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jiridoholstein, yes00:08
jiridoWhere i log in.. I dont like blue!00:09
jiridoOk! thanx00:09
Unit193What version of Lubuntu?00:09
Insidedoes lubuntu work with virtualPC?00:11
InsideI get a seg fault right when I go to install it..00:12
holsteinInside: theres nothing lubuntu is doing to prevent being installed in virtualization00:13
holsteinInside:  i do it with virtualbox often00:13
holsteinInside: i would check the iso.. test with other known good iso's00:13
Unit193https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QuantalQuetzal/ReleaseNotes/Lubuntu#Known_Issues  All the known Lubuntu Quantal install issues.00:15
holsteinInside: virtual PC might not support lubuntu.. virtualbox will run on whatever operating system you are using00:16
* Inside sighs ._.00:16
holsteinhttp://www.sevenforums.com/virtualization/183447-virtual-pc-ubuntu-11-04-a.html seem relevant, though a bit dated Inside00:18
Inside taking a look, thanks00:18
holstein"the Microsoft Virtual PC is meant to be installed on Windows 7, to run Windows XP, Vista and / or Windows 7 guest systems"00:18
Insidehere's a question -- I'm not sure if lubuntu is what I'm looking for00:19
holsteinInside: virtualbox https://www.virtualbox.org/ runs on most any host and supports most any guest00:19
holsteinInside: download it and run it live.. try lubuntu live00:19
InsideI really basically need something with a terminal where I can compile stuff.. I don't even really need the windowing manager thing00:19
Inside > Microsoft Virtual PC can not run 64-bit guest machines, not even on 64-bit hosts as is your case. You must use 32-bit install media when installing Windows to Virtual PC guest. ah, interesting00:20
holsteinInside: that would be more like ubuntuserver or minimal.. but you might want lubuntu for that since you might need/want a desktop at first00:20
holsteinInside: you can run 64bit guests in 32bit virtualbox, but i wouldnt00:20
holsteinInside: if you are looking to "compile", you might just want to use a live CD... save your work to a USB stick00:21
holsteinInside: otherwise, you wont take full advantage of the machine00:21
Insidewell and also run a server from the command line00:21
holsteinInside: server? a windows server?00:21
holsteinInside: theres not much difference in linux servers and desktops... other than packages and configuration00:21
Insideno, a game server which only works under nix stuff00:21
holsteinInside: then, why not compile there?00:22
holsteinInside: or try using it from a live CD? or USB stick? or in virtualbox?00:22
Insideer.. that's the point -- I'm looking for a linux flavor which is very light weight where I can compile the stuff that I need from source and then run it00:23
holsteinInside: puppy is light... lubuntu is00:23
Insideis.. also ligt?00:23
Unit193Inside: You may find that Ubuntu server, Ubuntu minimal, or even debian good for that.00:23
holsteini dont think the lightness is the issue.. you are using virtualization that is not supporting linux00:23
Unit193If the idea is to have a server.00:23
holsteinxubuntu is not "heavy".. though, if you dont need X, dont install it00:24
Insideholstein: I'll find a different virtualization thing that'll hopefully work, I just mean something that I can run without it taking up a lot of resources00:24
holsteinInside: lubuntu is that.. so are plenty of linux distros00:24
wxlInside: use virtualbox. it works. you can tweak it to use as much resources as you like. as a guest, lubuntu doesn't use much, especially without x.00:24
Insideright, I'm getting vbox setup right now00:24
holsteinyou might prefer https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD00:25
holsteinno need to install lubuntu if you dont want x00:25
Insidethanks, gonna give it a try!00:27
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newbieprops tho03:36
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Guest82748If I download lubuntu 12.10 now, will I have to update all since the release when installed?03:37
Guest82748or has been some moment when they have been refreshed?03:37
holsteinGuest82748: updates come in pretty regularly04:06
holsteinGuest82748: i would expect to either update, or just be a bit behind04:06
Guest82748aah  thanks holstein04:06
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karmakosmikkhi, if i want to install new theme for lubuntu, just download theme file from box-look.org? what is that gtk theme option there?06:52
jiridois it gtk icons that is in lxapperance?07:17
jiridoHow could i change color in the digital clock from black at lxpanel07:37
jiridoDoes anyone eventually know how i could change color in the digital clock in lxpanel10:43
lesshasteprtsc doesn't seem to do anything. how do I take a screen shot of a chromium page?14:54
billhookmanhi, anybody know why I cannot access to software center? It does not load anything to select. synaptic works ok.15:33
theixleCan I make a single instance of lxterminal start maximized with --geometry or some other means?16:58
holsteintheixle: have you checked out 'lxterm -help' ...i see lots of arguments there17:07
theixleYes, all I saw was the geometry one and I tried to use lines/rows but couldn't get it just right17:11
theixleoh you said 'lxterm' I was looking at 'lxterminal'17:16
holsteintheixle: sorry.. i looked at both just now, and lxterm has much more options17:32
holsteintheixle: will that work? im not sure how to do that with lxterminal.. maybe in #lxde?17:32
theixleI was able to run xterm maximized, lxterm returns an error17:34
theixleIt might work once I adjust the default font17:34
drachensunhello, does any one know how I can change the text size of the start menu?18:02
rejvenhi, im new to 12.10, i was wondering what is the easiest way to create desktop shortcut for folders or .txt files, thanks18:02
drachensunI'm using a touch screen and I've managed to talk all the other icons and text bigger but that18:03
drachensunto change the all the other icons than that I mean18:04
CongIs there a menu editor for this?19:50
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