ububernz, "df -h" used is 52K and use% is 6%00:00
bernzanyway, i think David-A is on the right track... you're probably almost out of space on your /tmp volume (you can see where it's mounted with "cat /etc/mtab")00:00
bernzmaybe it's a very tiny volume, if 52K represents 6% of the volume! :-D00:00
ubui see these 2 lines when i do "cat /etc/mtab"00:02
ubutmpfs /run tmpfs rw,noexec,nosuid,size=10%,mode=0755 0 000:02
ubuoverflow /tmp tmpfs rw,size=1048576,mode=1777 0 000:02
ubui've ran updates before that requires 100s of MB with no problem...everything was working great until now00:03
bernzhmm, okay, it's a tmpfs system, and we can't see the size that way as it's only a percentage00:04
bernzoh, wait, when you do "df -h", what size is the tmpfs volume?00:05
bernz(mine is, for example, listed as "741M")00:05
ubuthe only tmpfs line i see is...00:06
ubutmpfs                                                                        812000       968    811032   1% /run00:06
bernzah yes00:06
bernzyour tmpfs is only 812Ko!00:06
David-Aubu: i suspect you have /tmp in a ram-filesystem, and only allow it 1MB (52k/6% is almost 1MB). what kind of computer you have? how much ram? how did you install xubuntu?00:07
bernzit's mostly empty, but still tiny... did installing or running something cause its definition to change?00:07
bernz(oh yes... i've been assuming an installed system, not a "live session")00:08
ubu812 kilobytes? then how was i able to download updates that are 100s of megabytes in the past?00:08
bernzit might have been larger in the past00:08
bernzits size is defined somewhere, and that is modifiable, but system updates, malware, user error, etc, if your permissions are sufficiently lax00:09
bernzbut -> by00:09
ubuyes, it's an installed system..i did not knowing do anything to cause the size to change00:09
ubuso how do i fix this without having to reinstall the system?00:10
bernzwell, i'm not super good at these details, but... is your whole system installed on a single volume ("partition")? if so, what's its size? is 812000 about 10% of the volume's size?00:11
David-Aubu: we don't know what has gone wrong yet. how much ram do you have?00:11
bernzDavid-A, perhaps we should find where "/" is mounted, and see if it's an actual disk or not?00:12
bernzoh, sorry, David-A, i see where you're going with this00:13
ubui have 4GB ram00:13
bernzthe percentage (10%) represents 10% of your RAM00:14
David-Aubu: can you paste the entire output of "df -h" to a paste bin site and post a link to it here?00:14
ubuhow do i do that, bin site00:14
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.00:14
David-Aubu: go to http://paste.ubuntu.com and copy paste from terminal to there. OR. run the command "df -h | pastebinit" (without quotes) and copy the resulting url in this chat.00:16
David-Aubu: your /tmp is a separate device, and I don't know what an "overflow" device is, but I can google. wait00:19
recon_lapubu: have you checked for CD's or USB sticks in your computer? but look like /tmp is mounted on a really small partition00:24
David-Aubu: you are not the only one having had this problem :). have you changed your /etc/fstab manually lately? can you paste bin it?00:24
ubuno CD's or USB sticks...i have never touched /etc/fstab00:25
bernzfound some claims that 'overflow' is mounted instead of your normal tmp mount if normal tmp is too full... from your "df -h", it looks like they are both mostly empty now, but maybe /tmp got cleared after overflow was already mounted. this means ensuring they are both mostly empty, and then rebooting, could fix you (at least)00:27
bernz(at least for now)00:27
bernz(from here: http://blog.cone.be/2009/08/31/overflow-tmpfs-on-tmp/ )00:28
David-Athe Internets suggests an "overflow" device is automatically created for /tmp when the disk is full. I think the real problem is the 99% fullness of "/" (a few % is reserved for root so that may be this happen slightly before 100%)00:29
bernzyeah, David-A, that makes sense00:29
David-Aubu: ^^00:30
ubui will free up some more space and reboot...thanks00:31
David-Aubu: try free some space with "sudo apt-get clean" or "sudo apt-get autoclean"00:31
uburan both apt-get's...freeing up disk space and will reboot..thanks again00:33
recon_lapubu reboot?00:33
bernzprobably don't need to reboot, as David-A pointed out that overflow is managed automatically00:34
David-Aubu: your /home/ubu is exactly like /, and it is not in /etc/fstab. i suspect that you have encryption. it's alright with me, but I dont know much about it.00:35
ubuu r correct, the hard drive is encrypted00:36
David-Aubu: anyway, if so, freeing up space (removing unneeded files) in /home/ubu can be a good idea.00:36
David-Aubu: there is a tool "fdupes" that can find copies of files if you suspect you have multiple copies of videos and such laying around00:38
uburebooting...thanks again00:39
David-Aubu: all good?00:53
ubusystem is back to normal, i can run update now...thanks you guys, much appreciate it00:53
David-Aubu: do you know about Disk Usage Analyzer? (to find dirs with large files you'd forgot about) (command "du -k | sort -n" is about the same thing)00:55
ubuDUA is in the software center?00:56
David-Aubu: should be. isn't it installed already?00:57
ubuit's not installed...i'll look into it.. thanks for all your help00:58
David-Aubu: for me (lucid 10.04) it is in package gnome-utils00:59
ncmdoes anyone know how to set up a sub domain in apache2?02:27
acegiakHey guys, I'm using the xubuntu live cd and I can't mount any disks using the gui and when I mount them in terminal they're all read only?03:09
acegiakany help? I just want to back up my home directory before installing03:09
=== bazhang_ is now known as bazhang
holsteinacegiak: did you get sorted?04:05
acegiakholstein, i didnt solve it but i worked around it04:19
holsteincool.. i would just sudo mv what i want... or gksudo open a filemanager..04:19
Unit193Or mount with -o uid=999,gid=999  If I remember, live has that as UID and GID.04:20
holsteinUnit193: cool... i havent used that04:21
Unit193Pretty handy, syntax is slightly different for fstab.04:22
acegiakUnit193: Yeah I'd get an error doing that, and an IO error on trying to sudo mv04:34
Unit193Oh nice. :P04:35
kharnovhello, question. is there a repository for the more recent versions of the proprietary radeon driver? the one in the xubuntu repos is out of date05:31
well_laid_lawnthis might have a clue05:33
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto05:33
kharnovah, okay, thanks05:35
kharnovone more thing: is there a way to get a more recent version of the kernel than the one already present in the repositories?05:35
well_laid_lawnyou can build it yourself or search for a ppa05:36
well_laid_lawncheck the backports too05:36
kharnovare you aware of any particularly good PPAs?05:36
kharnovthere's quite a few of them and some look dodgy05:36
well_laid_lawnnot offhand I just build stuff I want myself05:37
ubottuA Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge05:37
well_laid_lawnthere's a link there ^05:37
kharnovmaybe i should consider compiling the kernel myself05:38
kharnovhow safe is it to use backports?05:39
well_laid_lawnbackports should be fine05:39
well_laid_lawnit's not hard to build a kernel - just takes a little bit of practise05:39
kharnovhm, odd05:39
ubottuCompiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first). Also read !checkinstall05:39
kharnovi already have backports enabled05:39
kharnovit's proposed that isn't enabled05:39
well_laid_lawnthere might not be a backported kernel yet05:40
Lump|AFKwell looks like I got 10.04 to submit to the G5 but upgrading to 12.04 I get an invalid image error05:45
Lump|AFKsuch is and so be it05:45
well_laid_lawnyou are typing and have afk in your nick05:46
bjr222has anyone tried running xubuntu on an android phone?06:35
bjr222anyone here?06:36
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/06:37
knomewell, you waited for a minute...06:37
knomeand i suppose not, because it's not supposed to work.06:37
bjr222holy cow. im sorry06:38
xubuntu178Hi, I am about to install xubuntu on an old desktop with  AMD Athlon 2000. Which CD should I downloead? My guess is that amd54 but I am not sure.09:34
TheSheepxubuntu178: i38609:38
xubuntu178TheSheep: Thanks09:38
TheSheepxubuntu178: because it's a 32 bit processor, not 64 bit09:38
Ronalds_Mgbrainy doesn't seem to change language in xubuntu09:40
Ronalds_Manybody knows how to change it?09:40
TheSheepRonalds_M: settings manager -> lanuguage support to install the languages you need, and choose your language at the login screen09:43
Ronalds_MI have installed09:43
Ronalds_MI restarted pc09:43
Ronalds_Mand it's changed09:43
Ronalds_MI even removed gbrainy completely with synaptic09:44
Ronalds_Mand installed again09:44
TheSheepno idea what gbrainy is, sorry, I thought you are asking how to change language in xubuntu09:44
Ronalds_Mit's an app, that has great language support, but I can't get it to change the language09:45
Ronalds_MI read that it should change it if I change the defaults09:46
Ronalds_Mbut nothing happened09:46
zoktari need to reinstall(and purge) all apport related packages and dependancys. can that be done via aptitude --purge reinstall , in some way?.14:20
=== azeaml is now known as azeam
recon_lapzoktar: apt-get remove <package> will un-install a package but  leave all of it's configuration files in place. If you re-install the  package later all your settings will still be intact. apt-get purge <package> does the same as above but also removes all of the configuration files.14:59
zoktaryeah i was looking for a way to multilevel dependancy reinstallation thingy with aptitude.15:01
zoktaraptitude reinstall can reinstall stuff without getting dep issues15:01
zoktarwas hoping to get it to follow the packages that are beeing reinstalled's dependancys and do the same for them untill all are met.15:02
recon_lapzoktar: does apt-get not do that?15:02
zoktarthe reinstall command is unique to aptitude as far as i know15:03
=== nyRednek is now known as Barfolomew
zoktargets around the "dep issues" when you want to just reinstall something15:04
zoktarusefull with --purge aswel to get fresh cfg files15:05
recon_lapzoktar: well not something I've ever needed, so best of look getting it sorted :) got to go so good luck15:06
lumpXany one here know much about apple G5 sound in xubuntu16:10
* lumpX can't seem to record anything atm16:10
TheSheepG5 is ppc?16:10
ubottuPowerPC.  Formerly used by Apple for the Macintosh line of computers. Variants are now used in popular gaming consoles. PPC was a fully supported Ubuntu architecture up to and including edgy. It is now a community port, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PowerPCFAQ16:10
TheSheepthere is #ubuntu-ppc16:11
TheSheepthey may be able to help16:11
lumpXi have managed to get xubuntu 10.04 running on it16:11
TheSheepwe are all Intel here16:11
holstein!sound too16:11
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.16:11
holsteinshould be similar16:11
lumpXbut when ever I try and record, i get a crackle pop through the headphones and speakers and then nothin16:11
holsteinalsa versions matter.. kernels too16:12
holsteini gave up on running a desktop on my ppc hardware years ago16:12
lumpXthanks holstein, i will look those links over16:13
lumpXand, yeah, it does seem a tad of a challenge to get nix on this old beast16:13
lumpXbut now that it is installed, it does seem really fast compared to my other even more ancient hardware16:14
holsteini found it underwhelming.. and these days, when i can dig PC hardware of that vintage literally out of the trash, i tend to just go with what works16:15
lumpXwell this one was basically such, traded an external drive for it16:16
lumpXso under 100$16:16
holsteinthats how i got the G3 and G4 i used to play with.. i would expect support to get worse, not better16:16
lumpXi agree with you there but, for now, this is a hardware upgrade for my under employed butt16:18
lumpXand, worse case, (no recording) it will still make a great post production machine16:19
lumpXso nothing shows up with the "lspci -v | grep -A7 -i "audio"" command16:22
lumpXbut I can see sound cards and such in the mixer16:23
holsteintry aplay -l16:24
lumpXall kinds of drivers show up for that command16:24
lumpXi am doing a purge and reinstall16:24
lumpXi might have borked it installing jack16:25
lumpXi wanted to see if the ppc would do realtime16:25
lumpXand it did not like it when i tried to run jack16:25
lumpXntl, i will figure it out cause you guys are all brilliant and awesome16:26
holsteinlumpX: i would not expect JACK to work well16:27
holsteinlumpX: we dont make a kernel for PPC16:27
holsteinlumpX: if you are getting crack/pops with JACK, relax the settings... set the latency *very* high16:27
holsteinlumpX: try recording without jack.. with just pulse16:27
lumpXi have tried with and without pulse16:29
lumpXi usually exorcise pulse on my machines16:29
lumpXi have tried it with and with out pulse on this machine16:29
holsteinlumpX: i said withouth *jack*16:30
holsteinlumpX: try without jack16:30
lumpXi will holstein I dunno if i will have time before they finish loading my truck16:30
holsteinlumpX: ?16:30
* lumpX hears the truck idling in the shop below16:30
* lumpX is about to make a delivery run 16:31
holsteinlumpX: well, feel free to come here whenever you want to solve you issues and one of the volunteers will help :)16:31
lumpXdropping off some stuff and picking up some stuff at an auction16:31
holsteinlumpX: i say you are pushing JACK to hard.. and not having realistic expectations16:31
lumpXi know that holstein, you guys are really very helpful and i appreciate it16:32
lumpXi was rather doubtful about jack on this machine16:32
holsteini would remove JACK from the equation and simply record something16:32
lumpXas you said no ppc support16:32
holsteinlumpX: JACK in pcc is going to be sketchy16:32
lumpXi will try that16:32
holsteinlumpX: we dont have the lowlatency kernel for PPC16:32
lumpXcan idjc work without jack?16:32
holsteinlumpX: no one has ppc support anymore16:32
holsteinlumpX: you dont need low latency to use idjc16:33
holsteinlumpX: i would set the JACK settings *really* relaxed..and really high latency.. 90+ms and test16:33
lumpXyeah but will it work without jack16:33
lumpXi never tried it without jack16:33
holsteinlumpX: i dont know... but that is not going to be a deal breaker anyway16:33
lumpXnope it won't16:34
lumpXjack is a required16:35
lerner222can anyone provide a link or instruct me on how to install applications. such as uTorrent and whatever else i might use? im new to linux file systems and im not understanding how to install executable applications.16:35
lumpXso looks like this is a post production box16:35
lumpXand tweaking it just got a whole lot simpler16:35
holsteinlerner222: most software comes from the official repos16:35
lumpXthanks holstein16:35
holsteinlerner222: if its a package someone else is providing, the usually have instructions16:36
holsteinlerner222: there really is not, and cant be a definitive "how to install" for everything, since these cases are very specific to both the developer, and to the end users16:36
lumpXyou all have a great day16:36
holsteinlerner222: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallingSoftware16:36
lerner222holstein: uTorrent website has a linux version. i downloaded and the files are in foldlers, but i dont know how to make it execute16:36
* lumpX waves16:36
holsteinlerner222: typically, i open a package manager, such as synaptic or the software center, and i search and i install16:37
holsteinif what i want is not there, i search for a ppa16:37
ubottuA Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge16:37
lerner222ok, thanks for the help16:37
lerner222you guys are much more kind and understanding then the population at 1am.16:38
holsteinif i dont find one, i might search for a .deb at the developers site.. then i search for how the developer expects me to install16:38
holsteinlerner222: some sites have specific install instructions for ubuntu, or .deb's right there16:38
lerner222so .deb is the common extension needed for executables then?16:39
holsteinlerner222: i think you are looking for a equivalent to .exe in windows, and its not really that but similar16:40
lerner222ya, gotchya. thanks again. can you tell i came from windows? :)16:40
toraxlerner222: just asking, why do you want to use utorrent?16:41
holsteinlerner222: i would also remember why you are using utorrent.. its what you used in windows16:41
holsteinmaybe just try a native tool in ubuntu16:41
lerner222its always a default program i like to have for just about anything16:41
holsteinlerner222: you can always open the software center and search "torrent" and find what is available by default16:42
holsteinlerner222: i would try and relax a bit, and remeber that the first week you were using and getting used to using windows, you were not running utorrent16:42
lerner222good deal. its gonna be hard getting away from the default things im used to. i will probably be here finding ways. or searching the SC a lot16:43
toraxlerner222: There is nothing wrong about using utorrent, but there are lot better alternatives, transmission for example. utorrent, at least the windows version, contains adware and possibly spyware16:43
holsteinlerner222: you should see me on a windows box...16:43
holsteintranmission is very nice.. i like the web server setup16:44
lerner222transmission can be found in SC?16:44
toraxactually it should be installed by default16:44
holsteinlerner222: you can manager downloads or uploads in tranmission from a web browser on another machine.. very nice16:44
holsteintorax: if you download and click on a torrent, doesnt it just offer to run transmission?16:45
lerner222very nice. can it be used remotely to find and begin downloads as well?16:45
lerner222ignore that, u just answered it16:45
lerner222im so unfamiliar with application names and what they do that xubuntu has transmission loaded stock on my version16:47
holsteinlerner222: no worries.. again, remember how long it was til you found and used "disk defrag" in windows16:48
toraxIt is everybodys own business what software they use. I have trust issues with software that install toolbars and ads without asking. Im the guy with tinfoil hat but I dont want to push my "ideology" to others =)16:48
lerner222so long that it took a week for it to defrag lol16:48
toraxIts a new system, takes some time to get used to it16:48
toraxthe way linux works differes from windows quite a lot, but in the end it is way more logical16:49
lerner222im getting that. i think i've been brainwashed by windows16:49
holsteinyup... also, test things live lerner222 ... as much as possible.. throw in the live CD and break that live setup.. reboot, and nothing is broken16:50
lerner222good point16:50
holsteinlerner222: make a user called "test" and try configuring things there first (that a good tip for windows too)16:50
lerner222do you have any experience  running ubuntu or similar on android phone?16:50
holsteinlerner222: run an instance in virtualbox and test install things.. test upgrades.. whatever16:51
holsteinlerner222: i have only used android on android phones so far..16:51
lerner222im excited to see the "ubuntu for android" official mobile OS16:52
lerner222anticipation sucks16:52
lerner222do u know of a way to enable my "disable touchpad" option? i use a BT mouse and always brush the pad w/ my thumbs and its SO annoying16:53
lerner222found it, nevermind. thanks again for the info. much abliged16:54
holsteinlerner222: cheers!16:55
norbert79good evening17:09
norbert79No idea if you have ever bumped into this, but after installing Xubuntu 12.10 to encrypted FS and LVM after the successful install it won't boot17:09
norbert79it just gets stuck and drops me to initramfs17:10
norbert79making a remark that my lvm doesn't exist and can't start, drops me to a shell17:10
norbert79anyone any ideas what I might missing17:10
norbert79the method for installing is : /boot seperate, unencrypted. targets are: 1 encrypted volume , inside 1 VG with 3 LV's: /home / and swap17:12
norbert79it's12.10 amd6417:13
holsteinnorbert79: i have seen that when i had bad hardware17:18
norbert79holstein: Would wonder me as it's a brand new laptop17:18
norbert79with a fully working HDD17:19
norbert79so we can exclude hardware failure17:19
holsteinnorbert79: is it?.. new hard drives are able to fail too.. they all will17:21
norbert79holstein: Yes, it is working well.17:21
holsteinnorbert79: you can exclude the hardware failure when you like, but i test, then exlude personally17:21
holsteinnorbert79: we hardware is *often* bad17:21
norbert79Skip on tha hardware part, will you? I can guarantee you it's working17:22
holsteinnorbert79: nope.. but maybe one of the other volunteers can help you, and "assume" you tested the hardware17:22
norbert79You aren't really helping here17:22
holsteinotherwise, you can look into the iso download17:22
ubottuTo verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows17:22
holsteinor grub17:22
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)17:22
norbert79why don't you test it yourself?17:23
norbert79With a VM17:23
norbert79it seems the installer itself is faulty17:23
holsteinnorbert79: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD you can try the minimal iso's and see if you can get an install booting as you want and add what you like17:23
norbert79holstein: Sorry, but you are treating me like a rookie, sorry, not your regular user here17:24
norbert79Check the installer, it goes into a fault after a luks+lvm install17:24
norbert79after the first reboot17:24
holsteinnorbert79: cool.. good luck.. i ned to run.. enjoy!17:24
bazhangnorbert79, lose the attitude17:24
norbert79bazhang: really? is this really a support?17:24
norbert79bazhang: I don't think so17:24
bazhangnorbert79, its volunteer.17:24
norbert79Yeah, I can see that17:25
holsteinnorbert79: im on my way out the door, but im sure someone can help you.. or, i will be glad to help you more and actually try the iso you tried in VM later17:25
bazhangso enough with the complaints/accusations17:25
norbert79holstein: The issue is that I wouldn't ask if I would know the answer and I need to deliver17:25
norbert79otherwise i wouldn't be here17:25
holsteinnorbert79: i might go for a simpler setup, or try the minimal iso's i linked to get setup from a different installer (if you would ike to take the installer out of the euquation)17:26
norbert79chrooting doesn't help either, everything seems fine, it's like luks would be misssing from the initramfs17:26
holsteinnorbert79: but, i must leave.. i have to drive across town, and i oppoligize for anything that i have done or am doing that you are finding offensive17:27
holsteinnorbert79: you can also try the installer specific support channels, or main ubuntu.. since this should be not specific to xubuntu17:28
norbert79holstein: unfortuantely it seems it is, regular Ubuntu works, but Xubuntu is the way the client wants to go17:28
norbert79Which i can understand17:28
norbert79but since specific settings are necessary which Xubuntu can handle during install17:28
norbert79but not after reboot17:28
norbert79makes me wonder17:29
holsteinnorbert79: then install, and *then* install xfce, or xubuntu-desktop17:29
holsteinxubuntu is ubuntu17:29
norbert79not really in the mood for cleaning up the mess17:29
holsteinthen try the minimal and add what you like17:29
norbert79apt-get purge hell is not really something I wish to do :917:29
norbert79minimal, well, I could try, still, it's very weird17:29
norbert79Question: Why does the installer remove ecryptfs-utils after the install and can it cause the system not booting properly? I mean it's not even asking for the LUKS password for my volumes17:39
norbert79Plymouth gets just stuck17:39
tmewettis there anywhere i can find a list of the pre-installed apps shipped with xubuntu?18:29
skellattmewett: Hold on a sec18:32
skellattmewett: Which version were you thinking of?18:32
tmewettthe latest, preferably18:32
tmewetti am indecisive about which linux distro to switch to18:33
tmewettthis would help greatly18:33
skellatWhere are you currently now?18:33
skellatIn terms of distro, that is18:33
tmewetti'm running windows right now, if that's what you mean18:33
tmewettbut currently i am thinking of either xubuntu or lubuntu18:34
skellatWhat apps in particular are you focused on?18:34
skellatAlrighty, here's the page for Xubuntu http://xubuntu.org/tour/ and here's the page for Lubuntu https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/Applications18:36
recon_laptmewett: make a live usb and try them out18:37
norbert79be reminded, that these come out-of-the-box, you can also add any other application through the software center18:37
tmewettyes, i am aware of that18:37
skellatOn any fresh install I usually toss Abiword and Gnumeric for LibreOffice instead18:37
tmewettand, any words on Xfce as a DM?18:38
norbert79Xubuntu is XFCE18:38
tmewettor should i just live boot? ^-^18:38
norbert79yeah, easier18:38
tmewetthaha, fair enough18:38
skellatI use Xfce and my parents use LXDE.  Xfce is great and I enjoy using it.18:39
norbert79make up your own mind by taking a look18:39
tmewettok, well thanks for the help guys18:39
norbert79I use XFCE as Mate isn't that perfect yet, and still comes close as Gnome2 alternative18:39
skellattmewett: You're welcome.  Have a great day18:39
tmewettlikewise :)18:40
SnoStormCan anyone help with a startup issue?19:00
SnoStormI have 12.04 and it is getting stuck right after "checking battery state"19:01
SnoStormbattery state is okay and then just stops there19:01
norbert79SnoStorm: Did you try using the lappy from regular power supply?19:03
norbert79try doing that, if it gets stuck again, then it's not something related to your battery19:04
SnoStormtrying right now......19:05
SnoStormStill stops....19:06
norbert79well, we can exclude that at least19:06
norbert79did you try checking for filesystem errors?19:06
SnoStormany help with that... pretty noob with anything linux and its the only thing that fits on this19:07
norbert79well, I assume you have a working PC otherwise you won't be online19:07
norbert79so basically your system won't boot at all19:08
norbert79does your system have encrypted filesystems or did you install it as regular?19:08
norbert79What OS do you use atm?19:08
SnoStormxubuntu 12.0419:09
norbert79No, on your working PC19:09
SnoStormoh windows 719:09
norbert79I assume you could create a Live USB19:09
norbert79otherwise you won't have ubuntu installed19:09
SnoStormyeah or i have it on a cd19:09
norbert79nice, you should boot that as start19:09
norbert79we will need it for the fs check19:10
SnoStormokay its all loaded up19:10
SnoStormcheck disk for defects?19:10
norbert79You can do that, no idea if it checks the CD-ROM itself or the hard drives too19:11
norbert79I would skip that though19:11
norbert79the lappy has the Xubuntu installed only, right?19:11
SnoStormalready ran it lol...... shouldn't take long i think it was for the disc and not the hard disk19:11
SnoStormyes only xubuntu19:13
norbert79ok, start the live19:13
SnoStormit doesn't have live19:13
SnoStormit has19:13
SnoStormcheck disc19:13
SnoStormtest memory19:13
SnoStormboot from first hard disk19:14
norbert79You are using the alternate installer... eh, damn19:14
SnoStormor rescue a broken system19:14
SnoStormyeah i only have a 4gb hard drive in this little thing19:14
norbert79the easiest way would be using a Live CD with terminal19:14
norbert79like Systemrescuecd or anything small19:14
norbert79or you could install Xubuntu live to a pendrive using unetbootin19:15
SnoStormwhat if i try the rescue a broken system option19:15
norbert79go for it, never used it :)19:15
SnoStormI think this happened with some other distros but i forgot how i fixed it19:19
SnoStormbut it always seemed like after i installed updates19:19
SnoStormalright i got to a menu with a lot of options19:20
SnoStorm"choose the next step in the install process"19:21
SnoStormone of them is "install the GRUB boot loader on a hard disk"19:21
SnoStormtrying to find relevant ones19:21
norbert79use check filesystem19:21
SnoStormnot an option19:22
norbert79open a terminal?19:22
SnoStormthere is a continue with rescue19:23
SnoStormand then that asks me which device to use as a root file system19:24
SnoStormsda1, sda2, sda5, assemble RAID arrray, do not use a root file system19:25
SnoStormany of those options?19:26
norbert79sda1 probably, not sure19:26
SnoStormi think thats what my root system was on....19:27
SnoStormexecute a shell in /dev/sda1, execute a shell in the installer environment, reinstall GRUB boot loader19:28
SnoStorminstaller environment?19:29
SnoStormgives me a prompt19:29
SnoStormBusybox v1.18.5 enter "help" for a list of built in commands19:30
norbert79check if any /dev/sda is mounted19:30
SnoStormsda1 on /target type ext419:31
norbert79umount /dev/sda119:31
norbert79fsck /dev/sda*19:32
SnoStormdevice is busy19:34
norbert79did you umount it?19:36
SnoStormthats what happens when i umount19:36
SnoStormShould I just reinstall?19:38
SnoStormi'm reading a lot has to do with video drivers19:38
SnoStormand nvidia updating with update manager19:38
SnoStormbut i'm pretty sure i don't have any nvidia gpus19:38
SnoStormis there any way to boot without graphics drivers?19:48
SnoStormI can get into the recovery menu but when I go to umount or anything it says the the file system is read only19:52
SnoStormnobert79 i fixed it by removing one of the programs I installed this morning20:18
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GoliatHi! I'm having some trouble with the audio on my laptop. My  volume controls are stuck on my hdmi output and i can't change it to my speakers. So I have to adjust the volume in pulseaudio at the moment. I've tried to change it but pulseaudio seems to be stubborn on my laptop.21:13
recon_lapGoliat: have you changed "configuration" in sound settings21:25
Goliatrecon_lap: you mean in pulseaudio?21:27
recon_lapGoliat: no, in the volume control of the indicator plugin21:31
recon_lapbest i can describe it without finding the bin.21:31
Goliatrecon_lap: the sounds settings in the indicator plugin just takes me to the pulseaudio volume control that i can find in the xfce menu -> multimedia21:35
ochosiGoliat: there is a tab called "configuration" in pavucontrol (which is the pulseaudio-volume control that xubuntu uses by default)21:37
recon_lapGoliat: so have you changed  "configuration" ?21:37
recon_lapochosi: thats the name i was looking for pavucontrol :)21:38
ochosirecon_lap: np ;)21:38
Goliatrecon_lap: You mean change the profiles in the configuration tab?21:40
recon_lapGoliat: yes, that probably why it's stuck on hdmi21:40
Goliatrecon_lap: I only started looking in there when the speaker control stopped working. I just turned them on and off. The only thing I remember changing in pulseaudio before that is that I had to change which output is set as fallback because I got audio sent to the hdmi.21:44
Goliatwhen I changed the fallback I got sound to the speakers but after that the media keys stopped functioning.21:45
recon_lapGoliat: cant think of anything , sry21:52
Goliatrecon_lap: no worries :)  I'm getting used to all the troubles this laptop gives me with linux, dell is not good with linux :p21:53
Goliatthe only other thing Iv'e thought about doing is to install a different volume manager.21:54
recon_lapGoliat: only other cmd i use fault finding sound is alsamixer21:55
Goliatrecon_lap: where can I find alsamixer?21:56
recon_lapGoliat: the command line21:56
Goliatrecon_lap: the alsamixer seems to control the speakers and I can select interface.22:01
recon_lapGoliat: that it does.22:03
Goliatso I can at least control the volume in an easier way than with pulseaudio22:04
GoliatI just need to run a terminal :p22:04
recon_lapGoliat: well you could fix your function keys22:04
Goliatrecon_lap: yeah but how? some script using alsa to change the volume instead?22:06
recon_lapGoliat: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1949210 the most relevant i can find, I think22:14
recon_lapGoliat: reply #3 seems the quickest way22:18
Goliatrecon_lap: nothings happens with mute. I't notifies that the audio is muted but nothing happens22:24
recon_lapGoliat: well, where you listing to anything!!!22:24
GoliatYes, Im playing a clip on youtube, they wont shut up.22:25
GoliatI also tried the lower volume command and it does the same, notifies that it is lower the volume but it isnt.22:26
recon_lapGoliat: you test with youtube!!!!!!22:27
recon_lapGoliat: but I'm out of ideas then22:27
Goliatyes? Is there a deathpenalty for that? :s22:28
Goliatrecon_lap: Ok. I tried with gmusicbrowser also, the same there. But atleast I can use alsamixer. It's much better than pulseaudio.22:33
Goliatrecon_lap: But thanks for your help. My situation is atleast better than before :)22:36
earthling_hi, I was wondering what is the difference between ubuntu and xubuntu in terms of occasional program updates?23:45
Unit193Same exact repos.23:45
earthling_repository is where all the software is?23:46
earthling_and updates?23:46
Unit193That's the software, yep.  Now, as the default applications differ, may update differently.23:47
earthling_I see23:48
earthling_I wonder if xubuntu will stay with XFCE or go to Unity23:50
Unit193...The X in Xubuntu is Xfce, it "didn't go" to gnome when Ubuntu had that, nothing has changed since then.23:51
earthling_are there any limitations of xfce?23:51
earthling_compared with ubuntu/unity23:52
earthling_just different styles of doing things?23:52
earthling_I've been trying different live usbs23:56
Unit193They are different, I haven't used Unity so I don't know how they compare.23:56
earthling_messed up my laptop a bit, so I need to backup all my stuff now just in case23:56
wapiflapiAny way to make xubuntu work with two monitors? I'dd like to be able to switch workspaces independently on each one, is that possible ?23:59

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