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Jackyannnd nothing00:31
work_alkisgHi, we've configured our project to use launchpad translations, but we see daily commits of .po files instead of commits only when there are actual translation changes...07:27
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alkisgExample: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ltsp-upstream/ltsp/ltsp-trunk/revision/243907:29
alkisgWith another project (epoptes), we only had automatic launchpad commits when the translations were actually changed07:29
alkisgDid launchpad get any update wrt translations that could have caused this behavior?07:30
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satorisThe staging launchpad has been down for several hours. Any ETA on when it will be back up?12:13
czajkowskilet me go and see12:14
czajkowskisatoris: abotu an hour or so12:36
satorisCheck. Thanks for the info.12:37
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alkisgHi, we're getting daily translation commits even when we shouldn't:13:56
alkisghttp://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ltsp-upstream/ltsp/ldm-trunk/revision/1462#po/el.po : "POT-Creation-Date: 2013-01-15 04:34+0000\n"13:56
alkisghttp://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ltsp-upstream/ltsp/ldm-trunk/files/head:/po/ :      ldm.pot 1394  2011-07-13 04:47:23 UTC13:56
alkisgWhy does launchpad think our .pot file has been changed?13:56
czajkowskialkisg: has this just started?13:58
alkisgI think we have some recipes that publish daily builds of ltsp, could that be related?13:58
alkisgczajkowski: I don't know, we've only enabled translations 4 days ago13:58
alkisgSo I don't have enough data to judge13:58
czajkowskiGwaihir: is this normal for transaltions?13:59
alkisgI have another project that does _not_ do that13:59
alkisgAs far as I can see, epoptes has the same translations configuration as ltsp, and epoptes doesn't have the problem, while ltsp does13:59
shadeslayerderyck: the package built fine on actual arm hardware btw14:18
shadeslayer( sorry for disappearing abruptly last night )14:19
deryckshadeslayer, no worries. And other that that, I'm not sure.  wgrant would be a good person to ask about it, though he's not around not most likely.14:24
shadeslayerokay :)14:25
satorisStaging is still down. Any updates on it?14:52
czajkowskisatoris: no there are updates going on and that machine is down until the work is complete.14:52
satorisUnderstood. Is there any sort of estimate on how long it is going to take?14:54
czajkowskisatoris: within the next hour15:00
satorisRoger that. Thanks.15:01
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computa_mikeI have a question about the downloads option for a Launchpad project.  So I set up a project yesterday with code hosting.  I got the source recipe working, so it's building a deb file, but can't really see the point of the downloads section (for ubuntu projects anyway)21:41
computa_mikeyeah - I suppose that's actually missing the question part... So what's the point of the downloads section?21:42
dobeycomputa_mike: it's for publishing source code releases of a project in tarball form, and such21:44
dobeycomputa_mike: launchpad != ubuntu, although it is used heavily for it. lots of projects on launchpad work on other versions of linux, and also other platforms.21:45
computa_mikedobey: yeah good point... as an ubuntu user it does seem so tightly integrated into the ubuntu project that you forget that it supports multiple platforms21:46
computa_mikedobey: thanks for the information.  I think I need to separate that launchpad / ubuntu framework.  I might try hosting some windows apps on there.  Might help reinforce that separation.21:48
computa_mikedobey: when I say separate launchpad / ubuntu - i meant like in my mind :)21:50
leonelHello, does launchpad has ARM builders ?23:44
xnoxleonel: yes.23:50
xnoxbut they are not enabled by default for PPAs, sparse resource.23:51
maxbwha? I just did a copy of a package, copying binaries, and the i386 binary copied, but the amd64 one has been marked for rebuild23:52
xnoxoh the classical pre-midnight 18th January Easter egg?! =)23:53
xnoxbut honestly, sounds scary.23:54
maxbI suppose the amd64 binary *might* have still been barely just pending publishing23:54
wgrantmaxb: Were there any deletions involved?23:54
maxbNo deletions23:54
wgrantHm, so not bug #68269223:54
ubot5bug 682692 in Launchpad itself "Some PPAs have duplicated builds" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/68269223:54
maxbThe UI didn't say the amd64 build was pending-publishing, I was only looking at the summary field, and it may have not been shown because LP considered telling me that the lpia build was pending-build was more important than telling me about pending-publishing?23:56
wgrantThat is correct23:56
maxbI guess we just call this an unfortunate case of bad timing, then23:57
wgrantIt could be a very similar bug23:57
wgrantThat case should be rejected23:57
wgrantIt may only check if it's still in Accepted if it thinks the builds are done23:58
wgrantBut if the lpia build was pending then it should have rejected the copy, shouldn't it?23:59

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