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Shadow__1tgm4883: do you think a system that was upgraded from 8.04 through to 10.04 lts would upgrade easily to 12.04 lts? using mythbuntu the entire time00:06
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Shadow__Xdoes that mean a fresh install would be the best option?00:07
tgm4883I'd like to think it would, but there is/was an issue at one point where after doing so it wouldn't boot properly00:08
Shadow__Xi was able to upgrade from 8.04 to 10.04 (going through each version one by one as there didnt seem to be any other choice)00:08
tgm4883I do a fresh install when I upgrade00:08
Shadow__Xi guess your recordings are on another partition other than boot then00:09
tgm4883yea, they are on my NAS00:09
Shadow__Xalso does your mythtv server do more than mythtv?00:09
tgm4883It used to00:09
tgm4883but since then, I've farmed out my other things to my NAS00:10
Shadow__Xhmm my server does a bit including housing my raid5 array and my file server it would be a pain to do a clean install00:10
tgm4883Shadow__X, bug 97846400:12
ZinnBug 978464 in grub2 (Ubuntu) "After LTS->LTS (lucid2precise) upgrade, upon reboot drops into grub recovery shell" [Critical, Fix Released] http://www.launchpad.net/bugs/97846400:12
tgm4883that is the one I was thinking about00:12
Shadow__Xyou would think canocal would test lts upgrades considering what they are for00:13
tgm4883Shadow__X, lts upgrades are tested with everything in main00:13
tgm4883and this looks fixed00:14
Shadow__Xso what caused this to happen? and yes its filed as fixed under 12.04.100:14
tgm4883skimming that bug report, it was some syntax errors in the grub.cfg file00:15
tgm4883yea looks like it00:16
tgm4883 * Switch to backwards compatible ${} syntax for grub.cfg (LP: #978464)00:16
Shadow__Xit seems like the bug was avoidable though if you opted to install the new packages it recommended00:17
ubuntuaddictedcan anyone help me troubleshoot why mythweb is only displaying a blank page?00:17
Shadow__Xi am going to do what jya did and install a 8.04 image then do the upgrades to 12.04 to check if it works properly or what i have to do to make sure it works properly00:17
tgm4883Shadow__X, IIRC, the workaround for the bug was to boot a live cd and fix/reinstall grub00:19
Shadow__Xyeah i am going to check to see if its fixed by install mythbuntu 8.04 and try upgrading all the way through00:20
Shadow__Xbut yeah as you said luckily even if it did happen there is a way to fix it00:20
ubuntuaddicteddoes anyone run mythweb? can you tell me what the permissions and owner/group is?00:21
Shadow__Xseems to be root root for everything except data which is root www-data00:23
Shadow__Xdata appears to be 77500:23
tgm4883ubuntuaddicted, probably should check apache logs00:23
Shadow__Xseems like everything else is 75500:24
ubuntuaddictedtgm4883, i did, here's what it says: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=210588000:24
ubuntuaddictedShadow__X, that's what mine is also, thanks00:26
ubuntuaddictedso I have no idea how to troubleshoot why mythweb stopped working00:26
tgm4883Looks like you need to debug PHP. Maybe since you had table corruption and Im unsure what was done to fix it, and purge/reinstall of mythweb & apache is in order?00:26
Shadow__Xtgm4883: is there a way to get the mythbuntu 8.04 desktop image? only the alternative image is listed on the page00:27
ubuntuaddictedtgm4883, will that screw anything else up? removing and reinstalled mythweb and apache2?00:28
ubuntuaddictedi run phpmyadmin as well transmission-deamon website thingy00:28
tgm4883Shadow__X, nope, we built images ourselves back then, so IDK if you can find them anywhere00:28
ubuntuaddictedtgm4883, i am running mythbuntu 10.04 which is 0.23.1+fixes00:29
tgm4883ubuntuaddicted, I assume it will remove phpmyadmin as well (or at least unconfigure it), I'm not sure about the transmission thing00:29
Shadow__Xtgm4883: you think this mirror is safe? http://linux.softpedia.com/progDownload/Mythbuntu-Download-27771.html00:32
ubuntuaddictedtgm4883, well, i'll try that i guess00:32
ubuntuaddictedtgm4883, you think i should use the mythbuntu-control-center to reinstall mythweb, or over ssh like I was going to?00:34
tgm4883Shadow__X, IDK00:35
Shadow__Xtelnet to ssh to webmin00:35
tgm4883Shadow__X, I've only got MD5SUMS back to 10.0400:35
Shadow__Xhmm is there a way to get the sums for 8.0400:36
tgm4883not without a known good disk00:36
Shadow__Xi dont know if i still have the disk considering i did the install in 200800:36
Shadow__Xhmm both of them link to the alternative one already linked to on mythbuntus page00:38
Shadow__Xi can get ubuntu 8.04 how different is ubuntu compared to mythbuntu other than xfce? Also would upgrading from 10.04 to 12.04 be about the same as 8.04 to 10.04 to 12.0400:41
tgm4883I'd think a Ubuntu 8.04 disk would work00:42
Shadow__Xi guess i could use mythbuntu alternative right00:45
* tgm4883 hometime00:45
Shadow__Xtgm4883: btw on the mythbuntu site about brings you to mythbuntu.org/home where as clicking the logo brings you to sites.google/com/r/mythbuntu.org/website00:49
ubuntuaddictedtgm4883, i got an error about microbridgeconfig or something and it said it had to disable that plugin? is that anything related to mythweb?00:50
ubuntuaddictedwtf, i chose to use mythbunthu-control-center to install mythweb and it didn't even reinstall apache200:54
ubuntuaddictedthat can't be write. lol00:54
Shadow__Xyou could do sudo dkpg-reconfigure apache2 to reinstall it but i am not sure if that would help you might need to remove it then install it01:10
Shadow__Xtgm is in the process of going home so you could wait for him to get back01:10
ubuntuaddictedok, thanks. someone is attempting to help within the ubuntu channel.01:13
* tgm4883 is home now02:06
dekarl1superm1: tgm4883: any news on the "build a fixes PPA with a patch" webservice? I'm about to set up a PPA with patched fixes so users can test, but I'd rather not learn how to do that now if I can do it later :)12:19
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superm1dekarl1: unfortunately not, it's gotten on the backburner.  for you to do that, it should just be to build with ./build-dsc.sh rather than ./build-debs.sh along with setting DEBEMAIL and DEBFULLNAME.  that's how we do it with https://code.launchpad.net/~mythbuntu/mythbuntu/mythbuntu-weekly-build14:36
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Bray90820so every time i startup ubuntu i get this error20:53
Bray90820mythlogserver crashed with SIGSEGV in QObject::disconnect()20:53
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superm1Bray90820: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mythtv/+bug/1029723 ?21:04
Bray90820thank you i will have a look21:04
superm1well no fix yet, but i think that's the bug21:05
dekarlI need fixes/0.26 packaging, too?21:06
superm1dekarl: well that branch is not packaging, packaging is all on github21:06
superm1it pivots around the right packaging branch from github21:06
dekarlahh, I'm talking about manualy switching my checkout of mythtv/packaging to build the "dsc"21:07
superm1ah.  yeah you should switch the packaging to 0.26 to build the dsc21:09
superm1it's just git checkout fixes/0.26 and then rerun the command21:09
superm1because packaging is stored in the same branch that the build scripts are now21:09
dekarldo you mind if I commit that (to master and the 0.25 part to 0.26/fixes) http://paste.ubuntu.com/1546715/21:09
dekarlaye, noticed that. It reminded me of that uncommited changes :)21:10
superm1yeah that's fine21:12
superm1make sure you prefix the commit message with deb: though21:12
superm1at some point i'm gonna fix up the script to take all messages that start with deb: and put them in the changelog it generates21:12
superm1so i've been making sure to commit using deb: for all mine21:12
superm1we do need a better solution than this endless conflicts/replaces at some point too21:13
superm1library packages shouldn't have to conflict with each other.21:13
dekarlsuperm1: I'm not sure that there is any point in putting the #ABI# in the package name at the moment. I like the idea, but its not working21:27
superm1dekarl: well i think the solution might be to move the files that are in the libmyth package that don't follow the ABI in the file name out to a different package21:28
superm1so libmyth-#ABI# really can work21:28
dekarlbut what do we get in return?21:29
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superm1well in theory packages can link to libmyth-#ABI# then21:30
superm1and more likely to land in debian some day (TM)21:30
superm1there's a laundry list of items in my email to fix before can go into debian though too21:30
dekarland by packages you mean third party plugins?21:31
superm1or say video players or something21:31
dekarldo we have any? :D21:31
superm1haha yeah i see what you're getting at, i agree21:31
dekarlnah, video players should use the Services API21:31
dekarland by video players I'm thinking of e.g. xbmc21:32
superm1yeah and something like XBMC should use services API too21:32
superm1or upnp21:32
dekarldoes anyone support UPNP for scheduling and guide? I've seen specs but never heard of someone really implementing it21:34
dekarlLiveTV is coming to HDHR if I understood correctly21:34
dekarlok, I got 5x mythtv*fixes* files what do I do with them?21:35
dekarlupload them to laundpad by hand?21:36
dekarllooks like I need to sign a code of conduct first (before I get my PPA's key so I can upload the source package)21:50
superm1dekarl: no one i know does upnp scheduling / guide right now21:50
superm1and yeah HDHR got live tv yesterday via DLNA21:50
superm1so the 5x files you got, you need to sign the .changes21:51
superm1and then dput it to your PPA and it will upload all the necessary files21:51
dekarlohhh, and the key must be on the ubuntu keyserver, but no link to the search so I can check if its there, man21:52
dekarlI begin to like the idea of a web service to avoid these hoops more and more :D21:53
dekarlI just want to offer a PPA with the AC3 patch so the user can test it without fiddling with building his own packages... its not for me and my gain is little. so uncovering one hoop after another sucks21:54
dekarlfound the keyserver, moving on http://keyserver.ubuntu.com/pks/lookup?op=vindex&search=dekarl&fingerprint=on21:56
superm1well once you have your PPA all set up, it's trivial to upload new packages to it though in the future21:56
superm1so if you want to help other users in the future it shouldn't be as much work again21:56
dekarlyeah, signed the code of conduct :)22:40
dekarlman, now I signed the dsc and source.changes, when I try to dput it complains that the checksum doesnt match22:54
dekarldo I need to run build-dsc.sh *after* properly setting up gpg and activated the key at launchpad?22:55
superm1it shouldn't change the checksum while signing23:11
superm1but you only need to sign the changes file, not the dsc file23:11
superm1the changes file includes all the checksums for the other files, so if you independently signed the dsc it might change it23:11
dekarldput complain if the .dsc is not signed23:13
dekarlbut signind the .dsc changes its hash so the source.changes contains the wrong hash :(23:14
dekarlmanually recalculation the checksums in the source.changes after signing the .dsc worked, its uploading now23:18
dekarlNow I need to figure out how to tell it to build for amd64 12.04 lts23:20
tgm4883dekarl, that would be via debian/changelog23:25
dekarlthat file starts with "mythtv (2:0.26.0+fixes.20120505.4b8b3cc-0ubuntu1) UNRELEASED; urgency=low"23:27
dekarlI guess thats not what I want?23:27
tgm4883dekarl, s/UNRELEASED/precise/23:28
dekarlthen build again?23:29
dekarlahh 0030 over here, I'm to tired to change / run build-dsc / manually update the checksums / wait for upload to finish ... again  new. will try again tomorrow23:30
dekarlthanks for help up to here23:31
superm1wait you shouldn't have to be manually updating or changing checksums or anything23:32
superm1set DEBEMAIL and DEBFULLNAME before you run ./build-dsc.sh23:33
superm1to the same as your GPG key23:33
superm1and it should do the signing during build then instead23:33
dekarlI have "export DEBEMAIL="dekarl@spaetfruehstuecken.org"" and "export DEBFULLNAME="Karl Dietz"" checking after manual signing gets me "gpg: Good signature from "Karl Dietz <dekarl@spaetfruehstuecken.org>""23:34
dekarlgpg.conf has the right default key set23:35
superm1and try to set UBUNTU_RELEASE to precise to get it set right while going too23:35
superm1and are you signing using debsign?23:36
superm1or just gpg on it's own23:36
superm1debuild is supposed to be calling debsign anyway during build, but something sounds off23:36
dekarljust gpg23:37
superm1 ah debsign actually signs the changes and dsc at the same time23:37
superm1and probably fixes checksums if necessary23:37
dekarlI have debsign installed, so its not that23:38
superm1try calling debsign with the changes file as the argument23:39
superm1and it should sign the changes and dsc for you23:39
superm1although maybe if you're still having trouble, post the exact command you're running and the output and i'll see if the error that's coming up stands out23:39
dekarlthats the script that I call http://paste.ubuntu.com/1547080/23:40
superm1and that DEBEMAIL and DEBFULLNAME match what's for your GPG key right?23:41
dekarlI think so Karl Dietz <dekarl@spaetfruehstuecken.org>23:42
superm1ok, so can you pastebin the output from a full run with that then?23:43
superm1the only other thing we're doing is setting the suffix and an extra DEBUILD_FLAGS in our script as far as i can tell23:44
superm1oh it's getting called with -us -uc23:49
superm1that causes it to not sign23:49
superm1(-us no sign dsc) (-uc no sign changes)23:49
dekarlbut debsign works well incl. fixup23:49
dekarlhmm, maybe that should depend on $0 ?23:49
superm1i see the problem. it's really silly23:49
superm1https://github.com/MythTV/packaging/blob/fixes/0.26/deb/build-debs.sh sets DEBUILD_FLAGS not to sign by default23:49
superm1unless you override ahead of time23:49
superm1most people don't need to sign with builds, which is why it was set that way23:50
superm1so in your script set DEBUILD_FLAGS="-S -i -sa"23:50
superm1-S is to build a source package, -i ignores .git and -sa include orig.tar.gz tarball in upload23:50
dekarl-S gets dynamically prepended but somehow its still getting -us -uc23:54
superm1hmm as long as you export DEBUILD_FLAGS before calling the script i don't see how, but i guess you'll need to set -x if you can't find it23:55
dekarlfunny, it prints -us -uc but does sign later23:56
dekarlbut I have signed .dsc .changes and  mythtv (2:0.26.0+fixes.20130119.8f8274a-0ubuntu1) precise; urgency=low23:57
dekarluploading again... btw how long does it take until I see any change related to the upload of the source package?23:58
superm1glad that worked.  um probably within 5-15 minutes you'll see it on the PPA23:59
superm1and then the PPA has an estimate of the time to build23:59
dekarlhmm, then the first upload did not work23:59
dekarlI'll see if it worked out tomorrow :)23:59

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