ibeardsleeI've considered a siren in my PC case .. I'd seriously want to cause problems to someone who thought my PC/home servers would be better at their place.00:24
Gactually, it'd be a good one to stop the cat jumping on mine00:25
ibeardsleemorning snail .. how's life?20:31
ibeardsleesigh .. started considering starting the conversion of my PCinto my homeserver (to get rid of the VIA C3 jobbie) .. but then started thinking I have 4 disks .. what if I want to upgrade? I don't want a full on PC sucking power21:01
ibeardsleewhat if I also managed to get a freeview capable card?21:02
ibeardsleea friggin' rabbit hole21:02
lifelessibeardslee: lol21:09
lifelessibeardslee: see my chat with G for the conclusion of that rabbit hole21:09
ibeardslee'a conclusion' to the rabbit hole21:19
ibeardsleea lot of the reason to use what is my PC as a server disappeared when I got the well powered UltraLap .. don't really need it for dev/play VMs21:24
lifelesswith portable compute power so large21:30
lifelessfixed stuff has to be either super large, or disk storage :)21:30
ibeardsleeI suppose ulimately I am after a decent ARM board with GB network and the ablity to deal with at least 4 sata disks21:30
lifelesswhat was that dev server unit again21:31
ibeardsleeas storage and minimal network services (dhcp, dns, mail, irc client)21:31
ibeardsleethe PC? an AMD 64 X221:32
lifelessno, there is a little server unit21:32
ibeardsleethat intel NUC thing?21:33
lifelessno :)21:33
lifelessI'm just failing at googling it for you21:34
lifelessits a little arm unit, like the nuc, but arm.21:34
ibeardsleefor a while I had looked at the HP N40L21:34
lifelessibeardslee: http://trimslice.com/web/21:37
lifelessman they fail at being googlable without the name21:38
ibeardsleeif they could do better storage options21:41
lifelessdidn't remember the no-esata thing21:42
lifelessdoes have sata though21:42
ibeardsleesingle 2.5"21:43
lifelessibeardslee: looks like http://www.fit-pc.com/web/fit-pc/fit-pc3-info/#techinfo has 2xesata21:44
lifeless(linked from the trim-fit)21:44
lifelessibeardslee: http://www.fit-pc.com/fit-pc3/docs/fit-PC3-block-diagram.jpg looks like it might match your needs, though it isn't arm21:51
ibeardsleehmm seems you can get drive enclosures that plug into a sata port21:51
lifelessibeardslee: I have an icydock 4 bay w/esata that I'm pretty happy with21:52
lifelesssourced locally, let me dig up a ref21:52
ibeardsleelooking at those on ascent21:53
ibeardsleeso could be away without the multiple sata ports onboard21:54
lifelessis the actual place I got mine, FWIW21:55
lifelessit handles 3TB drives fine21:55
ibeardsleehmm no those sata-sata devices aren't actually a single sata connection :(21:58
ibeardsleeok .. now to start looking for an arm board with an esata port22:01
lifelesstechnically you want esata with/port multiplier support22:09
ibeardsleeoh .. you can get a sheevaplug with esata22:12
* ibeardslee backs away from more rabbit holes 22:24

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