atrusnautilus can open my mtp device (android phone), but if I try to browse around in ~/.gvfs, all i see is a a bunch of files and folders named strictly by numbers.i see some suggestion that it should show up under /run/user/<login>/ , but there's nothing there. there *is* a ~/.gvfs/mtp:host=%5Busb%3A001%2C013%5D01:03
darkxstricotz, any luck with the stuck input bug?10:07
darkxsti.e. overview/alt-tab10:07
ricotzdarkxst, havent seen the problem i described ever since11:30
ricotzneither your problem11:31
ricotzon raring i am pretty sure eglibc is/was the problem11:32
ricotz(using the infinity's ppa)11:32
darkxstricotz, ok will try update eglibc tomorrow, once I have access to my other computers again (hopefully)11:51
ricotzdarkxst, pushed a gjs/g-s bundle build against mozjs188 to staging, although gjs might be broken due the mainloop conversion which fails its tests14:39
darkxstricotz, ok cool20:03
darkxstI suppose thats a dependency issue?20:06
ricotzdarkxst, dependency issue?20:12
darkxstbroken test, but no just tried building it, its just broken20:13
ricotzhuh, can you rephrase that?20:14
ricotzi am saying the mainloop stuff converted from c to js might include an error20:14
ricotzand drop some fix to remove all closures on "quitting"20:15
ricotzthe memleak test is what fails20:15
darkxstoh right, hadnt seen that commit20:15
ricotzit runs fine, but is probably leaking some additional stuff now20:17
darkxstis this specific to js188 though? or just general fallout from the conversion20:18
ricotzdarkxst, general21:21

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