harriswhen i double click a .docx file how do i make it open in my ms office 2007 word running in wine01:04
holsteinharris: i would just open word in wine and navigate to it01:04
harrisi cant01:05
harrisi need to double click01:05
harrisi use my computer in my lobby and everyone can use it01:05
harrisi dont understand that i am new to linux01:07
holsteini woud probably just move them over to libreoffice.. or something in google docs01:08
holsteinharris: you can do that, but it will not be easy it will look like that forum post i linked01:08
holsteinharris: its likely the files will just open in libreoffic01:08
holsteinyou can set up a webapp kind of thing like main ubuntu would do with google docs01:09
holsteinOR, just explain what is going on, and let them open word and navigate to the file01:10
xubuntu169I'mm having a huge problem installing xubuntu02:02
xubuntu169when i load it from boot, it loads using a text logo after giving me a firmware error02:03
xubuntu169than when it enters setup02:03
xubuntu169i see the mouse02:03
xubuntu169but the screen keeps flashing on and off02:04
likemindeadWhat's the NES emulator to use these days?03:07
holsteinlikemindead: nintendo emulator?03:11
holsteini havent used one in years, but when i did, i just fired up synaptic and searched and installed a few03:11
likemindeadI've used Mednafen before. Was hoping for something with a GUI & a bit more polish.03:11
xubuntu459Hello I am having a issue with apt03:22
xubuntu459I attempted to install I2P using sudo apt-add-repository ppa:i2p-maintainers/i2p03:22
xubuntu459then apt-get update03:23
xubuntu459When I ran apt-get update, I got W: Duplicate sources.list entry cdrom://BackBox Linux 3.0/ precise/main i386 Packages (/var/lib/apt/lists/BackBox%20Linux%203.0_dists_precise_main_binary-i386_Packages) W: Duplicate sources.list entry cdrom://BackBox Linux 3.0/ precise/multiverse i386 Packages (/var/lib/apt/lists/BackBox%20Linux%203.0_dists_precise_multiverse_binary-i386_Packages) W: Duplicate sources.list entry cdrom://BackBox L03:23
xubuntu459I cant find any duplicate lines in my sources.list03:23
xubuntu459I updated my sources.list earlier today03:24
xubuntu459I installed it yesterday night03:24
xubuntu459now getting dupe entries for tor when I install it :|03:34
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WalterNso I have Xubuntu on my laptop, and the only thing I really dont like is the click and drag without actually clicking07:23
WalterN(how is that for a problem, compared to the multitude of driver issues with laptops of ages past)07:24
WalterNnot sure what setting I would change07:30
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AknotIs there a program like kwin for xfce?13:00
koegsAknot: xfwm13:01
Aknoti meant krunner13:02
koegsALT+F2 should be similar13:03
AknotIt only finds applications13:04
koegswhat special function do you need?13:05
TheSheepthere is synapse, gnomedo, etc.13:06
Aknotit needs to find also settings and files13:06
Aknotand how do i install themes13:06
ubottuTo change your theme in Xubuntu, go to Settings Manager » Appearance (GTK+ theme) or Settings Manager » Window Manager (xfwm4 theme) to change the theme - find more themes at http://xfce-look.org/ or http://gnome-look.org/ (for GTK+ themes)13:07
TheSheepther is a guid on xfce-look13:07
Aknotok thanks13:07
Aknotcant find the guide, where do i have to download the files?13:11
AknotHow do i move the panel down?13:26
Joupi@aknot : panel right clic then properties and unlock, then move down ...13:28
Aknotcant move13:29
Aknotgot it, was trying to pull it from wrong place13:29
GoldenAppleHello. When I try to watch a video on the Internet (Youtube, etc) I get a black screen where the video should appear. How I can fix it?15:18
baizonGoldenApple: install the flash player15:20
GoldenAppleI have it15:20
GoldenAppleShockwave flash 11.2 r20215:21
GoldenAppleFirefox 1815:21
lobihello. where are the fiels which i recived from bluetooh15:47
xubuntu074Hello i don't speack inglish, sorry15:48
xubuntu074i don't stand15:49
arkanabarIs there a way to change colors of some of the window decorations -- kleanux, for example?16:25
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Guest66258How do you get xubuntu to stop shutting down the display while watching a movie using SMT every 20 min18:32
baizonGuest66258: power-settings?18:34
Guest66258Will Hand Brake work on Xubuntu18:35
arkanabarif it's in the repos, I would think so.18:35
arkanabarlet me see just what handbrake is...18:36
Guest66258Video file ripper18:36
Guest66258How secure is Xubuntu from hacks and viruses18:38
arkanabarlike any OS, if you install them, you get them.18:39
ubottuAntivirus is something you don't need on !Linux. except where files are then passed to windows computers (perhaps using samba), See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus18:40
arkanabarkeep your system up to date, don't fool around with flash or pdf too much, and you're unlikely to get hacked.18:40
arkanabarAt least you don't have the giant gaping hole that is "run ActiveX Objects" that Internet Explorer has...18:41
Guest66258Thanks for answering my questions18:41
arkanabarnot a problem.  as for handbrake, it's not in the main repos, but I bet if you google "install handbrake ubuntu" you'll find a ppa or something.18:42
sl33pi got a file on my computer and i need help finding out if its threatening or not19:46
knomethreatening to what?19:46
sl33pto my computer? tmp/ssh-DgevQKNx2104$ is the directory file agent.210419:47
Unit193Nope, that's fine.  I have it too and it's used by ssh agent.19:48
JDudeHi can someone offer a little help as to why my live usb installation is giving me a "no operating system found" error.19:48
Unit193Sounds more to me like it's not booting from the USB.19:48
sl33pno i had it installed on a usb then installed to the harddrive19:49
drcIf I had to make a guess, I'd guess that you placed GRUB somewhere it's not looking.19:50
JDudeI reformat the usb to ms-dos(FAT) use unetbootin to install the 32bit xubunutu.iso, go into the bios and place the usb above the hdd on boot priorities, and when it reads the usb, it says "no operating system found"19:50
JDudekeep in mind, I'm a little new to liinux. I've been on a mac for a while19:51
JDudebut im not using the usb on my mac, i got a new samsung laptop.19:51
JDudedrc: i didn't physically place GRUB anywhere. should I have? I just used unetbootin19:52
drcJDude: I was talking to sl33p19:53
JDudedrc: oh my bad.19:53
sl33pdrc i dont think i manually installed GRUB19:53
drcJDude: But in your case, I'd first try reinstalling to the usb...19:54
drcsl33p: what install option did you choose?19:54
sl33plike, what do you mean specifically drc19:55
drcJDude: I've had the same thing happen to me, and re-installing to the usb often helps.19:55
JDudedrc: yeah, I did that like five times with three different linux distros... don't know what's going wrong.19:55
sl33pdrc: i tried to vim/nano this file and i just get errors im not even sure what type of file this agent.2104 is19:55
drcsl33p: when you installed to the hdd, did you choose 1) replace, along side, 3) something else?19:55
sl33palong side19:56
sl33pbecause i also have windows partition19:56
JDudeanyone running osx 10.8 here? I'm getting weird behavior with unetbootin and am wondering if it is normal19:56
drctime to walk the dog...19:57
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KeyboardNotFoundHello, how to make skype start automatically start skpe  after login ?21:33
petra89I have got a big problem.21:54
petra89I installed on my asus EEEpc xubuntu before some weeks but now I would like to back my older xp.21:56
petra89I have got only usb to use for install.21:56
petra89I made a speciall install for usb .21:56
knomeyou should probably ask ##windows if you need help installing windows21:57
petra89But something is bad in master boot record...21:57
knomexubuntu boots though?21:57
neolithHello everyone, has anybody encountered an odd video glitch when watching youtube using chrome in which only the video (not the commercial) plays with hundreds of various colors that looks like pixel based "static" (Hard to describe but have screen shots) this occurs no where else on pages that use flash21:59
petra89I have got only  problem hal.dll error21:59
jhansonxineolith:  Google found: http://www.ubuntuvibes.com/2012/07/how-to-fix-rendering-issues-in-google.html22:02
petra89How can I grub uninstall | or how can I make on first partition  FAT3222:03
petra89chfdisk is a good choice?22:04
petra89I did this manuall but I have got hal.dll error ....22:05
jhansonxipetra89: Also http://www.komku.org/2008/11/install-windows-xp-using-usb-flash-disk.html22:05
neolithjhansonxi thank you I will give that a try... rendering, that's the word I needed!22:06
petra89Thank you jhansonxi. I used the same22:09
jhansonxipetra89: If you can boot the XP setup, try a boot repair22:12
petra89Yes I tried it but not good because I can see only usb partition.22:13
petra89I tried fixmbr command22:14
petra89nothing happened22:14
petra89so I can't see my 160GB harddrive22:15
jhansonxipetra89: It may need a driver for the IDE/SATA controller.  The XP setup prompts for installing one during setup.22:16
petra89yes perhaps , but how can I do to start setup.. only error with file: hall.dll.22:18
jhansonxiThe XP setup won't start?22:19
petra89I start the 1. only text mode this mode start windows xp setup but I see only usb in xp partition table.22:21
petra89if I try 2. gui setup mode than I come the error message : hall.dll22:22
petra89than only choice the restart22:22
jhansonxipetra89: You could try wiping the entire hard drive with a secure drive eraser utility.  That would eliminate Grub and everything else.22:23
neolithjhansonxi thank you very much, that was the ticket, much obliged!22:24
petra89yes cuold you give me soem help how can eliminate Grub ? :)22:26
jhansonxipetra89: The XP fixboot option is the only way I know of to replace the Grub boot loader with the XP bootloader.  If that doesn't work then erasing the entire drive is the only other option I know of.22:27
petra89Ok thanks a lot . I have got an other idee that I try to install lilo and than try to boot xp22:28
arkanabarpetra89, LILO is infamously difficult to remove from MBR.22:35
j1mcpetra89: i found this:  https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Master_Boot_Record#Restoring_a_Windows_boot_record22:39
j1mcit may be of help22:39
j1mcsee if xubuntu has a program called ms-sys22:40
j1mcoh, i guess it's not in ubuntu. https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ms-sys/+question/2834922:41
petra89All right I try it big thanks to j1mc . I think it will be good resolution for me.22:47
petra89have nice day to everybody .... perhaps I will come back later if I had problems... :)))22:49
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