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mrafcho001I'm having an issue with the python-qt4 package. It wont install due to dependency on sip-api-8.1, which seems to be some kind of a virtual package provided by python-sip... which is already installed. Does anyone know whats going on?00:46
sbivolmrafcho001: which Kubuntu version and PyQt4 version?00:50
mrafcho001Kubuntu 12.10 and the package is python-qt4 (4.9.3-4)00:51
ovidiu-florinmrafcho001: do you get an error on apt-get update ?00:51
mrafcho001ovidiu-florin: I do not00:52
sbivolmrafcho001: I have the same setup as you, with python-sip 4.13.3-200:52
mrafcho001I have same version installed as well00:53
sbivolif you haven't forced any package installation, there should be no problem at all00:54
ovidiu-florinin case you have a dependency problem try apt-get -f install00:54
ovidiu-florinit shoul install any missing dependencies00:55
mrafcho001On a closer look I see I have version 4.14-5~exp1... hmm00:55
sbivolmrafcho001: maybe you used some PPA to install a newer version of the package00:56
mrafcho001How can I tell which PPA is the origin of the package?00:57
yofelmrafcho001: apt-cache policy <package>00:59
sbivolyofel: nice!01:01
mrafcho001oh how interesting, I think the software I'm trying to install (Calibre) is the one thats breaking everything, since the 4.14-5~exp1 package originates from there, yet it breaks python-qt4 which is required by Calibre.01:01
ovidiu-florinyofel: I should remember that command :D thank's01:02
ovidiu-florinmrafcho001: how are you installing calibre?01:02
mrafcho001ovidiu-florin: PPA... ppa:n-muench/calibre01:03
yofelmrafcho001: tell the PPA owner that he can't just backport SIP, he needs to rebuild everything that uses it01:03
mrafcho001yofel: meanwhile, any way to remove all packages from that PPA?01:04
yofel(which IIRC is only python-qt)01:04
yofelppa-purge can do that01:04
ovidiu-florinyofel: can you give an example of that command?01:04
yofeluh, I think it's just ppa-purge ppa:owner/ppa01:05
yofelhaven't used it in a long time01:05
ovidiu-florinand that restores all changed packages to the version they were before the ppa waas added?01:06
ovidiu-florinor removed?01:06
ovidiu-florinI mean removes the packages from that ppa?01:06
yofel"       This script provides a bash shell script capable of automatically downgrading all packages in a given PPA back to the ubuntu versions."01:07
ovidiu-florinwhat about the paackages that aren't in the ubuntu ppa's? and that were added from that ppa?01:08
mrafcho001yofel: I just tried, it and it did not downgrade my python-sip. I ended up manually purging it.01:09
yofelovidiu-florin: I don't know01:09
mrafcho001more interestingly, it did not disable the PPA... I was able to install calibre  without re-adding the PPA01:09
ovidiu-florincalibre is in the official ubuntu repos01:10
ovidiu-florinor in the partner, I don't know exactly01:10
mrafcho001ovidiu-florin: Good catch!01:11
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mijWhen I connect an external ntfs USB HD, at the very moment I open it with dolphin, the process "mount.ntfs" jumps to 100% IO usage according to "iotop". Is the whole drive being read? and how to avoid this? in ubuntu this problem did not happen with the same laptop / usb hd02:49
mijok, turns out it was nepomuk!02:54
KimLarouxyeah, nepomuk can go crazy when connecting a USB drive02:56
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RadSurferDoes anyone know how to clear the "authorization" data when trying to access a file-share folder?07:06
RadSurferIf you key in wrong thing, it doesn't seem to let you ERASE it...07:06
gnomefreakRadSurfer: change owner, but IIRC you need the paswrd to unlock it and change ownershio of file07:08
RadSurferWhat file?07:08
RadSurferI just want to delete/reset all data for that "authorization" dialog box for that particular file-share07:08
RadSurferUsing Dolphin to drag/drop files; but data that went into initial"Authorization" was all wrong07:09
RadSurfernow its hung up and won't work... so there must be a way to ERASE that wrong entrys07:09
RadSurferDoes anyone know what I'm talking about? & how to fix this?07:11
user94202how do i delete autologin and passwords for websites in Konqueror?07:16
user94202it keeps logging into ebay with my password. I want to delete that.07:16
phoenix_firebrdbookmarks shows up in the kmenu and krunner, how do i distable that07:48
tsimpsonphoenix_firebrd: right click the kmenu icon, click on Application Launcher Menu Settings, deselect the Bookmarks option. similar for krunner, click the settings icon on the far left, deselect Bookmarks07:52
soapee01anyone else seeing X go NUTS and warnings about lsb_release not found even though it exists. Especially X though at 100%?07:57
phoenix_firebrdtsimpson: there is no such option as Application Launcher Menu Settings,  there is one called Application Launcher settings, but that doesn't contain options for bookmarks. The krunner solution works07:58
tsimpsonphoenix_firebrd: ah, you have the newfangled Launcher, I don't think you can stop it from searching bookmarks there (at least I don't know of one)07:59
phoenix_firebrdsoapee01: 100% of what?07:59
phoenix_firebrdtsimpson: oops, sorry i should have told you first, i am using kde 4.9.9708:00
tsimpsonphoenix_firebrd: yeah, but there are 2 launchers available and I use the "Classic Menu Style"08:01
soapee01phoenix_firebird. I have an 8 core 16gb machine that becomes unusable after 3 days. X goes nuts one one core.08:02
tsimpsonlike the old kmenu08:02
phoenix_firebrdtsimpson: oh08:02
soapee01machine is alive via ssh phoneix_firebird; however graphics, not so much.08:02
phoenix_firebrdsoapee01: kubuntu version?08:02
phoenix_firebrdtsimpson: any particular reason why they removed this option08:03
soapee01but honestly kde4 has been massively unstable for me08:04
soapee01kde 2 was much better and that was a piece of shit.08:04
phoenix_firebrdsoapee01: using any propitiatory graphics driver?08:04
soapee01oh fuck all that of course08:04
soapee01this isn't 199908:04
phoenix_firebrdsoapee01: also is the cpu overclocked?08:04
soapee01i never do08:05
FloodBotK1soapee01: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.08:05
soapee01I'm not flooding damn bot08:05
soapee01it's nvidia modest graphics08:05
soapee01let me lspci08:05
soapee01lspci | grep -i nvidia08:06
soapee0101:00.0 VGA compatible controller: NVIDIA Corporation GT218 [GeForce 210] (rev a2)08:06
soapee01lsmod |grep nv08:07
soapee01nvidia              11283521  3008:07
soapee01it's not video though. it's CPU.08:07
phoenix_firebrdsoapee01: do you know that we don't support proprietary stuff here08:07
phoenix_firebrdsoapee01: proprietary driver could crash the xserver and that could lead to the cpu being high.08:08
tsimpsonphoenix_firebrd: I don't think it was removed, it just never existed08:08
soapee01phoenix_firebrd you know the proprietary drivers for nvidia are in the repos?08:09
soapee01and you know that's not my fucking problem?08:09
soapee01I've been using debian since potato.08:09
soapee01this didn't happen on lucid (kde) on the same machine.08:09
phoenix_firebrdtsimpson: I am wondering how it could read my bookmarks from my chromium browser08:09
soapee01but ubuntu does so much weird shit08:09
soapee01on the desktop08:09
soapee01it makes it really hard to track shit down.08:10
Tm_Tsoapee01: please calm down and cut the cursing08:10
soapee01Tm_T I'm not upset honestly.08:11
soapee01it's just an issue, and I'm profane.08:11
phoenix_firebrdsoapee01: during installation of the proprietary stuff you should have come across a leagal notice that says canonical doesn't support it08:11
Ab3Lsoapee01: i've logged in too late and have an nvidia. could you make me up to date? can you remember me what is your problem?08:12
soapee01phoenix_firebrd really?08:13
soapee01that is not my problem.08:13
phoenix_firebrdsoapee01: it is simple, uninstall the propitiatory driver and check and if the x crashes08:13
soapee01honestly, if you don't know, don't offer advice phoenix_firebrd08:13
soapee01it's not a driver issue08:14
phoenix_firebrdsoapee01: its Nvidia's problem , you should consult them08:14
Tm_Tsoapee01: cut the attitude please08:14
soapee01no, it isn't08:14
soapee01it's not how the software works.08:14
soapee01I see it on a laptop with nouvoue as well.08:15
phoenix_firebrdsoapee01: If you had tested the system without the propitiatory driver and still the X crashes , then we can help you08:15
soapee01x isn't crashing.08:15
soapee01if it did, I'd have log files08:16
soapee01it just goes to 100% cpu (on one core)08:16
soapee01and it's irritating.  I have to restart precise every few days like I did windows 98.08:17
soapee01and I've been using Linux since 1999. This has been the most unstable release I've ever seen.08:17
soapee01I'm also fighting an install on an IBM server (so says my client), but I'll believe that when I get KVM access.08:19
copaceticThe display settings application does not save my changes past a reboot, how can I make it do this?08:26
soapee01copacetic: idk for sure these days but it used to be dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg08:34
jussiwhere do I find the actual files for the desktop backgrounds?09:43
Peace-jussi: ?09:53
Peace-you wanna know where are stored wallpapers ?09:53
Peace-locally or on the system09:53
jussiPeace-: I figured it, thanks10:02
Peace-jussi: ok10:03
rorkone day someone will search for jussi's question and hit the irc logs hoping for an answer only to find out Jussi figgured it out...10:08
jussirork: just because you lot are too slow :D10:13
rorkit would be helpfull though if you could share the information ;)10:14
jussiI suppose: /usr/share/wallpapers10:20
Peace-that is locally10:21
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ubottumonia: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».11:37
rijackfor dual boot should i install windows or linux first?12:28
lordievaderrijack: Windows first, Windows has the habit of overwriting Grub.12:30
rijackalright do i need to make part table before hand?12:31
BluesKajHi all12:31
Peace-BluesKaj: hi12:31
BluesKajHi Peace-12:39
sbivolrijack: I usually install Win with it's boot and system partitions, then install Linux and partition the drive as I like12:40
sbivolrijack: but for my workflow, Windows in a virtual machine is more than enough12:41
rijacksbivol: thankyou12:57
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bartar3dhi all13:34
monkeyjuicehello bartar3d13:34
bartar3dhey, monkeyjuice, how are you?13:34
monkeyjuicenot to bad , keeping warm13:35
bartar3d:-), I try to13:35
bartar3dI've ran into some sort of an issue here, concerning mounting drives..13:36
monkeyjuiceand what would that be13:37
bartar3dI've got my music collection on external drive, and even though the drive is auto-mounted on boot, no player seems to find it back, and I have to reselect the directory on each boot13:38
bartar3dsame happens with callibre, when I start it, it seems not to be able to read the library, which also is on an external drive13:38
bartar3dthey are mounted though13:38
bartar3dand accessible from dolphin13:38
monkeyjuiceonce you reselect it  then it works fine?13:42
monkeyjuicehmmm a bit strange13:42
BluesKajbartar3d, have you tried adding the drive to fstab or perhaps linking your external drive music folder to your /home/user dir13:42
invariantbartar3d, are you sure that's not a powersaving feature?13:42
invariantbartar3d, because mine does the same thing by design.13:42
bartar3dyou mean, the powersaving feature invariant?13:43
BluesKajbartar3d, ??13:44
invariantbartar3d, to test this, start a terminal, go to the right directory and do ls.13:44
invariantbartar3d, if it returns an answer immediately, then calibre should also work.13:44
invariantbartar3d, you can tell BluesKaj that he has me on ignore.13:45
invariantbartar3d, if it doesn't you know that while mounted, it's just in power-saving mode. (this is a hardware feature)13:45
bartar3dok, BluesKaj, you seem to have invariant on ignore...13:46
bartar3dok, well the drive does shut down automagically after the computer is shut down, but it does start again too when I start the computer13:46
bartar3dI didn't have this problem on 12.0413:47
bartar3dNow I'm on 12.1013:47
invariantbartar3d, can you answer the experiment I devised?13:47
invariantbartar3d, GUI programs can do all kinds of things to hide reality in their efforts to make it easier for the user (that never works)13:48
BluesKajok , bartar3d , I'll backoff13:49
bartar3dinvariant, well, right now it does show up imediatly, but I'd better check after a reboot13:49
invariantbartar3d, it has nothing to do with a reboot.13:50
invariantbartar3d, it has to do with a lack of diskactivity.13:50
invariantbartar3d, if you don't write anything to it for a few hours, it will go in sleep mode.13:50
bartar3dhmm, and how to keep it active?13:50
invariantbartar3d, it's still mounted, but any response will take a longer time (30 seconds or so)13:51
bartar3dno, that's not the problem, I'm sure13:51
bartar3dthey were were persistent13:51
invariantbartar3d, simple: you execute the command while sleep 300; do touch /mnt/foo/bar; done13:51
invariantbartar3d, unless your hardware is broken, this is simply how it works.13:52
invariantbartar3d, calibre is not going to behave anything different from other applications.13:52
bartar3dthen the only reason for my hardware to break, would have been the upgrade, which sounds not quite reasonable13:53
invariantbartar3d, which is why it's not a likely hypothesis.13:53
invariantbartar3d, in short... just look at the problem for some time.13:53
invariantbartar3d, you will either provide evidence contradicting what I said or you will see that I was right.13:54
bartar3dok, maybe it's right, it sounds logical, sleep-mode.. but it does take quite a bit longer to wake pu13:55
bartar3dand it must have been activated by a change in default configuration between 12.04 and 12.1013:56
BluesKajbarbar , have you tried linking pertinent files to your ~/14:01
bartar3dNo BluesKaj, with my new info, I'll first test things a little, and then try out other solutions, now I need to get some things done14:02
BluesKajbartar3d, I added my external drive to fstab by finding the correct device with fdisk -l, then doing sudo blkid to copy the proper string to fstab like so ," UUID=34ab43d0-f91e-4c5e-8e61-c1ccc7306839 /media/External ext4    defaults        0       2 " ...without quotes of course14:12
invariant During boot, I see ................. when grub is supposed to show the bootmenu. How can I make it not show .......... and boot faster?14:30
DarkSimHello! :)14:43
DarkSimFirst time to try KDE for me, hope it's good14:44
invariantDarkSim, which version are you running?14:45
DarkSimUbuntu 12.0414:45
DarkSimThe thing that scared me from trying was that I heard it was a) slow and b) not so pretty14:46
DarkSimI've almost tried all DE's there are so I guess it's time to give KDE a roll14:47
sbivolDarkSim: you _really_ should give Kubuntu 12.10 a try, or even 13.04 if you feel adventurous.14:47
DarkSimIt's hard to downgrade14:47
DarkSimlast time I upgraded to 12.10 basically everything went crashing down on me14:47
DarkSimMy BURG, applications, system crashes on everything14:48
DarkSimit was a complete mess14:48
DarkSimand I'm a newbie too so it's not that nice to troubleshoot literally the whole computer14:48
DarkSimSo I've tried Unity, Xfce, Lxde, Pantheon and even Gnome 314:49
DarkSimLet's see if KDE is the miracle and wonder I've been hearing about recently ;)14:49
DarkSimI just wish something like KDE or Xfce could generally look like Unity or Gnome 3 when it comes to polish, because honestly, Gnome 3 looks gorgeous to me14:50
DarkSimI know, I know, people hate me for even considering Gnome 314:50
DarkSimGot a little freaked out since I had no start button or anything, thankfully I could find it lol14:53
zedorityhave you got kde installed now?14:55
sbivolDarkSim: Take yout time, head to IRC when you have a question, and you'll hopefully find the KDE experience very nice14:55
DarkSimsbivol, just a wonder, have you for instance seen the..I think it's called verify window14:55
DarkSimyou know you start something and it asks for your password, root access and all that14:55
DarkSimhave you seen that in Gnome 3, that window, the style and all? Can KDE achieve that?14:56
sbivolDarkSim: I've never used Gnome 3, since Gnome 2 I moved on to KDE14:57
DarkSimYeah, but...let me fetch you a screenshot14:57
ScottyKGreetings! I saw that amarok 2.7 has been released. How long to you think it will be until it appears in the regular repos for 12.10?14:58
sbivolScottyK: I think it's been packaged for kubuntu already, try looking for a PPA, like this one: ppa:kubuntu-ppa/beta15:02
yofelsbivol, ScottyK: wait15:02
yofelthat has the amarok beta + kde 4.10 rc215:03
yofelScottyK: 2.7 can be found in ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports15:03
ScottyKIs using programs from the backports "safe", or is it reasonably stable?15:04
yofelmaybe not completely safe, but reasonably stable15:05
ScottyKok, i'll give it a try. thanks!15:06
sbivolScottyK: I use pre-release versions of KDE for my main computer  (even today I upgraded via http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-ppa/staging/ubuntu), and it never lets me down. the Kubuntu packagers do a great job.15:07
yofelsbivol: please NEVER mention the staging PPA outside -devel. It's not meant for public use15:09
sbivolyofel: sorry, I'll keep in mind.15:09
yofel(we keep work-in-progress packages there, if you use it while we work on them it's likely that you'll break your system)15:10
invariantThey are keeping all the working versions for themselves!!15:11
sbivolyofel: I've used KDE 4.0. A system can never be more „work in progress” than that :-)15:12
yofelwell, true. Let's rather say that you loose warranty by using it ^^15:13
DarkSimwtf is up with KDE forcing me to have some random web browser on my taskbar?15:14
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yofelDarkSim: uh, you can always remove the launcher15:14
DarkSimI do, but it comes back15:14
yofelnow that shouldn't happen15:15
DarkSimAs soon as I make a change in Task Manager Settings15:15
DarkSimit just pops back up15:15
invariantDarkSim, if you use 12.04 without any updates, like the backports, that's a bad idea.15:15
DarkSimLike in Windows 7 when it's pinned to the taskbar for quick launch15:15
DarkSimI'm not using a backport15:15
DarkSimI just use the latest 12.0415:15
yofelyeah, but removing the launcher isn't supposed to bring it back15:15
invariantDarkSim, then do so immediately.15:15
yofelinvariant: 4.8 is still supposed to work right15:16
invariantyofel, do you backport all fixes?15:16
DarkSimIt also randomly puts two windows together on top of each other on the taskbar as well15:16
DarkSimSo much problem within the first minutes, sigh15:16
yofelinvariant: well, it has the fixes that are in 4.8.5 + some cherry-picked ones. Of course not everything that's in 4.915:17
invariantDarkSim, for your own health, go with the above referred backports repo.15:17
yofelDarkSim: ok, *that* is kind a known issue (on some systems)15:18
yofel*kind of15:18
yofel4.9 might help there. Not sure as I don't use the default task manager15:18
DarkSimBit sad it coughs up so many problems all at once15:18
DarkSimno other DM has given me these kind of problems that fast15:18
invariantDarkSim, we already know how much it sucked in 4.8.15:20
invariantOr rather, I know. yofel needs some convincing.15:21
* yofel didn't say that 4.9 doesn't work better15:21
invariantI don't quite get this attitude where stable software is more buggy.15:22
DarkSimI'm not accusing anyone15:22
invariantIt's as if developers have no confidence that later versions are not superior to previous versions.15:22
invariantIf you don't believe in yourself, why should anyone else do that then?15:22
DarkSimI'm sorry, ok15:23
yofelI think he's talking to me15:23
invariantI also run Debian Stable still on some desktop system, but it's quite unbearable.15:24
BluesKajDarkSim, it's not you , just ignore the and don't feed the troll15:24
DarkSimCant I bind the start button to Meta/Super?15:24
yofelwell, that has 4.4 IIRC - which *is* old (has a working kdepim suite though)15:24
DarkSimI don't want to mash half my keyboard to bring up the start menu15:24
invariantyofel, I don't use KDE on that machine.15:24
yofelDarkSim: you'll need to use meta/super+some_other_key15:25
yofelDarkSim: in KDE meta/super is just a modifier, not a shortcut by itself15:25
DarkSimThat's not good :/15:25
invariantDarkSim, because of some silly technical excuse which KDE developers make your windows key cannot be used to bring up the start menu.15:25
invariantThey say that because QT simply doesn't work like that, that they don't support it.15:26
invariantHowever, QT is open-source and they control the whole operating system.15:26
invariantThis is #kubuntu afterall.15:26
invariantMeanwhile, I am the troll according to BluesKaj...15:27
yofelkubuntu tries to stick to KDE for such things (even if I agree that it's annoying)15:27
invariantyofel, I wonder why....15:27
invariantyofel, perhaps because they have no idea about software development?15:28
invariantyofel, the Kubuntu people, that is.15:28
DarkSimCan I add a caption to the start button as well?15:28
yofelinvariant: I'm a kubuntu-dev myself. We simply try to stick to KDE as soon as possible - randomly patching KDE is already done by other distros15:28
yofel*as close as15:28
invariantyofel, there are lots of alternative designs possible too to make it easy to use the start menu with the keyboard.15:29
invariantPerhaps you are busy fixing all the bugs you have introduced before.15:29
yofelsticking close to kde has the advantage of being able to blame them for most of those, but we're a small enough team that we're busy even without trying to track down every single bug we see15:31
DarkSimSo far KDE looks better than I expected, but it's customization is mildly speaking a pain, worth noting15:31
john__Good day! Somebody please take a look at this screenshots of KDE 4.10 B1:15:32
john__See the transparency glitches?15:32
john__This is from kubuntu 13.0415:32
john__expected or should I report a bug?15:33
yofeljohn__: 13.04 support is in #ubuntu+1, but the only system I'M seing that on is a 12.04 VM (kvm) running 4.9.97 - all other systems are fine.15:34
BluesKajjohn__, there's a large update/upgrade in the works today , have you done so yet ?15:35
john__yes, seems so, minutes ago15:35
BluesKajjohn__, also 13.04 support is at #ubuntu+115:35
DarkSimI have a general idea of most DE's now15:36
DarkSimIt's hard to pick a favorite15:36
john__okay, tkx15:37
BluesKajI was missing some toolbar and menu options before the upgrade and they're restored now15:37
yofelDarkSim: from my experience one ends up picking the one that gets in the way the least when working15:37
BluesKajjohn__, ^ so there may be some otherfixes that may affect you but unfortunately a reboot is required15:38
DarkSimI know people want me to die in a fire, but Gnome 3 has given me the most pleasant experience yet15:39
DarkSimThe biggest surprise really15:39
DarkSimXfce is the best DE for pure Windows-ish workstyle and is very blunt, not that beautiful15:39
DarkSimKDE comes close, but I still like Xfce just a little itty bitty bit more15:40
DarkSimCinnamon is really cool, but it crashes ALL the time15:40
ScottyKmy 7 year old son is a big fan of KDE. On his side of the kid's computer, he has his desktop loaded with widgets..15:41
DarkSimAll my opinions, so I respect your disrespect15:41
DarkSimIf I could create something which looks like Gnome 3 in KDE it would be a instant win, because I like customization, but the general layout and polish on the UI which Gnome 3 is just so.. wow15:43
DarkSim my mouse just locked, brilliant15:44
jimbob6996sometimes you can unlock it with the exc key15:45
jimbob6996but not often15:45
OerHeksgnome-issue, i guess15:46
jimbob6996not sure about it being a gnome issue15:48
BluesKaj<old windows guy , prefer the familiarity KDE gives me15:48
jimbob6996it's been happening to me off and on since the upgrade to 12.1015:49
jimbob6996though I've narrowed it down to when the priview image comes up with a mouse over15:50
BluesKajBBL, gotta push some snow16:33
jimbob6996snow :O16:41
insanitywolfhas anyone tried kubuntu in samsung ativ smart pc pro?16:47
soeewhat is the command to edit text file inside terminal ?16:48
Kottizensoee: nano <file>16:50
jimbob6996to end text file?16:54
jimbob6996are you talking about exit?16:54
soeeKottizen, thank you16:57
jimbob6996and kubuntu 13.04 is available for DL too17:11
Tm_Tjimbob6996: there's no Kubuntu 13.04 yet17:16
riccardoneTm_T : No, the official 13.04 will be released on April 201317:17
Tm_Triccardone: indeed17:17
jimbob6996it's still in beta17:17
jimbob6996oops alpha  :))17:18
riccardoneyeah, it's in alpha release17:21
DarkSimKubuntu locked my mouse so I had to log out, smooth :/17:23
kotTon_kaNdiyraring ringtail17:24
riccardoneinstead my wireless mouse go wrong ...17:24
WizardI don't even know the meaning of "raring" and "ringtail"17:24
kotTon_kaNdiymake sure the batteries are good17:24
kotTon_kaNdiythe new ubuntu code name17:25
DarkSimI think he meant the words as a definition17:26
WizardI know it's the code name. I just don't understand the words :D17:26
kotTon_kaNdiyring tail is what they used to call raccoons :)17:27
DarkSimCan I edit the windows buttons and all that in KDE?17:27
DarkSimBecause I don't like the default art style17:27
WizardYou can either try changing Oxygen options or switch theme to fit your needs.17:28
DarkSimin system settings?17:29
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jimbob6996hey jacky19:14
Jackythat was odd19:19
Jackybut expected19:19
madconquerorHey there. I'm new to linux and the folder structure... root is on a SSD, my /home on a HDD. I want a VM image to live on the SSD. Where to put it? I'd opt for /opt/vbvm - but /usr/vbvm or /var/vbvm seem to be viable options too... What's your opinion?19:23
* Wizard yawns19:43
* Jacky glances at the Wizard.19:44
sbivolquestion: how do you guys post these messages?19:44
Wizardsbivol: /me19:45
* sbivol found something new about IRC19:45
sbivolah, brilliant :)19:45
sbivolthank you, Wizard19:45
Wizardsbivol: Now you are ready to join #kubuntu-offtopic ;)19:46
WizardJacky has already done it.19:46
* sbivol apreciates Wizard's irony19:47
DarthFrogmadconqueror:  If you want to follow Linux conventions, put it under /usr/local/vbvm.  That's your playground.20:06
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DarthFrog /usr (USR = Unix System Resources) is for distro use. /usr/local is for sysadmin use.20:06
DarthFrogmadconqueror:  /opt is OK, too, instead of /usr/local.  Use one or the other consistently, though.20:08
sbivolDarthFrog: I always thought /usr comes from „users” o_O20:08
DarthFrogsbivol:  Most people do, I imagine.20:08
mr0wlsame here20:08
DarthFrogdaemon = Disk And Environment MONitor.20:09
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* folorn[A] is now away - Reason : im away from da keyboard hit me up later20:09
madconquerorDarthFrog: Thank you, you have been truly helpful (Sorry, if this is not reflected in my IRC commands, it has been a long time, and I do not use Apples anymore)20:16
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DarthFrogmadconqueror:  have you tweaked your system to use a SSD properly? http://apcmag.com/how-to-maximise-ssd-performance-with-linux.htm20:18
DarthFrogSSDs are fundamentally different from spinning rust.20:18
madconquerorhow come?20:19
DarthFrogOne has rotating platters with moving r/w heads, the other is addressable static memory.  One has virtually unlimited r/w cycles, the other has limited r/w cycles.  Treating a SSD drive like a regular HD can cause it to wear out prematurely and impinge performance.20:20
madconquerorOK, this is private usage. It's an i5-3210 on ivy that came with 2x2 GB RAM which I replaced with 2x4 GB RAM (1066 CL7...bla) and used it for surfing.20:24
madconquerorwhen i wanted to install x DB which demanded 4 GB of RAM I realized one DIMM had died.20:25
madconquerornow it has 1 8GB CL920:25
madconquerorsufficiefect for the VM to provide 6 GB to the VM I want to live on my SSD20:26
madconquerorthe x DB will only be used for traiining20:26
madconquerorwould you rather install real world DBs on rust or on SSDs?20:27
sbivolI have this issue in KDE 4.9.98 – every notification appears too much to the right, half of it being beyond the visible area. When I try to drag it to its place, Plasma freezes.20:29
DarthFrogmadconqueror:  I have my system and my home directory on a 240 GB SSD.  But I also have a 1 TB HD mounted under my home directory for storage.20:30
kotTon_kaNdiybackup drive, darth?20:31
DarthFrogmadconqueror: For a database, where r/w access times are critical for performance, SSD's are ideal.20:31
madconquerorbackups are not intended to be connected, kotTon_kaNdiy20:31
DarthFrogkotTon_kaNdiy: No.  Tunes, ebooks, download & work directories.  I have a 4 TB D-Link NAS for backup.20:32
DarthFrogOh yeah, Steam and games are on the storage drive.20:32
madconquerorthanks DarthFrog20:32
DarthFrogyou're welcome.20:32
kotTon_kaNdiymy dad woulda been amazed how far drives and storage has progressed since he passed20:33
sbivolthis screenshot shows a misplaced notification: http://cip.md/plasma-notification.png20:33
DarthFrogmadconqueror:  Backups are intended to be used. :-)  Whatever arrangement someone makes that works for them is correct.  If used. :-)20:34
kotTon_kaNdiyhe was used to the old 512 true floppies :))20:34
DarthFrogkotTon_kaNdiy: I used 180 KB floppies and 300 baud acoustic coupler modems.20:35
systemclientHow can I get Telepathy working with Voice and Video? #KDE told me that libtelepathy-qt4-farstream2 is missing, but apparently telepathy has to be build with that20:35
kotTon_kaNdiyat least I got rid of the oriiginal os on this computer vista :|20:35
kotTon_kaNdiywhata piece of crap that was20:35
madconquerorI used the 5.25'' myself, let's leave it at that.20:35
kotTon_kaNdiywhoah :-O20:36
madconquerorthanks all and goodbye20:36
kotTon_kaNdiyyour older than my dad :-O20:36
kotTon_kaNdiycool :)20:36
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kotTon_kaNdiyfrom what I heard, they have a linux that runs on a floppy :-)20:37
kotTon_kaNdiybut no the 512's20:38
kotTon_kaNdiythe 1.44 megers20:38
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AdricoloHi everyone22:16
AdricoloSomeone ?22:16
kotTon_kaNdiywassup, adric?22:19
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swarfegais kde 4.10 rc3 being uploaded to the repos?23:18
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shadeslayerswarfega: for raring it's already up23:30
swarfegaquantal tomorrow?23:30
shadeslayerdunno, I was out of the loop on this one23:31
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shadeslayerodd ... ninjas doesn't have 4.9.98 for quantal23:32
shadeslayerswarfega: http://yofel.dyndns.org/kubuntu/build_status_4.9.98_quantal.html23:32
shadeslayerso it's there, I just don't know where :P23:33
yofelshadeslayer: staging - it's done for both, I just didn't get to copy it23:33
yofelfeel free o23:33
shadeslayeryeah, I'll run the copy script23:33
shadeslayeryofel: anything in there that should not be copied?23:34
shadeslayeror should I copy it all23:34
yofelall (AFAIK)23:34
* shadeslayer double checks23:34
shadeslayeryofel: kubuntu-meta needs copying?23:35
shadeslayerpackages are now being copied to the beta ppa23:41
shadeslayerfor quantal/precise23:41
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