astraljavaHey zequence, how's Monday treating ya thus far?07:59
zequence-wastraljava: Hi :). Been busy all morning, so I guess I haven't had the time to think about it yet12:56
zequence-wI like Mondays. Even though, I would have preferred to have it postponed as I was busy with something else yesterday12:57
astraljavaYeah. I'm kinda in the middle of something as well, so I'm thinking I'll leave early and finish what I started. Kinda have to, cause some of it has deadlines tomorrow anyway.13:13
scott-workgood morning everyone14:35
len-1304good morning14:45
len-1304micahg, when you read this, both -settings and -icon-theme need uploading/releasing14:47
len-1304micahg, icon-theme had a spelling error in it14:48
scott-worklen-1304: i feel bad for not doing the -release team report and want to submit a late one, is there anything memorable you can mention to me to add?14:56
scott-worki know zequence has been working on the kernel, you have done worked on the icons14:56
scott-workis there anything in particular you would mention for the -settings changes and other theming aspects?14:57
len-1304still in progress pending testing.15:02
len-1304The install Icon is correct if our icon theme is chosen. but is not by default yet. 15:03
len-1304When the new settings is released it will be.15:03
len-1304We have added zita-ajbridge, a high quality replacement for alsa-in15:05
len-1304When we added kdenlive we got k3b as well15:06
len-1304I'm not a video guy and so I have not tested kdenlive15:06
len-1304Gotta run bye now15:07
micahglen-1304: ok, will do15:07
scott-worklen-1304: kdenlive really is a good video editor17:03
scott-workhi ttoine19:19
ttoinehi scott-work 19:40
ttoinescott-work, I build a ubuntu studio workstation this week for a small studio in my area19:41
ttoinebecause of the problem of  Mixbus / cairo / nvidia driver, we are building a full amd workstation19:42
ttoineintel is too expensive for the same power...19:42
ttoineI hope it will be possible to make a kind of white paper case19:43
zequencettoine: ATI graphic card?20:32
zequenceThe free drivers for ATI are fully functional, but have a tendency to cause overheating20:33
zequenceThe proprietary drivers only work for 12.0420:33
zequenceIntel graphics are the best choice for studio setups IMO20:33
ttoinezequence, i agree with you20:34
ttoinebut for the same performance, it is 150 € more...20:34
ttoinezequence, and I am seriously considering using a 12.04 lts, because harrison mixbus and linux dsp are working on this one too20:35
zequenceAMD has had problems with performance with their processors. Even with many cores and a high frequency, depending on the job, they don't do well compared to Intel20:35
ttoinezequence, well, it depends. For high level computing, AMD is prefered than Intel20:36
ttoineand a lot of gamers and overclocking specialists use amd20:36
ttoinea good point for AMD is that they package their CPU with more quit fans20:37
zequenceA new fan is cheap though20:37
zequenceThe power supply is a different story :)20:37
ttoinea good oversized antec  ;-)20:38
scott-workttoine: i would be very interested in reading such a white paper20:38
zequenceJust got my own subdomain for the Linux course I'm holding. Not much up yet, but hoping it'll lead to some work :). http://linux.itlyftet.se/20:41
zequenceAlready, I've made a few people use Ubuntu over Windows at the place where I'm holding the course20:41
ttoinezequence, wich wootheme is it ?20:42
ttoinenevermind, i can find it myself20:42
zequencettoine: Inspire20:42
scott-workzequence: congratulations. that must make you feel good20:44
zequencescott-work: It doesn't feel like work, you know20:44
ttoinezequence, I understand you... it is always a great feeling to teach a passion20:45

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