Andy80do you know if other then this one http://developer.ubuntu.com/resources/app-developer-cookbook/mobile/currency-converter-phone-app/ there is another example possibly using not only QML but QML/C++ ?00:58
chriadamAndy80: http://doc-snapshot.qt-project.org/5.0/qtqml/qtqml-cppintegration-topic.html01:01
Andy80chriadam, oh thank you :) I knew it, but I did think there was something specific for Ubuntu components :) even better for what I've to do ;) thanks :)01:06
bobweaverOMG every time the dang ppa is updated it does not work for more and more people !!!!!!!06:07
bobweaverTargeting one qtversion aka beta 1 is not the best of ideas just saying. Not mad but something needs to be done about this06:08
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mhall119bobweaver: what is targeting specific qt versions?14:27
smartboyhwmhall119, do you know when qt5.0 is packaged for raring?14:28
bobweaverOh the compents14:28
mhall119bobweaver: our components?14:28
mhall119smartboyhw: you mean non-beta packages?14:28
smartboyhwmhall119, yeah. qt5.0 is available for 12.10 but not 13.04, which I really :(14:29
mhall119bobweaver: can you file a bug on https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-ui-toolkit telling them where they're doing that?14:29
bobweaverComponents *14:29
mhall119I'm not sure if this is something you can contribute a fix to or not14:29
bobweaverthings are in different places mhall119  depending on what qt5 version you have installed14:30
mhall119smartboyhw: I'll see if we can get precise and raring builds14:30
smartboyhwmhall119, thx:D14:30
bobweavermhall119,  I guess that I just think that it is a little bit silly to be building off of beta 114:34
bobweaverwhen final is released14:34
bobweaverI guess that this is more of a wish list thing. for qt-edgers ppa14:35
mhall119bobweaver: they've got final packages in a separate PPA now, but only for quantal atm14:36
bobweavermhall119,  cool ! how does that play against the ubuntu-ui-toolkit ?14:37
bobweaverI mean I am sure that it is easy to install but from ppa ?14:37
mhall119bobweaver: that I don't know, these packages install it to /usr/ instead of /opt/14:38
mhall119but the ~test1 in the version number makes me cautious14:38
bobweaverI see that Gabor Loki has a ppa also ?14:38
bobweaverfor sed kit14:39
TraumatizerI''m sorry if this is a dumb question but I can't really seem to find any documentation on developing for ubuntu phone other than the CurrencyConverter tutorial.14:45
TraumatizerYea it was pretty dumb. I found it: http://developer.ubuntu.com/api/ubuntu-12.10/qml/mobile/overview-ubuntu-sdk.html14:46
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TraumatizerHi, does anyone know how I can make an object extend from another? For exampe: URLContainer extends Rectangle like you would do in Java17:50
disharmonicTraumatizer, dunno. Maybe try the #qt channel. Or some of the other related ones18:03
TraumatizerAlright disharmonic. But I don't know if it would work in the first place. I'd need to create a new instance of that object than too. Using something like: New URLContainer = new URLContainer(arguments)18:07
Traumatizerand I doubt that is possible in Qt but i'm very inexperienced, so who knows18:07
disharmonicTraumatizer, I directed you to the QT channel because you posted this in #ubuntu-phone that uses QT5/QML  for UIs18:09
Traumatizerdisharmonic, but how can you than program an app? If Qt is only used for the UI? You need more than that right18:10
disharmonicNot sure, it's supposed to be running a full linux stack under the hood. C++ at least i guess or any compiled language that has QT bindings18:15
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usr13Pip: Sorry...23:46
Pipit's okay23:46
PipGlad to be here23:46
PipI want to know what exactly Ubuntu for Android means23:47
PipIs it an OS or a mobile computing device like a Ubuntu phone23:48
PipActually what I want is to install Ubuntu on my android phone23:49
PipSo that I don't need to buy another Ubuntu phone23:49
k1lPip: ubuntu4android is the same like the motorola webtop or nettop thing. you have a smartphone with android and when you dock it you get a full ubuntu like on your pc. that is included in the ubuntu-phone now23:50
PipSounds magic23:51
k1lPip: and when you read the topic, you see that there are no images or code published, yet.23:51
k1land on the ubuntu.com page you can see the hardware requirements for ubuntu-phone. so you can see if your phone meets it23:51
PipI thought they could just release some ROM as free software and I download to burn into my Android phone23:52
PipI don't know about motoroal webtop or nettop23:53
PipBut I'd check them out23:53
k1lPip: they will release some testing images and the code end of feb. but if its that easy to run on your phone i cant tell you23:54
k1lPip: the motorola webtop thing is just to give you an idea what ubuntu4android is.23:54
PipSo once I dock the phone, I get Ubuntu OS started ?23:55
PipSo with a Ubuntu phone, the docking part is redundant, right?23:56
k1lyep. that is included in ubuntu-phone23:57
k1lthat is ubuntu4ubuntu, if you want to call that feature :)23:58
k1lbut IIRC you need the more powerfull hardware mentioned in the specs table for the ubuntu4ubuntu thing23:59

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