wgrantUnless a build had failed.00:00
wgrantmaxb: Or was this to a different archive?00:00
maxbCross archive, mercurial-ppa/staging-releases -> mercurial-ppa/releases00:01
wgrantAh, right00:01
maxbthe hardy item00:01
wgrantSo it's not really a bug at all, you probably just didn't wait quite long enough;00:01
wgrantNo invariant has been violated.00:01
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maxbI see why I was confused00:11
maxbThe +listing-archive-extra expandy bit used to mention if some of the binaries were still unpublished00:11
maxbApparently it no longer does00:11
wgrantmaxb: It's meant to...00:20
mthaddonlaunchpad list archives are going to be down for a while (possibly 30 mins or so)10:00
lifelessmthaddon: new machine?10:01
mthaddonlifeless: moving a bunch of servers from one row to another in the DC10:02
mthaddonlifeless: how's it going with you?10:03
lifelessmthaddon: pretty good, just relaxing and hacking on testtools ;)10:03
lifelessmthaddon: and thinking about what to put in my LCA paper for week after next:)10:04
yofelhi, could someone tell me what's wrong with https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/staging/+build/4228562 ?14:29
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dakerhey guys i think LP down15:41
yofelI agree15:44
cjohnstonthere is maintenance going on15:45
yofelah ok, thanks15:45
* Laney doesn't see an update on @launchpadstatus15:46
dakerand no announcement ??15:46
yofelback online it seems16:00
cqfd93Hello All18:13
cqfd93I want to tell the devs that working on translations in Rosetta is REALLY REALLY PAINFUL!18:16
cqfd93that make you loose a complete page of 10 translations18:16
cqfd93and considerably slow down work18:16
cqfd93I'm working on the French translation of the DDTPs that have two huge templates, but the problem is now everywhere, even with small templates18:18
cqfd93I think we DO need a fix for that problem18:18
JackyIs there any way to undelete this PPA?19:58
shadeslayerHi, if it's not too much work, would it be possible to rescore these builds https://code.launchpad.net/~blue-shell/+archive/web-accounts/+build/4232281 , https://code.launchpad.net/~blue-shell/+archive/web-accounts/+build/4232282 , release critical builds I'm afraid :(22:15
Jacky_Fixed my issue thanks to a friend, will blog about it.23:29
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