roasteddo any of you folk run RAID on your home servers etc?02:29
TheLordOfTimeyes, but its hardware RAID on mine :P02:30
TheLordOfTimenot software RAID :P02:30
roastedI don't think I could stomach hardware raid.02:35
* TheLordOfTime points at the $2500 server box :P02:35
TheLordOfTimeas i said, i run hardware raid.  :P02:35
roastedI'm considering on setting up RAID but I'm not entirely sure what to go with.02:35
roastedSome reading suggests that I can do RAID 5 with only two drives utilizing mdadm02:36
roastedwhich would be nice because then I can later add 2 additional drives and do 4x2TB in RAID 502:36
roastednew plan04:01
roasted4x2TB in RAID 1004:01
ChinnoDogwaste of disk space04:11
roastedI'm fine with that, given that there's some admirable tradeoffs with performance and redundancy.04:12
roastedthe more I read the more it sounds like 10 has largely taken over the point behind why a lot of people used 504:13
ChinnoDogI never configure redundancy on home computers. I rely on my backups.04:13
roastedwith the exception of the HDD space being a bit more limited with 10 vs 504:13
roastedI have a mirror in my desktop, which is nice.04:13
roastedmy server though will be running 247 and host a few different services, so having RAID would be a bonus04:13
ChinnoDogRAID 5 would be faster and give you more usable space04:14
roastedeverything I read suggests RAID 5 is only faster with read.04:14
roastedwhereas RAID 10 is faste rwith write04:14
roastedwhich, considering I'll be pushing backups to the server a lot, comes with a benefit.04:14
ChinnoDogmaybe once upon a time with slow checksumming or if you had a really slow RAID controller04:15
roastedI won't be using a RAID controller.04:16
roastedI'll be using software RAID via mdadm.04:16
roastedRAID 5 pros, often faster read, more usable space. RAID 10 pros, faster write, overall decent performance, superior redundancy to RAID 5.04:16
ChinnoDogWell, unless your CPU is under 100Mhz...04:16
roastedconsidering I'm spending the same money for RAID 5 as I would be for RAID 10, there's no cost difference to me.04:17
roastedIt's just I get 4TB usable space instead of 6TB.04:17
ChinnoDogBoot Phoronix test suite and do a benchmark04:17
roastedWhich, my goal is 2TB.04:17
roastedsoftware RAID (mdadm) hardly uses any CPU power to question it, to be honest.04:17
ChinnoDogI think you will find RAID 5 with 4 drives is faster than RAID 1004:17
roastedWell, maybe. So far I'd say 9/10 things I read suggest otherwise.04:18
roastedThey do however say RAID 5 is often faster with read, but damn slow with write.04:18
roastedSome reports I'm reading are going as far as saying RAID 5 is obsolete.04:19
ChinnoDogI'd just stripe all 4. lol.04:24
ChinnoDog64k block size04:25
roastedstripe all 4, as in, RAID 0 across all?04:27
roastedwell that sounds like it's asking for a nightmare :P04:32
teddy-dbearMorning peoples13:12
ChinnoDogWe are running low on morning.16:57
InHisNameOK, here's another morning for you all17:13
waltmaner, afternoon. close enough.17:14
InHisNameSo, ChinnoDog are you filled up enough with mornings?  Shall we get on with afternoons now ?17:15
ChinnoDogYes. No more mornings for now.17:25
InHisNameGood afternoon, everyone ! Bears too.18:00
InHisNameroasted: in January,  Hmmm, Is that an oxymoron ?18:41
MutantTurkeyBack in Philadelphia23:16
MutantTurkeywas my atom PC23:17
MutantTurkeyit didn't have a dedicated fan though, just a fan for the box, so I took off that heatsink and added two more instead23:17

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