pmatulisi have 'finish-install/reboot_in_progress       note' in my preseed file (and no lines containing 'exit') and i find my new machines in a shutdown state.  i want them to reboot upon installation14:02
cjwatsonI assume you have "d-i " at the start of that line, or it will have no effect14:03
cjwatsonIn any case, that only controls whether a dialog is shown just before exiting the installer14:04
cjwatsonRebooting is the default if you haven't preseeded otherwise.  If the installer hasn't rebooted then it must not be able to ...14:05
cjwatsonAs in, it will have been calling the "reboot" command14:05
pmatulisyes, i have the d-i part.  i figured reboot is the default.  these are kvm guests so i guess they can't reboot for some reason14:10
bdmurrayxnox: bug 1100694 is regarding UbuntuKylin and appears to have a patch16:00
ubot2Launchpad bug 1100694 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "display OS in existing partitions" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/110069416:00
xnoxinteresting. let me look.16:00
cjwatsonif you accept that, please remove the useless start/end comments, and advise them not to include them in future patches ...16:02
xnoxcjwatson: yeah. I'm not sure what it displays and how... given that one OS can span multiple disks and partitions.16:04
cjwatsonos-prober results, perhaps?  Or maybe they actually mean partition type?16:05
cjwatsonOMG what16:06
xnoxthey display strings from misc.grub_options()16:06
cjwatsonSo, uh16:06
cjwatsonNot quite16:06
cjwatsonThey look up the device name for the partition, and try to match that against misc.grub_options()16:07
cjwatsondevice path I mean, e.g. /dev/sda116:07
cjwatsonThat AT BEST needs a big comment explaining what it's doing, but I can't see how it makes sense; the described purpose would be better served by something involving os-prober16:08
cjwatsonBut I'll let you figure it out properly and talk to them :-)16:08
xnoxyeah, but it will print nothing for "D:/" or like separate "/home", "/var" partitions....16:09
xnox"D:\" that is.16:09
infinityI don't think trying to say anything useful for non-system partitions is worth the effort.16:09
infinityBut os-prober -> icon mappings (or something) would be friendly for the normal "This is your Windows boot partition, doofus".16:10
xnoxinfinity: I really don't want ooohhh i have this partition with windows and this one says nothing and i can reuse it, OMG i just formatted by D:\ with all of my Documents&Settings =(((( boo-hoo16:11
infinityWell, you already display labels, right?16:11
infinity(I'll admit, I haven't looked at this UI in a while)16:12
infinityIf you didn't give your D:\ an NTFS label of "Data" or "Storage" or "DON'T DELETE ME, ARGH", I'm not sure we can help you.  What's there to detect?16:12
infinity"We scanned all the files on your partition and noticed some pretty compelling porn, are you sure you want to delete that?"16:12
infinityxnox: In the modern world where Linux installers default to a single partition (not counting swap), and Windows is always on a single partition, anyone who has multiple partitions/disks did it on purpose, so they really should know.16:15
infinityxnox: But my parents would probably find "Windows is installed here, no deletey" pretty handy.16:15
cjwatsonSaying "data" or "NTFS" or something is better than looking like it's empty.16:16
xnoxoem preinstalls with recovery partitions, excluded.16:16
cjwatsonYeah, you have recovery partitions, separate Windows boot partitions sometimes, EFI specials, all sorts of little oddities16:17
* xnox over christmas "Dad, why did you wipe all data from your external hard disk?" "it asked me something & I click ok. There was no "D-E-L-E-T-E" in the prompt. It said something about "F-O-R-M-A-T" which is like defrag, right?!"16:17
infinityDon't recovery partitions have a special type anyway?16:20
infinityI vaguely recall they show differently in the Windows partitioner.16:20
kentbcjwatson, I tested this morning's raring server iso for that 4k sector problem.  Still crashes in parted_server.   The right dosftstools deb is in the build, but, not the udeb...do I need the udeb, too?  bug 106528116:21
ubot2Launchpad bug 1065281 in partman-basicfilesystems (Ubuntu Quantal) "Installer crashed when trying to partition 4k/4k sector hard disks" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/106528116:21
infinityOr maybe they just get the hidden flag set, usually.16:21
xnoxthey do have magic files on them for windows to treat them "hidden" (that's what I saw), but it was just a normal NTFS/FAT partitions. But that's from ~XP era.16:21
cjwatsonkentb: Test this afternoon's, please :)16:21
kentbcjwatson, doh! ok. will do :)16:21
cjwatsonkentb: I rebuilt recently for exactly that problem16:21
cjwatsonAnd yes, you need the udeb16:21
kentbcjwatson, ok. cool16:21
infinityxnox: Are you sure they're not type 17 instead of type 07?16:22
cjwatsonIt went missing due to an LP snafu16:22
cjwatsonI was going to wait for the respin before asking you to retest ...16:22
xnoxinfinity: that was like more than 8 years ago, I had to deal with that..... i don't have my parted logs handy.16:22
infinityAnyhow, this all sounds like stuff that os-prober partially knows and could learn to be much smarter about.16:22
cjwatsonAnyway, we don't have to do Kylin's work for them - get back to them, lay out the problems and invite them to do better16:23
infinityDuplicating the logic elsewhere would be madness.16:23
cjwatsonkentb: Thanks.  Nearly out of time for today - will probably have to return to it on Monday17:46
cjwatsonkentb: I think I may need the same trick with a desktop installation in order to get a traceback17:48
cjwatsonkentb: But you'd need to apply http://paste.ubuntu.com/1546175/ to /lib/partman/commit.d/50format_basicfilesystems by hand first17:49
kentbcjwatson, ok. np.17:50
kentbcjwatson, thanks for your help and have a good weekend17:50
cjwatsonAh, hmm, I thought mkdosfs would autodetect logical sector size but it doesn't look like it17:50
cjwatsonThat might explain it17:51
cjwatsonhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/1546203/ would help, but I think I'll leave that for now and just do it with blockdev17:57
kentbcjwatson, ok. I'm pulling down the desktop iso now and will apply the basicfilesystems mods and see what I get17:58
cjwatsonkentb: actually, before that18:00
cjwatsonkentb: Would you mind trying a repeat of the server installation, but before you get to the partitioner, switch to tty2 and use nano to apply http://paste.ubuntu.com/1546211/ to /lib/partman/commit.d/50format_basicfilesystems?18:01
cjwatsonthen save and exit, return to tty1, and continue18:01
kentbcjwatson, ok. I'll try that right now.18:01
* kentb whistles while the server reboots18:03
bdmurraycjwatson: I looked into bug 1093819 and did not find /var/lib/dpkg/arch in the image18:03
ubot2Launchpad bug 1093819 in Wubi "Wubi installed 12.10 amd64 without configuring i386" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/109381918:04
cjwatsonhow strange, I'll have to look into that (next week)18:05
infinityOh, hrm.  That could be because the dpkg postinst only adds i386 as an arch on fresh installs, but dpkg is never a fresh install.18:15
infinity(Since debootstrap unpacks it without running postinsts, then reinstalls it, IIRC)18:15
infinityWe paper over that in both d-i and ubiquity by explicitly adding the arch, I believe.18:15
infinityAssuming my theory about debootstrap is right, I can't think of a sane way to fix that other than having wubi also do the requisite papering over.18:17
cjwatsonah, yeah, or have live-build do it18:17
infinityOr live-build, sure.18:17
infinitylive-build probably makes more sense.18:17
cjwatsonmakes the livefs bigger due to the extra Packages files18:17
infinityThough, if...18:17
cjwatsonso probably better not do it across the board18:17
infinityWas just going to say that.18:17
cjwatsonmaybe do it in livecd-rootfs just for wubi?18:17
infinityCould do it as the step right after the final apt-get update.18:18
kentbcjwatson, those modifications didn't make a difference :(18:18
kentbcjwatson, so, I'll continue with the desktop iso and get trace18:18
cjwatsonkentb: can I have the new syslog?18:18
kentbcjwatson, sure.18:18
cjwatsoninfinity: right before ...18:19
cjwatsoninfinity: we don't want to do it after for wubi, because then people don't have i386 indexes until they update18:19
cjwatsonwubi is a special case here due to the ghost-y nature of its installation18:19
infinitycjwatson: Oh, I meant in the general case, but sure, could just do it very late for wubi-only.18:20
infinity(And the apt-get update again)18:20
infinitycjwatson: Conversation above saved in the bug for posterity (and so one of us remembers later :P)18:22
kentbcjwatson, attached to bug18:23
cjwatsonhmm, I really wasn't expecting that ...18:27
cjwatsonkentb: do you still have it booted?18:27
cjwatsonI'm an idiot18:28
cjwatsonpartman-efi is the bit that's actually crashing18:28
cjwatsonkentb: OK, so never mind about the desktop CD, let me just go round and upload some more stuff and you'll get something a bit more sensible in the next build18:29
kentbcjwatson, ok sounds good18:29
cjwatsonkentb: Can you just run two commands for me to confirm ...18:29
kentbcjwatson, sure18:29
cjwatsoncat /var/lib/partman/devices/=dev=sdb/device18:29
cjwatsonblockdev --getss /dev/sdb18:29
kentbcjwatson, first command outputs /dev/sdb~     second command outputs 409618:31
cjwatsonthe ~ there is just an artifact of that file not having a newline at the end18:32
cjwatsonkentb: Just as well you didn't go through the code path I thought you did.  My previous paste was dangerously incorrect18:42
kentbcjwatson,  ah! ok. got it.18:44
cjwatsonkentb: OK, uploaded another set of changes - though the number of brown-paper-bag uploads I've made just now suggest that I need to call it EOW18:54
cjwatsonin any case the next server build should be worth testing against18:55
infinitycjwatson: We can just get more bags and expense them.19:07
kentbcjwatson, ok. thank you!19:18
xnoxwallpaper "app" is borked in raring, even launching it directry via xinit doesn't paint, yet gnome-settings-daemon (which we are running) can paint the background fine.23:30
xnoxbut gnome-settings-daemon is not available on flavours and may remove desktop painting code in the future.23:31
xnoxpoking lightdm to see if it's possible to fix wallpaper "app"23:31

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