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cjwatsonzobel: Ubuntu modifications are not hijacks01:09
xnoxcjwatson: yeah, we agreed on that in private =)01:25
cjwatsonOK, but I want it to be clear for others reading so that there isn't a chilling effect01:26
mlankhorstcjwatson: well do you need me for anything still? I cold do a precise3 for enabling gallium, but would rather test on monday01:31
cjwatsonmlankhorst: No, fine for now, thanks - I'll dribble in those rebuilds over the next day or so01:32
infinityDearest apport:  WTF?  Why did you suddenly start opening chromium when firefox is my default browser?02:26
infinityHrm, because the sensible-browser alternative is wrong.  Irksome.02:29
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Controlsfreek_Im following instructions to build unity unity.ubuntu.com/getinvolved/development/unity/. when i get to 'remake-unity', i get an error "cmake error at plugins/unityshell/cmakelists.txt:25... cannot specify link libraries for target 'unityshell' which is not buikt by this oroject.02:54
Controlsfreek_nvm got it.03:06
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c2tarunI was trying to learn Gtk Development with java, from this page: http://zetcode.com/gui/javagnome/firststeps/d   I am getting this error: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1547890/    I tried googling but the pages containing solution are in different language and google translator is not able to help.03:18
c2tarunCan anyone please help me with this problem? ^^03:18
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gesercjwatson: for libimobiledevice: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1548738/ It looks like the patch for cython >= 0.16 (already included in the package) missed to remove one "inline" (it removed the inline from the .pyx file but not from the .pxd file which acts as a header)11:29
gesershould I prepare a debdiff ready for sponsoring?11:30
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infinitygeser: Happy to sponsor if you toss it my way.12:47
infinitygeser: Or, I'll just upload this in your name: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1548915/12:57
infinitygeser: Err, I would if it didn't also FTBFS due to python multiarch. :P13:00
cjwatsoninfinity: geser's work was on top of my patch - http://paste.ubuntu.com/1548971/13:15
infinitycjwatson: Oh.  I just did that entirely differently (using python-config instead)13:16
infinitycjwatson: Is the plat_specific=True thing the more "correct" method?13:19
cjwatsonI just thought it fit better in context13:20
cjwatsonYours is more compact, so whatever13:20
infinityI'm not picky at all.  Was just curious if there was an argument for one or the other.13:20
cjwatsonI think on reflection I prefer yours13:20
infinityYou know how much I don't love Python. :P13:20
infinityI'll just upload this, then.13:22
infinitydpkg-source-v3 + dh(1) + dh-autoreconf is love.  I might have kept maintaining PHP and Apache2 way back when if I'd had all this magic.13:27
cjwatsoninfinity: Yeah, after a decade of random-walking around the possible ways to do this we seem to have settled on something that's actually fun :)13:36
infinityI'd say something naively ambitious like "I should switch glibc to dh(1)", but I don't think I'm masochistic enough to even start figuring out how to do that.13:40
infinityThough, I won't deny that it would be nice if more than four people actually understood the glibc packaging.13:41
geserinfinity: thanks for uploading it14:08
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cjwatsoninfinity: I managed to switch grub2 a while back14:14
cjwatsoninfinity: Still working up the nerve to switch ubiquity ...14:14
cjwatsonActually, I suppose it wouldn't be too bad, but I kind of feel the need for debian/rules to be less awful in other ways at the same time.14:15
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infinityhallyn: So, what do you plan to do about qemu and spice?  qemu-kvm-spice appears to be the only thing in qemu-linaro that isn't replaced by the new qemu.15:16
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Bluefoxicywhat if we did kernel updates by freezing everything, rebooting, then thawing everything?16:15
BluefoxicyIt works on Dragonfly16:15
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hallyninfinity: well i want to take another look at spice, as someone claimed the dependencies may have changed so it may be easier to MIR now21:48
lifelesshallyn: oo I was going to ask you about spice21:48
lifelesshallyn: w/kvm specifically21:48
hallyninfinity: but more likely i'll have to continue having a separate source tree for qemu-kvm-spice.  Though I'll simply build it from the identical source as qemu, to help reliability/testing21:48
hallynlifeless: and MIR ?21:49
lifelesshallyn: main doesn't stress me :)21:49
lifelesshallyn: I have universe on pretty much everywhere21:49
hallynlifeless: ok - if yo'ure having issues, lets chat monday.  i've gotta run right now21:50
hallyni'm open to changes, as things will have to change anyway - for now note we're ahead of debian with our spice version21:50
lifelesshallyn: ciao ;)21:50
hallyn(at least last i checked)21:50
hallynttyl :)21:50
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dupondjeIt should be possible to copy files from 1 gfvs mount to another no?22:58
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