ScottKTheLordOfTime: Kubuntu and many other flavors are LTS.  I don't know where you get the idea it's Ubuntu only.03:18
TheLordOfTimeScottK, i was told by someone else it was only Ubuntu that got the LTS tag03:25
TheLordOfTimethey gave me bad info03:25
dholbachgood morning08:01
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quidnuncIs prevu no longer maintained?19:55
Laneyit was removed after oneiric19:56
quidnuncLaney: Is there a replacement?19:57
ScottKbackportpackage is probably closest19:57
Laneybackportpackage in ubuntu-dev-tools does pretty much the same job19:57
Laneyapparently we still have wiki pages talking about prevu19:58
quidnuncScottK, Laney: I can't build local source with backportpackage right?19:58
quidnuncI want pbuilder for that, right?19:59
Laneybackportpackage can call pbuilder or sbuild for you20:00
jtayloror cowbuilder20:00
quidnuncLaney: Yes but it can only build source fetched from a particular release not source fetched from elsewhere or modified locally20:01
ScottKRight, but if you've got it locally, pbuilder is all you need.20:06
quidnuncScottK: Thanks. I always used prevu for everything so I am not familiar with nuances between different package building tools20:07
Adri2000siretart: hi. I've got one of the packages I maintain in debian that fails to build in experimental because of "/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libavcodec.so.53: undefined reference to `ff_sqrt_tab@LIBAVUTIL_51'". it does not depend directly on libav*. do you think you can help?23:15
xnoxAdri2000: URL to full build log is usally preffered for build failures.23:52
xnoxotherwise it's hard to understand what/where/why is hapeening23:53

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