coolbhavifinally highvoltage is back on the ARB list05:14
highvoltageheh :)05:18
highvoltagethanks for the welcome, coolbhavi05:18
coolbhaviphew glad that you are back!05:19
highvoltagethere's a lot to be done. I think there are some ways we could put a bit more responsibilities on the submitters before submitting05:20
highvoltageit would be nice if they could go through a checklist of basic things to check if it matches policy, at least05:20
highvoltagethen it could potentially get to a point where an app just takes 5 minutes before it's rejected or accepted05:21
highvoltageand it should be either one of those (I know that's easier said than done :p)05:21
coolbhaviyes :) thats one part but there should be a link to policy guidelines in myapps before the app developer submits his app05:24
coolbhaviand thats one of the reasons behind the app dev spec I believe05:24
coolbhavior now that lintian is in place we could interface the same I think for now so that manual review gets less load05:26
coolbhaviI'll fire a quick post to the list then thanks!05:31

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