wipok i am trying to install dssi-vst on 64bit u-s, but synaptic will remove!!! jaming sooperlooper and other audio related package. what to do?01:45
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smartboyhwHi senator_14:13
senator_I am hoping for a little help14:13
senator_I have installed the compiz on studio with the hope of using the annotate feature but I cant just understand the combination14:14
senator_shift-superkey-1 or so14:14
senator_i use it and nothing happens14:14
smartboyhwsenator_, aren't compiz supposed to be with Unity better?14:15
senator_smartboyhw, I dont get what yu mean14:15
len-1304senator_, you may have to add the shortcut with the settings manager.14:16
len-1304I don't know the command to do that with. but I see there is no shortcut installed for that.14:17
senator_here is the thing, I am able to open compiz and select the annotate under Extra... when i do that I then try to use the keys combi but nothing happens14:18
senator_I just want to write directly on the screen14:18
senator_Freehand is Alt>Super> Button1, while line is alt> Super> Button2... none works14:19
len-1304I know so little about compiz that I am not sure what that means., but as soon as you are no longer using a window the shortcuts have to be there in xfce so they are used by the desktop.14:21
holsteinsenator_: i used to use compiz16:04
holsteinsenator_: it is changing upstream... ubuntustudio doesnt do anything to it to change it16:04
holsteinwhen i got it working in XFCE, i found i had to really hack at it to get it back to "normal"16:05
holsteini dont use it anymore16:05
senator_i see16:11
senator_great to have yu here holstein16:11
senator_all I just wanted is to be able to draw or write on screen directly, , like can be done on windows16:12
holsteinsenator_: like can be done on windows?16:13
holsteinhas the shortcut commands16:17
holsteinas len-1304 says, you should just be able to get compiz running in xfce http://www.webupd8.org/2012/11/how-to-set-up-compiz-in-xubuntu-1210-or.html ...and add the proper plugin16:18
holsteinsenator_: http://code.google.com/p/ardesia/ seems like another option that should work with other comp managers16:20
tete_so, got ubuntu studio now installed on usb stick and booted from my workstation, but still i cant hear no sound as soon as i enable jack... this is really driving me crazy19:27
tete_it cant be that hard to get that "!$T& working19:27
FloatingGoathow do you hear no sound?19:46
FloatingGoatwhen you play a youtube video?19:46
tete_jop, i got it now working that i can playback mp3 in audacious19:46
tete_with jackd... but i have no idea what to do to get sound of my guitar19:46
FloatingGoathaha alright ill be right back19:46
FloatingGoatyou have to connect the system input to itself19:47
tete_it is displayed in the settings that its seeing some kind of signals and i really had it now at 100%19:47
FloatingGoatit would be better if you opened up rakarak19:47
tete_system input to itself?19:47
tete_i have rakarrack opened and its giving some wierd noises ;)19:47
FloatingGoatopen up jack19:47
FloatingGoatis you guitar connected to the analogue input?19:48
tete_hm its a rocksmith realtone cable with integrated soundcard... i have no idea19:48
tete_i am absolutly new to all this stuff19:48
FloatingGoatis it connected with USB?19:48
FloatingGoatokay open the settings on jack19:49
FloatingGoatsetup I mean19:49
FloatingGoatgo to the little arrow next to input device19:49
FloatingGoatit should show your USB device19:49
FloatingGoatchange it to that19:49
tete_hw:1 and hw1,1 where hw1 shows as rocksmith and hw1,0 as usb audio19:50
tete_got it now on hw:119:50
FloatingGoatchange it to rocksmith19:50
FloatingGoatnow you might want to restart jack after that19:50
tete_uh its evil crashed ;)19:51
FloatingGoatill be right back as well19:51
FloatingGoatits best to log in then out when restarting jack19:51
FloatingGoatits a tricky little bugger19:51
FloatingGoatbut very VERY useful when you get it working19:51
FloatingGoatIm actually starting it right now19:51
tete_you mean real logout?19:51
tete_from the session?19:52
FloatingGoatI usually do a killall519:52
zequenceIf stopping jack makes it crash (known bug) do this in a terminal before trying to restart: killall -9 jackdbus19:52
FloatingGoati never knew that19:52
zequenceNo need to log out19:52
FloatingGoatI was going to say19:52
FloatingGoatI dont know if this is the best solution19:52
FloatingGoatbut its the only one I know hahaha19:52
tete_ok its back again19:52
FloatingGoatand then he come in19:52
FloatingGoatzequence: what if jack just fails to start?19:53
FloatingGoattete_: reopen rakarak19:53
zequenceUbuntu 13.04 will include a fixed jack. If I get the time for it, I'll try get jack updated on previous releases too19:53
tete_its opened19:53
FloatingGoatit might not be connected to jack anymore19:53
tete_i reopened :)19:53
FloatingGoatbut what you should do is19:53
FloatingGoatgo to jack and click connections19:54
FloatingGoator connect19:54
tete_its in german but i know what you mean :)19:54
FloatingGoatclick rackarack on the left and system on the right19:54
FloatingGoatthen click connect19:54
FloatingGoatand vice versa19:54
FloatingGoatclick rakarack on the left and system on the right and click connect19:54
zequenceFloatingGoat: Just make sure there's no jackd or jackdbus running. Make sure to kill them. If jack doesn't start after that, kill both jack and  pulseaudio. If it still doesn't work, you've got a bad setting or trying to start at too low latency19:55
tete_i did it and i can hear some strange sound but when i play on the guitar i can not hear anything19:55
zequenceFloatingGoat: One reason jack might not start is if pulseaudio is actively using the card for something. And even if it isn't, you might have problems. Using pasuspender can fix that19:55
zequence..killing pulseaudio just makes it restart, btw.19:56
tete_now i clicked on "FX on" in rakarrack and now i have this alien sound again ;) i guess its this "rodent airlines" sound19:56
FloatingGoathow do i use pasuspender19:56
zequenceExample: pasuspender -- qjackctl19:57
FloatingGoattete_: but you got it working?19:57
tete_i can hear some sound from rakarrack yes but its not my guitar :)19:57
tete_when i play on my guitar i can not hear it19:57
zequenceYou can also just use pasuspender to temporarily mute pulseaudio and make it ungrab a card with something like: pasuspender -- sleep 1019:57
zequencetete_: Did you connect your audio device input to rakkarack?19:58
tete_audacious is working like a charm with jackd so i guess its really only a configuration thing19:58
FloatingGoatill be right back19:58
tete_i have only system/capture_1 and system/capture_2 as input19:58
zequenceOne of them is your guitar19:59
tete_and rakarrack and pulseaudio jack sink but i guess thats not relevant19:59
tete_yes both are connected to rakarrack19:59
tete_capture_1 -> in_1 and in_2 and capture_2 to in_1 and in_219:59
tete_i could make a screenshot if that helps19:59
zequencetete_: Connect your audio device input to your audio device output. If you don't hear the guitar, then your levels are muted19:59
zequencetete_: That doesn't look like your usb device20:02
zequenceThat looks like your internal audio device20:02
zequenceMake sure to select the right one, and restart jack20:03
tete_but i selected the rocksmith one..20:03
zequencedoes it have 8 outputs?20:03
tete_no my internal sound card also does not have 8 outputs :)20:03
zequencetete_: Your internal audio device is not 7.1?20:04
tete_no should be 5.120:04
zequencetete_: Did you restart jack?20:04
tete_a few minutes ago, yes20:04
tete_i restart it again20:04
zequencetete_: 2 more outputs may be digital20:04
zequenceAnyway, it looks very much like an internal device20:05
tete_should i leave output device as default?20:05
zequencetete_: Just set "interface"20:05
zequenceDo not set input and output separately20:05
tete_ok... so maybe thats the problem20:05
tete_ohhhh yeah :) thank you so much20:07
tete_i can see a signal in rakarrack20:08
zequencehave fun20:09
zequenceTo set lower latency, make "frames/period" smaller20:09
tete_hm how evil i can see the signal but still no sound20:09
zequence64 is preferred, but it depends a bit on your hardware, whether  you can make it work20:09
zequenceI'm sure you'll work it out :)20:10
tete_ok i will try it20:10
zequencetete_: Oh, you don't have outputs20:11
zequenceI didn't realize that20:11
zequenceI guess you have to use input and output separately then20:11
tete_hmm ok20:11
zequenceIf you get choppy audio, ask about it on #jack20:11
zequenceI don't usually use two devices at once like that20:12
zequence..meaning, one for input, and the other for output20:12
tete_hm ... still not working, as soon as i change the interface to 2 seperate in/outputs i can get no signal anymore from the guitar20:16
zequencetete_: Id' head over to #jack and ask about how to do that. Or #opensourcemusicians20:18
tete_jop i just joined #jack20:18
tete_thanks :)20:18
zequencetete_: If you feel you have the time to spare, Ubuntu Studio could really use your help21:00
zequenceDoesn't involve programming nessecarily21:02
tete_i could of course spend a few hours21:02
zequencetete_: Check out #ubuntustudio-devel21:02
zequenceLet me introduce you to what we do a bit, and feel free to hang out with us21:02
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