BaribalHi. IS there a way to set up an already installed machine as a node without having to reinstall?01:46
BaribalAlso, is it possible to use a machine both as region-controller and a node? 'Cause, why waste a good machine? (Especially if you only have one...)01:48
bigjoolsBaribal: no that's not possible02:10
bigjoolsyou can share a machine for region and cluster controller though02:10
jtvSmall consolation, perhaps.  :)02:10
bigjoolswell it's a bit chicken and egg isn't it :)02:11
BaribalDepends on what MAAS does exactly... But are you considering to lift that limitation?02:15
BaribalAlso, what about making an already installed machine a node?02:15
jtvAs far as I know, that's not under consideration, no.02:16
bigjoolsit's not a limitation that we have any control over02:16
bigjoolsyou have to provision nodes before you can use them - that's what maas does02:17
BaribalHow about running a VM on the host which is used as a node?02:18
jtvYou mean use the VM as a node?02:19
lifelessyou can do that, but its not a MAAS task to provision VMs02:19
bigjoolsalso tools such as juju assume exclusive access02:21
BaribalInhowfar exclusive?02:21
jtvIt's assumed that the entire install is basically disposable.02:22
jtvWhen you allocate a machine through juju, it normaly assumes that that machine is only used for the application that juju puts on it.02:23
BaribalJust for clarity: That'd be the units juju deploys?02:27
jtvYes...  I guess a unit is both an instance of an application on the one hand, and an entire machine on the other.02:28
BaribalWait, so per machine, only one unit gets deployed?02:29
bigjoolsnormally yes, but you can override that02:31
bigjoolsbut the point I am making is that this is one application that assumes that it has total control of nodes02:31
BaribalOkay... How do I override it? 'Cause all I have to run MAAS on is two 8right now one :( ) VM.02:33
bigjoolsare you using juju?02:33
bigjoolsI can't remember the config offhand02:36
bigjoolslet me see if I can find it02:36
bigjoolsunless jtv remembers02:36
jtvDon't even know what config you're referring to...  doesn't juju also need a bootstrap node?02:36
bigjoolsyes but you can make juju dispatch charms to the bootstrap node02:37
jtvAh!  Don't know the config for that then.02:40
bigjoolsBaribal: in the maas section in environments.yaml, add this:02:41
bigjoolsplacement: local02:41
bigjoolsand charms get dispatched to the bootstrap node02:41
BaribalNot exactly what I'd prefer, but definitely what I need right now. Thanks. :)02:42
BaribalSo... Is installation time the only one I can make a machine a prospective MAAS-node?02:43
bigjoolsyes, maas is designed to provision bare metal from scratch02:44
jtvThat's what it amounts to...  You make it a node first, and installation follows.02:44
BaribalOkay... Too bad, I have no control over the machine at installation time.02:44
bigjoolsmaas is responsible for installing the OS that the API client requests02:44
BaribalSo I guess I'm back to using Openstack for the moment.02:45
bigjoolsyeah you don't want MAAS then02:45
bigjoolsmaas can do VMs but it's more of a testing feature02:45
jtvNo creation or destruction — you create them and then basically have maas believe that they're physical machines.02:46
BaribalI'll try again when I'm building my cluster... But if I understand correctly, my choices are to deploy all units to the bootstrap node or I need one machine per unit? Not quite what I expected.02:46
bigjoolsthere may be more to it, but you should ask on the juju channel about that02:47
BaribalWill do.02:47
bigjoolsI believe there's a plan02:47
Baribal"Going away and buggering the OpenStack people"? :)02:48
jtvBecause "buggering" means something completely different.  :)02:50
bigjoolswell, maybe they ...02:51
* jtv laughs02:51
lifelessBaribal: being one of those openstack people...02:59
lifelessBaribal: I'd rather you nag us than bugger us.03:00
BaribalDon't worry, I'm great at nagging. :)03:00
BaribalBut, right now, I'll go sleep, I think. I've tried the whole day to get my cloud running...03:01
Bariballifeless, just one quick question: Is Essex still the current OpenStack release?03:03
Baribal'Cause I'm hunting for setup tutorials.03:03
lifelessgrizzly coming up03:05
BaribalThanks; so http://docs.openstack.org/folsom/basic-install/content/ is probably what I'll want to read. Except if there's a good shortcut?03:07
lifelessno shortcuts :)03:12
lifelessnot if you want to understand what you're turning on03:12
BaribalI do, but not right now.03:14
lifelesswell for that case you can just install the openstack packages on both nodes03:18
lifelessone controller + compute, one compute03:19
lifelessI recommend reading a bit though, its useful to know03:19
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bitwizhas this question been resolved? https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubiquity/+question/207347 I am having the same results on my new install of 12.10 maas15:16
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roaksoaxallenap: around by any chance?18:29
roaksoaxmatsubara: around?20:17
matsubararoaksoax, yes20:40
roaksoaxmatsubara: had a question for you which you miht be able to help me with20:40
roaksoaxmatsubara: in a multinode maas cluster, who holds the pxe images, the region or the cluster?20:41
matsubaraI think the region is the first one to get but then when the cluster requests the images from the region, it then stores them itself20:42
roaksoaxmatsubara: ack! thanks for the info20:43
matsubarathis is my understanding of it, not sure if it changed since the EOY break. didn't touch the cluster controller stuff20:43
matsubaraI'll know for sure next week when I resume working on the jenkins job to test the cluster controller20:43
roaksoaxthanks for the info though20:46
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dpb_Hi -- if a node is claimed by a user or allocated.  How do I release it, forcefully is fine.22:06
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dpb_nm, figured it out   maas cli -- node release22:22
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