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jaimefhow can you restore a checked out repo to prestine state?03:56
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vilajelmer: bug #1101206 seems to be for you ;)16:23
ubot5bug 1101206 in bzr (Ubuntu) "autopkgtest failed with "No module named subunit" - missing test dependency on python-subunit" [Undecided,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/110120616:23
jelmerVila: I'm no longer involved in the packaging of bazaar, that's all Andrew S-B these days16:48
atc3030anyone able to help me with this?17:43
atc3030i run17:43
atc3030bar branch lp:gcc-linaro17:43
atc3030and it results in  a dir named gcc-linaro but only contains a .bzr dir. nothingelse17:43
xnoxatc3030: well $ bzr branch lp:gcc-linaro17:44
xnoxatc3030: try $ bzr info17:44
xnoxor you can try afresh: $ bzr branch -r1 lp:gcc-linaro17:45
xnoxand then do incremental pulls, e.g. $ bzr pull -r 2500017:45
atc3030atc3030@atc3030-buildserver:~/android/prestigix/linaro_src/gcc-linaro$ bzr info17:45
atc3030Standalone tree (format: 2a)17:45
atc3030  branch root: .17:45
atc3030Related branches:17:45
atc3030  parent branch: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~linaro-toolchain-dev/gcc-linaro/4.7/17:45
xnox$ bzr status?17:46
xnox$ bzr status17:46
atc3030that just spits out about 10000000 lines of files. lol17:46
atc3030nothing else17:46
atc3030i can pastebin if you like17:46
xnox$ bzr revert17:46
xnoxand then $ ls ?17:46
atc3030bar revert is thinking lol17:47
xnoxit may take a while.17:47
atc3030bzr: ERROR: Corruption while decompressing repository file, zlib: Error -3 while decompressing data: incorrect data check17:47
mgzatc3030: look at your ~/.bzr.log, find the initial branch operation you did, and see if it also resulted in an error17:48
xnoxi'd recommend to remove .bzr; remove the dir; bzr branch the first revision only (-r 1) and then do incremental pulls (-r 20000, -r 40000, etc). The repository you are trying to clone is massive.17:49
xnoxif you are going to have many branches, then please do create a shared repository $ bzr init-repo linaro-gcc-trees; cd linaro-gcc-trees and then branch in there.17:50
mgzwouldn't be surpised if you ran out of disk or something...17:50
xnoxthat way all branches will share the massive history and your checkout will succeed and subsequent onces will be fast.17:50
atc3030grrr. why must this be so hard to understand. lol17:52
atc3030I do not know what to specifically look for but the other branches i have been able to successfully sync have not had this, but the ones I'm having problems with say "24 bytes left on http socket"17:53
xnoxwell, I used to hack on gcc bzr trees and gcc's history is huge. hence the need to use advance tricks to speed it up or make it at least work.17:53
atc3030what if i don't want the entire history? i could care less about where it all came from, i just need a snapshot of it now to use it in another project.17:55
mgzdownload the tarball.17:56
atc3030that will work i guess. i was hoping to be able to automatically pull don the new changes without chasing down a new url but that will work17:57
mgza lightweight checkout might perform okay these days too.17:57
mgznot over http though, you'll want a launchpad login and to give launchpad your ssh key for that.17:59
vilajelmer: Oh, I didn't know (or haven't realized maybe). Thanks, I'll try to get in touch with him ;)17:59
mgzvila: while you're here and I'm thinking about it, is there a bug filed for `bzr config` not liking lp: urls?17:59
atc3030THank you guys. I am just gonna download the tarball18:00
atc3030thank you18:00
mgzatc3030: actually, that worked really well18:00
xnoxno problem =)18:00
mgzFri 2013-01-18 17:58:33 +000018:01
mgz0.045  bazaar version: 2.6b218:01
mgz0.046  bzr arguments: [u'checkout', u'--lightweight', u'lp:~linaro-toolchain-dev/gcc-linaro/4.7/']18:01
vilamgz: not that I know of, but it's more a bug in the commands that interpret the urls before saving them in the config I'd say18:01
mgz92.921  Transferred: 170293kB (1839.6kB/s r:157531kB w:12761kB)18:01
mgzyou'll get a slower transfer, but 150MB isn't bad18:02
mgzatc3030: if you're not sure how to do the launchpad-login stuff, see the help page18:02
vilamgz: at least, I've known the limitation when I started using bzr and never tried to fix it ;)18:02
mgzvila: as in,18:03
mgz$ bzr config -d lp:bzr --scope=branch18:04
mgzbzr: ERROR: Not a branch: "bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/+branch/bzrlp:bzr/".18:04
vilamgz: oh ! You mean *that* command doesn't resolve the url ;-D Well '-d' handling is a far simpler thing to fix ;)18:05
mgzright, it looks trivial18:06
mgzjust wanted to know if there's a bug for it already you know about18:06
mgzokay, I'll file one18:06
atc3030thank you mgz18:07
vilamgz: thanks, I may give it a shot18:07
vilajelmer: wow, pitti already fixed it ;)18:13
mgzfile bug 110132018:15
ubot5bug 1101320 in Bazaar "Using bzr config with --directory and --scope fails with lp: url " [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/110132018:15
mgzpitti is a super-monster :)18:15
mgz(Pdb) urlutils.normalize_url("lp:bzr")18:19
mgzso, doing that is not the right thing18:20
mgzjust killing that line might be enough, but I'm not clear why it exists18:21
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Guest5262Hi folks - I want to get a list of all changes to a particular file over time - how do I do that?21:32
mnnjust a quick question: when I've uncommited some revisions, while working. How to purge these dead revisions, so they won't clutter repository?21:38
Guest5262is there anyone here who actually responds to questions? is there anyone here who can respond to questions?21:54
Guest5262is there a developer online now?21:57
Guest5262is there any reason why #bzr should not be shut down permanently?21:59
xnoxmnn: $ bzr pack; $ bzr pack --clean-obsolete-packs22:19
xnoxGuest5262: maybe because it's friday evening and people are away from computers?!22:20
xnoxanyways $ bzr log -p path/to/file22:20
lifelessxnox: Guest s long gone :)22:20
* xnox has little hope that Guest will read http://irclogs.ubuntu.com22:21
mnnxnox: thanks!23:01

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