jribirv: i clicked your link and maybe I am reading to fast, but where does it say anything about demos getting written to /?00:01
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irvsorry i may have posted the wrong link00:02
irvya, whoops. the other one was the wrong thread :P sorry ahah00:02
jribirv: up to you; I wouldn't trust such a thing00:04
irvjrib: well i mean the only thing i would expect it to write to the / is that demo.. and if it did write anything elsewhere, it's just a blank VM with that server installed00:06
irvand i just tried and it does work when i launch as root :s00:06
irvstupid thing00:06
calaveraHas anybody else had problems with dualbooting with 7 across two drives in a UEFI system?00:06
jribirv: it's probably a trick so you run it as root and it exploits you (/sarcasm) :P00:06
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irvahah, gabe wouldn't do that... would he? D:00:07
irvi guess i can just run it as root as that's probably easier than undoing sudo chmod o+w /00:07
usr13calavera: Please elaborate.00:07
calaveraWell... I can either fix either the MBR or GRUB, however, GRUB seems to be incapable of booting into 7. It gives me an invalid filepath error.00:08
calaveraI fixed MBR, and now I've been stuck using Windows for the past week or so.00:08
usr13calavera: So how did you fix the MBR?  (What did you do?)00:09
calaveraI ran fixmbr on the repair disk.00:09
usr13calavera: So you wiped out grub? Ok.  First off, your assumption that grub is incapable of booting Win7 is wrong.  So....00:10
usr13!grub | calavera00:10
ubottucalavera: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)00:10
calaveraI'm not using linux at the moment.00:11
blkadderGrab a pitchfork!00:11
calaverabikadder: gnu/ Linux00:12
usr13calavera: Yea, that is obvious.00:12
calaveraSo short of wiping both drives and installing 7 in a VM, what can be done about this?00:12
usr13calavera: (If you think you can get Win7's boot loader to boot Linux, well, suffice to say, it's not gonna happen).00:12
calaveraI wasn't implying that.00:13
usr13calavera: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub00:13
calaveraUnless I use EasyBCD. That failed me.00:13
usr13calavera: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub00:13
calaveraI can restore GRUB and the MBR all day long, that doesn't fix my issue.00:13
blkadderusr13: Looks like this person did...http://www.linuxbsdos.com/2012/05/17/how-to-dual-boot-ubuntu-12-04-and-windows-7/00:13
usr13calavera: Ok, let's start over.  What is the issue?00:14
usr13blkadder: Do you understand the situation?00:14
calaveraI want GRUB to be able to boot 7. When I select that option, it gives me an invalid filepath error.00:14
lauratikaquick question, good alternative to chrome and firefox?00:14
calaveralauratika: Iceweasel00:15
blkadderusr13: Sorry, I took your comment as a general statement, not specific to the persons issues...00:15
lauratikais that base on webkit engine00:15
icerootlauratika: iceweasel is firefox with another name00:16
usr13blkadder: He said he did fixmbr, I suppose we will just have to take him at his word, (unless he tells us otherwise).00:16
calaveraSo any ideas?00:17
lauratikaoh!... some other alternative?00:17
calaveraTry opera00:17
icerootlauratika: for what reason you need another browser?00:17
usr13calavera: Did you re-install MS Windows?  (As blkadder suggests?)00:17
usr13calavera: Or did you just do fixmbr?00:18
lauratikatrying something new...00:18
calaveraI reinstalled it altogether.00:18
calaveraAfter fixmbr failed.00:18
icerootlauratika: then have a look at the software center which browser are there, also have a look at google if you just want a list of alternative browsers00:18
Tex_Nicklauratika : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_web_browsers00:19
iceroot!browser | lauratika00:19
ubottulauratika: Some of the Web Browsers in Ubuntu's repositories include: Firefox (XUL, Gecko), Rekonq (KDE, WebKit), Konqueror (KDE, KHTML/WebKit), Chromium (GTK+, WebKit), Epiphany(GTK+, WebKit), Arora (Qt/KDE, WebKit), Midori (GTK+, WebKit), w3m (terminal-based), links2 (terminal-based or graphical, see !manpage), edbrowse (terminal-based). Along with many others.00:19
ZattackI need some help my hard drive was wipped during an aborted Ubuntu install is there a way to get my files back?00:19
calaveraWhat do you mean by "wiped"00:19
calaveraDo you mean it was a corrupted install, was it corrupted during in update/ regular use, what?00:20
Zattacknone of my windows files are there anymore00:20
calaveraZattack: Try making a liveusb, and hope for the best.00:20
Zattacki accidentally started an install over win xp and none of the user files were there anymore00:21
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usr13calavera: Oh, I see.  Sorry.  I missunderstood.  Well, I guess it's back to square one.  Just re-install ubuntu.  But maybe this time, you might try resizing the Win7 partition with the on-board tools.  I think it's something like Control Panel -> System and Security -> Administrative Tools ->  Computer Management -> Disk Management00:21
Zattacki stopped it quick but it had startted to add ubuntu files to thr drives root00:22
usr13calavera: I'm not sure where you went wrong, but could be that your non-destructive partitioning was not so non-destructive?00:22
calaverausr13:  I could reinstall *buntu, but I'm using two hard drives in my laptop. W7 is on my primary, and *buntu is on my secondary.00:23
calaveraThey're not partitions.00:23
tekkbuzzZattack: was it your Z drive?00:23
usr13calavera: Well, again, I don't know where you went wrong.  Doing it on a second drive should be a pretty safe proceedure.  I suppose the second time around you may see the error of your way(s)...?00:24
lauratikanoooooooooo i want to know what the comunity is using as an alternative...00:24
calaveraI'll just reinstall, and hope for the best. Also, for some reason, GNU/Linux is messing with my VRAM/ UEFI on the motherboard. I have to open up my laptop and short out two pins to even be able to select from where to boot from. I then later have to reflash the UEFI.00:26
usr13calavera: Lots of people install Linux everyday and set up dual boot systems, some on single drives, some on separate drives, it's a relatively straight-forward process.  There are ways to mess it up, but if you just watch what you're doing, you should do ok.00:26
blkadderWhat sort of laptop?00:26
usr13calavera: I don't know about UEFI, would have to do a bit of research on that.  Maybe someone else can give you some advise about it?00:27
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calaveraIt is an AH532 Lifebook.00:28
Tex_Nicklauratika : google returns for ubuntu alternative browsers ... http://www.starryhope.com/10-alternative-browsers-for-ubuntu-linux/00:28
calaveraIt's a known issue, and the steps to fix it are more than I'm willing to do.00:28
usr13calavera: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFIBooting00:28
dr_willisif its a known issue.. hopefully it will get fixed in the next release00:28
usr13calavera: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI00:28
calaveraI'll give that a look. I'm going to smoke a cigarette, I thank you for your help.00:28
kderrAnyone have experience using this sort of thing on ubuntu running in ec2? http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~cloud-init-dev/cloud-init/trunk/view/head:/doc/examples/cloud-config-chef-oneiric.txt Cloud config doesn't seem to be picking up the "chef" stuff, and I'm wondering if I need to install something?00:28
usr13calavera: Use that last one....00:29
blkadderkderr: Using chef with ec2?00:29
kderrblkadder: Yeah00:29
kderrblkadder: It seems to just completely skip anything I write in the "chef" section. I'm guessing I need to make sure my AMI has a particular package?00:30
blkadderkderr: My knowledge of chef is somewhat limited but in my experience using it I'd knife the box first to do all the prep work (bootstrap)00:31
kderrblkadder: Yeah, I'm trying to find an alternative to that.00:32
blkadderYou also need a chef server. Are you using hosted chef from Opscode?00:32
kderrblkadder: My chef server is another ec2 instance.00:33
blkadderkderr: Gotcha.00:33
kderrblkadder: knife bootstrap requires you to have ssh access to the box from where you're running knife, which isn't always possible for me.00:33
kderrblkadder: Having cloud-init take care of bootstrapping chef for me would be pretty cool. I found that example sitting there, but I can't figure out how to make it work.00:33
blkadderkderr: I see. Haven't used it...00:34
blkadderJust knife.00:34
blkadderkderr: Have you turned up debugging/looked at the logs?00:34
kderrblkadder: Of cloud-init?00:35
kderrblkadder: How do I do that.00:35
blkadderkderr: No idea as I haven't used the software in question...00:35
blkadderkderr: But that's where I'd start...00:36
z30n1chi all.00:39
iLogicali am getting this error when trying to install minitube from the ubuntu software center Software can't be installed or removed because the authentication service is not available. (org.freedesktop.PolicyKit.Error.Failed: ('system-bus-name', {'name':  ':1.80'}): org.debian.apt.install-or-remove-packages00:39
z30n1cis anyone bored that could give me a really quick lesson about linux flavors etc.00:40
sylphiewhy not?00:40
sylphiewhat do you need to know?00:41
Mathrys83i just installed lilo and lost my other os's in my boot list. lilo doesnt want to find them00:41
z30n1cwhats the main difference between linux distros?00:41
iLogicalwhy is qantal software download so much slower?00:42
sylphiez30n1c \ that difference would basically be what software comes with it, how they install, how you get packages00:42
tionthe updater is trying to install nvidia-current but my card is unsupported should i skip that update?00:43
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Mathrys83is there a better bootloader out then lilo?00:44
sylphiez30n1c \ for example, ubuntu tries to atuomate the installs so that users can be dummies00:44
sylphiez30n1c \ likewise, it automates the process of getting packages00:44
Tex_Nickz30n1c : your question peers into murky waters ... you might have a look at ... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_Linux_distributions ... to beter define your question :-)00:45
z30n1cthe problem i always have is understanding the core basics.00:45
magmahi, in my huge network there are 2 machines which have the same ip. I know one of them, is it possible to find the hostname of the other machine?00:45
magmaor other thing that can be used to identify it ?00:46
sylphiez30n1c \ if you want a linux that gives you a reason to learn the linux essdentials, on the other end of the sclae is slackware linux00:46
blkaddermagma: Man arp.00:46
z30n1cPlease dont get me wrong. I have googled my a**e off tring to find answers to my questions.00:46
usr13z30n1c: Main difference is package management.00:46
x__Why isn't the 'Full Disk Encryption' option available when I want to install 12.10 alongside with Windows?00:46
blkadderx__ Seriously?00:47
dr_willisbecause it cant fully encrypt the windows partions on the disk... would be my gyess00:47
blkadderSee what dr_willis said...00:47
sylphiez30n1c \ in-between is debian linux (which ununtu is based on) and centos00:47
x__i have two disks, would like to keep win7 on one, and install ubuntu with FDE on the other, how do i do this from the 12.10 installer?00:48
z30n1cyou mention file extensions,00:48
z30n1cthey lose me in linux.00:48
z30n1crpm, or deb etcc00:48
usr13z30n1c: file extensions are a non-issue on Linux systems.00:48
blkadderx__: Choose the second disk as the installation target.00:48
sylphiez30n1c \ file extensions don't necessarily mean anything in linux. The OS doesn't enforce them00:48
z30n1cbut they are there right? for help rather than nedd?00:49
sylphiez30n1c \ rpm is the way redhat (and centos) packages are distributed00:49
x__blkadder, it only allows you to choose disks AFTER you select 'alongside windows' or 'full disk with encryption / erase windows'00:49
usr13z30n1c: Yes, they are there.  rpm is Redhat Package Management  They do mean something, but just to the user.00:49
sylphiez30n1c \ it's not just a different file extension, it's a different format00:50
blkadderx__: So choose alongside windows and then select the second disk.00:50
z30n1cif i try to install the wrong rpm or deb etc on any linux system im using sometimes it works sometimes it doesnt,00:50
sylphiez30n1c \ while dev file are how debian packages are distributed00:50
z30n1cif i download the source and build it, tends to work every time.00:50
x__blkadder, that's what i did, and it never encrypted the second disk00:50
jribz30n1c: and then you're left to maintain it00:51
sylphiez30n1c \ that's because debs and rpms are pre-built, but they are pre-built for certain distros00:51
magmablkadder: ok, there is a lot of subnets, so I cannot find it through arp00:51
usr13z30n1c: There is a lot to learn, that is true.  But the good news is, the learning curve is very steep.00:51
jonascjHi, I'll give the question another try: Anyone using dmenu and able to specify fonts?00:52
z30n1cokay so deb / rpm etc are just easy to install against ./make etc ?00:52
blkadderx__: I wasn't aware that you needed encryption.00:52
x__here's a screenshot of what i'm talking about http://i1-news.softpedia-static.com/images/news-700/Ubuntu-12-10-Adds-Encrypted-Installation.png00:52
sylphiez30n1c \ though the danger of ubuntus highly automated installs and packaging is the number of times things go wrong00:52
usr13z30n1c: Yes, (as opposed to compiling from source).00:53
x__it only let's you do full disk encryption IF you wipe the other OS00:53
blkadderSelect the full disk encryption then choose the second disk would be my guess...00:53
jribjonascj: how are you trying?00:53
z30n1cand from compliing from source, thats when i gzip / unrar and ./make etc?00:53
blkadderx__: But since you are doing it on the other disk it shouldn't make any difference...00:54
jonascjjrib: dmenu_path | dmenu -fn 'Monospace-9:normal'00:54
warzhi all. i just installed ubuntu 12.10 server, and then installed kubuntu-desktop using aptitude. it wont boot into it due to gfx card issues, so i need to boot into console-only from grub. what do i need to add to the grub command editor during boot to avoid going into kde?00:54
blkaddermagma: What type of host?00:54
sylphiez30n1c \ when you make packages from source, you are doing what the dsitributers of debsd and rpms are trying to do00:54
warzi dont see the line that i usually look for, where i would add "text"00:54
jribjonascj: try something from the output of xlsfonts00:55
x__hmmm, i shall attempt your cunning plan!00:55
blkadderThanks Baldrick!00:55
jribjonascj: maybe this interests you: http://tools.suckless.org/dmenu/patches/xft00:56
Mathrys83with syslinux already installed can i just unistall lilo and be ok? (its never that simple i know)00:56
z30n1cokay that makes sense.00:56
usr13z30n1c: compiling from source has several steps,  tar xvf, configure, make, make install00:56
sylphiez30n1c \ the different distros also setup you system into a different working config00:56
delachow to route packets to DEST_IP/PORT from ad-hoc device (eth1) to a tunnel (listening LOCALHOST/PORT)?00:56
jonascjjrib: fonts from the xlsfonts works and i've been at that patch for 30minutes. "patch p1 < patch_name.diff" fails.00:57
z30n1cjust for fun:  i knew when i was a newbie when i got really excited about learning "screen"00:57
jribjonascj: well where are you running that?00:57
usr13z30n1c: Different distros have different startup processes, (processes which run all the various startup scripts which set the system in motion).00:57
lee8oiscreen is great. I'm still excited about it :P00:57
jriblee8oi: try tmux00:58
jonascjjrib: sorry, running what?00:58
sylphiez30n1c \ ubuntu (and debian) by default set things up to start the system into X windows00:58
lee8oijrib, noted, thanks00:58
usr13z30n1c: Debian and Ubuntu (and some others), use "upstart"00:58
jribjonascj: the patch command you just pasted in this channel00:58
lee8oijrib, you can run this remotely and close out your connection without losing anything?00:59
jriblee8oi: yes00:59
lee8oijrib, interesting.00:59
sylphiez30n1c \ while on the opposite end, slackware starts your system into a command console, and you start X windows with the command "startx"00:59
jriblee8oi: it's very similar to screen, just written by someone else.  It's actually what's used by default on bsd00:59
z30n1cstarted a year or two back with a version of ubuntu but command line only. didnt know for a good month or two that startx chucked be into a gui00:59
lee8oijrib, the colors alone make it very attractive00:59
lee8oiis it in the Ubuntu repos?01:00
usr13z30n1c: Ubuntu and Debain have [arguably] the most sophisticated / advanced package management system and the most extensive repositories.01:00
jriblee8oi: yes01:00
lee8oijrib, sorry dumb question...lol01:00
jriblee8oi: note the colors you could do in screen too :)01:00
z30n1csurely if the repo isnt already in you can add it in and use it though01:01
sylphiez30n1c \ there is one good side to manually starting X, which is that x windows video driver problems don't cripple your whole computer01:01
lee8oijrib, but not by default, I have too many things to keep track of to learn all the ins and outs of every tool I use :)01:01
jriblee8oi: *nod*01:01
MichaelPubuntu 12.10 do we install video driver by hand now ?01:01
jonascjjrib: yes I download http://tools.suckless.org/dmenu/patches/dmenu-4.5-xft.diff and http://dl.suckless.org/tools/dmenu-4.5.tar.gz and run "patch p1 < dmenu-4.5-xft.diff" (after untaring and copying the patch into the dir)01:01
komputesMichaelP: In Software Sources01:01
lee8oijrib, defaults are my best friend. I've forced myself to grow accustomed to them :)01:01
usr13z30n1c: I manually start the Desktop Environment on my laptop.01:02
ubuntuaddictedi tried to uninstall mythweb and apache2 and now when I reinstall it, apache2 won't even start. I get this error: apache2: Syntax error on line 205 of /etc/apache2/apache2.conf: Syntax error on line 1 of /etc/apache2/mods-enabled/php5.load01:02
komputesMichaelP: last tab should be Additional Drivers01:02
z30n1cgetting the x org to work for me took me the best part of a month to crack.01:02
sylphiez30n1c \ at least you've cracked it now01:03
usr13z30n1c: xorg.conf is not necessary, (not on today's systems).01:03
jribjonascj: yes, and?  That works01:03
usr13z30n1c: Things are easier now...01:03
MichaelPkomputes, ok thanks01:03
z30n1cgoogle only helps so far, nothing better than speaking to someone that understands how everything works to get your head round it.01:03
blkadderubuntuaddicted: Did you reinstall php too?01:03
lee8oijrib, whats the shortcut to background the terminal, usually in screen is ctrl+a,ctrl+d01:03
ubuntuaddictedblkadder, it appears to be already installed01:03
usr13z30n1c: distrowatch.com is a good place to check out the various distros.01:04
komputesMichaelP: welcome01:04
ubuntuaddictedphp5 is already the newest version. it must be some config file messed up01:04
sylphiez30n1c \ in theory xorg.conf isn't necessary, when everything works right. xorg.conf is the quickest way to deal with video problems though01:04
jriblee8oi: ctrl-b is the default escape character for tmux I think.  Try ctrl-b ?01:04
z30n1ceven now xorg on one of my old laptops still myths me.01:04
blkadderubuntuaddicted: Pastebin the second config file mentioned in the error.01:04
somsiplee8oi: ctrl-b d01:04
lee8oijrib, nothing. I'll poke around in the docs01:04
lee8oiahh hold on01:05
MichaelPAdditional Drivers was not even installed01:05
usr13z30n1c: But you'll find that Ubuntu is the most readily supported, (in terms of finding info particular to Ubuntu and finding help with the various issues  you might run into).01:05
ubuntuaddictedblkadder, ok, one second01:05
lee8oisomsip, nope01:05
jriblee8oi: ctrl-b ?    /should/ bring up a list of bindings01:05
z30n1csylphie, the cli works fine but as soon as i hit startx the gui loads 4 x's bigger that the monitor01:05
lee8oisomsip, actuall yea, yer right01:05
lee8oijrib, ctrl-b by itself does nothing01:05
blkadderubuntuaddicted: And dpkg --get-selections | grep php01:05
jriblee8oi: you forgot the "?" :)01:05
jonascjjrib: every hunk fails for me. Am I at the wrong directory level maybe?01:06
lee8oijrib, but ctrl+b, d works01:06
sylphiez30n1c \ that's probably an xorg.conf setting you could fiddle with01:06
jribjonascj: I don't know what directory you are in :)01:06
jribjonascj: you should have a config.mk in the same directory01:06
ubuntuaddictedblkadder, oh, i can't. I reached my max pastebin posts for 24 hour. lol01:07
z30n1cim sure it is, no doubt the same issues i had with ubuntu 10.04 on a diff box. just not got round to having that battle.01:07
jriblee8oi: in retrospect saying "ctrl-b ?" may have been clearer :)01:07
BroUnicornSo hey, I can't delete the linux swap partition off my macbook01:07
usr13z30n1c: There are apps like  xorgsetup  and nvidia-xconfig  that will write a xorg.conf file for you,  should you need one.01:07
jribubuntuaddicted: paste.ubuntu.com01:07
blkadderubuntuaddicted: Private msg it to me.01:07
magmawhat's the command to do a trace on a website?01:07
jonascjjrib: how stupid am I, of course you do not know :/ i am in the directory containing the .diff file and the untared file (it contains a config.mk also)01:07
z30n1cnever used anything like that.01:07
usr13magma: traceroute01:07
sylphiez30n1c \ another difference between distros is what window-manager they're pushing01:07
z30n1capt-get grab it?01:07
lee8oijrib, tmux is nice. I think I'm sold :)01:08
usr13z30n1c: grab what?01:08
jribjonascj: should work, I just tried it here.  Pastebin all the lines you see in your terminal I guess01:08
ubuntuaddictedblkadder, here01:08
ubuntuaddictedblkadder, here's the dpkg http://pastebin.com/rj5UXS7n01:08
jriblee8oi: yes, and it's actively developed01:08
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lee8oijrib, bonus01:08
sylphiesome push kde, others gnome, ubuntu pusges unity01:08
z30n1cthe nvida auto setup script etc?01:08
usr13z30n1c: It comes with the Nvidia driver01:08
jribjonascj: need to leave for a bit.  I'll be back in ~10 but others can probably help once you pastebin01:09
ubuntuaddictedblkadder, i messaged you privatly01:09
ubuntuaddictedjrib, thanks, does that somehow work from ssh?01:09
magmausr13: why it is not installed by default?01:09
jonascjjrib: np - this is the paste: http://paste.ubuntu.com/154319201:10
jribubuntuaddicted: pastebinit has some pastebin options I believe01:10
jrib!pastebinit | ubuntuaddicted01:10
ubottuubuntuaddicted: pastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com01:10
jribjonascj: start over from before you untarred and pastebin again01:11
BroUnicornDoes anyone know why I'm unable to delete the linux swap partition from my mac using disk utility?01:11
jribjonascj: never mind.  You used "p1" instead of "-p1"01:12
sylphieBroUnicorn \ what's the error message say?01:12
ubuntuaddictedjrib, i know that, BUT my max paste limit is reached for 24 hours so I was wondering if pastebinit worked for ubuntu.pastebin01:12
usr13magma: The Nvidia driver?  Why is it not installed by default?  Because of the opensource driver, (that works quite well), and because Nvidia's driver belong to Nvidia, (not Ubuntu).01:12
z30n1cBroUnicorn, you tried booting from a live distro cd?01:12
BroUnicornz30n1c: You mean an ubuntu cd?01:12
magmausr13: the traceroute command01:12
jribubuntuaddicted: sure, see its man page01:12
usr13magma: Oh, I dono01:12
BroUnicornz30n1c: I haven't tried using the ubuntu disks app, no01:13
sylphieBroUnicorn \ what's the error message say?01:13
AceFacehello all01:13
jonascjjrib: om*g thank you. That dash have been missing the whole 30 minutes I've been at this01:13
BroUnicornsylphie: There isn't one. It just won't delete from the disk utility app on Mac. BTW: I will be done pestering this chat with questions soon. I had to delete ubuntu from my mac so I could install the free Windows 8 OS my University gave me, then I'm going to reinstall ubuntu and be done with all of this mess.01:14
sylphieBroUnicorn \ if you reinstall win 8, maybe you can reinstall it so that it doesn't use up all the disk space in the first place, so there will be so free space without resizing01:15
jribjonascj: it happens :)01:16
sylphieBroUnicorn \ just a guess but maybe mac disk utils won't delete it because it's not a partition OS X knows anything about?01:17
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ccrnphey I am new to IRC what command shall i have to use to send msg like <nicknam>: <message>01:18
ccrnpanyone ?01:18
Cyber_AkumaIs the manufacturer of my soundcard or motherboard dosen't have linux drivers for download, what would be my best bet for them in ubuntu?01:19
Cyber_Akumaif any01:19
Tex_Nickccrnp : /me message ?01:19
sylphieCyber_Akuma \ if it's a popular kind of sound card, there might linux alsa drivers anyways01:19
Piciccrnp: just start typing the name and press tab01:20
Cyber_AkumaThe soundcard came out a few months ago, even the WINDOWS drivers were cd-only until they released an updated version for download like 2-3 weeks ago01:20
Cyber_AkumaSound Blazter Z01:20
ccrnpPici, like this01:20
zero_trackccrnp: none cmd?!01:20
ccrnpyup got it01:20
ccrnpPici, thanks01:20
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sylphieCyber_Akuma \ if it's thatr new, probably no linux drivers written yet. Cearive labs the mfg never did much to write their own linux drivers01:21
* ccrnp test01:21
Cyber_Akumaouch.. and I disabled the on-board sound card01:21
Cyber_AkumaWhat about my motherboard chipset then01:21
Cyber_AkumaI am guessing I am out of luck for the built-in wifi and bluetooth support?01:21
sylphieCyber_Akuma \ well, what kind of onboard sound was it?01:22
sylphieCyber_Akuma \ no, you're inluxk for wifi and bluetooth01:22
Cyber_Akumarealtek, but I disabled it because its primarly a windows machine and I use my soundblaster for sound01:22
sylphiewifi is well supported and so is bluetooth01:22
Cyber_Akumadidn't want anything to use the on-board audio01:22
Cyber_AkumaThough my gpu has an audio card on it too so theres also that issue...01:23
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Tex_Nickccrnp : sorry i misunderstood your question ... but now you see how that works :)01:23
Cyber_Akumabut nvidia has drivers for my video cards, and lsi has drivers for my raid card01:23
sylphieCyber_Akuma \ realtek audio is supported01:23
Cyber_Akumaso those won't be a problem at least01:23
Cyber_AkumaI know, but my sound card is a sound blaster, I disabled the on-board realtek01:23
BroUnicornsylphie: Very possible01:23
froio_hi guys i did a copy and past after i deleted the information after i did another copy, my pc is still on , i can recover the old copy ???01:23
BroUnicornsylphie: I'll try using an ubuntu disk01:23
froio_please help please01:24
sylphieCyber_Akuma \ sound blaster 2? is that pci-e?01:24
Cyber_Akumano, not 201:24
froio_hi guys i did a copy and past after i deleted the information after i did another copy, my pc is still on , i can recover the old copy ???01:24
datakid23Hi, I"m having weird apt-get issues regarding a missing kernel image. It's a kernel from a while ago though - the issue happened as a result of having to move /boot (initial partition too small) coupled with updates that failed due to power failure01:24
datakid23Error message is "Internal Error: Could not find image (/boot/vmlinuz-3.2.0-31-generic)"01:25
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froio_hi guys i did a copy and past after i deleted the information after i did another copy, my pc is still on , i can recover the old copy ???01:25
sylphieCyber_Akuma \ give it a try, it might be supported if it's based on a pre-existing chipset01:25
datakid23anyone know where I might find that boot image online? I've tried apt-get clean/remove/update etc01:25
datakid23I think I just need the image and I'll pop it in place01:26
Cyber_Akumathe core is, dunno abotu the rest of the card01:26
Cyber_Akumawhat about my motherboard then?01:26
MichaelPjust installed ati driver in 12.10... i have no panel or sidebar now01:26
AceFacei have a question. im reading this document: http://goo.gl/Mddr5 , and i am specifically looking at this snippet: http://goo.gl/QK4GF , and i am getting this error: http://goo.gl/U8Bjh , i am trying to set up ejabberd in a cluster and the docs say to "On second run the following command as the ejabberd daemon user, in the working directory of ejabberd" but i dont quite know how to do this. Ive tried "sudo -u ejabberd command" but it produces and err01:26
Cyber_AkumaAlso, if I use a livecd, can I install the drivers (obviosly in ram so it won't be permanent) so I can see if they work first? Or would I need to reboot, thus wiping out the drivers01:26
sylphieCyber_Akuma \ yes, you can run the live cd to see how all your devices detect before installing01:27
Cyber_Akumasylphie: i menat installing drivers that aren't included on the livecd, or possibly not even in the repos01:30
Cyber_Akumaespeially for the motherboard chipset or gpu01:31
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Cyber_AkumaWould I be able to do that on a livecd without any permanent changes?01:31
=== `_` is now known as Tiktalik
sylphieCyber_Akuma \ you can find out how well you're covered driverwise using the livecd01:31
sylphieCyber_Akuma \ your sound might be a question, but the rest of it will probably have drivers.01:32
sylphieCyber_Akuma \ most of the video cards in use have drivers. If you have an nvidia card, you get two drivers to choose from01:34
sylphieCyber_Akuma \ I'd suggest (personally) the opensource "nouveau" driver instead of the proprietary "nvidia" driver01:35
jonascjah tnose XFT fonts are beautiful :D01:37
jambeedrumwhere does the courier mail server keeps its man pages, anyone helping?01:40
sylphiehere's a starting place http://www.courier-mta.org/FAQ.html01:42
jambeedrumok ty01:42
igor_i have a question about pendrive linux.01:42
Tex_Nick!details | igor01:43
ubottuigor: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."01:43
igor_i have never used a pendrive linux.  i have an uncle that is tired of getting virus' from windows so he wants tp try linux  i thought pendrive would be nice.01:43
igor_oik. sorry01:43
igor_what is the drawbacks of using a boota\ble form if linux01:44
sylphieIf you wnt to install linux to an external pendrive, try to make sure it's a mechanical drive and not a ssd. all the writes to a ssd shorten it's life01:45
igor_how would i know the difference?  are common drives mechanical?01:46
escottigor_, all pendrive are ssds01:46
igor_ok. i though so.01:46
sylphieright now, ssd drives are becoming very popular, the older ones were micro-mechanical01:47
igor_so it would be ok to use to just try out linux for maybe a month?01:47
sylphieit would work01:48
igor_yea. he just wants to try it out.01:48
sylphiea second external drive is the safest way to try linux01:49
igor_i was wondering if their was any other drawbacks to it. like ...security, program installs?01:49
blkadderPlease practice safe Linuxing.01:49
sylphieigor_ \ when you boot to the pendrive, all the program install will go to the pendrive01:50
igor_cool. can i use a different username and password withit also? will it save to it?01:51
escottigor_, there is essentially no security benefit to usernames/passwords for installs to removable disks, but yes you can01:52
igor_it will run much slower cause its running from usb?01:53
escottigor_, mixed.01:53
sylphiessds usually run very fast01:53
igor_but in usb 2.0?01:53
sylphieusb 2.0 has a theoretical max spe3ed of 60 mb/sec01:54
escottigor_, usb flash disks are slow to write (think about all the times you sit there while the light flashes before you can eject), but reads are fast01:54
gassedI am a linux novice, anyone here point me in the direction of a tutorial to get VNC working on Ubuntu 12.04LTS01:54
igor_ok thanks01:55
sylphieif you want to spend a little extra money, you can get an external usb hdd enclosure that uses a standard hdd01:55
ubottuVNC is a protocol for remote desktop. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH describes how to use it securely.  It works best over fast connections, otherwise look at !FreeNX01:56
igor_yea.  i was trying to be cheap about it.  he is a pc noob. and i didnt want to go and install it to his pc right away and change all the boot configs and all.01:58
sylphieif it's on a second gdd, there do not need to be any changes to the windows configs01:59
Tex_Nickigor : i've been using usb sata dock for several years now ... you can swap drives out easily ... they work great ... http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList.aspx?Submit=ENE&DEPA=0&Order=BESTMATCH&N=-1&isNodeId=1&Description=usb3+sata+dock&x=0&y=001:59
sylphieand if they don't like linux, they can still use the second drive for backups02:00
Mathrys83hmmm my linux side isnt recognizing any other the other partions02:00
Tex_Nickigor : problem with usb mechanical drives is that ac pi won't spin down the drive :(02:02
igor_cool. thanks for the input.  so linux would run fine from a sata dock? linux for me runs much faster and smoother than windows on my multi boot pc02:02
AceFacecan someone help me interpret some documentation?02:03
vifanqUDev doesn't mount external drives to /media automatically?02:03
igor_ok. so if he liked it, it would be advisable to just install to the main HDD?02:03
escottvifanq, udev never did the mounting. udisks does02:04
escottAceFace, only if you ask02:04
escottMathrys83, and?02:04
vifanqescott: should I install udisks, or udisks2 ?02:04
jgsprattHello.  I have this problem with DHCPD on ubuntu 10.04: http://hastebin.com/caxipaqeru.vhdl02:05
AceFaceim looking at step 2 (aka 4.2.2) here: http://www.ejabberd.im/files/doc/guide.html#htoc28 and i dont know how to "run under ejabberd"02:05
sylphieigor_ \ it's always better to keep windows and linux on different drives02:05
AceFacedoes this mean under the user ejabberd?02:05
akHello.Is there a way to connect to a wifi throught wlan0 and use it same time to create an AP on the same card?Thanks in advance!02:05
jgspratthow can I fix this problem?02:05
jgsprattwhat does it mean that it doesn't have a subnet configured?02:05
escottak, not without specialized hardware support02:05
dr_willisAceFace: run as the ejabberd user. yes02:05
jambeedrumsylphie: are you shure the question is there? can i just type "man courier" ?02:06
jgsprattI clearly configured a subnet: subnet netmask {02:06
Mathrys83i dunno im lost i live updated to 12.04 and now i cant see my other drives and cant get back to windows and what not02:06
jgsprattThat was line 16 of the paste.02:06
escottvifanq, both? just install ubuntu-desktop02:06
akescott , meaning?02:06
AceFacedr_willis: does this mean i use "sudo -u ejabber COMMAND" ?02:06
igor_ok. would 2 internal sata's be the thing to do?02:06
jgsprattSomehow, I need the dhcp server to start working soon so that I can get PXE boot working on this.02:06
sylphiejambeedrum \ at the top of that page was a link the courier mail server wiki which functions like man pages02:06
dr_willisAceFace:  or use su. or omthing like that command02:07
ubuntuaddictedblkadder, are you there?02:07
ubuntuaddictedfor some reason my apache2 isn't starting after I restarted my computer02:07
AceFacedr_willis: i try that, and i get this error: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1543220/02:07
sylphieigor_ \ that would be the best way, if he really liked linux. but it would involve some hardware installation02:08
ubuntuaddictedsomething is already binding to port 80 so apache2 doesn't start. what is nginx?02:08
ubuntuaddictedi don't even recall installing nginx02:09
TheLordOfTimeubuntuaddicted, nginx is a different webserver.02:09
ubuntuaddictedTheLordOfTime, what could have possibly installed it?02:09
TheLordOfTimeubuntuaddicted, sudo apt-get remove nginx nginx-light nginx-full02:09
escottak, if they were on the same channel there shouldn't be anything that would actually prevent what you are proposing, but to jump different channels would be a problem02:09
TheLordOfTimeubuntuaddicted, no idea02:09
ubuntuaddictedTheLordOfTime, that's just strange, now packages are just installing by themselves. lol02:10
dr_willisi imagine you installed it..02:10
dr_willisand dident notice02:10
escottak, you really want some kind of hardware that can tune and transmit on two different channels at the same time02:11
jgsprattdoes dhcpd actually work on ubuntu?02:11
ubuntuaddicteddr_willis, unless it came with something else. maybe mythweb?02:11
ubuntuaddictedor when I installed php5?02:11
TheLordOfTimeubuntuaddicted, php5 doesn't depend on nginx02:11
dr_willisubuntuaddicted:  no idea. i dont use mythtv any more02:11
TheLordOfTimeubuntuaddicted, afaik nothing really depends on nginx.  except some customized ISOs.02:11
igor_it would require a grub loader then?02:12
TheLordOfTimequestion" does Kubuntu get the LTS title?02:12
sylphieigor_ \ the grub loader would go on the second drive02:12
TheLordOfTimemy understanding was that was only Ubuntyu02:12
TheLordOfTimeUbuntu *02:12
ubuntuaddicteddr_willis, TheLordOfTime well, sudo apt-get remove nginx worked and now apache2 can start.02:12
ubuntuaddictedthat was just weird02:13
akWhat i was trying so long to do  was to connect to an open wifi on channel 11(succeded) , create an AP on the same channel (succeded) and connect throught my laptop to servers AP(failed).I ll keep trying then.Thanks for your time :D02:13
sylphieak \ maybe ios you had a second wifi02:13
sylphieak \ maybe if you had a second wifi  ...02:14
igor_so the windows drive stays virgin?02:14
vifanqWhy ssh X11 forwarding might fail after a while? I ssh to ubuntu box from OSX. Running x11 app on ubuntu correctly forwards to OSX. But after like 1 hour, it reports "cannot open dispaly" error02:14
sylphieigor_ \ yes02:14
igor_grub loader goes on the linux drive by default?02:14
sylphieigor_ \ yes, if you config it that way02:15
akunfortunatelly sylphie thats not an option for now,but yeah i guess it would be easyer that way02:15
igor_ok. so it requires some config?02:15
dr_willisigor_:sometimes the unstaller may default to the wrong hd. so always double check it02:15
jgspratthow can I fix dhcpd?02:15
sylphieigor_ \ what you would do is select the boot drive in the computer's system bios02:16
dr_willisi put grub on my ubuntu hd.02:16
igor_ok. so linux drive first with grub loader on it, the grub loader would giver the option of 2 OS's?02:17
sylphiegyre007 has a lot of peer problems, two nights running02:17
sylphieigor_ \ that is one way to do it02:18
igor_ok.  i run linux and 2 windows OS's off one drive what is bad about it?02:18
sylphieigor_ \ windows doesn't like to share02:19
escottigor_, nothing is wrong with that02:20
igor_yea. i had to re-install grub after i put W7 on it.02:20
sylphieigor_ \ and sometimes any linux makes mistakes that can effect everything on the drive02:20
jgsprattDoes anyone have a workign dhcpd server on ubuntu?02:20
igor_ is it common?02:20
Mathrys83sylphie neither does ubuntu apparently i live upgraded to 12.04 and lost my other partitions some how, i can occasionly see my other windows drive, but have lost the ability to boot into windows or linuxmint02:20
jgsprattDoes anyone have a working DHCPD on any version of Linux at all ever?02:21
sylphieigor_ \ see, that's why two drive are better than sharing02:21
igor_i would like second drive myself. i was thinking of a ssd for speed.  but know i hear bad things about them..02:22
blkadderYes all that speed can be dangerous...02:23
Mathrys83when i do sudo apt-get install grub it wants to remove this "grub-gfxpayload-lists grub-pc grub2-common" is this ok02:23
TheLordOfTimeMathrys83, sudo apt-get install grub202:23
TheLordOfTimenot grub02:24
blkadderigor_: Seriously most ssds are fine. I have a couple and they work great.02:24
TheLordOfTimegrub is legacy grub, you want to use grub202:24
jgsprattHow can I tell what config file my dhcpd is trying to use>?02:24
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Mathrys83well no removal request that time02:24
igor_they are expensive.  what size would be good for linux install?02:24
Tex_Nickigor : i've probably missed some of your issues, as i understand it though you would like to provide safe easy dual system ... one method i use is ... with 2 drives ... install windows on one drive ... then ubuntu on another drive ... make sure grub goes on 2nd drive ... that way either drive will boot by itself if other drive is removed  ... because ubuntu doesn't overwrite mbr on windoze drive02:25
blkadderigor_: True but prices have dropped pretty dramatically.02:25
limpchi. how do i install php 5.4.10 on ubuntu? the current version included in the ubuntu repos is 5.4.6 and has serious bugs02:25
Mathrys83how do i load grub2, grub2 says its missing grib02:26
sylphielimpc \ go to the php site, d/l your chosen source code, then build it02:26
igor_if i have ubuntu drive boot first with grub loader will it give me the option in grub loader to bott either OS?02:26
limpcive tried compiling php 5.4.10 manually but it keeps failing on not finding libXpm.so, but I do have it and point to it.02:26
TheLordOfTimelimpc, sudo apt-get build-dep php5 first02:27
TheLordOfTimelimpc, first do `sudo apt-get build-dep php5`02:27
TheLordOfTimelimpc, you need the build dependencies for php5, afaik they're the same between 5.3.x and 5.4.x02:27
limpcTheLordOfTime: thanks02:27
TheLordOfTimedon't include the ` characters thouhg when you run that02:27
limpcis there a site with these instructions?02:27
subcoolHey- question. - I just gparted and created a new partition- but for some reason - when it mounts, it mounts as ROOT. I have chown user /folder - and now its allows user/root -???02:27
sylphielimpc \ the first thing you'd you is "sh configure"02:27
Tex_Nickigor : yes02:28
limpcsylphie: um im not THAT much of a noob.  thats where im running into the libXpm.so issue02:28
sylphieok :)02:28
ncmdoes anyone know how to set up a sub domain in apache2?02:28
limpcthough, thanks to ubuntu repos, its been a long time since ive had to manually compile anything :P02:29
sylphielimpc \ it's probably just not finding it *where* it's expecting it02:29
TheLordOfTimelimpc, as i said, install the build deps, those errors should mostly disappear02:29
igor_thanks everybody.02:29
limpcsylphie: i'm pointing it to the location its at02:30
limpcTheLordOfTime: nope still same issue :/02:30
TheLordOfTimelimpc, which ubuntu are you on?02:30
=== justinj is now known as jcj
blkadderlimpc: Hpw are you pointing it?02:31
blkaddererr how02:31
Tex_Nickigor : if you remove the ubuntu drive ... the windoze drive will still have it's mbr intact and boot ... if you remove the windoze drive ... ubuntu ( grub ) will still show the windoze boot option ... but it won't boot into because the win drive is no longer there02:31
limpcTheLordOfTime: im using mint actually which is basically a lighter version of xubuntu02:32
limpcblkadder: http://pastebin.com/WYEXNbpL02:32
sylphieI think gyre is part of some bot net02:32
TheLordOfTime!mint | limpc02:32
ubottulimpc: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org02:32
TheLordOfTimelimpc, mint's not somehting we support, even a tiny bit, in this channel.02:32
TheLordOfTimelimpc, so... yeah can't help you any further.02:32
TheLordOfTime(mint does... things... to the repositories when they base their stuff on ubuntu, so it makes it hard for us to help you fix things)02:32
alles-wird-guthi, file -i tells me the file is charset=binary. I want to convert it to utf-802:32
igor_ok. gotcha.02:33
alles-wird-gutbut recode and iconv does't support it...02:33
limpcTheLordOfTime: what kind of things? I moved from ubuntu to mint because it still uses ubuntu repos (not separate repos), same kernel, same structure, same everything, just has a lighter XFCE and uses less memory than xubuntu02:34
escottalles-wird-gut, what is a binary charset?02:34
blkadderlimpc: ln -s /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libXpm.so.4 /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libXpm.so02:34
sylphielimpc \ apparently it's not 100 percent build compativle02:34
limpcwhats not compatible?02:35
sylphielimpc \ apparently the ubuntu libs so's aren't02:35
alles-wird-gutescott, file -i tells application/x-rar; charset=binary02:35
limpcblkadder: i already have a symlink there02:35
blkadderlimpc: show me02:35
escottalles-wird-gut, its a rar file02:35
alles-wird-gutof course02:36
limpcblkadder: http://pastebin.com/akAAi0yD02:36
alles-wird-gutwith bad symbols  in filename02:36
gccsterguys i have 2 webcam how can i set the sequence of camera i want first to be /dev/video0 and second to be /dev/video1 ?02:36
escottalles-wird-gut, the filename is not the file02:37
sylphiegyre007 \ stop logging in02:37
escottalles-wird-gut, iconv works on the file contents not the filename. just mv the file to a new name02:37
sylphiegyre007 \ stop logging in02:38
sylphiegyre007 \ stop it02:38
blkadderlimpc: Hmm... dpk --get-selections | grep Xpm02:38
sylphiegyre007 \ stop it02:38
blkaddererr dpkg...02:39
limpcsylphie: he's not here. thats an auto reconnect02:39
limpcblkadder: hmm nothing listed02:39
blkadderlimpc: Well that could be a problem.02:39
sylphieif I were a channel mod02:39
jribguess 24 hour is not enough :)02:40
limpcthats strange. how do i have the lib then?02:40
blkadderlimpc: Well it may be installed by something else, not positive.02:40
blkadderThe package might not have Xpm in the name...02:40
limpcoh its not Xpm its xpm in dpkg02:40
jambeedrumsylphie: are you familiarized with my sort of issue?02:41
cakebossHey guys. I am trying to format an SD card to put ubuntu on it, using ubuntu. I am using terminal with the command, "mkdosfs". I bought a 32gb SD card, what should I format it as?02:42
limpci wonder if its also looking for xpm but prints Xpm02:42
limpcthe symlinks are for Xpm02:42
escottcakeboss, fat3202:42
sylphiejambeedrum \ you never said what your issue was, you just wanted to finding reading material about courier mail server02:42
dr_williscakeboss:  you are setting it up to use as a live-cd-usb ? or a full normal insttall?02:42
cubi have a slight issue02:42
cakebossescott: will I be able to use the rest of the SD card? I thought fat32 restricted hardrive's disk size or something02:43
cakebossdr_willis: full normal install02:43
cubi am running ubuntu 10.04, just tried upgrading to 12.04 and a msg popped up saying that my graphics card may not work on upgrade02:43
limpchmm nope that wasnt it.  created a symlink with a small x and it still errors looking for libXpm.so02:43
dr_williscakeboss:  then you let the installer partio/format .02:43
cub"The support in Ubuntu 12.04 LTS for your Intel graphics hardware is limited and you may encounter problems after the upgrade." < the msg02:43
escottcakeboss, no02:43
cubso idk if i should continue or not02:44
sylphiecakeboss \ fat32 can go up to 128 gb, but windows will only format 32gb fat32 partitions02:44
KylieBrooksunity keeps freezing on me02:44
KylieBrooksnew ubuntu install02:44
jambeedrumsylphie: its playng with a mail server, i choose courier because it has an atractive name02:44
dr_williscakeboss:   for a sd card i would normnally make a ext2/3/4   for / then a small swap.02:44
KylieBrooksonly firefox and kvirc are new software installed02:44
KylieBrookswhat do i do02:44
sylphiejambeedrum \ are you have problems with courier?02:45
dr_willisKylieBrooks:  start with a 'sudo apt-get update' and 'sudo apt-get upgrade'02:45
KylieBrooksdr_willis: already donee02:45
KylieBrooksi'd like support please:02:46
KylieBrooksunity keeps freezing on me02:46
KylieBrooksnew ubuntu install02:46
foggyspidercan anyone in here help me set default file permissions on a directory, I think acl is the solution but it is currently not working for me.02:46
KylieBrooksonly firefox and kvirc are new software installed02:46
sylphieKylieBrooks \ is the whole machine locked up? does the caps lock still work?02:47
blkadderlimpc: Can you give me the last few lines of your config.log in the install dir?02:47
KylieBrookssylphie: when it locks up sometimes caps lock works other times not02:48
sylphieKylieBrooks \ then it sounds like a hardware driver problem02:48
KylieBrookssylphie: ... /02:48
KylieBrookssylphie: ... ?02:48
KylieBrookssylphie: what do you mean ?02:48
sylphieKylieBrooks \ what kind of ivdeo card do you have?02:48
KylieBrookssylphie: no idea... how do i find out?02:49
limpcblkadder: http://pastebin.com/hf95CaXm02:49
sylphieKylieBrooks \ video driver problems are most likely to do this02:49
KylieBrookssylphie: sec...02:49
blkadderlimpc: hmm, not verbose enough.02:50
=== |Nordom| is now known as Nordom
cadshey guys02:50
cadscan I install a new version of ubuntu from inside an old one, without burning a disk?02:50
limpcblkadder: let me paste a different part of the log - that was cached vars02:50
limpcblkadder: http://pastebin.com/rKJPgsNm02:51
KylieBrookssylphie: reads like intel02:51
sylphiecads \ you can upgrade, at your peril02:51
sylphieKylieBrooks \ so obviously something in the intel video settings02:51
blkadderlimpc: I am pretty certain it has something to do with feeding it the right place to look for the files.02:52
cadssylphie, is it very dangerous?02:52
KylieBrookssylphie: where are these settings02:52
KylieBrookscads: yeah ...02:52
sylphiecads \ a lot of people have negative upgrade expereinces, but some do fine02:53
blkadderlimpc: Remove the /usr/lib from your --with-xpm-dir02:53
limpcthe whole path?02:54
sylphieKylieBrooks \ there was a command for generating an xorg.conf from your settings. it would tell you was those settings were02:54
blkadderNo, just the /usr/lib portion.02:54
KylieBrookssylphie: and ... ?02:54
sylphieKylieBrooks \ easy things to try though, like turning down your screen resolution02:55
sylphieKylieBrooks \ I'm not really sure about intel video, I don't have that02:55
limpcblkadder:  hm no dice :/ still couldnt find it02:56
sylphieKylieBrooks \ another thing to check is how much shared system memory your video is set yo use02:56
KylieBrookssylphie: how ...02:56
=== beatsonline is now known as bestsr
sylphieKylieBrooks \ amount of shated memory would be in the system bios.02:57
limpcim confused as to why its not finding it though - the file IS there02:57
=== bestsr is now known as bgstsr
blkadderlimpc: How about adding --with-libdir=x86_64-linux-gnu02:57
sylphielimpc \ are you sure you've got the right version of the xmp.so?02:57
KylieBrookssylphie: i reduced resolution02:58
kunjiI have a pretty recent install of 12.10 here, the machine seems to insist on blanking the screen if the machine is idle and when it is in that state one cpu core will go to 100%.  This is using an AMD A10 APU with the proprietary drivers that "get additional drivers" finds.  The brightness and lock setting for "Turn screen off when inactive for:" is set to Never, and in Power, "Suspend when inactive for" is set to Don't suspend.  So, I'm no02:58
KylieBrookssylphie: hope it works02:58
sylphieKylieBrooks \ it could also be something like the video card overheating02:58
=== halloween- is now known as halloween
limpcblkadder: do i remobe x86_64-linux-gnu from the libxpm option?02:59
blkadderWell try with it, and then try removing it completely02:59
ErdMutterHow would I go about improving the battery life on my Macbook Pro 9,2 on 12.10?02:59
blkaddermeaning remove the whole --with-xpm-dir bit02:59
sylphieKylieBrooks \ because linux doesn't do the best power management, so sometimes things can overheat03:00
KylieBrooksah sylphie03:00
limpcblkadder: w00t, that worked.03:02
blkadderlimpc: Which one?03:02
blkadderSorry their config script seems to rely on a lot of vodoo.03:03
blkaddervoodoo even.03:03
sylphielots of voodoo in php03:03
limpcblkadder: removed the --with-xpm-dir entirely03:04
blkadderlimpc: Gotcha.03:04
sylphiephp makes bargains with the loas03:04
kunjiI'm stepping away for an hour or so, so if anyone thinks of any reasons my screens are turning off (when comp is idle), just type it here and I'll see it when I get back, thanks.03:09
blkadderPowersaving options?03:10
dr_willistoo obvious03:10
Sgt_Shultzi know nothing03:10
sylphieI liked the archbishop of canterbury episode03:12
Tex_Nickkunji : what do your processes show in system monitor ... what distro03:12
Sgt_Shultzmaybe the monitors inbuilt power saving feature ?03:13
urlwolfanyone having any luck with xmodmap and capslock?03:13
Tecanhey why does my system have so many ntp services running ?03:14
sylphieTecan, everyone is asking you for the time03:14
Tecandst= dst= dst= dst= dst=
sylphieTecan, you aren't required to run ntp03:15
Tecanyeah but why would i have 5 things listening for the time ?03:15
Tecanapplets ?03:15
dr_willis5 pcs?03:15
Tecanyes 503:15
sylphie5 people asking your computer for the time03:15
Tecanlinux mint 1403:15
blkadderTecan: In order to keep the time as accurate as possible.03:16
dr_willisso each pc is looking  to update its clock.03:16
Tecanyeah but why those servers03:16
dr_willisrandom time server perhaps03:16
Tecanshould they be left running ?03:17
dr_willisif you dont want them - then disable them..  ntp is not installed by default on ubuntu.03:17
sylphieTecan, because these days most people disable ntp, so any who wants to set their clock by ntp has to go looking, and they find you03:17
dr_willisi belive03:17
blkadderSee the section about having more than one clock.03:18
dr_willisclients can go to the internet to a set of standard ntp servers around the globe03:18
=== bazhang_ is now known as bazhang
Hilikuswhat happens if i have two hard links to a file that's 1MB and burn both of them to a cd using brasero? would they become to separate files (so total size 2MB) or would the hard link be preserved?03:20
dr_willisHilikus:  im not sure the iso9660 filesystem supports hard links. so i would say you would get 2 files03:21
dr_willisi think theres some iso options that might support them. but its been ages since i last dug into  burning fs options03:21
sylphieHilikus; if you were using mkisofs, there are settings to accomodate hard links03:22
=== CarbonChauvinist is now known as IcarianHeights
Hilikussylphie: doesn't brasero use mkisofs underneath?03:22
elisa87Do you know the reason for this error? mona@mona-HP-Pavilion-dv3-Notebook-PC:~/Desktop/DB$ sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 restart03:22
elisa87 * Restarting web server apache2                                                                                                                apache2: Could not reliably determine the server's fully qualified domain name, using for ServerName03:22
elisa87 ... waiting apache2: Could not reliably determine the server's fully qualified domain name, using for ServerName03:22
FloodBot1elisa87: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.03:22
dr_willismkisofs has dozens of options03:22
dr_willisand some may not be compatiablw with all os's03:23
somsipelisa87: it's not an error, it's a warning03:23
elisa87dr_willis hi Do you know the reason for this Apache restart problem?03:23
elisa87somsip OK doesn't mean I should care about it?03:23
blkadderelisa87: Because it can't determine the host name via DNS.03:23
dr_williselisa87:   cant find  name. i recall being  where your /etc/hosts file dosent have set to be an alias for your hostname03:24
ubottuUse hostname <somehostname> to set the hostname, or to do it permanently: edit /etc/hosts to include BOTH the old and new hostname and then change /etc/hostname to the new one. WARNING! Make sure that your current hostname and /etc/hosts match, otherwise sudo may not work properly.03:24
Theodore HexChat: 2.9.4 ** OS: Linux 3.8.0-0-generic x86_64 ** Distro: Ubuntu "raring" 13.04 ** CPU: 4 x Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU    Q6600  @ 2.40GHz (GenuieIIntel) @ 1.60GHz ** RAM: Physical: 3.9GB, 67.1% free ** Disk: Total: 412.2GB, 82.7% free ** VGA: NVIDIA Corporation GK107 [GeForce GT 630] ** Sound: HDA-Intel - HDA Intel1: HDA-Intel - HDA NVidia2: Audigy2 - SB Audigy 2 ZS [SB03503:24
Theodore0] ** Ethernet: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTL8111/8168B PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet controller ** Uptime: 2h 37m 52s **03:24
elisa87dr_willis: what's the solution?03:24
somsipelisa87: makes no difference if you don't have it set, but: http://serverfault.com/questions/103426/apache2-could-not-reliably-determine-the-servers-fully-qualified-domain-name03:24
sylphieHilikus; if you use mkisofs and generate a "rock ridge" disk, it can do hard links, but then older windows versions won't habdle that03:24
elisa87somsip: thanks03:24
dr_willisedit /etc/hosts so it sees hostname as perhaps.. thats just a warning - shouldent stop the service03:24
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience03:25
dr_willissylphie:  your memory is better than mine. ;)03:25
fugdis__hello all03:25
sylphieI was just re-reading the mkisofs man page03:25
dr_willisthats cheating. ;p03:25
dr_willisi cant rember  the last time i made an iso image.03:25
jimmthm, looks like those joke lines were taken out of ubottu?03:26
jambeedrumsylphie: are you familiarized with the main configuratio file, courierd ?03:26
fugdis__anybody familiar with creating scripts that plays an audio sound file everytime a password is entered incorrectly?03:26
jambeedrumat etc03:26
fugdis__please pm me if you can help03:26
jambeedrumid like to know my address so i could test sending a  mail03:26
dr_willisfugdis__:  cant say ive ever seen that done.. i  would think it would take more then a script03:27
elisa87somsip:  dr_willis what should I fill in /etc/apache2/httpd.conf ? If I want to use the local host ? I don't know how to fill it03:27
sylphiedr_willis; I make iso file all the time for archoival purposes, but I usually keep it simple for backward compatibility, so only iso level 103:27
fugdis__dr_willis: yes probably, i'm playing with the i3WM and its sweet03:27
fugdis__i'm making that a challenge of mine03:27
dr_willisslystone:  i used to archive to dvd. then found a lot of my archives where.. bad03:27
dr_williselisa87:  no idea. i dont do apache. the file i was refering to was /etc/hostgs03:27
dr_williselisa87:  no idea. i dont do apache. the file i was refering to was /etc/hosts03:27
somsipelisa87: read the link I gave you. Add ServerName to your default (or whatever virtual site is setup) in /etc/apache/sites-available.03:27
sylphiejambeedrum \ sorry, I don't actually run any mail server to be familiar with03:28
fugdis__I know there is a way to make a sound play upon loggin in, but wonder if there is a way to do it with authentication failures03:28
elisa87I have no Server! But I think I don't need to have one and can use local host , right? somsip03:28
CrazyZurferHi guys, Could anyone help me to extract a .bin file? :)03:28
CrazyZurfer7z and unrar cant03:28
CrazyZurfercan't execute it, even giving the rights03:28
dr_willisCrazyZurfer:  a .bin could be most anything... its a generic meaningless extension03:29
dr_willisCrazyZurfer:  so what IS the file exactly03:29
sylphiedr_willis; a lot depends on dvd disc quality03:29
CrazyZurferdr_willis: it is a game (Need for speed hot persuit) It think is the disk image file03:29
dr_willissylphie:  i just noticed when copying files back from the dvds i always seem to have an error ont he last file... so i quit filling them up as much. ;)03:29
sylphiedr_willis; I burn 3 for every archive, so in case of errors there can be a majority vote on what was correct03:30
dr_willisCrazyZurfer:     use 'file filename' to see what it is03:30
CrazyZurferNFS3.bin: data03:30
dr_willisso it could be anything. ;)03:31
sylphiedr_willis; the error on the last file might have to do with using tao-mode instead of dao-mode03:31
dr_willissylphie: yea - it was years ago i last did it and had the issue. i found all those old disks the other day in a box. ;)  but i tend to backu p to  redundant copies of USB hard drives now a days03:31
=== IcarianHeights is now known as CarbonChauvinist
IceCasCrazyZurfer, use FuriusISO03:32
IceCasor maybe it's Furius ISO Mount03:32
CrazyZurferIceCas: That's to mount it or extract it or execute it? :)03:32
dr_willisCrazyZurfer:  so its some pirated video game? you DONT execute disk image files03:33
IceCasIt will mount it and then you can extract it03:33
RalliasIs there a way to reduce the size of a btrfs partition while it's mounted?03:33
dr_willisthere are ways to mount disk image files03:33
CrazyZurferdr_willis: i Know you don't execute them, but we don't know what it is... and is a veeery old video game and I want to run it with wine :)03:33
purplerainWill Ubuntu work out-of-the-box on Ideapad S400?03:34
dr_willisCrazyZurfer:  if its part of a cue/bin  image file. you might need to convert it.. or try  the fuseiso or isofuse tool to mount it03:34
dr_willis!info fuseiso03:34
ubottufuseiso (source: fuseiso): FUSE module to mount ISO filesystem images. In component universe, is optional. Version 20070708-2 (quantal), package size 21 kB, installed size 92 kB03:34
dr_willis!info isofuse03:34
ubottuPackage isofuse does not exist in quantal03:35
kunjiTex_Nick: Hey, got back earlier than I thought, distro is Ubuntu 12.10, I don't see any unusual processes, shall I pastebin the results of ps ax so you can see what processes are running?  The only things besides normal bootup should be mediatomb, firefox, pidgin, the system monitor itself, and transmission.03:35
sylphiedr_willis; I think you can a iso9660 mount with loopback03:35
dr_willissylphie:  the file command dident recoginize it as an iso9660 however.03:35
dr_willisunless file may be confused. ;)03:36
ubottuTo mount an ISO disc image, type « sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> » - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before !burning.03:36
jonalexjmexiste chat en español03:36
sylphiedr_willis; probably started the disk with an audio track, they were tricky that way.03:36
dr_willishe could just use the cli and try it.03:36
ErdMutterWhen I run ubuntu on my macbook pro my battery life seems to be 50% of what I get in os x. Would there be any way to make battery life under ubuntu to last longer on the macbook pro 9,203:36
sylphieor just go ahead and burn it03:37
=== dave is now known as Guest66227
Tecanawe it was ma dam clock applet03:38
Tex_Nickkunji : hey do you see something like plugin-container there03:39
kunjiTex_Nick: Yeah, that should be flash, most of the time shouldn't it?  It should be because I have some Firefox pages open that use flash.03:40
dr_willisflash is evil ;_03:41
tekkbuzzDoes anyone know how to stream pulse audio from one system to another?03:41
Tex_Nickkunji : yeah , it's hogged my resourses so bad at times that i've just killed it03:41
dr_willistekkbuzz:  i know its doable.. done it befor ages ago.03:41
dr_willistekkbuzz:  i seem to recall having to use pavu* tools to allow each  system to access the other. then pavchooser to move the stream to the other pc03:42
Tex_Nickkunji : what dr_willis said :)03:42
kunjidr_willis: I won't disagree, but is there a known flash bug that drive usage of just one core to 100% only when the computer enters an idle state?  Or that flash makes it enter the idle state when it shouldn't be?03:42
tekkbuzzdr_willis, K thanks I play around with that a bit.03:42
CrazyZurferIceCas & dr_willis: Thanks!! it worked!! :)03:43
dr_willistekkbuzz:  paprefs to allow it. and pavucontroll. had to set auth off in paprefs  (or so my memoserv note says)03:43
dr_willistekkbuzz:  then used the pulse tools to set the default server03:43
Tex_Nickkunji : it has happened to me on this box more than once03:44
Kaleidoscopehello everyone03:44
dr_willistekkbuzz:  you can also use  this to record from a differnt pc ;)03:44
tekkbuzzdr_willis: thanks for the tips!03:44
Tex_Nickonly one core03:44
kunjiTex_Nick: I think you missed my original post, my computer idles, as in blanks the screen, despite that I have set this otherwise in the Power management and brightness settings, and when it is idling like that  is the only time the core is spiking like that, it goes right back down if I so much as wiggle the mouse.03:44
tekkbuzzdr_willis: Cool!03:44
kunjiTex_Nick: I only even know it was high because of the cpu history graph in the system monitor.03:45
dr_willistekkbuzz:  these are some notes from a LONG time ago.. like 2+ yrs..03:45
KI4ROAnyone know where the latest version (2.1.3) of gtkpod is?03:45
alles-wird-gutescott, mv file doesn't help03:46
dr_willistekkbuzz:  but i did have videos playing on Pc #1 hooked to a tv. and had the audio comming out a laptop near my bed.03:46
alles-wird-guti can't change the unknown coding :/03:46
tekkbuzzdr_willis: kinda what I was looking for.03:46
kunjiTex_Nick: So, here's what I'm going to do, I'm going to kill flash, then let it sit a few minutes and see if this is still occuring, I'll report back soon.03:46
Tex_Nickkunji : it's a start03:47
alles-wird-gutpdf or rar files are in charset=binary (file -bi tells it)03:47
limpc└(21:45:09)-(firewall@firewall) $ php -v03:47
limpcPHP 5.4.11 (cli) (built: Jan 17 2013 15:49:05)03:47
limpcw00t i have php 5.4.11 yay03:47
alles-wird-guti want to convert it to utf8, only the namo of file, not the content.03:48
alles-wird-gutbut damn, it won't work with recode iconv ...03:48
heroclitisAnyone familiar with wireshark?03:50
purplerainWill Ubuntu work out-of-the-box on Ideapad S400?03:51
tekkbuzzdr_willis: do you remember how the sync was?  were they noticeably any different? If you could hear them both playing.03:51
dr_willistekkbuzz:  the audio only  cam eout of  the one destination sink.03:52
tekkbuzzdr_willis: ahh, okay, I wonder if two machines could play at the same time, and be in sync.03:53
dr_willistekkbuzz:  never really noticec03:53
Gyro54Is there any limitations with using a wireless keyboard which requires HID compatibility?03:53
dr_willistekkbuzz:  with  the anime i watch and subtitles..  it dosent matter much03:53
dr_willisGyro54:  ive never seen a wireless keyboard that dident work.03:54
=== petr is now known as Guest86173
Gyro54dr_willis: I need to buy a media keyboard from IOgear but there is no listing on any site for this.03:54
Gyro54dr_willis: Neither have I03:55
tekkbuzzGyro54: I got one mine works fine.03:55
dr_willisGyro54:  what sor tof listing/site you  mean?03:55
dr_willisabout evvery keyboard these days are media keyboards03:55
dr_willisLogitech keyboards have that universial dongle that lets it use  one dongle for mouse and keyboard.. actually it can work with several mice/keyboards for the  same dongle..03:56
Gyro54dr_willis: linuxhcl.com, linuxhardware etc..03:57
dr_willismain issue with them - is logitech  dosent have a paring tool for linux03:57
dr_willisGyro54:  most likelybecause keybaords are very standard.. so no one bothers to  make a list03:57
tekkbuzzGyro54: I got IOGear model: GKM561R and it works!03:58
dr_willisi must havve 30 differnt  keyboards from over the years..  and never had one not work..  some Special keys may be issues with some old ones..03:58
dr_willisbut none in the past 5 years have ever been an issue03:58
Gyro54tekkbuzz: Thanks I am sure it will work.03:58
dr_willisid be amazed if it dident work03:59
tekkbuzzme too.03:59
Sgt_Shultzlogitech mice seem to have a problem as well, changed to generic cheapie mouse, from a logitech, my mice problems disappeared03:59
dr_willisnever had an issue with  any of my logitech mice. but ive  been using a razer lately03:59
dr_williskids kept walking off with my wireless mice.04:00
Sgt_Shultzalways cable 4 me04:00
dr_willisor put them near the wrong pc... that would  cause confusion... why aint this  mouse working... oh,,..its  for the  other pc.04:00
dr_willisMy Samsung TV can take a mouse and keyboard. ;)04:00
dr_willisso wireless is handy04:01
heroclitisWhat's a pastebin?04:01
Gyro54I need to buy it for a friend and it is quite expensive But I am sure it will be OK04:01
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.04:01
Gyro54Thanks everyone for your help04:01
dr_willisGyro54:  expensive? You can get good keybords in the $30 range04:01
MrNarcHello, is this the place for ubutu noobs questions?04:01
Gyro54dr_willis: This is a special lap unit with a trackball builtin.04:02
kunjiHmm, well that's interesting, killing flash seems to do the trick.  But starting flash again does not seem to reinvoke the symptoms.  I guess I'll want to watch and make note of when this issue reoccurs.  This was not the first time, it has been coming and going for a little bit now, which is why I was asking about it.04:02
tripelbMust I have internet to install Ubuntu? I only had a copy of 11.04 and it balked at no connection. :(04:02
=== Administrative is now known as TheKing
kunjitripelb: You don't need a connection, it's merely preferred.04:02
Tex_NickGyro54 : if you just need a source for io gear kb's ... http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList.aspx?Submit=ENE&DEPA=0&Order=BESTMATCH&N=-1&isNodeId=1&Description=io+gear+keyboard&x=0&y=004:02
Gyro54Tex_Nick: Thanks will have a look04:03
dr_willisim not sure whats so special about the Iogear brand. ;)04:03
Tex_NickGyro54 : np hope you find something there04:03
tekkbuzzdr_willis: I got a MonCaso case with buttons to control the media on the front of it, some buttons work and some do not, would you know how to setup the ones that don't?  It's a usb interface call iMON PAD Remote Controller?04:04
MrNarcNeed help on DNS. dig hostname.domain fails with NXDOMAIN, dig hostname.domain @dnsserver success. My /etc/resolve.conf sole entry is dnserver (its IP of course). Where should I look for errors?04:04
tripelbWaves to kun I. Still looking to connect with the "Ubuntu for the Nexus7" folks. Cannot find any. Not here. Not other rooms. Not on reddit. ??04:04
Tex_Nickdr_willis : same here ... seem to sell good though over the years04:05
tripelb!ask | mrnark04:05
ubottumrnark: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience04:05
dr_willistekkbuzz:  often for weird hardware - i find the archlinux wiki pages may have some clues as to  what to try.04:05
tekkbuzzdr_willis: Okay thanks.04:05
Gyro54dr_willis: Nothing too special it was just to keep a friend happy with her new computer. I would hate for half the keys to not work.04:06
tripelbKunji, 11.04 would not go further. I cam04:06
dr_willistekkbuzz:  hit the buttons. check 'dmesg' output - it may show some info also04:06
tekkbuzzIt's a media case with a 7" touch screen on the front, but it's meant for windows drivers, Thanks I'll do that.04:07
Gyro54dr_willis: It is her first use of Ubuntu and her husband wanted her to use windoze 804:07
dr_willisif he  wants to be the tech support... id say let him.. ;)04:07
TheKingAnyone here ever have the installation just idle endlessly?04:07
dr_willisGreat thing about windows 8 - i dont use it.. so people cant come to me at work  asking for support help.04:08
Gyro54Thanks again for your help.04:08
tekkbuzzI used to build windoze computers, but I gave up for the reasons dr_willis mentioned.04:09
tripelb So kunji you were saying that the 11.04 should install anyway? OK next, can I split up the weindoiws partition? I did a defrag sand OTG looks liker there is ASN immovable file far along in the partition.04:09
Gyro54The King: I have had it happen at the very end of the install but all went fine.04:09
Gyro54The problem with converting friends to Ubuntu is that you create a full time unpaid job for yourself04:11
TheKingGyro54: It's the very beginning for me.04:11
TheKingmight try 12.04 instead of 12.1004:11
Sgt_Shultzwin8 pays a tribute 2 commodore64 geos, a mice enviro, where you click on coloured boxes 2 get a your files, nice, funny or coincidence ? it was the last c64 os04:11
tripelbOK downloading 12.04.. If I have time. If I break I will have to restart, I think. Any more comments to me should be pm or will not see them. Back in an hour04:12
* tripelb is on nexus 704:12
=== sarsaeol_ is now known as sarsaeol
Gyro54TheKing: I would try again before you go back. Has it done it more than once?04:13
Tex_Nicktripelb : r u running ubuntu on that neat tablet ?04:13
TheKingGyro54: I'm running from the disk. Wifi is on. I started with updates and 3rd party. That froze for 30 min. I tried no 3rd party. froze. No updates. froze. no wifi. got 1 step in and froze.04:15
RollinV2don't try to update ubuntu during the install04:15
RollinV2install, then update04:16
Gyro54The King:04:16
Gyro54TheKing: What did you have on the computer before this?04:16
Gyro54TheKing: Ubuntu should work then04:17
Tex_Nickkunji : i left for a bit ... just came back and saw you posting ... scrolled up ... looks like you might have isolated the problem to flash ?04:18
noirois there a java channel which is good on this or another server?04:20
Gyro54TheKing: There is other install options if you hit F4 I think. Maybe some of the experts here will confirm04:22
kunjiTex_Nick: Probably, but I can't tell 100% for certain, as I haven't had the issue reoccur on starting flash again, so I haven't been able to see it killing flash always fixes it.04:22
kunji*if not it04:23
Tex_Nicknoiro : http://irc.netsplit.de/chat/java.php04:23
TheKingGyro54: It's an old Inspiron. I think I may need to use Lubuntu.04:23
Tex_Nickkunji : i'm running an amd apu 3 core ... that has happened to me on more than one occasion ... one core goes to 100% usage04:25
kunjitripelb: Yeah, without the network connection, it will install anyway, I believe it just asks to confirm that you want to install it without having the connection and then moves on.  It won't be able to install update during the installation that way though, so you should install updates first thing once it is connected.04:25
Tex_Nickkunji : killing flash cures it04:26
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kunjiTex_Nick: The 100% usage isn't what's worrying me, that I've seen, but that the screens go blank, like if your power settings were set to blank the screen after 1 minute of inactivity, only my setting are set quite explicitly so they should always stay on.04:27
Gyro54TheKing: I know other wont agree but I would go Xubuntu. It works fine on that type of machine.04:28
Tex_Nickkunji : strange that only one core goes wild, cause it has seemed that load balancing on this apu has been rather symetrical for normal operation04:28
kunjiTex_Nick: And I only see that usage when the screens are off like that, I would liken it to a malware that is trying to hide it's compute from you by doing when your screens are supposedly off.04:28
kunjiYeah, I mean, I don't have one core spike like that if I say, play a 1080p flash video.04:29
Hilikusis there any way to create UDF dvds in brasero? the documentation sucks04:30
Tex_Nickkunji : yeah your experience is a bit different than mine ... no screen blank here ???04:30
TheKingGyro54: Thanks. I have a friend who was kind of iffy about xubuntu. So that helps a lot04:31
kunjiTex_Nick: Right, I mean, sure I've had plenty of problems with flash running up cpu, but I didn't think it would be flash for this because of the conditions the spike occurs under, and that those conditions shouldn't be happening to begin with.04:31
Gyro54TheKing: I use it my slow machines and have not had any problem with it. Some report it is not as fast as Lubuntu which may be the case.04:34
kunjiAll Setting -> Brightness and Lock: The Turn screen off when inactive for: setting is set to Never, and All Settings -> Power: The Suspend when inactive for setting is set to Don't suspend.  Is there anything I might be missing with regard to that?  It was turning of the screen after roughly one minute and one core would go to 100%, killing flash stopped that from happening, I'm a bit puzzled.  So, I'll let you guys know what happens with t04:34
TheKingGyro54: I think the speed comes with a sacrifice in some functionality04:35
TheKingI would prefer xubuntu over lubuntu if it works04:35
Gyro54TheKing: The compaint was that the latest XFCE was not as good as the previous version but I think it has more bells and whistles.04:36
Tex_Nickkunji : i download a lot of youTube videos though ( flv ) they play fine with VLC off the hdd ... tis only flash content thru firefox that causes the problem here04:36
TheKingI haven't used linux enough lately to notice if the new version is worse/better04:37
Gyro54TheKing: Good luck with it.04:39
kunjiTex_Nick: That's just the thing though, when the computer is active, say, when I'm watching a flash video, there are no problems with it on this machine, a single core is not spiking, it's not turning off the screen while the video is rolling, it's acting just as it would if I had that setting for turning off the screen on one minute (with the exception that the core spikes at that time, but who knows, maybe that is normal when the screen i04:39
Tex_Nickkunji : it's a very intermittent problem for me though ... happens rarely ... if it were a regular problen i would probably run a packet sniffer to check activity when it happens04:40
kunjiTex_Nick: Yeah, if you wanted to avoid using flash, you use youtube-dl to get them down to your HD, and more places are using HTML5 video these days.04:40
martindholmesHi all. I'm having problems with rsync, caused by using the 3.0.7 client against a server running 3.0.8. I'm on Lucid and not ready to upgrade, so I'd like to build rsync 3.0.8 or 3.0.9 on Lucid. Does anyone have any experience with this?04:40
kunjiTex_Nick: The problem you have sounds different from this one though, I have had the problem that you do on other machines, for instance, my other desktop right next to me has precisely those symptoms and I just kill flash when it happens.04:41
Tex_Nickkunji : i'm inclined to agree ... only similarity might be the evil flash as Dr_willis has pointed out in the past :)04:43
sk8trixsup, to new the sever04:44
kunjiTex_Nick: Hmm, yep, though it could be coincidence, or maybe even the IRC client makes the comp think it's not idle and it will reoccur as soon as I close pidgin, well, time will tell.04:44
sk8trix<--- 27/m/OR =====D-----  =)04:46
Tex_Nickkunji : hey if you get a handle on it ... and see me here ... i would really like to know what you found04:47
kunjiTex_Nick: No problem, I'm frequently back here for one thing or another.04:47
kunjiFor instance I also appear to be suffering from this: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-meta/+bug/1072518  on a different machine, but if there was a solution yet it would probably have been fixed (as it is a confirmed bug).04:48
ubottuUbuntu bug 1072518 in ubuntu-meta (Ubuntu) "Restarting network crashes (apparently) the desktop manager" [Undecided,Confirmed]04:48
Sgt_Shultzis it flash or java, java is the colinder ...depends on who requests i think, killed my video issues, by using videodownloader  addon in firefox, & watching after download04:52
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Tex_Nicklol ... i swear ... ubottu can't be a bot ... he/she is sentient !!! :-)04:52
SierraARIs there a way to make the grub boot menu always appear, even if ubuntu is the only installed os?04:52
kunjiSierraAR: Yes, there is, the documentation should be pretty easy to find with a google search, let me know if you can't find it and I'll dig it out.04:53
SierraARkunji: Most of the results were 'How do I remove the menu in a dual boot' which weren't helping me much, but I just found an article xD04:56
kunjiSierraAR: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2/Setup#Configuring_GRUB_204:56
SierraARAh that's even better, thanks again04:56
kunjiSierraAR: No problem, just ask if you get stuck.04:57
Modernmythis there a way to see if a package is being used by another package? for some reason I have libmysqlclient18:i386 installed instead of the amd64.04:57
Modernmythwant to make sure I dont break anything.04:57
kunjiModernmyth: Hmm, if it is being used, or if it is actually listed as a dependency by another package?  The later can be done using dpkg I believe, though my memory fails me on what the command would be, maybe read the dpkg manual?04:59
SierraARDo believe I'd got it. Will have to check on my next reboot05:01
kunjiModernmyth: A package could make use of another, but not actually need it, or some such, due to manual configuration (like maybe some php code on a server needs to use curl, but curl is not actually needed by the php packages).05:02
xobdifference between ubuntu and lubuntu?05:04
xobconfusing wht should i install on my netbook ubuntu or lubuntu?05:05
logidotxob: lubuntu is lighter than ubuntu05:05
kunjixob: The desktop manager, Ubuntu uses Unity, Lubuntu uses LXDE, also note Xubuntu uses XFCE.05:05
mysteriousdarrenxob: plus its awesome!05:05
kunjixob: and Kubuntu uses KDE05:05
xobwhat XFSE stands for05:06
logidot xob in my netbook with intel atom n270 1.6 ghz i use lubuntu and it does the job pretty good05:06
xobmysteriousdarren: what is awesome ub or lu05:06
kunjixob: http://www.xfce.org/05:06
Sgt_Shultzxfse = nice, using xubuntu05:07
xoblogidot: does this support hd movies?05:07
logidot   xob xfce is a desktop environment like kde,mate etc05:07
kunjixob: But come to think of it, I'm not sure what the letter actually stand for, maybe the wikipedia page will say.05:07
xobkunji: i will check it thanx05:07
tekkbuzzModernmyth: apt-cache depends pkg...    -- depends shows a listing of each dependency a package has and all the possible other packages that can fulfill that dependency.05:08
mysteriousdarrenxob: lubuntu05:08
xobmysteriousdarren: thanx05:09
argiopewebI need to restart an upstart job from a script running as a non-privileged user. What's the best way to do that?05:09
mysteriousdarrenxob: I have one like logidot, after removing extra it runs pretty quick. Plus extra ram and  a ssd doesn't hurt05:09
mysteriousdarren*extra programs05:09
xobmysteriousdarren: wht about ubuntu if i remove extras from ubuntu wht u think it works good then?05:10
mysteriousdarrenxob: on what hardware? I am all for speed, if you have the hardware i run vanilla ubuntu05:11
mysteriousdarrenwith a couple things changed05:11
OnVarxob: I used plain ubuntu and it worked fine for me. (I have the same computer stats as logidot)05:11
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!05:11
KI4ROAnyone know where the latest version (2.1.3) of gtkpod is?05:11
logidot OnVar how much ram?05:11
xobmysteriousdarren:  i have intel atom with 2gb ram and 320gb hd05:12
mysteriousdarrenmahnoon: who was that for?05:12
OnVarlogidot: 1GB05:12
tekkbuzz<Modernmyth> try: apt-cache depends libmysqlclient1805:12
mysteriousdarrenxob: should work fine05:12
logidotOnVar: it's the acer aspire d250?05:12
OnVarlogidot: (I ended up changing to Gnome and then Xmonad, though)05:12
kunjixob: Oh, you were asking about HD movies, that depends mostly on what hardware you're running Ubuntu on, not as much on which desktop manager, but if your hardware strains playing HD, then you would be best off with Lubuntu in my opinion.05:12
mysteriousdarrenxob: I agree with kunji05:13
xobcurrently i am using ubuntu 12.10 and it play well .mkv formats05:13
mysteriousdarrenxob: using what?05:13
OnVarlogidot: No. It's a gateway.05:13
xobmysteriousdarren: mplayer05:14
kunjixob: It will do HD fine from the hard drive, it will probably struggle to do 1080p flash video though, 720 should be pretty smooth, I have a laptop with pretty similar specs.05:14
logidotOnVar: and you have intel atom n270 1.6 ghz?and you run ubuntu ?what version?05:14
Modernmythtekkbuzz: Thanks ... Looks like it's pointing me in the right direction. Going to figrure out what I installed that wanted the mysql pkg05:14
xobkunji: which version ur using05:14
mysteriousdarrenxob: I sometimes hook up my 32 inch lcd and watch hd movies on mine with lubuntu works great. I've had trouble with ubuntu doing that05:14
kunjixob: I'm actually using 12.04 standard Ubuntu.05:15
xobmaybe i have to give lubuntu a try05:16
tekkbuzzModernmyth: MySql is used sometimes by multible programs, it's just a powerfull database.05:16
OnVarlogidot: It's 12.04. But I don't do well with fancy graphics anyways. I changed it to Xmonad eventually.05:16
orbwhat did you want to do with it, xob?05:16
kunjixob: Well that's how it started, but I run several desktop manager on it as appropriate, Unity, Unity-2d, gnome-panel (i.e., the Gnome 2 look), the Awesome WIndow Manager, I try a lot of different things.05:17
xobwell i am using gnome-panel i hate unity05:17
orbcompiz was good stuff.05:17
kunjixob: Sure, try out Lubuntu first, if it's not working out for you, then you can alway try something else.05:17
Sgt_Shultzxbuntu drives a 42" led Monitor/tv here, no probs05:17
sk8trixis there any driver for logitech c615 webcam for linux?05:18
Tex_Nickxob : i've seen here that xbmc handles hd video pretty well on 12.xx ... however it's hardware specific ... i'm running 12.12 with an average speed box and VLC plays 1280p like a charm05:18
Modernmythtekkbuzz: I use it all the time .. just wondering what I installed that had a i386 dep05:18
majnoon<--has *buntu05:18
kunjiorb: You can do compiz with Unity, but there are a fair number of inconsistencies you need to kind of hammer out/work around.05:18
orbsk8trix, is that some kind of nonstandard camera?05:18
Sgt_Shultzacer aspire dualcore 5733z05:18
Tex_Nickrunning 12.1005:18
orbyeah, i think i noticed that a while back, kunji05:19
xobTex_Nick: i am running 12.10 but vlc does not play .mkv properly but mplayer does05:19
dr_willishmm. mkv play here.05:19
sylvOMG am I actually in touch with humans?05:20
kunjiWell, for media servers... if you've got 35$ USD, the Rasperry Pi works pretty awesome for XBMC, through omxplayer (designed to make good use of the graphics chip on the pi)05:20
dr_willis1000+ people here05:20
kunjixob: Hmm, vlc plays mkvs for me05:20
Tex_Nickxob : yeah mkv's play here on VLC fine05:20
Sgt_Shultzvlc plays everything ..05:20
dr_willisciuld be more of a codec issue05:20
bkI am having trouble being able to edit settings for the touchpad on my laptop, I have a Compaq Presario CQ62 running Lubuntu 12.10. Right now when I type and accidentally hit the touchpad it acts as if its a tap, or it scrolls when both palms hit it at the same time. In the settings there is something for KB/M but nothing that pertains to the touchpad. I05:20
bkinstalled gpointing-device-settings but it does not save when I change things. Any help is appreciated.05:20
xobdr_willis: yea i thinnk so05:21
xobmay be its a codec prob05:21
orbholy crap, didn't notice how many people are in this channel. Closer to 2k than 1k, dr_willis05:21
sylvI could really do with some help please.  I don't understand all this technical stuff.  I have been trying to use Ubuntu and spent hours trying to access stuff05:21
dr_willisseen 3000 in  here on release day05:21
kunjidr_willis: though even then, there's not many codecs vlc will balk at, MSS2 and Apple Intermediate Codec?  Nothing else comes to mind.  I guess I don't think it plays .ape audio files.05:22
xobfuck everything i am staying with ubuntu05:22
dr_willis!manual | sylv05:22
ubottusylv: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/05:22
tekkbuzz3000 WoW05:22
sylvPLEASE can someone answer me???05:22
dr_willissylv: ask an actual questiin.05:22
sylvThe Ubuntu manual is written in gobbldegook.  Believe me I have tried with it05:23
xobsylv: ask proper quest u get proper ans05:23
sylvI giv eup05:23
xobsylv: take some videos tutorial from utube05:23
surskittyI have a TP6920 microphone and while it worked when I plugged it in yesterday on xubuntu 12.04, it now brings up a 'CD' that's the autorun drivers.  How do I get it to just be a microphone again?05:23
kunjisylv: Be patient, please describe the issue in some detail, what you're trying to do, what part isn't working.  And understand that most people here are helping purely out of the kindness of their hearts.05:23
bksmh, troll05:23
orbIt's not for everyone, sylv05:23
kunjiWow... I guess he probably spent about that same amount of time on whatever manual he was referring to as well then...05:24
surskittyNevermind; fixed it.05:25
orbSo, anyone know how to get networking working on a Macbook Pro, Ubuntu?05:25
orbNatively I mean.05:25
dr_willissylv: ask an actual question. about whats confusing05:26
orbshe/he left, dr_willis05:26
kunjiorb: umm, you mean the ethernet isn't working?  Or you mean the wireless?  In the first case I really thought it would be working out of the box, in the second case no idea.05:26
Sailgettting error while installing,updating http://dpaste.com/hold/881562/05:26
Tex_Nickxob : thing about codec's though ... VLC has internal support for most codec's ... including mkv05:27
orbEthernet cable is connected to the "thunderbolt" adapter.05:27
orbifconfig -a shows nothing more than lo05:27
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Ben64Tex_Nick: mkv isn't a codec05:27
Saili have two different connection of internet first one is working fine but second one gimme the error05:27
orbso I'm sol.05:27
orbi'll have to get a driver on there via the usb stick route I think.05:27
Ben64orb: theres no ethernet on a macbook?05:28
orbactually, no, i think i'll give up on that too. :>05:28
Tex_NickBen64 : i stand corrected ...  mkv is a container05:28
Tex_Nick... sorry ;-)05:28
orbnot on mine.05:28
kunjiorb: oh.. thunderbolt, yeah, sorry, I don't know.05:28
cubokay i instaled ubuntu 12.0405:28
cubthe friggin scrollbar is invisible05:28
kunjiTex_Nick: Yes indeed a very good container that the PS3 quite obnoxiously does not support.05:28
cubwell it's there but all fancy05:28
cubhow do i get a more normal looking gnome environment05:29
cubthis looks like a cellphone gui05:29
dr_willisdefine normal. ;)05:29
cubold school windows 95 / gnome / kde05:29
cuba simple launcher/panel05:29
kunjicub: Like gnome 2?  You could install gnome-panel I think, could you confirm that dr_willis?05:29
dr_willislubuntu has a nice old skool look.05:29
ubottuUbuntu 11.10 and higher use GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic05:29
orbi thought gnome looked pretty decent.05:29
Tex_Nicklol kunji ;)05:30
dr_willisgnome2 had issues.. and its basicaly dead now05:30
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dr_willisthe fallback mode was scheduled for removeal  - but i think its being kept for a while longer now05:31
cubits just a pain to find what programs im running05:31
cubnormally they would be listed in the panel05:31
cubinstead i have a dock bar or w/e they call it and have to figure out where it is :\05:31
dr_willisHmm.. they all  are at the left side panel when i run stuff05:31
cubfunny that before i installed, it said my graphics chip woudlnt be supported... well it worked still but im unhappy lol05:32
sk8trixwebcam software for logitech for lenoic05:32
cubyeah but i have to right click to see multiple instances of one program05:32
cublike for example im running 3 or 4 chrome windows, and i have to right click and select from a preview of each.. seems unnecesary and slow05:32
dr_willisi just alt-tab around05:32
kunjidr_willis: I miss the stability, but I came in near the end of Gnome 2's life, not sure if it was always that way.  Unity is pretty stable on my desltops, but on my other machines there is always some part or another of it crashing, most recently the calendar...05:33
tekkbuzzcub: Try KDE  aka kubuntu05:33
dr_willisi  dont recall needing to right click in unity..05:33
dr_willisbut ive been using gnome-shell lately05:33
cubwell nvm not right click05:34
cubbut it still takes me to that preview thing05:34
kunjiI think the part that annoys me the most is that clicking the launcher's again does not have any minimize functionality, but I guess I'm not sure how that should work, since they stack windows from the same program.05:35
dr_willisthe whole idea of minimizeing apps is sort of getting phased out.05:35
dr_willisI tend to just fullscreen everything05:35
dr_willisand then select /jump between them05:35
Insidequestion: I'm trying to figure out how to connect to a server that's running in ubunbtu which is running inside of virtual box... I can't seem to figure out how to tell if I configured the 'bridged networking' setting correctly or not <_<05:36
kunjiI tend not to, because I like to see lots of smaller programs at once05:36
dr_willisInside:  check its ip address. see if the ubuntu box can ping that ip address05:36
orbInside, one of those will give it a real IP.05:36
orbI don't recall which.05:37
dr_willisthey should be able to ping each other..  if so. they are networked  ;)05:37
dr_willisif not.. they are NOTworked. ;)05:37
orbJust look at the IP - is it a natted IP not matching your normal network?05:37
cubis there any way to hide the dock thing to the left05:37
Insideokay, the server in ubuntu inside of virtual box says that its ip is and I can't ping that from the windows host that i'm on right now05:38
cubor to get the bar on top with the time to appear on the bottom05:38
Insideerm, not the server, ubuntu itself05:38
dr_willistheres an auto hide setting for the launcher05:38
dr_willisYouc an run other docks for the bottom if you  wanted05:38
ubottuUbuntu includes several dock-like navigation bars. Some options are: avant-window-navigator, cairo-dock, docky (formerly part of gnome-do), stalonetray, simdock, kdocker, kooldock.05:38
kunjiFor instance, I want to have pidgin, system monitor, and say transmission all visible and I have the buddy list for pidgin underneath the irc chat.  So it would make sense for me to just minimize the irc chat as the fastest way to see the buddy list.  alt-tabbing is slow because I need to go through probably an average of 8 or so items and I need to pause on Pidgin and wait for it to expand the windows for pidgin (in Unity that is, if I bus05:39
Sgt_Shultzformat the mac, use ubuntu....05:40
Ginger26Will Ubuntu Phone have an IRC support channel ?05:40
dr_willisGinger26:  i imagine so..05:40
dr_willisif it ever becomes a reality05:40
kunjidr_willis: yeah, I do like cairo-dock, I install from scratch kind of often though, and configuring that every time is a bit obnoxious05:41
orbmac osx. :D05:41
Ginger26oh thats great thanks05:41
dr_willissome of these docks are... overzelous in their feature sets. ;)05:41
kunjiGinger26: It might just go in this one, not really sure.05:41
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kunjiHmm, I probably wouldn't want them if they didn't have the features, but, at least for cairo-dock, it could use a bit more stability.05:42
OnVarI have a problem. My mouse hasn't been working lately. I've tried "modprobe -r psmouse; modprobe psmouse proto=imps" but that only causes it to work for about three seconds and then it goes kaput again.05:43
OnVarI suspect that it could be a hardware problem, but I have no way of checking.05:43
OnVar(I have a touchpad, not a mouse. Sorry.)05:44
tekkbuzzSpeaking of docks; I always hated the way Unity separates the top of the window from the app.05:46
dr_willistekkbuzz:  thats the global menu feature.. not a dock  feature. ;)05:46
tekkbuzzdr_willis: whatever it's called it's why I left Unity behind.05:47
dr_willisand its fairly easy to disable05:47
kunjidr_willis: that's not a feature :P05:47
dr_willisand can even be disabled on a per-app basis05:47
kunjiYeah, remember to do that extra bit for disabling it for firefox as well05:48
dr_willisi belive the global menu also  integerates with the HUD feature05:48
dr_williswhich is one off the most overlooked and coolest features of unity05:48
Sgt_Shultzmac have docks, because they would make a good boat anchor if you filled them with cement ?05:49
dr_williswindowmaker hs a Warf05:49
dr_willishas a warf05:49
kunjiwindowmaker?  never heard of it05:49
OnVar(I'll try to do some debugging, then. And then I'll come back and ask my question again.)05:49
dr_willis!info windowmaker05:50
ubottuPackage windowmaker does not exist in quantal05:50
tekkbuzzcan u elaborate on integerates with the HUD?05:50
dr_willishmm. wonder what the  package name is now a days05:50
dr_willis!find wmaker05:50
ubottuFound: fookb-wmaker, wmaker, wmaker-common, wmaker-data, wmaker-dbg05:50
dr_willis!info wmaker05:50
ubottuwmaker (source: wmaker): NeXTSTEP-like window manager for X. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.95.3-2ubuntu1 (quantal), package size 416 kB, installed size 1077 kB05:50
dr_williswmaker has some really neat features. but its a bit on the old skool side of things. ;)05:50
dr_willisa great many other window managers support the windowmaker 'warf' docklets. which are mini appps that run in the dock05:51
tekkbuzzI used to like the wmaker on my Fedora box, but haven't used it in a while.05:52
kunjidr_willis: Hmm, the look reminds me Haiku05:52
dr_willisnot like BeOS/Haiku at all. ;)05:52
dr_willismore like NextStep - but no one rembers that one either.. heh..05:53
tekkbuzzI do.. heh.05:53
dr_williswmaker was supposed to have some support libs/features to make  cross platform apps with os-x easier also  i recall.. but i dont code. so i dont recall the details05:53
kunjihttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Wmaker-0.80.2.png  well, the right click menu like that is what was looking similar.05:53
dr_willisbeos had some really really neat features.. ;)05:54
bsmith093how do i recursively grep for any line that has http:// in it, and return those lines to a file?05:54
dr_willisbut the gui wasent really much of them. but Unity is gaining some similer features05:54
kunjidr_willis: That's what I've heard, I've messed with the Haiku alpha's some, I'll probably look into it more if they finish it.05:55
Tex_Nickdr_willis ... Jobs is remembered by a few of us ;p-)05:55
Sgt_Shultzthose who pay the bills ?05:55
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dr_willisgrep has a recursive opion? -R  perhaps...    grep -R pattern directory > hits.txt05:56
dr_williskunji:  i doubt if haiku ever gets finished. ;)05:56
kunjiOne can hope05:56
orbyou can do grep */dir05:58
bsmith093dr_willis: I cat-ed all the files i needed to search into nice large chunks of text, now i just want to find and save to a file, every single line that has http:// in it, this is a rare thing for these files, and i can always sort the results later05:58
dr_willisso you  dont really need recursive searching of dirs...05:58
dr_willisgrep pattern file  > output.txt05:59
dr_willisor am i backwards.. ;)05:59
tekkbuzzbsmith093: cat file* | grep -r http:// > file05:59
orbare you wanting to have http start a new line?05:59
orbor trigger the start of a new line so the output will have http all along the left side?06:00
bsmith093orb yes, to the new line, each on its own line06:00
dr_williseach hit will be on its own line...06:00
cubhow do i get the time panel on the bottom of the screen on unity06:01
dr_williswont it. ;) it echos  the line it found.06:01
Sgt_Shultzmaybe a doing a "find", then "piping" to a "grep"06:01
orbi believe you'll want to replace http with \nhttp06:01
orbusing a sed command.06:01
dr_williscub short answer - you  dont.  if you want a dock down there. you can use differnt docks for a panel06:01
bsmith093grep http:// * >> links this command works brilliantly , but one more thing, how do i get grep to not print the filenames?06:01
dr_willisgrep it again :) heh .. thats overkill06:02
dr_willisgrep has an option for that i  belive06:02
bsmith093actually not a huge deal, but thanks06:02
orbso pipe your output from the grepping through this: sed 's/http/\nhttp/g'06:02
bsmith093one thing though, will grep complain if i use it recursively and there are spaces in the filename06:03
dr_willisspaces in filenames are often a bother.06:03
dr_willisthis is one would use find, or xargs often06:03
shortstraw8This might be a forum question but does anyone use aptitude for installing pkgs? if so is it really that much better?06:03
cubok thanks dr_jesus06:03
dr_willisshortstraw8:  its best to avoid aptitude06:03
FloodBot1cub: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.06:03
cubyou've been very helpful06:03
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TheLordOfTimeshortstraw8, aptitude doesn't work with multiarch avoid it06:03
TheLordOfTimeshortstraw8, avoid aptitude and use apt-get.06:03
TheLordOfTimeand related fucntions06:04
shortstraw8TheLordOfTime,  dr_willis  tahnk you! Just happened to stumble on it in searching.06:05
dr_willisaptitide has some neat features.. but unfortunatly itgs not surviveing the  changes made in the rest of the os very well06:06
tekkbuzzcub: you make like: Mint w/ Cinnamon06:06
dr_willisif you want an old skool type desktop - lubuntu works well06:07
shortstraw8TheLordOfTime,  dr_willis   Sorry again what about mutt?06:07
tekkbuzzcub: that's Ubuntu Mint.06:07
dr_willisshortstraw8:  the  email client? do you  need a console based email client?06:07
dr_willisMint is not ubuntu. ;)06:08
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dr_willisits not supported here.. and neither is cinnamon06:08
dr_willismint has its own shpport channale06:08
tekkbuzzit's a derivative built on Ubuntu.06:09
dr_willistekkbuzz:  that means its not ubuntu.06:09
the_dark_knightHi, which is the best python api doc generator? Couldn't join the #python channel. please help06:09
dr_willisthe_dark_knight:  you may need to regiester your  nick to join many  channels.06:09
ubottuInformation about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode06:09
kunjiJust as Ubuntu is built on Debian, somehow I don't think the Debian folks get bothered by very many Ubuntu support questions.06:10
Tex_Nickcub : unity just doesn't support placing the clock at the bottem of the screen ... you might look at cairo-dock desktop enviornment ... it might give you a clock down there06:10
cubamazingly im able to run a nice looking gui on here .... cant run win7 or 8 but can run this heh06:10
cubcairo-dock.. ok06:10
dr_willisI imagine #debian  refers all ubuntu questions here. ;)06:10
kunjicub: or cairo-clock, I missed the beginning of that conversation though06:11
tekkbuzzdr_willis: http://www.linuxmint.com/about.php , based on "Based on Debian and Ubuntu"06:11
kunjidr_willis: I'm sure they do, I just don't think they get very many of them, they're probably all asking here already06:12
dr_willistekkbuzz:  yes.  its based on.. tht does not make it 'ubuntu'06:12
TheLordOfTimetekkbuzz, mint is not a supported derivative of ubuntu.  It may be based on ubuntu but its not Ubuntu.  Just like Ubuntu is based off of Debian, but is not Debian.06:12
dr_willisPuppylinux has a very radical   disrto that uses ubuntu repos... its not supported here either. ;)06:12
kunjitekkbuzz: After all, this isn't "Debian Ubuntu"06:13
dr_willisneither is the 1000+ other ubuntu variants06:13
dr_willisLubuntu,kubuntu,xubuntu,ubuntu, and i think 1 or 2 ithers are consuiderd official06:13
kunjiIf you can't get it from ubuntu.com I'm pretty sure support doesn't come from here.06:14
tekkbuzzI Never said it was supported here, I was merely making a sugestion for someone having a problem learning and Mint is easy and the apps all install to it just fine.06:14
dr_willisYou called it 'ubuntu mint' and  thats incorrect.06:14
tekkbuzzIt's based on Ubuntu and that is correct.06:15
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dr_willisthe name is not 'ubuntu mint'06:15
tekkbuzzit's Linux Mint06:16
=== hussain is now known as harvey_dent
tekkbuzzbased on Ubuntu based on linux.06:16
dr_willisand linux was based on minix06:16
karmakosmikkHello, how to install tar.gz? I am trying to run dwarf fortress06:16
tekkbuzzand minux based on unix06:16
dr_williskarmakosmikk:  normally you extract the files and look at the extrated files06:16
dr_willisthere shold be a readme, and perhaps some executables to run06:17
kunjitekkbuzz: That's another can of worms, that's a different meaning of based on, Linux is actually part of Ubuntu, now you're talking the foundation meaning of base instead of the derivative work sort of meaning.06:17
kunjitekkbuzz: Also, don't you mean minix?  The Tannenbaum one, or is this something else I haven't heard of.06:18
dr_williskarmakosmikk:  that a humble bundle game?06:18
tekkbuzzI was only trying to help cub, get a hold on Linux. Want me to say sorry, im sorry for saying Mint.06:18
karmakosmikkno, it is free06:18
karmakosmikkin their netsite06:18
dr_williskarmakosmikk:  normal method if its precompiled. extract files to a directory, cd to the dir.. run the game06:19
kunjitekkbuzz: Nah, an apology isn't necessary, we know you were trying to help, it's just that what you were saying wasn't really correct so we wanted to make sure it was ironed out, all clear.06:19
diverdudeHello, I have a directory with around 800.000 images. Whenever i do eog /path/to/image/in/imagedir.png it takes a long time to open. Could that be due to the large amount of images in the directory?06:20
dr_willisdiverdude:  could be its generting some previews or somthing06:20
kunjidiverdude: Possible, but more likely, how big is the png?06:20
diverdudekunji, 2.3MB06:21
kunjidiverdude: If  you move one to a different directory, does it take just as long to open?06:21
diverdudekunji, ah good idea06:21
diverdudekunji, no its way faster06:22
diverdudein different dir06:22
kunjidiverdude: Well, then I guess it does have something to do with it, I guess I just thought finding the file would have been faster.06:22
diverdudemy images are named "image[somenumber].png", like: "image1292939.png".  Is there an easy way to copy all images image[somenumber].png to image[somelargernumber].png to a dir?06:24
dr_willisdiverdude:  theres numerout bulk rename tools -    i often use qmv, for a cli tool. but its a bit overkill for that06:25
dr_willis!info rename-utils06:25
ubottuPackage rename-utils does not exist in quantal06:25
dr_willis!info renameutils06:25
ubotturenameutils (source: renameutils): Programs to make file renaming easier. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.12.0-1 (quantal), package size 123 kB, installed size 645 kB06:25
diverdudedr_willis, hmm i dont want to rename anything. I just want to copy a set of files to another directory06:25
dr_willisdiverdude:   you wanted to change the name form what i saw06:26
diverdudedr_willis, no i want to copy X images to another directory06:26
dr_willisimage9somenumber0.png to image(somebiggerniumber).  you mean amove RANGE  of files06:27
diverdudedr_willis, copy all images in the range image[somenumber].png to image[somelargernumber].png to another directory06:27
dr_willisbash supports regular exporessions for that06:27
dr_willistest regular expressions with echo first.. and if you do to  many at a time. you can fill up the bash command buffer.06:28
dr_willishow large a range?06:28
dr_willisit may be better to use a loop.06:28
diverdudedr_willis, hmm not so many. maybe 10-20 is ok06:29
cubone more q06:29
dr_willisid just cheat and use mc. and move them over ;)06:29
cubis there any way to get some scrollbars to always show, instead of me having to hoover my mouse over where the scroll thingy is06:29
cubfor the actual scale t show06:29
dr_williscub heres a setting to have the scrollbars always show.. but i cant recall its name06:30
cubok so there is a setting06:30
cublet me check for it06:30
dr_willisthe omgubuntu or webupd8 site have a lot of tweaking guides06:30
cubty dr_willis06:30
dr_willisim so used to scrollbars now - i dont even notice them gone06:31
bsmith093dr_willis: does grep alter files, or just search through them?06:31
dr_willisgrep does not alter files..06:31
bsmith093k thanks06:31
dr_willisI recall a  'gres' script/command  that could do grep and replacements in files... but havent seen that in ages06:31
tekkbuzzcub: there's alot of extra packages out there to tweak unity because some people think it's awkward.06:31
dr_willissed/awk are normally used to alter files06:32
cubno kidding06:32
cubi cant find the screen saver setting either06:32
dr_williscub gnome basically has gotten rid of screen savers. ;) it just blanks..06:33
dr_willisthe settings tool has a serch box i belive06:33
tripelbi heard there is an ubuntu without unity called mint. if so i wpuld like it. but cam o.use rwg06:33
cubthats pretty messed up gee06:33
cubwhat were the developers thinking!06:33
dr_williscub what? theres not really been much in the screensaver area for ages....06:33
dr_willisif you want fancy screensavers check out the xscreensavers package06:34
cubpretty soon they are going to remove terminal too...06:34
dr_willisgnome hasent really had any actual 'settings' tool to do more then just select a screen saver for years06:34
cubnot to go off topic, and im not a fan of linux in particular but honestly, no offense to anyone, it seems they are making this more and more like windows or mac...06:34
tripelbi heard there is an ubuntu without unity called mint. if so i would like it. but can I use normal ubuntu with gnome 2 ??r06:34
kunjitripelb: that's not an Ubuntu, we talked about that just recently06:35
Tex_Nickdiverdude : for bash specefic help you might try #bash06:35
dr_williscub they are trying to make it where the common people can use it? wow. ;)06:35
cublike for basic computer users ... colorful , bright, full of graphics, but annoying for us old schoolers06:35
cubdr_willis, seems like it06:35
dr_willisthe old skool stuff is still there06:35
kunjitripelb: But Lubuntu, Xubuntu, and Kubuntu are not using Unity as far as I know06:35
cubi could use kde, but kde is slow06:35
dr_willisYou could use Lubuntu if you want old skool06:35
cubwell guess i'll google how to enable the scroll button06:35
kunjiLXDE is not slow06:35
kunjiNor is XFCE06:36
karmakosmikkhow much actually is the speed difference between xubu and lubu?06:36
kunjiOr you could just install your own window manager06:36
karmakosmikki have 1 gig netbook and now running lubuntu06:36
dr_williskarmakosmikk:  i saw some benchmarks of the 4 desktops  a year+ ago.. its often more about resources used then 'speed' wiich is a little hard to measure06:36
karmakosmikkah ok06:37
dr_willislubuntu definatyyly used the least resources06:37
kunjikarmakosmikk: I'm sure you can find some metrics if you google a bit, LXDE I think is lightest on the RAM use06:37
karmakosmikkyes it is totally light06:37
tripelbkunji i am sorry i was not here for that conversation. can you sum it.. mint not Ubuntu ...06:37
dr_willisxfce and gnome-2 were close to the same. with xfce being a little lower06:37
dr_willisive not seen any benchmarks for 12.+ releases06:38
karmakosmikki fell love in crunchbang but it does not seem to recognize my mobile network06:38
kunjitripelb: Mint is derived from Ubuntu in the way that Ubuntu is derived from Debian, it is different in many ways and is not done by the same people.06:38
tripelbi met ubuntu 606:38
Tex_Nickcub : guess it's a matter of perspective ... i've been thinking for the past year that windoze is getting more like ubuntu ;-)06:38
dr_willisyou can install openbox on ubuntu and havce the basics of crunchbang ;)06:38
cubis the scroll thign called "overlays"?06:38
dr_williscub sounds right.06:39
cubokay well i changed it i think06:39
karmakosmikkdoes openbox install mess anyway system? can i for example install openbox in lubuntu for my netbook06:39
cubi guess i need to restart xchat to find out for sure06:39
mechelle69i have a HUGE problem...I am not a programmer and should never have bought a computer with Ubuntu preloaded06:39
=== dankest is now known as dankest|away
dr_williskarmakosmikk:  lxde/lubuntu uses openbox. :)06:39
mechelle69can someone help me with a grub> prompt06:39
karmakosmikkahaa :D06:39
karmakosmikkok, well crunch just have modified it06:40
Tex_Nick!ask | mechelle6906:40
ubottumechelle69: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience06:40
karmakosmikkseems that unetbootin does not work well with all linux iso's?06:40
tripelbi met ubuntu 6.1 and the desktop was transparent to me. it was all good except for synaptric ?? the program asser. i never ever mase ir work.  i am.an apt-get girl. .. oh yeah and gimp. :*06:41
tripelb:* the face of an unpleasant taste.06:43
mechelle69i just got a dell vostro with ubuntu and couldn't remember my password so I tried to reset it and ended up in a screen similar to a dos screen and set system, admin, and hdd passwords then I got something about a minimal bash line editing and a grub>06:43
Tex_Nicktripelb : so, do you have a specific ubuntu related support question ?06:44
mechelle69how do i get my os back up and running?  i can't get out of this screen06:44
tripelbso if mint is not ubuntu i will find out how to go For gnome... or learn unity06:44
dr_willismechelle69: you have data on it you want to keep?06:45
mechelle69no i just got the computer yesterday06:45
dr_willisgnome shell is installable on ubuntu06:45
dr_willismechelle69:  if it came with some disks you could reinstall the os.06:46
tripelbTex_Nick: i aaws ud mint was thw aame aa ubuntu and i was tild i.missed the.conversation about that. So i.am trying to find out what i missed .. and +206:46
dr_willismechelle69:  and check out the fixgrub wiki page06:47
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)06:47
mechelle69i am so lost.  i should have just stuck with windows.  i thought it would be cool to try something new...and no disks to reinstall with...also my husband burned one and still can't get passed this06:47
dr_willisyou may gave burnt it wrong or its not set to boot the cd06:48
mechelle69it is GNU GRUB version 1.99-21ubuntu3.106:49
tripelband (2) this 11.04 diak stopped.because it was not online. and.. can i split up.the.windows partition06:49
subdesignoh yeah with 3.5.0-22 no internet (no lan, no wifi) :-/06:49
dr_willismechelle69: dells website may have a cd image you can download also06:49
mechelle69okay...i will try there and let you know06:50
bipulHave any one used Emulation in ubuntu (Network Simulation with Emulation in ubuntu).06:50
dr_willisim not going to ask how you frogot your password in 1 day.... :-)06:50
serp__i do it all the time06:51
dr_willischeap of dell to not unclude a cd06:51
serp__if i remember it for one day though it will stick06:51
tripelbTex_Nick:sorry tiny phone keypad. sid you understand the 3 questions, especially about -- > can i split the windows partition and not lose windows06:52
serp__unclude? they certainly did unclude the cd!06:52
tripelbDell will send disks06:53
Tex_Nicktripelb : what exactly are you trying to do ... linux distro ? dual boot ? etc ...06:54
tripelbTex_Nick: yep. just got someone's old computer with Windows XP. I want to add ubuntu as a dual boot. Right.06:55
bsmith093is it possible to only grep the first 50 lines or so? the matches im looking for, will be header-like parts of text files06:56
Tex_Nicktripelb : ok, old computer ... what size is the hard drive06:56
wald0what is the name of the ubuntu live installer ?06:57
dr_williswald0:  you mean the insggaller that installs the OS to the hard drive? or the iso to a usb?06:58
Tex_Nicktripelb : you need to make sure the hard drive has enough free space to install another os :)06:59
dr_willisbsmith093:  use head to  send only the first 50 lines to grep06:59
bsmith093dr_willis: can head be recursive and does it whine about files with spaces in the name?06:59
FlowRiserhey all, i'm having a bit of a problem on my netbook running Ubuntu12.04; If i try to get sources through sudo apt-get source foo; i get "You must put some 'source' URIs in your sources.list"07:00
tripelbTex_Nick: right now i have 11.04 the drive is 60G and has a 40 and 20 appx partitions. i think the second is for backup.07:00
wald0dr_willis: the os to the hard drive07:01
Tex_Nicktripelb : when you say you now have 11.04 ... does that mean that the pc already has win xp & ubuntu installed ?07:03
tripelbTex_Nick: i was thinking if ubuntu can read.write a win.type partition07:03
FlowRisertripelb, of course it can ... it can format in fat32 or ntfs07:04
wald0what is the name of the ubuntu live installer ? (iso to hard-disk)07:04
NielsMknI wanted to use my android tablet's wifi connection to access interent on my pc. Any idea how to do this?07:04
FlowRiserwald0, wubi installer07:04
wald0FlowRiser: this is for windows07:04
wald0i mean the one is run in live mode07:04
lolmausI've got Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Minimal. I would like my server to be able to send emails to me (e. g. when RAID fails). I don't need any other email functionality. What is the simpliest way to configure that?07:04
FlowRiserwald0, all cds from ubuntu run in live mode07:05
wald0FlowRiser: the name of the installer07:05
tripelbno Tex_Nick i have a computer w xp 40g and backup partition 20g. appx size. -- the newest livecd i have is 11.04 but maybe thats ik07:05
FlowRiserwald0, download ubuntu 12.04 LTS iso, burn it; boot in live mode07:05
Tex_Nicktripelb : that can be done ... but we need to knowe your exact build now ... unless you just want to clean install windows & ubuntu07:05
cubhow do i select all in terminal07:06
wald0FlowRiser: i want to know the NAME of the INSTALLER07:06
tripelbis that "my exact  b???uild" -- new term ti me07:06
cubfor example "ctrl+a"07:06
fuzzykingI just installed pinguy 11.04 and am unable to download updates. When i use the update manager i get E: Encountered a section with no Package: header07:07
fuzzykingE: Problem with MergeList /var/lib/apt/lists/deb.paissad.net_dists_unstable_main_binary-amd64_Packages07:07
fuzzykingE: The package lists or status file could not be parsed or opened.07:07
Tex_Nicktripelb : do you have the pc turned on now07:07
FlowRiserwald0, it doesn't have a name, cause it's not an installer07:07
tripelbno but what do you qant to know ill be thwrw in a jif. actuallt it us on07:08
tripelbis on Tex_Nick07:08
Tex_Nicktripelb : if so how much free space do you have on the C drive07:08
wald0i can't believe that...07:09
wald0guys, is so hard to tell me the NAME of the INSTALLER of ubuntu that  is launched in LIVE MODE ???07:09
tripelbTex_Nick: free space 40% oe 60 in the larger partition and i say all of the smaller can be freed.07:10
* wald0 feels frustrated07:10
FlowRiserwald0, you are being difficult; i already told you there isn't one that i know of. Get the iso from the ubuntu website, burn it, boot into live mode.07:10
wald0LOL wtf ? are you guys joking me ?07:10
wald0nobody has never installed ubuntu in the hard disk ?07:11
FlowRiserwald0, please refrain yourself, and get your terms straight.07:11
FlowRiserwald0, live mode means running directly from a usb or cd/dvdrom07:11
mechelle69dr. willis: well, i can find no cd or download on the dell site and i looked up the !fixgrub...which, of course, makes no sense to me at all.  when i try to enter anything it says "unkown command"07:12
Tex_Nicktripelb : will you want to add more windows applications in the future ?07:12
dr_williswald0:  ubiquity is the insaller the live ce usews to install the os07:12
dr_willis!fixgrub | mechelle6907:13
ubottumechelle69: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)07:13
dr_willismechelle69:  !stuff are bot commands in the channel07:13
wald0dr_willis: ooh, finally! thank you !07:13
wald0FlowRiser: see, was not so hard !07:14
dr_willismechelle69:  you are at the grub  shell. ive no idea how you managed to reset the system and break it that way07:14
Tex_Nicktripelb : it's kinda a small harddrive for dual boot ... can be done though ... some considerations need to be made though07:14
dr_willismechelle69:  you should be able to use any ubuntu cd and reinstgtall the os if all else fails07:14
wald0i can't believe that people confuses "live" with "install" and with "windows"07:14
dr_williswald0:  theres anotehr tool that  does a live install onto a usb...07:14
dr_willisso  it was a little vague07:14
tripelbTex_Nick: at the computer. windows part. is 35/52 free. Backup part. 18.2/18.3G free07:15
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mechelle69it will take the command "ls" and I get (memdisk" (hd0) (hd0,msdos5) (hd0,msdos3) (hd0,msdos2) (hd0,msdos1) (hd1)07:15
jiridoicons ubuntu or lubuntu use are they gtk icons?07:16
dr_williswald0:  if you mean the tool that installs ubuntu INSIDE windows into a  full session on the windows Hard drive.. that would be  'wubi'07:16
dr_willismechelle69:  you are at teh GRUB shell. not the actual OS07:16
tripelbtex ok am listening. I'll  be glad to have it. or...07:16
dr_willismechelle69:  you need to boot  a live cd and try to repair the system07:16
dr_willismechelle69:  there is a 'boot-repair' live cd that has the tools built in. or any ubuntu cd should also let you do the repair07:17
tripelbTex_Nick: i have a sata drive with 10.04 here but this computer is too old for sata07:17
Tex_Nicktripelb : you could install ubuntu 12.04 on the backup partition without having to mess with the windows partition07:18
Tex_Nicktripelb : what are the specs of that pc ... make & model ?07:19
mechelle69my husband had burned the disk...it won07:20
mechelle69t wont' do anything07:20
dr_willismechelle69:  and its very likely he did it wrong.07:20
mechelle69still at the same screan07:20
dr_willismechelle69:  look on the disk.. what files are on it07:20
dr_willisif you see a single whatever.iso file.. he did it wrong07:20
mechelle69i have to move it to this computer to do that...brb07:20
Tex_Nickwe would want to make it's not a dinosaur ;-)07:21
tripelbTex_Nick: will 11.04 worl with no internet connection? ditto for 12.0407:21
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tripelbTex_Nick: will 11.04 work too? with no internet connection? ditto for 12.0407:22
Tex_Nicktripelb : an internet connection would be the BEST option ... because when you install ... it would download necessary drivers07:22
Tex_Nicktripelb : can you connect it to the intwernet07:23
mechelle69files are .disk, casper, install,preseed, boot, dists, isolinux, pool, and some documents: md5sum, autorun, readmediskdefines, and wubi07:24
dr_willismechelle69:  any idea what tool he used to burn it?07:24
dr_willismechelle69:  and do you have a flash drive of 1gb+ in size?07:24
tripelbTex_Nick: i do not have one. for the moment my phone is my hotspot- at like dialip.speed07:24
mechelle69he used infrarecorder07:25
dr_willismechelle69:  thats goodll so most likely the issue is you need to tell the pc to boot the  cd then from the bios menus07:25
mechelle69how do i do that07:26
Tex_Nicktripelb : if you only have a 11.04 disk ... i would recommend you just boot into it to see if it looks like it will work ok07:26
dr_williswatch it boot up. try the esc, f1, f2, del, backspace keys (it may say what to use) to get to the bios to make the cdrom the first boot device07:26
tripelbTex_Nick: no internet here. no car to transport. No. Not even a wireless card in this 2002 computer07:26
tripelbTex_Nick: ok o will. be07:27
tripelbTex_Nick: ok o07:27
Tex_Nicktripelb : i'm sorry ... but did you say you have a cd or dvd with 11.04 on it ?07:28
tripelbTex_Nick: too late i keep hitting send.07:28
tripelbltee later07:28
wald0dr_willis: how is possible that an installer application has listed 2735 bugs ? it is so bad ? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubiquity07:30
dr_williswald0:   think of all the varity of comptuers.. and if it  dosent allow for every quirk  of every pc.. it could be considered a bug.07:31
mechelle69there is about half a second where it says F2 Setup and F12 Boot options...but it will not respond to either...it goes directly t a service tag: 4G5WHW1 and asks for the system password07:31
dr_willisand all the vsarity of ways to install the os07:31
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mechelle69all i want to do is scream and throw the laptop...i will have to call dell tomorrow and have them take this thing back, which means another 2 weeks without a laptop...all because I wanted to try something other than Windows07:37
mechelle69i give up, thanks for trying to help, dr. willis07:37
dr_willissystem password? You set a system password?07:38
dr_willismechelle69:    so you should hit F12 then enter the password..07:38
dr_willisthen tell it to boot the cd07:39
jiridomechelle69, Cool off.. it will be alright..07:39
dr_willisno idea why you set a system password. ;)07:39
mechelle69F12 does nothing...it will let me enter the password and then asks for the hdd password which i enter and then i get a flash of someting that says error prefix and then i get the GNU GRUB version with minimal bash-like line editing message and the grub> prompt07:40
mechelle69set both passwords when i was trying to reset my admin password ;0(07:41
dr_willissounds like you may be entering a password wrong..  I never set those passwords07:41
dr_willisthere may be some way to reset the bios to remove the passwords07:41
mechelle69it won't let me enter an incorrect password and move on.07:42
mechelle69ok, i got to the setup utility07:43
mechelle69what do i do from here07:43
meghacan i use dwm and awesome with ubuntu ?07:45
dr_willisset it to boot from the cd first07:45
dr_willisand id remove all the passwords   that you set for the hd/bios07:45
dr_willismegha:  theres dozens of window managers int he repos you can install07:45
=== black is now known as Guest93428
dr_willis!info dwm07:46
ubottudwm (source: dwm): dynamic window manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 6.0-4 (quantal), package size 79 kB, installed size 219 kB07:46
dr_willis!info awsome07:46
ubottuPackage awsome does not exist in quantal07:46
dr_willis!info awsom07:46
ubottuPackage awsom does not exist in quantal07:46
dr_willis;) no ideas how its spelt07:46
meghathanks dr_willis :)07:47
Guest93428hi, i cant shudown my ubuntu, how do i short list the cluprit07:48
BlkrdoCant shutdown ubuntu what to do?07:49
dr_willispress and hold the power button. ;)07:50
BlkrdoHa,ha! Other than that?07:50
dr_willisyou meanyou tell it to shutdown.. it shuts down but fails to power off? or what exactly07:50
BlkrdoNo it just hangs at the splash07:51
fidelBlkrdo: and how are you actually trying to 'shutdown' it?07:51
somsip!awesomewm | megha07:51
somsip!info awesomewm07:51
ubottuPackage awesomewm does not exist in quantal07:51
BlkrdoUsing the gui07:51
mechelle69i can't delete the passwords ... this is Aptio Setup Utility - American Mega Trends, Inc.  I have main, advanced, security, boot  and exit tabs but at the bottom there are directions for movment and how to select an item...also says F9 to lad defults...should I do that cuz i am afraid to touch anything at this point07:52
fidelBlkrdo: i would try to jump to a tty and shutdown it using the 'halt' or 'shutdown' command at that point07:52
dr_willislog out to the Lightdm login screen and try the shutdown  option from there.07:52
somsipmegha: it does exist, but the bot is complaining about it: http://packages.ubuntu.com/quantal/awesome07:52
dr_willisf9 should reset the passwords i would imagine07:52
dr_willis or under security may be a way to reset them07:52
dr_willisbut as long as you rember them and can get in.. it dosent matter07:52
=== memand1 is now known as memand
dr_willisuse the boot item to set it to boot from cd first07:53
BlkrdoFidel: ya that is an option,but it isnt practical for daily use,i am sure its because certain application isnt closing,how to search for it?07:53
fidelBlkrdo: i ment for the current situation.07:54
dr_willisan app not closeing - wont keep it from powering down..07:54
cubhow do i change the mouse cursor color on ubuntu 12.0407:54
dr_willisthe system will kill it off anyway07:54
kunjidr_willis: She set the system password, in the bios?07:54
=== gary_ is now known as Guest86694
fidelBlkrdo: and then i was asking how you try to shutdown it - using the ui doesnt really answer it - as you could use a ton of different ui's07:54
dr_willisits possible its saying 'its now safe to power off the pc' under the splash screen that you cant see07:54
dr_williskunji:  aparently07:55
mechelle69i can set them to something new but they have to be replace...boot screen choices: file browser add boot option, file browser del boot option secure bood (disabled), load legacy option rom (endabled) boot option #1 UEFI OS, boot option #2 UEFI: IP4 realteck PCI GBE Family Controller and the last option is IP607:55
kunjidr_willis: Those are usually to prevent tampering, so resetting via the bios isn't going to work, she'll have to open it up and clear the CMOS, not sure if laptops always provide the pins for that, so it might be necessary to remove the little watch style battery to do so.07:56
dr_willismechelle69:  somehow you set it to boot from the cdrom. #107:56
BlkrdoFidel: the standard one in ubuntu from the top panel07:56
fidelBlkrdo: so using unity i assume?07:56
BlkrdoFidel: ya07:56
BlkrdoFidel: do you think syslog will help07:57
dr_williskunji:  aparently she set it from some utilty dell put on the thing..   but its not clear on what all has been done to it07:57
kunjidr_willis: Ah, if she was able to change that, then it's not the bios password that was set, but I think booting from cdrom as first priority is normally the default.07:57
kunjidr_willis: Hmm, should still happen after the bios though, so can't she get to a liveCD environment then?07:58
mechelle69ok i had the set up locked so that is now unlocked i don't know what option is the cd rom...itcan i add that as an option07:58
dr_willismechelle69:  using the bios menus or that F12 key you should be able to set the cd to be the first bootable device.07:59
dr_willisthere may be some pull down menus, or places to click to change the boot order08:00
dr_willisyou will most likely want to order to be #1 cdrom #2 uefi OS08:00
mechelle69here are my choices to set order...cd/dvd drive, network, hard drive, usb storage device, diskette drive...and that is not the current order08:02
FRO5Tnetwork lol08:02
mechelle69and should secure boot be disabled08:02
dr_willisyou need to set the cd/dvd to be fiirst..   then that hard drive08:02
dr_williskeep secure boot disabled08:02
kunjiGo for cd/dvd drive, hard drive, anything else for now08:02
BlkrdoWhat to look for if standard unity gui cant shutdown your laptop! Its kind of hanging with the splash visible,behind it the last line is some thin about postgresql,and its stuck there!08:03
dr_williscd, usb, hard drive, would be good also08:03
Tex_Nickkunji : wandered off for a bit ... just looked at screen ... something about resetting bios on laptop ... hey most users will njever get a laptop apart and back together again ... for removing the button battery that is08:03
FRO5Tyeah cd/dvd then your drive, network booting is useless08:03
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!08:03
dr_willisBlkrdo:  use the text option, and the 'nosplash' option to disable the splash screens so you can see the error messages08:03
kunjiTex_Nick: I know, most users also won't set the BIOS password though.08:03
mechelle69okay now that i have changed that do i exit08:04
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dr_willismechelle69:  be sure to SAVE changes then exit08:04
mechelle69oops save aconfigurationa nd reset?  right08:04
dr_willisit may ask to save them08:04
kunjiBlkrdo: You know, I was having that issue, but an update fixed it at some point, are all your packages up to date?  Also see if the logs say anything, though logging might be off before the point where the hang occurs.08:05
Tex_Nickkunji : a shortcut i've used in the past is to ... remove the primary battery ... place a piece of plastic over the contacts ... then place some aluminum foil over the plastic ... reinsert the battery for a minute or mabe less08:05
mechelle69OMG...i am getting a purple screen08:05
=== Guest48582 is now known as _dd
mechelle69i'm gonna cry ... i love you...it's back up08:05
dr_willisnow you need to either fix the installed os.. (may e quicker)  or reinstall08:06
dr_willissee the !fixgrub wiki page. and check out the boot-repair tool08:06
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)08:06
Tex_Nickkunji : the bios button battery is connected to the primary battery ... so when you do that it shorts out the bios battery long enough for the bios to be cleared ... the cmos memory that is08:06
kunjiTex_Nick: huh, I wouldn't have expected that, good to know.08:07
BlkrdoDr_willis: thank you08:09
mechelle69i am afraid to even turn this thing off...08:09
the_gamerhow to find out which live-cd uses what kernelversion?08:09
Tex_Nickjust make sure the plastic doesn't have a teat in it ... other wise primary battery will melt thealuminum foil ... maby explode the battery @,@08:09
Tex_Nickteat = tear08:10
mechelle69dr. willis: thanks...good night08:10
FRO5Tuname -a08:10
FRO5Tthe_gamer: uname -a08:11
the_gamerFRO5T, i more meant before even downloading the image. is that possible?08:11
FRO5TThat information should be placed in front of the page where you will download the distro08:12
kunjithe_gamer: Hmm, that would actually be good to know.08:12
kunjithe_gamer: I'm not sure if it stays the same though, don't the livecds get updated every now and then during the life of the release?08:13
the_gamerFRO5T, i counldn't find it on ubuntu.com08:13
FRO5Tthe_gamer 12.04 desktop/server , 12.10 desktop/server ?08:14
the_gamerthat is the version of ubuntu, not the kernel...08:14
=== rakesh_ is now known as Guest17769
FRO5Tthe_gamer for which one you would like to know08:15
kunjithe_gamer: I think he was asking if those are the ones you're looking to find the kernel of right now08:15
bipulDoes any one on ubuntu has used  network emulation for capturing live network traffic ?08:15
the_gameryes. but for every version downloadable it would be best. is there a table anywhere?08:15
FRO5T12.04 kernel 3.2, 12.10 3.508:16
MoL0ToVsomeone know if is possible to add a samba4 server, then join all ubuntu clients to domain? to have remote homes on the samba server, including the desktop settings, and authenticate remotely on samba server on clients lightdm. as a windows AD server.. is possible? if yes, i delete windows from my 200 pc and instal ONLY ubuntu.08:17
kunjithe_gamer: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Ubuntu_releases#Ubuntu_12.10_.28Quantal_Quetzal.2908:17
kunjithe_gamer: There is a table that has the kernel versions08:17
FRO5Tsamba for ubuntu clients ^^^^08:17
the_gamerthanks :)08:17
mechelle69dr. willis:  ubuntu is back up but i still have the problem of not knowing my admin password  is there any easy way to reset it08:19
dr_willismechelle69:   what do you  mean by admin password?08:20
kunjiYes indeed there is, .. but I forget how off hand, you mean the password for your user right?08:20
mechelle69when ubuntu comes up it has the choice of Michelle or guest session Michelle requires a password ...this is where my original trouble began08:20
kunjiYeah, the user password08:21
meghadr_willis: i can't find mate or cinnamon08:21
meghaare they available on ubuntu ?08:22
FRO5Tubuntu is unity based08:22
kunjidr_willis: Do you need to chroot first to do that or not?  I forget.08:23
meghaFRO5T: that means i can't use any other DE on it ?08:23
FRO5Tyes.. that's pitty I know08:23
kunjimegha: You can use other ones08:23
dr_willismegha:  because those are not in the repos.. and not supported by ubuntu08:23
dr_willistheres a reset password wiki page08:23
dr_willismegha:  you can install dozens of de and wes if you wanted to08:24
FRO5Tmegha, you can have a look to snowlinux or mint08:24
dr_willisid avoid  mate and cinnimon, :)08:24
meghaok will try other ones.08:24
kunjimegha: They aren't in the repos, so not supported, but it's certainly possible to do it, this just probably isn't the place to ask as the aren't supported.08:24
meghaok kunji08:24
dr_willisive defainatly seen people come in here after install ing mate or cinnimon and have broken ubuntu systems08:25
FRO5Tdr_willis are you kde lover ?08:25
kunjimegha: There are other supported DEs though, such as LXDE, XFCE, and KDE08:25
dr_willisI use the default unity setup for the most part08:25
kunjimegha: and gnome shell08:25
dr_willisbeen toying with gnome-shell lately08:25
kunjimegha: Also you can still install gnome-panel for the gnome 2 look, though I don't know how long that will be supported for.08:26
meghakunji: that a nice thing to do08:27
dr_willisthe gnome fallback was schedules for removeale.. but im not sure if its still on schedule for that08:28
dr_willis I imagine its days are numbered08:28
FRO5Tit's outdated..08:29
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rigohi which vncserver uses by default the 5901 port?08:31
Tex_Nickkunji & dr_willis : you're saying gnome-panel will be deprecated shortly ?08:31
qwerkusHello; after the latest auto-upgrade this morning, my desktop refuses to reboot. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Symptoms: press power > grub loads > black screen... Failsafe mode also freezes08:32
kunjiTex_Nick: probably, honestly I think it only was around this long by popular demand08:32
=== atrius is now known as atrius_away
Tex_Nickkunji : jeeze i just reverted from unity to gnome classic a month ago ... story of my life ;-) thanks for the input though08:34
kunjiqwerkus: Can you get to a terminal via ctrl+alt+f1?  Or is the freeze still before GRUB passes over control?  Any luck booting from a liveCD or liveUSB?08:35
qwerkuskunji>: no, tty terms do not work. Grub seems to work fine; the freezing must happen afterwards.  LiveCD works fine: i can access to my files08:36
qwerkusas a matter of fact, I'm chrooted into the broken system via livecd right now08:37
tekkbuzzrigo: the 5901 port is the first virtual desktop and 5902 would be the second, 5900 would be the default one.08:37
qwerkusany thought about how to diagnose the problem ?08:37
kunjiqwerkus: Hmm, well you've gotten as far as my knowledge would take you.  I guess check your logs, they might have info on what point in the boot the failure occured.  Other than that I don't know, but that might give some direction if there's something there.  Unfortunately though I need to sleep (3:40 A.M. here).08:40
dr_willisTex_Nick:  i recall some postings/blogs about hwo the next gnome was to remive the  thing.. but i seem to recall reading it got a stay of executaion so to epeak08:40
qwerkus<kunji>: thanks for your help08:40
kunjiqwerkus: nights, oh, and logs are in /var/log/08:41
kunjidr_willis: mind picking this one up?  I need to sleep08:42
dr_willisim at work and am about to go on a job.. so i  havent been paying attention. ;)08:42
Tex_Nickdr_willis : hey thanks for that ... i just kinda got tired of unity ... so many other options to choose from though ... thank you for the info :-)08:43
kunjidr_willis: oh, nvm then, it's probably not a short one, hopefully someone here can help though08:43
dr_willisif the failsafe/fallback/recovery console freezes... that is bad08:43
kunjiqwerkus: Well, if no one else is available, I'll probably be back on tomorrow08:43
dr_willismight try an older kenrel from the grub menus to see if that works08:43
dr_willisi cant think of anything else that wold do the freezing.. unless theres some hw issue. or filesystem issue.08:44
geordeeIs it better to install 32-bit or 64-bit on and Core i3?08:47
qwerkusanyone else to figure how why my desktop freezes just after grub loads the kernel ?08:48
benkaiserHey guys, I am on 12.04 and I have to click on the desktop for any keyboard shortcuts to work after closing an application. Anyone know what could be causing this?08:49
=== ericab is now known as ericab_away
qwerkus<geordee> from what I know, you're always better off picking the software arch that matches your cpu. In your case: 64bits08:51
redwindcan anyone here help with vsftpd08:54
sopwhich filesystem should i choose while installing ubuntu ext3,4?08:54
Tex_Nick!ask | redwind08:55
ubotturedwind: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience08:55
qwerkus<sop>: depends on what you need08:57
qwerkusfast: btrfs08:57
qwerkusstable: ext308:57
qwerkuscompromise: ext408:57
sopqwerkus: i am installing lubuntu ext4 will work or not?08:57
qwerkus<sop> of course it will08:58
dr_willisext4 is the default fs normally08:58
sopok thanx08:58
redwindI have setup vsftp and I can login fine but when I go to transfer files it gives me "counld not start transfer"08:58
Tex_Nickredwind : hey ask your question ... someone here can probably helo or at least point you in a good direction :)08:59
redwindTeX_Nick : I already did09:00
redwindI have setup vsftp and I can login fine but when I go to transfer files it gives me "counld not start transfer"09:00
redwindI had to chmod the specific directory09:02
Tex_Nickredwind : sorry guee i need a cup of coffee ;-)09:02
redwindifs there a way to avoid having to chmod specific directories everytime09:02
dr_willisredwind:  what directory? what user are you using?09:04
redwindI m usign y defualt user to upload themes and manipulate the code for wordpress09:05
bug2000Hello. If I got a bunch of jpg's how do I create 1 pdf from them?09:05
dr_willisredwind:   uploading where exactly?09:07
redwindas of right now but I would like to venture ofther places in the future09:08
Tex_Nickbug2000 : if a cloud resource is ok for you, try ... http://convertjpgpdf.net/09:09
bug2000Tex_Nick, Thank you but it's not.09:10
bug2000Also I just found it convert *.jpg file.pdf -- imagemagick.09:10
dr_willisredwind:  i belive you want to use  the groups feature of linux/ubuntu to allow the user access to system directories like that.. not just chown/chmoding the dirs09:10
qwerkusok: which log records what happen during the last boot ?09:12
redwinddr_willis : thank you I will takw a look into that09:12
=== newbie is now known as Guest98894
Guest98894I add openDNS servers into /etc/resolv.conf, but after restart they disapeared? How to make these settings persistent? Maybe tor browser overwrite them ?09:19
XetiusGuest98894, I guess that resolv.conf is a file?  It's a link on my system to /run.resolvconf/resolv.conf09:22
icerootdo we have any working activesync clients in ubuntu for reading/sending mails on exchange 2010 which has only OWA+activesync enabled? evolution, kontact and thunderbird are not supporting activesync as it seems09:22
ryeGuest98894: set the nameservers in network manager configuration for your connection09:22
x0auserHey what's up guys, please i want to stream this radio www.europaplus.ru !  I used streamripper but dosen't work; have an error09:23
dr_willis!info tunapie09:25
ubottutunapie (source: tunapie): Lists audio and video streams from Shoutcast and Icecast. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.1.17-2.2 (quantal), package size 40 kB, installed size 229 kB09:25
dr_willisI think tunapie uses streamripper for its ripping features... but ive used it befor for stations09:25
rigois the msata interface just like the slim dvd interface?09:28
dr_willismsata is like a ssd on a memory chip sized package i thought.. no idea what a slimdvd interface is..09:28
alimjdr_willis: You are right. rigo: More info: http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/msata-ssd-flash,2948.html09:31
dr_willisalimj:  intel has some little desktop box comming out thsat uses them.09:32
rigogr8 only because the msata->sata converter costs 20euro and a slimdvdcable about 1.20 euro :D09:32
atlefi have one on my mainboard09:32
alimjdr_willis: I heard about them. Introduced in CES09:32
dr_willisstill no idea what a slimdvd is.. unless its some ultrabook spec09:33
alimjdr_willis: Slim DVDs are for notebooks09:34
rigohttp://www.laptopparts101.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/12/sata-vs-slimline-atapi-connecotr.jpg here09:34
rigoim looking for the cheapest and fastest quiet storage.09:34
dr_willisso i dont see how a slimddvd cablee would work for a msata  thing. ;)09:34
alimjrigo: Look into Tomshardware best SSD for money articles09:34
rigosystem is about max. 10 gib inclusive swap. of corse i can put the swap on my hdd too. so an 8gib would be more than enough.09:34
TheGreyo/ I have a blank disk and a RAID 1 setup with: md0 (swap), md1 (/) and md2 (home). I want to know how to A) Format my disk to accept data (i.e. setup probably the whole disk as ext4) B) rsync the files for the purposes of a backup. Much love and thanks..Grey09:35
alimjRigo: Also check this article  (If you can use normal 2.5" SSDs).09:36
rigodo u have any suggestions other than msata 16gib mini-drive?09:36
qwerkusIT WORKS! Yuhuuu. In cased anyone wonders: it was a graphic problem. Fglrx never again. Solve by purging the driver and reinstalling the xorg.server. Strange part is that I had to run a grub-update via livecd to get it to work again ?!09:36
benkaiserI am on 12.04 and I have to click on the desktop for any keyboard shortcuts (e.g. switching workspaces) to work after closing an application. Anyone know what could be causing this?09:36
dr_willisbenkaiser:  try  makign a new user - see if it afffects them also09:37
rigoi wouldnt like to spend more than 20euro on it.09:37
alimjrigo: In that case, you may use some small industrial SATA devices for IPCs09:37
rigoqwerkus: i installed this way and it'ts almost just fine: http://youresuchageek.blogspot.fr/2012/06/xbmc-install-and-config-howto-for-linux.html09:38
rigoi have my sys right now on my hdd but its "damn" noisy... i wouldnt like to hear that awful hdd-load-sound.. :D09:40
rigoi have an usb3.0 interface, but dont have any usb3.0device.09:41
Tex_Nickrigo : don't know what transfer rate you need ... but as far as cheap ... i've bought 4 32 GB microSMB cards with usb adapters in the past year for about $18 US ... i love them09:42
rigou mean microSD?09:43
rigousb2.0 is a bit slow for a whole ubuntu system i think.09:43
Tex_Nickrigo : typo ... yeah :)09:43
=== Kneferilis_ is now known as Kneferilis
rigoso pci-e or sata interface..09:45
icerootrigo: usb2.0 is able to transfer 60MByte/s which is fine for ubuntu. i am running different systems on a usb2.0 port (raspbian with xbmc, ubuntu with lxde desktop) its ok09:45
alimjRigo: I once worked with such a device for one IPC: http://ec.transcendusa.com/product/product_memory.asp?Cid=136 ; however, they are useful for Industrial PCs as the cost /MB is too high09:45
rigoim not sure that this would be enough Verbatim USB 8 GB Store 'n' Go V3 USB 3.009:45
rigothanks for the link! yep its a bit expensive.09:46
Tex_Nickrigo : i'm using one of them as a portable ubuntu boot ... to repair windoze box's ... it runs fast enough ... only thing i worry about is loosing it, it's so small :-)09:46
BorgsoGoing to put up a new home-fileserver, been doing it oldschool (ext3 or MD-raid) before but i see alot talk about ZFS. Is this something recomended as alternative to md-softraid?09:46
alimjRigo: USBs are cheaper. Yet they have less MTBF. They are also to slooow09:46
rigothe 8 gib usb3.0 looks the best solution now....09:47
rigoBUT if i get a 32gib msata drive for 20 it would be enough for me. but im not sure about that custom interface....09:47
Tex_Nickrigo : can't give you a good UK resource to purchace ... but in US www.newegg.com has great selection and price ... shipping might be BAD for you though :(09:48
rigoi only need the string what i have to search for :) i always find the cheapest way ;)09:48
cubhow do i change the cursor color in ubuntu 12.0409:49
rigohowever the msata converter is 16euro and the drive is 20 so its 36 together. for this price i can get a standard 64gib ssd vertex3..09:49
cubi cant find anything in the settings09:49
dr_williscub you mean the mouse pointer?09:50
dr_willisive seen it done with some cursor themes.. but the process seems flakey09:51
Tex_Nickrigo : isn't that a kick in the rear ... drives me crazy ... stuff like that :)09:51
dr_willisyou may want to check askubuntu.com see if they got  good guide09:51
cubi didnt have trouble doing it with 10.04 :\09:51
dr_willis10.04 was using gnome209:51
dr_willisi belive09:51
rigoi spent already too much on that shit...09:53
rigomy gf makes me crazy. "oh no u ordered some shit again for that THING?" :D09:53
rigoYES baby that THING is our life every fckn day 19:00 - 23:00 :D09:53
dr_willistell her  'sudo go make me some fried eggs and ham!'09:54
CrestedNewtrigo, in the UK have a look at http://www.lambda-tek.com/09:54
rigosudo lol09:54
cubdoesnt sound like the new gnome is very customizable09:54
szxwhat can I do about X freezes? happens like every day, I have to switch to TTY and do pkill X to make things work again09:55
tripelbTex_Nick: I installed 11.04 -- I do not have the hardware for unity. I should go "somewhere?"  and choose 'classic'. But where? -- S it boots me to something that looks like gnome but it is flakey. Not writing the screen correctly. Menus flicker don't stay. What next?09:56
dr_williscub it wasent ment to be09:56
cubwhat wasnt09:56
rigothanks checkin checkin' but like i saied i dont need a store, i need a product what is the cheapest way.09:56
dr_williscub but do you mean gnome-shell or unity. ;) since both run on top of the gnome ccore09:56
cubwell i found something09:57
cubsaid to use update-alternatives09:57
rigoszx u should check the log if why is it crahses.09:57
cubi selected DMZ black for the cursor theme09:57
cubwill find out on reboot if it worked09:57
szxrigo: which log09:57
rigoX log09:57
szxit doesn't seem to crash09:57
rigosome log should show something.09:58
rigoi suggest u to delete all logfiles, and if it chrashes, check them one-by-one to find out the reason of the chrash.09:58
cubwow unity is so annoying :\09:59
cubi hope i get used to it ..09:59
=== Geoff is now known as Guest13871
MonkeyDustcub  we all did10:00
cubwhere can i find the "computer" directory or w/e you call it10:00
Tex_Nicktripelb : ok, hey that was a good first step ... you're going to need an older version then ... with a kinda minimal install ... i'm not the person to help you ... there are some people here now that could instruct you ... please restate your question, i bet you'llget an answer\10:00
tripelbAnyway Tex_Nick that's where igot to and thasnks. I accepted the first offer to partition the 52G partition, as in Ubuntu knows besdt. Lol.10:00
cubon 10.04 there was a place you could view all your devices10:01
cublike CD Drive, File system etc10:01
cuband anything connected to it like a flash drive10:01
MonkeyDustcub  click around a bit, here and there, to get used to unity10:01
cubi am...10:01
cubit has a cell phone interface lol10:02
MonkeyDustcub  yes10:02
Tex_Nicktripelb : hey i'm pretty sure at least one person here will get you a fast solution ... if not, i'll work through it with you :-)10:02
dr_willisactually my cell phone android itnerfacce - is also on a desktop machine i have.. ;)10:03
dr_willismuch differnt then unity10:03
tripelbCash I use the keyboard to drop to a text shell? If so how do I get IRC?10:03
atleftrijntje, irssi10:03
dr_willisor weechat10:04
dr_willis!info sirc10:04
ubottuPackage sirc does not exist in quantal10:04
dr_willisold apps - gone from the repos..  bummer.10:04
FRO5Tim using google chrome addon called kiwiIRC with ssl connection :D10:05
atlefFRO5T, from tty1?10:06
Tex_Nicktripelb : CTRL+ALT+T from ubuntu to get shell10:08
Tex_Nicktripelb : i don't use irc from shell ... so can't help you there10:09
rigodoes someone has e45m1-m pro?10:09
cubgot the computer icon back10:10
cubnow to test to see if my cursors are black again10:10
MonkeyDustcub  that's called 'learning'10:10
blamiaww I love when things do work as I expect. Multihead support in unity is just awesome.10:11
pentarexhey guys - How I can see what scripts are executed upon login... because I have one script that sends me an email via ssmtp but I cannot find it... can you help me10:13
jnhghyHi, I need help, My ubuntu 11.10 worked fine for more then 6 month tody it started working slow, I restarted it and now it wont boot ubuntu, at startup it gives me a initramfs any ideea?10:13
Tex_Nicktripelb : now would be a good time to explain your needs ... just the basics ... you wnat to install ununtu on an old pc that has win xp on one partiton and another 36 GB partition that you want to install ubuntu on ...10:14
pentarexFRO5T: is this for me?10:14
girishbGuys have a serious problem here please help me10:15
MonkeyDustgirishb  start with a serious question10:15
girishbapt-get install stucks saying unpacking the package10:15
pentarexFRO5T: when I execute crontab -l it says ¨no crotab for root¨10:16
MonkeyDustgirishb  what ubuntu version and what package?10:16
Tex_Nicktripelb : you've tried ubuntu 11.04 ... no luck ... where should i go from here ... someone can help you10:16
girishbLTS 10.0410:17
girishbfor any package10:17
girishbsay wget10:17
MonkeyDustgirishb  try sudo apt-get update, first, then sudo apt-get -f install10:18
girishbtried that10:18
girishbalso used sudo dpkg --configure -a10:18
MonkeyDustgirishb  any error message?10:18
FRO5Tdpkg -i10:18
NarelI want to identify what is /usr/share/webm10:19
Tex_Nicktripelb : you still there ?10:19
NarelI can't find information about this process10:19
auronandaceNarel: webm is a codec10:19
girishbMonkeyDust no errors while running dpkg --configure -a or apt-get -f install10:20
Narelthat's impossible, that's a temporary zombie process in Ubuntu server10:20
Nareland there is no multimedia parts in the server10:20
MonkeyDustgirishb  and while installing -- also sure there are no corrupt or old sources?10:20
pentarexFRO5T: any other ideas mate?10:20
MonkeyDustgirishb  or a ppa, even?10:20
auronandaceTex_Nick: if he's using 11.04 tell him its no longer supported10:20
Nareloups is there a dependency whithin webm and prosody server ?10:21
girishbMonkeyDust tried  clean and autoclean10:21
auronandaceNarel: do the following: file /usr/share/webm10:21
MonkeyDustgirishb  type sudo apt-get update | pastebinit and paste the url here10:21
FRO5Tpentarex: I've installed webmin and just set up the cronjobs for which scripts to load during the startup process10:21
girishbMonkeyDust is there any way to rebuild the deb database or index ?10:21
Narelwhy this process is zombie and then disappear and reapear10:21
auronandace!webmin | FRO5T10:22
ubottuFRO5T: webmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system.10:22
Tex_Nickauronandace : i know that ... the box is a dinosaur though ... was hopint to get him some help on a minimal build for that box ... hey thanks for chiming inthough :)10:22
FRO5Tubottu: see my test website: itestpage.zapto.org10:22
ubottuFRO5T: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)10:22
FRO5TI will make an snapshot of webmin, just wait while10:22
dr_williswebmin isent really reccomended to be used.10:23
dr_willisbetter to  use that zentyl (if i spell it right)10:23
ubottuzentyal is a web-based GUI interface for administering a server. It is designed to work with Ubuntu/Debian style configuration management. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Zentyal (Project formally known as eBox - including in Lucid/10.04).10:23
girishbMonkeyDust http://pastebin.com/nNhtqdN810:24
Tex_Nickauronandace : additionally only internet connection is via phone :(10:24
pentarexok guys so i can try with another question: How I can find executable .sh files ?10:24
pentarexI mean how I can search them ?10:24
auronandaceTex_Nick: so mini.iso isn't really an option then?10:25
pentarexFRO5T: I am working on a server - I dont have GUI10:25
FRO5Tit's server mate10:25
FRO5Tturnkey LAMP server10:25
MonkeyDustgirishb  are you using any PPAs ?10:26
pentarexok it is a Production Linux Server... it is not LAMP it is not XAMPP10:26
pentarexI dont have GUI on this machine it is only terminal10:26
FRO5Tjust download the wanted server, install it and call your localhost ip in the browser and be happy after setting up the cron jobs from webmin ;)10:26
Tex_Nickauronandace : i don't know ... tripelb  seems to not be responding ;)10:27
girishbMonkeyDust sorry I do not know what is PPA10:27
pentarexno I dont want to do this... it is a Production server as I said. :(10:27
auronandaceFRO5T: please don't suggest webmin here10:27
MonkeyDustgirishb  and what package won't install?10:27
auronandaceFRO5T: it isn't supported10:27
FRO5Tit's integrated in the distribution of turnkey10:27
auronandaceFRO5T: this is #ubuntu, we don't support different distros here10:28
Tex_Nickauronandace : would seem not though ... tripelb seems to only have a 11.04 live cd and no internet connection except phone10:28
FRO5Tmy bad, sorry10:28
pentarexauronandace: mate can you tell me how I can find executable .sh file if I dont know the location?10:28
auronandaceTex_Nick: rather limiting10:28
girishbMonkeyDust http://pastebin.com/52pHne4A10:28
auronandacepentarex: try locate or find10:29
pentarexauronandace: ok and what should be my parameters ?10:29
pentarexfor executable and with *.sh ?10:29
auronandacepentarex: i'm only aware of them sorry, i haven't used them much10:29
MonkeyDust!info s3cmd10:29
ubottus3cmd (source: s3cmd): command-line Amazon S3 client. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.1.0~beta3-1 (quantal), package size 65 kB, installed size 287 kB10:29
auronandacepentarex: man locate10:29
Tex_Nickauronandace : yeah ... hey man really good that you offered your help ^510:29
MonkeyDustgirishb  and what is the exact command you used to install s3cmd ?10:31
girishbapt-get install elinks , its trying to install s3cmd10:31
MonkeyDustgirishb  just did the same, no s3cmd comes in the picture, it's odd10:33
girishbMonkeyDust its trying to install dependencies, its same for other package also10:35
girishbexample for lua package tries to install liblua and it strucks10:35
B0073DHey all, anyone else having the depmod using all your drive space problem?10:37
MonkeyDustgirishb  not sure what may cause it, maybe someone else has ideas10:38
pentarexok guys i have found what I was looking for with grep - r ¨thewantedTextThatISearch¨ /10:38
B0073DI just did an update and it's taking forever. Also noticed it just filled up my drive.10:39
auronandace!yay | pentarex10:39
ubottupentarex: Glad you made it! :-)10:39
girishbMonkeyDust is there any way we can rebuild the debian index or database like we have in RPM10:39
pentarexthanks for the help :)10:39
B0073Dmodules.ccwmap is 85GB ....10:40
rigothere are so lot of libraries....10:41
B0073DSo nobody else is having that problem?10:42
auronandaceB0073D: i've heard of log files getting to big sizes but nothing about modules10:43
HugoSthlmI have a problem attaching to WiFi networks. The connection is established. When I open a browser I am supposed to get a redirect to then a login, but the browser hangs.10:43
B0073DI don't want to kill the process as it's kernel related...10:43
HugoSthlmThe redirect problem suddenly appeared and I have no clue to what I have changed that caused this.10:44
B0073DHugoSthlm: Have you done the usual clear the cache etc?10:45
HugoSthlmB0073D: Ill be back.10:46
chanakyaanyone here?10:53
ThinkT510chanakya: plenty10:54
TheGreyo/ Where are packages stored in this distro? I want to backup my /etc/, /home/ and anything else important...Is there anything else I'm missing?10:54
chanakyaWhat was the name of the program to manage/install downloaded deb pacakages?10:54
ThinkT510chanakya: gdebi10:55
ThinkT510chanakya: i'd advise you stick to the repo10:55
microcodeis there an irc channel on freenode suitable for consulting people working on Ubuntu Phone?10:55
chanakyachecked it thank you.10:56
blazemorechanakya: synaptic?10:56
chanakyano I was looking for gdebi. Good bye10:56
harvey_dentHi, I am using sphinx for generating api docs for one of my python package. Does sphinx support the same for php? Any good links?10:57
LandswellsongHi, guys. A quick question. I need a few packages (gdk-pixbuf, pango) to have static libs, but they don't in standard -dev packages. I tried compiling from source but that's a dependency hell. Is there a way to rebuild the packages with static libs on?10:57
hugosthlmI did a firefox reset and my redirect worked again. Thanks!10:57
sogeking99Hey guys, I installed the experimental drivers and it has an annoying watermark "AMD unsupported hardware". Anyway to get rid of it?10:57
Landswellsongsogeking99: http://askubuntu.com/questions/206558/how-to-remove-the-amd-testing-use-only-watermark-from-ubuntu-12-1010:58
blazemoreharvey_dent: Look at PyDoc10:58
dneveshi. how can i install wine 1.5.21 on ubuntu 11.10 ? apt-get install wine1.5 gives me 1.5.5 :/10:59
ThinkT510!latest | dneves10:59
ubottudneves: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.10:59
ubottuA Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge11:00
sogeking99thank you Landswellsong I will restart now11:00
ubottuSince Ubuntu 9.10, a !ppa can be added using a single command «  sudo add-apt-repository ppa:user/ppa-name » See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Ubuntu#Adding%20PPAs for more details11:01
ThinkT510!msgthebot | dneves11:01
ubottudneves: Please investigate with me only with "/msg ubottu Bot" or in #ubuntu-bots.  Search for factoids with "/msg ubottu !search factoid".11:01
dnevessorry :)11:02
beefcafehi. dns resolution doesn't work anymore after upgrading to 12.1011:04
blazemorebeefcafe: what happens when you type dig +trace google.com11:04
ThinkT510!resolvconf | beefcafe11:04
ubottubeefcafe: resolvconf is a set of scripts that's used to manage /etc/resolv.conf in 12.04 and later, for more information please see: http://www.stgraber.org/2012/02/24/dns-in-ubuntu-12-04/ and https://help.ubuntu.com/12.10/serverguide/network-configuration.html#name-resolution11:04
TheGreyo/ where are packages installed here>11:06
beefcafe; connection timed out; no servers could be reached11:07
ThinkT510TheGrey: were you looking to backup?11:07
beefcafepinging the server works11:07
blazemorebeefcafe: what's in the file /etc/resolv.conf ?11:07
johnshaftanybody help troubleshoot bluetooth audio playback from cell phone to 12.04 LTS - input levels and phone are showing playback but no sound from headphones/speakers ???11:08
beefcafeit's a symlink to resolvconf, and there's only comments in it11:08
TheGreyThinkT510: yeah, I'm thinking of using a rsync alt (rdiff-backup)..I was recommended to do /etc/, /home/ and "installed packages"...I assume thats at /usr/?11:09
ThinkT510!clone | TheGrey11:09
ubottuTheGrey: To replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « aptitude  --display-format '%p' search '?installed!?automatic' > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo xargs aptitude --schedule-only install < my-packages ; sudo aptitude install » (this may cause problems with multiarch before 12.10) - See also !automate11:09
cloudgeeki try to install ,11:10
cloudgeekPackage sun-java6-jdk is a virtual package provided by: oracle-java8-installer 8b72-0~webupd8~1 oracle-java6-installer 6u38-0~webupd8~0 oracle-java7-installer 7u11-0~webupd8~011:11
cloudgeekYou should explicitly select one to install.11:11
cloudgeeki tried sudo apt-get install oracle-java6-installer 6u38-0~webupd8~011:11
cloudgeekthen also it is not workinf11:12
cloudgeekhow i can install this sun-java6-jdk11:12
omghaxCan't you install it via binary file?11:13
ThinkT510!java | cloudgeek11:13
ubottucloudgeek: To just use java you need a "Java Runtime Environment" (JRE) and/or a browser plugin. If that is not sufficient you will need a "Java Development Kit" (JDK) aka "Software  Development Kit" (SDK).  Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java about how to install one of three current implementations.11:13
beefcafeblazemore: I'm pushing through DHCP and the real server address through DHCPv6. this config worked fine before the upgrade.11:14
blazemoreAre you using network manager?11:15
blazemorecloudgeek: sudo apt-get install oracle-java7-installer11:16
omghaxNoMachine/FreeNX vs VNC, who prefers which?11:16
beefcafeblazemore: is it the default setting? if so, then yes11:16
ThinkT510!poll | omghax11:16
ubottuomghax: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.11:16
Sailhi i just install ubuntu thn  softwareupdate ask for update   after  updating  he ask to restart after restart my mouse is not moving any solution?11:17
blazemoreSail: is it a USB mouse? Try unplugging and plugging it in a different USB port11:19
Sailno its not i am using lappie11:19
blazemoreAnd is there a function key to disable the trackpad you might have pressed by mistake?11:19
Sailits just happen after i update ubuntu11:19
Sailblazemore: no i dont think so11:20
DJJeffcould someone tell me why jbd2/sda writes to my disk every 3-5 seconds ?11:21
DJJeffI have a feeling its gonna wear down the disk really fast11:21
yossarianukhi - having a nightmare - just upgraded ubuntu 10.04 -> 12.04 , after that I can see no KVM vms11:21
yossarianuki..e  'virsh list --all'  shows no vm's.11:22
ThinkT510DJJeff: first you'd need to identify what jbd2 is11:22
yossarianukcan anyone suggest how to get them back ?11:22
beefcafeblazemore: is there anything I can do to troubleshoot?11:22
blazemorebeefcafe: Not sure, sorry :(11:22
bhaiguyCoolGuyHere: hello11:22
beefcafeok, thanks11:22
girishbMonkeyDust: found it dpkg calls sync and sync is getting hung11:23
blazemoregirishb: Are you on btrfs?11:23
DJJeffThinkT510: claims to be journaling11:23
omghaxShould be fine.11:24
girishbblazemore: nope11:24
yossarianukanyone any ideas?11:24
nabblethi, i just did apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade and got debconf: unable to initialize frontend: Dialog \newline debconf: (Dialog frontend requires a screen at least 13 lines tall and 31 columns wide.) \newline debconf: falling back to frontend: Readline - My question: did i miss something? (ther terminal i used was very small this is why defconf could not start)11:24
yossarianukafter upgrade to 12.04 - no vms shows for kvm - virsh list --all11:25
beefcafeblazemore: I guess I am11:25
yossarianukall xml files / imgs are there.11:25
beefcafeblazemore: sorry, wrong message11:25
ThinkT510nabblet: use a bigger terminal11:26
nabbletThinkT510, i know - but i can not redo the apt-get dist-upgrade11:26
ThinkT510nabblet: why not?11:26
nabbletThinkT510, it says nothing to do11:26
ThinkT510nabblet: did you run sudo apt-get update first?11:27
un2himwhere do i get the 13.04 daily builds of ubuntu gnome remix?11:27
nabbletThinkT510, yes11:27
girishbblazemore: used strace11:27
ThinkT510!13.04 | un2him11:27
ubottuun2him: Ubuntu 13.04 (Raring Ringtail) will be the 18th release of Ubuntu, Discussion and support until final release in #ubuntu+111:27
nabbletThinkT510, can I post-configure with debconf11:27
nabbletThinkT510, i never used it11:28
ThinkT510nabblet: me neither11:28
DJJeff03:27:56   304 be/3 root        0.00 B/s    0.00 B/s  0.00 %  2.12 % [jbd2/sdb1-8]11:28
nabbletThinkT510, hm, since the install ended without further complaints i am not sure what to do11:28
DJJeffshows up in iotop every 3-5 seconds11:28
nabbletThinkT510, becuase it installed kernels11:29
ThinkT510nabblet: try: sudo apt-get install -f11:29
nabbletnabblet, do i have to add the package names?11:30
ThinkT510nabblet: no11:30
nabbletThinkT510, , do i have to add the package names?11:30
nabbletThinkT510, i ran the prog - did nothing, didn't complaine11:30
iamwhoiamhello ppl. I would like to install another desktop environment, but in a way that it doesnt interfere with gnome3.. For example different users different desktop environments, but everybody to have access to the same folders/files etc. Is it possible? if yes, do you a source i can check?11:31
nabbletThinkT510, 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.11:31
ThinkT510nabblet: then nothing is wrong11:31
nabbletThinkT510, hm... but i wonder what I missed with the debconf back then11:31
nabbletThinkT510, on the other hand i don't knwo what it wanted me to use debconf before...11:31
nabbletThinkT510, i have a 12.10 machine at hand11:32
nabbletThinkT510, do you think i can try to reproduce the "error"  -  or do they use different kernel imanges11:33
ThinkT510nabblet: i don't know what to tell you, it seems nothing is wrong11:33
=== epzilon is now known as epzil0n
eutheriais there a gnome type task manager?11:36
gigixsystem monitor ?11:37
gigixyou can view current processes and kill them11:37
eutheriai just want something that looks like task manager so they don't freak out11:38
AntiSolhello :)11:38
eutheriajust for the cpu's11:38
gigixwell gnome-system-monitor does that11:38
gigixif you're using Unity just type "system monitor" and you'll get it11:39
nabbletThinkT510, my system froze again :(11:39
eutheriagigix, yes that is pretty :)11:39
AntiSolsound has stopped working in unreal tournament! can somebody help? I'm seeing "open /dev/dsp: No such file or directory" even though I am launching ut with padsp (ut99, only supports OSS). It was working last time i played, a couple of weeks ago. I'm guessing that an update has broken it. does anyone have any ideas?11:39
atlefeutheria, htop in a terminal11:40
eutheriagigix, i have a frankendistro :) i use the mini intall :)11:40
ThinkT510nabblet: what were you doing?11:40
eutheriaatlef, yes but htop scares windows users11:40
gigixeutheria, makes sense if you don't want all the "overhead" of standard unity, anyway the package is gnome-system-monitor11:40
eutheriaomg, a command line, that is dos11:41
eutheriagigix, i found it, thanks :)11:41
eutheriajust what i wanted11:41
gigixeutheria, top in the command line does the job pretty well11:41
gigixdepends whether you wanna keep your system simple11:41
=== Kitar|st_ is now known as Kitar|st
atlefeutheria, ok, it might yes11:42
eutheriaatlef, i work around windows users, they freak out if anything looks different11:44
eutheriachange the wall paper and they cry11:45
nabbletThinkT510: :(11:45
ThinkT510nabblet: what did you do?11:45
nabbletThinkT510: me nothing, my system -freezse/drash11:45
nabbletIt always starts with the wireless not working11:46
ThinkT510nabblet: what were you doing?11:46
nabbletThinkT510: the system start to make trouble out of nowhere11:46
ThinkT510nabblet: what were you doing when it froze?11:46
nabbleti just had xchat open and a terminal11:46
=== Krukum is now known as benjameno
nabbletand in the terminal apt-get stuff11:47
ThinkT510nabblet: what desktop environment?11:47
nabbletThinkT510: fluxbox11:47
nabbleti have no other service running11:47
nabbletThinkT510: i use wicd as networkmanager11:47
AntiSolnobody has any ideas why padsp has stopped working??? nothing? :'(11:47
ThinkT510nabblet: whats wrong with network manager? why use wicd?11:48
nabbletThinkT510: ok i did now apt-get update upgrade dist-upgrade all of them - it says evertyhing is fine, nothing to do11:48
nabbletThinkT510: wicd has less dependcies11:48
dcgenHi, is there a way by which I could install a library (*.o , *.so files) in ubuntu without the sudo user privilages?11:49
ThinkT510nabblet: good point11:49
=== benjameno is now known as Krukum
ThinkT510dcgen: installing will always require sudo11:49
nabbletThinkT510: since not working wlan ist always the first symptom i suspect it to be the culprit - maybe wpasupplicant starts to mess with something in the kernel and the kernel can't handle that11:50
nabbletbut that's just the first thing that came to my mind11:51
ThinkT510nabblet: i haven't had wireless problems for years, so sorry i can't help much11:51
nabbletThinkT510: maybe my ram is corrupt11:51
nabbletI have to run memtest11:51
nabbletalthough it does not look like the ram usage would be related to it - trouble start independent of the load11:52
johnshaftanybody help troubleshoot bluetooth audio playback from cell phone to 12.04 LTS - input levels and phone are showing playback but no sound from headphones/speakers ???11:53
Wiz_KeeDhey guys11:53
Wiz_KeeDi have a slight problem11:53
Wiz_KeeDI connected my android phone on ubuntu 12.04 via usb and it can only see the root folder and nothing after11:54
Wiz_KeeDAnd has an option on top saying open with rythmbox media player whatever11:54
Wiz_KeeDIt could be because of the fact that it's connected as a media device instead of stoare device so i can browse away11:54
Wiz_KeeDany suggestions?11:54
omghaxWhat's the problem?11:56
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MonkeyDustWiz_KeeD  now put that question in one line and repeat it every 10 minutes or so11:57
elfrannehow can i get info about the screen from on a terminal ?11:58
Will123456hey guys. i'm trying to set file permissions for a whole bunch of directories, subdirectories and files11:58
Will123456i've tried using chmod -r, i've tried using nautilus11:59
ThinkT510!permissions | Will12345611:59
ubottuWill123456: An explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions11:59
Will123456i can set directories recursively but it doesn't seem to do it for files11:59
Will123456ThinkT510: thanks for the link - i've already read it and i'm still encountering the problem. does chmod -R apply to files too?12:00
llutzWill123456: what was your exact command you tried?12:00
Wiz_KeeDCan someone please tell me why in my ubuntu 12.04 i can only see the root files on my s3 android device when browsing it via usb? I have a hunch it's connected as a media device and it's looking for music files, though in windows i can browse as both12:01
elfrannei noticed you just said chmod -R and chmod -r .... Linux is case sensitive12:01
ThinkT510Will123456: according to the man page yes12:01
Will123456elfranne: yeah, i meant -R12:01
Will123456ThinkT510: sudo chmod -R 777 directory12:01
pentarexguys how I can send only 1 icmp packet with ping command ?12:01
ThinkT510Will123456: 777 is never really a good idea12:02
llutzpentarex: ping -c112:02
sekouthere is a space guy12:02
Will123456ThinkT510: i realise that, but i'm struggling to get Magento installed and all the advice on the net says set it to 777. this is for my own computer, not production, so right now i just desperately need it working12:02
Will123456regardless of how good an idea it is (obviously it isn't :P)12:02
Wiz_KeeDCan someone please tell me why in my ubuntu 12.04 i can only see the root files on my s3 android device when browsing it via usb? I have a hunch it's connected as a media device and it's looking for music files, though in windows i can browse as both, also it says when browsing from ubuntu as suggestion on top "open with Rythmbox music player" + it says "You have insterted a digital audio player..." Anyone has any input on this?12:03
ThinkT510Will123456: what is magento?12:03
Wiz_KeeDThinkT510, magento is the leading e-commerce platform on the web, you can find lots of data about it including wikipedia12:03
Will123456Think510: it's a huge PHP framework that apparently needs to write to pretty much everything12:03
Will123456(in its own directories)12:03
ThinkT510Will123456: oh, sorry i'm of no help12:03
Will123456ThinkT510: no, fair enough - you've cleared up a great deal :)12:04
sekouit works for both space and !space thanks llutz12:04
llutzsekou: ?12:04
sekoullutz, the ping command...12:05
sekoui tried it too12:05
=== Guest59642 is now known as vnc786
girishbguys how can I upgrade dpkg itself when my dpkg hangs ?12:06
girishbthere is a bug fix in the new dpkg version12:06
llutzsekou: ah, now i guess i know what you mean. most short optons don't need a space between identifier and value12:07
vnc786i have 10 machines with ubuntu 12.04 running through LTSP now i want to configure gnome settings of one user and apply that settings to others. how do i do that ?12:08
sekouok sorry for the late but i don't master my keyboard like, so i am a bit slow :)12:08
cfhowlettvnc786, pretty high level stuff.  might need to ask in #ubuntu-server12:09
ogra_vnc786, try #ltsp12:10
vnc786in kde i just exported .kde dir to respective user and it worked12:11
MonkeyDustvnc786  did it change all desktops?12:11
BrittanyHey guys, random issue.. I've been trying to get my Lifecam VX-3000 Webcam to work with Ubuntu. I've got it working, but when I try to use Flash within Chrome, it does not seem to like to work, I'm presented with a totally green image. Anyone have any idea hwere I can start troublehsooting this?12:12
vnc786yes in one user i changed settings like : changed theme to MS look from oxygen12:13
vnc786and exported .kde to other user12:13
=== Kitar|st_ is now known as Kitar|st
karanga"/alias hideclear set -c activity_hide_targets"12:17
karanga"/alias hidelevels.clear set -c activity_hide_level"12:18
castor__my samba server fails12:21
morfeo_81hi folks!!!12:21
castor__glad you answers12:21
castor__you see my samba is a stand aloe one12:22
castor__and it's operating correctly12:22
castor__I checked with both testparm and smbclient12:23
MonkeyDustcastor__  don't hit enter too often, it's getting a headachr12:23
castor__but when I connect it from XP it just won't success12:23
cloudgeekI have a 32 bit processor , i686 so suggest which version of java in install x86 or x6412:24
castor__hi cloud you should read the server guide12:25
cfhowlettcloudgeek, sounds like x86 from here12:25
cloudgeekcfhowlett: :)12:26
castor__who can deal with my problem?12:26
g16I though i686 is 64 bit.12:26
morfeo_81where i can found the distro  of linux  and new package of ubuntu?12:27
MonkeyDustmorfeo_81  ubuntu.com/downloads12:27
castor__sorry ,the nah was for g1612:27
castor__I could not connect from XP to my samba server (when I ping it, the connection and server is good they are in the same workgroup) but I can't see my server from the NetNeighbor which says I do not have the right to do so. Is there any one can help12:30
Wiz_KeeDCan someone please tell me why in my ubuntu 12.04 i can only see the root files on my s3 android device when browsing it via usb? I have a hunch it's connected as a media device and it's looking for music files, though in windows i can browse as both, also it says when browsing from ubuntu as suggestion on top "open with Rythmbox music player" + it says "You have insterted a digital audio player..." Anyone has any input on this?12:30
castor__plesae contact me via castor4152@gmail.com12:31
castor__HI Wiz12:31
Wiz_KeeDHello castor__12:32
castor__Have you checked your android settings?12:32
microcodeg16: i686 is one of the extensions of the 80186 architecture family, two generations after i486 which was used in the 80486, i686 belonged to to the P6 family. What is usually referred to as "64-bit" is actually one such further extension to th ex86 platform, commonly denoted x86-64, i686 has 32-bit integer sizes, i286 had 16-bit ones, and x86-64 has 64-bit ones12:33
llutz*commonly denoted amd6412:34
Wiz_KeeDcastor__, yes i do not have other usb settings as i did on my rooter sgs112:34
Wiz_KeeDjust media file crap and there's nothing i can do about it12:34
Wiz_KeeDread all the tutorials and forums and whatnot12:34
castor__is your sys is 4?12:34
microcodellutz: as much as I call the IA-32 family x86-3212:34
cfhowlettWiz_KeeD, see what android forums have to say on this as well...12:34
microcodeand the 80186-80286 platform x86-1612:35
=== XtremeWiz is now known as query
Wiz_KeeDcastor__, yes 4.1.212:35
castor__oh mine is .112:36
vedarthk I am getting an error while upgrading Ubuntu 12.10 "Err http://ubuntu.ntc.net.np/ubuntu/ quantal-updates/main linux-source-3.5.0 all 3.5.0-22.34  403  Forbidden"12:36
MonkeyDustWiz_KeeD  ask in #androidforums, but read the topic when you enter12:36
Wiz_KeeDok, thank you MonkeyDust12:36
vedarthkwhile the system suggests me for update12:37
morfeo_81thanks but i search something like https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-core-dev12:37
castor__If I am correct, when you first plug it there should be an option for you to choose which type you want to use12:37
=== query is now known as XtremeWiz
vedarthkcan anyone suggest me what might be wrong ?12:38
MonkeyDustvedarthk  type sudo apt-get update|pastebin and paste the url here12:39
MonkeyDustvedarthk  type sudo apt-get update|pastebinit and paste the url here   <-- correction12:40
mrthgany of you know a decent and easy to config ftp package?12:41
cfhowlettmrthg, filezilla12:41
=== Mike is now known as Guest61335
mrthgoh i forgot, in command line so dont think filezilla fits in considering it needs to be a server12:42
=== a1|away is now known as AbyssOne
llutzmrthg: vsftpd if you're really sure you need ftp and cannot use sftp instead12:43
mrthgkk thanks :D12:44
g16microcode: thanks12:46
vedarthkMonkeyDust http://paste.ubuntu.com/1545147/12:51
narutolinuxgood morning12:54
cfhowlettnarutolinux, well it's actually 2100 here in Beijing, so ... Greetings.12:56
narutolinuxcfhowlett, oh well good evening12:56
narutolinuxhow is beijing, must be very nice12:56
narutolinuxi'd like to visit12:56
cfhowlettnarutolinux, it has its moments.  Whats on your ubuntu mind this day?12:57
=== t0bis` is now known as t0bis
haysanyone run linux on a laptop?  how is the power management? e.g. detecting lidclosingand sleeping and hibernating?12:57
=== linuxthefish is now known as linuxthefish`
narutolinuxoh i see12:59
ThinkT510hays: power management can be affected by what graphics drivers you use12:59
Brittanyhays: It's strongly dependent on the model, but the laptop I use is really quite good with power management. I use a little tool called powertop which is a terminal based program that turns off some unnecessary features.12:59
narutolinuxcfhowlett, ubuntu mind?12:59
cfhowlettnarutolinux, ubuntu support request?12:59
haysBrittany: How much of it can be automated?12:59
narutolinuxoh, nothing lol12:59
BrittanyWhat do you mean by automated?12:59
narutolinuxcfhowlett, nothing to think of now12:59
Brittanyand can what be automated? heh.13:00
narutolinuxubuntu chat, brb gonna eat while i think of a question to ask. lol13:00
haysBrittany: automated like how it is done in windows/mac where you have different settings for when you are plugged in or on battery, or you sleep/hibernate with the lid closed/opened, or doing various things like screen dimming after inactivity13:00
TheGrey_ o/ whilst i've rsynced my home folder... I wonder...if I use dd for the whole hard drive, will I need to manually create identilcal partion tables: e.g. via dd if=/dev/sda of=/dev/sdc bs=4096 conv=notrunc,noerror13:01
BrittanyWell it's all up to you in power management features that come standard with most distros like Ubuntu.13:01
BrittanyYou can automate what happens on lid close..13:01
BrittanyYou can choose when the screen dims, brightness etc..13:02
histoBrittany: do you get asked to allow permissions in flash for video and audio?13:02
BrittanyIf you're referring to microphone and webcam? yeah.13:02
=== Guest61335 is now known as MikeUTM
histoBrittany: What version of flash are you using?13:02
haysBrittany: is there a package for this13:02
BrittanyFlash Player 11.513:03
Brittanypackage for what?13:03
haysBrittany: is it something the DE devs usually do e.g. KDE/Gnome or independently developed13:03
histoBrittany: Are you using chrome or chromium?13:03
haysBrittany: a package to install the utility to configure and enable power management13:03
histoBrittany: that's odd mine works with out a problem.13:03
Brittanydepends on the type of power management.13:03
BrittanyBasic power management comes standard in system settings of Ubuntu.13:03
histoBrittany: it's usually pretty trivial task but when flash is involved who knows.13:04
BrittanyBut if you're looking to do some 'fine tuning' you would look for alternate software packages.13:04
ThinkT510hays: yes, its usually dependent on desktop environment13:04
haysBrittany: does it come standard if I run something like XFCE?13:04
BrittanyI don't have a problem, histo, not sure why you thought I did, heh.13:04
histoBrittany: have you tried searching askubuntu for your cam13:04
haysok, so i'd have to stick with Gnome/KDE probably then13:04
histoBrittany: you asked about getting your cam working in ubuntu with flash13:04
ThinkT510hays: yes, xfce has power management settings13:04
Brittanyoh jeez, okay thatwas a while ago hah.13:05
BrittanyI could do, histo13:05
Brittanylet me check13:05
Benkinooby2ThinkT510, i am backing up my data and resintall13:05
Benkinooby2ThinkT510, also i will use 12.10 instead of 12.04 which i am running now13:05
ThinkT510Benkinooby2: ok13:05
histoBrittany: also when you say you got it working... What do you mean by that?  Does it work in other programs like cheese ?13:05
Benkinooby2ThinkT510, oh, sorry i am nabblet13:05
=== Benkinooby2 is now known as nabblet
ThinkT510Benkinooby2: oh13:06
histohays: I run xfce4-power-manager in awesome wm13:06
nabbletsince today morining the system is crashing every 10 minutes13:06
ThinkT510nabblet: i haven't used 12.04 for a while (since 12.10 was released)13:07
IdsiBom dia!13:07
morfeo_81I have this problem http://paste.ubuntu.com/1545217/13:08
morfeo_81someone can help me to install that on ubuntu 12.1013:08
nabbletThinkT510, i hope my troble are cause by a missconfiguration from my sinde and not the hardware :/13:08
ThinkT510nabblet: sinde?13:08
ThinkT510nabblet: what did you change?13:09
histomorfeo_81: what are you trying to install?13:09
histomorfeo_81: I see a libboost packages not sure if it's what you are looking for.13:10
morfeo_81c<histo>:cufflinks a bioinforatic program13:10
histo!info cufflinks | morfeo_8113:10
ubottumorfeo_81: cufflinks (source: cufflinks): Transcript assembly, differential expression and regulation for RNA-Seq. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 1.3.0-2ubuntu1 (quantal), package size 961 kB, installed size 5553 kB13:10
histomorfeo_81: if that's it you could just sudo apt-get install cufflinks13:10
nabbletThinkT510, this morning nothing13:11
nabbletThinkT510, but my system showed some odd beaviour some time ago13:11
nabbletThinkT510, especially when it comes to time keeping13:11
=== harvey_dent is now known as the_dark_knight
MasukaHi i installed manually a few weeks ago latest ATI Beta Drivers generating the .deb distro specific packages, now theres a kernel update in ubuntu and i dont want to fuck it up. Anyone can tell me the main steps i should follow? thnx for the help13:12
nabbletThinkT510, i am not sure if the hardware clock is faulty but it has the be reconfigured my ntp quite often13:12
histomorfeo_81: if you want to build it from source you could sudo apt-get build-dep cufflinks      should pull libbost-dev and whatever else you would need.13:13
=== mauro_ is now known as morfeo_81
morfeo_81incredble!!thanks...there is another package like that just installed13:16
morfeo_81incredble!!thanks...there is another package like that just installed13:17
=== andy_ is now known as Guest30631
Funky_Princei'm new to this.13:19
nabbletFunky_Prince, ubuntu? IRC?13:19
nabbletFunky_Prince, welcome anyway :)13:19
=== _dd is now known as Guest19378
morfeo_81I have this problem http://paste.ubuntu.com/1545217/13:24
morfeo_81for tophat13:24
histomorfeo_81: did you install libboost?13:25
meghais that possible that i use tor only with firefox  and i can access net without tor using other browsers ?13:26
histo!source | morfeo_8113:26
ubottumorfeo_81: You can easily fetch a package's source with apt-get. See: http://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/apt-howto/ch-sourcehandling.en.html13:26
histomegha: yes13:26
histomegha: you can also download the tor browser.  You'd have a standalone tor browser that is portable13:26
magnus__hello all !13:27
meghahisto: that's great :) thanks :)13:28
BluesKajHey all13:29
hayshisto: xfce is great. that's awesome it has a power manager thing13:29
morfeo_81this is the error Picking 'boost-defaults' as source package instead of 'libboost-dev'13:33
morfeo_81E: Unable to find a source package for boost-defaults13:33
ogra_thats no error13:34
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=== The is now known as Guest75519
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histomorfeo_81: Are you still trying to build from source?13:42
=== Guest75519 is now known as Guest7551
=== Guest7551 is now known as AbdelhedyKeita
AbdelhedyKeitaevery budy13:45
AbdelhedyKeitahow are yu ?13:45
histoAbdelhedyKeita: there are 1700+ people in here13:46
AbdelhedyKeitahello ?13:47
apgI got his message when shutdown: *Unmounting local filesystems...umount2: Device or resource busy umount:/dev/sda2 busy - remounted read-only*Will now haltafter updating ubuntu today to linux-kernel-3.2.0-36-generic today13:47
apgI'm using ubuntu 12.04.1 64 bit13:48
JpmhAbdelhedyKeita: he is trying to say: we dpn't do hello and goodbye and things like that in here13:48
AbdelhedyKeitathere is somesone hére ?13:48
PiciAbdelhedyKeita: There are 1700 people here, do you have an Ubuntu question?13:49
histo!topic | AbdelhedyKeita13:50
ubottuAbdelhedyKeita: Please read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic13:50
apgCan somebody heCan anybody help me13:51
magnus__apg: ask your problem13:51
apgI have asked a question: I got his message when shutdown: *Unmounting local filesystems...umount2: Device or resource busy umount:/dev/sda2 busy - remounted read-only *Will now halt, after updating ubuntu today to linux-kernel-3.2.0-36-generic today magnus__13:52
magnus__apg: /dev/sda2 is an external hard drive?13:53
apgnope. it's my /home partition13:53
y2jany web coding channels?13:53
elfersnoop lion13:54
apgmagnus__ it's an internal harddrive's partition13:54
jiridoHi. Im on lubuntu and want my partitions on second harddrive to mount automatically when i start or login.. which metod is best?13:54
MonkeyDustjirido  it's in /etc/fstab13:54
histoapg: isn't that a statement13:55
histo!fstab | jirido13:55
ubottujirido: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions13:55
magnus__apg: ok, some times ago i noticied this message when i encrypted some partition with truecrypt13:55
jiridoMonkeyDust, histo THANKS!13:55
apgmagnus__ well. I did not encrypt any of my partition13:55
magnus__apg: maybe you are using some background process that inhibit umount ?13:56
apghisto, it is a statement, apparently an error13:56
histoapg: are you experiencing any ill behavior due to it?13:56
histoapg: and have you rebooted?13:56
apghisto I do not found any ill behaviour due to it, but it seems that my harddrive is not well unmounted when rebooting or shutdowning.13:58
histoapg: have you checked dmesg or syslog?13:59
apghisto: can you tell me how to?13:59
histoapg: have a looksee at the files in /var/log14:00
=== security is now known as megha
apghisto: I see so many entry there. Which one should I focus to?14:02
\\Mr_C\\how do i enable my 0c:00.0 Network controller: Broadcom Corporation BCM4312 802.11b/g LP-PHY (rev 01) ?14:04
\\Mr_C\\in server 12.1014:04
histo!broadcom | \\Mr_C\\14:07
ubottu\\Mr_C\\: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx14:07
IndustrialCan I turn off keybindings for Super to open the Launcher? I would Like to use Super + Space instead.14:12
IndustrialAlso, I would like to use Super + 1-9 to jump between desktops14:12
nabbletIndustrial, what GUI do you use?14:12
Industrialnabblet: the default14:12
Industrialon 12.1014:13
ThinkT510Industrial: changing compiz settings in unity could break things14:13
the_dark_knightHi, I want to search a string into a file using grep. I want to first start searching from line 20. Then I want to search from line 20 upto line 40. How do I grep for 'string' into that particular portion of a file? please help.14:13
MonkeyDustthe_dark_knight  better ask in #bash14:14
dangersaladhi Wulf14:14
nabbletIndustrial, your GUI is called Unity - but wasn't really able to google a helpfula nswer14:15
dangersaladIndustrial: I tried this once too, but I could not get it to work14:15
dangersaladclosest I got was puting the applications I am used to having on those 9 spaces in the right order on the launcher14:16
somsipthe_dark_knight: run it through tail and head first?14:16
dangersaladas in Unity pressing SUPER + number opens that launcher app14:16
ben1uanybody know that weechat 0.3.9 will still backported to precise? :>14:18
=== mike is now known as mike_87
apghisto: any clue yet?14:19
Industriali3wm it is...14:19
MonkeyDust!info weechat precise | ben1u14:19
ubottuben1u: weechat (source: weechat): Fast, light and extensible chat client. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.3.7-1 (precise), package size 1 kB, installed size 30 kB14:19
justmmthi #ubuntu :)14:21
histoapg: I don't know but i would look at the logs and see if you can gather whats going on when it happens14:21
nabbletwow... i3wm... long time no see14:21
ben1uMonkeyDust: I am aware. :>14:21
nabbletbut it's a shame that changing keys in unity is such a pain Oo did not expect that...14:21
=== root is now known as Guest30583
dangersaladnabblet: Yeah, I had the same thought. It was my main problem using Unity after awesome, so I have gone back14:22
nabbletdangersalad, i am on fluxbox14:22
=== black is now known as Guest67299
MonkeyDustben1u  not sure what your issue is, then14:23
nabbletdank Industrial is gone.... found this http://askubuntu.com/questions/35688/how-can-i-change-unitys-super-t-binding-to-something-else14:24
justmmtI want to install twisted for python and a blog told me, go find a PPA?14:25
apghisto: I have no idea about what information I can gather by looking at the syslog. Where should I paste the syslog? Would you mind to check it?14:25
histoapg: I'm headed off to bed. The other thing you can do is try searching for your error on askubuntu.  I wouldn't specify the /dev/sda2 part as that's specific to your setup.14:26
apghisto: okay I have posted a question there.14:27
histoapg: did you search there?14:29
histoanyhoot have to get some sleep14:30
apghisto: yes, But could not find something similar.14:30
apghisto, okay, thanks14:31
ben1uMonkeyDust: my question is if weechat ever will backported to precise in version 0.3.9 or higher?14:33
elfermake crack like this14:33
jribben1u: there's a weechat daily ppa14:33
justmmtwhere could I find a PPA(personal package archive) please?14:33
subdesignany idea how to add comment to an askubuntu.com question ?14:34
ben1ujrib: I know about the ppa :) But I want to know if it will ever backported or no more?14:34
MiebsterWhats wrong with my fstab entry, I don't have write permissions when I mount it? //our.server.local/username /opt/username cifs credentials=/home/username/.smbcredentials 0 014:34
Picijustmmt: twisted is in the repositories14:34
jribben1u: I guess you can request it14:35
jrib!backports | ben1u14:35
ubottuben1u: If new updated Ubuntu packages are built for an application, then they may go into Ubuntu Backports. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBackports - See also !packaging14:35
subdesignanyone suffering on having no internet with ?14:35
justmmtPici, pip install twisted and sudo apt-get install twisted aren't installing it?14:36
Pici!info python-twisted14:36
zvacetjustmmt: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas14:36
ubottupython-twisted (source: twisted): Event-based framework for internet applications (dependency package). In component main, is extra. Version 12.2.0-1 (quantal), package size 3 kB, installed size 56 kB14:36
velokiHy there!!!14:37
zvacetsubdesign: everying is ok like you can see14:37
subdesigngood to you ;-)14:38
=== Kitar|st_ is now known as Kitar|st
zvacetsubdesign: you lost your internet conection after kernel upgrade?14:38
justmmtok thanks.14:39
subdesignneed to reinstall linux backports?14:39
Guest30583hy i've installed ubuntu on  on my hp G62 and i've ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5430 gpu installed but when i try to launch server X i get a black screen and if the screen starts i get a bad resolution14:39
Guest30583how can i solve it?14:39
adamkGuest30583: We need to see the /var/log/Xorg.0.log file that is generated.14:39
ikoniathe x server should launch automatically14:39
ikoniawhy are you launching it ?14:39
Guest30583well yes when the server X starts i mean14:40
zvacetsubdesign: is it wireless?14:40
Guest30583@adamk it's empty14:41
Guest67299what does this signifies? radeon 0000:00:01.0: GPU lockup CP stall for more than 10000msec14:41
subdesignor both14:41
TraumatizerHey people, anyone started developing with Qt Quick 2.0 for the new Ubuntu phone OS? I'm kind of stuck here14:41
zvacetsubdesign:  see if http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2081707 can help you14:41
adamkGuest30583: So X is running, but /var/log/Xorg.0.log is empty?  Very very unlikely.14:41
MonkeyDustTraumatizer  #ubuntu-phone14:41
TraumatizerMonkeyDust thanks :)14:41
zvacetsubdesign: did you try to manage wired from network manager?14:42
subdesignzvacet, i talked with chili555 and he sais i have problem between lan and wlan drivers14:42
Guest30583adamk : yes i dont know why i get this14:42
replicai tried using some commands to change my login in screen for ubuntu 12.10 and its fucked up now coz it aint workin any help plz help me :(14:42
zvacetsubdesign: ok then I´m not expert for that  :)14:43
subdesignzvacet, he has also no clue he suggested to waiting for an update that works..14:43
jribreplica: what did you do?  please don't use caps14:43
replicasudo –i14:44
replicaxhost +SI:localuser:lightdm14:44
replicasu lightdm -s /bin/bash14:44
replicagsettings set com.canonical.unity-greeter draw-user-backgrounds 'false'14:44
replicagsettings set com.canonical.unity-greeter background '/path-to-image.png'14:44
replicagsettings set com.canonical.unity-greeter background '/home/richard/login.png'14:44
FloodBot1replica: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.14:44
zvacetsubdesign: try wired one first with network manager this is first thing I can think off14:44
replicai did tht14:44
subdesignzvacet, and what to do with netw.manager?14:44
jribreplica: use a pastebin14:44
replicaand it dosnt work14:45
zvacetsubdesign: set your internet connection   :)14:45
replicacan u help me out with th commands i am new to ubuntu its been only 2 days14:45
elferthe secret service said14:45
replicajrib help me out with commands14:45
jribreplica: go to http://paste.ubuntu.com and put your commands there.  Then post it and give us the url.14:45
jribelfer: do you have an ubuntu support question?14:45
MonkeyDustreplica  if you're new to ubuntu, then don't start with modifying the GUI in gsettings, first get used to the system14:45
zvacetsubdesign: if you really need something to download for wireless you will like to have working internet14:46
subdesignzvacet, yes of course14:46
ThinkT510!fr | jaouida14:46
ubottujaouida: Nous sommes désolés, mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.14:46
MiebsterIs compiz on ubuntu 12.04 incredibly unstable?  (if not, where would I begin to fix this? it crashes whenever "odd" things happen)14:47
replicajrib http://paste.ubuntu.com/1545601/14:47
jaouidaIl y a quelqu'un pour m'aider ?14:47
RalliasOk... so I just did an apt-get upgrade && apt-get upgrade, and now my computer's skipping the authentication phase and logging me in automatically. How do I correct this issue?14:47
zvacetsubdesign: click on network icon on panel and select network settings14:47
MonkeyDustjaouida  in #ubuntu-fr14:47
elvinzjaouida, pourquoi tu n'essaies pas sur #ubuntu-fr, comme indiqué ?14:47
ThinkT510Miebster: it is not recommended to change compiz settings, it can break unity14:48
MiebsterThinkT510: I didn't14:48
Guest30583hey do tou believe that if i jump to kde i will get no more those trubleos?14:48
MonkeyDustpatoseghe95  if you say !list, i'll eat my shoes14:48
ubottupatoseghe95: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».14:49
ThinkT510MonkeyDust: you read my mind14:49
jribreplica: so what happens now?14:49
zvacetsubdesign:wired network1> connect automatic under ipv4 settings automatic (dhcp) and make it available to all users14:49
patoseghe95Your mother14:49
patoseghe95eat my shoes14:49
* compdoc hands MonkeyDust some mayo to go with those shoes...14:49
replicathe background which i set dosnt com and it is an png image file and whn i restrtd a violet background coms up and whn i log in my desktop background sets to ubuntu background jrib14:50
jribreplica: and what do you want to do now?  Change it back to how it was?14:50
ubottupatoseghe95: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».14:50
replicayes jrib14:50
replicai want to change it back14:50
jribreplica: are you the lightdm user at the moment (you did the su command?)?14:51
replicano :(14:51
jribreplica: ok, do that14:51
replicahow to becom a lightdm user ?14:52
jribreplica: do the first three commands in your pastebin14:53
MiebsterUnity crashes my system about once  a day, fresh install of 12.04 as of last week.  What would you try/recomend?14:53
lesshasteprtsc doesn't seem to do anything14:53
lesshastehow do I take a screen shot of a chromium page?14:53
replicai am done with the first three jrib14:54
=== k1l_ is now known as k1l
jribreplica: gsettings set com.canonical.unity-greeter draw-user-backgrounds 'true'; gsettings set com.canonical.unity-greeter background '/usr/share/backgrounds/warty-final-ubuntu.png'14:55
garcia_I need some help.14:55
zvacet!ask | garcia_14:56
ubottugarcia_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience14:56
garcia_I am using ubuntu on my acer netbook and everything worked fine. but after using too many tabs on firefox and skype, my mouse freezed14:56
garcia_i can use the right click but cant move the mouse14:56
evilthoughtI am connected wirelessly (just fine) but I keep getting the annoying Wired disconnected popup. how do i stop that popup?14:59
solancerguys need help14:59
replicathnkx jrib it worked :)15:00
jribreplica: no problem15:00
ubottupatoseghe95: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».15:01
solancerhow can I fix: warning: Insecure world writable dir ...15:01
solancerfull error http://paste.ubuntu.com/1545658/15:01
solanceranyone ?15:02
solancer#join rubyonrails15:02
MonkeyDustpatoseghe95  please stop15:02
somsipsolancer: chmod 755 {directory} may do it, but there's a chance it won't15:03
jhutchinssolancer: Would you like to add -R to that?15:03
nabbletwhy can't i use the startup disk creator with an mini iso?15:05
seelhey, I could use some help getting nixnote installed if someone would help me out15:05
nabbletgot it! the solution is unetbootin15:06
MonkeyDustseel  you installed it with a ppa?15:07
solancerjhutchins, I dono15:07
seeluh no15:07
solancerjhutchins, I jus want that error to go away15:08
seeldownloaded direct link from site and tried installing from ubuntu software center15:08
MonkeyDust!find nixnote | seel15:08
ubottuseel: Package/file nixnote does not exist in quantal15:08
seelyeah, that didn't work15:08
Guest67299what is the diffrence between linux-image-3.0.0-12 generic and  linux-image-3.0.0-27 generic15:08
k1lGuest67299: the last one is newer with more patches15:08
MonkeyDustseel  from which website?15:09
seelMonkeyDust: so type !find nixnote ?15:09
Guest67299kll: so why does'nt system update install the new one why the old one.....any theory..?15:09
k1lseel: see the answer from the bot. that program is not included in the official ubuntu repos15:09
zoktari need to reinstall(and purge) all apport related packages and dependancys. can that be done via aptitude --purge reinstall , in some way?.15:09
jribzoktar: why do you need to do this?15:10
apgCan somebody tell me where is the location of the script than mounting or unmounting our filesystem in start up or rebooting our ubuntu system?15:10
seelok, so I'll have to add the app then, right?15:10
k1lGuest67299: the "apt-get upgrade" doesnt install new kernels. you need "apt-get dist-upgrade" for it15:10
seelsorry, meant add the ppa, it's called, right?15:10
MonkeyDustseel  guess you better contact this gentleman https://launchpad.net/~vincent-c/+archive/nevernote15:11
Guest67299kll: so will it be safe if i directly install it using synaptic without ap-get dist-upgrade15:11
zoktarjrib, reinstall command gets around dependancy "issues" when you just want to reinstall something with fresh cfg files.15:11
jribzoktar: so you just want to reset the config files to their defaults?15:12
zoktarjrib, well i want a package and all its dependancys equal to a fresh install, so yeah that and anything else.15:14
craigbass1976I'm still stuck with a samba problem after a few weeks.  A line in /etc/fstab goes //   /home/craig/share  cifsfile_mode=0777,dir_mode=0777,uid=1000,gid=1000   0 0, but I think samba isn't started yet when this tries to mount.  After a few minutes (once I've logged in) of what appears to be normal, I get a black screen with text.  I dpn't remember what it says now, but it's because this mount fails.15:14
jrib!cifs | craigbass197615:15
jrib!smb | craigbass197615:15
ubottucraigbass1976: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.15:15
subdesignwhats the difference when after a packaga name there is :i386 in Software center?15:15
bkc_subdesign: 32bit15:15
ThinkT510subdesign: i386 means its the 32bit version15:15
jribcraigbass1976: there's a mount option you can add that indicates it needs the network.  If the wiki pages don't mention it check the man page for mount or fstab  for something like "netdev"15:15
MonkeyDustsubdesign  i386 is 32bit15:15
nabbletbut isn't eg 1686 32 bit too?15:16
subdesignok sorry mixed up thinkgs of course15:16
ThinkT510nabblet: yes15:16
Picicraigbass1976: You probably need to use the _netdev option15:16
nabbletwhy then i386?15:16
jribzoktar: ok.  I don't know how to do that for a package and *all of its dependencies* in a nice way.  Can I ask again, why you want to do this?15:16
MonkeyDust686 is from the 386-family15:16
MonkeyDusti.e. with addressable extended memory15:17
NielsMknhello everyone15:18
nabbletMonkeyDust, ok - thank you15:18
NielsMknwhat are the necessary partitions for installing ubuntu properly?15:18
NielsMknor lets say recommended instead15:18
MonkeyDustNielsMkn  / and swap but better would be / swap and /home15:18
BluesKajNielsMkn,  / , /home and swap15:19
ThinkT510NielsMkn: only necessary is root (/), recommended is / and swap and /home15:19
jribNielsMkn: you can put everything on one partition, though I'd recommend having a separate /home and something for swap15:19
FloodBot1KylieBrooks: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.15:19
KylieBrooksso, firfox keeps freezing up15:19
NielsMknso there is no need for a /boot partition?15:19
KylieBrooksso, firfox keeps freezing up15:20
DarsVaedais there a drag and drop solution to add new items to the launcher? (not from the dash)15:20
MonkeyDust!details | KylieBrooks15:20
ubottuKylieBrooks: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."15:20
k1lNielsMkn: not for a regular user15:20
KylieBrooksMonkeyDust: don'yt quite have them. um, i need to know ow to get ubuntu version15:21
NielsMknalright thanks.15:21
MonkeyDustKylieBrooks  lsb_release -sd15:21
KylieBrooksit seems that firefox freezes up and takes the whole sysetem with it. ubuntu 12.1015:22
NielsMknerm, what should be the size for each of them considering I have around 50GB for ubuntu and 6 GB of RAM.15:22
KylieBrooksMonkeyDust: did u need any more detailss15:23
MonkeyDustNielsMkn  10GB /    7GB swap     the rest /home15:23
MonkeyDustKylieBrooks  what are you doing exactly?15:24
KylieBrooksMonkeyDust: browsing ...15:24
MiebsterIs there a linux application that can get email and calendar from exchange using activesync?  It's an ironic question because android has this.15:24
k1lDarsVaeda: if you start that program you can rightclick on the icon and select: keep in launcher15:25
NielsMknlast question for now, do you recommend install ubuntu 12.10 or should I go for previous versions?15:25
MonkeyDustMiebster  linux has Zimbra and Zarafa15:25
DarsVaeda"lock to launcher"?15:25
k1lNielsMkn: you should decide if you want long-term-support or if you are fine with upgrading once in a while15:26
KylieBrooksMonkeyDust: i said i'm browsing15:26
ThinkT510NielsMkn: more recent apps: 12.10; longer support period: 12.0415:26
k1lNielsMkn: so that would be installing a) 12.04 LTS or b) 12.1015:26
MonkeyDustKylieBrooks  what did try before you came here?15:26
k1lDarsVaeda: smth like that, yes15:26
MonkeyDustKylieBrooks  did you try*15:27
NielsMknwell I'll be using ubuntu mainly for developing android apps and blender actually15:27
ThinkT510KylieBrooks: is flash involved?15:27
KylieBrooksMonkeyDust: decreasing screen resolution as someone thought hardware15:27
KylieBrooksthinced: no15:27
KylieBrooksThinkT510: no15:27
DarsVaedalock to launcher does not work15:27
DarsVaedathe program is actually eclipse which I installed in /opt/eclipse415:27
DarsVaedabut eclipse 3 is installed also, if I start eclipse 4 and lock it to the launcher, it starts eclipse 315:28
KylieBrooksMonkeyDust: u here15:30
DataMatrixhello, i have a simple question about mounting: what might be the implications if i mount a partition on a directory already containing files (I've copied my /var /etc /usr and /home to partitions on a raid array for security).15:30
=== simsalasille is now known as xmgraTZe
=== xmgraTZe is now known as simsalasille
KylieBrooksDataMatrix: no overwriting happens15:30
SeveasDataMatrix, you'll hide the existing files15:30
NielsMknalright gonna install now, later15:31
KylieBrooksDataMatrix: just hiding15:31
mathishould I install Ubuntu or the lightweight Lubuntu on a netbook with the processor: Intel ATOM Dual-Core D52515:31
ThinkT510mathi: up to you15:31
MonkeyDustKylieBrooks  try using a lighter ubuntu15:31
assengaplease help on how to install application in ubuntu 12.0415:31
ThinkT510!software | assenga15:32
ubottuassenga: A general introduction to the ways software can be installed, removed and managed in Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoftwareManagement - See also !Packages, !Equivalents15:32
KylieBrooksMonkeyDust: how15:32
mathiThinkT510: please advice me15:32
DataMatrixKyleBrooks: so if raid fails and mount of partition fails than the system should start with pre-backup files working fine15:32
ThinkT510mathi: try both and see15:32
ThinkT510mathi: lxde will likely be more responsive but you won't know by how much until you try15:32
KylieBrooksDataMatrix: sounds like it. yes.15:33
MonkeyDustKylieBrooks  lubuntu and xubuntu are lightweight DE's15:33
samIamIsamSeveas, is it ok if I PM you a question?15:33
=== kirkland` is now known as kirkland
assengayes i have download a linux aplication and i want to run it in ubuntu15:33
KylieBrooksMonkeyDust: and i'm asking how to set them up15:33
applejack_hi :)15:33
ThinkT510assenga: use the repos15:33
ThinkT510assenga: you should install things from websites15:33
MonkeyDustKylieBrooks  try sudo apt-get install lxde, logout, select lxde, login15:34
WulfTrying to setup libpam-mysql. It works but only when /etc/pam-mysql.conf is world-readable. Is there any way to get it more secure?15:34
SeveassamIamIsam, sure15:35
mathiThinkT510: it's a server, i don't need interface15:35
apgAnybody can answer this question http://askubuntu.com/q/244637/124187 ? help15:35
ThinkT510mathi: then why are you asking about desktop environments?15:35
applejack_I would love to kindly ask how I could find out what graphic card I have? lspci told me that I got "Nvidia Corporation Devide 1055". I am not quite sure if I am satisfied with this information15:36
mathiThinkT510: there is no Lubuntu server15:36
ThinkT510mathi: ubuntu is the same underneathe15:36
ThinkT510mathi: use ubuntu server15:36
adamkapplejack_: Google :-)  1055 is the PCI ID.15:36
mathiThinkT510: it is ok to install it on small computers ?15:36
billhookmanhi, anybody know why I cannot access to software center? It does not load anything to select. synaptic works ok. I use Lubuntu15:37
ThinkT510mathi: of course15:37
applejack_Oh! Thank you adamk :)15:37
adamkapplejack_: http://us.download.nvidia.com/XFree86/Linux-x86_64/304.43/README/supportedchips.html15:37
mathiThinkT510: it seems that only interface is what takes resources15:37
DataMatrixapg: some process is using files on your home dir or you have mounted a partition on a subdirectory of home folder15:37
ThinkT510mathi: as usual15:38
ThinkT510mathi: a cli environment is always going to be lighter than any desktop15:38
apgDataMatrix: how can I know a program that has not quitted to the time my system almost poweroff?15:39
mathiThinkT510: but Lubuntu makes not only UI lighter, but also limit the default applications.15:39
ThinkT510mathi: you said you don't want a desktop15:39
AngryBirdhlw guys, i've installed win 7 .. i want to know how to configure firewall on windows 715:40
mathiThinkT510: ys, but i am saying too bad there is Lubuntu Server, conceived for small netbooks15:40
ThinkT510AngryBird: ##windows15:40
=== Clark is now known as perfectdark
MonkeyDustAngryBird  ask in ##windoiws how to do things in windows15:40
ThinkT510mathi: server doesn't have a gui at all, i don't understand what you are getting at15:40
AngryBirdsaale kutte15:41
mathiThinkT510: yea i know, but Lubuntu is not only about UI, it also limits the default applications started that are resource-consuming for example15:41
=== szx` is now known as szx
AngryBird /join ##windows15:42
wachpwnskiIf I download ubuntu server, is that a good way to go about installing a minimal desktop environment?15:42
ThinkT510mathi: the default apps for the server are different too, no gui apps at all so what you say is a moot point15:42
apgDatamatrix: I do not mount any partition to any subdirectory of my home folder. So, I guess, there is a program using a file that prevent my  home folder from cleanly unmounted.15:42
MonkeyDustwachpwnski  there's alos mini ubuntu, it's also an installer, liker ubuntu-server15:43
mathiThinkT510: thank you for your input, i will install ubuntu server15:43
ThinkT510!mini | wachpwnski15:43
ubottuwachpwnski: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD15:43
DataMatrixapg: that is one option, the other is that gnome mounts on .gvfs for flash sticks and etc. and your GUI is not exiting and unmounting those properly (if you use gnome)15:43
wachpwnskiwhat does the server version have?15:44
MonkeyDustwachpwnski  other partitioning, other default apps, no GUI15:45
mathiThinkT510: when I install will I have to choose the type of File System ?15:45
ThinkT510mathi: ext4 is default15:45
apgdatamatrix: do you know the way to make sure which program is not exiting?15:46
DataMatrixapg: login into a root terminal (open terminal then type "sudo -s" without quotes), type: echo -e "lsof -f -X | grep /home > /var/log/shutdown.log" > /etc/rc0.d/S39homeuse15:47
wachpwnskimin is the best way to go then?15:47
calimero_82hey guys15:48
DataMatrixapg: then make the script executable: chmod 0755 /etc/rc0.d/S39homeuse15:48
ThinkT510wachpwnski: unless you have bandwidth issues then yes15:48
DataMatrixand then shutdown. then start your computer and check the file /var/log/shutdown.log15:48
MonkeyDustwachpwnski  "best" depends on what you expect and prefer15:48
craigbass1976jrib, thanks.  How do I know whether the network or samba starts up first?15:48
calimero_82how can i connnect my samsung c3750 via usb on ubu 12.10?15:48
apgdatamatrix: okay, I'll try it now.15:48
DataMatrixapg: I am not currently able to test this, but this is the base concept to log what is using your home just before /etc/rc0.d/S40umountfs -> ../init.d/umountfs start executes15:49
wachpwnskiso mini is like of like the freebsd style ubuntu :D15:49
craigbass1976calimero_82, is it android?  Do you have to tell the phone what mode to connect in first?15:49
wachpwnskiinstall only what is needed, and download and compile what is wanted15:49
calimero_82no it's an old phone15:49
ThinkT510wachpwnski: not compile no, binary packages15:49
calimero_82samsun c375015:49
craigbass1976calimero_82, It doesn't just show up, eh?15:50
=== Kitar|st_ is now known as Kitar|st
calimero_82i want only copy cell photo on pc15:51
craigbass1976If it's not hooking up directly, I've managed to text pictures to my email address.  That might be your only option.15:52
craigbass1976calimero_82, ^^15:52
Touhou11craigbass1976: How will sending pictures to your email help?15:53
=== philippe is now known as Guest59000
craigbass1976Touhou11, He want's to get the pictures off his phone ot his computer.  Mine hooks up, but when I forgetmy wire, that's how I have to do it.15:53
KylieBrookshow do i logout of openbox ?15:54
MonkeyDustKylieBrooks  try right click, exit15:54
KylieBrooksMonkeyDust: doesnt work15:55
seelwell, I got nevernote to work15:56
MonkeyDustseel  for future reference: how?15:57
seelpretty cool app if you ask me though I've just started using it so will see how it turns out productivity-wise15:57
=== MartinS is now known as Guest35338
seelwent to that link you gave me, installed the ppa and updated the computer, then rebooted15:57
seeltruth be told, when I can I prefer installing from cli anyway so not having to load usc was nice15:58
Azmuthi need help15:59
seelAzmuth: with?15:59
calimero_82samsung kies work with playonlinux?15:59
calimero_82samsung kies works with playonlinux?15:59
ThinkT510Azmuth: then you need to describe the issue too15:59
Azmuthi want to install win7 after ubuntu 12.1015:59
Azmuthi don't know how to backup mbr ?15:59
MonkeyDustAzmuth  it's possible, but win7 ruins GRUB, so you'll have to repair it16:00
BluesKajAzmuth, install windows first then ubuntu16:00
AzmuthBluesKaj: i can16:00
Azmuthi can't16:00
mimorAzmuth: have you seen this? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBoot#Installing_Windows_After_Ubuntu16:01
BluesKajAzmuth,  why ?16:01
seelspeaking of installing, what's the difference between wubi and dual-booting?16:01
BluesKaj!wubi | seel16:01
ubottuseel: Wubi is an Ubuntu installer for Windows users that allows you to install and uninstall Ubuntu like a Windows application, in a simple and safe way. http://wubi-installer.org/support.php and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WubiGuide for troubleshooting. Please  file bugs at http://launchpad.net/wubi/+filebug. For Ubuntu Oneiric/11.10 http://releases.ubuntu.com/oneiric/wubi.exe16:01
MonkeyDustseel  wubi creates a space inside windows, dual-booting alongside windows16:01
AzmuthBluesKaj: i have lots of software installed on ubuntu and if  i uninstall it then i have to start again...16:02
zellhello how can I on my ubuntu disabled auto calibration of my microphone ?16:02
ThinkT510seel: wubi is a ubuntu installation in a file inside windows (avoid using it if possible)16:02
seelso speed doesn't really factor in or anything, just how it's installed basically16:02
ThinkT510seel: yes16:03
BluesKajAzmuth, so you can install windows beside ubuntu , then use live media ubuntu to reinstall grub16:03
seelThinkT510: well, I'm using wubi atm as I can't install ubuntu on here16:03
AzmuthBluesKaj: that's what i am looking for...16:03
ThinkT510seel: wubi was never meant as a long term solution, more of a testing ground before a proper install16:03
BluesKajseel, wubi isn't a real install , it's afile the runs in windows16:04
xentewhen I log out from my unity session, there are still several processes running. Namely: unity-music-daemon, unity-shopping-daemon, and gvfsd-trash. If I log in again, these processes are duplicated. Does anyone know why these processes won't die unless I explicity kill them?16:04
zellHow can i disable microphone auto-calibration ?16:05
seelI understand that but still have no way (that I know of) to install ubuntu other than that, with little point in doing so in the first place16:05
zell(when i speak using, mumble or any VOIP device, microphone become lower, and people i speak with, can't hear me anymore16:05
ThinkT510seel: a vm is a much better solution16:05
zelli just checked my system configuration16:06
zelland even if I emplify signal16:06
Azmuththanks for help16:06
zellit lows back ...16:06
Azmuthi got my answer16:06
zellany idea ?16:06
boulderdaveFor some reason, even though I'm passing flat=True into values_list(), when I try to append the results to a list, its saying I can only concatenate list (not "ValuesListQuerySet") to list ... what the hek?? http://dpaste.com/882711/16:06
seelso does wubi still allow windows to get something like a virus or any other crap using windows might have happen?16:07
MonkeyDustboulderdave  what are you trying to do?16:07
xenteseel: no, not if you are booting ubuntu in wubi16:07
k1lseel: can you rephrase?16:07
seelI've never done a vm and this laptop's dvd drive is broken so couldn't download an iso but have full install on my desktop16:08
MonkeyDustseel  wubi will get you frustrated, it's a pseudo-install, you'll think ubuntu is no good16:08
k1lseel: you can use a usb stick16:08
xentewubi is a great solution, but bad disk performance16:08
k1lseel: i recommend to avaoid wubi16:08
ThinkT510seel: if wubi has access to your windows partition then yes, files (including viruses) can get transfered to windows16:08
seelok, no clue if it has access to that or not actually16:09
boulderdaveappend the value list to another list16:09
denisnikulinseel: no, any virus from windows won't affect your wubi ubuntu installation16:09
ThinkT510!usb | seel16:09
ubottuseel: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent16:09
k1lwubi installs a ubuntu into a container into the windows partition. i recommend to do a native ubuntu install on seperate partitions16:09
MonkeyDustboulderdave  in what language? better go to the proper channel16:09
seelI just know my girlfriend mainly prevers windows and I prefer ubuntu full-time now, though my desktop is nice once I can access that via ssh lol16:09
boulderdaveMonkeyDust, ah crap. sorry !  thought i was in #django16:10
boulderdavemy bad!16:10
denisnikulinseel: try ubuntu + windows in virtualbox ;)16:10
seelmuch better performance?16:10
seelvm, I mean?16:10
denisnikulinseel: for linux - yes. if you want desktop os16:10
xentethe problem with wubi is limited to poor disk performance, file system corruption if there is a crash (on both the windows side and linux side) but other than that, it's just fine.  a native install has much better disk performance. other than that, it's just fine16:10
ThinkT510seel: xp in vbox has good performance16:10
=== ryanclancy000 is now known as Guest96916
BaribalHi. I just f### up badly and de- and reinstalled a production MySQL server. Is there any way to recover its data?16:11
denisnikulinagree about xp on vm - very good performance16:11
MonkeyDustxp in virtualbox works nice16:11
k1lxente: as issues here proof its quite common that windows gets corrupted and ubuntu cant start, too.16:11
seelok, well I've never done a vm as said and am running win7 otherwise so is it gonna cost anything?16:11
MonkeyDustxp... the only windows i can love16:11
ThinkT510seel: virtualbox is free and open source16:12
xentekil: you haven't proven that. the corruption is only if someone powers off the machine without going through shutdown16:12
ThinkT510seel: you'd need your own windows install media to make a windows vm16:13
k1lxente: most supporters here dont like wubi because of that problems. they are quite common. thats what i mean. its theoretically a good feature.16:13
seelwindows install media?16:14
ThinkT510seel: your own copy of windows16:14
xentekil: I agree with you on that. I wouldn't recommend it for anyone beyond those who want to evaluate ubuntu. but it's great to get windows friends to try ubuntu with limited risk16:14
ThinkT510seel: with your purchased activation key16:14
=== Guest88239 is now known as Chex
seelI'm not gonna have to reinstall windows or anything, right?16:15
=== chiluk is now known as chiluk_away
ThinkT510seel: you'd be installing it in a vm16:15
minashi. I want to open a new terminal from a terminal and execute a command in it. I can open a new terminal with the command "gnome-terminal", but I haven;t been able to execute a command in it. I tried gnome-terminal ls but it doesn't work. Any ideas?16:15
seelsorry, I'm a bit confused here16:16
xentegnome-terminal -e <command>16:16
ThinkT510seel: have you never used virtual machines before?16:16
seelas I said, no, never16:17
rjagatheHi ...I was using ubuntu 12.04(upgraded often right from 10.10) w/o any problem for long time.But... I tried to upgrade to 12.10.it resulted in a disaster .My system fails to boot.Can anybody help?16:17
ThinkT510seel: seriously, try ubuntu in a vm, go download virtualbox16:17
ThinkT510seel: virtualisation is great16:17
seelI've heard about them but have never done them as I thought you'd have to be in windows and then load up ubuntu or something and didn't want to login to windows16:17
rjagatheHow to download virtual box from win xp. Right now I am chatting from it only?16:18
ThinkT510rjagathe: go to the website16:18
xenteseel: to use a vm in windows, you need to login to windows16:18
arunkumar413ubuntu not recognising the memory card on my laptop16:18
WulfI'm at the login screen of 12.04. Shutdown does not work, nothing at all happens. I also checked the logs. Nothing. How can I fix that?16:19
minasxente, I tried it but it opens and closes instantly16:19
rjagatheThinkT150: which site?16:20
arunkumar413why is ubuntu not recognizing the sd memory card plugged into the memory card slot on my laptop16:20
xenteminas: because once you run that command, it ends and the terminal will exit. perhaps what you want to use is a script with zenity16:21
ThinkT510rjagathe: if you want to download virtualbox then it would make sense to go to the virtualbox website, more help can be found in ##windows16:21
minasxente, But I also tried gnome-terminal -e touch x.txt and the file isn't created16:22
rjagatheThinkT150:How it can help me in booting my ubuntu?16:22
=== chiluk_away is now known as chiluk
ThinkT510rjagathe: you just asked how to install virtualbox in winxp, how is this related?16:22
xenteminas: in that case, try gnome-terminal -e "sh -c \"touch x.txt\""16:22
rjagatheThinkT150:I was just complaining abt my ubuntu 12.04 not booting after a failed upgrade to 12.1016:23
arunkumar413i have windows 7 on my laptop and i installed ubuntu inside windows. I shrinked the C drive to create some extra space to install other linux os. Now i want to create a new partition on the free space but i get an error saying that i cannot create more than 4 primary partitions. Please help me16:24
minasxente, works, thanks :)16:24
xenteminas: :)16:24
seelso in a nutshell, I login to win to use ubuntu and can use it like I normally would but when it windows, start a vm and run ubuntu from there as though it's installed whenever I want to use it inside windows, and nothing I do will effect windows/nothing win does will effect ubuntu?16:26
=== dziegler is now known as dziegler_off
seeljust brand new to it is all... but am reading about it now16:26
xenteseel: that's right. you can run several vm's as well, depending on your resources. kinda nifty16:26
BluesKajseel, you may have to enable virtualization in the bios16:28
seeland even though is required to login to windows (grr lol) it's better than wubi though a dual-boot is obviously the best choice other than a full install?16:28
BECarunkumar413, indeed; the max # of "Primary" partition is 4; what u can do is create an "extended" partition which can have as many logical partitions as u wish16:28
arunkumar413decoder_: how to create an extended partition16:28
BluesKajdual boot is a full install , one partition is windows , the other is ubun tu , seel16:29
seelright, was just meaning dual-boot/install over windows16:29
arunkumar413is logical volume bootable16:29
BluesKaj!dualboot | seel16:30
ubottuseel: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot16:30
arunkumar413BEC: if i create a logical volume and install the linux os on it. can i boot that16:30
xentearunkumar413:  you partitioning tool will ask you if you want to do primary or extended16:30
brentandbutterHow can I run ubuntu in virtualbox, I've never used a virtual machine before16:31
xentebrentandbutter:  install virtualbox16:31
seelbrentandbutter: welcome to the club lol16:31
ubottuThere are several solutions for running other operating systems (or their programs) inside Ubuntu, while using the native CPU as much as possible: !QEmu (with !KQemu), !VirtualBox, !VMWare, as well as !WINE and !Cedega for Windows applications16:31
compdocbrentandbutter, just install as normal16:31
BECarunkumar413, first u need to explain more about ur situation16:31
brentandbutterhave it, and im downloading 12.1016:31
BECarunkumar413, u said u installed it "in" windows?16:31
brentandbutteryes virtualbox is installed in windows16:32
BluesKaj!u | BEC16:32
ubottuBEC: U is the 21st letter of the modern latin alphabet. Neither 'U' nor 'Ur' are words in the English language. Neither are 'R', 'Y', 'l8', 'ryt',  'Ne1' nor 'Bcuz'. Mangled English is hard for non-native English speakers. Please see http://geekosophical.net/random/abbreviations/ for more information.16:32
seelman, more and more people are going to linux16:32
arunkumar413BEC: yes i installed ubuntu inside windows (wubi)16:32
seelcan't wait til it crushes windows or close to it :)16:32
t5ae4arunkumar413: yes, you can install linux inside logical volume16:32
BECubottu, bots correct Internet slang now? anyways; my pleasure: U=You16:33
ubottuBEC: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)16:33
arunkumar413BEC: the windows 7 is a preinstalled one when i bought the lappy16:33
BluesKajseel, we're still only 1-2%  of computer users16:33
MonkeyDustbrentandbutter  download the ubuntu iso, create a new virtual machine, use the iso in the Storage settings16:33
xenteBluesKaj: but almost 88% of the top 500 use linux16:34
BECarunkumar413, honestly I never tried wubi; just a sec16:34
seelyeah and a big problem I still see is too many things are still explained in a very tech way for new people unfortunately16:34
KylieBrooksi need something as defaiuult16:34
KylieBrooksfor a desktop interface16:34
KylieBrookswhen i ilogin16:34
xenteerr, sorry.....94%16:34
KylieBrooksi want to change the default16:34
BluesKajxente, 88% of the top 500 of what ? :)16:34
xenteBluesKaj: top 500 supercomputers and I was wring. it's 94%16:35
xenteerr wrong...not wring16:35
BECarunkumar413, what are the 4 partitions u havE?16:35
xanguaxente: supercomputers count as users¿ :) right16:36
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!16:36
xentexangua: they do have users, don't they?16:36
BluesKajsupercomputers aren't in the race , I'm talking about desktop and laptop users16:36
seelwith more and more desktop like distros that are userfriendly yet still provide tools for powerusers when needed and learned, more people would switch I would think16:36
arunkumar413BEC: http://pastebin.com/KzJMUG4d16:37
KylieBrooksseel: agree16:37
BluesKajseel, well i was impressed by the way windows handled my phone drivers , cant say the same about wammu and gammu :(16:37
KylieBrooksseel: also a subtle reminder that these aren't windows16:38
KylieBrooksseel: not at all the same16:38
t5ae4arunkumar413: dude, your issue?16:38
sogeking99Hey guys can I install KDE without getting rid of Unity?16:38
jhutchinssogeking99: Yes.16:39
seelKylieBrooks: yeah, but that's the biggest problem I see...16:39
BECarunkumar413, ok16:39
BECcheck this: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/wubi16:39
seelpeople think there's windows, then everything else... wrong imo...16:39
pringlescanHello all, if I spawn node.js from an upstart script, it takes up 99% CPU, if I start it by hand uses 0% CPU. It's not under any load, it immediately ramps up to full CPU usage. Any ideas?16:39
BECarunkumar413, you don't have to make a new partition; only free some space & use it from the wubi installer16:39
BluesKajcan't get wammu to recognize my old phone , even tho i give the proper bus and device designations16:40
sogeking99jhutchins, How?16:40
jemaduxwill ubuntu lts 12.04.2 have about same packages as 12.10 ?16:40
jhutchinssogeking99: Just install it.16:40
ubottuKDE (http://kde.org) is an open community that creates and maintains software including the Plasma desktop.  To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install  kubuntu-desktop », or see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallingKDE . See  http://kubuntu.org for more information.16:40
seelthere's OS for computers: linux, win, mac, etc. each has its own good/bad but because of market win rules and people follow that as the "thing"16:40
xanguajemadux: no16:40
BECarunkumar413, also here's the ubuntu community page:https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wubi16:40
bazhangsogeking99, install the kubuntu-desktop package16:40
jhutchinssogeking99: It will become a choice on your login screen.16:40
bazhangseel,  offtopic here16:40
=== muhammed is now known as basil
jrrI added an exchange account via "Online Accounts", including "Mail", "Calendar", and "Contacts" - what applications can see this?16:41
jrrIs there even a mail client attached to these?16:41
sogeking99Okay thanks, can I do this with multiple UI's? I'd like to see some of the others too.16:41
seelbazhang: hrm?16:41
arunkumar413t5ae4: i want to create a new partition but the winodws 7 which came preinstalled with my lappy has already 4 primary partitions. so I'm not able to create any further partitions16:41
bazhangsogeking99, lubuntu-desktop xubuntu-desktop and so on yes16:41
bazhangseel, this is Ubuntu tech support, NOT chit chat channel16:42
jhutchinsjrr: Depending on how the exchange server is set up, you may be able to access it with a pop or imap mail client; you may be able to access the calendar via an ical protocol, but I don't know of anything but exchange that can use the Contacts info.16:42
bazhang!ot | seel16:42
ubottuseel: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!16:42
t5ae4arunkumar413: you should delete the last partition and make that an extended partition16:42
sogeking99bazhang, Okay thanks, do each install a bunch of programs though?16:42
jhutchinssogeking99: There are about a dozen possibilities, see http://freedesktop.org for a full list.16:42
t5ae4arunkumar413: by doing so, you can create logical partitions within16:42
bazhangsogeking99, yes they do16:42
t5ae4arunkumar413: if you need more space, resize other partitions16:43
arunkumar413t5ae4: i shrinked the c drive to create some extra space but i'm not able to create partitions on that16:43
BluesKajarunkumar413, 2 of the primaries are recovery and Windows page file partitions , which you may have to sacrifice iirrc16:43
seelok, well glad I got help here and I appreciate that, will keep that in mind16:43
sogeking99bazhang, would sudo apt-get purge remove the environment and all the programs it downloaded also?16:43
sogeking99thanks jhutchins16:44
jrrjhutchins: in other words, what did adding the account under "Online Accounts" do?16:44
bazhangsogeking99, no it would not16:44
jhutchinsjrr: That's an exchange question, but it should mean that it's accessible from the internet, possibly the web interface.16:44
BECBlueEagle, t5ae4: maybe im getting it wrong, but he's trying to install it inside Windows; no need to remove a partition! All he needs is some space on one partition (which obviously he should have)16:44
t5ae4arunkumar413: what's the error  message when you create a partition?16:44
bazhang!puregnome | sogeking9916:44
ubottusogeking99: If you want to remove all !Kubuntu packages or !Xubuntu packages and have a default !Ubuntu system, follow the instructions here: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/pureubuntu16:44
arunkumar413BluesKaj: i shrinked the c drive which gave me 200 GB of extra space.16:44
jhutchinsjrr: I'm only certified through exchange 5, it's been a while.16:44
sogeking99Okay thanks16:45
jrrjhutchins: I'm talking about ubuntu's system settings -> online accounts16:45
bazhangsogeking99, the same applies for other desktop environments as well16:45
arunkumar413t5ae4: the error message is "its not possible to create more than 4 primary partitons"16:45
jrrubuntu apparently has the ability to log in to that account, but I'm not sure it's doing anything with it16:45
jhutchinsjrr: Then I have no idea what you've done.16:45
jrralright, thanks16:45
t5ae4arunkumar413: dude.. you should delete one existing partition first ok?16:45
t5ae4arunkumar413: then create a extended partition16:46
arunkumar413t5ae4: but doing so may corrupt my windows 716:46
t5ae4arunkumar413: what's the problem in deleting the last partition16:46
t5ae4arunkumar413: delete a partition which will not affect your current installation16:48
arunkumar413t5ae4: it contains some hp tools and it may also contain UEFI16:48
=== dniMretsaM_away is now known as dniMretsaM
jhutchinsarunkumar413: Before anything, if you're going to be messing with partitions you need to have a backup anyway.  Clonezilla will let you make an image backup that you can restore exactly as it was.  Are all of the partitions listed as primary, not extended?16:49
arunkumar413jhutchins: think they are all primary16:49
t5ae4arunkumar413: can you delete the third?16:50
sogeking99do I want kdm or lightkdm?16:50
ThinkT510sogeking99: lightdm is default16:50
arunkumar413t5ae4: it says it contains some hp tools16:50
sogeking99ok thanks16:50
djonohello is it possible to get a virus on ubuntu?16:51
usr13djono: no16:51
t5ae4arunkumar413: the second?16:51
ubottuAntivirus is something you don't need on !Linux. except where files are then passed to windows computers (perhaps using samba), See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus16:51
djonomy facebook keeps getting hacked even after i change my password. possible keylogger?16:51
usr13djono: Welcome to Linux!  :)16:51
arunkumar413t5ae4: second contains linux16:52
t5ae4arunkumar413: you have to reinstall linux16:52
djonomy facebook keeps getting hacked even after i change my password. possible keylogger?16:52
usr13djono:  You need to change passwords to everything, (at least every few months).16:52
usr13djono: We have no way of knowing.16:52
djonoi changed it 5 times in the last 3 days16:53
t5ae4djono: check your email, see if you notice anything suspicious16:53
arunkumar413t5ae4: there is 200GB of unallocated but it is now showing in fdisk -l16:53
usr13djono: Again, look at other services you use, such as email.16:53
cristian_cI've enabled suspend with: dbus-send --print-reply --system --dest=org.freedesktop.UPower /org/freedesktop/UPower org.freedesktop.UPower.Suspend16:53
t5ae4arunkumar413: you cannot allocate unless you delete a primary partition..16:53
djononothing suspicous on my email. ive changed those passwords aswell16:53
usr13t5ae4: May not even see anything suspicious, just change the password to it and see.16:54
MonkeyDustdjono  then contact facebook16:54
t5ae4djono: yeah possibly keylogger16:54
cristian_cIt works but when I try resume, a kernel panic occurs or desktop is unusable16:55
djonoany ideas how to check and get rid of a keylogger?16:55
cristian_cHow can I solve this problem?16:55
usr13djono: Ubuntu doesn't have anything to do with facebook.  But one thing for sure is that a lot of shenanigans goes on on Facebook, (no matter what OS you use).16:55
arunkumar413t5ae4: i'll better take a backup and do it tomorrow16:55
cristian_cAny ideas?16:56
usr13djono: http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-1074340.html http://techtips.salon.com/keyloggers-malware-laptop-1544.html16:56
usr13cristian_c: How much RAM do you have?16:57
cristian_cusr13, 1 GB16:58
usr13cristian_c: What is the size of your swap partition?16:58
X-Sleepy-XHi! Would it be possible to install despotify in Ubuntu Server and get sound? (I have Spotify Premium)16:58
cristian_cusr13, 1.89 GB16:58
djonothats has only to do with windows?16:58
usr13cristian_c: What version of Ubuntu are you using?16:59
meeti have a home network with ubunt 12.10 and winxp. how do i send a print from ubuntu to winxp printer16:59
cristian_cusr13, Lubuntu16:59
usr13cristian_c:   Fully updated?16:59
usr13cristian_c: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade16:59
X-Sleepy-Xmeet: You need to share the printer from Windows and probably be in the same workgroup.17:00
cristian_cusr13, I've done updates today17:00
meetX-Sleepy-X: file sharing is ok. and i have shared the printer from winxp.17:00
X-Sleepy-Xmeet: It would probably be easier to share the printer from ubuntu17:00
cristian_cusr13, I''ve typed the command now17:00
tripelbI've put 11.04 onto an old dell/does not have the hardware to run unity. And the gnome display is not working/menus flit, etc. So I have now booted it from the LiveCD and it shows stable although it did not write the inactive parts of the screen. I am at the system menu. I'd like some help from here.17:00
=== atrius_away is now known as atrius
meetX-Sleepy-X: i don't have that option. so how do I send a print from ubuntu now?17:01
X-Sleepy-Xmeet: have you tried to search for in in cups?17:01
X-Sleepy-Xmeet: open the printing application in ubuntu and choose to add a new printer17:02
X-Sleepy-Xmeet: search for the printer in the different alternatives17:02
meetX-Sleepy-X: ok..17:02
usr13tripelb: Try lubuntu or xubuntu sudo apt-get install lubuntu-desktop  or sudo apt-get xubuntu-desktop17:02
MonkeyDusttripelb  what do you mean with "it did not write the inactive parts of the screen"?17:02
meetthere's only one option X-Sleepy-X add printer17:02
X-Sleepy-Xmeet: will be easier if you know the ip that the xp pc has17:02
nabblethi, what package do i have to install for the braodcom bcm5906m wireless card? didn't find an aswer with google17:02
bazhangtripelb, 11.04 is not supported17:02
X-Sleepy-Xmeet: yes, first add printer, then select which one17:03
djonocould having a windows partition affect my ubuntu. havent used it in 5 months17:03
=== benedict_ is now known as nabblet2
X-Sleepy-Xnabblet: just guessing now but you probably just need to modprobe17:03
meetX-Sleepy-X: can i use the computer name?17:03
cristian_cusr13, Have I to try again the suspend?17:04
nabbletX-Sleepy-X, just modeprobe? could you be more precise?17:04
X-Sleepy-Xmeet: can u access the xp computer? if so open the command promt and type ipconfig and you will know the ip of that pc17:04
X-Sleepy-Xnabblet: do like this, open a terminal and enter lspci if it's an internal card or lsusb if it's connected by usb17:05
=== rose is now known as Guest49754
usr13nabblet: what does iwconfig say?17:06
tripelbMonkeyDust: after boot I could see the right and left sides of the panel and the two icons. I clicked on an unwritten (black) part od the desktop and the background appeared in that small area. Then I moused over or clicked on the menu and that persisted. So now I see the system menu, ie the drop down from the panel.17:06
eroeurbanojust curious to see the #ubuntu channell17:06
meetX-Sleepy-X: it's not showing17:06
X-Sleepy-Xnabblet: then copy the information about the card and google on that information and if you're lucky you'll then find some neat instructions17:06
nabblet2usr13: iwconfig only lists lo and eth017:06
MonkeyDusttripelb  what's the output of lsb_release -sd ?17:07
cristian_cusr13, Any ideas?17:07
nabblet2usr13: but i can see with lspci the broadcom wireless card X-Sleepy-X17:07
X-Sleepy-Xmeet: you get nothing from ipconfig in xp`17:07
X-Sleepy-Xmeet: ?17:07
meeti added the ip in the add a new printer window17:07
tripelberoeurbano: its busy. Leave the window open and keep lurking. BTW, look at the number of people/users in the channel.17:07
meetbut it is not showing any printers17:07
usr13nabblet: What version of Ubuntu do you have installed?17:08
nabblet2usr13: 12.1017:08
usr13cristian_c: Not really. Sorry.  Maybe someone else will come up with something.17:08
usr13nabblet2: fully updated?17:08
tripelbMonkeyDust: I do not understand what you are asking me to do. (Sorry, need more specifics.)17:08
cristian_cusr13, thank you, anyway :)17:09
Guest49754does anyone know anything about ubuntu tv the thing i wanted to know is i have a virgin media box with xl package and would i be able to intergrate the ubuntu tv with the virgin media service so i can still get all my channels17:09
tripelbMonkeyDust: I do not understand what you are asking me to do. (Sorry, need more specifics.) Oh do that in terminal?17:09
MonkeyDusttripelb  open a terminal, then type lsb_release -sd and paste the output here17:09
bazhangMonkeyDust, its 11.04. it's eol17:09
X-Sleepy-Xmeet: have you read this? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NetworkPrintingWithUbuntu17:09
jaimevg123hi, i dont speak inglish but, I need install VPN en Ubuntu 12.0417:09
=== Guest96244 is now known as fisted
nabblet2usr13: hm, but i only see one braodcom card - seems to be my wired interface then17:10
MonkeyDusttripelb  first upgrade to 12.04 or 12.10, then try / ask again (whatever your question was)17:10
usr13nabblet2: Are you connected to wired network?17:10
X-Sleepy-Xjaimevg123: what language do you speak native?17:11
nabblet2usr13: yes17:11
usr13nabblet2: Is it a laptop?  (If so, what is the make and model?)17:11
jaimevg123x-sleepy i speak espanish17:11
ubottuEn la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.17:11
nabblet2usr13: yes, laptop - lenovo s1217:11
Guest49754does anyone know anything about ubuntu tv the thing i wanted to know is i have a virgin media box with xl package and would i be able to intergrate the ubuntu tv with the virgin media service so i can still get all my channels17:12
nabblet2usr13: ideapad17:12
usr13nabblet2: Are you fully updated?  (If not, do:  sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade )17:12
X-Sleepy-Xjaimevg123: join #ubuntu-es i think that room exits17:12
nabblet2usr13: i am17:12
jaimevg123Ok thanks17:12
nabblet2usr13: this one is the most helpful/promisiong link for me https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx17:13
usr13nabblet2: http://www.randomitguy.com/2011/05/ubuntu-1104-and-lenovo-ideapad-s12.html17:13
usr13nabblet2:  Look at    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^17:13
molqri obtained the netboot iso ... can i simply dd it on to the usb stick or do i need unetbootin ... ?17:13
themhzwhat software do you suggest me to create a cd from mp3 files and convert automatically into audio cd?17:14
usr13themhz: I use k3b17:15
Guest49754sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgradesudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgradesudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgradesudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgradesudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgradesudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgradesudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgradesudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgradesudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgradesudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get17:15
Guest49754upgradesudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgradesudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgradesudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgradesudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgradesudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgradesudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgradesudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgradesudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgradesudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgradesudo apt-get update && sudo a17:15
Guest49754pt-get upgradesudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgradesudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgradesudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgradesudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgradesudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgradesudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgradesudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgradesudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgradesudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgradesudo apt-get update &&17:15
FloodBot1Guest49754: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.17:15
Guest49754 sudo apt-get upgradesudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgradesudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgradesudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgradesudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgradesudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgradesudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgradesudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgradesudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgradesudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgradesudo apt-get up17:15
themhzusr13, it converts mp3 to audio cd?17:15
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hilohello, I am trying to echo a line of text into a file. I used this command: echo "        passwd chat = *Enter\\snew\\s*\\spassword:* %n\\n *Retype\\snew\\s*\\spassword:* %n\\n *password\\supdated\\ssuccessfully* ."17:16
usr13themhz: I've always done it via CLI17:16
diverdudeHello, i have followed this giude: http://www.techrepublic.com/blog/opensource/chroot-users-with-openssh-an-easier-way-to-confine-users-to-their-home-directories/229 to setup ftp. It works great, however the user i have set up cannot seem to create files or directories...permission denied. Directory is owned by root and permissions is set to 755. If i change the directory-ownership using chmod to the user i do ftp with i cannot login, and if i do chmod -R 717:16
diverdude77 i also cannot log in. How do i make the user be able to create directories via ftp then?17:16
usr13themhz: for i in *.mp3; do mpg123 -w `basename $i .mp3`.wav $i; done17:16
hiloHowever, the newline characters aren't escaped and it is broken into multiple lines...17:16
hiloHow can I resolve this so that the line prints out as one single line17:16
themhzusr13,  and then you copy the wav files to the cd?17:17
=== davidcalle_ is now known as davidcalle
tripelbMonkeyDust: I cannot read the output. Display goes black in the part of terminal where I typed. + I'll have to find somewhere to download 12.04 because I don't have internet here. I am talking thru my phone. Ca17:17
themhzusr13,  or this command will do both automatically ?17:17
usr13themhz: Just domp the ones you want to put on a CD into a directory by themselves, run the above command and burn the resulting .wav files to CD17:17
jribhilo: -e17:17
jribhilo: wait, what?  What do you want to do exactly?17:17
themhzusr13, ok great, thanx17:18
usr13themhz: NP17:18
blkadderdiverdude: Do you have a subdirectory created off of the main directory owned by the user(s)?17:18
=== themhz is now known as themhz_away
llutzthemhz: if you want a GUI, k3b and brasero should burn audio-cds from mp3/ogg17:18
tripelbMonkeyDust: can you tell me how to drop to a text terminal and do that? BTW I installed 11.04 haha I also have 9.04 and 6.1 (first Ubuntu I installed.)17:18
usr13themhz_away: Yea, I think llutz is correct.  The popular CD burning softwares we have now will do that stuff automagically....17:19
hilojrib, append this line into a config file. It is for a script that sets up samba. passwd chat = *Enter\snew\s*\spassword:* %n *Retype\snew\s*\spassword:* %n *password\supdated\ssuccessfully* .17:19
=== oscailt is now known as Tutti
=== Tutti is now known as oscailt
jribhilo: and what's the problem?17:19
nabbletusr13, did as the link said - rebooted - nothing... i am installing package firmwar-b43-installer17:20
MonkeyDusttripelb  do what, you mean?17:20
hilojrib, I made all the instances of "\" in that line "\\" to make the \ just output, but \\n still makes a new line17:20
jribhilo: try -E17:20
hilojrib, e or E?17:20
usr13nabblet: Ok good luck, (But I'm not sure b43 is right for the bcm5906 )17:20
jribhilo: read the man page and see :)  But, no, -E.17:21
NielsMknI'm having a slight issue with video playback using vlc, the audio lags behind the video after awhile. Is this because of the display driver?17:21
nabbletusr13, me neither but it's my best bet17:21
usr13nabblet: Are you sure there's not a switch or something that is turned off?  (Or bios setting...?)17:21
nabbletusr13, ok, i am going for the firmware-b43-lppy-installer - was told to do so after the normal installer aborted17:22
tripelbMonkeyDust: since the GUI does not work, is there a key-combo I can use to go to a CLI text screen and then follow your directions. (BTW is the first letter an L or an I (eye)?)17:22
diverdudeblkadder, ahh yes that did it :) thx17:22
nabbletusr13, oh! iwconfig now gives me wlan0 :)17:22
hilojrib, ty17:22
usr13nabblet: The normal install more-than-likely aborted because you don't have a bcm43xx chip.17:22
usr13nabblet: Awesome.17:23
NielsMknand which one is better? open-source or the proprietary one?17:23
usr13nabblet: Looks like you got it.17:23
usr13nabblet: You didn't look after you rebooted?17:23
stuffthatspinsdoes anyone have experience with multiple IPs on same eth?17:23
usr13stuffthatspins: Well, with alias yse17:24
tripelbMonkeyDust: ah I clicked and it reh17:24
stuffthatspinsi upgrade my server from 10.0.4 to 12.0.4 yesterday and lost additional aliases...17:24
hilojrib, why does echo without the e work for most things and not others. According to the man pages, the default is -E which ignores the \ escape, yet \n characters are interpreted as newlines17:24
nabbletusr13, i looked17:24
jribhilo: I don't know17:24
nabbletusr13, hm... i had to do sudo ifconfig wlan0 up17:24
MonkeyDusttripelb  there's ctrl-alt F1, but your ubuntu is not supported, upgrade first17:24
nabbletusr13, now i see it with ifconfig and iwconfig, but wicd doesn't use it :(17:25
tripelbMonkeyDust: ah I clicked and it revealed but I missed the space before the dash and now it won't react. I need text not GUI please.17:25
jribhilo: in fact if you do /bin/echo, /n won't be interpreted.  But for some reason the shell built-in does17:26
jrib\n even17:26
MonkeyDusttripelb  your ubuntu version is not supported, please upgrade first17:26
nabbletusr13, ok, sudo iwlist wlan0 scan gives me results - the card works. this is the link that helped me most https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx17:26
nabbletusr13, but i don't understand why wicd can not access it :/17:26
jribhilo: http://wiki.bash-hackers.org/commands/builtin/echo these guys actually recommend using printf instead.  Guess it depends on your needs17:27
tripelbI have to find a place to download it. :(  the library won't let me.  This seems like "17:27
nabbletusr13, problem solved: i had to set in wicd's preferences to use wlan0 as wireless card17:27
usr13stuffthatspins: You need to put the commands into a script somewhere so that it gets created each time you reboot, like a  firewall script, something like ifconfig eth0:0 10.x.x.x up17:28
usr13nabblet: Well, there you go.17:28
tripelbI have to find a place to download it. :(  the library won't let me.  This seems like " if you have to ask you can't afford it"  I have terminal in text now. BTW I ran the computer through a dell hardware scan, ram and all and it passed perfectly.17:29
=== oscailt is now known as Tutti
usr13stuffthatspins: Oh, I see you did the distribution upgrade.  Hummm. shouldn't have happened, but you can fix it.17:29
=== Tutti is now known as oscailt
usr13stuffthatspins: Did you have a firewall script?17:30
stuffthatspinsthx use 13…  yeh. it shouldn't have. no firewall17:30
nabbletusr13, thank you for your support - i think my card is a low-power card (that's what was suggested by the aborted install) so it is not mentioned separatly, because it might be very similar to a normal card...17:30
=== Mars[Alt] is now known as Mars___
nabbletis there some1 who can modify https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx ?17:30
tripelbMonkeyDust: the output of that command is Ubuntu 11.04 (duh, good to double check I suppose)17:31
usr13stuffthatspins: You didn't have a script someplace, like in   /etc/network/if-up.d/  ?17:32
usr13stuffthatspins: You had to have had something somewhere that created the alias's after each reboot.17:32
stuffthatspinsusr13: inside of interfaces17:33
Mars___Hi there! I own a system76 laptop (Mode: Panp5) running Ubuntu 11.04. As of this morning, the laptop spontaneously shut off on me, and when I go to turn it on again, I am able to make it run for a minute or two before spontaneously shutting off again. Booting it again shortly after makes the system beep. I am unsure of what causes this problem.17:33
usr13stuffthatspins: Oh. ok17:33
usr13stuffthatspins: Well, just re-do it.17:33
lhavelundMars___: Sounds like it could be a temperature issue to me.17:33
stuffthatspinsi know. royk told me i have a deprecated call.17:34
lhavelundDefinitely sounds like a hardware problem rather than a software one.17:34
usr13Mars___: Yea, check to see if the fan runs17:34
tripelbCan anyone support me on 11.04 which will not display the GUI properly. Hardware fine (per dell tests). Won't support unity ( Ubuntu tells me) won't support gnome (that's what I see, GUI does not display, keeps vanishing.) I am at a text CLI now. [I don't have internet nor a copy of 12.04 but I have copy of the 2009 and 2006 if that matters.]17:34
usr13Mars___: May just need a good cleaning.17:34
nabblettripelb, i am no expert - what happens when you use the command startx17:35
tripelbLCD screen17:35
usr13!modeset | tripelb17:35
Mars___user82: The fan certainly runs, and lhavelund, I am positive that the system is not overheating. I came back early this morning to find the system completely cooled down. I booted it again to find that it only works for a short time before shutting down again.17:35
usr13!nomodeset | tripelb17:35
ubottutripelb: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter17:35
usr13(just guessing   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^)17:36
Mars___The system beeping worries me the most however because I have never seen it do this in all my years of owning the system.17:36
tripelbWhat is the command to see how much ram I have?17:36
Mars___I would provide a memtest86+ if I could, but the system fails even through that.17:36
usr13Mars___: Try a bootable CD or USB17:37
usr13Mars___: But sounds a whole lot like a hardware problem.17:37
SierraARI'm wanting to create a 250GB partition, then install windows xp on it. I have ubuntu 12.04 already installed, and gparted is saying that if I resize/move the existing partition it can make ubutnu fail to boot17:38
SierraARAny google search results seem to be for existing windows 7 installs, or a blank hard drive17:38
usr13SierraAR: Probably because there is data in the way17:38
Mars___Yeah, that was my first guess, usr13.17:38
Mars___I'll probably have to look into it..17:38
Mars___Could the video driver be running bad? Is that a consideration?17:38
stuffthatspinsusr13, does this look right to you?17:39
usr13Mars___: I doubt it.17:39
stuffthatspinsthis was working in 10.0.4 but 12.0.04 only the main ip works.17:39
SierraARusr13, Is there a guide on creating a new partition to install windows on with an existing ubuntu install?17:40
=== linuxthefish` is now known as linuxthefish
usr13stuffthatspins: Yea, looks ok to me.  Is that what you had already?17:41
djonoi ran clam tk and found 16 threats is there a way i can get more info on the threats17:41
tripelbI  see no output but mine. am ihere?17:41
stuffthatspinsyes. but RoyK says it's deprecated. I should use. up ip addr add dev eth017:41
stuffthatspinsbut that just adds at runtime. this config file worked before… now i have no extra IPs except the first17:43
Mars___usr13: Well, I'm certain this could be a hardware issue because I tried booting it again, but this time it started beeping right before the system shut off. I was in the System Utilities BIOS menu.17:43
meetX-Sleepy-X: ya .. i was able to setup printing in 11.10 but here it is not showing any printers when i put the ipaddress17:43
fegoSierraAR: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBoot17:44
Mars___usr13: Would you be familiar in the subject of the system beeping (Performing console beeps is my best guess) and what it means?17:44
Azmuthpls help my ubuntu always stuck at restartt/hutdown screen...17:44
usr13stuffthatspins: I don't know, maybe Royk was correct.  Need to check around a bit I guess.17:44
Azmuthshutdown lol17:44
fegoyou can refer the section "Installing Windows After Ubuntu". SierraAR17:44
usr13Mars___: Depends on the bios, but many of them are pretty similiar.  Could be that the memory chip(s) just need to be re-seated.17:45
Azmuthany way to fix my issue ?17:46
fegoand there are some external links available on the bottom of the page that might be helpful17:46
tripelbWhat is the command to see how much ram I have?17:46
usr13stuffthatspins: man interfaces17:46
stuffthatspinsusr13: thanks...17:47
usr13stuffthatspins: Should be in a changelog someplace17:49
Mars___usr13: I will try re-seating my memory chip then.17:49
=== ericab_away is now known as ericab
SierraARThanks fego17:49
jhutchinstripelb: free17:51
jhutchinstripelb: You can use top as well.17:51
morfeo_81hi!! how can search position of library intstalled17:52
ubuntu-testermorfeo_81: locate?17:53
Mars___usr13: So far so good it seems...17:53
stuffthatspinsthanks usr13:17:53
usr13stuffthatspins: Did you find anything?  (I didn't)17:54
usr13Mars___: Is it booting up?17:54
Mars___Yeah, it's booting up normally it seems.17:56
Mars___Just waiting for that crash to happen. :P17:56
Mars___AAAND there it is17:57
Mars___usr13: The system booted normally, however I'm only able to use it for about 1~3 minutes at most before it spontaneously turns off as if it was a Hard Reset.17:58
tripelbjhutchins: thanks. I haven't been on Ubuntu for over a year and I forgot.17:58
Vivekanandaface a weird problem although I somewhat know what the cause is. My /home suddenly reports disk full although disk usage analyzer adds up to a much lower value. Then I run fsck on boot and things go back to showing 1.5 gigs free. I know my hard drive is failing but what can I do otherwise ??17:59
VivekanandaI am using lucid on a 5 yr old laptop17:59
usr13Mars___: Boot to BIOS and look around.  You might see something dealing with the processor, fan or heat related info.18:00
ubuntu-testerVivekananda: the best you can do is to backup all that valuable until it's too late18:00
usr13Vivekananda: Time to by a new HD?18:01
tripelbOK jhutchins I do have a meg of ram. What I do notice is that this LCD screen cut off the first few columns. I gave away my last CRT monitor. I think I will try a different LCD screen. Bit that one didn't show the bios correctly. So I switched so I could change the boot order and start up Ubuntu. This is a FreeCycle machine. It passed the dell hardware test I ran it thru.18:01
ubuntu-testerusr13: might be not an option for old laptop (IDE pehaps)18:02
=== andrzej_ is now known as yogi82
Vivekanandausr13: really short on cash right now and have backed up things ok so no issues. I have a dual boot and windows xp does not show a problem but it happens in ubuntu. Why??18:03
=== chiluk is now known as chiluk_away
ubottuYou can easily fetch a package's source with apt-get. See: http://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/apt-howto/ch-sourcehandling.en.html18:03
JuJuBeeWhat is easiest way to transfer /home from one server to another?18:04
ubuntu-testerVivekananda: because damaged area is on ubuntu pattition and not on xp partition18:04
blkadderJuJuBee: scp it.18:05
Mars___Oh, usr13. It appears my fan ISN'T spinning for some reason..?18:05
Mars___I guess this is a temperature problem then.18:05
Mars___I wasn't able to find any information in my System BIOS about the temperature.18:05
JuJuBeeblkadder: OK, I would need to sudo correct? and how can I preserve perms?18:05
ubuntu-testerVivekananda: you can repartition the drive to cut off bad area from usage. This will require enough free space on other media to move data18:06
JuJuBeeblkadder: I didn't think scp preserved file ownership18:06
blkadderJujuBee: Generally. You can preserver permissions and UID/GID but they will only show up properly if they match on the destination host.18:07
Vivekanandaubuntu-tester: Yep I understand that but then I was just wondering that if the part is damaged then why would fsck show the free 1.5 gigs then go back to being randomly unavailable. But I guess I see the reason is that the drive is failing. :(. does repartition automatically remove a problem ??18:07
ubuntu-testerJuJuBee: or rsync18:07
blkadderJujuBee: You might have better luck with rsync over ssh.18:07
morfeo_81how can se if one library are installed?18:07
ubuntu-testerVivekananda: no, it only gives chance to that18:08
Mars___I guess the fan went bad I guess..?18:08
Mars___That would be my best guess, otherwise I'm not sure what to make of this.18:09
VivekanandaYou mean that while partitioning in Gparted I will get an option to "clean/not choose" bad sectors??18:09
ubuntu-testermorfeo_81: locate hasn't found it?18:09
morfeo_81<ubuntu-tester>:unfortunately no18:09
Castrolhi guys. anyone having problems with security.ubuntu.com mirror?18:10
Castrolhi guys. anyone having problems with security.ubuntu.com mirror?18:10
Castrolis there and alternative and updated mirror for security only? thanks in adv.18:10
llutzmorfeo_81: what lib? apt-cache policy <packagename>18:10
ubuntu-testermorfeo_81: then it's not installed, is it?18:10
morfeo_81<ubuntu-tester> : I want to install pne bamlib for complete installation of tophat18:12
ubuntu-testerCastrol: what problem are you having? it responds to ping now18:12
morfeo_81<ubuntu-tester> : I want to install pne bamlib for complete installation of tophat, how can I do!18:12
tripelbNow see no new responses.sigh.silent channel must NE my connection.18:13
Castrolubuntu-tester: it does respond to ping, but it fails when updating cache for universe folder18:13
Castrolubuntu-tester: it happens from several hosts18:13
JuJuBeeblkadder: OK, so i can sudo rsync -a /home user@remote.ip:/home  but how  do I handle the need for sudo on the remote?18:13
llutzmorfeo_81: sudo apt-get install libbam-dev18:14
JuJuBeeMaybe I should just create the user dirs on remote and have them use rsync to move thier stuff over18:14
Castrolubuntu-tester: it fails when retrieving update cache specifically from "http://security.ubuntu.com quantal-security/main"18:15
blkadder JujuBee: That would be a good idea.18:16
blkadderIf you want to preserve ownership.18:16
blkadderOr just create the users with the same UID/GID on the destination target.18:17
morfeo_81llutz:where I can fin the position  where the lib was installed18:17
Mars___usr13: Are you there? :)18:17
usr13Mars___: Yes18:17
llutzmorfeo_81: dpkg -L libbam-dev18:17
morfeo_81llutz:thanks a lot!!!18:18
ubuntu-testerCastrol: what release are you at and show your sources.list18:19
morfeo_81http://paste.ubuntu.com/1546246/ I continue to have problem also id installed18:19
usr13Mars___: No, I'm here.  *(You are there.)*18:20
Castrolubuntu-tester: quantal-security/universe is the one giving me problems, timeouts, waiting for headers.18:20
tripelbIs it truethat I can buy a magazine with an Ubuntu DVD (sic) in it?18:22
ubuntu-testerCastrol: i see, answer my q. please18:22
morfeo_81please specify $BAM_ROOT in your environment and do not give a PATH to --with-bam option. how can I do that18:22
anathema_I have a problem with brightness notification in asus laptop. Also it doens save my setting for the brightness. Any way to fix the notifications?18:22
=== Kitar|st_ is now known as Kitar|st
Vitripelb, some linux magazines offer a distro on cd every now and then. last time i got one it was slackware. but if you want ubuntu on a disc.. download an image and burn it.18:23
ubuntu-testermorfeo_81: have you seen/tried this? http://stackoverflow.com/questions/12685004/how-to-install-tophat-in-debian18:23
arunkumar413my laptop is not recognizing the memory card18:23
Castrolubuntu-tester: sure, sources.lst is http://pastebin.com/8DKUYWZd18:24
tripelbHow do I shutdown from a text terminal screen? Exit and shutdown don't work.18:24
Castroli changed from security.ubuntu.com mirror to dk.archive.ubuntu.com and it also fails in the same moment.18:25
BluesKajtripelb, sudo halt18:25
morfeo_81<ubuntu-tester>:samtools I have installed using sudo apt-get18:25
nabblethi,  i did a ubuntu 12.10 minmal install and sound only works for root. this https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Audio/TheAudioGroup says i should not add my user to sound group but it does not tell me an alternative. what do i have to do to get sound with a non root users18:25
=== ion1 is now known as yoklar
anathema_tripelb, sudo poweroff18:26
=== bryan is now known as Guest55338
Guest55338 i need some help to get running my ubunoo18:27
arunkumar413i just plugged the memory card into the memory card slot on my laptop but the ubuntu is not detecing it18:27
BluesKajnabblet, add the non root users to the audio group18:28
usr13nabblet: edit /etc/group~18:28
usr13nabblet: edit /etc/group18:28
usr13(First one was typo ~)18:29
seelis it possible to hook an ubuntu desktop up to a tv and play movies with mplayer using an android phone?18:29
=== ion1 is now known as yoklar
nabbletBluesKaj, usr13 the ubuntu wiki say that this is exactly what i am not supposed to do https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Audio/TheAudioGroup18:31
jhutchinsYou can use vigr, which will validate any chnages you make to the group file, but it's usually better to use usermod to make changes like that in a shadow password system.18:31
usr13nabblet: You can use the useradd command:  sudo useradd -G audio nabblet18:31
jhutchinsseel: Why involve the desktop if the android is playing the movies?18:32
usr13(where nabblet is the actual user you need to add)18:32
usr13nabblet: But I should also tell you that you'll need to log out and back in again for changes to take effect.)18:32
arunkumar413i just plugged the memory card into the memory card slot on my laptop but the ubuntu is not detecing it18:32
BluesKajnabblet, sorry I'm so used to home user systems , I forget about security requirements for on the job users18:33
usr13arunkumar413: Try reseating it.18:33
seeljhutchins: want to watch from the tv what's stored on the desktop on a nice tv while laying in bed18:33
arunkumar413usr13: did it but still not detecing18:33
seelnot have to get up and touch the keyboard18:33
nabbletBluesKaj, it is home use18:33
ubuntu-testerarunkumar413: show (pastebin) tail -50 /var/log/syslog18:33
usr13arunkumar413: May be a missmatch.  Check the bios and see if it sees it.18:34
BluesKajnabblet, well what i suggested works fine here18:34
nabbletBluesKaj, if you look at the last paragraph it says console kit daemon is responsble for giving me access to the sound card18:34
usr13auronandace: pastebinit /proc/meminfo   #Send resulting URL18:34
ZiberSo, I currently dual boot windows7 and ubuntu. I'm working on reparitioning my HD, so I can give ubuntu more space. There's now a free parition, but I can't seem to merge it with the ubuntu parition, because it's behind it, I guess? Any help on this?18:34
usr13arunkumar413: pastebinit /proc/meminfo   #Send resulting URL18:35
nabbletBluesKaj, since i did a minimal install and use xdm instead of gdm maybe console kit does not realize that i should have access to sound?18:35
killerwhen i try to install ubuntu (dual boot).....it merge all my window partitions(ntfs) except  C and when i try to re-partition it using gparted it gives error and does not partition it18:35
usr13nabblet: grep nabblet /etc/group  #See if you are in audio group18:35
ZiberThe free parition is between /dev/sda3 and /dev/sda4 (which is an extended parition), and I want to merge it with /dev/sda6, the parition that holds my Linux data.18:36
xibalbaanyone know of a web based application to conduct network throughput testing?18:36
ubuntu-testerZiber: what behind what? :) show gparted screenshot18:36
arunkumar413usr13: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1546301/18:36
nabbletusr13, i am not18:37
Ziberubuntu-tester: alright, sec.18:37
usr13nabblet: Ok, I'm wrong.  pulse should be in audio group.  grep audio /etc/group18:37
xibalbasomething like  web based version of IPERF18:38
vifanqInstallation - can I boot from an old HD disk grub, and them "point" it to ubuntu's Installation USB drive ?18:38
ubuntu-testerZiber: delete free partition, move whole extended to stitch to sda3, expand sda6. do it from LiveCD/LiveUSB18:38
nabbletusr13, yep, pulse is in18:38
Ziberubuntu-tester: currently in a liveusb.18:39
MonkeyDustvifanq  what are you trying to do?18:39
usr13nabblet: Then that is not the problem. Sorry, I told you wrong.18:39
Ziberubuntu-tester: the free parition is currently unallocated.18:39
Ziberubuntu-tester: I can't 'delete' it.18:39
ubuntu-testerxibalba: ab (apache benchmark)18:39
nabbletusr13, since i did a minimal install and use xdm instead of gdm maybe console kit does not realize that i should have access to sound?18:39
xibalbai'm looking to test network throughput, like iperf, not web application responsiveness18:39
nabbletusr13, i get this idea from the last paragrpah of https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Audio/TheAudioGroup18:39
vifanqMonkeyDust: my laptop can't boot from USB. I have however an old linux & grub there already installed, so maybe I can use it to "redirect" boot to the ubuntu installation USB stick ?18:39
ubuntu-testerZiber: ok, skip this step18:39
Ziberubuntu-tester: and do what then?18:40
usr13nabblet: play /usr/share/sounds/alsa/*    #Tell us the error you get.18:40
ubuntu-testerZiber: bun understand the risk of data loss when moving partitions18:40
Ziberubuntu-tester: yeah, I'll finialize my backup before any of this, but what do I have to do?18:41
krzkrzhello all18:41
Mars___usr13, thanks for your help and diagnosis. I now have to wait 5~10 days for a next fan shipment.18:41
arunkumar413usr13: what happened18:41
krzkrzhow can i make my terminal transparent?18:41
xibalbaubuntu-tester, any other recommendations18:41
hiloIs there a way to have a script run anytime a directory (or any of its subdirectories) are written to?18:42
usr13arunkumar413: How much memory are you supposed to have?18:42
usr13arunkumar413: How much did you have? How much did you put in?18:42
ubuntu-testerxibalba: sorry, got you wrong. thought you want to perf-test web app18:43
nabbletusr13, no error - just no sound18:43
arunkumar413usr13: it's a 4 gb memory card18:43
nabbletusr13, it just does as if everything was alright18:43
xibalbai need something like visualware18:43
llutzhilo: look at incron/inotify18:43
xibalbabut 1 simple step out of it18:43
usr13arunkumar413: did you see it playing?  Dit show the progress of the files playing?18:44
nabbletusr13, with sudo <your command> it works18:44
ZiberI'm trying to give the unallocated space to my ubuntu parition (/dev/sda6), gparted screenshot: http://www.liber.in/gparted.png18:44
arunkumar413usr13: no its not detecting at all, how can i see the files playing18:45
usr13arunkumar413: It shows:  3509804 kB18:45
ubuntu-testerZiber: in gparted, select whole extended partition (cyan-cloored), right-click, Resize/Move18:46
qbmaniacHi all18:46
=== beer is now known as Guest47927
qbmaniacI'm having a problem with system time in my ubuntu server18:46
qbmaniacthe clock says 12:46 which is right18:46
Ziberubuntu-tester: resize/move is greyed out.18:46
usr13nabblet: Did you see it playing?  Dit show the progress of the files playing?18:46
qbmaniacbut when I do a backup, or when I run a PHP script, or anything else, a different time comes up18:46
nabbletusr13, yes18:47
usr13nabblet: Oh, I see, never mind.....18:47
ZiberIt's busy apparently.18:47
qbmaniacI tried syncing hardware time with software time, what else can I do?18:47
usr13nabblet: So it works but only by using sudo?18:47
usr13nabblet: But when you do it without sudo, does it give error?18:47
arunkumar413usr13: the memory card is not detecting, how is it showing in the /proc/meminfo18:48
jhutchinsqbmaniac: Is the hardware clock set to local time or GMT?18:48
ubuntu-testerZiber: show gparted screenshot18:48
usr13arunkumar413: I dono, but it's there.18:48
qbmaniacjhutchins: that's the problem, I tried to set it to local time but it didn't work. Not sure what I did wrong. How can I make sure it is in local time?18:48
Ziberubuntu-tester: http://www.liber.in/gparted.png18:48
nabbletusr13, ok i uninstalled alsa-base and alsa-utils but now neiter root nor normal user work18:48
=== richardb1anson is now known as richardbranson
nabbletusr13, thought alsa may interfer with pulse18:48
Harlinjust installed ubuntu 10 (LTS) ? after a restart, i log in and it logs me out. i know it's not the password because if i type a wrong pasword it says password failed? any ideas?18:48
nabbletusr13, reintsalling alsa18:48
usr13arunkumar413: It's the only memory chip in there?  There is only one memory chip, right?18:48
StuttergartMy MBP is not booting to X. Says that video and input are horked.18:49
Viguys i ran nmap to try and map a network. i got 5 hosts :,2,3,5 and 6. i can traceroute all of them except for so now im kinda stuck.18:49
StuttergartDoes anyone know how to trigger an X config/detection run?18:49
jhutchinsqbmaniac: You have to tell the system that it's local, not GMT.  The issue is that some subsystems don't use a locale, and/or ignore the timezone setting.18:49
usr13nabblet: pulseaudio is a sound server that runs on top of alsa. (You can not uninstall alsa.)18:49
arunkumar413usr13: yes, there is only one memory slot on my laptop, i inserted the memory card into the slot18:49
usr13arunkumar413: It's working.18:49
Ziberubuntu-tester: ideas?18:50
ubuntu-testerZiber: you are not on liveusb18:50
ZiberYes, i am.18:50
nabbletusr13, the funny thing is: root complains about [pulse] Init failed: Connection refused and failed to initialze audio driver 'pulse' but it plays music - while normal user does not complain but is mute18:50
arunkumar413usr13: but i cant see it in the file manager18:50
ubuntu-testerZiber: then why sda5 is mounted?18:50
nabbletusr13, didn't knwo that18:50
usr13arunkumar413: File manager?  You don't see RAM in a file manager.18:50
nabbletusr13, seems like root may bypass pulse18:50
ZiberI have no idea. What makes you think it is?18:50
usr13arunkumar413: Are you talking about a USB flash drive?18:51
xibalbais there a good speed test app in the repo?18:51
arunkumar413usr13: i want to see the memory card contents not the ram18:51
usr13arunkumar413: Oh, I'm sorry.18:51
usr13nabblet: pastebinit /etc/group  #Send resultin URL18:51
ubuntu-testerarunkumar413: show your syslog, see command above18:51
usr13arunkumar413: mount |pastebinit18:52
ubuntu-testerZiber: mounted partition prevents moving/resizing18:52
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=== qbmaniac_ is now known as qbmaniac
hilollutz, thanks, just what I need18:53
nabblet_usr13: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1546355/18:53
ubuntu-testerZiber: key icon shows partition is in use18:53
=== nabblet is now known as nabblet_old
usr13arunkumar413: sudo fdisk -l |pastebinit  #Send resulting URL and we'll have a look at at that too.18:53
=== nabblet_ is now known as nabblet
arunkumar413usr13: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1546356/18:53
Ziberubuntu-tester: it was swap, ran swapoff, working now18:53
arunkumar413usr13: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1546360/18:54
jhutchinsqbmaniac: You need to change the UTC setting in /etc/default/rcS18:54
gian_escuse me ubuntu it?18:55
jhutchinsqbmaniac: man tzconfig for more info.18:55
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)18:55
gian_jhutchins,  tank you18:56
Haematomaecho $?18:57
Avenger001Someone knows if there are Linux drivers for a a Magalhaes computer?18:57
jhutchinsAvenger001: Never heard of the brand.  You'll probably have to figure out what hardware it uses.18:59
usr13auronandace: unplug it and plug it back in again and give show us syslog (afterward)18:59
ubuntu-testerAvenger001: Caixa Magica, as Google suggests18:59
Avenger001jhutchins: It is basically an Intel computer, manufactured in Portugal.18:59
usr13auronandace: tail -n20 /var/log/syslog |pastebinit18:59
ubuntu-testerusr13: he has gone19:00
nabbletusr13: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1546355/19:00
jhutchinsAvenger001: It may use fairly standard hardware, although some laptops don't.  Best answer is "try it and see".19:00
Avenger001jhutchins: I bet it does, but looking on the webpage, I only found Windows drivers....19:01
MonkeyDustAvenger001  try it, then you are the expert19:01
jhutchinsAvenger001: Yep, that's how it goes.  Linux drivers tend to be built into linux rather than supplied seperately.19:01
usr13nabblet: ls -l /dev/snd/* |pastebinit19:02
ubuntu-testerAvenger001: www.caixamagica.pt19:02
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StuttergartI'm getting a message from lightdm that video and input are not configured. can't login.19:03
MonkeyDustAvenger001  http://linuxmadeasy.blogspot.pt/2012/10/linux-on-desktop-dead-more-alive-then.html19:03
Stuttergartdoes anyone know how to reconfigure X to fix ?19:03
Stuttergartdpkg-reconfigure xserver-org doesn't do anything19:03
Stuttergartthis is on MacbookPro9,219:04
nabbletusr13: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1546381/19:04
sanjaybah, I came in to ask about my touchpad driving me crazy, but then I discovered syndaemon, wow :-) - god bless ubuntu.19:05
usr13nabblet:  getfacl /dev/snd/*  | pastebinit19:06
usr13Stuttergart: ls /etc/X11/xorg.conf  #What does that say?19:07
nabblet getfacl /dev/snd/*  | pastebinit19:08
nabbletusr13: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1546393/19:08
=== jordan_ is now known as jordan
Stuttergartusr13: I don't seem to have that file at all19:09
Stuttergartonly xorg.conf.failsafe19:10
usr13nabblet: How many users do you have on this system?19:11
usr13nabblet: Just one, right?19:11
usr13nabblet: sudo useradd -G audio benedict19:12
jhutchinsStuttergart: Most systems use autodetect for configuring X these days, so no xorg.conf.19:12
nabbletusr13: i was thinking about falling back to this too :(19:13
Testmanhello its me19:13
jhutchinsStuttergart: you did dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg?19:13
Stuttergartjhutchins: y, it doesn't do anything. Just right back to prompt.19:13
nabbletusr13: i think that by my minimal system some settings/daemons that are required for proper access management are not installed or configured19:13
Stuttergartjhutchings: I get a 0 exit code from the command19:14
jhutchinsStuttergart: many dms use their own config file anyway.  I'm not familiar with lightdm.19:14
usr13nabblet: I'm sure it will work.  I don't understand https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Audio/TheAudioGroup It's not really telling us how to solve your problem so... I dono...  This should work ok for now.  Only problem it says is that it will deny other users audio.  Well yea, it will,(untill you add them to audio group)... so what?19:14
StuttergartI'm google'ing for how to generate xorg.conf on 12.10 and can't find anything. :\19:15
usr13nabblet: you can always change it later if you find out what the real solution should be....19:15
jhutchinsWhen a user logs in via the DM, it should add them to the basic hardware groups automatically.19:15
g105bI've installed Google Chrome using apt-get but I'd like to change to the beta version - how do I do it?19:15
usr13Stuttergart: what video card do you have?19:15
nabbletusr13: i will try to isntall gdm first - maybe it will fix all that19:15
usr13nabblet: you have sox  Right?19:15
nabbletusr13: sox?19:16
usr13nabblet: I doubt that gdm will do anything.19:16
usr13nabblet: Yea sox  sudo apt-get install sox19:16
nabbletusr13: sox is just an audio converter19:17
Stuttergartusr13: I have one of the Intel Ivy Bridge's. macbookpro9,219:17
nabbletusr13: 90MB dependcies for gdm :O19:17
usr13nabblet: sox is the Swiss Army knife of audio manipulation19:18
=== dankest|away is now known as dankest
nabbletusr13: i don't want to manipulate it - i want to hear it ;)19:18
nabbletusr13: i think i once fixed womething with gdm19:18
usr13nabblet: Ok, never mind.    sudo useradd -G audio benedict19:18
nabbletusr13: since it is also responsible for permission maangement19:18
usr13nabblet: Maybe your right, gdm is small19:18
usr13nabblet: I didn't know that...19:19
nabbletusr13: if that does not work i fall back to adding myself to the audio group19:19
usr13nabblet: It's not going to hurt anything to add yourself to audio group19:19
llutzusr13: useradd will fail if the user exists, you need usermod and you don't want to use usermod -G without -a unless you are really sure about what it might break19:19
usr13nabblet: We need to do more research on this ...19:19
nabbletusr13: jep19:20
usr13nabblet: llutz has a good point19:20
mrthg_which is a good mail system for ubuntu for sending and recieving19:20
llutzusr13: well, that point is mainly for you...19:20
usr13I told you wrong.19:20
llutzusr13: sudo adduser username groupname19:21
usr13nabblet: Ok,     sudo usermod -G audio benedict19:21
llutzusr13: NO19:21
jhutchinsusr13: NO19:21
ubuntu-testermrthg_: you mean mail server?19:22
llutzusr13: that will kick benedict from all other groups19:22
usr13Oh yea...ok19:22
mrthg_yup lol19:22
mrthg_seems i didnt really think of that19:22
llutzusr13 not a nice effect for a sudo-user19:22
usr13adduser benedict audio19:23
usr13and then   ls /etc/group  #To make sure it looks as it should.19:23
jhutchinsnabblet: have a quick look at the usermod manpage, then you want usermod -a -G audio <user>19:23
mrthg_is postfix any good as mailserver?19:23
ubuntu-testermrthg_: good if you know it19:24
usr13cat /etc/group  && adduser benedict audio && cat /etc/group19:24
Corny_If /dev/sda has only one partition, is there difference between specifying /dev/sda or /dev/sda1 as parameter to ddrescue (or whatever)?19:24
bekksmrthg_: sure, it is.19:24
mrthg_problem is that i wouldnt know xD19:24
ubuntu-testermrthg_: exim is also popular19:24
jhutchinsusr13: I think you should make a policy of a) reading the manpage for any command you suggest, and b) trying the commmand yourself before posting it.19:25
usr13Corny_: Yes, it's still gonna be sda119:25
mrthg_exim you say, gonna check it out :P19:25
usr13jhutchins: Good advise19:25
Corny_usr13: Yes as in no difference? O.o19:25
jhutchinsCorny_: You can see what's available by using sudo fdisk -l19:26
jhutchinsCorny_: if sda1 isn't there, it's going to give you an error.19:26
dpurgertCorny_, no /dev/sda1 is the partition.  /dev/sda is the harddrive itself19:26
jhutchinsdpurgert: Some USB devices are accessed directly as the root device.19:27
nabblet_oldwow - gdm is so fat (dependcies)19:27
Corny_Uh.... So when running ddrescue, which one should I specify?19:27
llutzCorny_: sda119:27
djonoi ran clam tk and found 16 threats is there a way i can get more info on the threats19:27
Avenger001I found a solution.19:27
Avenger001Thanks to everyone.19:27
llutzCorny_: makes it easier to mount an image later, as you don't have to use offsets etc.19:28
MonkeyDustdjono  exciting! screenshot please?19:28
ubuntu-testerCorny_: specifying sda have more sense as partition table can be corrupted19:28
djonohow do i post  a screen shot19:28
Corny_Is it dangerous to put 0 in /sys/block/sdh/device/timeout to speed up rescue?19:28
MonkeyDustdjono  http://imagebin.org/index.php?page=add19:29
ubuntu-tester!pastebin | djono19:29
ubottudjono: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.19:29
ubuntu-testerCorny_: it can lead to saving less data19:30
usr13djono: Is it text?19:30
nabblet_oldlol - why does apt-get install gdm get me the whole unity system - wtf?19:30
djonoi can get a log if u want19:30
elena-IKwhat desktop environment would you recommend for a senior who never used a computer before?19:31
usr13nabblet_old: I was afraid of that.19:31
dpurgertelena-IK, whichever one I (you) are most familiar with, as it's easier to help19:31
ubuntu-testerelena-IK: depends on tasks, but gnome 2 will do i guess19:32
jhutchinselena-IK: The idea of unity is to be simple to use and easy to learn; they don't have any learned habits so it really doesn't matter that much.19:32
MonkeyDustelena-IK  is the senior already familiar with a GUI?19:34
nabblet_oldusr13, sound works - i was right19:34
nabblet_oldusr13, gdm fixed me the permssion trouble - but at what price!19:34
MonkeyDustelena-IK  ignore my question19:34
nabblet_oldusr13, i think i will have to find out what of gdm's 1000 deps is responsible for the permissions19:35
nabblet_oldusr13, it's a pitty that gdm installs so much cr*p with it... have a look at the things that come with it -.-19:35
nabblet_oldusr13, my laptop is unusable right now XD19:36
dpurgertwhat'd you do nabblet_old ?19:36
djonohas anyone checked it out?19:37
xibalbawhy do the CentOS folks consider Ubuntu a 'toy' ?19:37
dpurgertbecause they can xibalba19:38
nabblet_olddpurgert, i did a minimal install cuz i'mma linux pro - but all i got was pain and agony. then i installed, remebering the same painn from the 12.04 install, that a missing gdm is responsible for a lot of premission troube so i installed it - what i didn't know is that gdm invites the whole unity stuff on my system19:38
MonkeyDustxibalba  part of the OS flame war, i guess19:38
nabblet_olddpurgert, but at least gdm enabled sound for my normal user - before only root had sound19:38
ubuntu-testerdjono: i see only packed win exes and obfuscated javascripts19:39
nabblet_oldusr13, gdm also got my webcam working19:39
dpurgertnabblet_old, ouch ... that's going to be one amazing mess to unravel.19:39
djonoso are they threats?19:39
nabblet_oldusr13, dpurgert to reinstall or not to reinstall, that's the question19:39
=== sw is now known as Sw
dpurgertsudo rm -rf / will solve (or cause) all of your problems nabblet_old :)19:40
=== Sw is now known as sw
djonocould any of those be key loggers?19:40
MonkeyDustdjono  ask in #winehq19:40
ubuntu-testerexes are not (to linux at least). javascripts can contain browser/flash/reader exploits19:41
nabblet_olddpurgert, in that case i would also kill grub - then i could not boot any onf my OSs19:41
dpurgertdjono, on the bright side -- they're all windows crap ... but yeah, nuke them all from orbit.  It's the only way to be sure.19:41
djonothe java scripts come from jdownloader19:41
FRO5Tlol removing the " / " will do huge damage, dont even think about touching the / !19:41
nabblet_olddpurgert,  or am i wrong?19:41
djonothe exe i use don't require the net its just imgburn19:41
ubuntu-testerdjono: to be sure, check it at virustotal19:41
nabblet_oldis there a self-therapy group for people who are doing stuff they know they will fail at?19:42
=== SeySayux_ is now known as SeySayux
dpurgertnabblet_old, good thing about install CDs ... you don't need grub for them to boot.  but yeah, if grub is installed under / then it will get deleted19:42
nabblet_olddpurgert, hm... but i think boot should be possible still19:42
eliezerHi Guys,,,i need to edit this file in order con have my backlight dim working = sudo gedit /etc/default/grub i cant remember wich line is it and the typo,i remember is something with vendor cpi19:42
nabblet_olddpurgert, since grub is in the MBR?19:42
FRO5Ti always install my distros under /19:42
ubuntu-testerFRO5T: bitter experience?19:43
eliezerand then upgrade grub19:43
dpurgertnabblet_old, you're right --> if you do rm -rf / it'll kill everything under / (the entire OS).  GRUB should be on the MBR, but I think there are still some configs kept in /boot (or somewhere) ...19:43
dpurgertnabblet_old, though to be honest -- when I'm doing an install, I go for formatting the entire disk19:44
nabblet_olddpurgert, i have a second ubuntu and win xp on it19:44
FRO5Tand you want to get rid on one of the operating systems ?19:45
dpurgertnabblet_old, well that complicates things :)19:45
nabblet_oldwhat is the correct apt-get for "in only want this packages and every thin it depends on - but no unnecessary stuff"19:46
dpurgertsudo apt-get install (package)19:46
z2389Hi, I'm trying to partition my hard drive to dual boot Windows7 and Linux. The drive that I just shrank was D:. I shrank it 80gb for linux, however the 80gb is labelled FREE SPACE and not "unallocated". Is this a problem?19:46
Coded1is there an alternative to jdownloader?  jDownloader is ok but it's slow even on an ok system.  The best I get from google are links from '08-09.  Anything newer/not java dependant?19:46
hissa2hello people19:46
z2389D: is labelled as a logical drive.19:46
nabblet_olddpurgert, well that got me the whole unity stuff - just for gdm19:47
usr13z2389: No, that's ok19:47
BaribalHi. I guess this is a bash question. I have a file with a list of files (one file per line). How do I delete all of the listed files?19:47
FRO5Tfree space means free space which is Currently not used19:47
nabblet_olddpurgert, i don't think that gdm requires unity....19:47
usr13z2389: Ubuntu will install on the free space19:47
FRO5Tlike having 10gb free from 20gb19:47
BluesKajnabblet_old, is there a reason you aren't using lightdm ?19:48
Coded1Baribal: probably something to do with xargs ;)19:48
escotteliezer, LINUX_DEFAULTS line (the one with quiet splash and root=UUID blah19:48
nabblet_oldBlueEagle, no - gdm is just the first thing that came to my mind. i used xdm before but it seems that xdm can not handle session permission in cooperation with console kit correctly19:48
z2389thank you usr1319:48
nabblet_oldBluesKaj, , no - gdm is just the first thing that came to my mind. i used xdm before but it seems that xdm can not handle session permission in cooperation with console kit correctly19:49
nabblet_oldBluesKaj, i have to test if lightdm can handle the permission correctly19:49
blkadderfor i in `cat file`; do rm $i or something like that19:49
eliezerescott,  GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX="acpi_osi=Linux acpi_backlight=vendor"  im i wright ? im confused19:50
Coded1Baribal: cat file | xargs /bin/rm19:50
eliezeri dont want to crash19:50
BaribalThanks, Coded1. :)19:51
escotteliezer, you probably want it on the GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT line. im not sure when the non-default one is used19:51
Coded1Baribal: make sure you check the file though.  If one line has a '/' you might make more problems then the command is worth19:51
eliezerescott, thanks19:52
mbeierl_Baribal, but, do note that will not work for files that contain spaces as the 'for file in ' also uses space as a delimiter, so "My Documents" would attempt to delete My and then Documents19:52
BaribalCoded1, already on it. :) I want to purge everything to do with keystone after a botched devstack deployment, but I don't want to i.e. delete pythons keystone module.19:52
Baribalmbeierl_, duly noted.19:53
nabblet_oldparty is over - the only reason why i upgraded from 12.04 ot 12.10 is becuase my system freeezes severa times a day19:53
nabblet_oldand now it happens again19:53
nabblet_oldi will look at it tomorrow >(19:53
mbeierl_nabblet_old, perhaps silly question, but have you run a ram test?19:53
BaribalUbuntu has indeed become familiar territory for the average Windows user, nabblet_old :)19:53
nabblet_oldmbeierl_, already did19:54
mbeierl_nabblet_old, I've seen random freezes caused by badly seated ram frequently enough19:54
FRO5Tthe ram problems can occur only in some specific situations...19:54
jhutchinsnabblet_old: Could be a hardware problem.19:54
sylphienabblet_old; do the freezes have anything in common?19:54
FRO5Tfreezes can be from motherboard or your gpu19:55
nabblet_oldsylphie, they annoy me :)19:55
sylphienabblet_old; besides that19:55
Congwhat's the switch to say I don't want extra packages?19:55
jhutchinsnabblet_old: gdm probably needs a certain amount of gnome, but installing all of gnome is probably overkill and bad packaging.19:55
nabblet_oldjhutchins, i think so too19:55
ubuntu-testerCong: which ones?19:56
sylphienabblet_old; does your machine runs other OS's without lockups?19:56
nabblet_oldsylphie, i was not able to do deeper test - and i wont do the now19:56
jhutchinsnabblet_old: I have succeeded in getting things like that fixed by filing bugreports, but you have to know what the actual dependency errors are.19:56
Congubuntu-tester, it goes sometin like --no--dependencies19:56
sylphienabblet_old; I mean does it run ok on windows/dos/whatever?19:57
Congubuntu-tester, I want to install alacarte with out extra packages.19:57
nabblet_oldsylphie, have to test that - it ran well for ubuntu a long time19:57
jhutchinsCong: Theoretically, any of the "extra" packages are required for your target package to run, like code libraries and such.19:58
sylphienabblet_old; that's the simplest way to see if you have a hardware error or whether ubuntu is the problem19:58
jhutchinsCong: Sometimes the packagers aren't very careful about what they include.19:58
nabblet_oldsylphie, jep19:58
jhutchinsCong: I think there may be a "recommends" feature, but I don't know if that's on or off by default.19:59
escottjhutchins, Cong on by default in synaptic off by default in apt-get19:59
Esorirc_hide_version = 119:59
Esorwhopsie sorry19:59
escottjhutchins, Cong all controlled through /etc/dpkg files20:00
Congesor /set irc_hide_version on20:00
Esorthank you20:00
crackguycan i use 'wget -i file.txt' and store each page with a different name all in one command?20:00
sylphieIt's too late, we know you're using xhcat20:01
FRO5Twget http://20:01
escottcrackguy, page?20:01
crackguyescott page/file/image20:01
escottcrackguy, if you wget one file there is one file? are you doing a recursive pull and not wanting to keep the structure?20:02
crackguyescott -i can download multiple files stored in links.txt and i want to rename them 1-100 etc...20:03
CongOh, I found it, it's --no-install-recommends.20:03
escottcrackguy, just turn on noclobber and set them all to the same filename20:04
crackguyescott, awesome! thanks20:05
=== chiluk_away is now known as chiluk
FRO5Tyou want to rename many files and seeking terminal commands right ?20:06
FanfyOkay uhm...o.o redirected here. Uhm does anyone have the simplest directions on how to download magic card editor for ubuntu? I've tried and well ubuntu officially hates me20:06
squidnippleshi all. I have an apache installation which always gives me a 404 on a specific subfolder of my webroot. I can create new folders next to it no problem. Can't find an .htaccess or rule in sites-available that could be causing it. What else can I look for?20:06
krzkrzanyone use sublime?20:06
squidnipplessublime text? love it20:06
krzkrz squidnipples you managed to install Package Control?20:07
jemaduxany good gui written on gtk for latex - tex ?/20:08
squidnipplesyeah but it was a few months ago20:08
squidnipplesand not on ubuntu20:08
FRO5Thttpd.conf ?20:08
krzkrzi cant seem to get it installed20:08
krzkrzpackage control that is20:08
krzkrzi mean i can get it installed. but running it does nothing20:08
FanfySo I'm guessing no one here has used Magic Set Editor? ._.20:09
=== Guest96916 is now known as ryanclancy000
sylphieFanfy; if they have their own web site, you could d/l the package from them directly20:10
FanfyYeah I've tried. But see I'm dumb when it comes to the whole ubuntu thing and well it's not working x.x20:11
squidnippleskrzkrz do you have to set up a proxy?20:11
squidnipplesnothing in httpd.conf that has an bearing on that directory20:12
sylphieFanfy; have you tried here- http://magicseteditor.sourceforge.net/20:13
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest83282
FanfyYup sylphie I have. That's where I'm trying it now. I've even looked up directions and well some people don't explain it in simple directions...I've sepnt over an hour trying to figure this out...20:14
arneyHello, I installed gnome-session-fallback, but that does not install a GUI login screen, how do I install a login screen?20:15
sylphieFanfy; I'll have a look at the package, just a minute20:15
arneyI am running ubuntu-server 12.1020:15
Fanfyo.o really? Thanks! Life saver!20:15
syncsyswhy do I get 2 screens while playing a 3d movie?20:16
ozpyHi. I installed Ubuntu 12.10 on my laptop. The unity dashboard is not working after restarting the PC. I tried ALT+CTRL+F2 > Unity --reset . But it does not work anymore like Ubuntu 11.1020:16
FRO5Tubuntu server with de - LoL man !20:16
sylphieFanfy; actually, it will be a few minutes, sourceforge is running slow for downloads20:16
squidnipples3d movies are actually made up of two slightly different views that are stitched together in alternating frames20:16
squidnipplesif your software doesn't know that, I guess you could get two screens, one for each20:16
arneyFRO5T: Hey, I like starting from scratch.20:16
FRO5T3d movies are captured with speciliazed 3d cameras20:16
FanfyOkay no problem.20:17
poqIs any software for temperature monitoring? ubuntu 12.0420:17
learnLinuxCan someone help me with sound? Using alsa, headphones = awesome!! non headphones = horrible, always have to up the vol by 100% and the quality isn't there.  I have a new HP pav dv7-6c95 with beats audio 4 speakers...  ANY HELP PLEASE20:17
ozpyHi. I installed Ubuntu 12.10 on my laptop. The unity dashboard is not working after restarting the PC. I tried ALT+CTRL+F2 > Unity --reset . But it does not work anymore like Ubuntu 11.1020:17
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syncsyswhy do I get 2 screens while playing a 3d movie?20:18
=== Sazpaimon__ is now known as Sazpaimon
FRO5Tside by side movie perharps20:18
ubuntu-testerpoq: sensors, conky for GUI, others20:19
FRO5Tjust buy or "download" non-SBS movie ;]20:19
arneyOkay, found my answer, I needed an X display manager, such as LightDM20:20
=== chiluk_away is now known as chiluk
squidnipplessyncsys see my reply above20:21
ubuntu-testerpoq: psensor, xsensors20:21
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ztguHow can i boot my machine into nomodeset???20:22
MonkeyDustztgu  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=161313220:22
sylphieFanfy; Firstly, their linux full package is actually a precompile binary, so you would just run the "install" program and hope it works20:23
FanfyYeah....did that lol it doesn't...20:23
FanfyUbuntu really hates me...lol20:24
sylphieFanfy; your other option is to get the source code they link right underneath that, and build the package yourself20:24
FRO5Tor vice versa :D20:24
ztguMonkeyDust: If i use nomodeset will my graphics perfome worse or better? I have the radeon driver ( the reason for nomodeset, it because I have a black screen on resume on suspend)20:25
=== matt_ is now known as Guest89827
FanfyAhm..ahah...yeah I don't  think I can 'build' anything myself. o.o I'm not that computer smart. I mean I'm like a genius with photoshop but this takes it to a new level lmao20:25
poqubuntu-tester: thanks20:26
FanfyNah I don't mind Ubuntu...it just likes to be complicated with me lol I wish it wasn't so difficult haha20:26
sylphieFanfy; building a package from source isn't necessrily hard, it can be just a few commands20:26
ubuntu-testerztgu: you can also try to find kernel biuld that works. did it work earlier?20:26
Fanfy._. lol a few commands I have no clue how to put in lmao20:27
FanfySee when I said noob...I meant. I got my computer back from my friend who told me how to find applications I wanted and it ended there...lol20:27
sylphieFanfy; ok. Did you at least try editing the install script like they suggested in case of problems?20:28
ztguubuntu-tester: It never worked. Works on windows of course. What do you mean with a kernel build that works? like an older or newer?20:28
syncsyssquidnipples,  ok how to play that. by what software. and what settings20:28
Lunar_Landeris there a command to see the total uptime of the computer since ubuntu has been installed? just out of interest20:28
syncsyshttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/3D_video  i need glasses to view those20:28
tripelbOK I need help again. Since 11.04 couldn't display I tries 6.1 but the disk wouldn't boot, so I tried 9.11 which displayed fine so I am going to install it. Now in the partitioner. What I want is to write over the 11.04 installation but I don't see how to do it. I am in "Prepare Disk Space".  I hope someone here is interested in helping me.  (Earlier today, computer does not have the hardware for unity. Also GUI on 11.04  display is unstable. 20:28
Guest83282helllo , i ve installed ubuntu without boot loader. how do i install grub legacy using a live usb?20:28
Fanfysylphie - Ahm. Well I counted lines and deleted something and saved. Of course I did copy what I deleted encase it didn't work. But yeah did it and didn't work....if I deleted the right section o.o20:29
syncsyshttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/3D_video  i need glasses to view those  squidnipples20:29
squidnipplessyncsys wish I knew, I just thought that might help your web searching20:29
jhutchinstripelb: What hardware are you working with?20:29
angelo__salve qualcuno può aiutarmi x risolvere il problema della web cam al contrario xke è la prima volta ke uso ubuntu e sono inesperto grazie20:29
madpropstripelb: what options does it show you?20:29
ubuntu-testerztgu: yes, if it worked before and got broken. but if your chip is totally unsupported, dunno. google '<chip> radeon'20:29
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)20:29
syncsyssquidnipples,  thanks@20:30
madpropstripelb: you can also check other lighter options like xubuntu20:30
ubuntu-testerLunar_Lander: uptime, literally ;)20:30
Lunar_Landerone sec20:30
Lunar_Landerthat gives the current session only20:31
Lunar_Landerand last gives like the most recent ones20:31
ztguubuntu-tester: My graphics are good, but the only problem is a black screen on resume after suspend. In debian wiki http://wiki.debian.org/Suspend . they recommend disabling KMS (kernel mode set) to the specific gpu20:31
sylphieFanfy; ok. then I don't know what to tell you, your only option is to build from source, else use the windows version20:31
ubuntu-testerLunar_Lander: oh sorry, 'since installed' is a bit harder20:31
krzkrzhow does one get the  version of wget>20:31
Lunar_Landerbut from the software-center you can see the day on which the system was installed, right?20:31
tasslehoffI've written a startup script for my server that starts rtorrent in screen. I will put it in /etc/init.d, but which /etc/rc<X> folder should I put it in?20:32
ubuntu-testerztgu: ok try it20:32
tripelbI am stuck. I want to overwrite the Ubuntu 11.04 partition. I am booted from the LiveCD.20:32
tripelbShould I erase the 11.04?20:32
FanfyLol I tried the windows version I can't use it cause it saves to the Windows 7 OS on my harddrive. Then I can't find it...tried that already. And I can't use windows 7 cause it doesn't load on my laptop...20:32
Lunar_Landerand was 12.04 released on April 23rd?20:32
ubuntu-testerkrzkrz: --version20:32
FanfyBut thanks I guess...probably gonna smash my computer since it's not working. I've been trying for over an hour now. Computer hates me I swear...20:33
ztguubuntu-tester: Do you know what it does? I have heard that is the same/similar to booting in nomodeset. do you know if nomodeset is slower than my existing setup?20:33
tripelbDoing also erase the swap?20:33
=== squidnipples is now known as squidnips
sylphieFanfy; It's not your computer's fault, it's fault of the programmers at Magic set editor. If they are going to distribute pre-compiled linux binaries, they should test them first20:34
ubuntu-testerztgu: of course i don't. you can always revert it back (to black :). or just boot with nomodeset once and test20:35
escottztgu, nomodeset has nothing to do with speed20:35
Fanfysylphie - and  then they should write the simplest of directions...x.x for people like me. Apparently it works for other people. Just not me...20:35
ztguescott: or performance.20:35
sylphieFanfy; and you could possibly guild it from source with less than five easy console commands20:35
dpurgertFanfy -- what're you trying to do?20:35
escottztgu, correct20:36
Fanfysylphie - Yeah I dunno what that means...lol20:36
dpurgertoh ... build a package/program from source ... yeah -- it can defintiely be easy20:36
Fanfydpurgert - trying to get flippin Magic Set Editor to download lmao20:36
escottztgu, it is a necessary step to move the rendering in kernel which is performance related, but modesetting itself is not a performance thing20:36
ztguescott: what do you mean with: move the rendering in the kernel which is performance related?20:37
sylphiedpurgert; http://magicseteditor.sourceforge.net/ provides either a precompiled linux binary which won't install or source code20:38
dpurgertwell, let's see20:38
FanfyYep and it won't download for me. Sadly. And I need it cause otherwise I have to keep revisiting my library.20:38
ztguescott: nomodeset can't be to good on performance (I think). I have heard that adding the nomodeset parameter instructs the kernel to not load video drivers and use BIOS modes instead until X is loaded.20:38
dpurgertthe "precompiled binary" seems to be a tgz file ... gimme 5 minutes to get it20:39
escottztgu, if the kernel doesn't modeset then the kernel doesn't know the state of the card so it cannot manage buffers on behalf of applications. with the modesetting in kernel then the kernel can directly manage buffers which allows applications to simply tell the kernel to swap the front and back buffer instead of asking another priv'ed process to do the swap on their behalf20:39
Fanfyo.o okay I also found this http://magicseteditor.sourceforge.net/node/1918 but it confuses me even more and didn't help.20:39
LeMikehello :) i got a external usb2vga device but the screen stays empty. can anyone tell me how to setup a very simple xorg.conf that allows 2 creens (dvi and hdmi) + one over usb2vga ?20:39
syncsyssquidnips,    the correct way is http://shiliarr95z.weebly.com/2/post/2011/09/bino-3d-movie-player-on-ubuntu.html20:39
dpurgertI really need a bigger HDD for this...20:40
tasslehoffhm. just a symlink from /etc/rc2.d to my script in /etc/init.d, and I'm done?20:40
FanfyDunno what HDD is...o.o''20:40
Frank_LeachAm looking for help with my new installation of ubuntu 12.10? Loving it but...cant install wireless drivers. On a dell inspiron 152520:41
cjhornjoin #hackers20:41
escottztgu, at present though the only thing that is swapping buffers is the compositor through X so with the current architecture it shouldn't matter that much performance-wise, with wayland it may be different because the compositor may be able to take itself out of the loop (thats my understanding)20:42
dpurgertFanfy, HDD = Hard Disk Drive20:42
syncsyssquidnips,  i was disconnected20:42
squidnipsfigure it out?20:42
Fanfydpurgert - ooh o.o20:42
ioriaFrank_Leach: iwconfig ?20:42
dpurgertFrank_Leach, I'm surprised that you need drivers.  Does the install really not see the wlan card?20:42
Frank_LeachIts surprising alright dpurgent, had same problem with 12.04 but cant remember solution20:43
Sgt_Shultzi know nothing, but why are apple shops full of people wanting thier easy to use pc//phone fixed, walked past 30 red shirts, 90 customers, i am missing something, or they had thier lobotomy ?have20:44
Frank_Leachioria, will try iconfig20:44
Fanfydpurgert - well a friend of mine  told me to do these commands for it. but they don't work either x.x sudo apt-get install libwxgtk2.8-0 libhunspell-1.2-0  tar -xf <tarbal> sudo ./install.sh20:44
ztguescott: Well, did not quite get a total understanding of everything you just said. but I will give nomodeset a try to see if it fixes my resume from suspend problem. Disabling kms for your specific gpu is the same as nomodesetting?20:44
=== chiluk is now known as chiluk_away
escottztgu, should be20:44
dpurgertOK ... hang on20:44
FanfyAnd he said to do it in the terminal not the folder where the card editor is located x.x so yeah none of it works...refuses to do so.20:44
Frank_Leach**no wireless extensions**20:44
ztguescott: ty,20:45
dpurgertFanfy, did you download the *tar.gz file already?  if so20:45
ubuntu-testerFrank_Leach: isn't there a hardware killswitch?20:45
linux111Frank go to Software Sources20:45
Fanfydpurgert - no i don't know where to go or how to do it. I mean i know how  to bring up the terminal and copy and paste but it doesn't woork.20:46
FanfyTells me some denied thing.20:46
Frank_Leachit isnt the hardware problem...software for sure, and its installing the firmware thats the problem20:46
dpurgertyou have to download the file from sourceforge -- grab the 47M one (full install)20:46
ztguescott: ty,20:46
Fanfyyep got it20:46
FanfyI installed it. It's sitting in a folder in my home thing20:46
escottztgu, at present my understanding of X and opengl is that the application writes to a buffer, and then compiz or some other compositor tells the kernel to draw it. with kms the kernel knows the state of the graphics card and can manage memory on behalf of it. the kernel (with the help of the compositor) could then map a page in the applications address space to a page in the graphics card DMA range, and the kernel could then do the dra20:46
escottwing without further involvement of the compositor. i think thats what DRI2 does over DRI. but the kernel can't do that unless it knows the state of the card20:46
dpurgertOK, so you extracted the tarball already?20:47
Frank_Leachgo to software source and do...what?20:47
ubuntu-testerFrank_Leach: firmware? did you update card's fw?20:47
FanfyI dunno what 'tarball' is but I extracted it to my 'home' folder thing whatever it is20:47
linux111System Setting > Software Sources > Additional Drivers chose uSING bROCADCOM 802.1120:48
=== ubuntu__ is now known as Guest68561
dpurgert"tarball" is the "full" name for a file ending *tar ...20:48
FanfyI mean i can view folders and files and when I click 'install' i click run in terminal and then it does something and tells me it didn't work.20:48
Frank_Leachububtu helper, how do i do that?20:48
linux111DELL INPIRON20:48
ztguescott: That's quite an understanding20:48
Guest68561helllo , i ve installed ubuntu without boot loader. how do i install grub legacy using a live usb?20:48
escottztgu, only if its all correct ;)20:48
dpurgertOK Fanfy, what you have to do is open a terminal, and then navigate to inside the magicset directory20:48
ubuntu-testerFrank_Leach: you don't have to20:48
Fanfydpurgert - Okay I know how to do that!20:49
Frank_Leachoh? So what do i do bro20:49
ioriaFrank_Leach: lspci ?20:49
linux111go to software sources20:49
linux111additional drivers20:49
Fanfydpurgert - then whut o.o20:49