AlanBellone for jcastro https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=tWJ9YaTmoyg#!00:44
jcastroalan, alan01:00
jcastroalan, al, hey alan, al, alan01:00
komputesyeah, that's not annoying01:00
jcastroI know right01:00
jcastrohi alan01:03
jcastropopey: how's the left coast?01:03
popeyits freezing here01:04
jcastropopey: send a friendly, yet trolly message to bacon for me01:04
jcastrodo something like01:04
mhall119here too, I actually had to turn off the A/C and close the windows01:04
jcastro"the entire juju source tree got deleted." and "amazon decided to dump ubuntu" or something for me01:05
popeyhe was sat next tome,just left01:06
popeyoh, he's still here01:06
* popey does it01:06
jcastrowork it!01:06
popeyhe's gonna call you01:06
mhall119ah ha01:07
mhall119jcastro: now ignore it01:07
mhall119or just tell him you have no idea why popey would say such a thing01:07
jcastroI hope he calls mes01:08
jcastro"Hey, it's like 8pm here, I am wasted, popey says 'hahah idiot, and go punch him'"01:08
jcastropopey: hell hath no fury like a horseman with total knowledge of his timezone01:08
popeyhe just walkedin.."popey, you're an asshole"01:15
popeymission accomplished01:15
popeydo we have an accomplishment for that?01:15
jcastropopey: nice try01:16
jcastrolook, I might not like his choice of music, sometimes ....01:16
jcastrobut you'll never get horseman to horseman violence.01:16
jcastrohint: try holbach.01:16
mhall119holbach's just come back from 3 weeks of vacation, nothing's gonna get to him right now01:20
popeysounds like a challenge01:22
bkerensaAhh I really do love Ubuntu's development process its so less chaotic than say linux kernel07:23
dholbachgood morning08:01
* popey hugs dholbach 08:04
* dholbach hugs popey back08:04
czajkowskidholbach: how was the drive?11:18
dholbachczajkowski, we got back at around 1, it all went quite well11:21
dholbachjust a bit tired today11:21
dholbachhow are you doing?11:21
czajkowskigood thanks11:21
czajkowskilooking out at the snow coming down11:21
czajkowskirearranging plans for the weekend due to it going to be a blocker on stuff11:22
dholbachI'm looking forward to tomorrow night :)11:23
czajkowskiYou Dj'ing?11:28
dholbachyes and celebrating my birthday, should be fun :)11:29
czajkowskiyay :D11:30
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scott-workgood morning everyone, are the team reports still desired (i.e. should ubuntu studio start doing theme again) ?13:52
jcastrohey mhall11914:07
smartboyhwHmm I need to make a blog post of the whereabouts of UDS-S14:08
mhall119hey jcastro14:10
jcastromhall119: hey, I am reading about the 100 scopes thing14:11
jcastroand I remembered that the AU lens has a server side daemon too14:12
jcastroso just FYI14:12
jcastroit was so if it ever shipped by default it wouldn't pound on their site14:12
mhall119jcastro: yup, already aware and have a plan14:15
jcastrorock and roll14:18
jonodpm, mhall119 about set?>15:59
jonojcastro, balloons we are going to need to use our demo session for an app dev sync up15:59
dpmjono, yep!15:59
jonoyou are welcome to join if you like15:59
jonobut you dont need to15:59
dholbachhey jono15:59
balloonshey hey15:59
jonohey dholbach!15:59
jonowelcome back!15:59
jonodholbach, can you join this hangout16:00
jonowould be good for you to be synced upo16:00
mhall119jono: ready16:01
jonomhall119, did you see the invite16:02
JoseAntonioRdholbach: hey, do you have an idea of who may want to do a 'You can fix bitesize too' session? I can contact him/her now17:06
dholbachJoseAntonioR, I reached out to two folks but both have not gotten back to me yet17:07
JoseAntonioRhmm, ok17:07
JoseAntonioRlet's just wait then :)17:07
dholbachJoseAntonioR, maybe for now we'll just put it in the schedule with a TBD as the name17:07
dholbachI already started writing the announce text17:07
dholbachso we can get the news out on monday17:07
JoseAntonioRoh, great17:07
dholbachthat'll give us a bit more than a week to spread the news17:08
dholbachlet's make sure that some tech sites pick it up as well so we get a big audience :)17:08
JoseAntonioRyep, it has to be super catchy and everything17:08
dholbachlet's chat on monday then :)17:09
JoseAntonioRsee you then!17:09
dholbachnow I'll check if xwax still works in raring or I'll be screwed tomorrow night :)17:11
jonojcastro, free for a call?17:33
dholbachperfect, seems to work fine - see you all next week - have a great WE! :)17:35
jonodholbach, laters!17:36
czajkowskidholbach: happy Dj'ing17:36
dholbachczajkowski, it will be :-)17:36
czajkowskirecord to upload it for monday music :)17:36
* dholbach hugs you all17:36
dholbachyeah, I was planning to17:36
dholbachbye :)17:37
jcastrojono: I am! Sorry I went to lunch assuming you were sprinting17:51
jcastrojono: I am free whenever17:51
snap-ljcastro: jono: http://www1.rollingstone.com/hearitnow/player/anthrax1.html17:55
jcastrothis is awesome17:56
snap-lI was wondering how Joey would handle it when I heard they were doing a cover17:57
snap-lBut they've always been great with their covers.17:57
snap-lGot the TIme is one of my absolute favorite covers.17:57
snap-lwanted my band in high school to play it. They said it wasn't metal enough17:58
snap-lLove the cowbell part too. ;)17:59
jcastrohe does a Dio live cover on the big4 dvd18:03
jcastrohe does not pull it off at all, it's terrible18:03
snap-lDio is hard to pull off18:03
snap-lIt's way more operatic than Joey is used to handling18:03
snap-lgotta sing that one from the gut with a little vibrato18:04
snap-land it's way too easy to hit cheese when you're imitating Dio18:04
snap-lIT's like trying to imitate James LaBrie from Dream Theater.18:05
snap-lor Jon ANderson18:05
snap-lI would say Geoff Tate, but I've heard several other singers with that style.18:06
jonojcastro, will call in a few mins18:34
jonojust wrapping a few things up here18:34
jcastrono worries18:34
jonobut then I have a call at 1118:34
jcastrojono: so phone, no G+?18:34
jonowe can have a quicck catch up, and then we can talk on Mon18:34
jonojcastro, G+18:34
jonoI am back at home18:34
jcastroI can be fast!18:34
jcastrooh ok18:34
jcastrooh right ... you live there, lol18:35
jonojcastro, invite sent18:40
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jcastrounity on 13.04 is really quick19:30
czajkowskijcastro: don't you mean man dude :)19:33
popeyi just updated to 13.04 too19:36
popeyit's lovely19:36
popeylove that we can disable workspaces easily now19:37
jcastroczajkowski: hah, yes, man dude19:37
popeyalso, awesome19:37
jcastropopey: hey so my pure btrfs thing is working out beautifully19:37
popeycant wait for raid519:39
popeythats gonna make it triple awesome19:39
jcastrothere's some error on boot, that you need to press a key to continue19:39
jcastrobut it's like a grub thing and only like annoying19:40
mhall119jono: ping19:44
popeyWe over-estimated our ability to eat vast amounts of pizza last night19:52
popeyso pizza for breakfast \o/19:53
mhall119I bet all the beer was gone though19:54
popeyyeah! didn't even have room for the glass of water they brought19:55
czajkowskihmmm the snow is back coming down very fast19:56
popeyyeah, i have a video webcam in the garden19:57
popeykeep checking it19:57
* mhall119 looks out the window19:57
jonomhall119, just eating lunch20:17
jonofeel free to type though20:17
mhall119jono: I'm smoking tomorrow, wasn hoping to try out your tracking app20:20
jonomhall119, ahh yeah20:21
jonowill send over details20:21
mhall119cool, thanks20:21
mhall119also, it is on LP?20:21
* mhall119 prepares to file bugs20:21
jonomhall119, nope20:52
jonothis won't be open source20:52
bkerensajono: how is the weather down there in California?20:54
jonobkerensa, getting better :-)20:55
bkerensajono: oh good :) its a beautiful sunny day with 37 degrees of wonderful warmth :)20:55
jonoballoons, just gonna make a coffee and then will call20:56
balloonsyay <320:56
balloonsyour going to need it20:56
jonoballoons, invite sent21:07
popey*stab* *stab*21:29
popeyflight bumped to 1AM21:29
jcastropopey: you can stay with me!21:29
jcastro"Send me to Detroit!"21:30
czajkowskipopey: you at the airport or still at the hotel?21:30
mhall119"Send me to Detroit", you're not supposed to talk like a crazy person at airports21:31
czajkowskihmm my direct train from jons to mine which takes 15 mins now requires 2 changes and 50 mins :/21:33
jcastro"I would like to see Robocop, please send me to Detroit."21:33
czajkowskihttp://i.imgur.com/KFFHH.png ROFLOL21:35
popeyczajkowski: hotel21:35
czajkowskipopey: best staying there till the last min with al the changes.21:36
mhall119czajkowski: lol21:38
JoseAntonioRcjohnston: hey, should I fix #1101346 as specified in the comments?21:38
* mhall119 is going for a walk, gonna get out of the house for a bit21:39
cjohnstonbug #110134621:41
ubot2Launchpad bug 1101346 in Summit "Expose lp authorization cookie via settings" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/110134621:41
cjohnstonjono: yes please21:42
JoseeAntonioRcjohnston: was that for me?21:43
cjohnstonsorry.. JoseeAntonioR yes21:43
JoseeAntonioRok, will do now21:43
JoseeAntonioRcjohnston: btw, I still have https://code.launchpad.net/~joseeantonior/summit/1073635-fix/+merge/132998 in the queue21:44
cjohnstonya ya ya21:45
cjohnstonbug mhall11921:45
JoseeAntonioRI will!21:45
dakercjohnston: https://code.launchpad.net/~joseeantonior/summit/1073635-fix/+merge/13299822:27
dakeri am ok with MP, can i merge it ?22:27
mhall119JoseeAntonioR: looks good to me22:34
JoseeAntonioRmhall119: thanks22:36
JoseeAntonioRmhall119: btw, can you also check https://code.launchpad.net/~joseeantonior/summit/1101346-fix/+merge/143952 ? it's a one line change22:38
mhall119JoseeAntonioR: cjohnston: are we getting an auth cookie in local_settings.py?22:54
JoseeAntonioRmhall119: as per bug #1101346 yes22:59
ubot2Launchpad bug 1101346 in Summit "Expose lp authorization cookie via settings" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/110134622:59
mhall119JoseeAntonioR: I'll approve on the assumption that the launchpad dev knows what he's talking about23:02
mhall119actually I'm not23:03
mhall119JoseeAntonioR: need to replace & with %23:04
JoseeAntonioRI'll change it, one sec23:04
* JoseeAntonioR just copied and pasted23:04
jcastroI am finding popeycam strangely mesmerizing23:05
mhall119must be 18 years or older23:06
* popey moves the cam23:06
* popey points it at the mat by the door to see if the cats come out23:07
JoseeAntonioRmhall119: fixed23:08
mhall119JoseeAntonioR: thanks23:08
JoseeAntonioRto you23:08
bkerensaSo I guess there is now a Android app that emulates Ubuntu Phone OS on the Play Store?23:19
dakerbkerensa: link ?23:20
bkerensadaker: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tsf.shell&hl=en23:20
bkerensathey have a Ubuntu Phone skin23:20
dakerah i see23:21
bkerensaand with UCCW and TCF it looks exactly like everything that was shown in any of the Ubuntu Phone OS videos23:21
bkerensadaker: here is a video http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=-UaQTuPJ0-A#!23:22
bkerensathough the mimic of the Unity launcher looks much improved now23:22
* daker looking23:23
dakerbkerensa: nice23:27
bkerensadaker: yeah but I still think for those who want the Ubuntu experience its better to wait on the image since thats just sitting on top of Android and consuming much battery23:28
bkerensaI'm not a big fan of using third party shells or launchers on android23:28
dakerbkerensa: i can wait23:28
dakerthen i can buy my FIRST smart phone :D23:29
bkerensadaker: your not going to get a FF Phone?23:29
dakerbkerensa: dual boot hahahaha23:29
popeythe Ubuntu phone OS shell is way more than just a launcher23:33
dakerpopey: what do you mean ?23:36
popeywell, people are making things that look like Ubuntu Phone OS23:48
popeybut they don't have the essence of what happens when you do stuff with the OS23:49
popeyit's not just a launcher23:49
dakerpopey: yep23:50
jcastroI'm just looking forward to a non-java performance experience. ")23:51
bkerensapopey: Is it not all Linux and Open Source when it comes down to it?23:57
bkerensawith Unity?23:57

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