4 file "criptati"15:15
usr13_joey: sudo apt-get remove network-manager15:16
SwedeMike!it | distrozione_15:16
ubottudistrozione_: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)15:16
_joeyusr13 well, no disrespect but I don't uninstall just because someone advises to15:16
_joeywhat is the name of the service?15:16
histo_joey: you can just stop network-manager from starting if you update your services.15:16
GoldenAppleMonkeyDust I have done click right and still the same15:16
usr13_joey: That's up to you.15:16
usr13_joey: But I dont see why you would have it installed if you're not going to use it.15:17
histo_joey: try somehting like sudo update-rc.d network-manager remove15:17
_joeyi will stop the service and see how the system plays first, later i may uninstall it15:17
usr13_joey: I've given you the simpliest method.  Take it or leave it.15:18
histousr13: please15:18
_joeyusr13: basically, that's the only method you know15:19
histo_joey: let me find the appropiate way with upstart15:19
usr13_joey: WHy don't you just change the router configs?15:19
_joeythe router?15:19
_joeyhow do you know if I even use the router?15:19
_joeythere may not be a router on local network15:19
usr13_joey: Ok, then what are you connecting to?15:19
usr13_joey: There is a router somewhere, that is for sure.15:20
_joeydirectly to public network which routes the traffic through the router to which I have no access15:20
_joeyGot it?15:20
_joeyI doubt15:20
usr13_joey: Ok.  You do not have access to the router.  Fine.15:20
llutz_joey: configure your network in /etc/network/interfaces, make sure to include a "dns-nameservers" line (change to your dns). then the iface should be ignored by networkmanager15:23
histo_joey: http://dijks.wordpress.com/2012/07/06/how-to-disable-network-manager-in-ubuntu-12-04-precise/15:23
_joeyllutz: untill a reboot is done15:24
_joeyit will ignore15:24
llutz_joey: nope15:24
histollutz: but the resolv.conf gets overwritten by network-manager15:24
histollutz: that's his issue. _joey please see the link I posted will explain how to disable it15:24
=== root___ is now known as Sail
bamarniwhat is the difference between the base64 content and binary content of a file / picture?15:25
histollutz: network-manager will manage the interfaces in /etc/network/interfaces unless he changes the managed mode in /etc/NetworManager/NetworkManager.conf15:25
usr13histo: Or, unless he does:  sudo apt-get remove network-manager15:26
_joeyhisto: thanks but "/etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf" E212: Can't open file for writing15:26
llutzhisto: nm is supposed to ignore ifaces already configured in /etc/network/interfaces15:26
histo_joey: you need to use sudo15:26
_joeyI am using it15:26
_joeyI am editing as root15:27
_joeythat's probably another shit Ubuntu team added to the system thinking it's going to benefit most users15:27
MonkeyDust_joey  no such words here, please15:28
bazhang_joey, thats enough with the cursing15:28
histo_joey: I can write to mine15:28
_joeyhisto: hmm15:28
histo_joey: double check that your are using sudo to edit the file15:28
_joeyof course I am15:28
_joeysudo vi /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf15:29
_joeysudo vi /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf15:29
histo_joey: then change the line and :w15:29
histo_joey: if not try stoping network manager first15:29
rumpel_joey, is the filesystem writeable?15:29
histo_joey: but i'm able to write to mine with network-manager running15:29
_joey chmod 755 /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf15:30
_joeychmod: cannot access `/etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf': No such file or directory15:30
jhutchinsbamarni: base64 is used to encode binary files so that they can be passed through email systems.15:30
histo_joey: did you remove network-manager?15:30
_joeyI cannot 'touch' it either15:31
=== dpac is now known as dpac|away
_joeyhisto: I will not remove the network-manager15:31
ActionParsnip_joey: use TAB to autocomplete15:31
_joeyuntill I see the system is playing nicely while it's stopped15:31
EaglemanIs there a website where i could download pretty much harmless virusses, i want to test my antivirus in my webmail, it did detect the Eicar-Test-Signature however i want to test it aiganst real virusses.15:31
histo_joey: I'm asking if you did remove it.... not telling you to remove. Trying to figure out why that file doesn't exist15:32
_joeyI did not remove it15:32
breckerhey guys, I'm trying to read two discs that where set up in raid (factory raid of a sony notebook), I've installed dmraid and hooked them up via usb, but it didn't recognized them, if I do dmraid -r it says no discs found, any ideas?15:32
breckerno raid discs*15:32
usr13_joey: Sure would be easier if you DID remove it.  :)15:33
bamarnijhutchins: ok so basically base64 is a binary content encoded so that it gets smaller and can be sent with emails etc right?15:34
meetdoes aria2c or axel really speed up downloads?15:34
histo_joey: is your filesystem writeable and are other files present in /etc15:35
=== MartinS is now known as Guest51033
_joeyhisto: yes15:35
fegoActionParsnip: mind a pm?15:35
breckerthey do appear under /dev/sde, but nothing appears under dev/mapper15:35
=== adamxx is now known as adamx
histo_joey: do you have a file called /etc/init/network-manager.conf  ??15:35
_joey-rw-r--r--  1 root root for /etc15:36
_joeyhisto: I don't have that file15:36
histo_joey: that's an issue /etc should be a d15:36
ActionParsnipfego: sup15:36
usr13_joey: That's interesting.  How did that happen>?15:37
_joeyhisto: I did not change anything15:37
histo_joey: should be drwxr-xr-x on /etc15:37
usr13_joey: That can not be right because /etc is a directory.15:37
rumpel_joey, then it must have decided to become a real file ^^15:37
breckerseen psusi15:38
brecker!seen psusi15:38
ubottuI have no seen command15:38
_joeyusr13: some directories under /etc have drwxr-xr-x15:38
usr13_joey:  ls -l /  |grep etc15:38
_joeyusr13:  I don't think you know what you are talking about15:39
_joeythanks for your help, though15:39
histo_joey: etc should be a directory and there should be files present inside of it.15:40
histo_joey: is this an installed system and what version of ubuntu are you running15:40
_joeythere are files in /etc and /etc is a directory15:40
_joeyJesus, all I asked is to stop the system upgrading /etc/resolv.conf after reboot :))15:41
_joeyupdating rather15:41
histo_joey: you just have to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NetworkManager#Disabling_NetworkManager15:41
rumpel_joey, then you gave inexact/false informations: -rw-r--r--  1 root root for /etc    -> it's not a directory15:41
usr13_joey: And I told you  how to do that.15:41
histo_joey: but you are having bigger issues if you are saying that /etc is -rw-r--r--15:41
_joeyyou are an idiot15:41
histo_joey: that is not a directory15:41
_joeyif you all your solutions are "remove it"15:42
bazhang_joey, stop that15:42
_joeybazhang: he asked for it15:42
_joeyit's not for the first time I told him I am not going to remove it15:42
bazhang_joey,  thats not right. so just dont do it15:42
adamxlol got some mad in here15:42
MonkeyDust_joey  if you want a static IP, first remove network-manager, it's the mot normal way15:42
histoyeah well usr13 is partially to blame15:43
histoMonkeyDust: he just wants to disable it not remove it15:43
_joeyhisto: root@ubuntu:~# stop network-manager15:43
histo_joey: sudo stop network-manager15:43
_joeystop: Unknown job: network-manager15:43
MonkeyDust_joey  great, so no harm done if you remove it15:43
histo_joey: echo "manual" | sudo tee /etc/init/network-manager.override15:43
_joeyokay  sudo stop network-manager15:44
_joeystop: Unknown job: network-manager15:44
histo_joey: okay do the second command please15:44
_joeyas per instructions you linked me to above15:44
histo_joey: you've already stopped it15:44
histo_joey: I don't know what else you've tried perhaps you remove the job already.15:45
_joeywhat's the name of process in PID table?15:45
jhutchins_joey: That's not valid linux syntax.15:45
_joeyIf I removed it already the system would not be updating resolv.conf after reboots15:45
MonkeyDust_joey  you're making things way too complicated, IMO, simply remove network-manager, done!15:45
_joeyassuming network-manager has anything to do with updating resolv.conf15:45
=== zapp88 is now known as Zapp
usr13network-manager is not the name of a service, it's the name of an application.15:46
histousr13: yes it is a service15:46
rumpelusr13, an application that runs as a service15:46
MonkeyDust_joey  please don't reject every and any advice you're getting here15:46
histousr13: sudo status network-manager15:47
_joeyservice is an application run as a daemon15:47
BluesKajJoah, network manager will overwrite your resolve.conf settings at bot up , everytime15:47
histonetwork-manager start/running, process 126815:47
besingamkhi.. can i ask for php on ubuntu ?? lAMP?15:47
histousr13: ^15:47
BluesKajjoey ^15:47
_joeyhisto: thanks15:47
histo_joey: can you please create the /etc/init/network-manager.override file15:47
MonkeyDust!lamp | besingamk start here15:47
ubottubesingamk start here: LAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process.15:47
histo_joey: and reboot and be done with all this nonsense15:47
andygraybealhi, is the openjdk / iced tea plugin vulernable, even though their might not be an known exploit for it?15:48
moondoggyCould someone give me some help with the java security update?15:48
histoandygraybeal: anything can be vunerrable15:48
besingamkyes.. sir i just succesfully install lamp on ubuntu. but i have some problems on some php file15:48
_joeyhisto: it's a non-sense, I agree. but what need to be done before rebooting again?15:48
besingamkyou guys are familiar with php~15:48
BluesKajhisto, if he's running a static ip , whynot just remove network manager and let the interfaces file do the lifting15:48
histo_joey: echo "manual" | sudo tee /etc/init/network-manager.override15:48
BluesKajtoo many cooks15:49
histoBluesKaj: he doesn't want to remove network-manager just wants to disable it for some reason.15:49
usr13histo: It's NetworkManager   not    network-manager15:49
_joeyhisto: okay, done15:49
usr13histo: The name of the service that is....15:49
histo_joey: reboot15:49
histousr13: please15:49
BluesKajhe doesn't ne3ed it unless he's going to use a wifi connection15:50
usr13histo: Just trying to help15:50
_joeybrb, i need to reboot to test if it has any effect15:50
drvanonI am trying to back up my windows files. I used rsync -avx /src /dst for that. /dst is my 1 terrabyte usb-flash memory thingie. Point is, it got to hiberfil.sys it was bigger than 4GB so it crashed. I decided to remove it but everytime I restart rsync it now starts with hiberfil.sys. What to do?15:50
histousr13: on your terminal please type in sudo status network-manager15:50
histousr13: you will see15:50
histo_joey: k15:50
moondoggyI have java "1.7.11" already installed, but I was told that this security update was just made available today.15:50
usr13histo: in your terminal please type:  ps aux |grep NetworkManager15:51
moondoggyThat make any sense to anyone?15:51
histodrvanon: is the windows system still running15:51
histousr13: that's not the name of the job15:51
drvanonNope as dead as a doornail15:51
histousr13: that's the name of the pid15:51
histousr13: I really don't care i'm done with it15:51
usr13histo: pid is a number not a name15:51
besingamkhi.. i when i open the php on the browser.. it display nothing and when i check to my root folder i notice the php~ file.. e.g (index.php and index.php~)15:51
histodrvanon: well it seeing that the other files matched most likely and hiberfile.sys is still there.15:52
histodrvanon: that would be my guess.15:52
drvanonhisto: I am quite sure I removed it15:52
drvanonhisto: will double check15:52
drvanonThank god for the the moment He created double check15:53
_joeyhisto: I did _not_ work15:53
_joeythe system updated resolv.conf again15:53
besingamkhi.. i when i open the php on the browser.. it display nothing and when i check to my root folder i notice the php~ file.. e.g (index.php and index.php~)15:53
histo_joey: is network manager runningn?15:54
breckeranyone here knows about mounting discs in raid?15:54
_joeybut the system keeps updating resolv.conf15:54
histo_joey: then what else do you have installed that would overwrite resolv.conf15:54
dcopewhat FS does ubuntu support that allows pools of drives? One where i can add drives at will and it just extends the raid?15:55
usr13_joey: Did you edit  /etc/network/interfaces  ?15:55
_joeyhisto: whatever is configured by Ubuntu team to be installed is installed. I did not add anything to system that would notoriously giving me shit15:55
histo_joey: please stop swearing in here15:56
_joeyokay/ s/shit/crap15:56
histo_joey: how are you confirming that network manager is not running right now?15:56
papachanfirefox 18 always crashing at startup, that my log, any idea? http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/1531072/15:56
bazhang_joey, last warning on swearing15:57
rumpel_joey, if you have that opinion than maybe a switch to a different distro is a better way to solve also future problems. Emotions are very important when handling an OS.15:57
misternocan ubuntu play far cry 3?15:57
misternoor league of legends15:57
histo_joey: ps aux | grep NetworkManager15:57
bazhangmisterno, check the appdb join #winehq15:57
bazhang!appdb | misterno15:57
ubottumisterno: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help15:57
histomisterno: or playonlinux15:57
_joeyhisto: there is NetworkManager running15:58
_joeylet me try another reboot15:58
histoomg that's not going to make it go away15:58
histoThis kid is killing me15:59
MonkeyDust"why easy, if you can make it hard"15:59
histoI'm done15:59
b14d3His attitude is awful15:59
lobiwhere blueman store files15:59
hypopedatadf -h16:01
_joeyhisto: confirmed twice. No networkmanager running but the system updates resolv.conf after reboot16:01
histo_joey: you just said it was running16:01
_joeyI did not. Or may it was a mistyping16:02
usr1309:58 < _joey> histo: there is NetworkManager running16:02
histo_joey: _joey> histo: there is NetworkManager running16:02
_joeyIt was not running, It is not running16:02
dazesuddenly chromium does not display a tab bar if only one tab is open. how can I fix this?16:02
histo_joey: So why do you think it's over writing resolv.conf then?16:02
_joeysorry, i meant to networkmanager running16:02
_joeyI damn it16:03
hypopedataWhat is the name of that browser that runs in the terminal?16:03
papachani find the solution16:03
_joey_NO_ NetWorkManager16:03
usr13_joey:  ps aux |grep NetworkManager16:03
histo_joey: What are you doing to test that resolv.conf is being overwritten16:03
TomyLobocan i always update to the next LTS before the lifetime of a release runs out? or was that a coincidence in the past?16:03
histoTomyLobo: sure you ucan16:03
ActionParsnipTomyLobo: you can upgrade LTS to LTS, it is supported16:03
usr13_joey: Did you edit  /etc/network/interfaces  ?16:03
TomyLobono not LTS to LTS16:03
ubottuettore: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».16:03
TomyLoboi mean for instance from 12.10 to 14.0416:03
_joeyhisto: I edit nameserver in resolv.conf. I reboot, NO network manager is running. the line for nameserver in resolv.conf disappears16:04
histoTomyLobo: you'd have to take each upgrade along the way I believe16:04
ActionParsnipTomyLobo: you will need to upgrade to the releases between16:04
ActionParsnipTomyLobo: or clean install16:04
TomyLoboi mean simply temporally16:04
donttrustemHi what version of ubuntu will run on my MacBook pro 2.16 ghz intel core 2 du16:04
histo_joey: how are you configuring your network?16:04
TomyLobonot technically16:04
usr13_joey: http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/setting-up-an-network-interfaces-file/16:04
_joeyhisto: statistically16:04
donttrustemActionParsnip: Hey16:05
TomyLobowill there still be security fixes for 12.10 by the time 14.04 is released?16:05
hypopedataWhat is the name of that browser that runs in the terminal? Now, I would google it if I knew of some browser that would run in the terminal :-)16:05
TomyLoboeven if the release is delayed?16:05
histo_joey: with what?16:05
lobiwhere blueman store files16:05
apm1hypopedata, w3m16:05
_joeyhisto: using an editor16:05
histo_joey: what means are you using to specify a static IP16:05
donttrustemActionParsnip: Going to put ubuntu on my MacBook but not sure what version to use16:05
apm1donttrustem, i am running 12.04 on a 2010 13" macbookpro16:06
ActionParsnipdonttrustem: I'd use 12.04, it is LTS so supported til April 201716:06
_joeyiface eth0 inet static address netmask gateway
ActionParsnipdonttrustem: plus it has Unity2D :)16:06
histo_joey: where are you typing that?16:06
histojesus christ like pulling teeth16:06
TomyLoboboth 12.04 and 12.10 have kde, so who cares? :)16:06
_joeyhisto: /etc/network/interfaces16:06
meethow do i access ubuntu from window 7 using built in remote desktop connection?16:07
donttrustemapm1: What does it run like16:07
TomyLobomeet, sudo apt-get install xrdp16:07
apm1perfect 100% hardware support with linux 3.216:07
histo_joey: okay and you edited resolv.conf prior to rebooting after making changes to interfaces right?16:07
donttrustemapm1: Is it quicker that the mac sox16:07
TomyLobomeet, should work out of the box16:07
apm1donttrustem, no not quicker than os x 10.616:07
apm1but at par16:07
ActionParsnipTomyLobo: 12.10 only has 18 months support16:07
histo_joey: double check againt hat network manager is not running. ps aux | grep NetworkManager && ps aux | grep network-manager16:07
meetTomyLobo: do i need to provide ip address or name or anythin glike that?16:08
ActionParsnipapm1: depends on config16:08
_joeyhisto: interfaces were edited and remain unchanged16:08
brainard52I'm curious why this happens: http://img268.imageshack.us/img268/3557/screenshotfrom201301140.png16:08
brainard52It almost seems random. It has happened a few times, but I can't seem to recreate it at all.16:08
donttrustemapm1: I am running 10.716:08
apm1ActionParsnip, the unity default config i meant16:08
_joeyresolv.conf is updated after reboot16:08
ActionParsnipapm1: probably then ;)/ But default doesn't mean much in Linux land16:08
usr13_joey: pastebinit /etc/network/interfaces16:08
apm1donttrustem, unity is as fast as aquadesktop16:08
_joeyhisto: NO NO NO network-manager :)16:08
apm1ActionParsnip, right16:08
_joeyoh boy16:08
histo_joey: what?16:09
_joeyI am answering your questions16:09
=== dniMretsaM_away is now known as dniMretsaM
donttrustemOk making a backup of the mac and going to try it16:09
ActionParsnipbrainard52: use ALT and you can drag from any point in the app window16:09
histo_joey: I was just saying to double check with ps aux | grep NetworkManager && ps aux | grep network-manager16:09
_joeyyou keep asking me about if the network manager is running. I am telling you there is NO!!! network-manager running16:10
histo_joey: does that return with anything?16:10
hypopedataapm1: Thanks!16:10
_joeyhisto: it returns nothing16:10
brainard52Thanks AP.16:10
histo_joey: and you realize that NetworkManger does not equal network-manager they are two different things16:10
TomyLobomeet, you enter your ubuntu machine's IP address into your windows7 machine's remote desktop application16:10
donttrustemWhere is the 64bit intel version located16:10
everesttI am trying to remove openjdk 7 from synaptic, but it won't let me unless I install openjdk 6! ...I want to remove openjdk 7 completely and then install oracle java 7. What should I do?16:10
histo_joey: pastebin your interfaces file please16:10
ActionParsnipapm1: mini iso install then install fluxbox and it will be lighter and faster than mac os :)16:10
_joeyhisto: I realise. I pasted your command and it returns NOTHING16:10
TomyLobodonttrustem, IA64 or EMT64?16:10
everesttrunning Ubuntu 12.10 here16:10
apm1ActionParsnip, i know :)16:11
meetTomyLobo: how do i find that in ubuntu?16:11
histo_joey: also the output of my command after a reboot16:11
TomyLobomeet, ifconfig16:11
ActionParsnipeverestt: why not keep openjdk, the java used will be symlinked, so you dont have to uninstall anything16:11
donttrustemTomyLobo: For a MacBook intel16:11
ActionParsnipeverestt: I recommend to webupd8 ppa16:11
TomyLobodonttrustem,  those are emt64, aka amd6416:11
meetTomyLobo: thanks :)16:12
everesttActionParsnip, won't there be any leftovers still being used somewhere...somehow?16:12
histo_joey: if you really want to make sure you could just remove the network-manager application. Then there is no way that it could be doing it.16:12
_joeyhisto: brb16:12
TomyLobodonttrustem, except if you have one of the very very first intel macs. they had IA6416:12
usr13histo: You guys should move to PM16:12
ActionParsnipeverestt: no, the java binary is a symlink to the desired java. You can switch as you desire.16:12
ActionParsnipeverestt: same with python16:12
histousr13: no because I have no other ideas as to what is doing it.16:13
everesttActionParsnip, ah! ok ...Thanks a lot :)16:13
histousr13: someone else may need to chime in16:13
ActionParsnipeverestt: no worries. I recommend you disable Java in libreoffice if you don't use its functrionality, makes it load faster16:13
usr13histo: You are correct.  uninstalling network-manager is easy.  (He can always re-install it if he ever wanted to use it again.)16:13
everesttActionParsnip, what part of libreoffice specifically uses java?16:14
donttrustemTomyLobo: I cannot find IA64 in the images16:14
ActionParsnipeverestt: not sure but I use it enough and i've not seen an issue in all the time I've used it16:14
everesttActionParsnip, libreoffice-java-common isn't installed in my system... is that the file?16:15
usr13histo: If one has trouble controlling an application, removing it is the easy solution.16:15
ActionParsnipeverestt: its in tools -> options16:16
ActionParsnipeverestt: in libreoffice16:16
pijush12.04 crashed during update16:16
MonkeyDusthisto  usr13 anybody else would give the same advice: remove network manager16:17
Coldrainrob__: Hi16:17
usr13pijush: "12.04 crashed during update"  Can you elaborate on that?16:17
rob__does anyone know if there is a list of short names for ubuntu releases anywhere?16:17
histoMonkeyDust: I know16:17
histo!releases | rob__16:18
ubotturob__: Ubuntu releases a new version every 6 months. Each version is supported for 18 months to 5 years. More info at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases & http://wiki.ubuntu.com/TimeBasedReleases16:18
usr13pijush: You did:  sudo apt-get update  ?16:18
_helios_pijush, try sudo apt-get update --fix -missing16:18
aniarob__, try wiki ubuntu16:18
bazhanghttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/DevelopmentCodeNames  rob__16:18
everesttActionParsnip, disabled... I'll google to find out what disabling it affects16:18
chimerical26hi there. I am trying to make a bootable ubuntu usb stick. Everytime I try to boot it it say "Missing Operating system". I have followed these instructions to the letter several times. Any suggestions?16:19
hypopedataWhere is root's trash bin/folder (when deleting someting in nautilus)?16:19
bazhangrob__, apart from 6.06, they are all .04 and .1016:19
histochimerical26: what instructions are you following?16:19
_helios_chimerical26, try using the Universal USB Creator16:19
chimerical26oops...these instructions http://goo.gl/vm8eJ16:19
rob__ok, but i'd like the short name!16:19
rob__e.g 'hardy' rather than 'hardy heron'16:19
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)16:19
pijushafter crash no-desktop ,16:19
everesttActionParsnip, "For certain features of the software - but not most - Java is required. Java is notably required for Base."16:19
MonkeyDust!trash | hypopedata16:20
bazhangrob_ the animal names? check my link then16:20
ubottuhypopedata: Your GUI file manager's Trash folder is located at ~/.local/share/Trash/ for files moved to trash from your hard disk and .../.Trash-userid/ on external devices for files moved to trash from the device.16:20
rob__bazhang: that isnt a list of the short names, thats a list of the long names!16:20
histochimerical26: have you checked that your iso file is okay?16:20
bazhangrob__, so subtract one16:20
rob__bazhang: ah i was wrong, thank you for that link!16:20
pijushhello usr1316:21
usr13chimerical26: The grub info was for you.  (My fat finger hit enter and the | symbol at the same time.)16:21
everesttActionParsnip, more http://ask.libreoffice.org/en/question/696/what-features-absolutely-require-java/16:21
usr13pijush: Yes?16:21
chimerical26thanks usr13... I'll have a look16:22
_helios_pijush, did you try sudo apt-get update --fix -missing16:22
pijushterminal not working any more16:22
_joeyhisto: mate, it is still not working. What is the command to remove the network manager?16:22
_helios_pijush, try pressing ctrl + alt + f116:23
pijush@_helios_ and usr1316:23
histo_joey: sudo apt-get remove network-manager16:23
_helios_pijush, it will put you into a shell login and try sudo apt-get update --fix -missing16:23
chimerical26hhisto....curiously I clicked to download 12.10 and it always downloads 12.04....haven't a clue why the 12.10 link gives me 12.04 but there ya go16:23
usr13pijush: What did you do?  Was it  do-release-upgrade  ?16:23
_joeyhisto: network-manager is NOT installed. It was not installed on my system.16:23
_joeyresolv.conf keeps being updated16:24
_helios_pijush, press ctrl + alt + f1 it will boot you into a shell where you can login and type sudo apt-get update --fix -missing16:24
histo_joey: what version of ubuntu are you running?16:24
histo_joey: and dpkg -l | grep network-manager16:24
usr13_joey: sudo apt-get remove network-manager16:24
_helios_alright guys class is starting gotta go16:24
histo_joey: that will check if it's installed16:24
_joeydpkg does not return anything16:24
MonkeyDust_joey  lsb_release -sd16:24
gianlukaciao a tutti16:24
_joeythe system is the latest16:24
ubottugianluka: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».16:24
histo_joey: cat /etc/issue16:25
_joeyhisto: ubuntu 12.1016:25
ogra__joey, sudo apt-get remove resolvconf16:25
histo_joey: is this a desktoptop system?16:25
_joeyanother recommendation of removing16:25
ogra_(and make sure to have proper entries in your /etc/resolv.conf)16:25
histoogra_: what?16:26
_joeyogra_: i think this may do the trick16:26
ogra__joey, /etc/resolv.conf pretty prominently says what is used to update it at the top comment of that file16:26
_joeyogra_: the system also wants to remove ubuntu-minimal16:26
_joeywhat's ubuntu-minimal?16:27
ogra_yes, since resolvconf is a default app16:27
ogra_its a meta package like i.e. ubuntu-desktop16:27
_joeyogra_: thanks. I am pretty damn reading comments about network-manager in this room while not reading what's in /etc/resolv.conf16:28
usr13!paste | _joey16:28
ubottu_joey: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.16:28
llutzadd you nameserver entries to /etc/resolvconf/resolv.conf.d/head  and don't remove resolvconf, done16:28
ogra_yeah, llutz surely has a more proper solution16:28
histo_joey: you can sudo dpkg-reconfigure resolvconf16:28
_joeyogra_: if ubuntu-minimal is removed, the system will not be broken?16:28
ogra_mine was rather the sledgehammer one16:28
histo_joey: and stop it from dynamically updating. Although I don't know how it is16:29
ogra__joey, nope16:29
histo_joey: especially since network-manager is removed.16:29
jarlathDoes anyone know how to run nautilus as a different user? Tried gksudo but it's asking for a password and the account in question has none.16:29
usr13jarlath: You have a user account with no password?16:30
histoogra_: when did this behavior start?16:30
ogra_12.04 i think16:30
usr13jarlath: What exactly are you needing to do?16:30
ogra_might have been before16:30
_joeyllutz: let me try. I will be right back.16:30
=== mike_ is now known as mike_87
jarlathusr13: Yes, it has media and xbmc on it. I need to log in as this user (from my 'jarlath' login) and transfer files to the partition that is owned by 'movies'.16:31
NaGeLhello. I havea problem with my ubuntu. i installed it on an old computer. andi use ethernet to cnnect it to my router. now my router gives it az IP throught DHCP. a reserved one. this is fine, but wheni start up the PC ubuntu getsa total random IP that doesnt work at all. Butwhen i click on disconect wired network and reconnect it it magically works16:31
joey_problem is solved16:32
usr13jarlath: Maybe you should just change ownership of the files. Or, remount it rw16:32
joey_llutz: solution worked perfectly16:32
histoogra_: If my understanding of the resolvconf package is correct he would only experience that if he is using dhcp16:32
llutzjoey_: thats what resolvconf is for16:32
=== joey_ is now known as _joey
jarlathusr13: That sounds okay. Could I add myself to the same group that owns the partition and thereby inherit the permissions?16:33
usr13jarlath: There you go....16:33
linelevelHi guys. I'm building a new desktop and would like everything on my drive to be encrypted. In the past I've used TrueCrypt, but would like something that works more seamlessly. How should I go about this?16:33
cladHi ! I'd like to report an annoying bug: two fresh install on my system, then doing nothing but choosing the proprietary amd driver from the software center. Both time after restart I get no interface at all, only the wallpaper.16:34
usr13jarlath: Just remember that you'll need to log out and back in again before having the benifit of those changes.16:34
jarlathusr13: thanks.16:34
compdocclad, happens sometimes. Might be best to use the Ubuntu driver16:35
cladRight click still work and by clicking "change the background image" then "all setting" I can get back to the software center and select back the open source driver16:35
skp1_how do i re=install a program (gwibber) in ubuntu 12.10?16:35
usr13skp1_: sudo apt-get install apt-name16:35
NaGeL hello. I havea problem with my ubuntu. i installed it on an old computer. andi use ethernet to cnnect it to my router. now my router gives it az IP throught DHCP. a reserved one. this is fine, but wheni start up the PC ubuntu getsa total random IP that doesnt work at all. Butwhen i click on disconect wired network and reconnect it it magically works16:36
ActionParsnipskp1_: sudo apt-get --reinstall install gwqibber16:36
cladcompdoc: so nothing can be done ? I don't have any special or exotic hardware, just a standard radeon 687016:36
usr13skp1_: Oh, you want to uninstall and then install again?16:36
usr13skp1_: Like  apt-get --reinstall apt-name  ?16:37
pijushthanks usr13 and _helios_16:37
compdocclad, where did you get the driver? you might go to the AMD website and try the latest one16:37
ubuntu64bit_anyone else having like video feed lock up problems when like the automatic update stops the video feed and doesn't remember where it left off and freezes and locks up>?16:37
cladcompdoc, I don't dare trying again, last try I had the system wouldn't even boot again (not even giving me a command prompt)16:38
=== nick is now known as Guest74265
Tex_Nick!nomodeset | clad16:43
ubottuclad: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter16:43
sefffokare there problems installing latest ubuntu on mac book pro retina?16:43
sefffoki.e. is everything works ok?16:43
ubottuFor help on installing and using Ubuntu on a mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages16:44
karboh_Is there any way in ubuntu to choose whether to use the onboard graphics or the separate card?16:46
karboh_unfortunately there is no setting in the BIOS16:47
karboh_(on asus zenbook 500vz)16:47
ActionParsnipkarboh_: is it an nvidia gpu?16:49
ActionParsnipkarboh_: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bumblebee16:49
karboh_ActionParsnip: thanks16:50
usr13karboh_: Most PCs will automatically use the separate card if you put one in and plug the monitor into it.16:50
pijushthere is really wired problem on some samsung laptop, specially 3 series ,, during the installation of ubuntu or destro based on ubuntu and fedora ,, screen get burned16:50
pijushis there any reported bug16:51
drPoohi, howwhere do i add a script to be executed at reboot?16:52
cousteaujust in case I end up needing it, how do I boot as root so that I can modify / ?16:52
cousteaubooting as root mounts / in read-only and I'm not sure how to re-mount it as r/w16:52
usr13pijush: What is it doing?16:53
linelevelcousteau: No need. `sudo` does not require a password when running a LiveCD.16:53
cousteaulinelevel, I didn't mention any livecd16:53
* Sm0kEz__ is back (work) Duration: 7hrs 37mins 39secs16:53
linelevelcousteau: d'oh. not sure why I assumed that.16:53
=== Teufelchen_ is now known as Teufelchen
usr13pijush: ... or not doing...?16:54
cousteau(I guess I could use a live cd...  learn how to use chroot...  etc)16:54
Tex_NickdrPoo : /etc/rc.local16:54
cousteaulinelevel, thanks anyway  :D16:54
pijush@usr13 after the insertion of disk , (boot from cd/dvd) screen get burn and nothing happening16:54
drPooTex_Nick, so I should put the commands I want to run at startup inside that file?16:55
pijushsamsung don't offer any support for ubuntu16:55
usr13pijush: What do you mean by the screen getting burn?16:55
cousteaugoogle seems to suggest   mount -o remount,rw /16:56
drPooTex_Nick, I was looking at examples that use the following method: 1) create a script and store it in /etc/init.d then run "sudo update-rc.d myscript defaults 98 02"16:56
pijushscreen get white16:56
Tex_NickdrPoo : no ... create your script somewhere ... then symlink to it16:56
usr13drPoo: What does your script do?16:56
pijushslowly slowly16:56
drPoousr13, it starts custom programs that are to run in the backgroupd16:57
usr13drPoo: You could just put it in /etc/rc.local16:57
cousteauok, I'll assume `mount -o remount,rw /` is the way to go, and try to memorize that command16:57
drPoousr13, I did not understand how am i to incorporate my commands into /etc/rc.local, do i simply add them to that file?16:58
ActionParsnipcousteau: got paper16:58
usr13!nomodeset | pijush16:58
ubottupijush: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter16:58
usr13drPoo: Yes.  (above the line that says  exit 016:59
cousteauActionParsnip, I'm not going to use it right now, it's more curiosity and "let's learn this just in case"16:59
drPoousr13, then do I have to use update-rc to activateit?16:59
xevworkCan someone explain how the Ubuntu installer automatically detects the timezone?16:59
usr13drPoo: NO.  But do these aps run as user or admin?17:00
ActionParsnipcousteau: its good to know17:00
pijushubottu and usr13 thanks guys! :)17:00
ubottupijush: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)17:00
drPoousr13, admin17:00
ActionParsnipcousteau: could even make a script to run it :)17:00
usr13drPoo: Ok good.17:00
pijushubottu ok17:00
ubottuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)17:00
pijushi know :D17:01
cousteauActionParsnip, paranoid me tells me that unmounting the drive where the script is stored is not a good idea17:01
railsraideri am trying to put a variable in awk but its not parsing metric=used_memory_human echo "$info" | awk -F : '$1 == "$metric" {print $2}'17:01
cousteauProf. Bacon:  test successful17:01
railsraiderhow do i get that $metric to parse inside the awk17:01
Tex_NickProfesorBacon : this channel is working ... ask your question :-)17:02
aniaxevwork, hi are u there?17:02
xevworkania: Yes.17:03
aniado you still wait for answer?17:03
ProfesorBaconthe beach17:03
usr13ProfesorBacon: You may be on the wrong chanel. This chanel is for Ubuntu Support.17:04
=== dpac is now known as dpac|away
ActionParsnipcousteau: its loaded in RAM so is ok. The mount command is on the same partition, but you seem to think that's ok too...?17:05
llutzrailsraider: awk -F : '{ ($1 == "$metric") }{print $2}'17:05
cousteauActionParsnip, because that's what google told me17:05
cousteauActionParsnip, also, mount is an executable, not a script17:05
ActionParsnipcousteau: the script is copied to the ram, then the mount command is, then its ran. no problem17:06
v0lksmanusr13: never came back to thank you.  32 bit libs for my printer problem worked like a charm...17:07
nisioDoes anybody now how to install ktechlabs on ubuntu?17:08
progalloHi im totally new on Ubuntu can somebody help me? im having troubles with my mouse its a wireless logitech17:08
cousteauActionParsnip, I once saw a weird behavior in some programming language when the source was modified while the script was running17:09
cousteauhowever I think it was Python, and the weird behavior was just in the error message that showed you the origin of the error17:10
donttrustemguys .. I have an matchbook pro Processor  2.16 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo and I am trying to find the correct image for it17:10
xevworkania: Yes, I'm still waiting for an answer. I'd like to know how the Ubuntu installer is automatically determining the timezone.17:10
CGI1530where should i go to ask about ubuntu os for a specific phone?17:11
donttrustemCGI1530: ubunto-phone17:11
cousteauCGI1530, there's no ubuntu phone yet, I think17:11
cousteauonly some plans for it17:11
donttrustemsorry ubuntu-phone17:11
newphreakHello, after i moved to ubuntu 12.04 lts server, my raid performance have dropped, and when i ran some DD speedtests i get 13-14MB/s which is really low17:12
MonkeyDustCGI1530  #ubuntu-phone17:12
CGI1530the os is out there just wanna see if anyone has tried it on mine yet or if i get to be the guinea pig... lol17:12
newphreaki have encrypted software raid5, and an intel i5 cpu with aes instructions, so i have loaded the aesni_intel module17:12
newphreakbut what on earth could be the source of my slow speeds?17:12
donttrustemcousteau: it is due for release 15 feb only for the galaxy nexus17:13
donttrustemcan someone point me to the correct image for a macbook pro Processor  2.16 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo17:13
SwedeMikedonttrustem: correct image of what? doesn't the regular one work?17:14
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MonkeyDust!mac| SwedeMike start here17:14
ubottuSwedeMike start here: For help on installing and using Ubuntu on a mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages17:14
SwedeMikeMonkeyDust: thanks, but I wasn't the one asking.17:14
MonkeyDust!mac| donttrustem start here17:14
ubottudonttrustem start here: For help on installing and using Ubuntu on a mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages17:14
progallohey would someone help a beginer? im having problems with my mouse17:16
progalloits a logitech one17:17
progallohas lost connection, but the keyboard still works17:17
jhutchinsOracle's got a patch out for Java.17:17
donttrustemMonkeyDust: I have a MacBooK Pro 2,2 but it is not listed on that page17:18
aniaxevwork, during installation ubuntu is asking to configure network.....than it knows......your location....other solution maybe ....location of server apt during update?...or location of iso ...downloaded.....or bios settings?17:18
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xevworkania: time zone data is not stored in the bios.17:19
ogra_xevwork, it uses geoip17:19
xevworkogra_: Thanks.17:21
cousteauprogallo, wireless mouse?17:23
progalloits a logitech M18517:24
progallothe keyboard is still running but the mouse stoped sudenly after i instal some upgrades on ubuntu17:24
progalloI have 2 OS windos 7 is th other17:25
cousteauand it doesn't work on windows either?17:25
scarra3I have been thinking about making the switch from Windows 7 to Ubuntu 12.10 but I heard there are installation problems where people have to repair something in the boot process17:25
progalloit stoped working on windows too, how can i test it17:25
progallothats right17:25
cousteauI'd rather suspect it has to do with the battery or the receiver not being correctly connected to the PC17:26
MonkeyDustprogallo  the batteries ran out?17:26
progallono man i checked that, totally new batteries17:26
progalloi also disconected the receiver17:26
progalloand change the usb port17:26
progallobut still nohing17:27
cousteauprogallo, well, I don't think it's a software problem17:27
cousteaunot like Ubuntu can make the mouse not work on Windows17:28
JD_543is this the help channel?17:28
circleguys, are window managers installed instead of desktop environments17:29
circleor on top of desktop environments17:29
MonkeyDustcircle  on top of17:29
circleMonkeyDust: ok, and a DE like XFCE, will that come with a window manager17:29
ogra_window managers are usually a part of the desktop env17:30
circleso just installing a DE is ok?17:30
ogra_they "manage windows" (draw frames, and window buttons etc)17:30
ogra_yes, normally that should be ok ... ubuntu usually has *-desktop metapackages for installing a DE17:30
cousteaucircle, I think it goes like this:    X11 server  {  display manager  {  desktop environment  {  shell (sometimes)  {  window manager  {  window decorator17:31
ogra_i.e. if you want xfce you install xubuntu-desktop17:31
ogra_for lxde lubuntu-desktop and so on17:31
cousteauogra_, you can have the Openbox window manager running under XFCE17:31
brecker_anyone that has knowledge about raids (dmraid and mdadm), can take a look at this pastebin: http://pastebin.com/VLJBfYpr and tell me what I'm doing wrong17:31
=== firestick is now known as firestickme
cousteau(Openbox is the window manager of LXDE)17:32
Ankit13 * * * * /usr/sbin/rtcwake -m mem -s 6017:32
Ankitnot working17:32
cousteauthose *-desktop are just ubuntu variations17:32
ogra_but you wont find  a DE without window manager :)17:32
ogra_indeed you can replace the WM17:32
Ankit13 * * * * /usr/sbin/rtcwake -m mem -s 6017:32
Ankitnot working17:32
Ankit13 * * * * /usr/sbin/rtcwake -m mem -s 60 13 * * * * /usr/sbin/rtcwake -m mem -s 60 13 * * * * /usr/sbin/rtcwake -m mem -s 60 13 * * * * /usr/sbin/rtcwake -m mem -s 60 13 * * * * /usr/sbin/rtcwake -m mem -s 60 13 * * * * /usr/sbin/rtcwake -m mem -s 60 13 * * * * /usr/sbin/rtcwake -m mem -s 60 13 * * * * /usr/sbin/rtcwake -m mem -s 60 13 * * * * /usr/sbin/rtcwake -m mem -s 60 13 * * * * /usr/sbin/rtcwake -m mem -s 6017:33
histo!paste | Ankit17:34
ubottuAnkit: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.17:34
MonkeyDust!paste | Ankit17:34
cousteauAnkit, have you tried pasting it more times?  maybe that way it starts working.  Whatever you do, don't try giving us more info of what you want or why it's not working.17:35
JD_543http://pastebin.com/FXbs4uxf I'm having trouble with firestorm viewer17:35
scarra3I have been thinking about making the switch from Windows 7 to Ubuntu 12.10 but I heard there are installation problems where people have to repair something in the boot process17:38
=== chiluk is now known as chiluk_away
Ankitwho should reply17:38
MonkeyDustscarra3  it's the grub, you have to repair it, if you installed ubuntu first17:39
cousteauAnkit, well, maybe nobody knows the answer17:39
cousteauor didn't understand the question17:39
scarra3MonkeyDust: I havent installed it yet but will I get the install problem?17:39
llutz!details | ania17:39
ubottuania: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."17:39
=== chiluk_away is now known as chiluk
cousteauanyway, annoyingly repeating the question won't get you more people listen to you17:39
llutzwhoops, sry ania wrong nick17:40
MonkeyDustscarra3  first win, then lin -> won't give problems17:40
scarra3MonkeyDust: First win then linux what do you mean17:42
scarra3I am going to fully wipe my system17:42
syrelyrehey guys, i just updated to java 1.7.0_11 and java -version reports that version aswell but firefoxs' about:plugins page still says 1.7.0_1017:42
MonkeyDustscarra3  then there's no problem17:42
scarra3MonkeyDust: Ok thanks17:43
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bennett1Hi! I am trying to understand here the /etc/shadow file. Are the passwords stored as a MD5 hash? I've read that they are, but I tried converting my own password to md5 and comparing it to the one in the shadow file, and they are different17:43
bennett1anyone knows why?17:43
dchernivbennett1, its not md5, pbbly blowfish or somehing stronger17:43
SonikkuAmericaGood to be back in Ubuntu again!17:44
bennett1dcherniv: hm, any idea on where to find that info?17:44
histobennett1: http://www.tldp.org/LDP/lame/LAME/linux-admin-made-easy/shadow-file-formats.html17:44
cousteaubennett1, maybe man shadow17:45
bennett1man shadow doesn't say the algorithm17:45
bennett1histo: taking a look, thanks17:45
bennett1histo: doens't say the algorithm either17:46
cousteaubennett1, I think it might be crypt()17:47
cousteauman 3 crypt17:47
cousteaunot sure, though17:47
histobennett1: did you look at man shadow?17:48
bennett1cousteau: yeah, man crypt has the info17:48
histobennett1: crypt DES probably salted also17:48
bennett1histo: yes, it doenst contain info on the algorithm17:48
bennett1it''s SHA-51217:49
bennett1whatever that is17:49
cousteaubennett1, not sure if it's crypt what shadow uses, but I think it is17:49
SonikkuAmericaSHA-512 is an algorithm for verifying checksums17:49
cousteauSHA-512 is a 512-bit SHA algorithm17:49
histocousteau: I think you can use multiple formats with crypt17:49
SonikkuAmericaIn the tradition of MD5, SHA-1 and SHA-25617:49
cousteaulike SHA117:49
cousteau(SHA1 uis 160 bits, MD5 is 128 bits)17:50
SonikkuAmericacousteau: Correct17:50
bennett1man shadow cites man 3 crypt17:50
bennett1and the password is preceeded by a $6$17:50
bennett1indicating it is SHA-51217:50
histocousteau: crypt can do md5 blowfish sha-256 sha-512 according the the man page17:50
SonikkuAmericaAnd, of course, typically the more bits an encrypt algorithm is, the more secure it is17:50
SonikkuAmerica*the 1st is = has17:50
bennett1SonikkuAmerica: what is a checksum?17:50
cousteaubennett1, those passwords are like   $<algo>$<salt>$<encrypted_password>17:51
SonikkuAmericabennett1: I hate to be lazy but: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Checksum17:52
SonikkuAmericaOr rather: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Checksum17:52
bennett1SonikkuAmerica: it's ok, I'm reading it :P17:52
histobennett1: what are you trying to crack it with?17:52
cousteaufor example, $5$abc$defghij means 5=SHA512, salt = abc, password = defghij (encrypted)17:52
* cousteau leaves17:53
Tex_NickSonikkuAmerica : wikipedia isn't lazy ... tis a good resource :-)17:53
bennett1histo: right now I'm just trying to understand the file17:53
SonikkuAmericaTex_Nick: True, but I was being lazy.17:53
histobennett1: here's a cracking tutorial17:53
bennett1well, happy to know that it is something safer than md517:53
Tex_Nickunderstood :)17:53
histobennett1: well not really safe but thank god it's salted17:55
SonikkuAmericaWell then what's $6$ at the beginning if $5$ is SHA-512?17:55
bennett1SonikkuAmerica: $5$ is SHA-256, according to man 3 crypt17:56
SonikkuAmerica[12:52] <cousteau> for example, $5$abc$defghij means 5=SHA512, salt = abc, password = defghij (encrypted) <<< then cousteau messed this line up17:56
sathishHi guys, for some reason my laptop is always booting in to Unity 2D :( nVIDIA 610M card17:57
histobennett1: where did you jump to that the second perametor is the salt?17:57
bennett1histo: I didn't understand17:57
bennett1(sorry, my english is not that great)17:57
histobennett1: how did you come up with the second column is salt?17:57
bennett1what do you mean? It says in the man 3 crypt that the second column is salt17:58
sathishHi guys, for some reason my laptop is always booting in to Unity 2D :( nVIDIA 610M card, Installed nvidia-current followed instructions from forums, no luck. What should I do?17:59
ActionParsnipsathish: what CPU do you use?17:59
sathishActionParsnip: core i3 second gen18:00
ActionParsnipsathish: which one, there are many18:00
histobennett1: ahh I didn't see that my first browse through18:00
ActionParsnipsathish: cat /proc/cpuinfo    will tell you18:00
sathishActionParsnip: Intel® Core™ i3-2350M CPU @ 2.30GHz × 418:00
ActionParsnipsathish: is the system a laptop too?18:00
SonikkuAmericacousteau: How could (in the example noted above) the string "abc" be put into <salt>? It says that <salt> is a TWO-character string18:01
SonikkuAmerica(in the manpage)18:01
ActionParsnipsathish: you have a switchable GPU (optimus)18:01
sathishActionParsnip: yes, Asus laptop18:01
ActionParsnipsathish: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bumblebee18:02
ActionParsnipsathish: it can be a real headache to get working, imho its best avoided18:02
sathishActionParsnip: I just installed bumblebee with nvidia current18:02
SonikkuAmericaActionParsnip: I assume it was named Bumblebee because someone got all TransFormers happy? :)18:02
Sail /exit18:03
bennett1about MD5 hashes: do they contain special characters, or just a-z and 0-9?18:03
ActionParsnipsathish: oesn't the wiki not mention nvidia-current18:03
bennett1and they are case insensitive, right?18:03
ActionParsnipSonikkuAmerica: I think its a dirty hack, not worth the heartache18:03
histobennett1: yeah I don't think that the second field is the salt18:03
ActionParsnipbennett1: all alphanumeric18:03
sathishActionParsnip: is there anyhot key to switch between different graphic cards? I know this is a stupid question, but my neighbour kid was handling keyboard like crazy :|18:03
SonikkuAmericaActionParsnip: At least Unity 3D works with my Mobile Intel GMA965 chip. That I am thankful for.18:04
histobennett1: $hashtype$ start of encrypted pass $....18:04
ActionParsnipsathish: read the guide, it answers that18:04
histobennett1: int eh shaodw file18:04
ActionParsnipSonikkuAmerica: if you like Unity.. ;)18:04
SlOw_can i ask a question18:04
ActionParsnipSlOw_: you just did ;)18:04
ActionParsnipSlOw_: ask away18:04
SonikkuAmericaActionParsnip: I prefer GNOME Shell Remix myself, but right now it'