ScottLknome, i wanted to thank you again for your support in the community council meeting02:11
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knomebluesabre, is the new xfce4-settings in raring, or do we need some ppa/git magic for that too?09:39
knomebluesabre, do you realize how much libs people need to install in order to be able to build parole?10:41
* astraljava checks to see whether he has bluesabre on ignore.10:52
knome"configuration finished"10:53
knomeoh, making failed10:54
knomewhat a surprise10:54
bluesabreknome, we're using *buntu10:55
bluesabresudo apt-get build-dep parole10:55
bluesabresudo apt-get install gtk-doc-tools10:56
knomebluesabre, you serious that works? :P10:56
bluesabreif not10:56
* bluesabre hides10:56
knomewell THANKS10:57
bluesabrewhy did the make fail?10:57
knomei lacked some dependencies, though configuring didn't whine about that10:58
bluesabreI should probably fix that or something10:58
knomeit was about libnotify10:58
knomeok, now it built10:59
knomewhat about the warnings about some missing .m4 file and missing config.sub/.guess?10:59
knomewhere do we have the bin or should one 'make install' ?11:01
bluesabreafter make, the bin is in src/parole11:03
bluesabreor make install is good too11:04
knomei'd rather not do that11:04
knomeif not necessary11:04
bluesabreif you don't do the make install, I think it looks in the wrong place for the background image/icons11:05
bluesabrebut everything else should work11:05
knomesudo apt-get build-dep catfish didn't install all dependencies11:11
knomepython-distutils-extra is lacking11:12
knomebut it's very clearly indicated11:12
bluesabreyeah, the experimental branch uses quickly11:12
bluesabresudo apt-get install quickly should get everything11:12
bluesabreI need to document more11:13
knomewell it definitely seems to get *everything*11:13
knomewould it install the aforementioned package as well?11:13
knome"sudo apt-get install python-distutils-extra quickly" looks a bit funny11:14
knome"sudo apt-get remove vlc slowly"11:14
bluesabreyeah quickly should pull in the distutils stuff11:15
knomesetup.py is cranky.11:15
knomelooks like i need zeitgeist11:15
knomethat's not installed either11:15
knomeso... what should i do with the catfish sources?11:17
knomeor does one need to build it?11:17
bluesabrego into the directory and do 'quickly run' or 'bin/catfish'11:17
knomeoh, ok11:18
knomeproblems ahead11:18
knomecouldn't connet to accessibility bus11:18
knomedo i even need to install catfish build-deps then?11:18
knomeor python-zeitgeist11:19
bluesabreprobably not11:19
bluesabrepython-zeitgeist is optional11:19
knomeanyway, catfish isn't running for me11:20
bluesabrethanks knome, you found a bug which lead me to a fix  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/alacarte/+bug/108636911:24
ubottuUbuntu bug 1086369 in alacarte (Ubuntu) "alacarte crashed with ImportError in /usr/share/alacarte/Alacarte/util.py : cannot import name GError" [Medium,Triaged]11:24
knomeheh :)11:25
knomeso will you fix the repository?11:25
bluesabreyup, just a sec11:26
knomeyup, np11:26
knomeok, it runs now11:29
knomeis there something specific you want people to test?11:30
bluesabremake sure all files are found, it doesn't crash, filters work, right-click menu items work (though I just found a bug where its not getting permissions correctly for deleting)11:32
bluesabreI guess its also good to make sure the program is responsive11:32
bluesabrepreviously, it would lock up a lot for a long time, that should now be mostly fixed11:32
knomei think i'll leave the rest for later11:36
knomei'm thinking we should simply create testcases for these11:36
knomebecause the instructions are loooong11:36
bluesabresudo apt-get install quickly11:38
knomeand bzr branch lp:...11:38
bluesabrebzr branch lp:catfish-search/experimental11:38
knomei didn't say they are like novel long11:38
knomebut they pile up when you have several of them11:39
knomeand then somebody has the other code in git, the other in bzr, and the third app in a ppa11:39
bluesabrefair enough11:39
bluesabreknome, pushed some fixes for catfish since you motivated me11:59
knomehehe, good11:59
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mr_pouitknome: you know that parole is in the xfce-4.12 ppa (precise and quantal)12:10
knomemr_pouit, i don't.12:10
mr_pouit(I mean, if you're not happy building it from source :P)12:10
knomenow i do.12:10
knomeit's not about me being happy or not12:10
knomeit's for the testers12:10
knomewhat about the latest catfish then? any chances getting that in a ppa too?12:10
knomethe more we can get into ppa's, the better..12:11
mr_pouitin the 4.12 ppa you have: the new exo/thunar/parole/mousepad/tumbler/xfce4-terminal releases12:11
mr_pouitand the latest dev release of xfce4-settings12:11
knomebut those aren't going to be in R, are they?12:11
mr_pouitthey are already in the r archive12:11
mr_pouit(except xfce4-settings)12:12
bluesabreI'll get the new catfish into a ppa this weekend, knome12:18
bluesabreif that makes it easier on everyone12:18
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