cyphermoxthe bug is about it being broken00:06
cyphermoxthe fix for the leaks is correct and I think it was successfully validated too00:06
cyphermoxexcept it's still not fixing the underlying, related dbus issue00:07
cody-somervillecyphermox: This is what I see with dbus-monitor: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/1529451/00:12
cody-somervillecyphermox: The errors are returned by bus_event_group or bus_about_to_show_group in libdbusmenu-glib/server.c.00:12
cyphermoxbut NM doesn't do anything magical with the dbusmenu stuff itself, everything goes through libappindicator as a batch00:13
cyphermoxit's really just calls to app_indicator_set_menu, with the full menu and the old one getting unref'djust prior00:13
cyphermoxthere is no reason why the menu wouldn't be available as far as nm-applet is concerned00:14
cyphermoxI'd be interested to know if the same kind of behavior happens when nm-applet runs outside the indicator-applet00:14
cyphermoxit probably doesn't stop responding in that case00:14
cody-somervillecyphermox: Do any other indicators that you know of update themselves as much and have event groups?00:20
cyphermoxsadly no00:20
cyphermoxno other indicators update as much00:21
cyphermoxjust a second I'm tracking down one weird kernel header thing00:21
cyphermoxyay broken00:25
cyphermoxcody-somerville: so I will get back to the libdbusmenu code, I'm pretty convinced the issue is there00:26
cyphermoxbut it's not obvious what goes wrong, it needs more work00:26
cody-somervillecyphermox: Agreed.00:27
cody-somervillecyphermox: For bus_event_group and bus_about_to_show_group, they both iterate over the events calling bus_event_core on each. If bus_event_core returns TRUE, they set 'gotone' to TRUE. bus_event_core then calls lookup_menuitem_by_id which looks in the dbusmenu server's lookup cache (a hashtable). It would appear that this lookup returns NULL which causes bus_event_core to return FALSE. Thus 'gotone' stays as FALSE and both b00:44
cody-somervilleus_event_group and bus_about_to_show_group return the error we see.00:44
* xnox ponders if the system load indicator is similar or not, as it's menu is constantly updated with values if one keeps it open.01:24
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smspillaztkamppeter: *shrug* I don't develop drivers02:07
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