Adri2000xnox, siretart: http://adrishost.net/~adri2000/debian/actionaz-experimental-libav-ftbfs-buildog.txt00:00
xnoxno clue.00:03
xnoxbut Adri2000 one should not use  -std=gnu++0x  as it's not stable yet, and can break in the future.00:03
Adri2000I think the program itself needs it. at least I don't recall forcing that option in the package00:04
Adri2000regarding the build failure, I didn't notice something until now: the build-deps resolving outputs some interesting stuff about libav* packages00:05
vorianmotu in the hizzy01:25
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siretartAdri2000: for some reason, this build installs both libavutil51 and libavutil52. that's bad07:08
siretartAdri2000: also, why the heck does your buildlog indicate that libavcodec-extra-54 gets installed? that is also not supposed to happen07:09
siretartAdri2000: yeah, there is indeed a dependency problem in 6:9.1-1. I'll fix it in 6:9.1-2. not sure if this will help your package, but please let me know08:26
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cjohnstonis anyone around who could take a look at my patch and provide me with advise?23:56

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