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yeehiHow can I do all these 3 things, installing Quantal: Manually decide the partitions and file systems, (easy) and encrypt (easy) and also have LVM? (doing the last thing too is difficult for me.)15:55
realm174_Installing Ubuntu on a new computer. Need to migrate everything from the old computer. Different versions: Old computer 11.04 32 bit, new computer 12.10 64 bit. Any step by step?19:29
geirhaDepends what "everything" means19:30
realm174_Ah yes... well, old ubuntu has web/ftp servers running. Also would like to migrate shared folders (/home, /share). I can figure out how to copy the files, but how about the server settings? Can I just copy the files from /etc and restart apache?19:31
geirhamost likely, yes.19:32
geirhayou may need to tweak some config files to account for the version gap, but in general, software is backward compatible19:33
realm174_oh good! I guess same goes with the /etc/samba folder then...19:34
realm174_Last question... What's the easiest way to find out what else I might have installed over the years on the old computer that is "still in use"?19:35
geirhatake care though, don't copy all config files at once, do one service at a time, do some simple tests to ensure its up19:35
geirhaif the old config fails to work on the new system, there's always dpkg-reconfigure or apt-get purge to start over19:35
geirhathat's a tough one19:36
geirhayou can run a command to get a list of packages currently installed. That'll give you a clue, but doesn't really tell you if they're in use or not19:38
realm174_Well, I'll start with the ones I already know, I guess I'll find out if there's something missing as I go along :)  thanks for the assistance, that was very helpful!!19:38
realm174_alright, problem #1... I used wubi to install Ubuntu along with Win7. Wubi only grabbed 16G out of the 250Gb of freespace I had. Is there a way to allocate more to Ubuntu or do I need to re-install?19:57
geirhaYes, the easiest way is just creating a new virtual disk for it.19:59
geirhaI believe the wubi page describes how20:00
realm174_awesome, thanks! Lots of good info on that page, I'll be reading20:02

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