stgraberxnox: why lightdm? last I checked we were the "upstream" for wallpaper.c00:20
xnoxstgraber: note the comment at the top of it "mostly stolen from lightdm"00:21
xnoxstgraber: yeah, we are upstream. And it's not working with raring, and i'm not sure how or why.00:21
stgraberxnox: yeah, then I rewrote half of it and didn't update the comment ;)00:21
xnoxstgraber: no worries, I was poking plymouth this whole time, as lightdm is still bzr branching.....00:22
* xnox any minute now "| Fetching revisions:Inserting stream:repacking texts:texts 922333/961583"00:22
stgraberxnox: might be worth trying to revert my commit and see if it magically works without it. I had to do some weird tricks to get it working last time it wasn't painting but maybe I just ended up working around a bug that has since been fixed00:23
xnoxstgraber: hmm... let me try that.00:23
xnoxon the other hand in raring my networking is broken in the VMs so I am having fun fixing them - well whacking the hammer of purging all *kvm* and reinstalling.00:24
stgraberah yeah, the commit message reminds me of why I had to do it. metacity with compositing enabled (probably compiz too) didn't really like the old version of the tool00:24
xnoxmaybe I should try enabling compositing in compiz then?00:24
stgraberxnox: you're probably being hit by the NetworkManager flushes all the interfaces from virbrX bug :)00:24
stgraberxnox: which was fixed a couple of hours ago00:24
xnoxoooh. let me upgrade and check =)00:24
* xnox didn't load compositing plugin in compiz.00:25
stgraberI haven't tested the fix, but broken libvirt and lxc bridges was definitely the symptom ;)00:25
stgraberhmm, compiz without compositing, that sounds weird ;)00:25
xnoxit's quick =) and awesome. I don't even let people move or resize windows.00:26
xnoxbut I guess I will have to enable that =)00:26
xnoxdue to error messages popups and cause users can click on URLs and open them by mistake.00:26
stgrabersounds like something you'd expect from a window manager ;)00:26
xnoxyeah, apperantly it's a non-core plugin in compiz. Clearly rain-drops is a core plugin on the other hand.00:27
* xnox thinks compiz has their priorities right way around00:27

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