BarkingFishgood morning :)02:21
BarkingFishjust had an interesting little discussion in #kubuntu with someone called TheLordOfTime - apparently, he's been informed by the release team and the core team that only Ubuntu calls itself an LTS  :)02:23
BarkingFishI called him out on it, using http://www.kubuntu.org/news/12.04-release as a source, and he gets all huffy with me and rageparts :)02:23
BarkingFishback in a moment, gotta refire the housebrick.02:35
ScottKSomeone tell BarkingFish it's been fixed.03:27
soeegood morning07:34
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Peace-sleep => eth doesn't work anymoere 12.10 08:43
Peace-<info> (eth0): IP6 addrconf timed out or failed.08:44
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soeei see raring RC3 ready :)11:35
soeenice, any news about backport ?11:35
Riddellsoee: still on raring, needing testing11:35
soeeah, i can test it on VM tonight11:36
kubotu::runtime-bugs:: [1074371] In Kubuntu 12.10, systemsettings does not show "system languages" @ https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/1074371 (by Ganton)11:53
yofel_hm, ninjas is running out of space... what is the janitor doing...12:06
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Riddell10.0 GiB (99.61%) of 10.0 GiB12:14
Riddellhmm yes12:14
Peace-Riddell: do you know something about supend and ... eth problems with network manager in rarirn ?12:14
* yofel tries to make kubuntu-ppa-build-status work on staging12:14
Peace-i am connected via wifi and it works after supend but eth0 won't do it 12:14
Riddellyofel: I would guess that's the packages for precise taking up extra space12:15
RiddellPeace-: nope12:15
Peace-mmm this installation of rarin is strange12:15
yofelRiddell: hm, before we uploaded 4.9.98 we had space though. I think it's just the janitor being a bit too lazy...12:15
Peace-i have done mini iso installation => kde-full selected 12:15
yofelPeace-: any hints in dmesg from the wakeup log?12:16
Peace-and it failed to install something 12:16
Peace-i guess some package12:16
yofelkde-full won't install kubuntu though12:16
Peace-then i have removed kde-full from the installation list and it worked12:16
yofel(at least some parts not)12:16
Peace-after that i ahve installed kubuntu-desktop and kde-full 12:16
Peace-and it did not installed xorg-xseerver-video intel but i dunno maybe it's correct in this way12:17
Peace-now :D eth doesn't connect after suspend 12:17
Peace-the weird thing is that i have another pc with raring that just works well 12:17
Peace-yofel: ok i will paste the error12:18
Peace-yofel: <info> (eth0): IP6 addrconf timed out or failed.12:18
yofelhm, that's hardly suprising unless you have ip612:19
Peace-yofel: <warn> (eth0): DHCPv4 request timed out.12:19
yofelok, that's worse12:19
yofeldoes ifconfig show the interface as up?12:19
Peace-yofel: http://paste.kde.org/65034212:20
Peace-yofel: for me is yes12:20
yofelwhat does dhclient say if you run it yourself12:20
Peace-yofel: i need to run just dhclient on konsole?12:20
yofelsudo dhclient eth0 should work12:21
Peace-yofel: mm :D seems nothing 12:21
Peace-yofel: http://wstaw.org/m/2013/01/18/plasma-desktopvd1995.png12:21
yofelthen I'm clueless12:22
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Peace-infact is strange12:22
yofeltry #ubuntu+1, maybe someone's awake12:23
Peace-yofel: http://paste.ubuntu.com/154505712:23
Peace-yofel: ah no there  is no problem i mean i can reboot 12:24
Peace-or just use wifi 12:24
yofeltrue, but still...12:24
yofelok, kubuntu-ppa-build-status now supports non-ninja tracking \o/12:25
yofel(thanks go to debfx for good script design..)12:25
shadeslayererr sorry for disappearing last night, a combination of rain + power outages knocked out my ISP12:26
Peace-shadeslayer: :D12:26
Riddellyofel: are you thinking of using staging for RC3 backports?12:26
shadeslayerotoh I figured out what was causing my video to not show up in pgst 12:26
shadeslayerso not a total loss12:26
yofelshadeslayer: could you guys please decide whether you don't have electricity because it's too hot or because you get shortcutted due to rain?12:27
Riddellyofel: I just backported qextserialport into ninjas, a new marble dependency12:31
Riddellit's in the archive (debian sync)12:32
Riddelland I uploaded it for quantal and precise to ninjas12:32
Riddellso I'd say TODO for the day is: backport RC3, upload RC3 to raring archive, package amarok12:34
Riddellwho wants what?12:34
yofelI'll copy what's needed into staging and then throw the backports in there, I don't think we really need to wait for the release announcement to put them there12:35
yofelif someone uses them before that and it breaks it's his fault12:36
Peace-yofel: mm i have solved bymyself12:36
Peace-yofel: :S with dhcp fails 12:36
Riddellyofel: groovy12:39
sem_mah with  static ip works again12:40
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RiddellI'll get it uploaded to raring once I've tested12:41
Peace--Riddell: system settings => input device => touchpad => crassh12:42
RiddellPeace--: hum, I agree12:43
Peace--Riddell: you got it too ?12:44
shadeslayeruse synaptiks12:44
shadeslayerthat particular KCM uses python2 whereas the kcm is built against python312:45
yofelapachelogger: didn't you plan to fix something there? ^12:45
shadeslayerand when I mean use synaptiks, I mean type 'synaptiks' in krunner :P12:45
Peace--shadeslayer: funny i have not a touchpad it says 12:47
Peace--well i use a mouse so no problem at all :D12:48
BluesKajHey all13:29
shadeslayeryofel: what happened to quantal/precise backports status page?13:44
yofelI'm NOW starting to upload - there is nothing to generate stats from13:45
jussihas anyone got a lightdm theme for kubuntu that actually looks nice? 13:45
shadeslayerjussi: poke d_ed13:46
Riddellwhy have all my applications lost their menu bar in RC3?13:49
jussiRiddell: is the menu gone? or just hidden?13:50
Riddellit's gone13:50
RiddellMenubar Style is set to In application13:51
jussiRiddell: has chromium lost its initial tab also? (mine has)13:51
Riddellno chromium still has tabs, and that would be unrelated anyway13:51
jussishadeslayer: Ill wait for d_ed to come in and Ill POUNCE on him...13:51
jussiRiddell: yeah, I know unrelated, but just asking for some confirmation from someone, as you all ignored me yesterday13:52
Riddellhum, I can get menus back by setting them to window bar then back to menu bar13:53
jussishadeslayer: see the ubuntu lightdm theme is nice... but the kubuntu one..........13:53
shadeslayerI know :)13:54
jussiRiddell: and the normal ctrl+m didnt help...?13:54
shadeslayerit'd be nice to get some sort of designer to design it13:54
jussishadeslayer: ++13:54
shadeslayerand not a developer design it13:54
jussishadeslayer: who was our resident designer here...13:54
jussiapart from nuno...13:54
Riddellsheyton did some back in the day13:55
jussiahh yes, thats right. not around atm13:55
jussiI wonder how hard it is to do - might try my hand at it13:55
shadeslayerit's all QML13:55
shadeslayerand they say QML is easy13:55
jussishadeslayer: If I make a pretty picture, will you implement it? 13:55
shadeslayererr no13:56
shadeslayerI don't like QML13:56
* jussi hugs shadeslayer13:56
shadeslayeror rather, I don't like typeless languages in general13:56
shadeslayerthey make my head spin13:56
yofelshadeslayer obviously doesn't do enough script programming13:56
shadeslayernot alot :)13:57
yofel(I understand your point though)13:57
shadeslayerI lurv my C's and C++'s13:57
yofeldo we have some C like scripting language? (besides csh I mean)13:58
shadeslayerthey implemented the nexus 7 brightness handling and screen rotation stuff in go13:59
yofelok, packages going up, will take a while13:59
shadeslayerbut that takes up quite some memory ( 1.8 MB's )13:59
shadeslayerso they're going to re-implement it in C as a daemon13:59
jussihrm, so, be patient with me - Qt creator would be the place to begin with for the lightdm thing?  or? 14:00
yofelfun thing I saw recently was exception handling for OutOfMemoryError's in a java application I was asked to extend14:00
shadeslayerjussi: hmm ... no idea ...14:00
yofelthat code was from around 2002 though14:00
jussiI guess Ill start by grabbing the source of lightdm-kde-greeter from the repos...14:02
yofelgeh, the backport script can't handle the a suffix in 4.9.98a14:12
Riddellonly 1 of them, just do it manually?14:15
yofelthat's what I'm doing for now14:15
yofelI'll try to make the script handle that a bit better later14:15
Riddelltrying out a new ec2 install and none of the applications have menus either with 4.9.9714:39
Riddellso I guess it's nothing new14:39
yofelshadeslayer: kde up for both, l10n up for quantal, l10n for precise will take a while longer15:16
Riddellkubuntu-archive-upload is taking is usual age to run15:17
RiddellI'm working on amarok in the mean time15:17
RiddellThe name's Riddell http://starsky.19inch.net/~jr/tmp/kubuntu-card.jpg15:53
Riddellshadeslayer, Quintasan_: how's that?15:54
apacheloggeryofel: the kcm still needs porting16:00
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shadeslayerfinally have internets :D19:34
shadeslayerRiddell: you already got them printed?19:35
shadeslayerand you have your @ubuntu.com address on them :P19:36
ScottKshadeslayer: the kpythonpluginmanager is built for both python and python3.19:52
ScottKIf the python stuff is trying the python3 version, we need to fix that.19:53
shadeslayerthen why does synaptiks crash via systemsettings?19:53
shadeslayerit's kind of weird19:53
shadeslayerbecause if you start synaptiks standalone it works19:53
shadeslayerbah, how long does it take to ack SRU's :(19:55
ScottK/usr/lib/kde4/kpythonpluginfactory.cpython-33m.so python3-pykde419:56
ScottK/usr/lib/kde4/kpythonpluginfactory.so python-kde419:56
shadeslayerand for some reason I don't see transmission in the precise queue19:56
ScottKSo python shouldn't even recognize the python3 one as a valid python so file.19:57
shadeslayeroh heh20:00
shadeslayererrr ... aren't we a bit early with uploading the tarballs?20:51
shadeslayerI thought 4.9.98 was still embargoed20:51
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shadeslayerinstall plasma-active on the desktop completely screws your desktop settings22:13
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