beatsonlinepopey, soz, 'keep forgetting its a job, and  not a HW hack for a wiki.... next on the agenda...00:42
beatsonlinebooking to see stallman in Feb.00:42
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Azelphurali1234: no, I always used Mythbuntu, I switched to XBMC when I moved though05:02
diploMorning all08:12
diploBigRedS: Like the look of sitecreate, will have a play over next few days08:40
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marxjohnsonBrr! not going outside again today!09:17
dwatkinscycling in was definitely a lot more difficult in the cold09:20
czajkowskiso much snow :(09:23
dwatkinsis it not a good thing, czajkowski?09:26
Laneyas long as it doesn't prevent my passage to the pub later09:27
dwatkinsI have crampons for emergencies such as that.09:27
czajkowskidwatkins: no it's not09:30
czajkowskiit's coming down very heavy in Guildford09:30
TheOpenSourcererThat's it. UK is fscked for a few days now.09:30
TheOpenSourcererHeavy in Farnham too.09:31
* Laney didn't feel the earthquake this morning :(09:32
dwatkinsTheOpenSourcerer: no snow here in Scotland, we'll keep the deep fried mars bars and haggis flowing, don't worry10:02
brobostigongood morning everyone,10:04
bigcalmAhoy ho10:15
brobostigonmorning bigcalm10:15
bigcalmHi brobostigon. Do you have snow? :)10:16
brobostigonbigcalm: yes, been snowing, since around 7pm yesterday.10:17
bigcalmSnowed all of yesterday but only just and didn't really stick. Bit different today :)10:18
bigcalmI would be having a fun snow day if I didn't work from home10:18
directhexglad i went to tesco last night.10:19
directhexwell stocked on canned beans and frozen pizza.10:19
bigcalmI did drive Hayley to work this morning though. I wonder what it'll be like when I need to pick her up later10:19
directhexnd orange truffle baileys10:19
directhexprius in snow = expensive brick10:20
TheOpenSourcererdwatkins: There's really quite a lot here. Was nothing at 07:30. Now this: https://plus.google.com/u/0/photos/instantupload/583472796821526779410:20
directhexwith doors and a heater10:20
dwatkinsTheOpenSourcerer: I don't think I can open that link10:21
directhexnor i10:21
directhexit just says "ha ha no g+ for you, puny windows phone user"10:21
directhexor words to that effect10:21
TheOpenSourcererThink I needed to share it.10:22
bigcalmTheOpenSourcerer: you did10:22
TheOpenSourcererSnow still coming down going to be knee deep by the time I have to walk to the pub.10:23
dwatkinsat least when it's that deep it's understandable that transport might be affected10:30
dwatkinswhen it's only a couple centimetres, we just laugh from north of the border (I'm from Reading, by the way)10:30
TheOpenSourcererHas anyone created a selectable, drop down list that uses icons instead of words for a web interface? I know the <select><option> is out. Just wondering if there is a nice way to enable a user to choose from a list of Icons?10:32
DJonesAh...The joys of working from home when the snow comes down, coffee, central heating and a nice cozy office :)10:45
dwatkinsLast time it snowed when I lived in Reading, I drove in to work (carefully) then started getting phonecalls form people saying there were having trouble getting in - I think they were scared to drive in the snow10:48
czajkowskihttps://plus.google.com/102921374554385564572/posts/3tSksKANgaW  Guildford snow!10:48
gordpfft, even we have more snow than that10:51
diploheh it's just a covering, getting quite deep here now. Debating going home to work at lunch time10:55
dwatkinsWe're forecast snow here in Edinburgh in the afternoon, cycling home along the canal will be amusing.10:56
diplodwatkins: I had that a couple of years ago, a dozen people phoned in saying they couldn't get in, I had driven past 11 of their houses to get to work10:56
dwatkinsdiplo: sounds about right, yeah10:56
Laneyif it's cold enough you'll be able to cycle /on/ the canal!10:56
dwatkinsLaney: I think about that every time it even slightly freezes over :D10:58
dwatkinswhen the snow settles on it, then I might consider that more seriously10:58
gordwe have exactly this much snow https://dl.dropbox.com/u/95627817/2013-01-18%2010.58.24.jpg10:59
davmor2Morning all11:07
davmor2is snow settling on the main road a bad thing?11:08
bigcalmNot if you work from home11:08
* daubers waits for code to finish scp'ing across from the office11:09
davmor2by main road I mean the main one the ambulances, fire, police, buses and about 200 cars an hour use11:09
dwatkinsdavmor2: I'd expect it to be compacted or even melted by the passage of traffic11:11
dwatkinsI used to live on a minor road, the snow just got compressed so was fairly slippery; I think they salt the major roads, and the warmth of the tyres should help melt all but the heaviest snow during the day11:12
davmor2dwatkins: erm no the snow fall is so heavy at the moment there are just ruts where the cars drive11:12
dwatkinsoh right11:12
dwatkinsin Reading a couple years ago, they salted the roads, then it warmed up and rained, when it cooled down again, the roads ended up covered in ice11:13
daubersView from my window http://ubuntuone.com/3XEi9C5C2t0m0FQDDzNtbA11:13
dwatkinsthe salt was washed away11:13
davmor2it actually looks foggy which is bizarre11:13
davmor2daubers: http://ubuntuone.com/5VBad3dEViPxwhJ1vMwOY0 view from mine and the distance you can see just reduce again :D11:39
kvarleyIs it possible to install "Ubuntu TV" on a PC?11:42
kvarleyAs in the TV environment and the TV guide lens11:42
kvarleyNVM found my answer on askubuntu11:46
dwatkinsdavmor2: which town/city are you in, out of curiosity?11:47
dwatkinshttp://uksnowmap.com/ is unsurprisingly very slow today11:48
davmor2dwatkins: The City of Dreams11:48
dwatkinsa lovely place to be11:48
davmor2dwatkins: overwise known as Wolverhampton11:48
dwatkinsaha I see, thanks11:49
directhexnobody uses #uksnow anymore. now it's #snowmageddon11:55
davmor2this kitty doesn't seem happy with the snowman https://twitter.com/BigCatWHF/status/292237040949538816/photo/112:09
dwatkinsperhaps it's just trying to make friends with it, like Hobbes does with Calvin...12:12
davmor2dwatkins: no the original comment was that it lasted about 12 seconds, you don't need friends like that :D12:19
Laneyyay, finally the snow has arrived in nottingham12:37
kvarleyCan Ubuntu TV also act as a server? So could I have an Ubuntu TV box running as a server connected to a capture card and then the rest of my Ubuntu PCs acting as clients receiving remote streams via ethernet?12:38
BigRedSAnyone know what I need to do to VirtualBox to make it so my VMs can acces both my host and the Internet?13:03
BigRedSI'm sure I've deduced it before, but none of the options seem to be working now13:03
daftykinsyou have to bridge your eth0 with the vbox interfaces don't you?13:06
daftykinsat least to do it the way vmware does it13:06
BigRedSI thought a bridged network was how I did it last time..13:06
BigRedSI'll keep fiddling13:06
BigRedSWhoa. Last time I went near /etc/network/interfaces network-manager wouldn't talk to me for weeks13:08
daftykinsyeah it'll break with static config13:10
daftykinsjebus vmware is £170 =|13:11
BigRedSyeah, I'm beginning to see NM as the common problem with virtualisation...13:11
* BigRedS ponders hyper-v13:12
daftykinsugh the times i was involved with hyper-v i found it disgusting13:12
daftykinsneeding a windows domain? eww.13:12
daftykinsit's changed a lot since then though, that was prior to server 2008 R2's release that i was using it13:12
BigRedSHAha, I don't mind how filthy it is, I just want to get on with some work and stop goading virtualisation software into working13:13
BigRedSNah, I want a Debian Squeeze VM13:13
BigRedSbut I want to SSH into it and then let it download from the Inernet13:13
BigRedSwhich appears to be something of an impossibility with network0-manager, and I don't have a long enough cat5 cable to switch to etherent13:14
BigRedSIm borrowing a VM on The Internet now :)13:17
BigRedSStill, I'm sure this problem was roughly solved about four years ago and can't quite see why it's all broken now13:18
daftykinsi can't even imagine how you'd do it in Linux land13:18
daftykinsvmware on Windows, which is what i always use, has its' own taps into interfaces so it doesn't matter13:18
BigRedSyeah, virt-manager set up its own bridges which worked well for a while13:20
BigRedSbut now n-m dislikes those and keeps disabling them13:20
BigRedSreally, I want to just replace n-m with something that's aware that all it's supposed to do is connect to a wifi network and shut up13:21
BigRedSI don't understand what it thinks it adds to any other interface. But my brief faffing with wpa-supplicant and friends the other day demonstrated that it's not something I can just knock up in an afternoon13:22
daftykinsdark magic13:24
BigRedSyeah, I guess there's a good reason that nobody's yet done that and we all just trot along tolerating n-m13:26
BigRedSA bit tempted to just set up an unsecured  network in each of the six or seven places I tend to wantwifi13:27
davmor2BigRedS: for me I click on the settings button → networking option → and change nat to bridge adapter then when you start up the guest it automatically fetches the new ip address from you dhcp server13:42
BigRedSdavmor2: yeah, that's what I thought worked, but it just didn't13:44
BigRedSI'll give it another go in a bit if this router keeps crapping out13:44
BigRedSOooh, seems to work13:50
BigRedSwonder how long it'll take for network manager to oppose it :)13:51
davmor2BigRedS: well if you will do silly things with your network then this will happen :P  I only ever seem to have issues with NM when I'm not sat in my home for some reason :D13:53
BigRedSdavmor2: yeah, that's the silly thing! I've been trying to work when not at work :)13:56
BigRedSI think it's just trying to enforce some relaxation or something13:56
BigRedSit's like an over-concerned mother13:56
kvarleyCan anybody recommend a good gui for scheduling commands to run at a certain time? This is a one off command, not a daily/weekly/monthly kind of thing14:03
dwatkinsa front-end to 'at', kvarley?14:04
kvarleydwatkins: Preferably it would work with X forwarding via SSH too.14:06
kvarleydwatkins: I'd be happy to use CLI too but I don't want it to be too complicated since it's only for running commands once at a certain time on a system14:06
dwatkinsPersonally, I'd just use 'at', I don't know if there's a form-based GUI for it.14:07
BigRedSat's a pretty simple syntax14:07
BigRedSthough a bit obscure, too14:07
BigRedSbasically, you do   at <time>   and hit enter14:07
BigRedSand then list your commands, and hit ctrl-D14:07
kvarleyCan I do sudo stuff?14:07
BigRedSif you have nopasswd14:08
BigRedSor you just sudo at14:08
kvarleyI want to update and install certain packages after 6pm (when my internet tariff relaxes) on computers on my lan14:08
kvarleyWill it work remotely BigRedS?14:08
BigRedShm, might need to sudo su and then at14:08
BigRedSyou'll want to ssh onto whichever machine you want the command to run14:08
kvarleyYeah as in can I login via SSH and then do at on the remote machine?14:08
kvarleyYeah, that's good, thanks :) BigRedS & dwatkins14:09
BigRedSsshing in to a machine is basically the same as being sat in front of it14:09
kvarleyBigRedS: wondered if it would kill 'at' when the session ended was all14:10
kvarleyI did at 14:10 and added my command but it keeps getting me onto a new command line now14:10
kvarleyHow do I say end of commands?14:10
Seeker`as BigRedS said14:14
kvarleyAh thanks sorry, missed it14:15
kvarleyDoesn't seem to work14:15
kvarleyI said for it to open gedit but nothing happens, is that cos it runs in a different shell?14:15
dwatkinskvarley: you might also find 'screen' useful in general, although perhaps you already use it14:16
kvarleydwatkins: I do :)14:16
BigRedSyou want to open gedit?14:20
kvarleyBigRedS: It was only for a test. I was checking it worked but then realised if I did a command line activity it does actually work14:33
bgstsrOOOooo .. someone just asked me "Would you like to use a different operating system ? " ..14:37
BigRedSkvarley: ahhh14:38
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meeti have a home network. how do i send a print to the winxp printer? ubuntu 12.1016:56
directhexmeet, is the printer shared, in windows?17:25
meetdirecthex: yes17:42
directhexgo to the add printer dialogue, and add new network printer. it should search for & find the printer on the network17:43
meetdirecthex: it's not finding17:44
meetdirecthex: how do make it detect the printer?17:50
directhexhm. haven't used a windows-shared printer for YEARS, i won't have up to date klnowledge17:52
* gord picks up the cockatrice to flail it as a weapon18:02
Laneyyou better be wearing gloves18:02
gordsince when have i ever done anything right in that game?18:03
gordmy favourite one is when you are blind and touch the cocatrice whilst just feeling your way around18:03
Laneyi like when you fall down a hole while holding it18:04
xnoxit's a sad day for me. I broke networking in kvm & I don't know how to fix it =(18:41
xnoxsucks when trying to work on the installer.18:41
czajkowskixnox: join Laney on the naughty step18:41
Laneyclearly pub time anyway18:41
xnoxczajkowski: what did Laney do?!18:42
xnoxLaney: pub time or igloo time?18:42
Laneynobody can remember what laney did18:42
czajkowskihe broke stuff in raring :)18:42
Laneyhe's been on the step so long that he's fused to it18:42
czajkowskidavmor2: lives on the stop18:43
Laneyxnox: I do have to get two buses to get there ...18:43
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popeybug 110133819:03
lubotu3bug 1101338 in gksu (Ubuntu) "gksudo doesn't truncate long command line, so runs off the edge of the screen" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/110133819:03
popeyanyone fancy confirming19:03
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* xnox wants better IRC and better email clients20:01
kvarley-mobileLibreOffice won't do spell checking on my Dads laptop, any ideas?20:44
kvarley-mobileLanguage settings are all English (UK)20:44
ali1234someone forked gnome fallback22:53
ali1234about time22:53
ali1234MATE was always a silly idea22:53
popeyali1234: is that the soluous thing?23:07
ali1234the guy seems to have the right idea23:08
ali1234fork only gnome-panel23:08
ali1234keep the gtk stuff23:08
ali1234XFCE and MATE just don't work for me because of gtk2 - indicators don't work23:08
ali1234solusos seems to be a distribution?23:09
ali1234is it based on ubuntu?23:10
popeydebian i thought23:10
ali1234ah. even better then23:10
ali1234should be easy to bring the packages over either way23:10
ali1234what's the best way to network up my amiga then?23:38
ali1234it's going to have to be serial23:39
ali1234all the tcp/ip software is shareware23:39
ali1234i don't miss that :(23:39
ali1234i wonder if i can port synergy23:42
ali1234already been done :)23:43
ali1234oh, it needs OS4 :(23:43

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