Kilosmorning all04:21
Kiloshiya superfly whats all the stuff by the 2 keyboards. i see a torch and a poor mouse at the back and what looks like a bottle of wood glue04:31
Kiloswhew 66mB of updates today04:35
nlsthznmorning uncle Kilos , you are up early04:37
Kiloshiya nlsthzn yeah wanted to see if server still worked on ssh and can share 3g04:38
Kilosworking lekker04:38
Kiloshi Squirm 04:40
Kiloswith a little help from my friends of course04:40
Kilosthe fly and Squirm found a config error04:41
Kilosno yawns so early Squirm ?04:42
Kilosaw restart needed to complete upgrade04:45
Squirmmust have been a kernel upgrade04:51
SquirmThe following packages have been kept back:04:52
Squirm  libgnome2-0 linux-generic linux-headers-generic linux-image-generic skype04:52
SquirmThe following packages will be upgraded:04:52
* Squirm ponders04:52
SquirmKilos: not yet04:56
Squirmgive it 30min04:56
Kilosi hate having to use nvidia-173 every upgrade i reboot to 640x489 resolution then must reinstall nvidia-173 and reboot again04:57
Kiloslol@ Squirm only 30 mins till you tired again04:58
Kilostough in africa04:58
SquirmI'm tired04:58
Squirmjust not yawning04:58
SquirmI lie04:58
* Squirm yawns04:58
Squirminetpro: you have your rain04:59
Squirmnow shoot me04:59
Kiloswe had 2.5mm last night04:59
Kiloshope more comes today. buckets more05:00
SquirmI don't know how much we had05:00
Kilosthats not enough Squirm 05:00
Squirmit's still raining, has been since about 8pm05:00
Kiloshe is about 20 or 30 ks from here05:00
Squirmconstant, light rainfall05:00
* Kilos jealous05:01
Squirmweathersa issued a warning for this area05:01
Kilosblow it all this way05:01
Kilossudo it05:01
SquirmKilos: http://slexy.org/view/s21UN5PIhx05:01
Kiloswell heres hoping they have it right for this side of gauteng05:03
SquirmKilos: tell inetpro I'll be a little kind and let him shoot me when he wakes05:05
Kilosok will do05:05
nuvolarimornings oom Kilos :>05:31
Maaznuvolari: By the way, Kilos on freenode told me "tell nuvolari meeting monday night hey!!!!" 9 hours, 15 minutes and 22 seconds ago05:31
nuvolarihello Squirm 05:31
Kiloshiya nuvolari waar was jy al die tyd?05:31
nuvolaridankie vir oom Kilos se reminder05:31
Kilosons worry oor jou ook man05:31
nuvolariwerk oom :-/05:31
Kilosin die nag??05:31
nuvolariek't die week series gekyk en gister aand 'n Hangout gehad05:32
Kilosjy beskikbaar vir maandag aand ne? 05:32
Kilosg+ hangout05:32
nuvolariKilos: ek is oom05:32
nuvolarijip g+ hangout05:32
Kilosmet die linux mensies05:33
nuvolariuh-hu, ons was net 3 though :P05:33
Kiloshet daai outjie vir hulle gese hulle moet hier kom kuier05:33
nuvolarijy het ja oom05:34
Kilosdaai vince ou05:34
nuvolarihy't gesê hy sal hier kom inloer05:34
nuvolariek het gesukkel met my internet so toe't ek vergeet om hierheen te kom05:34
Kilosdankie dat jy terug na my gekom het seen05:34
* nuvolari toets geary uit05:35
nuvolariemail client 05:35
nuvolariek het nou net op oom se epos reageer05:36
Kilosek gebruik nog evolution05:36
Kilosop pop dan haal dit net nuwe pos daagliks05:37
nuvolarimeh, so ver ek weet support geary nie pop nie05:37
Kilosek het thunderbird probeer maar evo is beter en dit kan sy uie backup maak vir as jy upgrade of na ander pc gaan05:39
magespawnmorning all05:56
Kiloshi magespawn 05:56
magespawnsorri i left in such a hurry last night my phones battery died05:56
Kilosyou fell asleep fone in hand last night hey?05:57
Kilosyour quassel still showed you online05:57
magespawnit does not give me a lot of warning05:57
Kilosyou need to do like fly and let it show away somehow05:58
magespawni usually do, that is done by using the "/away" command, but did not have time when the battery went flat06:06
Kilosoh sorry magespawn thought it was an auto thing06:06
magespawni do not know of a way that will do it automatically after a certain period06:07
Kilosnot serious06:08
Kilosall good there? lotsa rain coming06:09
Kilosjozini dam will fill up06:09
magespawnthe dam is almost full anyway06:14
Kiloswow you guys are lucky06:14
Kilosi was there when they built it and it wa just a tiny stream running in06:15
magespawnsomebody let out 15% when they should have let out 1.5%06:15
magespawnthere is almost always a lot of water there06:15
Kilosdid the telx upkeep at the military base at the top06:15
magespawnmust have looked very different06:16
Kiloslooked like it would never fill up. such a small stream and such a big dam06:16
magespawni have never seen it even close to empty in the 10 years or so i have been here06:17
Kiloswow some of the inland dams have gone down to 15% in the last few years06:18
magespawnthe hluhluwe dam was getting very low, not sure what %, small dam with lots of usage, but that is full again 06:19
Kiloshi superfly SmilyBorg_w 06:24
SmilyBorg_wHey there06:24
=== SmilyBorg_w is now known as SmilyBorg
Kilosmeeting monday night all06:24
Kilosaw forgot to tell maaz to announce it06:24
Kiloshere comes some rain now06:27
magespawnHi superfly SmilyBorg06:29
magespawncool and wet Kilos06:29
Kiloslovely lovely06:29
Kiloslisten to the falling rain listen to it fall06:30
Kilosat last i saw your twin keyboards superfly , need a pic of you to see how many hands and arms you got06:45
superflyKilos: hahaha06:50
superflymorning magespawn06:50
Kilosmaybe you a new octopus mutation06:51
Kilosi wont bug you any more. have a nice successful day06:52
superflythanks Kilos06:52
magespawnthanks for what? the wishes or not bugging anymore?06:55
superflythe wishes :-D06:56
superflyI just ignore the bugging :-P06:56
Kilosboth man he is a busy fella06:56
inetprogood morning07:05
Kilosmorning inetpro 07:06
inetproMaaz: coffee on07:06
* Maaz flips the salt-timer07:06
Kilosooo 07:06
KilosMaaz, coffee please07:06
MaazKilos: Sure07:06
inetprosuperfly: ek beat jou amper07:06
inetprosorry superfly not you07:07
inetproKilos: ^^07:07
inetproKilos:: ek beat jou amper07:07
Kilosemail addy for hire07:07
Kilosmet wat inetpro ?07:07
inetproKilos: ek het skaars die ubuntu-za community gestig by G+ en staan reeds op 1807:08
Kilosoh dankie vir die uitnodiging07:08
Kiloshet aangesluit07:08
* inetpro het amper van die stoel afgeval toe ek sien jy is ook daar07:09
Kilospraat jy van die twitter wat ek doen?07:09
inetproKilos: ja ja07:09
Kilosek moet nog n mooi avatar ding kry07:09
MaazCoffee's ready for inetpro and Kilos!07:10
KilosMaaz, danke07:10
inetproMaaz: tx07:10
Maazinetpro: Huh?07:10
KilosMaaz, tx07:11
MaazHmm.. fingers too lazy to type thanks Kilos07:11
Kiloshi jrgns 07:21
KilosKom groot reen07:21
jrgnsmorning Kilos, all07:21
jrgnsit's quite misty / light rain here in rosebank07:21
Kilosits coming down nicely here at the moment07:22
Kilosand some thunderbees07:23
Kilosand no ups07:23
Kiloslo Vince-0 07:26
inetproVince-0: wb07:47
inetproKilos: your ups now completely dead again?07:47
Kilosi disconnected the internal battery inetpro but i think the wires to the external are too thin so can carry the juice to keep it going07:48
Kilosso i got it one side for further pondering07:49
Vince-0thnkz, busy editing discussion notes from last nights hangout - 2hours 21 minutes!07:49
Vince-0posted the youtube video now07:49
Vince-0ya it was a bit long, we aim to make it more concise and professional07:53
jrgnsis anyone playing ingress?08:05
Vince-0its a bit slow in Durban08:07
jrgnsyeah, i'm struggling to find portals around here as well.08:09
Vince-0you can submit portals08:10
Vince-0and check the ingress intel map site08:10
jrgnssubmitted one on my way to work08:11
jrgnsbut it takes up to 3 weeks to approve :(08:11
jrgnswill submit a few, though, hopefully they get added08:11
Vince-0should do, there are some silly ones approved in Durban08:17
jrgnshehe, kewl08:25
magespawndo you pay to play?08:40
superflymagespawn: no, AFAIK08:52
Vince-0its closed beta - they've sent lots of invites recently08:54
Vince-0I dunno, its not that much fun - just a novelty 08:55
magespawnnot much info on the website08:57
magespawnokay i see the point, not going to be able to do much here in Hluhluwe08:58
magespawni think my wife wants me to lose weight08:59
magespawnlunch = 3 small boild potatoes, 1 plum and 1 apple09:00
* nlsthzn got an ingress invite but forgot about it >.<09:00
nlsthznen nou oom Kilos ?09:01
Kilospoor magespawn 09:01
nlsthznoh ol09:01
superflyI'm still waiting for mine :-(09:01
magespawnnot such a bad thing, i think i need to lose weight09:02
* nlsthzn only has dota 2 invites to give away... sorry...09:02
magespawni thought flies just sorta snacked on other people's lunch09:02
superflymagespawn: heh.09:04
* superfly was actually talking about ingress09:04
magespawnahh right09:04
magespawncould be some fun if you are in a major centre like new york or london'09:07
Kilosare you fat magespawn ?09:10
Kilosthats a kinda subtle hint hey09:10
magespawnwell i am 95 kg at the moment09:12
magespawnby my reckoning i should be between 80-85 kg09:12
Kiloshow tall09:12
Kiloshmm connection playing up here seems09:13
Kilossame as me now09:13
magespawnstrange i know think in kg and feet09:13
Kilosused to be 5.1009:13
Kilosshrink with age09:13
Kilosim 82 kgs09:14
Kilosyeah the height thing no lekker in metric09:14
Kilosneed a tape measure to check09:14
* superfly has never even touched 70kg09:18
Kilos5' 9"09:19
Kilosi think thats the right way09:19
magespawni was 50 kg in std 609:20
Kilosekk superfly when i stopped smoking at 35 i went from 69 to 92 in 5 months09:26
Kilosso started smoking again and never got under 8009:27
magespawngotta go bbl09:30
Kilosinetpro,  18mm so ver09:38
* Kilos happy09:38
jrgnsi'm 6.2. was 75kg in matric. pushing 95kg 13 years later!09:57
zerefhi hi10:57
Kilosinet is jy op die baie sukkel werk toe?11:38
Kilosinetpro, 11:45
inetprogoeiemiddag Kilos11:46
inetprowhat's for lunch?11:46
Kiloslol antwoord man11:46
* inetpro is honger11:46
Kilosi hate curry on bread11:46
Kilosdit reen boetie11:46
inetproreen dit steeds?11:46
Kilos22mm al11:46
inetproKilos: will I have to hunt Squirm down now?11:47
inetproI think it's to late for that11:47
Kilosrofl looks like11:47
Kilosi got some mafia contacts in natal11:47
inetprosomebody else that sent the rain, was not him11:47
Kilosna he was too tired11:48
Kiloseks baie bly oor die reen11:49
Kilosparty plante is giftig vir vee as hulle verlep is11:50
=== superfly is now known as MrTwinkle
Kiloslol hiya MrTwinkle 11:50
Kiloswhat happened11:50
MrTwinkleKilos: registering a nick for a bot11:51
Kilosserver crashed11:51
Kiloshard work hey11:51
=== MrTwinkle is now known as superfly
Kilosi had to start on other pc to get it done couldnt just change nicks here11:52
Kilosinetpro, 30mm maar opgehou nou13:02
inetproso ek moet nou huis toe gaan?13:03
inetprovoor dit weer begin13:03
Kilosdit drip nou bietjie maar as jy kan gaan gaan13:10
Kilosdit kan miskien later kwaai afkom13:10
Kilosinetpro, ^13:11
Kiloshang net af van die werk13:11
inetproKilos: ai!13:13
* inetpro sal maar kanse vat later13:13
Kilosamper sonskyn weer13:13
Kilosok ek sal watch vir jou13:14
nlsthznso it doesn't seem ZA has enough people for this loco gaming thing happening in Febr...13:14
Kiloshow may you need13:19
KilosVince-0, you guys not interested in the gaming against ubuntu mexico13:20
Kilosnlsthzn, how many13:20
nlsthznI don't know uncle Kilos , I haven't gone into details yet but nobody on the mailing list really said yes to it (and I am on Windows and workign that week-end in any case)13:21
nlsthznI was going to offer to practice a bit with the guys if they needed people but there is no team as yet13:21
Kilosthe fly said he would try 13:21
Kilosand kbmonkey13:21
Kiloswhat kinda games need teams13:22
Kilossoccer and rugby13:22
nlsthzne-sports is steadily growing. in America they are starting to show more games than footballs in pubs, the jocks are complaining :p13:26
Kiloslets hear what Vince-0 says he is with the durbs linux group . maybe they got keen gamers13:31
Kiloswe actually few here today13:32
KilosBanlam, bakuman speel julle nie games nie?13:33
Kilosand Squirm ?13:33
Banlamwhat games?13:35
Kilosnlsthzn, tell him13:35
Kilosits a challenge from ubuntu mexico Banlam 13:35
nlsthznBanlam, http://viajemotu.wordpress.com/2013/01/07/ubuntu-loco-games-2013-1/13:36
Squirman me?13:36
SquirmKilos: ?13:36
Kilosyou too Squirm dont you wanna take up the challenge from them hombres13:37
Kiloshandele handele ariba13:37
* Squirm looks at Kilos 13:37
SquirmI want what you're high on13:37
Banlamnever played the game before, but will install it and give it a look13:38
Kilosi love challenges but i cant play online games13:38
Kilosplease do Banlam 13:38
Kilosand tune bakuman as well13:38
Banlamlag to mexico is gonna be painful13:38
Banlambakuman's there, he's just keeping quiet for some reason13:39
Kilosno matter if clint eastwood could sort them so can we13:39
Kilosmaybe bakuman is bang13:40
* Kilos hides13:40
magespawnhey all13:43
Kiloshey magespawn we trying to get peeps for the mex challenge13:44
Kilosyou in or what?13:44
Kilospoor nlsthzn is on his own13:44
* nlsthzn can't make it remember... :p13:45
nlsthznso far nobody is in it 13:45
Kilosya but you trying to help nlsthzn 13:45
nlsthzna little :p13:45
Kilosi gotta 44 magnum13:45
Kiloswill that help13:45
nlsthznsure, if we loose13:45
magespawni forget when is it again?13:46
Kilosand a 30.06 so we can hit from far13:46
Kilosfeb magespawn 13:46
magespawni am not that much of a gamer really13:48
nlsthznsorting out 4000 odd photos is tedious work13:57
Kiloshi zeref 14:24
zerefanybody used ireport before?14:24
zerefhi Kilos 14:24
Kiloswhere you been14:24
Kilosmagespawn, you got 5 mins?14:28
Kilosif i want to copy files to server from which terminal must i do it14:29
Kilosthis one or the servers one14:29
Kilosor must it be done without first sshing14:30
Kilosim looking here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH/TransferFiles14:32
Kilosthey say to transfer with ssh and use scp but dont say first ssh or not14:33
Kilosnow the pro will say read or man14:34
inetproKilos: where do you want to copy files?14:37
inetproname the source and destination folders14:37
Kilosi wanna copy archives from here to server inetpro 14:38
inetproname the source and destination folders14:39
Kilosya but must i first ssh to the server then run the command14:39
Kilosand in which terminal then14:39
inetproKilos: let's just take it step by step14:39
inetprolet's step back for now14:39
Kilosok so they can ping eat other14:39
inetproyou want to copy from machine BOB to ANN14:40
inetprobut on BOB what is the folder name?14:40
Kilosso i just go scp /var/cache/apt/archives/ miles@ /var/cache/apt/archives/14:40
inetproahh, you see!14:41
inetprothat's exactly why I'm asking14:41
inetprothose folders are owned by root14:41
Kilosya well i type slow14:41
Kilosok so sudo to start here and what at the server side14:41
inetpro1. by default those files are readable by you (as the user)14:42
inetpro2. but the destination is owned by root14:42
inetproyou can not write to root owned folders14:43
inetproso you will have to copy to a temporary folder owned by you14:43
Kiloslike home?14:43
Kilosno desktop there14:43
inetproyebo yes14:43
Kilosoh temp14:43
inetprowell temp will/should also work14:44
inetprohang on14:44
Kilosyou busy man sort work first14:44
Vince-0hey hey - sup Kilos , was busy workin yawn14:46
Vince-0u playing games?14:46
inetproKilos: on BOB type the following:14:46
inetprorsync -av /var/cache/apt/archives/ ANN:/tmp/myarchives/14:46
Vince-0nlsthzn, what games you playing?14:46
Kilosnope Vince-0 not me we need gamers to take on the mexicans14:46
inetproKilos: then on BOB, after you've logged in with ssh14:47
Vince-0ha, Linux games I'm guessing14:47
inetproKilos: cp -r /tmp/myarchives/* /var/cache/apt/archives/14:47
inetproKilos: oops I mean14:48
Kilosok ty inetpro and thats without first sshing?14:48
inetproKilos: then on ANN, after you've logged in with ssh14:48
Kilosoh my14:48
Vince-0Kilos, first person shooters are my speciality14:48
Vince-0but I wonder what the latency would be like to play against Mexico14:49
Kilosnlsthzn, here is Vince-0 14:49
Kiloswill only find out after trying14:49
inetproKilos: but you could also use scp in stead of rsync... obviously with other parameters 14:50
Kiloswell if rsync will work that great14:51
Kilosi like rsync14:51
inetproif you can login as root on your remote server then you can sync directly from folder to folder14:52
inetprobut allowing root to login is not very good14:52
Kilosi think i can once sshed to there14:53
Vince-0I will make a note of these loco games and post them to the LUG - need to leave now bbl14:53
inetprodrussell: wb14:53
Kilosbob is the boss pc here right14:53
inetproKilos: yes14:54
Kilosty vin14:54
inetprowhy he now gone?14:54
drussellinetpro: yo!14:54
drusselllots of snow here14:54
Kiloslo drussell 14:54
* inetpro just wanted to chat with vince14:54
Kilosmaybe hell be back later14:55
Kilosdrussell, you game??14:55
Kiloschallenge from the mexicans14:55
Kilosso inetpro if i first ssh then can sudo -i the server i can copy direct?14:56
Kilosmay be easier with a stick14:57
drussellKilos: hehehe you'll kick ass ;o)14:58
inetproKilos: oops, my fout14:58
inetproKilos: sudo cp -r /tmp/myarchives/* /var/cache/apt/archives/14:58
inetproprobeer so vêr as moontlik 'sudo -i' vermy 14:59
inetprotensy jy weet wat jy doen15:00
Kilosmaar ek moet dit gebruik elke keer met iptables15:00
Kilosanders can hulle nie mekaar ping nie15:01
Kilosdrussell, what those peeps do when it snows heavy like that. stay home?15:02
drussellKilos: yeah often, it just throws the whole country into chaos :o)15:02
Kilosmust be hard for the pub crawlers15:03
Kilosthose that live there kinda15:03
drussellKilos: find a pub, stay in it :o)15:03
Kilosdankie inetpro :-)15:06
magespawnsorry Kilos was out 15:12
Kilosnp magespawn 15:13
magespawngotta go again see you later15:14
Kilosgo safe15:14
Kiloscully and lice for supper15:52
nlsthznlove cully and lice16:01
Kilosme too i love good curry with anything rice bread pap spaghetti macaroni whatever16:02
Kiloseven samp and im not a samp fan16:09
Kiloshi Cantide Mezenir theblazehen 17:14
Cantidehello :)17:15
Kilosyou not gaming for us Cantide ?17:16
Cantidegaming? >_>17:16
Kilosneil is trying to get together a group to thump the mexicans17:17
Kilosdont you read your mails in the lists?17:18
Kilosoh my17:18
Cantideoh oh17:18
Cantidei kinda do see them while i am at work17:18
Cantideand i was partially aware of what was going on17:18
Cantidemy PC is not game-friendly right now17:18
Cantideno gfx card17:18
Cantideso i didn't read into the emails much17:18
Kiloswe dont seem to have anyone to take up the challenge17:19
Kiloswill have to be tumbleweed and superfly 17:19
Cantidesuperweed '<17:20
Cantidethey work well together, it seems17:20
Kilosthey our python kings17:20
mazalEvening all17:25
Kiloshiya mazal you been scarce17:25
mazalRough day oom17:25
Kilosand barry too17:26
Kiloswhat happened17:26
mazalBeen in the field battling viruses and user shifting all day17:26
mazalBarry was off today17:26
Kilosvirii on winsucks17:26
Kilosai they never learn17:26
mazalBiggest problem is we don't have proper av17:27
Kilosmonday night meeting here hey17:27
Kilosget avast17:27
mazalWell I should say our employer17:27
Kilosbest anti for win17:27
mazalThey force what we must use17:27
CantideKilos, what time? 19:30 again?17:28
mazalOne of the reasons why we build our own ubuntu server to get updates distributed17:28
Kilosyip Cantide 17:28
Cantidecool :)17:28
Cantidei should make that17:28
Kiloscancell everything else17:28
mazalThey use Mcafee , which never updates17:29
mazalSo we installed mse and distribute updates via our own server17:29
Kilosthats no good one needs daily updates17:29
mazalMicrosoft security essentials17:29
Kilosthats worse17:30
Cantidemse is nice 'o'17:30
mazalWorks sharp for us17:30
Cantideit's the best one, imho17:30
mazalBest I've used actually17:30
Cantidei used it briefly before dropping windows in the recycle bin17:30
mazalOh I wish hey17:30
Kilosjust that first word raises the hair on my arms17:31
mazalI don't believe I am saying it , but that is one little program where they did good actually17:31
Kilosthey have their uses17:32
mazalThe rest was just reshuffling and that brings lots of work17:32
Kilosi use 98 for fdisking drives and fixing mbr's17:32
mazalAmazing the amount of little things that needs to be configured for every user :P17:32
mazalWas very late when I actually got to the office17:33
Kilosthats life if you dont inherit millions17:34
mazalMeeting hey , must remember17:36
mazalFeels like ages since we had the last one17:37
Kilosyeah a whole month17:37
mazalEk gaan bietjie rugby kyk17:39
Kiloswie speel17:39
mazalNee is ou games wat ek op dvd het17:39
mazalEk collect mos finals17:39
Kilosah ok geniet17:39
Cantideone game i want to watch again is England vs NZ at the end of last year :)17:39
Cantidewas one of the best games i've seen in a long time17:40
Cantidealso, does anyone here support the EP / Souther Kings?17:40
CantideSouthern &17:40
Kilosme supports the sharks17:40
mazalI'm a bulls supporter17:40
CantideI support the sharks17:41
Cantideand anyone who plays against the Kings :p17:41
Cantidebecause it's not fair how they got into Super Rugby - they need to earn their place like everyone else17:41
mazalI don't like the way the kings is getting "special treatment" and how the lions was treated17:41
Cantideexactly my point17:41
Cantideonce they have earned that, i will hold nothing against them17:42
Cantidefor the time being, i will enjoy watching them lose :)17:42
Cantidebrb, thirsty as a camel 'o'17:42
mazalThey gonna get killed in S1517:42
mazalYou can't put a team in there that don't even qualify for curry cup17:42
Kiloslo pro17:43
mazalHi inetpro 17:43
Kilosold age17:44
* inetpro struggled to purchase more bundle on 8ta online system but got it sorted eventually17:44
Cantidehi inetpro 17:44
Kiloswhy you struggled inetpro ?17:44
inetproat least sim on the mobile with USSD still working perfectly17:44
Kilosdont worry me17:44
Cantidei usually just go in and ask them to load it17:45
inetprolooks like their system has been down the whole day 17:46
Cantidestill using my 60 + 60 though17:46
mazalWhat is going on with all the network hey ?17:46
mazalI hear everyone on Vodacom and MTN complaining about network issues17:47
* inetpro can't survive without the interwebs17:49
Kilosya no apt-get17:54
Kilosinetpro, i asked why you battled17:54
Kilosek sukkel partykeer17:55
Mezenirhi all17:55
Vince-0yo yo17:55
KilosVince-0, dont run away17:56
Kilosinetpro, ping17:56
Vince-0ill try17:56
Kiloshe wanted to talk to you17:56
Kilosmost likely forgot by now17:56
Vince-0I'll be around17:57
Kiloswhew poor bill in the lists has a job ahead of him18:11
Kiloshaving 2 home partitions and not using the one you want to18:12
nlsthzngood night all18:22
Kilosnight neilsleep tight18:22
Kilosyou didnt chat to Vince-0  man18:23
Kilosbad as the pro18:23
nlsthznwhat I do now :p18:23
KilosVince-0, like gaming18:23
nlsthznah cool18:23
nlsthznVince-0, I will catch you tomorrow perhaps ;)18:24
Kiloslooks like you the manager18:24
nlsthznthis can't end well18:24
Kilossleep tight nlsthzn 18:24
Kiloscatch you morrow18:25
Kiloshi smile 18:32
Kilosinetpro, hier is Vince-0 18:32
* inetpro already joined the durban community on G+ and said what there was to say18:33
smilehi Kilos :p18:33
inetproanyway good evening Vince-018:33
inetprooh and well done!18:33
inetprothat really looks like a cool hangout18:34
* inetpro quickly scanned through it18:34
Kilosis it a video site18:34
Kiloswebcams and all or what18:34
inetproKilos: he talked about it here, I think last night18:34
Kilosi was sorting ssh and stuff member18:35
inetproKilos: even you talked about it18:35
Kilosi dont just forget when i dont remember18:35
inetpro17/01 21:06:38 <Kilos> i spose the pro and fly on the hangout too18:36
Kilosoh that was because you guys were so quiet here man18:36
Kiloshow you scrolled back so far so quick18:37
Kilosand if you note the time after 9pm im asleep already18:37
inetproKilos: here's the link to his posting on g+ https://plus.google.com/101611463436696898503/posts/4fpiT8Khj6D18:43
* inetpro likes the way they had it nicely organised in a online document18:44
Kilosyeah looks good18:45
Kilosmany months ago i had tinycore sharing 3g here, now with all the ssh and drives repairs ive forgotten how18:48
Kilosso i go sleep now18:48
Kilossleep tight all18:48
Kilosnight goosie18:49
inetproen nou?18:49
Kiloshahaha xchat was closed already and i get a popup window ai!18:50
Kiloshad to share that18:50
inetprothat was to quick18:50
Kiloslekker slaaap\18:50
inetproskuus dat ek nie onmiddelik reageeer nie18:50
inetprowas besig om te lees18:50
Kilosnp man18:51
inetproanyway, lekker slaap oom18:51
Kilosals goed18:51
smileinetpro: knuffel :)18:51
smile(drukkie :p )18:52
inetprosmile: goeienaand18:52
smilegoeienaand :)18:52
inetprojy was skaars hierdie week?18:52
smileja :(18:52
inetprowat's fout?18:52
smileek het gewerk vir my gip projek :)18:52
smilegeintegreerde proef18:52
smileek het 'n chat client voorgestel :)18:53
inetproklink interessant18:53
smileen daar moest nog 'n cursus gemaak word :)18:53
smile(hoe dit na te maak)18:53
inetprosmile: waarvoor is dit?18:55
inetproby die skool?18:55
inetproof wikipedia?18:56
smilevir die skool :p18:56
smilenow I only need to create a website for the chat client :)18:59
smileand after that publish the client (maybe server too) online :p19:00
smileand then I'll get good points19:00
inetprosounds like you deserve some good points19:01
inetprosmile: so what chat cient would this be?19:01
smilelol :P19:01
inetproor mobile?19:02
smileno no :p19:02
smileproprietairy :)19:02
smilewith commands like LIST, SEND19:02
inetprojust proove of concept?19:02
smilenot for daily use actually :p19:03
inetproor for real life usage19:03
inetprosmile: so did they prescribe what technology to use?19:03
smileyeah :p19:05
smilewe had to use VB.Net19:05
smileso no, it doesn't run on Linux19:05
smileMaybe on Wine :DD19:07
smileI tried to compile wine, and it succeeded19:07
smilebut somehow my old wine version isn't gone :(19:07
inetproso I guess your teachers don't know about Linux yet?19:11
smileinetpro: they do :p19:19
smilebut you need Windows to follow the course19:20
inetprothat's sad19:20
Vince-0back! 19:21
Vince-0thanks for the compliments - the LUG here needs some activity so with G+ its easier19:21
inetproVince-0: G+ really makes life easier these days19:24
inetprosadly there are still a lot of people not yet on G+19:24
Vince-0yeah, requires some bandwidth19:24
smilebyee :)19:31
smileinetpro: indeed it is :p19:32
inetproVince-0: not only that19:32
inetprosome people are still very sceptical of Google19:33
inetprowith reason19:33
Vince-0as opposed to facebook? with privacy?19:33
inetproyou can't always trust these big corporates19:33
inetprooh don't even go there19:33
smilegood night! :)19:33
inetprogoeie nag smile19:33
Vince-0meh, I have nothing to hide - their free services are worth my privacy19:33
smiledankie, inetpro :)19:34
inetprono honestly, a lot of businesses are even blocking all mail coming from google19:34
inetprowell maybe not a lot, but some19:34
inetproit's a reality that we still need to recognize19:37
inetproand then there are the many multiples of people who believe that facebook is the internet19:37
Vince-0i deleted my account 19:39
Vince-0can't log in - so thats a good sign19:39
inetprostill amazes me how computer illiterate people can suddenly use a computer 19:39
inetprothing is, you will never get these people to join on G+19:40
inetprobut it doesn't really bother me19:40
inetproI use both, but I have scaled down on using facebook 19:42
inetprobasically just have my g+ set to go to twitter and then to fb19:42
inetproI don''t know why but I still think that the g+ communities are not yet fully utilised19:51
Vince-0they're not19:53
Vince-0I have difficulty using more than one account, like my personal one and the one for the LUG19:53
Vince-0although the LUG "page" has the ability for me to be a moderator19:53
inetproI like theb way they did it19:54
inetprothe way*19:54
Vince-0I can switch to the LUG community page as a moderator but the scheduled hangout isn't live so I had to recreate the hangout as myself19:54
inetproI guess I shall also have to play with that at some point19:55
* inetpro was amazed with the amount of people who joined the ubuntu-za community last night19:56
inetproVince-0: I think you even joined while you were still in the hangout19:57
Vince-0that was the other guy19:57
inetproso I do think it's a very effective tool for communication without being in your face19:58
inetproVince-0: the other guy?19:58
Vince-0u can switch off video/voice19:58
Vince-0the other participant dropped off and rejoined with two windows19:59
inetproVince-0: no what I'm saying is that I think you where still in your hangout meeting when I created the G+ ubuntu-za community19:59
inetproand then you joined almost immediately20:00
Vince-0oh yeah20:00
inetproyou couldn't see that it was me who created it because I used the ubuntu-za profile20:00
Vince-0ubuntu-za@gmail.com its own log in account or as a moderator for the account?20:01
inetprono, just moderator 20:02
inetproI actually didn't create that email account20:02
mazalSleep well everyone20:02
inetproat least I don't think so20:03
inetproMaaz: tell Kilos I had 48mm of rain today20:10
Maazinetpro: Sure, I'll tell Kilos on freenode20:10
inetproTonberry: wb20:14

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