mhall119bkerensa: in the same way that a prius and a corvette are all just cars when it comes down to it00:30
mhall119but not amount of body work is going to make the prius a sportscar00:32
cjohnstonmhall119: I haven't looked at the MP, but the concept is what I'm already using02:03
mhall119cjohnston: it just sounded odd to have an HTTP cookie that would be persistent02:04
mhall119kind of like a browser login session that never expires02:04
popeybkerensa: nope03:40
AlanBellhttp://www.themonkeytail.com/2012/11/day-28.html who is up for that for the ringtail launch?15:10
smartboyhwAlanBell, !? (can't understand the meeting behind)15:11
snap-lBTW: Open Metalcast is on http://metalinjection.fm17:42
snap-lin case anyone is interested.17:43
mhall119G+ Communities need a "Ban this person and remove everything they've posted here" option19:53
JanCI don't think "remove" is the right thing to do, maybe "hide" them20:16
JanC(but then again, I don't even use G+...)20:17
JanCdoesn't G+ have a killfilter or something like that?20:17
czajkowskipopey: you made it back20:30
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