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mvt007geeki am trying to install ubuntu-11.10-preinstalled-desktop-armel+omap4 on panda board. but i see nothing in monitor. someone told me it's because of ubuntu-11.10-preinstalled-desktop-armel+omap4 .is it true? should i use newer versions???06:16
mvt007geekno answer dears?06:35
XorAeurope is still asleep06:36
infinitymvt007geek: (a) you should use 12.04/armhf, ideally.06:42
infinitymvt007geek: (b) it could just be that you're using the wrong DVI/HDMI port.06:43
infinitymvt007geek: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/12.04/release/ <-- For the omap4/armhf 12.04 images.06:44
mvt007geekinfinity: no i checked it.also i changed port so many times.but still not working. and currently i'm downloading it to see what eill happend next :) by the way because of slow internet speed till 2 hour is better to work on ubuntu11.10 :D06:46
mvt007geeki want to configure minicom .http://omappedia.org/wiki/PandaBoard_Ubuntu_How-tos#Install_and_Setup_Minicom    i don't know how find the right usb port. can someone help me?07:02
erdnussradiotake a look at output of dmesg perhaps you can find more information there.07:05
mvt007geekerdnussradio: http://paste.debian.net/226310/07:06
mvt007geekit's confusing07:06
erdnussradiomvt007geek: what are you trying? ttyS0 looks like a serial console07:08
erdnussradiowhere is the problem? What do you want to do? Use a usb-serial adapter or what do you want to do with minicom?07:11
mvt007geeki connected pandaboard to a pc(serial port) to check it with minicom07:13
erdnussradiook. then try to use ttyS007:13
erdnussradiobut perhaps it would be easierto use ssh via eth but its your choice ;)07:14
mvt007geekerdnussradio: pandaboard monitor don't work.that's the reason i want to use minicom.i want to check what is the problem. so there is no ubuntu on panda to ssh to07:16
erdnussradiook. then try picocom /dev/ttyS007:18
erdnussradiocant find how to do that in minicom sry07:18
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erdnussradiobut usually its neccessary to also hand over the baud rate. But i dont know what the baud rate of your panda board is.07:20
erdnussradiogoogle says 11520007:21
mvt007geekerdnussradio: i installed picocom .but don't know anything about it :D07:28
erdnussradiomvt007geek: man picocom07:28
erdnussradiomvt007geek: 'picocom -b 115200 /dev/ttyS0' should work07:29
mvt007geekerdnussradio:  yes. yes.it works :)07:30
mvt007geekbut what should i do now?should i write anything in terminal ?because it show nothing to me!!i turned on and off pandaboard but nothing07:35
mvt007geekerdnussradio: i decided to change baudrate .cause when i turn panda on and off picocom shows nothing to me :( but what are the baudrate i can give to it?07:51
erdnussradiodont know. i dont know panda board and i dont know much about serial connections07:53
sim590Anyone has got the sound working on the TF101 under ubuntu?13:21
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Aartsiehi all15:27
Aartsiei have seen the topic but is it possible to install ubuntu arm on a pi ?15:29
lilstevieno, that is why it is in the topic15:30
Aartsieok :) are the ubuntu developers busy on it ? or it should never work ?15:31
infinityAartsie: It'll never work because the Pi is armv6, and we target >= armv715:36
infinityAartsie: Debian armel is armv4 (so that works), and there's also an unofficial Debian port called "Raspbian" that's armv6/hard-float.15:36
infinityAartsie: The latter (Raspbian) as actually what the Pi guys tend to recommend these days, I believe, so you might want to give it a go.15:37
infinityAartsie: And, trust me, you don't want to be running a full Ubuntu desktop on a Pi, so you're not really missing out (they're sloooow).15:37
Aartsiehmmm ok to bad15:38
=== infinity changed the topic of #ubuntu-arm to: Ubuntu ARMv7 Discussion & Development | The Pi is armv6, try Debian or Raspbian | https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM | Submit a Bug? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+filebug | ARM cores != Instruction sets: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ARM_architecture#ARM_cores
=== infinity changed the topic of #ubuntu-arm to: Ubuntu ARMv7 Discussion & Development | The Pi is armv6, try Debian/armel or Raspbian/armhf | https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM | Submit a Bug? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+filebug | ARM cores != Instruction sets: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ARM_architecture#ARM_cores
infinityHrm, I suppose I should switch the order of those too.15:41
=== infinity changed the topic of #ubuntu-arm to: Ubuntu ARMv7 Discussion & Development | The Pi is ARMv6, use Raspbian/armhf or Debian/armel | https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM | Submit a Bug? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+filebug | ARM cores != Instruction sets: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ARM_architecture#ARM_cores
lilstevieAartsie: ubuntu would really be painful on the rpi15:42
infinityThe "Ubuntu" that I would run on a Pi (if I could), would be seriously cut down, with a really lightweight WM (or no WM at all).15:43
lilstevie512MB ram is barely enough, I'd hate to imagine it with 256MBN15:43
infinityAt which point, I've ventured into the realm of "software that Ubuntu doesn't modify".15:43
infinityAnd you've got... *drum roll*... Debian.15:43
lilstevieinfinity: yeah, headless server would be the only way15:43
lilstevieinfinity: but even then its worth would be questionable15:43
infinitylilstevie: Headless might be alright.  Even my crap little Beagle C4 is vaguely usable headless.15:44
lilstevieuntil you give it some work to do15:44
infinitylilstevie: I hear the Pi's got pretty spiffy graphics, though (disproportionately so, compared to the CPU), so a super lightweight WM, or just a raw X with a video player on the root window might work quite well.15:44
lilstevieinfinity: yeah15:45
lilstevieinfinity: I have a roku 2 XS which has the same SoC15:46
lilstevieit is brilliant for media15:46
infinityMy guess is that Raspbian booting directly to xbmc as the session manager might be alright.15:47
infinityAssuming you pick a theme that isn't crazy CPU intensive for no good reason.15:48
lilstevieit really is a shame cause it has one of the best h.264 decoders I have seen on an arm SoC15:49
infinityI wonder what the SoC is in my Samsung TV.  I've yet to throw anything at it that makes it upset.15:54
lilstevieinfinity: they are all samsung SoCs15:55
lilstevieinfinity: what series? (Ax, Bx, Cx, Dx, Ex)15:56
lilsteviecause they are not quite all samsung actually15:56
lilstevieC5xxx and D5xxx also come in mips15:56
infinityIt's a Uxxx800015:57
infinityLooks like a Samsung SDP1106, whatever that is.15:57
lilstevieD or E?15:57
infinityI'd have to go downstairs and look, and I'm far too lazy. :)15:57
lilstevie2011 or 201215:58
lilstevie(thats all the letter refers to :p)15:58
infinityBought it last year, not sure when it was manufactured.15:58
lilsteviefair enough15:58
XorA|gonehey lilstevie I got myself a tf700t whats the native linux expeience like on those beasties?15:59
infinityI didn't buy it to hack on, just to watch stuff, so I've not really dug into specs.15:59
lilstevieeither way it will be similar to hummingbird (Exynos3) or Exynos415:59
lilstevieXorA|gone: no idea, haven't done it with the tf700 cause I don't have one15:59
lilsteviecan't imagine it being much different to the tf201 though except with better resolution16:00
lilsteviewhich is pretty decent16:00
XorA|gonelilstevie: was my figuring as well16:00
lilstevieXorA|gone: the only thing is you will need to build a kernel for it16:00
lilstevietf700 at present is the only device incompatible with the kernel on my repo16:00
lilstevieit *may* work, but with issue16:01
XorA|goneI need to decide whether to unlock boot loader first16:01
lilsteviecause tf201 and tf300 are very similar16:01
infinityIs the answer to that question ever "no"?16:01
RaYmAnis it running jb or ics?16:01
infinityUnlock early, unlock often.16:01
RaYmAnif it's ics, unlock and do nvflash procedure =P16:01
lilstevieheh that is also a good question16:01
XorA|goneRaYmAn: it is not ICS, but it can be again ;-)16:02
lilstevieXorA|gone: nope it can't be :p16:02
lilsteviewell not to a level that matters16:02
lilsteviethere is only one ICS firmware you can downgrade to, but that has the vulnerability closed16:03
XorA|gonelooks like on tf700t nvflash coudlnt unbrick even if you did the trick16:06
XorA|goneso I didn't lose anything16:06
RaYmAnit can unbrick from anything16:06
lilstevieexcept hardware damage16:06
RaYmAnof course :P16:06
XorA|goneRaYmAn: not according to its page it cant16:07
RaYmAnXorA|gone: then whatever page you are looking at is wrong.16:07
lilstevieXorA|gone: seems kinda odd if it doesn't work16:07
RaYmAnlilstevie: we should probably put a list of members on the androidroot.mobi page at some point ;)16:07
lilstevieRaYmAn: probably a good idea :p16:08
XorA|goneRaYmAn: its the androidroot.mobi page that says that16:09
RaYmAnXorA|gone: uhm, no. Where?16:09
lilstevieXorA|gone: oh I see what you did there16:10
RaYmAnyou're misreading it16:10
lilstevieXorA|gone: you must run the procedure on a working device16:10
XorA|goneit needs re-worded than :-)16:10
lilstevieonce you are bricked you cant run the procedure16:10
XorA|gonebah, had I not read that first I would have done it16:11
RaYmAnyou're the first person I've heard of who misunderstood that part =P16:11
XorA|goneah well too late now, will wait until I get a tf900 :-D16:19
XorA|gonechances are Ill never get a chance to brick the 700 anyway, always too busing debugging tablets for work :-)16:22
lilsteviewe cannot guarantee that asus will not brick it for you16:23
XorA|gonethen its under waranty :-D16:23
lilstevieare you in the us?16:25
XorA|gonecurrently in US but I like in UK16:25
XorA|goneanyway time to head to meet friends16:26
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