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user94202I installed playonlinux.  Where is the menu entry?03:32
user94202Tried to install the latest itunes in wine. Didn't work.  Any ideas?03:53
user94202Also installed playonlinux, but itunes isn't listed in the install menu.03:54
TheLordOfTimedid you check the wine appdb to see if anyone else has succeeded in it?03:55
TheLordOfTimei know itunes is quite tempermental in wine03:55
user94202I had an older version of itunes working in wine, but this new version just opens a blank itunes window with no functionality.03:56
user94202Will check appdb shortly03:57
user94202Also playonlinux has a bug.  The configuration window refuses to close.03:57
user94202ah..the first run setup is working...03:58
BWMerlinNot sure if this is the best place to ask but I really like the Windows 8 theme (not the modern UI the "classic" side of things) does anyone know where I might get an LXDE theme that looks similar?03:59
user94202itunes 7 is installing now. I found it in playonlinux.04:02
user94202BWMerlin,  found anything you like in menu > preferences > Customize look and feel   ?04:05
BWMerlinnot really no04:06
BWMerlinbut I need to move away from this grey colour04:06
user94202BWMerlin:  There's also the openbox configuration manager.04:08
user94202just a moment i'm checking for themes04:08
BWMerlinclearlooks is certainly an improvement04:08
user94202if more themes exist, they're hard to find.04:11
user94202it seems lxde uses GTK+ themes.  Google for gtk themes i guess.04:14
user94202then it's a matter of installing theme package or moving it to the correct folder.04:15
user94202/usr/share/themes is where themes are stored.04:16
user94202Lubuntu uses gtk and openbox themes in combination.04:18
user94202Openbox themes:  http://openbox.org/wiki/Openbox:Themes04:19
user94202might download a few myself :- )04:19
user94202I just installed a theme from that website and it worked.  I had to use p7zip to extract the archive and move the folder to /usr/share/themes04:28
witedsgood evening every one i need a question answered and don't seem to be wording it right i am trying to find out if there is a way to make it so the system just moves files to the extra hard drive i have mounted as a folder say private in the user directory04:43
user94202witeds, is it refusing to move when you drag and drop?04:48
witedsdrag and drop only copies the files04:49
witedsi have it mounted in mnt and linked to personal04:49
witedsif i mount it directly as personal it also shows the drive in the bookmarks side bar of pcmanfm04:49
user94202yes, you need to open pcmanfm as root/sudoer04:51
mysteriousdarrenwiteds: cut paste?04:51
witedswhy would i when i took ownership04:51
witedswhat iam talkin about is if i want to "move" the file i actualy have to cut and past it04:51
witedsany thing else just copies it to the drive04:52
user94202witeds, post your paths so we can see exactly04:55
user94202source and destination and the linked path04:56
witeds/dev/sdb2 /mnt/hdda linked to /home/john/personal04:56
witedspersonal is a ln -s link04:57
witedsand the second hard drive is formated to ext404:58
user94202which system file are you trying to move?05:00
user94202looks like you're trying to move a protected system file to a user folder without sudoer permissions05:00
witedsjust normal stuff like a bash script i have writen05:01
witedsor 3d model files05:01
witedsthe transfer works fine05:02
witedsbut isnted of move i get a copy05:02
user94202are those files located in your home directory05:02
user94202does it move from the  commandline?05:02
witedsif i were to use mv yes05:03
user94202but pcmanfm won't move it.. wierd.05:03
witedsnope instead of doing a move it copies05:04
witedswhich is what i am asking about how to get it to use move insted of copy05:05
user94202yes i understand. I'm testing it here to see it i can move a file to external device.05:05
witedsi be leave this is due to moving form one hard drive to another05:06
witedsi don't know i am still learning mounts and drives stuff my self05:06
witedsjust recently setup the drive05:06
user94202You're right.  Pcmanfm copies files to external devices by default.05:07
witedshad it for a few weeks now05:07
user94202trying to figure out why it copies instead of moving..maybe something in the pcmanfm configuration.05:07
user94202it's definitly not moving for me either.05:10
user94202bare with me... I think i found a solution!05:13
user94202To move a file with pcmanfm you have to hold the shift key while dragging and dropping.05:14
witedssound great05:14
witedsthat makes things a little easyer05:14
witedsi am thinking about trying nautilus or another manager though05:14
user94202Does shift key work?05:15
witedswould be nice to just drag and drop to move to hard drives copy is fine with usbs and memory cards05:15
user94202yes, depends on the file manager.  Maybe there is a pcmanfm setting somewhere to fix that?05:15
witedsyes shift click works05:15
witedsthanks for your help05:16
user94202i'm checking the pcmanfm config files05:17
user94202could even be a window manager issue.  Not sure05:19
witedsnautilus dose it to but xfe asks05:38
witedslooks like i will have to live with the shift click thanks for your help user9420205:39
Benkinooby2hi, my wireless card just stopped working - it can do sudu iwlist wlan0 scan just fine but it can not connect to the wlan any more - other laptops (like this one, ubunut 12.10) still can12:33
Benkinooby2any ideas?12:33
Benkinooby2hm, relogin might have fixed it ...12:34
letozaf_highlight letozaf_12:44
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K350what syslog-daemon is used in Lubuntu?18:25
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