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Guest76306hello world16:40
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kravacould anyone help me?16:40
Baribalkrava, just ask your question directly, only then people here will see if they can help you.16:50
kravasorry, I've just not hit Enter...16:56
kravafor this time I've installed MAAS on other hardware, it's working16:57
kravaand ok, I have one node, it is in 'commisioning' state. on console I see login query16:57
kravahmm... I can't login to node. What's next? Juju?16:58
AskUbuntuAdding nodes to MAAS | http://askubuntu.com/q/24509619:45
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dsbAre the power parameters for virsh documented anywhere?22:47
dsbgoogle is failing me.22:47

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