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jussiJontheEchidna: just filed a nice crash bug for you :)09:12
Riddellwhee snow!11:17
soeeRiddell, what about dke 4.10 rc3 for quantal ?11:43
Riddellsoee: looks all ready to test in ppa:kubuntu-ppa/staging11:54
BluesKajHi all12:31
Riddellhi, 4.10 rc 3 testing needed12:34
sbivolRiddell: I'd like to test it. where do I begin?12:46
Riddellsbivol: on raring or quantal?12:47
BluesKajRiddell, 4.9.98?12:47
sbivolquantal, but I'm prepared to install raring if it's of more use12:47
RiddellBluesKaj: yes12:48
Riddellsbivol: add ppa:kubuntu-ppa/staging12:48
Riddelland dist-upgrade12:48
Riddelland see what breaks :)12:48
BluesKajgotta reboot , just updated/upgraded on 13.0412:49
soeewill test it on quantal12:50
RiddellBluesKaj: with raring-proposed enabled?12:52
BluesKajok , I've been on 4.40 all along and the last upgrade restored the Toolbar and Menubar on all apps so far ...they were missing and unretrievable 12:58
soeeis it me or launchpad bandwich is limited to ~ 60 kB/s ?12:58
BluesKajerr 41012:59
Riddellsoee: it's pretty slow for me13:00
soeeRiddell, ok thank you13:00
sbivolRiddell: I've upgraded via Muon and rebooted. everything's good. 13:13
Riddellsbivol: yay thanks13:17
soeeRiddell, quantal upgrade RC2->RC3 without any  problems on my laptop14:08
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MamarokRiddell: thanks for updating the wiki and for the Amarok package, of course :)14:54
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RiddellMamarok: thanks to the Amarok team for another shiny release15:10
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* yofel still gets kde bug 310486 in a quantal VM15:42
ubottuKDE bug 310486 in general "Unable to logout/reboot after KDE upgrade." [Major,Unconfirmed] http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=31048615:42
soeeoh i thought that my be related to nvidia drivers issue or something with this reboot15:44
soeebut i can confirm this - i get only darks screen when wanted to reboot 15:45
yofelwell, this only happens on 4.9->4.10 upgrades, not 4.9.97->4.9.9815:45
soeeand nothing happen 15:45
yofelor does it?15:45
soeeyofel, i had it, and after waiting like 1 minut with dark screen i just restarted my laptop15:46
yofelyeah, that's what you'll see with that bug15:46
sbivoltoday I upgraded 4.9.97->4.9.98 and had no issues rebooting via Alt+Ctrl+Shift+PgUp. didn't try from the dialog...15:47
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BluesKajBBL, gotta push some snow16:33
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markeymy Chromium is acting a bit weird, after the upgrade from 22 to 2317:16
markeygobbles heaps of memory17:16
markeyand slows down the whole system after a while :)17:17
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BluesKajyup , I dropped it , due it's failure to intergrate with kde settings , especially fonts17:41
BluesKajmarkey, the tabs are unreadable on a large monitor with hi res17:43
markeyBluesKaj: I didn't notice any change in UI rendering17:44
markeybut then again, my display isn't very high res17:45
markeyregarding the memory consumption and freezing, Mamarok is having the same issues with v2317:45
markeybasically, it appears to be leaking memory17:48
BluesKajmarkey, yes , I have heard reports about hight cpu usage on chromium , suspect it's the flash plugin 18:02
markeynot so sure about that. Flash is the usual suspect, but I don't have it active in a tab very often. except for youtube18:03
markeyalso, the Flash plugin wasn't upgraded I think18:05
BluesKajmarkey, well, a lot of sites have flash embedded , and Firefox seems to handle them using fewer resources than chromium18:06
BluesKajI liked chromium , but it just isn't right for my setup18:08
yofelanyone an idea how to debug a stuck kdeinit? After upgrading my desktop to 4.9.98 startkde gets to start start_kdeinit_wrapper, which runs kdeinit and then it just stops18:08
yofelxsession-errors: http://paste.kde.org/65113418:09
afiestasraring says Kernel is 3.8.0 but 3.8 has not been released yet19:09
afiestasis there anyway of checking which -rc the kernel actually is?19:10
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yofelafiestas: kernel image package changelog. 3.8.0-1 is based on rc419:18
afiestasyofel: how do you know?19:18
afiestasI mean, how can I check that myself?19:19
yofelafiestas: see https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/3.8.0-1.519:19
yofelthey always put the mainline kernel version in the changelog 19:20
yofelafiestas: if you have it installed you can just read /usr/share/doc/linux-image-3.8.0-1-generic/changelog.Debian.gz (replace version as needed)19:21
yofelRiddell: can it be that after uploading things to raring you didn't push the release commit in the branches to launchpad?19:22
yofelkmahjongg still says UNRELEASED19:22
soeeafiestas, are you on 13.04 ?19:23
afiestassoee: yes19:29
afiestasyofel: thanks !19:29
soeeafiestas, works fine? usable ?19:30
afiestassoee: for what I do, yes19:38
shadeslayerafiestas: or, you know, apt-get changelog linux19:53
shadeslayerreplace linux as needed19:53
sbivolshadeslayer: one does not simply replace Linux19:55
Jacky+1 ^19:55
Riddellyofel: pushing21:35
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yofelshadeslayer: isn't kubuntu-meta already in beta?23:36
shadeslayerjust something that stuck out23:36
yofelshadeslayer: where do you see kubuntu-meta in staging?23:37
shadeslayerSourceUploaderPublishedStatusSeriesSectionBuild Status23:37
shadeslayer  kubuntu-meta - 1.254-4.9.97~ppa2(changes file)yofel2013-01-10PublishedPreciseMetapackages23:37
yofelin staging?23:38
yofelshadeslayer: ah, that's aredy in beta23:39
shadeslayerksnakeduel is still building, want me to wait ?23:39
shadeslayersilly launchpad23:39
yofelhuh, I reuploaded that23:40
yofelbecause i386 was stuck23:40
shadeslayerah it's *still* stuck 23:40
shadeslayerCurrently 1 package building and 0 packages waiting to build.23:40
* shadeslayer runs script23:40
yofelopening the build gives an oops, so ignore it23:41
shadeslayerI've seen loads of those today23:42
shadeslayerthought it was a temporary issye23:42
yofelwell, worse is that builds are randomly failing without reason23:42
yofeland that a lot23:42
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shadeslayeryofel: read Ubuntu Devel? 23:44
yofelnot yet...23:44
yofelshadeslayer: uh, about...?23:44
shadeslayerthe desktop sharing thread23:45
yofelshadeslayer: uh, subject? I don't see it somehow23:47
shadeslayerDesktop sharing - security issue23:47
yofelah, NOW23:48
yofelshadeslayer: well, stgraber's response seems to clean that up23:51
shadeslayeroh shit23:51
shadeslayeryofel: err I somehow managed to press ctrl-c when running the copy script23:51
yofeljust run it again23:52
shadeslayeroh cool, it gives me 400's23:52
shadeslayer"[HTTP 400]: same version has unpublished binaries in the destination archive for Quantal, please wait for them to be published before copying"23:52
shadeslayerI thought it'd error out or sth23:52
yofelit did at the beginning :P23:53
shadeslayercool, all done23:54

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