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tjaaltonbjsnider: rotation seems to work here (on raring)08:04
tjaaltonricotz: libwacom & -wacom updated09:13
tjaaltonwondering about pushing the libwacom update for precise to x-updates..09:20
ricotztjaalton, thanks09:23
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mlankhorstwondering about starting the x1.14 rebuild12:54
ricotzi guess in a ppa?12:55
mlankhorstI was hoping for some more commits to the xserver first, I thought there was still an input abi queued as well12:56
ricotzit would interesting to have it in edgers though12:57
mlankhorstI did the port of xorg-server already in the git tree12:59
ricotzbuilding xorg-server is least of the work ;)13:00
mlankhorstit's the only part requiring thinking, though..13:01
ricotzif all driver (upstream) repos caught up, yeah, then it is13:01
mlankhorstyeah we are mostly following those repos already13:02
* mlankhorst tries piglit14:09
bjsnidertjaalton, ah, good. i'll check it out myself in a few weeks.14:54

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