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tgm4883bobweaver, ping17:23
tgm4883bobweaver,  you going to be around for the meeting today?17:24
bobweaverit is in 30 min ?17:24
mhall119tgm4883: meeting?18:08
tgm4883mhall119, arg, thanks18:09
bobweavermhall119,  links ?18:38
mhall119to your mockup, do you have screenshots?18:38
bobweaverthat is all qml2 and uses the sdk kit18:39
bobweaverI figure (guessing )  that I will be able to tie in alot faster now that most of that i done18:40
mhall119update on qtdee, there is a merge proposal to the package to get it building for Qt5, so in theory it's done, just needs to be approved, built and published18:40
bobweaversoon all things will come together :)18:40
tgm4883mhall119, bobweaver So for guide data schema, this should cover it I think18:41
tgm4883ChanId, StartTime, EndTime, ChanIcon (Optional), Title, Subtitle, Show Boxart(Optional)18:41
tgm4883Then for previews, we could add more18:41
bobweaverOnce I know how the phone reads the lens and applications and giodefault ect things will come together real fast18:41
bobweaverif it even does yet that is18:41
CrestedNewtbobweaver - that looks excellent!! One question though... does it need to be in 15 minute blocks?18:42
mhall119bobweaver: as far as I know the phone does it the same way Unity/Unity2d do it18:42
bobweaverlike I said things will come together soon enough18:42
bobweaver15 min blocks ?18:42
mhall119bobweaver: so it that a stand-alone Unity2d TV instance, or just a stand-alone mockup that looks like it?18:42
bobweaverno there is no backend to that it is just raw qml 2 and Ubuntu sdk18:43
CrestedNewtthe time at the top shows 15 minute 'blocks'18:43
bobweaveroh that is mythweb and that is not going to stay18:43
CrestedNewtok :D my bad18:43
bobweavertgm4883,  I like what yu are thinking about with the meta stuff18:43
tgm4883CrestedNewt, final product would be prob 30 minute blocks, 4 hour span18:43
CrestedNewttgm4883 - that would be much better18:44
mhall119bobweaver: nice, can I get a copy of that to play with?18:44
tgm4883CrestedNewt, that is pretty much the defacto standard18:44
bobweavermhall119,  it is just a mockup18:44
bobweaverbut like I said I just made it last night and there is no c++ or qt yet18:45
mhall119that's actually better for me :)18:45
mhall119QML I can understand, C++ not so much18:45
tgm4883CrestedNewt, that is just the top guide though, the shows should ideally snap to the correct minute18:46
tgm4883minimally, the closest 5 minutes18:46
bobweavermhall119,  lp:~josephjamesmills/+junk/mockaroo18:46
bobweaverit is still pushing18:47
CrestedNewttgm4883 - or how about a 'yellow' vertical timeline?18:47
tgm4883CrestedNewt, you mean for current time?18:47
CrestedNewttgm4883, yes18:47
tgm4883CrestedNewt, that isn't exactly what I'm talking about18:47
tgm4883what I mean is, with really good guide data (like we have in the US), you'll notice that shows aren't scheduled to come on at say 8:0018:48
tgm4883they are sometimes scheduled for 8:0218:48
tgm4883so we should show the start time accurately18:48
tgm4883rather than just the nearest half hour18:48
CrestedNewttgm4883 - ok. in the UK sometimes the shows start early or late and you can miss the start or end18:48
tgm48835 minute accuracy should be the minimum we shoot for18:49
tgm4883with 1 minute accuracy being ideal18:49
tgm4883CrestedNewt, yea that is unfortunate18:49
tgm4883CrestedNewt, at least you aren't australia18:49
bobweavermhall119,  again that is just about 4 hours of coding most was for mucking around like how to make a fake launcher that is not dependent on dash and so forth so that I can change real fast later on18:49
CrestedNewtespecialy if you use a PVR for an overrun of the Bronco's match last weekend18:49
tgm4883in australia, I've heard that frequently shows will start +-20 minutes from their scheduled start time18:50
CrestedNewttgm4883 - lol - that's the Aussies drinking too much :D18:50
tgm4883in austrialia, apparently tv stations have a guy that manually puts in the disk to play a show ;)18:50
bobweavermhall119,  I had it put together a lot better launcher.items and dash.items but I took it all out so that it would stay raw18:50
bobweaverI am going to drink j/k lol18:51
CrestedNewtwell I have my beer with me now but the 'sun is past the yardard' in the UK18:51
CrestedNewttgm4883 - so what you are saying is that the TV guide data that is pulled down MUST have the correct timings. If that data is only pulled down every 12 hrs, and the guy is 2 mins late for each program, how would the program start time be  reflected in the software?18:54
CrestedNewtThe weakest link is always the one that has not been thought of!18:56
CrestedNewtOK, I'm off to make some dinner.... laters all19:02
dcopeHow's it going?22:07

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