brouschI have written a Kivy app for Android. Give this a try https://dl.dropbox.com/u/101667/SayThis-1.0-debug.apk02:53
brouschyou might have to turn up your media volume02:54
snap-lrick_h_:  I think this ball has a leak.03:08
snap-lEither that, or I'm a fatass.03:08
Blazeixis the leak suspiciously kitten-shaped?03:29
snap-lnot that I'm aware of03:56
snap-lShe hasn't gone near it03:57
snap-lsince it's bigger than her, and moves ominously03:57
rick_h_snap-l: so that was the site, sent through the bookmarklet to r.bmark.us and then using the chrome print to pdf from there03:57
rick_h_snap-l: a leak? hmm, maybe the move did something. I only had to top if off when I brought it over03:58
rick_h_oh well03:58
jhansonxiAll you need is an air supply, valve, pressure sensor, microcontroller, and a bit of software for the ball to have automatic assjustments04:20
snap-lrick_h_: It seems to get a little soft when I inflate it05:17
snap-lso it's not nearly as inflated. Feels like a beach ball05:17
* snap-l went to Microcenter this evening to look at keyboards05:18
snap-lTheyy had some Cherry switch models (Razer had Blue, and Logitech had a new gaming model that had some Browns05:19
snap-lSaw a Thermaltake that didn't look nearly like the unholy matrimony of a Tank and a keyboard05:19
snap-lEverything else had macro keys, or Blue switches05:21
snap-lunfortunately, being Microcenter, the line was ridiculous, so I left it there.05:21
snap-lGood morning12:54
brouschMy app is a big hit with my 5 year old12:55
brouschHe is busy spelling potty words and making the phone say them12:55
snap-lrick_h_: I've been *ordered* to get a new keyboard.13:56
snap-lOrdered a Leopold Cherry Black Fullsize with the silencer pads (just in case)13:58
snap-lso, thank you. :)13:59
rick_h_snap-l: lol14:07
rick_h_I'd have said get the brown with the pads, but ok14:07
widoxsnap-l: silencer pads?14:10
brouschsnap-l: The one he let you borrow was so loud you were banned from using it?14:10
rick_h_ok, back14:13
widoxsnap-l: something like this? http://www.wasdkeyboards.com/index.php/cherry-mx-rubber-switch-dampeners.html14:15
snap-lbrousch: I'm still using it, and JoDee has pretty much said "you are getting a keyboard"14:17
snap-lI think she was miffed that i came home from Microcenter empty-handed14:17
snap-l(that's a first)14:17
rick_h_well, when ordered to get a new toy...you must comply14:17
snap-lwidox: No, I got the pads that fit on the bottom14:18
snap-lI think it'll be quiet enough without them, but not taking any chances.14:18
rick_h_ :( not tactile14:19
snap-lrick_h_: I don't tend to be a tactile person anyway.14:19
rick_h_interesting though, 60g of force vs 45 for browns14:19
snap-lI've been typing on rubber domes, remember? :)14:20
snap-lI spent a good 20+ minutes in the game keyboard aisle checking out keyboards and the different switches, and the blacks felt nice.14:21
widoxsnap-l: ah ok. well, if they dont' work out I have a pack of those rubber dampeners you can try14:23
widoxI got a mis-shipment of them14:23
snap-lwidox: Ah, cool. Thank you.14:23
widoxinstead of keycaps, I got  dampners :-/14:23
snap-lI don't think there are any keyboards that are widely available that use the Cherrry Clear switches.14:25
rick_h_I found one but they're never in stock14:25
rick_h_and now I can't find it doh14:26
snap-lbtw: if anyone wants a corded Apple keyboard, please let me know15:48
snap-lIt's the white model before the aluminium one.15:48
snap-lI Think Apress is trying for the "why the hell did they publish a book on that" award from Packt: http://www.apress.com/978143024602218:20
snap-lhttp://www.brython.info/index_en.html <- my bathing suit area just got tight.18:42
* brousch hopes it's not a picture of snap-l's bathing suit area18:54
brouschsnap-l: Sounds similar to http://www.skulpt.org/18:55
snap-lJoDee's phone arrived.20:07
snap-lNow to play patient until I can register it20:08
brouschWhat'd she get?20:09
snap-lGalaxy Nexus20:17
snap-lSo she once again has a better phone than I do (relatively speaking)20:18
snap-lAt least she has the Nexus part. I think the hardware is roughly comparable.20:18
snap-lsave for my camera has more MP than hers.20:18
snap-lyeah, I'm looking forward to activating it20:21
snap-lHave to wait, as Ting has a promo where they'll pay your early termination fee if you activate in February20:21
snap-lso I have the phone, just need to wait an additional two weeks20:21
greg-goh right, nice20:22
brouschHm, interesting20:22
widoxsnap-l: a fine test of willpower!20:23
snap-lwidox: I'm too impatient for willpower.20:39
snap-lgreg-g: It's like they knew I was waffling because of the ETF20:39
brouschMail it to rick_h_ and by the time he mails it back it will be time20:39
snap-land decided what the heck, let's pay it for everyone in February.20:40
snap-lbrousch: Hell... no...20:40
snap-lIt's in a secret, undisclosed location20:40
rick_h_bwuhahahaha http://www.flickr.com/photos/7508761@N03/8392505163/in/photostream21:43
brouschI don't get it21:48
brouschYou got wood?21:48
rick_h_it's my awesome lumber21:48
rick_h_yep, came in the mail today21:49
rick_h_<3 the look of it21:49
* snap-l passes on the obvious wood for wood joke21:59

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