bdmurraybug 1101027 could use some verifying01:07
ubot2Launchpad bug 1101027 in asunder (Ubuntu) "most people use 192 but asunder users can't" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/110102701:07
antarusok so now I need the bash maintainer..01:30
antarusdoko or steve eh01:31
antarushrm these sponsorship instructions look old :/01:32
TheLordOfTimeantarus, what're you trying to do, if I may ask?01:32
ubot2Launchpad bug 778627 in bash (Ubuntu) "In natty, bash completion now quotes shell variable references rather than expanding them" [Undecided,Confirmed]01:35
antarusI uploaded a debdiff to fix that bug01:35
antarusI'm looking for a sponsor to upload it to proposed, and then nominate for SRU01:36
TheLordOfTimesubscribe ubuntu-sponsors and the sru team, but first, can you tell me which versions are actually affected?01:36
TheLordOfTimei.e. precise, oneiric,...01:36
TheLordOfTimei can see in the bug it says quantal/raring unaffected01:36
TheLordOfTime... oh that reminds me i need to ping the release team about an SRU... :p01:37
antarusthe users on the bug reported the breakage first in natty01:37
antarusand it was still broken in P01:37
TheLordOfTimeantarus, natty's EOL01:37
antarusso I assume N, O, P01:37
TheLordOfTimei was asking about what releases you have personally seen it in.01:37
antarusI only run LTS01:37
antarusso just P01:37
TheLordOfTimedid you confirm oneiric is affected?  and that precise is affected?01:37
antarusI can definately confirm Precise is affected01:38
antarusI have no O machines01:38
TheLordOfTimeOK i'm going to nominate that bug for P, but i'd like to see whether O is also impacted because if so it'll need an SRU for O too01:38
antarusbut I can download its bash and reproduce01:38
TheLordOfTimealthough in april we can ignore it :P01:38
antarusYeah we are quickly getting everyone off of lucid before it falls off of a cliff ;)01:39
TheLordOfTimelast i checked lucid is also an LTS01:40
TheLordOfTimeand doesn't die yet01:40
antarusit dies soon ;)01:40
TheLordOfTimedesktop dies, but not server :P01:40
TheLordOfTimedesktop is in april, server's 201501:40
antarusI only care about desktop ;)01:40
TheLordOfTimei've nominated the bug for Precise, but i've also commented saying i'd like to see if its seen in Oneiric too01:41
antarusyes, let me check O's bash01:41
TheLordOfTimeantarus, i'll be kind and help you out in subscribing sponsors and the SRU team, but in future, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates#Procedure is useful.  :)01:42
epikvisionHey TheLordOfTime!01:43
TheLordOfTimebut first, i have to kill this windows server that's being stupid01:43
* TheLordOfTime waves to epikvision01:44
epikvisionseems we're getting a lot done so far.  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBugDay/2013011701:44
TheLordOfTimebleh i've only been around for about 30 minutes01:44
TheLordOfTimegiven i had other obligations today :P01:44
antarusTheLordOfTime: Yeah I'm still trying to get the hang of this process ;)01:44
antarusI appreciate the help01:44
TheLordOfTimeantarus, no problem :)01:44
antarusI have about a dozen more of these to do ;)01:44
TheLordOfTimei'll subscribe sponsors and SRU for you, fi you want send me the other bugs as well with details of releases affected01:45
antarusmost of them will require more work on my part yet01:45
* antarus doesn't have the backports done01:46
antarusor patches, or debdiffs, or whathaveyou01:46
TheLordOfTimeantarus, i subscribed sponsors and sru to that bug01:46
TheLordOfTime(but also, the link i gave you explainsi which iteams you subscribe)01:46
TheLordOfTimeEVIL KEY!  *points to the random 'i' charactersi showing iup.*01:46
TheLordOfTimehiya jbicha!01:48
antarusI guess bug 1099987 is easy, but I think it is also broken in debian.01:50
ubot2Launchpad bug 1099987 in bash (Ubuntu) "/etc/skel/.profile does not detect bash properly" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/109998701:50
antarusit looks like doko maintains bash in both though?01:50
TheLordOfTimeis the bug filed in Debian yet?01:52
antarusno, I will do that01:52
TheLordOfTimei meant, did you see if someone else filed the bug in debian yet.01:52
TheLordOfTimeactually, strike that, i'll just go check01:52
* TheLordOfTime pulls up bugs.d.o01:52
antaruswe searched01:52
antarusdidn't find anything01:52
TheLordOfTimemeh its alright, this gives me the chance to test my search script :P01:53
antarusits not strictly clear if it is bug01:53
antarusor just WAI01:53
antarusin which case I'll just patch it internally01:53
antarusThe main problem is that lightdm-session runs in posix mode, but sources $HOME/.profile. $BASH_VERSION is *set* in posix mode, so posix-only bash ends up sourcing ~/.bashrc01:54
antarusand dies when ~/.bashrc contains bashisms01:54
antarus(and then lightdm restarts)01:55
antarusits awesome01:55
antarus(ly bad)01:55
TheLordOfTimeokay, interesting question.  and i apologize, my specialization is in server packages, but wouldn't this then be a conflict between lightdm-session and bash?01:55
TheLordOfTimeand not necessarily a bash bug?01:56
antarusSorry, Conflict being like a package conflict?01:56
antarusIts not a bug in bash the shell; but the bash package ships /etc/skel/.profile01:56
TheLordOfTimeah okay, that's what i missed01:56
* TheLordOfTime had a lag spike01:56
antarusand it is my believe that /etc/skel/.profile is busted in this way01:56
antarusbut I could be convinced otherwise ;p01:56
antarusIts also not clear if /etc/skel/.profile is sourced by non-bourne shells01:57
TheLordOfTimeas i said, my specialization is in server packages, so... ;P01:57
TheLordOfTimeforgive semi-noobish questions such as the one i asked ;P01:57
TheLordOfTime... aw crap, not again01:57
* TheLordOfTime walks off to fix apt-mirror again01:57
antarusahh good old apt01:57
antarusthe only stupid question is teh question left unasked, etc...01:58
TheLordOfTimemeh, apt mirror's a different piece of work :P02:09
TheLordOfTimeits evilish :P02:09
antaruswe use debmirror02:11
antarusits also crap02:11
TheLordOfTimewell apt-mirror just failed  because of lag02:11
* TheLordOfTime fixed that02:11
antarusalthough it comes ot mind that we might just do something stupid02:17
antarusisn't /bin/sh dash on Ubuntu?02:17
TheLordOfTimethought it was just 'sh'02:17
* TheLordOfTime loads up a VM02:17
TheLordOfTimeroot@luna:/bin# ls -alshF sh02:18
TheLordOfTime0 lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 4 Mar 29  2012 sh -> dash*02:18
TheLordOfTimei'm wrong :P02:18
TheLordOfTimeit is dash02:18
antaruswe symlink it to bash for some reason02:19
TheLordOfTimethat's on Precise02:19
antaruswe == work02:19
* TheLordOfTime points at Luna, then at a 12.04 CD02:19
antarusat work we symlink it to bash02:19
antarusprobably because it was the cool thing to do 7 years ago ;p02:19
antaruswhich would explain why only we are seeing these weird lightdm issues02:20
antarusI'll go in tomorrow and see if replacing bash with dash 'fixes' it02:20
* antarus grumbles02:20
TheLordOfTimeso... pebkac?  :P02:20
TheLordOfTimehehe i kid.02:21
epikvisionHello, is anyone here participating in the hug day?02:21
antaruswe call these bugs based on 'historical purposes'02:21
TheLordOfTimeepikvision, its almost the end of the day, i could have sworn a bunch were already participating02:21
antarusbecause we didn't write down why we did X, but we have the commit that did it02:21
TheLordOfTimebut i wasn't here, i was busy so...02:21
antarusso we spend hours trying to puzzle out why ;)02:21
epikvisionwell, I just returned from school, and I'm just about to start.  I'm having trouble though in using hugday-tools.  I branched it, but bash doesn't recognize "hugday" as a command.02:22
TheLordOfTimethis is why i just triage normally :P02:23
TheLordOfTimeepikvision, afaiui transmission's the focus02:23
TheLordOfTimethere's quite a bit of segv bugs though, so...02:23
epikvisionTheLordOfTime, I would do it normally, but I also want to try out the tools.  How can I install the tools with the setup.py file?02:26
TheLordOfTimeepikvision, i don't use the tools, so i couldn't tell you :P02:26
epikvisionOk, I figured it was: python setup.py install02:28
chilicuilit seems the ubuntu bug day was a success, all bugs listed were touched =)02:28
TheLordOfTimethere should be a readme, no epikvision? :P02:28
epikvisionchilicuil, so bug day is finished? :-(02:29
TheLordOfTimei'm still here02:29
TheLordOfTimeif you have something you want me to look at lemme kno0w02:29
TheLordOfTimeotherwise, i'm going to be hacking away at php5's source code02:29
epikvisionthere is, but it didn't explain installation.02:30
TheLordOfTimeis there an 'INSTALL' file? :P02:30
chilicuilepikvision: I'd say yes, but there are still a bunch of reports in other pkgs waiting for us, I'll do a little bit of triaging work now02:31
TheLordOfTimeyep *02:31
epikvisionjust a setup.py file, but at least I installed it.02:31
TheLordOfTimei'm highly specialized into server packages, but i'm here if needed, so ;P02:31
* TheLordOfTime yawns02:31
epikvisionchilicuil, yeah, I'm going to start triaging too.02:32
epikvisionwhen triaging bugs, is it necessary to have the same desktop version?02:37
epikvisionto confirm the bug?02:37
TheLordOfTimeepikvision, do you mean same desktop environment?02:38
epikvisionBecause I'm going to do triaging on my 12.04.1 stable machine. Don't know if I have to be using development build...02:38
TheLordOfTimerather than destop "version"02:38
TheLordOfTimeepikvision, if something is filed against precise, confirm using precise02:39
TheLordOfTimeand check quantal / raring02:39
TheLordOfTimeunless someone already said "Quantal / Raring / $release is not affected."02:39
epikvisionanyone using hugday tools? I need some assistance.  How do I identify MOINID?02:58
epikvisionIt seems that most of the bugs for today have been triaged. https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/transmission03:12
epikvisionoh well, I will just get to other bugs then.03:14
om26ercool, we had 71 NEW bugs when we started now they are 306:10
* TheLordOfTime goes back to stabbing oidentd's packaging06:10
TheLordOfTimeis it weird when it says that the debian tarball modifies upstream changes?06:10
TheLordOfTime(where "debian tarball"  is the .debian.tar.gz)06:11
ZilvadorHas the package ubuntu-qa-tools been taken out of universe?10:19
jibelZilvador, yes, it has been removed in Natty IIRC but it is still maintained in LP https://code.launchpad.net/ubuntu-qa-tools10:27
Zilvadorjibel, apparently the lastest package is for Natty there too. Can it be installed in Quantal or is there a replacement?10:29
jibelZilvador, which tools are you interested in? There is a package here https://launchpad.net/~utah/+archive/daily/+packages but it only contains vm-tools and dl-ubuntu-test-iso10:35
jibelotherwise most of the tools are runnable from the source tree10:35
Zilvadorjibel, I was just thinking of the tools on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBugDay/Tools10:36
ZilvadorOr more generally to find out which tools there are.10:37
jibeloh, it's really old stuff, there is no package that I know. I don't even know if hugday in particular still works on latest releases10:42
Zilvadorjibel, I see. Then I will just skip it. Maybe the wiki page should be removed then?10:42
jibelZilvador, hugday from https://code.launchpad.net/ubuntu-qa-tools works fine on raring, so it just needs a volunteer to give it some love and maintain a package :)10:46
Zilvadorjibel, sounds good :). Can I update the wiki page with this information?10:47
jibelZilvador, of course, it's a public wiki10:49
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iBelieveI've been working on a bug for a long time and haven't been able to fix it, so I just unassigned myself from it. However, I can't set the status from "In progress" back to "Triaged". Is that what I'm supposed to do, or what am I supposed to do?16:30
roadmriBelieve: if you're no longer actively working on it, Triaged sounds better16:43
roadmriBelieve: if you like I can help set it to that, just give me the bug number16:43
iBelieveroadmr: Thank you, the bug is LP #657275.16:44
ubot2Launchpad bug 657275 in apport (Ubuntu) "ubuntu-bug should save reports offline automatically rather than giving a cryptic error message" [Wishlist,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/65727516:44
roadmriBelieve: done16:47
iBelieveroadmr: thanks!16:48
JoseAntonioRHey, guys! I'd like to know if any of you is interested on doing a 'You can fix bitesize too!' session for the Ubuntu Developer Week on the 31st Jan, at 18:30 UTC.16:49
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