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gnomefreaki miss being able to use dist-upgrade :(05:19
gnomefreakhas anyone else seen this issue while running apt-get upgrade/dist-upgrade? if so let me kno what to run to fix it. thanks05:35
gnomefreakno one here ot no one knows how to fix it05:49
WaltherI'm not sure that's a good thing.06:12
Waltherdidn't fix with apt-get -f install either06:12
WaltherSuggestions are welcome06:12
gnomefreakWalther: thanks for sonfirming it06:13
Waltherah, a more common issue then / broken package06:14
gnomefreakWalther: did you try --configure?06:14
Waltherwalther@affogato:~$ sudo dpkg-reconfigure xdiagnose06:15
Walther/usr/sbin/dpkg-reconfigure: xdiagnose is broken or not fully installed06:15
gnomefreaki guess im filing  bug report06:16
gnomefreakWalther: canyou please read and comment on bug 1101688. [;ease add what happejned to you please,06:38
ubottubug 1101688 in dpkg (Ubuntu) "during a regular upgrade of ht updated packages. in Raring" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/110168806:38
Waltherconfirmed, commented06:48
Waltheralso, it's pretty clearly xdiagnose issue, not dpkg06:49
Walther"SyntaxError: ('invalid syntax', ('/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/xdiagnose/welcome.py', 219, 32, ' "--height=480")\n'))"06:49
Waltheralso, heh, now that's a way to say hi and welcome :P06:49
gnomefreakWalther: yeah i forgot abou that. thanks for updateing the bug report06:56
Waltherno probs06:56
rigojust one stupid question: can i install the os from an sd card what contains an iso file? so can the uefi bios extract it?08:25
alankilahey, tried to boot raring ringtail this morning and found out that 3.8.0-1 kernel can't read the initramfs and the boot fails there10:07
alankilaboot issue solved. Was because / and (boot) was on XFS, and I rebooted too quickly, causing filesystem consistency issues wrt to grub's XFS driver. I guess I'll drop that FS.11:30
BluesKajHi all12:31
dupondjeHmz, Its not supported to copy a file from 1 gvfs mount to another ?12:52
FernandoMiguelanyone having DNS problems on +1 ?14:49
FernandoMigueltwo laptops, fully updated, different networks14:49
FernandoMiguelcontinues timeouts and dns failed responses14:49
FernandoMiguelsome more network intensive apps complain a lot.... anything video streaming related, like skype, g+ hangouts, pidgin... etc14:50
elhoirhi there,15:23
elhoiri have installed pulseaudio 3.0 via the audio dev team ppa15:23
elhoirusing ubuntu raring 13.0415:24
elhoirand today i got this15:24
elhoirany idea?15:25
john__Hello, are transparency issues of panel in Kubuntu 13.04 / KDE 4.10 B1 a know issue ?15:38
john__I am talking about this15:38
BluesKajjohn__, ^ so there may be some otherfixes that may affect you but unfortunately a reboot is required15:39
john__no problem, I got warned about living on the edge15:40
* elhoir still prefers GNOME 3 rather than KDE 4 for the desktop :)15:44
john__BluesKaj what are those fixes? During setup I got warned about a broken pixelcache but it seems only to affect gtk apps15:48
john__BluesKaj gtk-pixbuf or so, but that doesn't sound like the transparency issues I see with panel and widgets15:49
BluesKajsorry john__ I was speculating on whether your issue was affected , it was on the off-chance the upgrade mu=ight fix it ...my issues seem to be fixed now15:51
FernandoMiguel-rw-------  1 root root 613M Out 28 22:12 encrypted.block15:54
FernandoMiguelanyone knows what's this on /boot?15:54
BluesKajFernandoMiguel, got any encrypted partitons ?15:58
FernandoMiguelBluesKaj: nope... I suspect its remains from ChromeOS15:59
FernandoMiguelbut why it would write on another OS /boot, beats me15:59
BluesKajsame here , no clue15:59
elhoirany idea about this? ---> http://pastebin.com/Ku0hkAmB16:10
BluesKajBBL, gotta push some snow16:33
elhoirhello again16:42
elhoirwhat does this dmesg line mean?16:42
elhoir[   16.808632] microcode: failed to load file amd-ucode/microcode_amd.bin16:42
elhoiris it a bug?16:42
penguin42hmph, what's up with kvm networking on todays update18:33
BluesKajhey penguin42 , kvm networking ,... how do you mean ?18:37
penguin42BluesKaj: Guests aren't getting networking today18:38
penguin42hmph, restarting all the bits I can think of doesn't help18:39
BluesKajused 12.10 install to upgrade to 13.04 , the 3.8 kernel is ok , kwin is so-so , as is the 310.19 nvidia driver I was advise to install18:40
penguin42ah, at least you've got the thing to boot at last18:40
BluesKajer advised18:40
BluesKajyeah ..it was ubiquity thatr was stalling out18:41
BluesKajthay was a fairly big update/upgrade today , at least ti fixed the missing toolbar and menubar on my app windows18:44
penguin42yeh I suspect my networking problems are due to that, I'll reboot in a few mins to see if that fixes it18:48
penguin42hmm, ok after a reboot19:03
om26ermy wifi keeps disconnecting anyone else face that on raring ?19:09
PatrickDKom26er, intel wifi?19:23
om26erPatrickDK, its Network controller: Atheros Communications Inc. AR9485 Wireless Network Adapter19:24
om26erso not intel I guess ?19:24
PatrickDKdunno :) for me, it's been never ending issue with intel wifi chipset, since 9.1019:24
PatrickDKand not the same system, it's a known intel driver issue19:25
PatrickDKbut dunno about atheros19:25
alankilaI have had good experience with ath9k based card for a few years. Almost never fails. Have copied like 1 TB of data wirelessly without interruption at best.19:26
alankilaIt's AR5418/AR5008 based adapter. Some d-link device iirc. It took almost a year before it started to work in ubuntu though because of some register programming error that took long time to get fixed19:27
om26eralankila, it has worked perfectly fine on this machine from 12.04 to 12.10 I guess it will get fixed in raring as time passes19:27
alankilathe 3.7.0 kernel could not use my other 5 GHz ralink rt2800 card at all, but 3.8.0-1 appears to work again19:27
alankilathat did not work yet on 12.04, so I'm pleased about progress on this front19:29
alankilathat being said linux wireless story is very much a hit-and-miss kind of thing19:29
bjsnideralankila, now, that's with the plain kernel module, not with anything like nspluginwrapper or something right?19:45
alankilaI have not ever used the ndiswrapper successfully19:54
alankilaI also had some broadcom card that crashed on the open source driver, but luckily the driver available with jockey allowed that one to work. The open source driver would hard-freeze the machine in about 1 minute or so19:55
alankilaso, to summarize, I don't think it has yet happened that wlan would have just worked with linux :-/ but nevertheless, usually after waiting a year or two, it has started working, so no complaints now19:57
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Bluefoxicyi used to use ndiswrapper because it was the only way to get wifi20:27
Bluefoxicybut I thought it had become obsolete20:27
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mrmcq2uhey, could someone point me towards a pulse dev23:30
mrmcq2uor sound indicator dev23:30
bjsniderthe closest we have would be themuso23:34
bjsniderhe's in some other channels23:34

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