datakid23Hi, I"m having weird apt-get issues regarding a missing kernel image. It's a kernel from a while ago though - the issue happened as a result of having to move /boot (initial partition too small) coupled with updates that failed due to power failure. Pastebin of error after an apt-get upgrade: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1543233/01:27
datakid23Error message is "Internal Error: Could not find image (/boot/vmlinuz-3.2.0-31-generic)". I've tried apt-get clean/remove/update etc Anyone know where I might find that boot image online? 01:29
datakid23I am running 12.0401:45
datakid23nothing? No one can tell me where the kernel image or deb for vmlinuz-3.2.0-31-generic is? I've tried google, this was a last resort02:15
lifelessinternal error from what?02:17
datakid23internal error from an apt-get upgrade/dist-upgrade02:18
datakid23apt is upgrading everything except the kernel atm, because of this unresolved config on an image that is AWOL02:19
datakid23lifeless: sorry, I should have made that clear to start with02:19
lifelesshave you tried update-grub ?02:20
datakid23lifeless: yes, updating grub works fine - but apt still fails on the missing vmlinuz file02:21
datakid23the file isn't on my box at all - I'02:21
datakid23ve done a updatedb/locate02:21
lifelesswell apt itself doesn't care about vmlinuz02:21
lifelessupdate-initramfs may02:22
lifelessand update-grub02:22
lifelesswhich are shell scripts used to setup your boot environment02:22
lifelessits likely one of those is the actual thing failing02:22
datakid23lifeless: it seems to be a dpkg error02:22
lifelessit may look like that02:22
datakid23as per pastebin above02:23
lifelessbut dpkg, like apt, has no direct involvement with the kernel or those files.02:23
datakid23it's true - but the problem isn't with the kernel per se, it's with dpkg --configure isn't it?02:23
lifelesstry dpkg -P linux-image-3.2.0-31-generic linux-image-3.2.0-31-generic-pae02:24
jwidatakid23: you're looking for http://packages.ubuntu.com/precise-updates/linux-image-3.2.0-31-generic ?02:27
datakid23lifeless: weird. It didn't create anything new, but it has changed the errors in and apt dist-up02:28
datakid23jwi: I believe I am, thanks!02:28
datakid23lifeless: now it's complaining htat "dpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of linux-image-generic:  linux-image-generic depends on linux-image-3.2.0-31-generic; however:   Package linux-image-3.2.0-31-generic is not installed."02:29
datakid23of course, apt install and apt -f install on linux-image-3.2.0-31-generic fail02:30
lifelessdatakid23: does it fail the same way ?02:30
datakid23lifeless: for clarification, if you mean does the apt -f install fail in the same way as the dist-up fails, after having done dpkg -P... yes02:32
lifelessdatakid23: did it unpack linux-image-3.2.0-31-generic to disk again ? if so the file should have been written now...02:34
datakid23lifeless: I'm still downloading the deb - I'm on the wrong side of a satellite connection (Tarawa, Kiribati)02:35
datakid23We just upgraded our network and the students are off for the summer, so there's finally enough bandwidth to look into this :|02:36
datakid23lifeless: the deb puts the ubuntu software centre into a infinite loop of fail03:00
datakid23will need to unpack/install via cli I think03:00
datakid23lifeless: ok, done, and I repeated your dpkg -P line from above, and I now have a vmlinuz-generic and initrd.img-generic but no generic-pae for this kernel 03:07
datakid23the number of errors has significantly reduced03:08
datakid23which is nice03:08
datakid23but it still fails03:08
lifelessdatakid23: -pae is a separate package03:08
lifelessdatakid23: you may need to repeat with that03:08
datakid23lifeless: I know I was just coming here to facepalm03:09
datakid23apols :)03:09
datakid23lifeless: and jwi: thanks! All sorted03:26
datakid23apt get upgrade runs without error03:26
datakid23ok, reboot time - out03:26
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zequenceapw: infinity: I was testing linux-lowlatency precise-proposed. Accelerated graphics failed during first boot. Works now, after installing linux-generic (was going to see if it had the same problem). 10:18
zequenceI'm not much help tracking down errors. Any tips?10:18
infinityzequence: I'm assuming that was because you didn't have headers installed and thus didn't get a dkms module build for your nvidia/fglrx drivers?10:19
infinityzequence: How were you testing?  Just by installing "linux-image-$foo"?10:20
zequenceinfinity: Intel graphics10:20
zequenceI just did a dist-upgrade to get the newer version (from proposed)10:20
infinityDefine failed...10:20
infinityX went into crazy safe mode antics?10:21
zequenceSeemed ok, but gnome-shell went into fallback mode10:21
zequencehmm, I accidentally went through recovery boot before I resumed normal boot though10:21
infinityWhen you say "Works now, after installing linux-generic", do you mean that linux-lowlatency now works after installing linux-generic, or that you're currently running generic?10:22
zequencelinux-lowlatency works now, after installing -generic10:22
zequenceAnd -generic worked also10:22
infinityKay, then installing generic probably didn't fix/change anything.10:22
zequenceinfinity: I just retried booting into recovery mode first, then resume normal boot10:27
zequenceThat's what did it10:27
zequenceno accelerated graphics10:27
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infinityzequence: Okay, so totally unrelated to the kernel update.  Good to know.10:30
infinityzequence: Possibly still a bug, mind you, but not an issue with the SRU. :P10:31
zequenceinfinity: Yeah :). So, I'm looking at the kernel-sru-workflow at the wiki, but if I'd try a shortcut and ask you directly. I've booted the kernel for precise. Anything else I should try? And, should I change a status in the bug for the kernel?10:32
infinityzequence: Andy and I are going to have a talk with bjf about how best we should be mangling the verification tasks for those bugs.10:33
infinityzequence: For now, just dumping your comments in the tracking bug "smoketested lowlatency/i386, lowlatency-pae/i386, lowlatency/amd64 and it worked fine" (pick whatever kernel(s) you actually tested), we'll figure out proper process for next time.10:34
zequenceinfinity: All right10:34
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apwinfinity, ok i've boot tested all 5 and put testing results in the bugs11:15
infinityapw: Shiny.11:19
infinityapw / zequence: Okay, so.  I think I've come up with something sane here without needing to talk to bjf, just from looking at how other derivatives are handled.11:27
infinityThe "Verification-testing" task should have someone quickly check and see if -lowlatency fixes any bug other than the ones fixed by master.  If not, set it to Fix Released.  If yes, verify them first, then Fix Released.11:28
infinityAnd we should use Regression-testing to indicate that the install/reboot smoketesting has been done.11:29
infinityapw / zequence: ^-- Seem reasonable?11:29
apwinfinity, seems a valid semantic to me, so mostly verification == noop as there are no patches, but if there are there is something to use11:31
apwand r-t tells us it has been tested by someone to boot, ack11:32
infinityAlso, the bot has a hissy fit if you don't set "qa-testing-passed" as a tag when setting Regression-testing to Fix Released.11:32
infinity(I'm going to do all of this right now on the two current bugs)11:33
infinitySo, in an hour or two, while I slumber, the bot should update all of this and set my SRU releasy tasks appropriately.11:35
apwsounds good11:35
apwwe need to get the thing to add that tag when missing :)11:35
infinityWell, it's looking for qa-testing-passed or qa-testing-failed and assuming the QA engineer is a doofus if it finds neither.11:36
infinityWhich is probably a sane safeguard for Canonical-maintained kernels.11:36
infinityMaybe overkill for others.  I dunno.11:36
infinityOh, depending on when Shankbot's "Friday" starts, it might not update the release tasks.11:39
infinityI guess we'll see.11:39
infinityIt'll get around to it by Monday, at any rate. :P11:39
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infinityOh, look at that, Shankbot doesn't think it's Friday yet.12:08
infinityapw / zequence: Releasing those kernels now.12:08
infinityrtg: Any idea what the verification status of your linux-firmware/precise SRU is?12:21
infinityrtg: (Or if you can hunt people down and find out?)12:21
rtginfinity, bug # ? it has perhaps been so long that I've forgotten.12:21
infinityrtg: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/102488412:22
ubot2Launchpad bug 1024884 in linux (Ubuntu) "Bluetooth with AR9462 WLAN/BT-Combo don't work" [Medium,In progress]12:22
infinityrtg: The bug log is pretty messy.  I get the impression the firmware update is mostly a no-op without a matching driver update...12:23
rtginfinity, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/1024884/comments/68 indicates that it might work...12:23
ubot2Launchpad bug 1024884 in linux (Ubuntu) "Bluetooth with AR9462 WLAN/BT-Combo don't work" [Medium,In progress]12:23
rtginfinity, they are new files, so it would be hard to regress methinks12:24
rtgyou'd think the cert dudes would notice since the added a blocks-hwcert tag12:25
infinityYeah, that's what I was thinking.12:25
rtghell, they added that tag yesterday12:25
infinityI'll leave it over the weekend and ping them next week for some definitive "yeah, it's working for us" before I release it.12:25
infinityI just want the kernel SRU report to be empty. :P12:26
* rtg pushes rebase to v3.8-rc4. apw, ogasawara12:27
apwrtg cool12:35
rtgapw, build testing...12:35
* henrix -> lunch12:59
rtgherton, ~/kteam-tools/stable/create-release-tracker: Exception: linux-3.8.0-1.5: can't figure out the distro series for it.14:58
hertonrtg, looking14:59
hertonrtg, please pull kteam-tools and try again, not tested but I think I fixed it15:03
rtgherton, looks like its working15:04
hertonok cool, let me know if it something else breaks15:04
* herton -> lunch15:09
diwicthe directory structure under /lib/modules/<version>/ changed between quantal and raring seems to have changed, is this intentional?15:25
* ogasawara back in 2015:25
diwicah wait15:27
* diwic just forgot to install linux-headers.15:29
* apw whines at sforshee15:32
rtgherton, so that tracking bug will puke out an upload message as soon as 3.8.0-1.5 is done building, or when it is accepted ?15:32
apwsforshee, i am seeing all sorts of badness with 3.8-rc3 raring on brcmsmac, locking up and generally going bad15:32
sforsheeapw, any errors in dmesg to share?15:33
sforsheeapw, this one has never worked well with brcmsmac, right?15:33
apwsforshee, a couple i have seen transmit failures and not recovered, others i have seen upsetness15:34
sforsheeapw, do the errors say something about MI_TFS and then reset the hardware?15:35
sforsheeI was working with broadcom on that one, but last I heard they suspected a ucode problem15:35
apwJan 18 15:05:01 localhost kernel: [ 7538.086453] brcmsmac bcma0:0: queue 7 >= NFIFO15:36
apwJan 18 15:05:01 localhost kernel: [ 7538.086478] brcmsmac bcma0:0: MI_TFS: fatal15:36
apwJan 18 15:05:01 localhost kernel: [ 7538.086494] brcmsmac bcma0:0: wl0: fatal error, reinitializing15:36
apwsforshee, so yes ... :/15:36
apwbut i have been using brcmsmac for the last 3-4 releases ok, and its only in 3.8 i have this poppage15:36
apwoh has tim given me new shiney microcode15:37
sforsheeI don't think so15:37
sforsheeit's more that something changed in the driver to expose the bug15:37
rtgapw, no changes for brcmsmac in -rc415:37
sforsheeat least that's the theory15:37
sforsheethere's corrupt data in the tx status we're being handed from the ucode15:38
sforsheeit's show up in various manifestatins15:38
apwwell it is cirtanly utter broke for me15:38
sforsheeI'll ping broadcom about it15:38
* rtg notices that a Lenovo x120e now beeps just before S315:39
sforsheeapw if they haven't made progress I'll start a bisect, as I can reproduce one minor instance of that problem in a contrived scenario15:39
apwsforshee, ok thanks15:39
sforsheeapw, what's your wireless card?15:40
hertonrtg, when it enters proposed in the archive, I believe it'll be when it's accepted15:54
sforsheeapw, you did try brcmsmac in 3.7 and didn't see those problems?15:57
rtgherton, ack15:59
hertonrtg, I assigned the tasks there to in progress, otherwise the bot will not act, I have yet to fix this so the bot automates more of it16:00
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argesjsalisbury: hi17:13
jsalisburyarges, hey17:13
argesjsalisbury: so bug 1097396 i bisected down to the bad commit, reverted it and things works fine now17:13
ubot2Launchpad bug 1097396 in linux (Ubuntu Precise) "Unplugging USB Headset causes Kernel Panic" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/109739617:13
argesjsalisbury: however i'm still looking for a solution that isn't a revert17:14
jsalisburyarges, ack17:14
jsalisburyarges, maybe see how it was fixed in 3.3 and see if that can be backported?17:15
argesjsalisbury: yea trying to do that... git blame on yields patches that seem to alrleady be in stable17:15
jsalisburyarges, hmm17:16
jsalisburyarges, maybe the fix is already queued for 3.2 and just hasn't made it yet.17:18
argesjsalisbury: you mean in master-next ubuntu-precise17:19
jsalisburyarges, maybe here: git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/stable/stable-queue.git17:20
jsalisburyarges, did you find a specific commit that fixes the bug?  17:20
argesjsalisbury: ok i'll test that17:21
argesjsalisbury: yea i did its on the bug17:21
jsalisburyarges, commit 10e44239f67d0b6fb74006e61a7e883b8075247a had a CC to stable, so if that is the fix, it should make it into 3.217:23
argesjsalisbury: yea that doesn't fix the issue17:23
argesjsalisbury: so that's already in 3.2.0-3617:24
jsalisburyarges, ahh, ok17:24
argesjsalisbury: anyway i'll keep poking at this17:24
jsalisburyarges, cool17:24
hertonarges, jsalisbury: this is looking like a buggy backport of the patch you reverted. The commit causing the problem was a backport sent to the stable mailing list for 3.2, it differs in some parts to the mainline commit17:37
argesherton: ahh. this might be the issue then17:37
argesherton: should I try to re-backport it?17:38
argesherton: or send a mail to the stable list explaining that the stable patch is buggy17:39
hertonarges, this was the thread with the set of backports: http://www.mail-archive.com/stable@vger.kernel.org/msg22850.html17:40
hertonarges, better send an email I think17:40
argesherton: ok i can do that. for the time being should we revert in ubuntu?17:40
hertonarges, perhaps, if we don't get a solution until next SRU time frame we could do it17:41
argesherton: ok i'll start with an email17:41
jsalisburyherton, arges, ack18:02
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argesok sent18:03
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thotypoushi, i've found a bug on 3.5.0-22-generic (which wasn't present on 3.5.0-21-generic), is this the correct place to report: https://bugs.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-kernel-team ?19:13
thotypousI didn't check if it is upstream (I only tested Ubuntu kernels, not vanilla kernels)19:15
hertonthotypous, use this one: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/quantal/+source/linux/+filebug19:21
hertonthotypous, actually like said in the link, use ubuntu-bug linux on a terminal on the affected machine19:22
thotypousherton: thank you19:23
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