phillwNoskcaj: just the person I need to chat to! Are you available for about an 15 min chat in ~ 5 minutes?01:10
Noskcajphillw, yeah, should be01:19
Noskcajwhat's it about01:19
phillwclassroom session01:21
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gemahey guys05:40
gemagood morning05:40
gemaor evening05:40
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balloonsade you about?15:30
Adeballoons, yes I am, how are you?15:32
balloonsa bit late, or perhaps right on time, depending :-)15:33
balloonsanyways.. sat morning, I'm doing well :-)15:34
smartboyhwballoons, yo?15:43
balloonssmartboyhw, hello!15:45
balloonsevening to you15:45
smartboyhwballoons, good night, gotcha go. Receive my message yesterday?15:46
balloonsyes I did.. I would schedule yours according to your schedule15:46
balloonsif others can't go before you, I wouldn't worry so much about it15:46
balloonsI don't want to keep you in limbo15:47
smartboyhwballoons, lol15:47
smartboyhwI will make one, probably in 5/2/2013 13:30 UTC15:47
balloonssounds good15:47
balloonsthat's later than everyone else should be going anyway15:48
balloonseverything going well for you?15:48
smartboyhwGood. Bye!15:48
Adeballoons, you around?17:00
Adeballoons, in step one of most testcases the testcase states the application should be launched via the dash, but almost all the autopilot test cases launch the application separately??17:15
balloonsade you mean the manual tests?17:17
balloonsyes, obviously if your converting a manual test, you should launch it via command line17:17
balloonserr, lol, launch it via the autopilot framework17:18
balloonsplus we don't want things to be unity specific per say17:18
Adeballoons, sorry got disconnected...again!17:23
Adeballoons, I know anything but unity needs to be launched from within the framework but thats definitely an issue there17:23
Adeballoons, do you see where I'm coming from?17:24
balloonsade, I'm a bit confused by what you mean17:26
balloonsthere are unity tests already.. so for instance, if I'm writing a gedit test, I'm concerned with how gedit works, not with the launcher17:26
Adeballoons, right ok, so we're not concerned with testing to see if the application can be launched via the dash, only with it's functionality afterwards?17:27
balloonsright, exactly17:28
balloonsand for that reason, we can run the tests on xubuntu, lubuntu, ubuntu , etc17:28
balloonsso that's nice too17:28
Adeballoons, righty no problem :o)17:28
Adeballoons, Where is all the documentation for the autopilot API?? The (very brief) tutorial is there but not a lot more???17:51
balloonsthere is docs, umm the link is in the blog post17:51
balloonslet me grab it17:51
Adeballoons, Yes I have it already, but click on the 'API Documentation' and it appears to be empty17:52
Adeballoons, I presume everything was there previously ,right?17:53
Adeballoons, I haven't viewed it before so i've no idea if it's just down today or something or it's actually incomplete17:54
balloonsthat has stuff in it17:55
balloonsthe other stuff is weird17:57
balloonsthey pushed out some light docs in there.. I've been bugging the team to get more info in there17:57
Adeballoons, will see what I can do but it's going to be very difficult to fully complete test cases without IDE hints or API documentation :o)17:57
balloonsin the meantime, you can read the class functions themselves.. but yes I agree17:57
balloonsup until a month ago, everything was unity centric, so now docs with a more generic viewpoint at much needed17:58
Adeballoons, absolutely. Guess it was designed for unity after all, it will be ok, just might slow things up that's all18:00
balloonsyes, I know.. but do feel free to ask questions18:00
balloonsthe autopilot team also haunts this channel :-)18:00
balloonsI still ask them things, trust me :-)18:00
Adeballoons, :o)18:01
balloonsand if you check out our bzr branch, you can see what we've done so far18:01
balloonsit helps18:01
Adeballoons, Yes I have been viewing the other testcases to try and elicit some information but it seems at the moment unless an applications function has a keyboard shortcut then that test method just has a big fat #TODO in it lol18:02
balloonsI believe my first introspection stuff is in gedit18:04
balloonsI think it's checked it18:04
balloonsin short, launch an app like this:18:04
balloonsautopilot launch gedit18:04
balloonsthen run18:04
balloonsautopilot vis18:04
balloonsthis will launch the app, and then launch the visualization tool18:04
balloonsyou'll see the dbus session for the application you launched if you select the 'root' connection18:05
Adeballoons, I was literally JUST reading that as you said it :o)18:05
balloonsnow, it's annoying because gtk apps spawn SO much nodes18:05
balloonsfor no apparent reason.. I asked them to implement a search in the vis tool18:05
Adeballoons, that going to be really helpful for point and click, just need to work out how to test the application correctly for assertions now18:06
balloonsanyways, once you find the property you want, it's not too hard to check and assert for it18:06
balloonshowever, the final piece of the puzzle is going to come by doing pixel reading18:07
Adeballoons, That's definitely the way forward. Pixel reading... that sounds like a nightmare18:07
balloonsthere's a sikuli like tool called xpressor that we can use as stop gap18:08
balloonslol, introsection is better, but if nothing else will work18:08
balloonsyou can fallback to it18:08
balloonsbasically between the too, shouldn't be anything you can't automate18:09
AdeOk I will figure out this first and then research xpressor :o)18:09
balloonswe haven't messed with it yet.. since again, we'd like to avoid pixel reading18:10
AdeOk, will crack on and hopefully come back to you with a working testcase18:11
balloonsfire questions if you have them18:12
Adeballoons, will do :o)18:12
Adeballoons, How do you enable autopilot support in an application? when I 'autopilot launch gedit' I get an error stating no logger could be found??18:15
balloonsi believe you can ignore that for the moment18:16
balloonsit should still work18:16
balloonsthomi literally just added support18:16
balloonsso if you do see anything like that, we can report it as a bug18:16
balloonsthe old way is to just export the module before launching18:17
Adeballoons, gedit will then launch and when all has settled down I type 'autopilot vis' but the drop down is empty and it states 'waiting for a DBus connection..'18:17
balloonsautopilot launch is supposed to to thsat for you18:17
balloonslet me see18:18
balloonsGTK_MODULES=autopilot-gtk:$GTK_MODULES gedit18:18
balloonsthat's the manual method18:19
balloonsso if autopilot launch isn't working, do it that way18:20
Adeballoons, http://paste.ubuntu.com/1549760/18:22
balloonsthat's a problem18:23
balloonsyou running the autopilot ppa?18:23
balloonsjust tried again.. it does work for me here18:24
Ade12.10 LTS and just checking now to see where I got autopilot from, I am sure it's the ppa18:24
balloonsGTK_MODULES=autopilot-gtk:$GTK_MODULES gedit18:24
balloonstry launching it that way18:24
balloonsin the meantime18:24
balloonsall autopilot launch was intended to do was to make it easier.. so you don't have to manually load the module18:25
balloonsso I ran GTK_MODULES=autopilot-gtk:$GTK_MODULES gedit and then autopilot vis and got a connection that way as well18:25
Adeballoons, Yes, ppa:autopilot/ppa repository by the way.18:26
balloonsok good, that's correct18:26
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balloonsdoes manually loading the module work for you?18:26
balloonsI've got to run in a sec18:26
Adeballoons, I just type that in terminal right?? I got failed to load module "autopilot-gtk"18:29
Adeballoons, Either way it's not having any of it, this is pretty fustrating18:30
balloonsif it doesn't find it, you might not have the module installed18:39
balloonsinstall libautopilot-gtk018:39
balloonsand perhaps libautopilot-gtk-dev as well18:40
balloonsthat might be needed for the manual way18:40
balloonsade, sorry your having troubles..18:40
Adeballoons, ok will give that a try..18:44
Noskcajphillw, I have made a basic wiki page for my testdrive session19:13
Adeballoons, I am getting the same in a vm of raring, tried manually and also got exactly the same error.19:16
balloonswow.. well ade, I guess no introspection for you.. even after installing the packages eh?19:36
Adeballoons, doesn't look like it today I am disappointed to say. Can I double check how you install those packages... sudo apt-get install libautopilot-gtk0 ...is that correct??19:38
dkesselgood evening. has any of you already reported the xdiagnose installation failure?20:15
dkesselah nevermind. i found it20:20

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