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royal121Hello Everyone! Where can I read about migrating to upstart from other init systems?14:50
stgraberxnox, jodh: I may be a couple of minutes late for the meeting14:54
xnoxjodh: the fix is to write cookbook answer "if you need to depend on the sysv init starting, just add emit that event in the init script"15:15
xnoxstgraber: ^15:15
xnoxjodh: stgraber: i can hear you.15:15
* xnox 's ISP is rated as the worst in the UK for latency (virgin media)15:16
emacsenI have a (hopefully) simple question. I want to write a daemon that detects when the network is active and only attempts to operate then. Is upstart the way to do that, and if so, what should I be looking for?22:51
stgraberwe don't have any internet-is-ready even at this point (assuming you're using upstart on ubuntu), mostly because the definition of "internet" and "is-ready" depends quite a lot on what you're planning to do with it :)22:55
stgraberso you can your job depend on an interface being configured but can't reliably have it depend on the system having internet connectivity22:55
stgraber*can make22:55
stgraberif you just want to start it when the system is done configuring all defined network interfaces, you can have it start on "static-network-up"22:56
emacsenstgraber, okay. Thinking about what I want to do, I guess it doesn't matter much22:58
emacsen(I'm just thinking about an improved msmtpQ22:58
emacsenI can just do it with cron22:58
stgraberxnox: got initctl to work with UPSTART_SESSION, still have to debug why I'm seeing all entries twice (same thing when using --session), will do that tomorrow23:06
stgrabermy current guess is that for some reason initctl queries both the session and system bus for the state, which is obviously quite wrong23:07
stgraberoh, and initctl apparently gets into an infinite loop when you try to start/stop a job that has a name matching that of a system job ;)23:08
stgraber(same bug, just worse symptom that what I first noticed)23:08

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