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muscaHello calavera00:06
calaveraWould you be able to help me with my problem?00:06
muscamay be00:07
calaveraWell, I'm having trouble where GRUB can't see my NTFS drive00:10
calaveraWhen it tries to boot, it gives me an invalid file path error.00:10
muscawell, uefi systems use a GUID partition table00:10
calaveraWhat does that mean?00:10
muscaonly systems booted in uefi mode see the existing partitions00:11
muscasystems booted in BIOS mode see a MBR with an entry that claims the full capacity (no free space left)00:12
muscaa fake MBR that is00:13
muscaif your existing Win7 is an uefi system you will have to boot your linux install media in uefi mode00:14
muscayour media must contain some special efi files00:17
calaveraSo are you saying that I should just reinstall *buntu?00:22
muscai dunno what your problem is, what you did before, what you want to do, and so on00:23
calaveraI have two hard drives in my laptop with W7 as my primary.00:24
calaveraI want to dual boot across both of them using GRUB, if possible.00:24
calaveraThe UEFI system is making that hard.00:24
calaveraEvery time that I want to boot into Windows, GRUB tells me that there is an invalid file path.00:25
muscathis is quite new stuff for me and i don't know if there is a workaround00:26
muscaHow do you boot your windows now?00:27
muscaperhaps you can create an entry for grub in your windows boot manager00:29
calaveraI am booting Windows using the MBR. I eventually got tired of messing with it, and I just let MBR overwrite GRUB, and then I just let GNU/ Linux just sit on there.00:29
muscahmm, did you try to find some howto on the inet?00:32
BarkingFishsorry about that - I completely forgot to come back here after I rebooted :P  I guess old age is catching up with me!00:59
BarkingFishRight - I disabled the desktop items, turned off Folder view and did everything humanly possible to knobble kio_thumbnail, but it came back when I rebooted.00:59
BarkingFishLooks like FlowRiser has left - yofel, any other ideas?01:00
BarkingFishI tried strace against the process when I could get into a terminal, and it just sat there.  Did nothing even while kio_thumbnail was slowing my kit down to practically 0% usage01:01
dabauerWhat printer do I use with Ubuntu???01:02
ubottuPrinting in Ubuntu is done with cups. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Printers - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters - http://linuxprinting.org - Printer sharing: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NetworkPrintingWithUbuntu01:03
dabauerOK, CUPS I'll use but with what printer???01:03
BarkingFishthere should be a list in there of all those compatible with cups, dabauer01:04
dabauerOK, let me go look01:04
BarkingFishif you read the page about Hardware Support Components that should be it01:04
morgajeldabauer: printer support is pretty good at this point; most drivers are 95%+ complete, and just lack the features that otherwise require manufacturer apps to use.01:19
dabauerjust bought a printer from thinkpenguin, an HP printer, should work OK.01:32
juacom99hi, one question, i'm on Kubuntu 12.04 LTS and every time i start my computer i get an crash error regarding lsb_release. I saw the bug track but they don't say enithing about a solution for this bug. any idea if is posible to solve it and how?02:08
BarkingFishjuacom99, Hi.  Do you have the link to the bug please?02:09
TheLordOfTimeas an aside, by the way, Kubuntu 12.04 is not LTS.  Only Ubuntu (the Unity ubuntu) has the LTS title :P{02:10
TheLordOfTimesorry, i'm just a stickler for accuracy :p02:10
BarkingFishI certainly know there's no bug as far as I am aware in 12.10 - i've been on it since it came out and never seen one.  Come to think of it, i never saw one on 12.04 either02:11
juacom99BarkingFish: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/109421802:11
ubottuUbuntu bug 1094218 in lsb (Ubuntu) "lsb_release crashed with IOError in getstatusoutput(): [Errno 10] No child processes" [Medium,Confirmed]02:11
BarkingFishTheLordOfTime, I'm sorry, you're wrong.02:11
TheLordOfTimeBarkingFish, really?  I was told differently by the release team02:12
TheLordOfTimeand the dev team02:12
BarkingFishif you're a stickler for accuracy, please ensure you're accurate02:12
TheLordOfTimehell even been called out here about it too02:12
juacom99it seeams is a pyton script calling lsb_release02:13
juacom99that crash02:13
BarkingFishyeah - it was only reported a week or two back, juacom9902:13
* TheLordOfTime shrugs02:13
BarkingFishit might take a while to figure out how to resolve it02:13
juacom99ok thanks02:14
BarkingFishin the mean time, as I say - you have the option of upgrading to 12.10 (Quantal Quetzal)02:14
TheLordOfTimeBarkingFish, when i hear someone on the core dev team tell me this (and by core i mean the team that devs the things all flavors are dependent on), i'll believe you, until then, you and i can argue.02:14
BarkingFishand I know there's no errors in that02:14
BarkingFishTheLordOfTime, when it's on Kubuntu's own website, it isn't wrong.02:14
TheLordOfTimei'm here actyually to figure out what the KDE runtime package is, so i can install KDE without all the Kubuntu applications02:14
BarkingFishIt wouldn't get pulished otherwise02:14
juacom99BarkingFish: is really mature 12.10 at this point?02:15
BarkingFishjuacom99, it's quite mature, yes - we go to 13.04 in 3 months time02:15
juacom99ok i may make an upgrade then02:16
BarkingFishjuacom99, i'd do that - we're only 3 months away from Raring Racoon coming out, but 12.10 is clean at the moment.02:18
rishubhi Have rekonq 1.1 version...how can i update it to the latest stable version or latest  developing version?02:19
BarkingFishrishubh, which version of Kubuntu are you using?02:19
juacom99BarkingFish: so you say i should wait till 13.04?02:20
BarkingFish*Raring Ringtail, sorry02:20
BarkingFishi have raccoons on the brain :)02:20
BarkingFishNo, 12.10 is ok , juacom9902:20
BarkingFishit just means if you upgrade now, to get past this error - you will need to upgrade again in about 3 months02:21
juacom99BarkingFish: can you refresh my memory on the command to upgrade version??02:23
BarkingFishin a terminal, do this:  sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade02:24
BarkingFishincidentally, is there anyone here who can tell me why kubuntu has rpm software when we don't use rpms?02:27
juacom99kubuntu don't have rpm software itself, it has a tool to comvert rpm to deb (alien) and then install it in kubuntu..02:32
BarkingFishah - i just saw something install called rpm2cpio, and there's other rpm building tools and stuff in here too :)02:34
BarkingFishanyhoo, i gotta reboot, back in a tick02:34
tekkbuzzjuacom99, wajig converts rpms too!02:46
juacom99tekkbuzz: neve heard of wajig....02:47
tekkbuzzjuacom99, it's in the repos.02:47
tekkbuzzwajig - simple and unified package management for Debian02:51
BarkingFishi'm also trying to figure out how to upgrade to raring ringtail so i can go bug hunting on it02:53
BarkingFishanyone got any ideas?  I know I have to add something or do something somewhere, but I can't remember what or how02:54
DarthFrogBarkingFish: do-release-upgrade -d02:54
BarkingFishaha, thanks :)02:55
juacom99anyone have any idea on how to backup a partition before make an update?02:57
juacom99dd but how02:57
tekkbuzzdd if=/dev/sda1 of=sda1.img ???03:00
juacom99i don't have to tell the dd the length of the partition or where it start?03:02
BarkingFishmorning DarthFrog - thought i'd let you know. not sure what is up, but do-release-upgrade is busted03:03
rishubhBarkingFish: 12.1003:03
tekkbuzzmake sure you pick the right partition you want though.03:03
juacom99i got 2 disks with 3 partition each one it gonna be a hard call :P03:04
juacom99but i think i know witch is the right one03:04
tekkbuzzcat /proc/partitions03:05
BarkingFishrishubh, if you put through updates on kubuntu, whatever you have now is the stable version.03:05
rishubhsorry but i didnt get u03:05
rishubhdo i already have all updated version?03:06
BarkingFishwhen you do updates you get the latest version available03:06
rishubhbut my rekonq is 1.1 version03:06
rishubhand thats not latest03:06
BarkingFishactually, it's the latest one we have03:07
BarkingFishopen up a terminal and type: apt-cache policy rekonq03:07
BarkingFishyou will see this: Candidate: 1.1-0ubuntu103:07
BarkingFishwe may have a proposed version somewhere, but that's the latest stable one we issue03:08
rishubhbut kde has got better ones03:08
rishubhi mean more updated03:08
BarkingFishif you want a proposed version, i will tell you how to add the proposed updates to kubuntu03:09
rishubhya sure03:09
rishubhwhat exactly is  a proposed version?03:10
BarkingFishit's one we're in the process of getting ready, but which hasn't been generally released03:11
BarkingFishit's intended pretty much for bug testing :)03:11
BarkingFishopen a terminal, and type: kdesudo software-properties-kde03:12
rishubhya and i am doing bug testing..03:12
BarkingFishwhen it opens, click the updates tab03:13
BarkingFishand tick pre-released updates and (if you're adventurous) unsupported updates03:13
rishubhticked both of them03:14
BarkingFishwhen you've done this, click close and you'll be told you need to update your sources03:14
BarkingFishclick reload and wait03:14
tekkbuzzanyone know how kubuntu interacts with xorg.conf, I know it don't need it, but could I write kubuntus config to it somehow then edit it to my liking?03:15
rishubhwheres reload button its only reset and close03:15
BarkingFishrishubh - you should see a box telling you your sources are out of date03:16
BarkingFishthe two buttons underneath should be reload and close if you're running in english - how they're worded in other languages, i don't know - it depends on how your system is localized03:16
rishubhBarkingFish: there are two buttons one is reset and close...thats it03:17
BarkingFishclick close03:17
rishubhBarkingFish: ok...now it says do you want to reload..03:18
rishubhso i clicked it03:18
BarkingFishah, you missed a step in what i wrote above then :)03:18
BarkingFish"<BarkingFish> when you've done this, click close and you'll be told you need to update your sources"03:18
rishubhya sorry i missed it03:19
BarkingFishin a few moments, it will finish and you will most likely get a symbol on your system bar - a cogwheel with a down arrow in it.03:19
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BarkingFishyou will have updates to put through :)03:19
BarkingFishi have it here, right now :)03:19
tekkbuzzanyone know where kde's x settings are stored at?03:20
rishubhby the way..i am dowloading software updates from software update...will that help?03:21
BarkingFishi don't really think it matters, rishubh - i use apper. Some people use muon, others use aptitude.  Whatever works is good :)03:21
rishubhBarkingFish: after all that what you said kubuntu opened software update and i ticked all the updates and clicked on install updatess..i hope i am goin right03:23
BarkingFishyep. You're installing what you asked for - proposed updates, and the adventurous stuff03:24
BarkingFishif you ticked it, you're getting it03:24
DarthFrogBarkingFish:  I use apt-get. :-)03:24
BarkingFishAs I said.  Whatever works is good :)03:24
rishubhi think it will take some time...thankyou for helping..after it gets innstalled i will get back to you in case i have any problem..thanks03:25
BarkingFishok, rishubh - i may not be here, since it's late where I am - 4.25 in the morning.03:25
BarkingFishother people will be here though, so if you don't get an answer straight away, hold on - someone will be around03:25
BarkingFishno problem03:26
BarkingFishright guys, good night - I'm outta here to get to bed on a very chilly Munich night.  Gn8 :D03:26
tekkbuzzDoes anyone know how to stream pulse audio from one system to another?03:40
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RishHow to update KUBUNTU from 10.10 to 12.10??...Can i update using command line...?05:30
RishDoes kubuntu 12.10 works in a  32 bit Windows 7 system in virtual box05:30
robtygartCan anyone tell me why, when I open a Window Like Dolphin it always opens behind the window I have open06:50
Tm_Trobtygart: how's your window settings?06:55
robtygartWhat do you mean?06:56
robtygartTm_T: What do you mean?06:57
Tm_Trobtygart: you can configure focus stealing prevention07:03
Tm_Tor how windows are placed when opened07:03
robtygartTm_T: focus stealing pervention. Yes I can07:05
robtygartTm_T: OK I got it fix. Thank you very much!!!!07:07
Tm_Tno prob07:08
Tm_Trobtygart: you had focus stealing prevention set to max?07:08
robtygartJust about.. High, its set to low now.07:09
robtygartWhat does Focus stealing mean anyway?07:09
robtygartOdd name, I would not have guessed.07:10
Tm_Trobtygart: focus stealing is when focus is taken by new window or dialog07:12
Tm_Trobtygart: something that is not always desired, for example if you're writing a password to some text field and then chat window pops up taking the focus...07:13
robtygartOk, thanks, I learned something new.07:13
robtygartGood idea.07:14
robtygartWhat level do you suggest?07:15
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lordievaderGood morning09:23
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denis_hi all10:09
lordievaderHey denis_10:09
denis_I am from Russia10:09
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denis_I am setup Kubuntu :)10:10
lordievaderdenis_: Nice, liking it so far? Btw there is a russian chat room.10:15
ubottuПожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.10:15
denis_ok. I find russian chat room10:15
mr0wlhas the catalyst driver bug been fixed with the new release?10:34
mr0wlor should i stick to the open drivers10:34
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Amarilishow can i disable touchpad?12:33
lordievaderAmarilis: There is probably a better way, however there is a Unity Indicator that can do exactly that.12:33
lordievaderAmarilis: http://shuffleos.com/2753/touchpad-indicator-enable-disable-touchpad-ubuntu-panel/12:34
Amarilislordievader: i'm using kubuntu12:34
lordievaderAmarilis: I know, but this is a way that will work. Even in Kubuntu, I have used it in the past under Kubuntu.12:35
Amarilisooohh, i see12:36
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Peace--Amarilis: there is kcm module for that12:41
Peace--Amarilis: system settings device =>touchpad12:42
Amarilis@lordievader && @Peace--: thank you12:44
Amarilissynaptiks solved my problem. i just checked two settings and everything is just working fine12:47
lordievaderAmarilis: Good to hear :)12:48
Peace--Amarilis: did you use system settings or that crap unity ?12:48
Amarilistoo bad that touchpad management is not included in system settings>input devices12:48
Peace--Amarilis: there is12:49
Peace--i have12:49
Amarilis@Peace: i used synatptiks12:49
Peace--Amarilis: http://wstaw.org/m/2013/01/18/plasma-desktopiU1995.png12:49
Amariliswhich have what i wanted12:50
raegHello? Does this work?13:01
lordievaderHey raeg, you are coming in loud and clear :)13:02
raegOk, seems to be. I have a question about alsamixer. I would like to use skype. But although my loudspeakers work, my microphone does not. I tried changing the settings in alsamixer, without success.13:02
lordievaderraeg: Doesn't Skype go through PulseAudio? Anyhow install pavucontrol and see if your mic is turned down.13:03
raegRecently it still worked. Then I plugged in a usb-microphone, which worked well, too. But now that I want to use my old standart microphone, which has to be plugged into the microphone-thingy - it does not work anymore.13:04
raegMy ideas was to reset alsa, so I did: "sudo alsa force-reload" and "alsactl init" - which did not work.13:05
Peace--raeg: sudo apt-get install sox libsox-fmt-all ; rec -o test.wav13:05
Peace--press CTRL C to sto recording13:05
Peace--play test.wav13:06
Peace--raeg: btw there is even kwave that is a recorder13:07
raegPeace: Do you mean, that I can use the program "kwave" in order to test whether my microphone works?13:08
Peace--raeg: well i will use konsole with rec -o test.wav13:09
Peace--that is faster13:09
Peace--but if you prefer yuu can use kwave13:09
raegPeace: I installed "sox libsox-fmt-all", now I am suggested I should restart my computer. Is that necessary?13:10
Peace--raeg: mm no13:10
Peace--raeg: rec -o test.wav13:10
Peace--speak a little13:10
Peace--press CTRL C13:11
Peace--play test.wav13:11
raegrec WARN alsa: can't encode 16-bit OKI ADPCM13:11
raegrec WARN formats: wav can't encode OKI ADPCM13:11
raegThis is the output and there is some more stuff.13:11
raegAh - ok.13:11
Peace--it's ok13:11
raegReplaying it - but there is no sound.13:11
Peace--ok can you give me a screenshot of alsamixer -V all ?13:12
Peace--raeg: should be like this http://wstaw.org/m/2013/01/18/plasma-desktopTd1995.png13:12
raegPeace: http://wstaw.org/w/1CsF/13:18
Peace--raeg: reading13:18
Peace--raeg: wtf your mic is low13:19
Peace--raeg: put everything to max13:19
ovidiu-florinhello world, I'm trying to conpile jovie, but I get a CMake error that it cannot find QtCore. I've installed kdelibs5-dev, is there something more? libqtcore4 is installed.13:20
raegPeace: That makes no difference. My computer is connected with my radio, so it is actuall not that low, because the sound is emplified.13:20
raegI am able to listening to music for example.13:20
Peace--raeg: if you need to solve a problem you need to test13:20
Peace--if you don't test => you wil not fix13:20
Peace--ovidiu-florin: sudo apt-get install libqtcore4-dev ?13:21
ovidiu-florinPeace--: there is no such package13:22
Peace--ovidiu-florin: wait a moment13:22
Peace--ovidiu-florin: libqt4-dev13:23
raegPeace: Sure, so what do you want me to do? I turned up both "Mic" to maximum. And tested it again with "rec -o test.wav" and "play test.wav", without success.13:23
ovidiu-florinPeace--: it's allready installed13:24
Peace--ovidiu-florin: ok then wait a moment :D apt-file will help13:24
raegPeace: Or were you talking about "ExtMic", because that bar can not be changed.13:25
Peace--ovidiu-florin: mm strange apt-file search QtCore says libqt4-dev13:27
Peace--ovidiu-florin: there are others packages btw13:28
Peace--like this ibqt4-private-dev13:28
ovidiu-florinPeace--: this is my error: http://paste.kde.org/650360/13:28
Peace--raeg: did you see the other page (> type right arrow)?13:28
BluesKajHey all13:29
Peace--ovidiu-florin: mm this is strange i have compiled a lots of stff13:30
Peace--ovidiu-florin: i will suggest to understand those error to install  apt-file13:30
Peace--then you do apt-file update13:30
Peace--then apt-file search error13:30
Peace--here it says13:30
raegPeace--: Yes, there is another bar. Raising it did not help.13:31
Peace--libqt4-dev libqtcore4-perl libqtcore413:32
Peace--ovidiu-florin: and others13:32
Peace--raeg: mm sound like a bug13:33
Peace--raeg: btw try to use  pavucontrol13:34
Peace--or remove pulseaudio13:34
Peace--raeg: if you want remove pulse audio  apt-get remove pulseaudio-utils pulseaudio13:35
Peace--then you can even re-install it13:35
raegPeace--: These are all bars from alsamixer: http://imagebin.org/243285 and http://imagebin.org/24328613:35
raegPeace--: How should I use pavucontrol? I installed and opened it - but I did get how it should help. It is a very confusing program.13:36
Peace--raeg: i dunno i have used one time btw aufnahme what is that ?13:37
Peace--i don't knwo german language13:37
raegPeace--: Can it not become a problem if I remove pulseaudio?13:37
raeg"aufnahme" is "recording"13:37
Peace--raeg: mm tha should be to max13:38
raegsure, but which one? and even if I max all of them - it does not help13:38
raegbtw: you already see: all are up13:38
Peace--raeg: like i said before to understand you need to put them all to max13:38
Peace--buddy as you want13:39
Peace--i need to go have luck13:39
raegfair enough13:39
ovidiu-florinwhat packages are necessary for KDE development?13:39
ovidiu-florinI am reffering mostly to applications not the workspace13:40
yofelovidiu-florin: installing the qt-sdk and kdevelop/qtcreator would be a good start. And looking at http://techbase.kde.org/Development14:06
ovidiu-florinI have those14:06
ovidiu-florinI've started but I can't compile any project due to this error: http://paste.kde.org/650360/14:07
yofelovidiu-florin: odd, that should be part of libqt4-dev. Is that installed?14:11
ovidiu-florinyes it is14:12
ovidiu-florinI've used cmake-gui and fixed it... not sure how.. but it works now14:15
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ovidiu-florinwhere are the images/graphics that Kmail uses stored?17:10
ovidiu-florinmore specific, I'm looking for the images that are used to mark a email as important or not17:13
avihaysomewhere in /usr/share, I guess17:15
avihayyou can look at the installed files info of the package in any competent package manager17:16
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robtygartovidiu-florin: look in /usr/share/icons18:35
FlowRiserovidiu-florin, also, you might find helpful the command kdialog --get-icon actions18:37
FlowRiserit lists all action items18:37
FlowRiserincluding send, receive, email, etc18:38
FlowRiserHey all, i've got a question regarding the kubuntu startup; I've recently installed kubuntu on a netbook, it performs just fine; The problem is the startup time (3-4 minutes),  also immediately after showing the desktop it is so slow ... it works fine only after it shows up the warnings (i don't have a contact folder and updates); What can I do ? (I have 1.6 Ghz dual core, 1gb ram, vm.swappinness=10)18:40
FlowRiseradil, yo18:40
robtygartFlowRiser: Do you have your graphic drivers installed18:40
FlowRiserrobtygart, the graphic driver performs just fine; the problem lies in that slowness i experience prior to getting those popup warnings18:41
robtygartThe last time mine was acting really slow, it was to do with my graphic drivers.18:41
FlowRiserrobtygart, i will investigate that further, you might have a point18:42
robtygartWhen this happens try and get terminal up and type "top" or "htop" if you have it18:42
robtygartthere you can see what the cpu and ram usage is18:42
robtygartthen you can get some idea of what app is slowing you down,18:43
FlowRiserrobtygart, the thing that most slows my system down at the beginning is PlasmaDesktop18:44
FlowRiser14% cpu18:45
robtygartFlowRiser: give me the out put of18:45
robtygartlspci -nnk | grep -iA2 vga18:45
FlowRiserrobtygart, wait a second, i need to get my other monitor in; I had to take it's lcd display, i needed it on a robot. brb 1 minute18:46
robtygartAnother idea could be your desktop effects, if you have everything turned on you could be slowing it down there too.18:47
FlowRiserrobtygart, i turned everything down, i even installed kubunut-low-fat-settings18:48
FlowRiserrotygart, so now it's booting up into the login screen18:52
FlowRiserit actually takes some time to boot into the kde-greeter18:53
FlowRiserand now, i logged in18:54
andybrineevening everyone18:54
robtygartIs this a lapotp18:54
andybrinecan anyone recommend how to reinstall graphics drivers for intel 3000 hd18:55
FlowRiserrobtygart, i know, i just have high expectations of kubuntu :D18:55
robtygartFlowRiser: its really peppy in mine and this is a 7 year old laptop18:55
robtygartandybrine: Have you looked in package manager?18:56
FlowRiserrobtygart, finally to the desktop! :D18:56
andybrineI have the latest intel drivers from the packate manager18:56
robtygartWowl thats really slow18:56
FlowRiserrobtygart, exactly O>O18:57
andybrinewhen i first login, my graphics are very blocky18:57
andybrineand dont know why18:57
andybrineso i was going to install again18:57
andybrinesee if it fixes it18:57
FlowRiserandybrine, when you are in the login screen ?18:57
robtygartThere is an option in Package manager that you can make for re-installation.18:58
andybrineFlowRiser when i have hit login and its loading, all the graphics are messed up18:58
FlowRiserandybrine, check your graphics driver, might be you have vesa or something like that18:59
andybrinewhat command do you use to check that?]18:59
FlowRiserrobtygart, i got the output: Vga compatible controller ... Intel N10  ... Kernel driver in use: i91519:00
FlowRiserrobtygart, mostly that19:00
robtygartThat looks fine.19:01
robtygartMy problems where coming from Nvida!19:01
andybrinethere is a libva-intel-vaapi-driver, is that the one that needs installing?19:02
FlowRiserrobtygart, oh god! :D I always remember when Linus Torvald said: "Nvidia f*** you!"19:02
FlowRiserrobtygart, there's even a remix on youtube19:02
robtygartI don't think I seen the first vid, I only read the aretical19:03
FlowRiserrobtygart, WATCH IT!19:03
FlowRiserand enjoy ;)19:03
robtygartandybrine: could you also give me the output if this lspci -nnk | grep -iA2 vga19:03
robtygartlspci -nnk | grep -iA2 vga19:04
FlowRiserrobtygart, my system is faster than it was this morning, odly :|19:04
robtygartHave you ran any updaes?19:04
FlowRiserrobtygart, let me check19:05
andybrinerobtygart, i have just messaged you the output19:05
robtygartsudo apt-get update19:05
robtygartsudo apt-get dist-upgrade19:05
FlowRiserrobtygart, to be honest i'd rather stay at 12.04, what does dist-upgrade do ?19:06
robtygartman apt-get19:07
robtygartI am not on Kubuntu at the moment, it can explain it better19:07
FlowRiserrobtygart, thanks man :D19:07
robtygartit does the same thing as19:08
robtygartsudo apt-get upgrade, but it will do the most important package first..  Thats how "snowhog" told me thas how I should do it.. LOL19:08
robtygarthe is around here somewhere I am sure19:08
FlowRiserrobtygart, hehe, in linux there are allot of ways to do things :D19:09
Unit193robtygart: Not quite, upgrade will only update installed programs, dist-upgrade will also install programs if doing so is required when upgrading a package.  Like linux-image-generic when there is a new kernel out.19:09
robtygartOk, I get it.19:10
FlowRiserI don't think this will solve my slow startup times, though19:11
FlowRiserswap memory, swappinness, can they influence my startup times with kubuntu ?19:13
robtygartI don't know.19:16
BluesKajFlowRiser, nepomuk and akonadi can19:17
BluesKajif they're enabled19:17
FlowRiserBluesKaj, ok, i'll disable them after the update19:23
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BluesKajFlowRiser, also if you init scripts running at high run level19:24
FlowRiserBluesKaj, how do i check those ?19:25
BluesKajthey're usually self made scrpits to start particular functions , not default stuff19:25
FlowRiserBluesKaj, it's a fresh install, didn't really had time to "fiddle" >:)19:26
BluesKajok , FlowRiser ..what kind of boot times are you expecting ?19:26
FlowRiserBluesKaj, i'm not talking about boot times, just startup times; Cause Unity+compiz performs much better than Kde19:28
FlowRiserBluesKaj, example: from the login screen to kde it took 3-4 minutes! from the login screen to Unity+compiz 10 seconds19:28
BluesKajhmm, odd , never noticed that unity was faster then kde19:28
FlowRiserBluesKaj, you'd be surprised O.o19:29
FlowRiserBluesKaj, but i need kde to work in19:29
FlowRiserBluesKaj, so you can imagine my frustration when i have to wait 3 minutes just to get to the desktop19:29
BluesKajFlowRiser, well you must have some other problem ..kde loads very quickly here , probly less tah 5-10 secs after login19:30
FlowRiserBluesKaj, on my pc too, it takes 3-5 secdonds O.o19:30
FlowRiseri'll try again after update and reboot19:31
FlowRisertime it properly19:31
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apologeticnoobI have a small issue that i could use some fresh eyes on19:57
apologeticnoobwhen i boot into kubuntu i get an error msg that says "Call to lnusertemp failed (temporary directory is full?) check your installation. This is just a popup i can click okay to and then i can log in with no problems.19:57
apologeticnoobsomething about kdeinit chrashes or something19:58
apologeticnoobdoes anyone else have this or a fix to this?19:59
BluesKaj apologeticnoob , have you updated and upgraded lately ?20:01
apologeticnoobinstalled a few days ago20:02
apologeticnoobit is an old laptop, but everything works smoothly so i doubt it is an hardware issue20:03
apologeticnoobis kdm the right log to be reviewing?20:04
apologeticnoobI was not sure about that...20:04
apologeticnoobdoes this makes sense to you?20:07
BluesKajlooks like your xserver-xorg file is bit out of spec , but X server obviously recovers , and it's not serious , as long as yopu don't have any video or display problems20:08
apologeticnoobwell i dont, but the boot delay is annoying20:08
BluesKajIntel graphics ?20:08
apologeticnoobgma 450 i think20:09
apologeticnoobshould i be able to reinstall xserver without fucking everything up?20:10
IdleOneyou should be able to ask without swearing20:11
BluesKajyou could try blanking the /etc/X11/xorg.conf file and rebooting , unless of course you configured the file manually for other devices20:11
apologeticnoobhow was that a swear?20:11
apologeticnoobill try that20:12
IdleOneapologeticnoob: cursing is not allowed in *buntu channels20:12
BluesKajwe don't approve of the "f" word and othe curses20:12
apologeticnooboh. I am truly sorry20:12
invariantWhen I resize a window under particular , X crashes. How can I modify the way kdm starts X?20:13
invariants/under particular/under particular conditions20:14
apologeticnoobshould it be there?20:15
apologeticnoobthere is no /etc/X11/xorg.conf20:19
apologeticnoobshould it be there?20:19
BluesKajapologeticnoob, in some cases it's needed , and some not , the default is not ..if want to create xorg.conf (which can;t hurt) , do , sudo Xorg -configure20:22
apologeticnoobFatal server error:20:23
apologeticnoobServer is already active for display 020:23
BluesKajinvariant, Kwin is the kde window manager , kdm is the login page display20:23
invariantBluesKaj, please just answer the question.20:24
invariantBluesKaj, I don't ask questions for nothing.20:24
invariantBluesKaj, if you don't know the answer, that's also ok.20:24
invariantIn that case, just don't say anything.20:24
invariantBluesKaj, I am interested in passing -core to X somewhere.20:25
BluesKajinvariant, you're assuming by your question that kdm is at fault , kwin and the window theme you have chosen might be buggy ..and if you continue your rude attitude then I won't bother you any longer20:26
invariantBluesKaj, no, you are assuming I am stupid.20:26
invariantBluesKaj, I already know what crashes.20:26
invariantBluesKaj, you are not helping.20:26
invariantBluesKaj, and I didn't say kdm is at fault.20:27
invariantBluesKaj, please try to _read_.20:27
invariantBluesKaj, your attitude is rude, because I am trying to fix the broken system the rest of the world has created and you are interfering in this process. You are supposed to be helping me.20:27
BluesKajinvariant, you're on ignore , don't waste your energy on me20:28
invariantMan, how hard can it be to just answer the question that is asked?20:28
invariantYeah, that's a wonderful way to solve a problem. Ignoring it...20:28
apologeticnoobblueskaj, is it safe to stop Xorg and how do i do so?20:32
apologeticnoobor should i just "sudo Xorg -quiet" and the popup will go away?20:33
apologeticnoobtreating the syntoms so to speak20:33
BluesKajapologeticnoob, you can drop to a TTY , ALT+CTRL+F1 , then login and do sudo service lightdm (or kdm ) stop , the run your commands and then sudo service lightdm start20:35
BluesKaj!tty | apologeticnoob20:36
ubottuapologeticnoob: To get to the TTY terminals 1-6, use the keystroke ctrl + alt + F1-F6 respectively (Alt+F7 will get you back to your graphical login).  To change the resolution for your TTY, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ChangeTTYResolution20:36
BluesKajtty is avery habdy method to configure and install apps that require X to be out of the loop20:37
BluesKajerr handy20:37
franz__guten abend ihr lieben20:48
BluesKaj!de | franz__20:49
ubottufranz__: In den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!20:49
franz__und wo finde ich den20:49
BluesKajfranz__, this channel is English only20:51
muscafranz__: einfach anklicken20:52
shadeslayerBluesKaj: heh, I didn't realize alt-ctrl-f1 also worked21:00
shadeslayerI always did a ctrl-alt-f121:00
BluesKajyeah alta+ctrl+f1 to f621:01
BluesKajor ctrl+alt+f1  to f6 :)21:02
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