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bacteknico, frankban: reviews done12:25
teknicobac, thanks!12:25
bacteknico: the last time gary asked me to be more specific about parameters we discovered the API was not spec'ed properly and it was an opportunity to fix it.  so good things come out of the digging to write those docs, even if they are a pain sometimes.12:34
teknicobac, I totally agree with that too :-)12:35
teknicook, lunch time!12:38
gary_posterteknico, land with changes.  thank you13:24
gary_posterbac, could you review benji's branch too?  It would be awesome to get that taken care of13:25
bacgary_poster: ok13:26
benjigary_poster and bac: Ben has already reviewed it.13:26
gary_posterbenji, oh!  kanban board did not have tag.  thanks13:27
benjigary_poster: I'll add the tag.13:27
gary_postercool, thanks13:27
benjiThat's another good job for a script.13:28
bacbenji: i don't see been on the RV as a reviewer.  what's going on?13:32
benjibac: is this the one you are looking at: https://codereview.appspot.com/7129049/ ?13:34
bacbenji: nope.  why would i look there and how would i know to?13:34
benjibac: I bet you aren't; apparently when you re-propose it generated a new review and the old review is still linked to the board13:35
benjiThat is something that would be good to fix.13:35
benjiOtherwise we risk people reviewing non-up-to-date branches.13:35
bacbenji: yeah, so a bug with two linked merge proposals is a problem13:37
baci'll make a slack card13:37
bacbenji: and i don't even see a way to mark a rietveld as abandoned or obsolete13:42
benjibac: under "Edit Issue" there is a "Closed" checkbox13:43
frankbanbac: thanks for the review13:43
bacbenji: oh, on https://codereview.appspot.com/7069068 i have "Can't edit" instead b/c i'm not the owner13:44
benjithat might make editing it via script harder; unless we can have an uber user13:45
teknicore: docs, as the Chinese are purported to say, be careful what you ask for, you might get it...13:46
gary_postergoodspud, Stefanie Danevoy wrote that she booked Dijkstra for Monday for us instead of Blue Fin for the daily standup.  Since (barring snow issues) you and Alejandra are going to be with us in Austin I'm going to reply that we don't need it.  Make sense?13:53
goodspudgary_poster, certainly does13:54
gary_postercool thanks goodspud13:54
goodspudWe are being booted out of our Juju room13:55
teknicobcsaller, good morning, I need to pick your brains some more, when you're around14:02
bacgary_poster: did you get any snow?14:02
gary_posterbac, dusting.  schools delayed two hours14:03
bcsallerteknico: I need about 10 minutes, but happy to talk then14:09
teknicobcsaller, great, thanks14:09
teknicogary_poster, we might have to delay our meeting a few minutes, is that ok?14:10
gary_posterteknico, NEVER!  I mean, sure.14:10
frankbanhi benji, are you reviewing #1099909 ?14:22
_mup_Bug #1099909: We are trying to talk on the web socket before we have connected <juju-gui:In Progress by frankban> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/1099909 >14:22
benjifrankban: I reviewed it a few days ago, if there is something new I can review that too14:23
frankbanbenji: ah... so that's why your name is in the card. yes please, https://codereview.appspot.com/712905514:24
benjifrankban: The branch looks good. I had a couple of small comments.14:29
frankbanthanks benji14:31
teknicogary_poster, if bcsaller can talk to me in half an hour or so, maybe it's best if we go ahead and talk now, if you still can14:32
gary_posterteknico, now is fine for me, or can wait a bit.  I'm in the hangout now.14:32
teknicogary_poster, ok, getting there14:32
bcsallerteknico: when ever you get done with that hangout I'm free now14:36
teknicobcsaller, I will, thanks14:36
benjiI just noticed a story we should probably address: When looking at a service a user may want to see the available relations and which services could fulfill those relations.15:09
hazmatbcsaller, so your definitely not seeing annotations in the initial delta stream?15:16
bcsallerhazmat: are you? I wasn't, I get the change events just fine from the stream but didn't see them in the initial pump15:17
hazmatbcsaller, well it annotates current, which is stored as previous, which is used for initial delta to new client15:19
* hazmat writes a test15:19
hazmatbcsaller, this is live / position stuff is live on uistage also?15:20
bcsallerhazmat: the annotations get assigned x/y but not the whole story15:20
bcsallerhazmat: I think it sets up last state based on current and then diffs it vs current and sends nothing on the initial pump15:21
hazmatbcsaller, confirmed re not seeing them in the browser15:23
hazmatbcsaller, the delta manager is global across clients15:23
hazmatso previous w/ annotations should have it.. anyways obviously doesn't.. investigating.. eta is like +2hrs, treating as priority so we can show for next week15:24
bcsallerhazmat: when that changes the code I have in my branch should handle the rest, and thanks15:26
gary_posterbac bcsaller benji frankban hazmat teknico call in 115:29
hazmatbcsaller, you should be able to put your branch into review even without yet?15:30
teknicobcsaller, sorry, it took a while :-) maybe we can talk after the weekly call?15:30
bcsallerhazmat: I took things a little further in the branch than I should have and am cutting a version with only the part of the feature gary expects to show, so soon but not yet15:31
arosalesgary_poster: unfortunately I have a conflict for today's retrospective 15:45
gary_posterarosales, ok, feel to change time15:45
gary_posteror talk onday15:45
arosalesgary_poster: sorry I was referring to the standup in a few minutes 15:46
gary_posteroh ok cool arosales 15:47
hazmatbcsaller, having a hard time reproducing this behavior in unit tests..16:17
bcsallerhazmat: because you're seeing the annotation data or just hard to implement?16:17
hazmatbcsaller, because i'm seeing the annotation data16:18
hazmatwierd. still playing with it16:18
hazmatdeploying a service, setting annotations, connecting a client and it gets the annotations.. might need to step up to a higher level w/ browser and improv to get a better sense of it16:19
teknicotesting guihelp testing :-)16:20
hazmatteknico, works :-)16:21
tekniconot for me though?16:21
hazmatteknico, most clients are smart about that.. guihelp by me doesn't highlight for me16:22
hazmatteknico, but perhaps it works for you?16:22
teknicoyes, it does if you write it :-)16:22
hazmatbcsaller, ah ic the problem16:31
bcsallerhazmat: :)16:31
hazmatthe annotations on previous where getting overwritten, because the annotations are coming in as a stream, in the dstream from the browser you can even see them getting removed.16:32
hazmatnot sure if that made sense.. but working on it16:32
benjiso is it "guihelp" or "gui-help"?16:35
hazmatbenji, former16:35
* benji edits his IRC config.16:35
hazmatbcsaller, fix is @ https://codereview.appspot.com/6936063 its a trivial (one-liner) w/ test .. going to proceed 16:58
bcsallerhazmat: thanks16:59
hazmatbcsaller, merged17:05
* hazmat wanders off to arrange exit visa17:05
bcsallerhazmat: thanks, I'll test it now, don't expect any issues17:05
teknicobcsaller, there's still one problem with the third parameter of toggleServiceModule17:29
teknicothe one we renamed from "context" to "module"17:29
teknicoand now we're doing: module.get('component').get('container').one('#service-menu');17:29
teknicothat line raises TypeError: Object #<SVGGElement> has no method 'get'17:29
bcsallerverify each component in that call chain making sure its what you expect. I didn't think container was a DOMNode but it looks like it might be in the test (rather than a Y.Node)17:31
gary_posterRandom crazy idea: introspection panel & charm panel could use http://angularjs.org/ .  Maybe worth investigating.17:31
bcsallergary_poster: thats a different framework17:32
gary_posterLooks like it has community ties to jquery17:33
gary_posterbut is standalone17:33
gary_posterbcsaller, yes.  usable in isolation, for only parts of an app.17:33
teknicobcsaller, the container in the test is created by Y.Node.create17:36
teknicobcsaller, the value of the "module" parameter of the call (formerly "context") is an SVG "g" element17:39
teknicomaybe we cannot yet get rid of the "view" parameter17:40
bcsallerteknico: hmm, in that case its still view->module, but context is... I'd have to read through to find that, I'm guessing its <g> containing the rendered service17:41
teknicobcsaller, it doesn't look like the case, it only contains other SVG elements17:43
teknicounless the inspector is not showing everything17:43
bcsallerteknico: it might be higher up the tree, we should see if the usage is required, it sounds like it shouldn't be needed to make this process work, I'll peek at 'active_context'17:44
bcsallerteknico: it looks like its passed around in old code, but not actually used (in the relations module)17:47
teknicobcsaller, I think I lost you17:48
teknicobcsaller, for the sake of this branch, do you mind if I put the "view" parameter back in17:48
teknicoand leave the signature refactoring to you?17:48
teknicomy EOW is fast approaching, and I'd like to land this before then :-)17:49
bcsallerteknico: sorry, yeah, its fine, I can clean the rest up next week17:52
teknicobcsaller, ok, thanks17:52
bacgary_poster, benji: either of you have a moment to review https://code.launchpad.net/~bac/lp2kanban/pick-newest-mp/+merge/14392517:55
bacdoes anyone else see the kanban board lose its brain where one card shows links from another?  for instance selecting the RV link from one card takes you to the link from the one above it?  a full page reload cures it.18:05
hazmatso current trunk i'm not seeing the login at all..18:18
benjibac: I'm lunching at the moment but I will check if you still need a review when I'm done.18:19
bachazmat: how did you run it?18:20
hazmatbac, make debug18:20
bachazmat: debug - no login required, prod - login18:20
hazmatbac, debug should still send th elogin18:20
hazmatelse with login-required its broken18:20
bachazmat: yes, sends but doesn't prompt18:20
hazmatbac, its not sending18:20
hazmatthis relates to my comments on the branch18:20
bachazmat: ok, that's different.  i just meant the credentials are in config-debug.js but not config-prod.js18:21
hazmatsimply shortcircuiting if not connected is broken for the login caller18:21
bacas you were.  :)18:21
hazmatbecause it results in not actually logging in at all, even though the caller did env.login18:21
hazmatthe caller needs to be updated to do it on env connected18:21
hazmatelse we're left with the current behavior which unfortunately is just broken18:30
gary_posterhazmat, trunk of juju-gui running make debug and make devel I consistently see a login on rapi logs18:33
gary_poster2013-01-18 13:32:30,605 juju.rapi.ws:INFO Process message {"op":"login","user":"admin","password":"admin","request_id":2}18:33
gary_posterlike that ^^18:34
gary_posterhazmat, is that not what you are talking about?18:34
hazmatgary_poster, yes. but i'm not seeing the login request18:35
hazmati'm trying to test the login-required before i land it to ensure no breakage.18:36
gary_posterhazmat, not sure what to tell you.  I'll try a make clean and then do it again.  I'm pretty sure the code path should login as well.  Note that we wait for connection before we login now...that's not the behavior you commented on.  we changed that on the basis of your comment.18:36
hazmatgary_poster, i'm not seeing the wait behavior here.. https://codereview.appspot.com/7129055/18:38
hazmatjust a moving the shortcircuit from env to app18:38
hazmaton check creds18:38
hazmatgary_poster, the redispatch will auto login ?18:38
gary_posterhazmat redispatch will go through routes again, yes, and our first route is check_user_credentials18:39
gary_posterWe have to be connected in order to try and login18:39
gary_posterso the connected flag is not being set when run against your branch I guess18:39
gary_posterwhich should happen in env.js...looking18:40
gary_posterhazmat, are you no longer sending ready as part of your initial response?18:41
gary_posterlooking at line 88 of env.js18:41
gary_posterand preceding comment18:41
hazmatgary_poster, on the ws server sends.. {"state": "login-required", "version": 0, "extensions": [], "ready": true, "default_series": "precise", "provider_type": "dummy"}18:41
hazmatclients not sending anything18:41
gary_posterhazmat can try to debug for 18 min.  where's your rapi branch?18:42
hazmatgary_poster, lp:~hazmat/juju/rapi-login18:42
hazmatgary_poster, thanks. if not let me know and i'll continue debug18:43
gary_posterok hazmat 18:43
gary_postersomething is setting connected to false again...18:49
gary_posterbut connected is not true 18:49
gary_posterI bet we need this.env.after18:50
gary_posteryeah that does the trick18:50
hazmatgary_poster, or env.once('connected')18:50
gary_posterwe don't want it once, I think...I think we need it every time...thinking18:51
gary_posterwell we need to reset the db every time18:51
gary_posterthe redispatch is ok to do18:51
benjiarosales: here are the screen shots you requested; let me know if you have ideas for any additional ones I can make: http://imgur.com/a/HqkQR18:57
* arosales looking18:57
gary_posterbenji, thos are for jcastro on #juju. not arosales, unless arosales also asked for them18:57
benjigary_poster: ah!18:58
benjiarosales: feel free to enjoy them anyway ;)18:58
gary_posterbenji they look cool to me, thanks :-)18:58
arosalesbenji: will do19:00
teknicogary_poster, it's too late, sorry, I give up, not landing my branch, feel free to adopt it, your or anyone else19:00
gary_posterteknico, what's wrong?19:01
gary_posterI mean with the branch19:01
gary_posterit's well past your EoD, I picked up on that :-)19:01
teknicobenji and bcsaller need to agree whether the firsts parameter of toggleControlPanel is a service or a box19:01
teknicolast merge from trunk subverted all the assumptions :-)19:01
teknicothe changes are all there, it only needs that little agreement :-)19:03
gary_posterok thanks teknico.  benji, can you run with that branch?19:03
teknicotests are failing, you'll see very quickly what the problem is :-)19:04
teknicohave a nice weekend everyone!19:05
bacthanks benji19:11
benjigary_poster: sure, I assume it is "double click on service leaves service menu open" we are discussing19:12
gary_posteryes benji19:12
gary_posterapparently everything was workling till merge19:12
bachazmat: where is your branch/MP/Rietveld for the jitsu speed up work?19:19
hazmatbac, its a juju-core branch19:20
bachazmat: ok19:20
hazmatbac, i think it still needs a little work.. but its at https://code.launchpad.net/~hazmat/juju/test-sans-stat/+merge/14359819:20
hazmatie. the testing env var needs to propogate to the provisioning agent, else it only applies to the bootstrap node19:21
bacbenji: are you picking up teknico's branch?19:22
bacotherwise i can19:22
benjibac: yep19:22
* benji realizes he needs to add his head to the card.19:22
bacgary_poster: we missed our call yesterday.  any time/desire to make it up this afternoon?19:24
gary_posterbac yes will ping in a few19:24
gary_posterbac in 53 minutes?19:37
gary_posterbenji those screen shots are great I think19:41
benjigary_poster: cool, I think19:41
gary_posterbenji, :-P19:41
benjiI wonder if I can script my IRC client so it adds "... I think" to the end of everything I type.19:42
benjiI am confused.  I think I migth have been bitten by the cards-point-to-the-wrong-review bug.19:50
bacbenji: did a kanban page reload help?20:09
bacor was it the old MP?20:09
benjibac: no, but I don't think that is actually what is going on; there appears to be only one MP20:10
benjiguihelp: have any of you guys used lbox's -adopt switch?  As far as I can tell Nicola's branch is good to go, I just need to land it20:17
benjiI'll just make my own branch and go straight to lbox submit with a comment about what is going on.20:18
benji...right after I figure out why the tests are failing.20:20
hazmatbenji, yes.. i have20:26
hazmatbenji, it basically sets bzr commit --author20:26
hazmatbenji, i just extract someone's identity from the change log to use for it,.. so it looks the same as there others20:27
benjithanks hazmat 20:27
bacbenji: are you going to be landing nicola's branch today?21:09
benjibac: I think/hope so.21:10
gary_posterbenji do you need reviews or are you just going for it? I see you linked the branch21:54
benjigary_poster: yeah, it was a one-line fix; I am just going to land it21:54
gary_postercool benji21:55
bacgary_poster: i lost the tab with your review and i don't see a card.  send me the link again, please21:55
gary_posterbac https://codereview.appspot.com/714105921:56
bacgary_poster: done21:57
gary_posterthanks bac21:57
gary_posterhazmat gui trunk has necessary fixes.  verified that you can do a bad login and then a good one22:01
gary_poster(so IOW the disconnect after bad login was fine)22:01
hazmatgary_poster, thanks22:22
hazmatgary_poster, cool.. hopefully that fixes staging as well22:22
gary_posterhazmat staging works for me22:23
hazmatyup works for staging22:23
gary_posterhave a great weekend all.  bye22:24

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