jodhxnox: how are the updates to user-log-dir coming along?13:06
xnoxyes, should do those. fixes as agreed + docs.13:08
jodhxnox: ta :)13:09
xnoxjodh: what if HOME="../lolcats/"15:45
jodhxnox: is that even legitimate?16:25
xnoxjodh: i'm just pondering that XDG_CONFIG_HOME might end up ralative, after the fallback is used which expands $HOME. Hence I am pondering to move the check that path is absolute to a match later point.16:26
xnoxsuch that returned conf-sources array is always legitimate. 16:26
xnoxjodh: I can totally see puppet/chef/whatnot misconfigure passwd 16:27
jodhxnox: yeah - that sounds like the safest option.16:28
xnoxjodh: does upstart handle alright if logdir is non-existant or NULL.16:32
* xnox adds a note to check that.16:32
* xnox ponders how far one can get a desktop session going with relative $HOME16:32
xnoxright, needs more tests. I need to check on a few more urgent installer things now.16:37
JanCwhat would a relative path in $HOME be relative to?  ☺20:55
stgraberyour current working dir, whatever it's :)21:02
JanChow do you go "up" from '/' ?21:05
JanCwell, I suppose it just stays there21:06
stgraberhehe, I didn't say relative $HOME would make sense, just said how it'd work ;) but yeah HOME="../../home/test" will be equal to HOME="/home/test" in upstart's case ;)21:06
stgraberright, .. on / points to . so you can't go any further but it won't fail either21:07
JanCI wonder if there is a rule about what applications should do with a relative $HOME...21:08
stgraberapplications usually just append stuff to $HOME and let the libc do any kind of expansion21:15

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