m4n1shcan anyone explain me this message?05:22
m4n1shGtk-CRITICAL **: gtk_calendar_select_month: assertion `month <= 11' failed05:22
m4n1sh2012-12-31 is surely a valid date05:22
m4n1shor does it need between 0 to 11?05:24
m4n1shvaladoc doesnt explain much05:24
RAOFIt's likely 0-based; so 0 is January?05:25
RAOFAnd 11 would be December.05:25
desrtmonth :05:25
desrta month number between 0 and 11.05:25
desrtquoth the docs05:25
desrtthat's some serious silliness there05:26
m4n1shah. I was looking on valadocs. That hardly has anything05:26
desrtuse the gtk-doc05:26
m4n1shyeah. The day can be 1-31, but month needs to be 0-1105:26
desrti'm all for 0-based counting, but that's a bit ridiculous05:27
desrti could understand if there wasn't some overwhelming concensus on month numbering05:27
m4n1shbut atleast for calendar and datetime based classes, it would be better to follow the general convention05:28
m4n1shpython's datetime does not count from 0 but from 105:28
desrtyou don't even need to appeal to python05:28
desrtfreakin' *G*Datetime uses 1 to 1205:29
m4n1shnow that is a big inconsistency05:29
m4n1shconverting all the time05:29
pittiGood morning06:24
tkamppeterjasoncwarner, hi07:21
ritzmvo ping, wrt https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/software-center/+bug/92676308:41
ubot2Launchpad bug 926763 in software-center (Ubuntu) "Cannot install local packages (.deb files) without network connection (offline)" [Medium,Triaged]08:41
ritzmvo does one need to attach a debdiff to have this included in O,P,Q ?08:42
ritzor use a lp branch ?08:42
ritzdo let me know, and I would do the needful and attach ubuntu-sposor for SRU08:43
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chrisccoulsongood morning everyone09:57
chrisccoulsonwho's enjoying the snow? ;)09:57
Laneynone here yet this morning :(09:58
ritzmorning :)10:00
chrisccoulsonLaney - we've got a little bit now10:04
chrisccoulsonmy daughter is quite happy http://www.flickr.com/photos/67705534@N06/8390975681/ ;)10:04
Laneylucky it's still open ;)10:05
chrisccoulsonLaney, yeah, there are so far only 5 school closures in Solihull10:10
xnoxit's snowing here in london, but it's not even a layer yet.10:24
czajkowskixnox: https://plus.google.com/102921374554385564572/posts/3tSksKANgaW10:37
czajkowskieh no10:40
czajkowskiloath snow10:40
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ogra_czajkowski, lol, come on, thats not even 1"11:02
czajkowskiogra_: it's the UK, it's enough to stop the trains working :)11:02
Laneyin ogra_'s day they walked 15 miles in 5 mile deep snow11:03
czajkowskiand had no shoes!11:03
ogra_upwind too !11:03
chrisccoulsoni still remember the days when school teachers managed to get to school in more than 1/2" of snow11:04
xnoxogra_: well, i wanted to say - i still can see pavement so it's only starting to snow....11:27
davmor2ogra_: you have a folding shovel with you at all times for just such digging emergencies right :D11:31
ogra_heh, no, but i usually spend 1-1.5h shoveling per day during winter11:32
ogra_i would go out for something like above :)11:33
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chrisccoulsonah, crap. i make a 1 line change and my firefox tree decides it's going to rebuild absolutely everything13:35
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pittichrisccoulson: you changed the top-level Makefile or so? :-)14:41
desrtchrisccoulson: hey... have you been watching https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=259356 ?14:45
ubot2Mozilla bug 259356 in General "Support for the Freedesktop.org XDG Base Directory Specification" [Enhancement,Reopened]14:45
ricotzpitti, hi :)14:51
pittihey ricotz14:55
ricotzpitti, could you sponsor this package? http://people.ubuntu.com/~ricotz/soup/14:55
ricotzpitti, i hope you are fine14:56
pittiricotz: I am, thanks! how about yourself?14:57
pittiricotz: I can sponsor it, in some 10 minutes or so14:57
ricotzfine, pretty cold though here ;)14:57
ricotzpitti, thank you14:57
pittiricotz: thanks, uploaded15:29
tkamppeterSomeone knows how to get hardware-accelerated graphics on the Pandaboard with Raring (I have a working 1920x1080 desktop now, but very slow).15:30
ricotzpitti, :)15:38
* desrt wonders what the deal with fam is15:55
desrtit seems that we build our glib packages without fam support...15:56
smspillaztkamppeter: even if you have a working 1920x1080 desktop with hardware acceleration it will be quite slow16:00
smspillaztkamppeter: currently we use a technique on the desktop to reduce flickering to a minimum, but it effectively constitutes fill-rate abuse16:00
smspillazhardware that is often fill-limited like the sgx does not cope very well with this16:01
smspillazthe solution is to wait until those drivers support something like EGL_EXT_buffer_age or something16:01
smspillazsadly, there is not a whole lot of interest in implementing EGL_EXT_buffer_age on X11 because of some finer details about how redirection works16:02
chrisccoulsondesrt, no, i've not been watching that bug. should i?16:29
desrtchrisccoulson: would be nice to finally see that fixed....16:30
tkamppetersmspillaz, thanks, so there will be no solution soon? Another things is video play acceleration which does not seem to work, playing a 1080p Youtube video with XBMC is too slow and xbmc.bin takes ~180% CPU, making the impression that the video is handled totally by software.16:49
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desrtseb128: hey.  can we chat for a second about fam?17:20
seb128desrt, hey, sure, what about it?17:21
desrtseb128: we have some vague ideas to use fam to monitor files in gio if we detect NFS is in use17:22
desrtcurrently glib in ubuntu is not built against fam...17:22
desrtseb128: fwiw, the gio module that links against fam is built as a separate .so17:26
desrtseb128: perhaps it would be nice to build glib against fam but then split the fam module off into a separate package as not to pull fam into the base system...17:26
desrtthen people who want to have reliable monitoring on NFS could install the module17:27
seb128desrt, it used to be like that, I need to check why it was turned off17:32
desrt  [ Josselin Mouette ]17:35
desrt  * Only build the libgio-fam package for hurd and kfreebsd, it is17:35
desrt    totally useless under Linux.17:35
desrtbad joss17:36
desrtseb128: k.  thanks for the pointer.  he said he'd turn it back on.17:41
seb128desrt, cool17:42
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jasoncwarnerhey everyone :)20:23
robrujasoncwarner, how's it?20:25
jasoncwarnerhey robru20:27
robrujasoncwarner, you in Victoria yet?20:29
jasoncwarnerrobru not yet, going to be in phoenix for a few weeks before heading up. should start the drive up around feb4th and be there maybe feb 7thish20:30
robrujasoncwarner, ah yeah. I will be receiving the shipment of all my stuff today, so hopefully this weekend I'll finally be settled ;-)20:31
jasoncwarnerrobru \o/20:32
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tkamppeterjasoncwarner, hi20:49
tkamppeterjasoncwarner, have you seen my last mail about the printer transfer? Is the cost OK?20:50
cody-somervillecyphermox: ping23:47
cyphermoxcody-somerville: pong23:53
cody-somervillecyphermox: Should LP #780602 be just about the memory leaks or about the functional issues with nm-applet? It doesn't appear the two are related.23:54
ubot2Launchpad bug 780602 in OEM Priority Project precise "nm-applet leaks memory and stops functioning after a while" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/78060223:54
cody-somervillecyphermox: The bug has mostly been focused on the memory leak issues but the SRU test case is for the "nm-applet becoming unresponsive to interactions and submenus showing an empty list" issue.23:55
cyphermoxit's both23:56
cyphermoxthe leak fixes in nm-applet will help, then there needs to be fixes in dbusmenu23:56
cyphermox(or whatever similar library can't keep track of the menus when I update them)23:57
cody-somervilleCool. There's some confusion by users due to Jame's comment. He says he is marking it fixed release (though it appears he actually changed it from fix committed to confirmed).23:57
cody-somervilleand then someone started unmarking duplicates because they interpreted that to mean the bug should only be about the memory leaks23:58

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