jibelgood morning08:02
dholbachgood morning08:04
dholbachpitti, you might be interested in https://code.launchpad.net/~mitya57/ubuntu/raring/python3-defaults/resync/+merge/143697 :)09:16
knomeballoons, ping! whenever you are around and have a few minutes, please ping me09:37
pittidholbach: hey10:09
pittidholbach: ah, I'll test them, thanks for pointing out!10:09
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cprofittgood morning13:05
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AdeMinor issue: How is the best way to suggest a more specific wording of a testcase... or even better go in an submit a change in it?20:45
balloonsAde, a manual case?20:47
balloonsreport it as a bug, or ping here or mailing list.. there's a team of folks who can edit the cases20:48
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Adeballoons, yes a manual. So minor tho, more descriptive than anything but it's buggin me lol. Ok will do :o)20:53
Adeballoons, hows the autopilot going? Am still cutting teeth here in manual but feel there is so much that could be auto that it's only a matter of time before I join you there20:58
Adeballoons, with suggestions of course :o)20:58
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balloonsade, :-)20:58
balloonsit's going well. I'm fingers crossed, going to push out a new blog post soon20:58
balloonsI'm just tweaking a few things and making sure everything is the way we want it to be20:58
balloonssadly, I never figured out what happened to the ppa package20:59
balloonsI want some folks to try the tests we've written20:59
Adeballoons, blog post now! Any info is good info :o)21:00
Adeballoons, win the battle, but perhaps the war tomorrow, sometimes these things happen.21:01
Adeballoons, am all ears tho if you're looking for folks to try the new...21:01
balloonsAde, you can run them withouth the package, but you have to pull them from bz21:02
balloonsperhaps I'll just post about doing that.. hmm21:02
balloonsi posted on the mailing list about it, but a blog post would work too21:03
Ade**scrambles for Thunderbird!21:03
balloonsAde, if you need the info, the tests are here21:08
balloonstrello board is here:https://trello.com/board/autopilot-tests/50e735ad7351f0a64e00040c21:08
Adeballoons, my first exposure to Trello... love it!! Just absorbing now...21:11
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Adeballoons, right my weekend objective is to break out and grasp autopilot - 24hr challenge, to turn a newbie into a fully functioning autopilot... pilot? You up??21:16
balloonsade, i think you can do it ;-)21:20
balloonsI'm happy to help21:20
Adeballoons, ok silly questions aplenty beware, but I will do my upmost and look forward to being on board. Am offski very soon so any suggestion for light reading before zzz, wheres the best place to start?21:24
balloonsmy blog posts, are a nice walktrhough21:25
AdeAwesome, will read up and be on irc tomorrow morning UTC21:28
balloonsade, when are you about?21:34
balloonsin utc?21:34
Adeballoons, 10am strong (it's a Sat after all!), you?21:36
balloonsi'd have to convert to my local time :-21:36
balloonsi'd probably be around late UTC21:37
AdeYou NY yes?21:38
balloonsyes, EST21:39
AdeNo wonder, that's why I think you never sleep! I will swat up, hit it hard and then when you wake I will (hopefully) have at least a grasp of it.21:47
balloonslol indeed21:47
Ade** note to self, mention autopilot to wife tonight... karma and all that! :o)21:56
balloonsalrighty, so let's see22:00
balloonsin UTC, say 1500?22:00
AdeSounds good22:04
AdeIn the mean time I will read as much auto pilot as I can. Laters22:07
AdeFinally submitted that last test case! zzz now22:08
Ade9/9 Mandatory test cases - why aren't we doing that every day!22:11
AdeUbu - desk - 64 of course :o)22:11
balloonsthanks ade!22:15
balloonsI'll see you around tomorrow mate22:15
AdeWill do, grab some zzz's!22:16

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