* hyperair wishes indicator-sound took control of the media keys.03:01
hyperairthat way media keys could work on youtube videos playing in the background.03:02
hyperairor grooveshark for that matter.03:02
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rperierHey, I would like to contribute to the development of unity. I have already discussed with didrocks , he shown me this link http://unity.ubuntu.com/getinvolved/development/unity (thanks to him) . I have also built unity from trunk, I did read a bit of documentation, etc...09:13
sil2100rperier: hello!09:15
sil2100rperier: tell me, what Ubuntu version are you currently using?09:16
rperierI am running 13.0409:16
rperierat home and 12.10 at work09:16
sil2100rperier: ok, good, remember that all the unity work that is in lp:unity is related to 13.0409:18
rperiersil2100: you mean that all the unity used in 13.04 is a daily built from lp:unity ?09:26
sil2100rperier: yes09:27
rperierok it's noted09:28
sil2100If you want to propose a fix for 12.10 or 12.04, you should consider backporting to lp:unity/6.0 and lp:unity/5.0 respectively - those are the quantal and precise source trunks09:31
rperiersil2100: ok, there is junior bugs on LP for unity ?09:53
rperierI code in C,C++ and python (it's is my job), I might be useful :)10:02
smspillazrperier: search for "bitesize" tagged ones10:02
smspillazthey might be out of date though10:03
rperierok looking10:03
sil2100rperier: if the bitesize bugs are out of date, you can always try looking for recent bugs that are low priority and trying to resolve them - that's the best way of familiarizing with the code10:07
rperiersil2100: I will probably look for recent bugs with low priority. thanks10:19
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rperierunity should depend on bamf 0.4.0 right ? otherwise it causes FTBFS on quantal (at least the build system should ensure that bamf >= 0.4 is found), I am talking about bug 108627613:03
ubot5bug 1086276 in Unity "lp:unity FTBFS on quantal: error: ‘bamf_view_is_user_visible’ was not declared in this scope " [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/108627613:03
rperierthis function was added to the trunk branch between the tag 0.3.2 and 0.4.0-daily-xxxxx13:04
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sil2100rperier: let me check13:34
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rperiersil2100: still checking ? :)14:05
sil2100rperier: ah, sorry! ;) I got preempted to something else, I'll do it in a moment ;)14:17
rperiersil2100: sure, np :)14:25
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sil2100eh eh, always something to do ;)14:33
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sil2100rperier: ok, so, maybe indeed we should bump the build-system to require bamf >= 0.415:05
sil2100rperier: but the packaging already has that dependency15:05
sil2100So, if unity is being built as part of a package, we're sure that it will fetch bamf >= 0.415:06
rperierbut if unity is built from another distro or from a user using quantal , it won't work :)15:06
sil2100rperier: might be a good first patch ;)15:07
sil2100lp:unity is to be supported for building on raring anyway - we like it to build on one older version too, but the rule is that we *should* only really care about quantal in the lp:unity/6.0 branch15:08
sil2100But anyway, rperier prepare a branch, a merge request and let's get your first (?) patch rewieved and discussed ;)15:08
sil2100Trevinho: could you re-merge https://code.launchpad.net/~3v1n0/unity/launchers-resize-new/+merge/135816 ?15:15
bregmarperier, we'd welcome a patch to fix that15:35
sil2100rperier: and it's a good way to familiarize directly with how to contribute to unity through launchpad15:36
rperierI will write a patch this evening in the train ;)15:36
bregmarperier, we'll look forward to your merge proposal15:41
sil2100mterry: I fired up a new autopilot test of indicators and 2 failures again, some of those that we already know of15:42
sil2100Trying to do something about them, adding more sanity checks - but still not sure what's going on15:43
mterrysil2100, build 82?15:43
rperierfor the beginning, I will look at FTBFS and SEGFAULT I think, and then I will increase difficulty15:43
sil2100mterry: yes15:44
sil2100mterry: can you try your magic to get any of those reproduced ;) ?15:44
mterrysil2100, :)15:44
sil2100rperier: ok, slowly but surely - start off from some small things, get to know the process, then you can take on something more complicated15:45
mterrysil2100, I feel like some idiot cousin.  "Go send Mike out there, he's sure to fuck something up"15:45
mterry"Disaster follows him everywhere"15:45
sil2100mterry: hehehe, nooo! It's not like that!15:45
mterrysil2100, no, can't reproduce15:51
* sil2100 is shocked15:53
sil2100;) Thanks!15:53
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rperiersil2100: this is exactly what I had in mind :)  (and this is the right way to start on a new project)16:49
rperierbranch pushed on my LP account ;)17:01
ryehi, is unity dash supposed to be full screen/regular size or it should be possible to maximize it / restore? A while ago it was maximized only and the minimize button did nothing (just closed the dash). Now it is of a standard size and maximize button does nothing17:09
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sil2100rye: since when did you notice this problem? Since I'm using week-old staging unity and everything seems fine here17:17
sil2100rye: since the maximize/restore buttons should work as for normal windows, i.e. maximize and restore17:18
ryesil2100: today - for unity being always "Restored", and I guess 4 days already for it being always maximized (but I failed to tell about this). I am using latest and greatest unity-team/staging on raring17:19
sil2100rye: might be a nasty regression - I'll try upgrading and checking that as well17:19
ryefor dash being always "Restored"17:19
sil2100rye: in the meantime, you might anyway fill in a bug - paste the bug link here so I can 'confirm it' if anything17:20
ryesil2100: hmmmmm, i found the sensitive area for the button - it's starting from the left border till the image of the square17:20
sil2100Oh, hm17:21
sil2100Is the dash looking differently than before?17:21
ryesil2100: define: differently17:21
bregmaactually, it looks like the button pres is getting sent in behind17:21
bregmaI clicked on the min/max button on the dash and it made the (maximized) terminal in behind go back to non-maximized state17:22
bregmabut didn;t affect the dash17:22
bregmasoudns like a definite bug to me17:22
ryebregma: nope, does not work this way for me, if i click at the square or to the left/up/down of the square image of maximize/restore button - the dash simply closes17:23
bregmaoh, now it's not doing it for me, either17:23
ryeok, filing-a-bug17:23
bregmaI guess I clicked twice, and first one closed the dash17:23
bregmaeither way, it's a bug17:24
ryebregma: is it restoring/maximizing if you click slightly to the left on that maximize/restore button?17:24
* rye is running libc 2.17 and it already broke ubuntuone-syncdaemon's metadata so just to make sure it's not a weird error there...17:24
ryebregma: great!17:24
ryesil2100: https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/110131017:30
ubot5Launchpad bug 1101310 in Unity "[staging][raring] Maximise/Restore button sensitive area is only 1/4th of an image" [Undecided,New]17:30
sil2100rye: thanks17:30
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mhall119can somebody take a look at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/dee/+bug/1096708 and see if we can backport a fix?18:46
ubot5Launchpad bug 1096708 in dee (Ubuntu) "'SharedModel' object has no attribute 'append' using Python 3 on 12.04" [Undecided,New]18:46
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