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head_victimIf you're not looking to put internal drives into a microserver I found http://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/motherboards/desktop-motherboards/next-unit-computing-introduction.html that appear to be a little interesting.02:53
blahdeblahhead_victim: These are available locally as well http://www.computeralliance.com.au/intel-boxdc3217iye-nuc-core-i3-with-gigabit-network04:14
blahdeblahNice looking little boxes for what they are04:15
head_victimblahdeblah: that's where I found out about them ;) They're my "local" and actually have enough customer service for me to send my parents there alone without assistance.04:15
blahdeblahThat's pretty impressive04:15
head_victimBasically to me it looks like Intel's take on a Pi with a lot more grunt.04:15
blahdeblahMy main client uses them for all their desktops & laptops04:15
blahdeblahYeah - they seem like a nice little box04:15
head_victimThe only downside to CA is that they only carry latest stock. If you want parts for an older machine they probably won't have it.04:16
blahdeblahNot suitable as a server unless you've got a NAS already, but probably pretty decent as a PC04:16
blahdeblahhead_victim: Off topic: are you on Skype?04:16
head_victimThe intel nucs would probably do for most people who like using external drives to make their files portable and use that to dock them into a nas.04:17
head_victimYeah I'm on Skype, never used it for basically anything until I started group assignments for uni.04:17
blahdeblahGot a sec to do a test with me?04:18
head_victimYep, just lokoing up what my user is04:18
blahdeblahWhat's your id?04:19
blahdeblahI'm paulgear04:19

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